Monday, December 28, 2009

The Saga of the Returnee

Yeah, I was watchin the Saga of the Returnee by Kwaku Sintim Misa aka KSM. I was blown away! I also jus found out that this was the biggest theatrical play ever seen in Ghana. Man, this guy provided social commentary, current events, seriousness, humor, feeling, truth & a whole slew of dynamics that jus boggle the mind. I've been sayin 4 the past few years that the best way 2 convey a message to the masses is thru humor & so don't underestimate the power of comedians. 1 of my fave comedians is George Carlin not jus bcuz he spoke it but also bcuz he spit fire when he spoke it. He died last year & when I needed 2 hear truth & laugh at the same time, I went 2him & others like him. But we here talkin about KSM & pretty much, if U wanna know what Ghana is like, U should check him out on & see what I'm sayin & if not, allow me to provide a quote from his profile on It says that, "KSM stands tall above his contemporaries in the Ghanian Theatre Circuit. It is clear that his experience in the United States has had a significant & noticeable impact on his creative outlook and that has given him a remarkable edge. His experience in the United States and exposure off-Broadway has given him a very broad worldview and this is evident in his blend of comedy. His humor transcends the borders of Ghana and everyone can relate to it." Man, I mentally went thru every story I went thru here(negative & positive) & emotion watchin this guy & I constantly tell peepo that Ghana is a very geo-politically positioned country & that no one from here should be shamed 2 be from here. Actually, Ghanians have alot 2 be proud of & I was watchin Kojo Antwi's latest cartoon video & dat shit had me crackin up 2 a hot-ass track!!! WOW!!! Anyhoo, my man talked about most of the same things I think about & wish 2 see happen in da home of CIVILIZATION!!! I implore anyone that doesn't know his act 2 check it online or live. He especially talked about dat fire returnees have when they come home & get dismissed as Too Known, a phrase in Ghana that means dat 1 thinks they know it all. Instead of givin it all away, make I jus let y'all know dat the only thing constant in life is change & when dat change comes, will U be able 2 adjust 2 it or not? I speak of it all the time & maybe peepo here don't feel it, but more & more, my peepo from the US are worried. I've also heard it said dat U die when U stop learning. Once 1 has LEARNED a lesson, they've CHANGED from ignorant 2 informed on dat particular dynamic. Din't Obama run his campaign on CHANGE? What has he changed? Much luv & respect 2 all of U! Will the Saga continue or......Respect 2 alla y'all & I'll see y'all here next year, big & bold as ever. The Blaksmith urges U 2 HOLLA BLAK!!! Let's get it in, in 010!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Ghana Needs

