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For Part III, go to Respect by Aretha Franklin you are back for Part IV eh? Well, y´all people that are not my BROTHERS or SISTERS who want to get INVOLVED inside of what goes on between my parents and BROTHERS better get this straight and fast: being in the homeland of my parents better known as Honduras makes Me better understand that I can get any info on YOU just by buying DRINKS and FOOD! Do you want Me telling the WORLD your BUSINESS? My LIFE is an OPEN BOOK and if I´m LIVING an ILLEGAL LIFE then report what you find to the POLICE or alex but today WE are not going to
talk about WE talk about hondo.


  • a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.
  • a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way
  • a particular way of thinking about or looking at something*

To get all of the ill will out of the way, I put the definition of RESPECT in here because most GARIFUNA men have changed the meaning to whatever the HELL they want it to mean but that will not happen here! My definition of RESPECT is if you don´t want it done to YOU then don´t do it to someone else! To get what you want you have to give it out! I´ve stated that Hondo can no longer make decisions BY HIMSELF but you will not acknowledge that it was my MOTHER who passed away. Let Me ask again, if she came back to speak to you in your DREAMS would she approve of what you and hondo are doing? Tito has things to do other than wait on an old nigga who just yells and talks shit about him who MADE HIM the WAY HE IS! Why not ask hondo why he never SUED the doctor who made Tito this way? hondo CANNOT BLAME anyone for Tito´s condition and this is why he doesn´t talk about it! When that nigger wants to blame Me for something........he was still taking Me to that same doctor til he died! What was he THINKING while his namesake´s brains were FRYING? All I could remember was all the DRINKING he did. This is why it´s so DANGEROUS to CHALLENGE Me when I get UPSET! FREE TITO because he DESREVES RESPECT! hondo can no longer make FAMILY DECISIONS ALONE! Respect the technique by Eric B and Rakim

Sorry that I have to be distracted but people have to know that LIFE is a VERY SERIOUS GAME and WE will all PLAY it! The only way outside relatives can do what they do is because hondo can´t CONTROL GROWN MEN and so now.............he had to go to those who will do what he says & he pays them & there´s nothing wrong with that! You need to question him on WHY his sons don´t deal with him but let´s get into what you came here for and that´s how to BUILD NATIONS using GARIFUNA LABOR! Check this out.

I already told yáll that I want to BUILD & DEVELOP INFRASTRUCTURE for the LEGACY of Garifuna & not just for my own personal gain! I already said that with YOUR HELP that it could be done so let´s get to that. 

1. WE create RELATIONSHIPS with those in the COMMUNITY that have LAND that they have no use for and make deals in CONTRACTS to either BOND or BUY the new facility. 

2. After WE get these deals done, WE target Garifuna´s concerned with the FUTURE of the community to COMMIT ideas, resources, time, money & influence to build. With 10 persons giving $10,000 each, WE can build at least a 25 room HOTEL in Travesia facing the beach. 

3. Only Garifuna´s from the local communities can WORK in our place though WE will do BUSINESS with others on a need to know basis. As this is about RESPECT & LABOR, the staff will be TRAINED in CUSTOMER SERVICE! The market will have the BEST of whatever product was already sold in the community. With paved roads leading to Tela & La Ceiba, new businesses could spring up all over Garifuna Highway

4. Garifuna´s who wish not to accept OUTSIDERS in the COMMUNITY can target those who left & never came back, their African American & Caribean friends & the LOCALS from Puerto Cortes & San Pedro who love to hang out by the BEACH! Of course FAMILY gets the BEST RATES! As I already said, WE can make Travesia the number 1 TOURIST ATTRACTION because the road thru GARIFUNA HIGHWAY is all BEACH SIDE PROPERTY but WE gotta OWN IT OURSELVES! If hondo & those who THINK like him don´t want to do it then leave it up to Garifuna´s who can & NO COLLEGE DEGREE is NECESSARY! Legalize it by Peter Tosh

