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Operation Save Tito # 5 Doing what WE GOTTA!

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The GREAT LADY, Manuela Reyes

Isnt she LOVELY? In case ya need to know, that lady in the pic above was super classy, the CREATOR of Operation Save Tito and my MOTHER all at the same time! As hard as it is to believe, today, September 28th 2016 is the 1 year anniversary of her untimely & unnecessary passing. As new things come to Me, I will be revealing them & that guy named tN will no longer be known as that. My name for him after all that I have been through in Honduras will now be the Devil! Let US get into an Updated version of OST because as of this very moment, Tito is still a SLAVE!

 Resultado de imagen para pic of the devil Devils Gun by CJ & Co.

The reason why I stopped writing these articles all month was not because I did not have the material to write about but because of a word named RESPECT! My Aunt who I love dearly did what a RESPECTFUL PARENT is SUPPOSED to do because when I wrote about her son, she defended him as any good PARENT is supposed to do & though he did NOT tell her why I was lambasting him, because of that RESPECT, I will not go there but............she promised Me that she would tell him & his son to NOT HELP the Devil continue snaking my internal family because when it is all said and done, WE are the only 1s who can solve this! As well, I RESPECT my cousins son because when I was blasting his dad, he wrote me on facebook inbox & defended him and that is to be commended. I bring this up to say that the Devil could hear that I raped a 4 year old & if he saw Me getting KILLED in these mean Honduran streets, he would HELP them killing Me instead of asking questions to see if what they were doing was JUST! In fact, by making the road to LIVING in my MOTHERS HOUSE very DIFFICULT, I hope that yall see what I mean by now. I have been in Honduras almost 8 months now. My Life by Mary J Blige

Okay........that little bit up there made Me think of some stuff that popped off when I was in the 5th grade in the Bronx NY back in them days. It was winter & there was a real bad snowstorm out. I had just got in & was tired after a long day at school. The Devil was sick & wanted medicine & I had already told him that I was tired & not feeling well. After he asked around & no 1 else wanted to go, he practically FORCED Me to go & as I was a kid, I could NOT tell him NO & got dressed & left the house. While crossing the street, some neighborhood toughs eyed my boots & started calling Me names & I told em that I was not a punk. When I had crossed the street, they attacked, took the Devils money & were about to take the boots but the POLICE happened to pass by in a car. They did not see US there and by then, these dudes had busted Me up pretty bad! Remember, this was in a snowstorm and when I ran home for some reason, all the snow in front of Me was RED. When I made it back to the house, the Devil was acting like I set myself  up to get beat & when no one was listening or around, he told Me that the reason for this happening was because I did not want to go to the store in the 1st place. I was shocked but what could I do? This is not the WORST so WAIT because there is more!

Resultado de imagen para pic of an nypd squad car in the snow 911 is a Joke by Public Enemy

WE called the POLICE & because stuff like that happens all day & every day in my neighborhood, they did not come til I was already in bed. They took down a brief description & were gone. I had to go to school all beat up the next day & was embarrassed. As well, because this happened across the street from where I lived, I was scared because I knew that these dudes lived nearby. Well lo & behold, a few days later, again a knock comes to the door. It´s the police & they have a guy that goes by the description. They asked Me to get dressed to identify him. I look at the Devil & he gives Me that look like you going by yourself lil NIGGA!. Now remember, I am 11 or 12 years old. I go & I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED & when they expose him, it is not the right guy! I described his coat & these dudes either shared that coat or..............had the same exact coat. I told the cops that it was not him & they let him go. I go back upstairs & tell the Devil & he starts talking about he aint going outside in the cold because he does not have time & how he has to go to work early in the morning blah blah blah. Because the ANCESTORS advised Me to stop flaming the Devil the way I was doing since Update 4, I will not call him names but just IMAGINE what YOU would say about your very own FATHER doing some shit like that! the HUMOROUS BEHAVIOR of the Devil!

Resultado de imagen para pic of a black devil What makes You FEEL like Doing Stuff Like That by Quincy Jones

As I know a lot of yall do not really care about my PERSONAL PROBLEMS, I am now going to address the friends & family that I wrote to personally if you can, please send YOUR DONATIONS ASAP as I am dealing with TIME CONSTRAINTS here in Honduras! Again, please contact my brother, Javier Lambert & if you need to speak with Me personally, inbox Me on Facebook as Blak Smith or ask my brother for my info. With your help, WE can get this done ASAP! Thank you & hope to see you all soon! 

