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For Part III, go to Respect by Aretha Franklin you are back for Part IV eh? Well, y´all people that are not my BROTHERS or SISTERS who want to get INVOLVED inside of what goes on between my parents and BROTHERS better get this straight and fast: being in the homeland of my parents better known as Honduras makes Me better understand that I can get any info on YOU just by buying DRINKS and FOOD! Do you want Me telling the WORLD your BUSINESS? My LIFE is an OPEN BOOK and if I´m LIVING an ILLEGAL LIFE then report what you find to the POLICE or alex but today WE are not going to
talk about WE talk about hondo.

a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc. a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate…


For Part I go here,

For Part II go to Deep Waters by Incognito

Wow, WE here in Part III today & is it getting HOT! Gotta a lil HELP from another CONCERNED PARTY in all of this who was THERE for what WE went thru as a FAMILY & therefor VICTIMS of alex! In this 1 here, I will use real words so when you read this TRANSLATED it will make sense whether you AGREE or NOT! Take it away my BROTHER! 

I may not always agree with Ben but in this case what he says is true! My father has always been overly agressive and jumps to conclusions without first gathering sufficent evidence. Without saying much, I know that Bens account of whats going on there is accurate based on all of the things my father has done in the past. If nothing else, what you must get is my father didnt show us any
love unless h…


PrinceRogers Nelson June 7th 1958 - April 21st 2016


For Part I, go here;

Well....................Operation Save Tito has rung bells & awakened some THOUGHT into how WE are going to move forward as a PEEPO! To those who are concerned, how is alex? If ya speak to him tell him I said WHAT UP & let´s get into something that being in Honduras has Me thinking about..........the enduring LEGACY of a PEEPO & what´s to become of it. WE must acknowledge that the GARIFUNA PEEPO were NEVER SLAVES but also that this perpetual state of WAR has now turned inWARd & can no longer serve a FORWARD MOVE into the FUTURE! In other words, the GARIFUNA are doing what the WHITES NEVER PHYSICALLY did to US! For this series, what I wanna put down here is the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT of where I THINK WE should be going so that those not yet here WILL NOT SUFFER & always remember that WE will ALL SOON be FREE! Where will ya be & what wil…

Operation SAVE TITO!

TITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Case of the Fake People by TLC

Gotta lil story to tell & before I get into it all lemme just let yáll know that I DON´T give a FLYING FUCK about what ya THINK about Me after it! That goes OUT to all of my friends & FAMILY & so if ya ain´t FEELING this...........Ya see, that dude in the pic above is my BROTHER & his name is Alejandro Lambert Jr but for the rest of this article WE will just call him Tito! He was born in a lil town in the mid 60´s called MANHATTAN,a normal young boy until some older dude..........let´s call him alex took him to a doctor who shot him up with PENICILIN which Tito was ALLERGIC to & it all DAMAGED his BRAIN making him AUTISTIC FOREVER CHANGING HIS LIFE! Isn´t it a SHAME that the JUNIOR in the FAMILY wound up paying for ALL of the SINS of LIFE waged by his own FATHER? Stay with US as I´m just getting started.…


Let Me just say that I am GRATEFUL to those who have helped Me in my latest crisis and know that YÁLL will be paid BLAK by Me providing the best possible info out here on the BLAK tip. With that said, APOLOGIES go out as INTERNATIONAL LAW has once again reared her UGLY ASS up! If I told ya how ASSinine this shit really was out here..........I think ya get the point. Those who know who they are will get a formal apology from ME SOON! I still don´t know shit but learning! How bout you?

Note how WE don´t talk about anything much else but (long pause), the us dollar CONTINUES to TANK! As WE here have covered the bases on that already, want ya to check out this very short article that may put all what I say in perspective at

Yáll wanna ACT like it ain´t about the money when it ain´t! Yo Blak, when WE gonna get that dough ya been promising & I always say when ya do! What about those papers recently better know as the Panama Papers? How much do YOU know …

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 16 A Tribe Called Quest - the ANTHOLOGY


Yáll know that I absolutely luv HIP HOP right? Before WE go in, just gotta let yáll know that this is a TRIBUTE to Phife Dawg who passed away the same week that I went thru the FIRE that I ain´t gonna mention anymore. Those who read Me all the time know what happened so on with the show.

Little did I know that in certain cases that this series which will continue would become a place of TRIBUTE to some of the GREATEST that ever did it but here WE are! Arguably speaking, ATCQ was perhaps the GREATEST GROUP of the 90´s and didn´t have to do all that GANGSTA POSING that too many groups did at that time. WE cannot mention these groups individually without acknowledging that they all came from the Native Tongues started off by my dudes, the JUNGLE BROTHERS! (…


Image FIRE by the Ohio Players

This ain´t gonna be a long 1 but more than ever, b2a aka this BLOG & the Blak Smith needs ya HELP! Yáll haven´t seen Me posting lately bcuz on the 27th of March, a FIRE started by an electrical short CONSUMED all of my SHIT in a fire in Honduras. Some of yáll may already know that this is the birth place of my Mom who passed on last year. ( Well needless to say, I need yáll help & to those capable, please refer to my FB page in INBOXES only if you can HELP! Please do not place condolences of how sad & all that bcuz it ain´t gonna help! No 1 died & Me & my FAM are OK! the Roof is on Fire by Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic 3

My FB info is Blak Smith & I need money but anything ya can give would be great. I´m still in Honduras & need clothes, a phone, new shoes & a replacement passport. …