Ayo, it's dat Blak dude again & after being here 4 a year & 2 months, assessments of Ghana must come 4ward. As an Afrikan & a concerned 1 at that, if I left Ghana & didn't give y'all my oponion, U wouldn't respect me. And if U don't wanna know this, sign outta this site NOW! Boy have I learned alot this year & I hope that I've grown in a way dat I would have never grown if I din't live here this long. Bcuz of my LUV 4 Ghana, Ghanians & Afrika, please allow me 2 share with U on how we can improve this very gifted special place. I know dat alot of y'all is prolly thinkin dat I was down on Ghana but wat da hell do U know? Anyhoo, let's be done with it. What Ghana needs is 1. Closed Gutters:Open Gutters need 2 be shut as it exposes rottin & putrid garbage 2 our noses, eyes & senses. As well, the peepo who sell by the roadside are exposed 2 the fumes & this can weaken those with compromised immune systems. As well, we are all exposed 2 vermin such as mosquitoes & rats. We can do better than this If it were up 2 me, I would BAN the satchettes of Pure Water as it's stranglin the enviorment! Where do U think all dat blak shit in da gutters come from? 2. Free Schooling 4 the Children:I admit, at 1 time, I could not OVERstand why there are so many Ghanians who desired 2 travel outside & now I see why. School fees debilitate families as men who can't pay, leave the woman bcuz they can't afford 2 support these women havin children. This dynamic is now a worldwide phenomena as this started in the West. The women, especially the pretty 1's start whoring & the guys become all kinds of criminals. The dissolution of the Blak Fam is key 2 our weakness & we have become Emotional Retards. Family is PARAMOUNT & must be preserved at all costs but when we are barely survivin, everything else falls 2 the wayside. If the regular man/woman on the street doesn't chop from this oil money, Ghana will be in some serious trouble in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. 3. Road Infrastructure:Some roads are great & some roads are HORRIBLE. I even wonder sometimes how peepo keep they cars more than a year or 2. Once 1 gets off of a main road, watch out as being on these roads can be quite adventurous! 4. Standards: Are there standards here? Does the law support what is there? Of course as Original Peepo, we were & are still the standard BUT we have fallen from grace & look at us now. When we were Egyptians, we had flushing toilets, irrigation systems, & the ability 2 build the Great Pyramids with steps that were evenly matched. I'm constantly tellin peepo here that what mos Ghanians take 4 granted here is not jus shunned upon in the West but can also be a reason 4 ya jailing. Dashing the police can land U in hot water if U get caught. Health standards is another as when 1 goes 2 a nicer resteraunt, the standards are high & the morale is great. This makes the customer service shine & everyone is happy. Ghana is now one of the most looked at countries in the WORLD as Obama, Busta Rhymes & the Blak Stars ALL represented themselves here in 1 shape form or fashion. We bein looked at & there is a good chance that the Blak Stars can bring it all home next year in SA. As an aside, peepo really want great customer service & will PAY more 2 get it if they can afford the product/service. I can teach any1 these skills if they want 'em as I was a corporate trainer some years ago. Get at me! 5. Respect:What I luv b4 luv. Respect 2 me means that U always maintain a level of self respect. If I don't like U, I won't be around U but I can still respect U bcuz everybody doesn't see eye 2 eye all of the time. 1 of the most profound things I learned some time ago was dat, 1 shouldn't strive 2 OVERstand everything. Peepo decide 2 carry agendas against those that they are jealous of & plot & scheme against greatness 2 seem bigger than who or what they despise. At the end of the day, do U really respect yaself? If U have old grandparents, would they recognize U as respectable or as a buffoon? Almost all of the older peepo that I know here despise the under 40 crowd callin 'em lazy or whatnot but I OVERSTAND 'EM! We all have 2 know that this generation & 1's subsequent 2 us had 2 come out & straight not give a fuck bcuz ADULTS BE DISSIN "EM & if U've been readin my past posts, U already know what I'm talkin about. The same things don't work 4 everybody! They not havin it & they actin out bcuz they tired of the same ole lame ole BULLSHIT. If U want tings 2 stay da same, they don't want dat! They see da filth we all livin in. They see the despair & 2 many of us don't see it anymore. We aint teachin 'em rite & it's gotta stop. Give da children LUV & I ain't sayin never yell at 'em or nothin like dat. Respect is actually da middle ground between LUV & HATE. We can respect any1 without havin 2 assign an extreme emotion if we concentrate on it & want it bad enuff. Respect 4 ALL AFRIKANS NOW!!! What Ghana needs is more LUV & less HATE! I don't care what any1 feels about me but at least in my face, U will respect me! 6. Ghana needs da Blaksmith BLAK in Ghana. Y'all don't even know yet how much y'all need me there! HOLLA BLAK CHALI 4 I have spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

2000 Seasons

Wow, da Blaksmith is reviewing books now? Maybe! This book is actually hurting my head & I had to stop reading it. HEAVY is da only word 2 describe it. I have 2 say dat so far, this is da HEAVIEST book that I've ever read & it's written by a Ghanian named, Ayi Kwei Armah. Are we really in da year of 2010 yet though & if so, what of it? U see, time is artificial as a day is really 23:45 & not a whole 24 hours. What do U think leap year is 4? Time is artificial & artificial cannot stand against real. Using a metaphor from da book, it's like water going into da desert 2 die. U see, most of us have 4gotten the way & 2 boot, we see things so much the way they are NOW that we don't even know that we are living in the falsest of realities. With 2010 around da corner, look 4 things 2 get 2 be VERY INTERESTING! Economies collapsing, Swine Flu & Climategate & if U don't kno what dat 1 is, U need 2 look it up. Da US & alot of other countries are FAKING this global warming thing as the earth is actually COOLING & I had this discussion with an e-friend who tried 2 argue that my words weren't true. If U keep up wit current events, U will soon see da lite & this is something with worldwide implications. Have U heard of da Green Revolution? Alla these hoaxes dat I been TELLING y'all about 4 years are all starting 2 come out & da PEEPO who run shit done FUKKED UP by makin everything instantly accessible on da internet. At this point, censorship on da net would be tantamount 2 WAR! We still fighting da same war-GOOD vs EVIL or Cain vs Abel. If we are truly at da end of our 2000 Seasons, can we go BLAK 2 abject truth? Will our new dispensation consist of this BS or will we recreate ourselves as Old/New Afrikans? We don't need a parliament & a chieftancy, we need good governance 4 OURSELVES & stop thinkin dat Europeans will save us. Why U think shit dat never happened b4 is happenin every day now? Only we will save us. Maybe it's not 2 be 4 any1 2 save us. Maybe our Seasoning will save us. Remember, the Beautiful Ones are yet Unborn. Let's see if the Chinese bring 35Million of themselves on Afrikan soil. Peepo, we got alotta work 2 do. My mission is 2 save Afrika 4 Afrikan Peepo. Read this book as it is available & will show U da rite way. R U ready? How about a HOT WINTER & COLD SUMMER? What's ya season? My season is life! KEEP ON LIVIN!!!!