Ok.........WE are now back to the present! Those dudes that I will not mention by name but have to talk about are all ROSICRUCIANS! This is why I must EXPOSE EVERYTHING! Being that they are in this SECRET SOCIETY, they will NEVER REVEAL to Me what they do because I absolutely DESPISE SECRETIVENESS! As I already covered this in OST Part V, you can see for self what I mean at And again, the reason why Tito needs to be FREE is because when I talk to him, he wants to be in the US! The Devil already knows that he cannot pay someone enough MONEY to put up with his stuff & so he has his OWN FLESH & BLOOD that he can speak to any kind of way and cannot do anything about it! Both Javier & Manny do NOT deal with the Devil so anyone HELPING him is against US as a FAMILY while never living with US which is downright JUDGEMENTAL & I can´t go for that!  I cant go for that by Hall and Oates

To get out of that situation as to when I got jumped, my cousin Tybu eventually took care of it. Those dudes never bothered Me again. Now, to finish this off, can yall see how DIFFICULT my LIFE has been dealing with the number 1 person RESPONSIBLE for my LIFE & why I am so messed up? Most true PROPHETS are not RECOGNIZED in their own time. I already told yall that the Devil did not put Me in FREE PRIVATE SCHOOLS because he did NOT want Me to be SMARTER than him! I have been wandering around the WORLD all of my ADULT LIFE looking for a HOME of my OWN & now that I have 1 that is OUTRIGHT FREE & CLEAR MINE, he still keeps Me out! Can yall now see why I can say that I think that Devil KILLED MY MOTHER? Most of yall HATE to think that he could do that but very few of YOU KNOW the REAL DEVIL! He suffers from his own disease as an HONORARY OPPRESSIVE WHITE MAN! Aint the WHITE MAN the DEVIL? 

Resultado de imagen para pic of uncle sam as a devil

Tito MUST be FREE!

Natural Hair Power Trailer


"Natural Hair Power" is a marvelously insightful and entertaining documentary about hair, in particular, African/spiral hair. The goal of the documentary is to reveal the historical and psychological reasons people want to chemically change their natural hair texture. We aim to destroy misconceptions and stereotypes about African hair that have, throughout time, cost the Black community billions of dollars, as well as, contributed to low self esteem and a bevy of health issues.
Long Synopsis:

Please contribute to OUR KICKSTARTER at

Resultado de imagen para pic of a beautiful natural haired black woman I am not my HAIR by India Arie

In his new documentary, “Natural Hair Power”, filmmaker and playwright, Ajx Diop, answers this question: "Why are we not using our hair antennae to our advantage?" In examining the age-old stereotype of African hair being “bad hair”, including unmanageable and unattractive, we are led on a journey to understanding how these stereotypes have contributed to profound low self esteem in African people. The journey also reveals the economic, social, and political intent behind the advent of such stereotypes.

From the Blak Smith....................SUPPORT BLAK BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 27 Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

Resultado de imagen para pic of stevie wonder WONDERful by India Arie ya have it! WE seem to have an album that is CLASSIC as well as almost 2 hours long with HIT after HIT on it! What would the story on Stevie Wonders LIFE look like? All I know about is is that he started in Detroit right before it became Motown when all worked for the big 3 car companies but, as this is for all of my YOUNG FOLK, what you OLD HEADS know about this here?

You know WE had to do this and so go and Have that talk with God! After you ask Sir Duke, you will not have to suffer from Ordinary Pain. Hey Black Man, Isnt she Lovely? As, if its MAGIC, somewhere out there, is Another Star and its name is I wish! So.........listen up and check the Joy inside my Tears. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dave Chappelle 2016

Resultado de imagen para pic of dave chappelle Katt Williams on the illuminati

Yea, I miss him too but thru all of the BULLSHIT WE must continue to LAUGH so get out that popcorn and get ready to do just that with this 1 right here! Dave aint go nowhere but notice since his I aint wearing that damn dress days that the ELITE do not give him MAINSTREAM PUBLICITY anymore! What of a DC & Katt Williams Tour? Wouldnt that be GREAT? Anyhoo, as the MAN is still FUNNY, still RELEVANT and still DOING IT, get into it and ENJOY and do not let these FALSE FLAGS and for that matter, LIFE get to ya! Peace from b2a and as always, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resultado de imagen para pic of dave chappelle Tupac Holler if you hear Me

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Dead? Bill is on the run!