Ok now............this is how it COULD get DONE but wait............there will be OPPOSITION! There will be those who say well those guys smoke WEED; To those people, this is what WE have to say; I can by Nas

Still, there will be those that say that they aren´t real GARIFUNA´s because they weren´t BORN here & don´t UNDERSTAND what it is to live here blah blah blah...........WE ain´t messing with yáll! WE gonna get the YOUNG PEOPLE who were born as INDIGOS, STARSEEDS, RAINBOWS & CRYSTALS but could you UNDERSTAND what I´m saying? Just because you haven´t heard of it doesn´t make it non-existent.;

WELL.........let´s do this because this is really what NEEDS to be done. Before WE start WE must look for available LAND. WE make the deal for the LAND & find a FINANCIAL PLANNER who will tell US what WE need. WE then go to an ATTORNEY for all of the LAND TITLES & such. WE strike a DEAL between parties & then WE go to a DEVELOPER & in a country like Honduras, there is very little oversight on LANDS as regular people build structures. Once WE clear the DEVELOPER, WE find the BUILDER who is in charge of CONSTRUCTING the needed structures. The BUILDER has to hire WORKERS such as MASONS, CARPENTERS, PLUMBERS & PAINTERS to BUILD. TRUCK DRIVERS must bring building materials. People going & coming from work get on BUSES & must eat in the many RESTERAUNTS or bring lunch from home. When the structure is finished, there must be those to STAFF the UNIVERSITY, the MARKET & the HOTEL so at minimum WE need TEACHERS, STUDENTS, COOKS, DRIVERS, SALESPEOPLE, HOTEL MANAGERS, MASSEUSES, CATERERS, CLEANERS, BARTENDERS & GANJA FARMS! When WEED becomes LEGAL & it will be soon, WE can EXPORT Honduras´s best to OUR connections outside. My part is PLANNING ALL of THIS because too many Garifuna´s beLIEve only in MANUAL LABOR so who really CREATES anything? To finish this, WE MUST RESPECT each other because UNIFIED, WE can do ALL & no 1 should be WORKING for ALIENS to OUR CULTURE! WE must CONTROL OUR LABOR & FREE TITO!

OUR OWN LABOR is the MEANS of PRODUCTION cnn interviews One Africa Owner Seestah Imakhus

See what I can do when my MIND is left to PRODUCTIVE THINKING? You may THINK that I´m CRAZY but I´ve been around the WORLD & have seen what can be done like at One Africa in Ghana & at Dr Sebi´s in Honduras. The BEST PROJECTS takes YEARS to COMPLETE & so if you see YOURSELF THINKING the same way, get with US! WE can make a HOME away from HOME for Garifuna´s! I wouldn´t say that this will all be easy but with TRUTH, TRUST & COMMITMENT, ANYTHING can get DONE! WE ain´t going NOWHERE without UNITY but the GARIFUNA must CHANGE some of THEIR WAYS because NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! Outsiders want that BEACH & if yáll are NOT going to DEVELOP something then STEP ASIDE! The GARIFUNA love to brag about how WE have never been ENSLAVED but too many of OUR MEN acting like the spanish conquistadores are not going to get it done! Since you think that this is only Me saying all this, let Me show yáll 1 more link before I finish Part IV; Tito must be LIBERATED from niggers like hondo because too many people in Honduras have been CURSED ANCESTRALLY! hondo lost vision so that he could gain that GREATER INNER VISION but as they say, AINT NOTHING CHANGE & so now, WHY SHOULD I CHANGE? Before you get ideas, no one has to give Me MONEY because all will be done with INTEGRITY & with those YOU TRUST! I am a SERIOUS WRITER so RESPECT what I LOVE to do! Look at yourself not knowing that I could have you reading until the last sentence! WRITING is LABOR! Most of all, RESPECT the LABOR & in Part V, WE are going to get into the LAW! When you tell hondo about this, make sure you tell him I say HELLO! Peace.


