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Operation Save Tito # 5 Doing what WE GOTTA!

The GREAT LADY, Manuela Reyes

Isnt she LOVELY? In case ya need to know, that lady in the pic above was super classy, the CREATOR of Operation Save Tito and my MOTHER all at the same time! As hard as it is to believe, today, September 28th 2016 is the 1 year anniversary of her untimely & unnecessary passing. As new things come to Me, I will be revealing them & that guy named tN will no longer be known as that. My name for him after all that I have been through in Honduras will now be the Devil! Let US get into an Updated version of OST because as of this very moment, Tito is still a SLAVE! Devils Gun by CJ & Co.

The reason why I stopped writing these articles all month was not because I did not have the material to write about but because of a word named RESPECT! My Aunt who I love dearly did what a RESPECTFUL PARENT is SUPPOSED to do because when I wrote about her son, she defended him as any good PARENT is supposed to do & t…

Natural Hair Power Trailer


"Natural Hair Power" is a marvelously insightful and entertaining documentary about hair, in particular, African/spiral hair. The goal of the documentary is to reveal the historical and psychological reasons people want to chemically change their natural hair texture. We aim to destroy misconceptions and stereotypes about African hair that have, throughout time, cost the Black community billions of dollars, as well as, contributed to low self esteem and a bevy of health issues.
Long Synopsis:

Please contribute to OUR KICKSTARTER at I am not my HAIR by India Arie

In his new documentary, “Natural Hair Power”, filmmaker and playwright, Ajx Diop, answers this question: "Why are we not using our hair antennae to our advantage?" In examining the age-old stereotype of African hair being “bad hair”, including unmanageable and unattractive…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 27 Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

Image WONDERful by India Arie ya have it! WE seem to have an album that is CLASSIC as well as almost 2 hours long with HIT after HIT on it! What would the story on Stevie Wonders LIFE look like? All I know about is is that he started in Detroit right before it became Motown when all worked for the big 3 car companies but, as this is for all of my YOUNG FOLK, what you OLD HEADS know about this here?

You know WE had to do this and so go and Have that talk with God! After you ask Sir Duke, you will not have to suffer from Ordinary Pain. Hey Black Man, Isnt she Lovely? As, if its MAGIC, somewhere out there, is Another Star andits name is I wish! So.........listen up and check the Joy inside my Tears. 

Dave Chappelle 2016

Image Katt Williams on the illuminati

Yea, I miss him too but thru all of the BULLSHIT WE must continue to LAUGH so get out that popcorn and get ready to do just that with this 1 right here! Dave aint go nowhere but notice since his I aint wearing that damn dress days that the ELITE do not give him MAINSTREAM PUBLICITY anymore! What of a DC & Katt Williams Tour? Wouldnt that be GREAT? Anyhoo, as the MAN is still FUNNY, still RELEVANT and still DOING IT, get into it and ENJOY and do not let these FALSE FLAGS and for that matter, LIFE get to ya! Peace from b2a and as always, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tupac Holler if you hear Me

Is Hillary Clinton Dead? Bill is on the run!

The Khazarian mafia is in a state of extreme panic following the death of their presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on September 11th. Below is a screenshot of the ABC Television announcement of her death that was deleted from the internet.

The dragnet is now closing in on Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, Pentagon and agency sources say. Once that is exposed, the entire corrupt Washington DC establishment will crumble, the sources say.
This is what CIA sources say is planned next:

“We predicted Biden would be brought in 6+ months ago…Kaine, a disciple of the Central/ South American ‘liberation theologists’ will go along: one-term or less to Biden and the baton passed to Kaine ….this is the current plan, ready to be implemented.”