The Khazarian mafia is in a state of extreme panic following the death of their presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on September 11th. Below is a screenshot of the ABC Television announcement of her death that was deleted from the internet.


The dragnet is now closing in on Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, Pentagon and agency sources say. Once that is exposed, the entire corrupt Washington DC establishment will crumble, the sources say.
This is what CIA sources say is planned next:

“We predicted Biden would be brought in 6+ months ago…Kaine, a disciple of the Central/ South American ‘liberation theologists’ will go along: one-term or less to Biden and the baton passed to Kaine ….this is the current plan, ready to be implemented.”

However, Pentagon sources say that on October 1st, immediately after the end of the US corporations’ fiscal year, a new gold backed currency and possibly an entirely unexpected new leader (possibly Canada’s Justin Trudeau), will be announced.

There will be high level negotiations between the Asians and the US military industrial complex this weekend to discuss these and other issues, White Dragon Society sources confirm.

The Khazarians, in full panic mode, are now using a computer graphics generated Hillary Clinton to create the impression that it is business as usual. To confirm this, please check the following video of Hillary that was broadcast after her “collapse” on September 11th. You can see the images on the smartphones being held up are entirely different from what is being shown on the stage (no Hillary, no flags). Also, if you go to the 20:15 mark, you can see her arm disappear, while Hillary herself vanishes at the 20:51 mark. See for yourself:

So you have a political establishment that is so corrupt and degenerate that it is now trying to elect a CG President. That is simply not going to be allowed to happen, Pentagon and agency sources affirm.
A Donald Trump presidency is also looking more problematic because the Chinese, the largest creditors for the bankrupt US Corporation, are against him.

In any case, the rest of the world has clearly already decided to bail out on the US corporate government. In the past year, foreign central banks have dumped $343 billion worth of US government bonds and the sell off is accelerating.

It is not surprising they refuse to invest in a government that admits $6.5 trillion went missing from its military budget in 2015 alone. Agency sources say the $6.5 trillion was laundered through the Clinton Foundation and spent on “the USAP. Unacknowledged Special Access Projects…. (Deep Underground bunkers, and the secret space program).… Especially in the Antarctic and Patagonia.…”

This makes sense because on the one hand we have an official US Defense Department budget of $651 billion for 2015 and yet that same Defense Department issues a report saying that $6.5 trillion (ten times the official budget) went “missing.”
This may mean the UFO people are finally going to get some real disclosure about the secret space program they have long talked about.

Certainly, one of the individuals who will be attending the meeting being arranged by the WDS between the Asian secret societies and the military industrial complex claims connections to the off-world military. The Asian secret societies also claim off-world contact. The question is will something credible be shown to what they call the “surface population” of this planet; i.e.’ people like you and me. Hopefully we will have better information and proof next week but do not hold your breath because we are being told the disclosure will be gradual so as “not to shock people.”

In any case, back here on the “surface” of the planet, signs of systemic collapse of the current power system are proliferating. Most recently we have seen the US “pivot to Asia” becoming increasingly untenable. The latest setbacks are centered in the Philippines. There President Rodrigo Duterte has stopped joint patrols with the US navy and ordered US special forces out of Mindanao. Here is some raw intel on this issue from CIA sources in Asia:

“The cover story as you know, is that Duterte has called for the withdrawal of US troops in Mindanao, supposedly to keep them from being killed by the terror group Abu Sayyaf. Which as we know is a black ops terrorist organization financed by the Boys… the real reason the special ops troops are there is to watch over the giant gold stash. The cabal is intent on removing it very soon for their own purposes… Duterte knows this, and has already made a tentative deal with both China and Russia to allow them to access the location. This is in exchange for a ‘piece of the action’ as well as protection from the US wet works [assassination] team. There is a very large amount of Au [gold] stored there dating from before the Japanese Golden Lily operation.

This ties in with the Sultan of Sulu…and the Borneo gold…this is a dangerous game and an attempt will be made to remove Duterte permanently from the scene. He is aware of this already… I was told that the Au will be used as part of the new gold-backed currency of which China, Russia, Iran and India will be a party to at the onset… other countries will join as well once the new system is up and running… they will need at least 1 million metric tons to make it feasible… the gold is available at several locations here is Asia…the percentage of gold that will back the new system can change as more countries join with their reserves.”