* taken from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary at

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For Part I go here,

For Part II go to Deep Waters by Incognito

Wow, WE here in Part III today & is it getting HOT! Gotta a lil HELP from another CONCERNED PARTY in all of this who was THERE for what WE went thru as a FAMILY & therefor VICTIMS of alex! In this 1 here, I will use real words so when you read this TRANSLATED it will make sense whether you AGREE or NOT! Take it away my BROTHER! 

I may not always agree with Ben but in this case what he says is true! My father has always been overly agressive and jumps to conclusions without first gathering sufficent evidence. Without saying much, I know that Bens account of whats going on there is accurate based on all of the things my father has done in the past. If nothing else, what you must get is my father didnt show us any
love unless he was drunk. Now we have a whole bunch of people with opinions involved in our family affairs who never lived with us. My father believes that Tito can live in Honduras as a normal man when anybody who knows Tito knows that this is impossible. Not many know my dad as a bad guy but ask any of us how we felt and til this day he has never really changed and if you dont want to hear it, fine but we know what we have endured. Unless I see different, I support my brother 100%. Thanks. from Javier Lambert, eldest brother of Tito & Ben. 

Thanks J & now let Me continue on this path before I finish EDUCATING them. Who among yall shit talkers can say that Ive DISRESPECTED YOU? I could tell you about account after account about alex but instead, Im gonna do something else...............Make all of the WORSE ASSUMPTIONS of Me before you read these words.  Now that you have done that, lets go back to Part I of OST. Instead of rewriting, Im gonna put down some of what I ALREADY said so you DONT have to THINK for Me! 

 I DON´T give a FUCK about what ya THINK about Me after it! That goes OUT to all of my friends & FAMILY & so if ya ain´t FEELING this.............

Ya see this dude got everybody who doesn´t really know him FOOLED as he´s LOVED by his nephews & nieces but behind their backs he would talk SHIT about just about all of ém including YOU!


My standard for people now is if you don´t look it up for YOURSELF then GET the FUCK out of  my FACE! I brought FACTS, BOOKS & EVIDENCE only to be met with charges of you aint gonna CHANGE me even though the CHANGE I sought was for my parents to LIVE LONG ENJOY all that they worked hard for. 

Tito doesn´t have MONEYbcuz alex spends it all & won´t let him come to the u.s to re-sign up for SSI. HE DOESN´T WANT Tito near US bcuz alex CANNOT CONTROL Tito´s FINANCES bcuz he´s BLIND! Tito has THINGS in LIFE that he wants to do & is getting OLDER by the DAY! What if alex lives to be 95 & Tito goes first?

That dude alex now has perhaps the most innocent GARIFUNA MAN as a VIRTUAL SLAVE / PERSONAL SERVANT! alex YELLS at Tito but remember that Tito is AUTISTIC and doesn´thave NORMAL INTELLIGENCE and gets CONFUSED at times. alex prefers the company of peepo with his last name who live nearby & this is just 1 of the reasons why I go by SMITH 

he claims that my Mom built her OWN HOUSE behind his back but he´s the ONLY 1 BENEFITTING FROM IT & TALKS of SHARING the PROCEEDS go NOWHERE! At all times of the day he calls on Tito as if he was a BUTLER for a OLD BLIND NIGGA. As I don´t stay in his house anymore........... Deeper by Xzibit

but remember - CRUEL PEEPO are usually very CHARMING! What is it to actually LIVE with alex? Not many know! 

What I wanna do before I leave this place is FREE TITO from SLAVERY bcuz alex is a BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE that needs to be STOPPED before he sucks the LIFE out of my BROTHER!

for the record, if ya think it matters, tell alex that he CAN KEEP his SHIT as I don´t want it even though I told him that already. All I want is what my MOM left Me! 