However, Pentagon sources say that on October 1st, immediately after the end of the US corporations’ fiscal year, a new gold backed currency and possibly an entirely unexpected new leader (possibly Canada’s Justin Trudeau), will be announ…

Classic Album of the Week #26 Lucky Dube - Greatest HitsTribute

Image Feeling Irie by Lucky Dube

Hey yall! WE BLACK yet AGAIN with another 1 of OUR CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK and #26 promises to satisfy as WE get OUR REGGAE straight from 1 of the BRICS countries aka South Afrika. As I do not need to say much in these articles, I will say that Lucky Dube holds a special place in my heart as I was in Ghana during his untimely passing. So go get them TREES & go get to Feeling Irie! As you are no longer a SLAVE or a FUGITIVE, do not ever be a PRISONER! Just know that Big Boys DONT CRY and that Real RASTAS NEVER DIE! Thats just The WAY it IS! Enjoy your music and get back to yall soon. Peace and HOLLA BLAK! 


Image Tsunami by Res

This 1 promises to be really HOT & so today WE gonna get right into it...............FUNDING BOTH SIDES OF WARS
1815: The five Rothschild brothers work to supply gold to both Wellington's army (through Nathan in England) and Napoleon's army (through Jacob in France), and begin their policy of funding both sides in wars. The Rothschilds love wars because they are massive generators of risk free debt.  This is because they are guaranteed by the government of a country, and therefore the efforts of the population of that country,  and it doesn't matter if that country loses the war because the loans are given on the guarantee that the victor will honour the debts of the vanquished.  Whilst the Rothschilds are funding both sides in this war, they use the banks they have spread out across Europe to give them the opportunity to set up an unrivalled postal service network of secret routes and fast couriers.  


CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 25 Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit


So WHY OH? Bcuz the SHIT is EXPENSIVE after smoking all that INDIAN HEMP & eating all that FUFU like ya boy did & his name is Fela Anikulapo Kuti of a place in Afrika named Nigeria. THIS MAN was the CREATOR of AFROBEAT! Just a lil about the MAN who like Kwame Nkrumah, got his style from listening to some OURBEST as in James Brown! Kwame learned how to be a REAL REVOLUTIONARY while watching Malcolm X on Harlem street corners back in them days! As the MUSIC could be described as POLYRYTHMS & therfore RICH, no need to continue describing it! Fela supposedly died of a non existent a.i.d.s but as WE do not beLIEve in that, WE KNOW that he was KILLED somewhat like Bob Marley bcuz his message was 1 of LUV for the PEEPO & REVOLUTION for common everyday FOLK like YOU & ME & so FELA lives on FOREVER! 


Today, I will not have much to say as OUR BROTHER Dawud speaks HIS MIND and rather eloquently if I do say so myself! I absoluteley LUV this DUDE bcuz despite his TACTICS, I beLIEve he speaks 100% from the HEART! Get into 1 of OUR GREATEST and ENJOY!

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK #24 Erykah Badu Mama's Gun

Image the Cell by Erykah Badu

Idk about YALL but hands down, MAMAS GUN is the BEST ALBUM that this chick from Dallas TX ever made! How yall doing out there? WE will not talk much bcuz in these CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK WE must showcase the BEST that WE have in BLACK MUSIC! listening to this, WE can get just a little bit into MY LIFE. The 1st time I saw Erykah she was so THIN but before ya knew it......she had quite a Booty. What exactly did she mean when she called you a BAG LADY? Lately and with all that is happening, have you noticed the Orange Moons seen thru Green Eyes? Enough & ENJOY! 

Thru her MUSIC, allow EB to be ya


Image Forget Me Not by Patrice Rushen

This is the Blak Smith & I could name this article FREE RAMSEY ORTA Part V but bcuz most of yall FORGOT who he is, I want yall to know that he was the dude that filmed Eric Garners MURDER! Most of US not concerned about these things ask Me Ramsey WHO when his name comes up but what if Garner was your FRIEND or FAMILY MEMEBER? Lets get into this article that I found in the San Diego Criminal Lawyers Blog that explains it where I need say no more!

Earlier this month, the news broke that two years after Eric Garner’s chokehold death went viral on the internet, the only person heading to jail is theman who filmed it, Ramsey Orta. This makes him the only person at the scene of Garner’s death who will serve jail time. In the beginning of July, it was reported that Orta took a plea d…