This, of course, will be another major topic of next weekend’s secret negotiations.

The situation in Japan is another subject that will be coming up. The Asians are on course with their plan to replace Shinzo Abe with Renho Murata, who just got elected as head of the official opposition Democratic Party. This of course means the Rockefellers, and their agents like Shinji Kawasaka (who claims to control “about a hundred” Japanese politicians), will rig the election for the Chinese in exchange for cash to keep them afloat. The WDS has no problems with Renho, who is a competent individual, but will make sure the Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton mafia is not kept afloat with Chinese money in exchange for selling Japan down the river.

The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton mafia is not going to get its way in the Middle East either. Their puppet state, and major source of their oil money, Saudi Arabia, is now in deep trouble, having lost their biggest military base in the South of the country. A clear sign of that country’s desperation is that they have asked tiny Bahrain for military help.

Knowledgeable non-royal Saudis are also coming out in public now and saying the regime will collapse.

Israel too is having a bad time of things. In September so far they have lost two satellites, two F16 airplanes, a submarine and a drone, Pentagon sources say. The US government approved a military aid package for Israel but Pentagon sources say this is just to keep military industrial complex factories going until the new financial system kicks in. They say the arms will never actually be delivered.

Israel has now been publicly exposed as having 200 nuclear weapons and will soon be publicly blamed for 9/11, Pentagon sources say.

In Egypt, meanwhile, government-owned newspapers are saying 911 was an inside job by the West done to justify an invasion of the Middle East and that ISIS is a Western creation. For a government publication to say this is a clear declaration that Egypt has split with the Khazarian mafia rulers of the US.

The Russians, for their part, are saying the US military has been acting like the ISIS airforce after US planes killed over 60 Syrian troops last week. Pentagon sources say this was a provocation staged by the Khazarians in a desperate attempt to start a war with Russia. A war with Russia “will not be allowed,” the sources say.

The Europeans are also in open revolt against the US corporate government and its Khazarian overlords. In the latest move, Deutschebank, Europe’s largest bank, just told the US Justice Department to buzz off when they tried to impose a $14 billion fine on it.

Also in Europe, the home of the governor of the Greek central bank was raided by police. The investigation centers on central bank money that was allegedly laundered through the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This may be connected to the Clinton Foundation investigation because it has been using medical charities around the world for money laundering. CIA sources have provided this writer with documents showing how the Clinton Foundation is laundering money in Papua New Guinea to pharmaceutical corporations.

Also, please take six minutes to watch this former President of the Haitian Senate describe in detail how the Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller criminals operate. At least watch the last minute where he says US drug money coming through Haiti was sent in “cornflake boxes,” and used to bribe lobbyists in Washington DC.

The autumn revolution is now definitely under way.*

 As WE say in the HOOD, HOLLA BLAK!

* taken from as written by Benjamin Fulford


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Classic Album of the Week #26 Lucky Dube - Greatest HitsTribute
 Feeling Irie by Lucky Dube

Hey yall! WE BLACK yet AGAIN with another 1 of OUR CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK and #26 promises to satisfy as WE get OUR REGGAE straight from 1 of the BRICS countries aka South Afrika. As I do not need to say much in these articles, I will say that Lucky Dube holds a special place in my heart as I was in Ghana during his untimely passing. So go get them TREES & go get to Feeling Irie! As you are no longer a SLAVE or a FUGITIVE, do not ever be a PRISONER! Just know that Big Boys DONT CRY and that Real RASTAS NEVER DIE! Thats just The WAY it IS! Enjoy your music and get back to yall soon. Peace and HOLLA BLAK! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Resultado de imagen para pic of a tidal wave Tsunami by Res

This 1 promises to be really HOT & so today WE gonna get right into it...............FUNDING BOTH SIDES OF WARS
1815: The five Rothschild brothers work to supply gold to both Wellington's army (through Nathan in England) and Napoleon's army (through Jacob in France), and begin their policy of funding both sides in wars. The Rothschilds love wars because they are massive generators of risk free debt. 
This is because they are guaranteed by the government of a country, and therefore the efforts of the population of that country,  and it doesn't matter if that country loses the war because the loans are given on the guarantee that the victor will honour the debts of the vanquished. 
Whilst the Rothschilds are funding both sides in this war, they use the banks they have spread out across Europe to give them the opportunity to set up an unrivalled postal service network of secret routes and fast couriers.  