To those who want to get in THIS I DARE YOU to say that all of these assertions are LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there will be PEOPLE who dont get it and so what? Speaking from a strictly MORAL PLACE, HOW does a HOUSE get built BEHIND YOUR BACK and yet YOU are the ONLY ONE BENEFITTING from it? If someone did that to Me I would want NOTHING to do with it but WE talking about alex hereFor all of you who want to QUESTION ME ANSWER that first because that was MY MOTHER! My Mom told Me EVERYTHING because she TRUSTED Me! Who among you can tell Me that you know alex or my own Mom better than Me? My MOTHER told Me with her own mouth that the house was for Javier and you REFUSE to SHARE as Mom didnt leave a will. WHY did a WOMAN who KNEW BUSINESS not leave behind a WILL? Its not beneath alex to THREATEN with DEATH because he used to always tell Me he was going to get his GUN and SHOOT ME! Ask alex who she left it to but you aint gonna do that because too many GARIFUNA THINK that OLD AGE makes 1 ALWAYS RIGHT. Im EXPOSING alexes ass once and for all. Whenever alex would talk about that house he would start YELLING and SCREAMING so why not ask him WHY he did that I could bring up so much MORE but it would only CONFUSE YOU. I dont have ANYTHING to PROVE to people LOOKING IN from the OUTSIDE! Do yall remember the YOLANDA STORY? This SHIT is not NEW but Im gonna put a STOP to it! This is about JUSTICE and its PERSONAL!!!!!!!

Look up what the word SHARE means! No one is trying to cut alex out of anything! The point is that the house is not just his!!!!!!!!!!!!

This FREEING of Tito aint gonna stop so get used to it! Lets go somewhere else and be done with Part reality, I have to address those who say WHATEVER they say as if they know all of my business. Who among you can say that Ive EVER stuck my nose in YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS? I met most of yall when yall were still BABIES and so WE did not GROW up the SAME so JUDGING Me without really knowing US and only hearing what alex says about US is pure BULLSHIT! The reason why MANUELAs SONS didnt come to Honduras was because alex NEVER CHANGED & NEVER will & regardless of what YOU THINK & WE aint got to PROVE SHIT to none of you! FUCK PROPERTY, HOUSES & all that & give US OUR BROTHER! I the Blak Smith DECLARE here on Public Record that alex can KEEP ALL that SHIT if he lets T go & this is no joke! Free Tito because if you ASSUME that Im CRAZY just check the LAW! Have a great day & dont forget to check the LAW FAMILY! Your EDUCATION today was to LEARN how not to get EMOTIONAL but on how to RESEARCH whatever it is you need to KNOW. Fuck what Im writing & check those books Nigger! Rock the Boat by Hues Corp. 

This concludes OUR section on Part IV, WE go into LAW & LABOR. 

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Prince  PrinceRogers Nelson June 7th 1958 - April 21st 2016

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Resultado de imagen para garifuna flag

For Part I, go here;

Well....................Operation Save Tito has rung bells & awakened some THOUGHT into how WE are going to move forward as a PEEPO! To those who are concerned, how is alex? If ya speak to him tell him I said WHAT UP & let´s get into something that being in Honduras has Me thinking about..........the enduring LEGACY of a PEEPO & what´s to become of it. WE must acknowledge that the GARIFUNA PEEPO were NEVER SLAVES but also that this perpetual state of WAR has now turned inWARd & can no longer serve a FORWARD MOVE into the FUTURE! In other words, the GARIFUNA are doing what the WHITES NEVER PHYSICALLY did to US! For this series, what I wanna put down here is the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT of where I THINK WE should be going so that those not yet here WILL NOT SUFFER & always remember that WE will ALL SOON be FREE! Where will ya be & what will ya be doing?

Ok, in order to do this WE gonna do it thru the 9 People Activities as described by Dr Neely Fuller Jr & his most infamous student ever, the late Dr Frances Cress Welsing who wrote the epic, Isis Papers. Those of ya out there familiar with my books know that I always use them as the way forward & as a peepo WE MUST move on into the FUTURE! Also, in order for this to be successful, my people have to UNITE within OURSELVES FIRST & then into the wider Afrikan Based Conscious Community! Let US go in!