Rothschilds order the execution by the Bolsheviks they control and the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family in Russia, even though the Tsar had already abdicated on March.  This is both to get control of the country and an act of revenge for Tsar Alexander I blocking their world government plan in 1815 at the Congress Of Vienna, and Tsar Alexander II siding with President Abraham Lincoln in 1864. 
It is extremely important for them to slaughter the entire family including women and children in order to make good on the promise to do so made by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. It is designed to show the world what happens if you ever attempt to cross the Rothschilds..........see more at 
Okay to all of my REAL STUDENTS of HISTORY! I had to set it all up so that I can continue to come with these links that bring US to today! What I wanna show is how sewn up the SO CALLED JEW better known as khazars have mislead US as to what REAL OURSTORY actually is. As their TIME is UP, get some REALNESS in your life bcuz WE gonna come to the very recent past now.

Resultado de imagen para red moon over nyc Underneath a Red Moon by Ndea Davenport

A few weeks ago, I posted this article to show how much yall have been missing & that link can be seen here at In that article I spoke of a lotta stuff that is happening like the attempted Coup in Turkey, the attempted ASSASSINATION of german president angela merkel & a whole bunch of OTHER SHIT so let US get into the RAMIFICATIONS of just some of those events.
Ya see there is a u.s  MILITARY BASE in Turkey named Incirilik & it was seized by the Turks after the aforementioned attempted coup. Well, did yall know that this place houses NUCLEAR BOMBS to deploy if need be? Lets go in a little deeper with........The Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey has some other iconic American assets: several dozen B61 thermonuclear warheads.
The base has been a linchpin in NATO’s southern flank for more than a half century, the staging ground for important U.S. anti-terrorism missions and the fight against Islamic State.
But the failed military coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week has ratcheted up long-standing concerns about the military usefulness and security of the Incirlik armory, America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons.
Resultado de imagen para pic of a nuclear bomb

As a result of all of this, Turkey has now realigned with Russia & ya must know that perhaps..........Turkey is the most STRATEGICALLY PLACED COUNTRY in that part of the WORLD holding a whole lotta NUKES with Russias backing! Let US see what some think of that SNUBBING of obooga while WE in the u.s concentrate on hitlery & her supposed ILL HEALTH! 
Brave Vladimir Putin was the subject of a failed assassination attempt in Moscow as the New World Order attempted to silence their most.......more at
Video is here at 
The TIDE has SHIFTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Tide is High by Blondie

Let US come HOME now & who remembers this?;

Soon after, this happened:

All that time, T.I wanted to do this: 

Just know that this is what is REALLY POPPING OFF in the HOOD: Ex Chicago Gang Member says they are dropping GUNS in the HOOD.

All I have to say to this is that my PEEPO in the Chi need to CHILL! Realize what 1 of YOUR OWN is saying here while YÁLL SENSELESSY continue to KILL each other! Ya so called mayor was dispatched from the obooga white house to close the city projects and now DIFFERENT HOODS are all mixed up aint too late to snap out of the daze yall been in for way too long! I started this article telling yall that the rothschilds FUND BOTH SIDES of WARS & get the LIONS SHARE of the BOOTYfrom the VICTORS as the LOSERS pay the VICTORS REPAIRATIONS! Aint the DEVIL HAPPY? Our House is a House of Love by the 5 Heartbeats

WE can and WILL TURN it ALL AROUND & for that, WE have this last link. If dudes can come together here it can happen ANYWHERE!


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CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 25 Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit

Resultado de imagen para pic of fela smoking weed

So WHY OH? Bcuz the SHIT is EXPENSIVE after smoking all that INDIAN HEMP & eating all that FUFU like ya boy did & his name is Fela Anikulapo Kuti of a place in Afrika named Nigeria. THIS MAN was the CREATOR of AFROBEAT! Just a lil about the MAN who like Kwame Nkrumah, got his style from listening to some OUR BEST as in James Brown! Kwame learned how to be a REAL REVOLUTIONARY while watching Malcolm X on Harlem street corners back in them days! As the MUSIC could be described as POLYRYTHMS & therfore RICH, no need to continue describing it! Fela supposedly died of a non existent a.i.d.s but as WE do not beLIEve in that, WE KNOW that he was KILLED somewhat like Bob Marley bcuz his message was 1 of LUV for the PEEPO & REVOLUTION for common everyday FOLK like YOU & ME & so FELA lives on FOREVER! 