But before WE do that gotta keep in MIND that the RING of FIRE is on FIRE & how the BUST ASS MEDIA keeps SPREADING all this BULLSHIT aka FEAR & when ya KNOW ALL THIS, ya would not even sweat these occurrences! Go on & be GREAT as a SOVEREIGN PEEPO! 

As WE show a way thru this all WE must again state the 9 PEOPLES ACTIVIES which means the ARTS & SCIENCES of ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, ENERTAINMENT, LABOR, LAW, POLITICS, religion, SEX & WAR! the Blak Code by Neely Fuller Jr

So, WE got ECONOMICS for the GARIFUNA PEOPLE who for the most part DOMINATE the ALANTIC COAST of Belize, a sliver of Guatemala & most of Honduras which is in central ameriKKKa so WE aint from no DAMN ISLAND! Honduras is very STRATEGIC to the usKKKa bcuz from there to mexico it´s quick! It´s crazy out here yet a bit calmer since 2000. But let´s get BLAK to that BEACH especially in Travesia after WE make a CONTRACTUAL DEAL to PAVE the STREETS with a clear path to Tela etc etc. WE could open the community center & teach LIFE LESSONS where the STUDENT & TEACHER are 1! The THOUGHTS coming from the community center aka GARIFUNA UNIVERSITY could house a MARKET, RESTERAUNT, UNIVERSITY & RESORT if WE who know BUSINESS & were BORN THERE, BORN HERE & RAISED in the usKKKa or BORN THERE & LIVING HERE get to it..............? I put my LIFE on the line when I write but WORD on the Travesia tip is that some italians is BUILDING a house with the intent of putting out a hotel bar/lounge? How do WE know that they aint MAFIA? My peepo who know REAL HISTORY should look at how the MOB or the DEVIL moves in with the HELP of their LIL FRIENDS. Bcuz OUTSIDERS ain´t allowed to own property, 1 of ya very own SOLD US OUT! WE NEED to DEVELOP using WHATS BEST & EXPEDIENT from the COMMUNITY as other Garifuna Communities have already done so! WE MUST LEAVE OUR OFFSPRING a LEGACY that THEY can be PROUD OF! Look at all of this in a HISTORICAL SENSE as WE are a MIGHTY PEOPLE! Mighty Mighty by EWF

I say this all the time but do Susus. Read Blueprint for Black Power by Amos Wilson. Buy stuff at WHOLESALE sometimes with ya peepo to SAVE the already WORTHLESS PAPER ya have. WE can no longer ADVISE our young 1s to just LOOK for a JOB but WE must go further & teach & learn. When this turns over ya will need the SKILLS! 

WE go to number 2 now but before WE place BLAME on anyone WE must remember that not right supremacy has got most of US DERANGED! WE should actually be CRAZIER but WE need to adopt the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson with fervor & right away. Now that WE covered that just wanna explain that this book is not about SCHOOL EDUCATION but what WE talking about here................REAL LIFE LIVING! 

So now WE get into EDUCATION & what that all means........did yall know that ECONOMICS has NOTHING to do with MONEY? Oh....ya dont beLIEve Me do ya but wellllllllllll....................


1. (used with a singular verb) the science that deals with the production, distribution & consumption of goods & services or the material welfare of mankind.

2. (used with a plural verb) financial considerations; economically significant aspects: What are the economics of such a project?*

So again.........EDUCATION.......hmmmmm, Ok, this is about the GREATER GARIFUNA COMMUNITY & it´s FUTURE! Again, with Travesia & Bajamar PAVED, WONDERS could happen! It would take the peepo STARTING to pave the road and then forming a sort of PARTNERSHIP with the government after getting an IMPACT SUDY done. Instead of buying & selling LAND, WE could BOND it doing REAL BIZ yo! This would show that the road could pay for ITSELF in X amount of time. In Honduras, there are plenty of other GARIFUNA VILLAGES with paved roads & if WE built a paved road & the government started seeing more money going there, there could be more COOPERATION even if it´s just in the name of COMMERCE! WE could name it the GARIFUNA HIGHWAY & have businesses along the road side along the coast.

I started off with a lil bit of EDUCATION but let US get BLAK to the NEEDS of the PEEPO! GARIFUNA PEEPO especially the MEN NEED to LEARN how to LOVE! When I´m around older men like alex, I notice that most of em only say the WORD LOVE when ADVERSE TIMES pop up perhaps bcuz they werent shown HOW by their parents after living so long as MINORITIES! This carries on from generation to generation but WE are here to BREAK that CIRCLE! Circles by Atlantic Starr

Yea................As a peepo WE need a LIFE EDUCATION & the 1st thing to LEARN is how to HEAL by learning how to LISTEN, LEARN, TEACH, FIGHT, MATE, LOVE, EAT bcuz at the end of the day, alex / those like him most needs HUGS! 

To finish this segment of the series, I know that alex has heard about an article about FAMILY but he has to know that things are happening. When ya next speak to him tell him to have his lawyers ready bcuz I´m coming for whats mine! Part of EDUCATION is knowing when to stop being STUBBORN & REALIZE that no 1 is here FOREVER! See y´all in Part III & I owe y´all some CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK coming after this series. Peace & hope that ya world ain´t shaking or flooded! Houston TX..........................HOLD it DOWN and HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* taken from

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Operation SAVE TITO!

TITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Case of the Fake People by TLC

Gotta lil story to tell & before I get into it all lemme just let yáll know that I DON´T give a FLYING FUCK about what ya THINK about Me after it! That goes OUT to all of my friends & FAMILY & so if ya ain´t FEELING this...........Ya see, that dude in the pic above is my BROTHER & his name is Alejandro Lambert Jr but for the rest of this article WE will just call him Tito! He was born in a lil town in the mid 60´s called MANHATTAN, a normal young boy until some older dude..........let´s call him alex took him to a doctor who shot him up with PENICILIN which Tito was ALLERGIC to & it all DAMAGED his BRAIN making him AUTISTIC FOREVER CHANGING HIS LIFE! Isn´t it a SHAME that the JUNIOR in the FAMILY wound up paying for ALL of the SINS of LIFE waged by his own FATHER? Stay with US as I´m just getting started. Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh

Let´s cut to 1991 when my parents moved to Honduras bcuz that dude alex got an early retirement package deal & couldn´t have left the u.s fast enough if his ASS was on FIRE! I could go more into that & how that STILL poses PROBLEMS amongst my FRACTURED FAMILY but then this would be too long & so I won´t go there. alex was always was the type who PUT PRESSURE on his FAMILY citing that it´s HIS HOUSE which equates to STFU! Ya see this dude got everybody who doesn´t really know him FOOLED as he´s LOVED by his nephews & nieces but behind their backs he would talk SHIT about just about all of ém including YOU! His PEERS knows who the FUCK he is! He used to beat Me & my BROTHERS ASSES for NOTHING but ya know what? I reflected on being a young dude & FORGAVE MYSELF for being ANGRY at him til I got older. This niKKKa still TALKING to Me as if I HAVE TO LISTEN? As a MAN, don´t WE all DESERVE RESPECT? This niKKKa would say ANYTHING to DIS Moms & US! I am NOT EXXAGERATING! 