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Resultado de imagen para pic of bro dawud

Today, I will not have much to say as OUR BROTHER Dawud speaks HIS MIND and rather eloquently if I do say so myself! I absoluteley LUV this DUDE bcuz despite his TACTICS, I beLIEve he speaks 100% from the HEART! Get into 1 of OUR GREATEST and ENJOY!

Monday, September 5, 2016

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK #24 Erykah Badu Mama's Gun

Resultado de imagen para pic of erykah badu the Cell by Erykah Badu

Idk about YALL but hands down, MAMAS GUN is the BEST ALBUM that this chick from Dallas TX ever made! How yall doing out there? WE will not talk much bcuz in these CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK WE must showcase the BEST that WE have in BLACK MUSIC! listening to this, WE can get just a little bit into MY LIFE. The 1st time I saw Erykah she was so THIN but before ya knew it......she had quite a Booty. What exactly did she mean when she called you a BAG LADY? Lately and with all that is happening, have you noticed the Orange Moons seen thru Green Eyes? Enough & ENJOY! 

Thru her MUSIC, allow EB to be ya

Friday, September 2, 2016


Resultado de imagen para pic of eric garner Forget Me Not by Patrice Rushen

This is the Blak Smith & I could name this article FREE RAMSEY ORTA Part V but bcuz most of yall FORGOT who he is, I want yall to know that he was the dude that filmed Eric Garners MURDER! Most of US not concerned about these things ask Me Ramsey WHO when his name comes up but what if Garner was your FRIEND or FAMILY MEMEBER? Lets get into this article that I found in the San Diego Criminal Lawyers Blog that explains it where I need say no more!

Earlier this month, the news broke that two years after Eric Garner’s chokehold death went viral on the internet, the only person heading to jail is the man who filmed it, Ramsey Orta. This makes him the only person at the scene of Garner’s death who will serve jail time. In the beginning of July, it was reported that Orta took a plea deal on weapons charges that were unrelated to the filming of Garner’s death. He claims he has been repeatedly arrested and harassed by cops since he filmed the Garner incident.

Orta was arrested back in August 2014, shortly after the Garner incident in Staten Island, by the NYPD. The police claim that he was in a drug-dealing part of town, and that he tried to pass a teenager on a block that was known to have drugs. They claim they found a .25-caliber Norton semiautomatic handgun on him after they stopped and frisked him, and Orta was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. The NYPD had also arrested the teenager Orta passed, Alba Lekaj, 17, charging her with possession of the gun and possession of a small amount of marijuana. The police were in plain clothes.
Earlier this month in Manhattan Criminal Court, Orta pleaded guilty to the weapons charges. He will likely be spending the next four years in jail as part of the plea deal.

Resultado de imagen para pic of ramsey orta filming police

Stop and Frisks

In every state including California, Terry stops (Terry v. Ohio), also called “stop and frisks,” allow police to temporarily detain a ‘suspect’ in public space without a valid warrant. They may then pat you down (known as a frisk) based on “reasonable suspicion” that you have been involved in criminal activity. The Terry standard is a very low legal standard, even lower than the standard of probable cause.

Reasonable Belief and Reasonable Suspicion

In essence, a reasonable belief is probable cause, while reasonable suspicion is the Terry standard. Probable cause requires that police that criminal activity is/was taking place, while reasonable suspicion just requires that police believe that person is involved in criminal activity.  It has been held by the Supreme Court that Terry v. Ohio applies to all criminal stops, detentions, and investigations, including traffic stops. Unfortunately, it also means police motivated by other reasons may have legal right to stop you as long as there is an angle for them to.

San Diego Trial and Constitutional Rights Lawyers

The Law Offices of David M. Boertje will defend your constitutional rights and freedom with zeal and expertise. Not only are we adept at trials and performing under pressure, but our firm believes in true justice. We will work to ensure your rights through the booking process to charging, and throughout your trial. We will comb through the evidence against you to fight for a fair trial to keep you out of jail. If you have been unfairly charged and arrested for a crime, do not hesitate to contact attorney David Boertje today.#

# taken from