<b>Toxic</b> <b>People</b> <b>Quotes</b>. QuotesGram Rumors by Timex Social Club

I came to this infamous country in 2000 & it was the SAME SHIT! This niKKKa´s way of seeing shit is just LISTEN bcuz you living in my HOUSE aka the SAME SHIT! I had LEARNED about a whole lotta THINGS after he left & I thought that alex would appreciate hearing some but it all fell on DEAF EARS! My standard for people now is if ya don´t look it up then GET the FUCK outta my FACE! I brought FACTS, BOOKS & EVIDENCE only to be met with charges of you aint gonna CHANGE me even though the CHANGE I sought was for my parents to LIVE LONG & ENJOY all that they worked hard for. I told ém about Dr Sebi way back then but...........when I came in August of 2015 & tried to save my Mom by taking her to Dr Sebi the DAMAGE was too SEVERE! This niKKKa was telling Me he never heard of Dr Sebi bcuz he did the same he always accused Me of; NOT LISTENING! She passed in late September 2015 & I was DEVESTATED! ( 

When I came in 2000, I told alex about this & he looked at Me as if I was CRAZY; Tito doesn´t have MONEY bcuz alex spends it all & won´t let him come to the u.s to re-sign up for SSI. HE DOESN´T WANT Tito near US bcuz alex CANNOT CONTROL Tito´s FINANCES bcuz he´s BLIND! Tito has THINGS in LIFE that he wants to do & is getting OLDER by the DAY! What if alex lives to be 95 & Tito goes first?

Look, I already wrote 2 books & aint trying to write a 3rd 1 here. That dude alex now has perhaps the most innocent GARIFUNA MAN as a VIRTUAL SLAVE / PERSONALSERVANT! alex YELLS at Tito but remember that Tito is AUTISTIC and doesn´thave NORMAL INTELLIGENCE and gets CONFUSED at times. alex prefers the company of peepo with his last name who live nearby & this is just 1 of the reasons why I go by SMITH now! If I tell ya to call Me Blak do not go past that as I got ISSUES but moving on......................he claims that my Mom built her OWN HOUSE behind his back but he´s the ONLY 1 BENEFITTING FROM IT & TALKS of SHARING the PROCEEDS go NOWHERE! At all times of the day he calls on Tito as if he was a BUTLER for a OLD BLIND NIGGA. As I don´t stay there anymore, whenever I pass alex´s HOUSE, I see Tito & that LIGHT & SHINE he usually has when he see´s YOU is just about GONE! alex doesn´t take Tito nowhere & all he does is WORK while BARELY being MAINTAINED! I could give ya STORY on STORY on things that niKKKa has done but remember - CRUEL PEEPO are usually very CHARMING! What is it to actually LIVE with alex? Not many know! 

Blackula | Logan | Pinterest For the Love of Money by the OJays media being what it is, some of yáll is gonna say I shouldn´t have done this! To that I say FUCK YOU & if ya say what I don´t wanna hear - read it again - FUCK YOU! I could make yáll HATE alex but I ain´t trying to do that. What I wanna do before I leave this place is FREE TITO from SLAVERY bcuz alex is a BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE that needs to be STOPPED before he sucks the LIFE outta my BROTHER! I´m done & so SAVE the HATE for when ya see Me if ya feel it´s worth it! And for the record, if ya think it matters, tell alex that he can keep his SHIT as I don´t want it even though I told him that already. All I want is what my MOM left Me! He can give his shit to his MINIONS! The Blak Smith CARES & is OUT! 

 Resultado de imagen para pic of minions

Tuesday, April 12, 2016



Let Me just say that I am GRATEFUL to those who have helped Me in my latest crisis and know that YÁLL will be paid BLAK by Me providing the best possible info out here on the BLAK tip. With that said, APOLOGIES go out as INTERNATIONAL LAW has once again reared her UGLY ASS up! If I told ya how ASSinine this shit really was out here..........I think ya get the point. Those who know who they are will get a formal apology from ME SOON! I still don´t know shit but learning! How bout you?

Note how WE don´t talk about anything much else but (long pause), the us dollar CONTINUES to TANK! As WE here have covered the bases on that already, want ya to check out this very short article that may put all what I say in perspective at

Yáll wanna ACT like it ain´t about the money when it ain´t! Yo Blak, when WE gonna get that dough ya been promising & I always say when ya do! What about those papers recently better know as the Panama Papers? How much do YOU know about it? Well OUR DUDE Putin says

Whatever happened to the RUMOR that as a peepo, BLAKS did the most hard drugs? Has that rep changed especially since governments are practically GIVING out meds OVER the COUNTER for HEROIN OVERDOSAGE? Well to put it factually...................  PollywannaKraKKer by Public Enemy

What´s up with BLAK PEEPO who still talk about VOTING? The ENERGY is very HIGH lately! Are ya walking, talking and communing with NATURE? When was the last time ya hugged a tree? Do ya just go and have a cup of coffee with a pal or family member just bcuz? When was the last time ya gotta back massage? What music are ya listening to? Is trees legal in yo state yet? WTF are ya EATING? Ah Yeah by KRS 1

Is LIFE GREAT enough these days to really luv it in the us of a? Just browsing around & look at what I found & chime in if ya agree or................................. NY State of Mind by Nas

A lot of yall out there have never been to a country like Honduras & wouldnt beLIEve how much different it is if I told ya. I could do ANYTHING with a passport here but as i.d here..............get that state i.d out yo bag! They used to do SIESTAs but it got played out bcuz the big old bullys time is up. If yall only knew the stories of these central ameriKKKan countries.............every last 1 of em fucked yo! Dont get Me started but last piece is that my DREAM with yall help is to build a GARIFUNA UNIVERSITY where WE teach LIFE moving forward. A matchup of the best minds from over here & there could do WONDERS if SERIOIUS PARTIES get INVOLVED. For just a glimpse into the LIFE of my PEEPO, check this movie out at & lets stop just talking & get to it. Pass this along to any descendents in the us, canada & for that matter, worldwide. Im out & so HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 16 A Tribe Called Quest - the ANTHOLOGY

Yáll know that I absolutely luv HIP HOP right? Before WE go in, just gotta let yáll know that this is a TRIBUTE to Phife Dawg who passed away the same week that I went thru the FIRE that I ain´t gonna mention anymore. Those who read Me all the time know what happened so on with the show.

Little did I know that in certain cases that this series which will continue would become a place of TRIBUTE to some of the GREATEST that ever did it but here WE are! Arguably speaking, ATCQ was perhaps the GREATEST GROUP of the 90´s and didn´t have to do all that GANGSTA POSING that too many groups did at that time. WE cannot mention these groups individually without acknowledging that they all came from the Native Tongues started off by my dudes, the JUNGLE BROTHERS! ( Give it up to the dearly departed as b2a gets BLAK on it´s feet! Can I KICK IT?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Get the book that EXPOSES the entertainment industry here at SUPPORT BLAK BIZ, the BLAK SMITH and b2a! WE are BLAK at WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

FIRE PURIFIES FIRE by the Ohio Players

This ain´t gonna be a long 1 but more than ever, b2a aka this BLOG & the Blak Smith needs ya HELP! Yáll haven´t seen Me posting lately bcuz on the 27th of March, a FIRE started by an electrical short CONSUMED all of my SHIT in a fire in Honduras. Some of yáll may already know that this is the birth place of my Mom who passed on last year. ( Well needless to say, I need yáll help & to those capable, please refer to my FB page in INBOXES only if you can HELP! Please do not place condolences of how sad & all that bcuz it ain´t gonna help! No 1 died & Me & my FAM are OK! the Roof is on Fire by Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic 3

My FB info is Blak Smith & I need money but anything ya can give would be great. I´m still in Honduras & need clothes, a phone, new shoes & a replacement passport. To all of my fellow SOVEREIGNS who have BURNED their ID´s.....................I only need it bcuz I used it to leave the u.s & plan on being stateside again by May or so. Peace & luv to ya all & when things are NORMAL again, will let ya know what´s good. Til then, DEATH to WHITE SUPREMACY & all of it´s AGENCIES! Peace! Fire pon Rome by Tony B