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In the RACE against TIME.......they've LOST!

Whether ya know it or not YOU in the RACE AGAINST TIME/the FINISH LINE is CONTROL of ya MIND! KRS1 - (

So here WE are! There will be no long article today but as I will do periodically, will put some LINKS to show what I mean from the title of this here. How y'all doing out there? It's HAPPENING as WE speak! Can ya feel the VICTORY in the air? Syria didn't pop off! Afghanistan is a FAILURE! Though the is(not)realians are still there, the palestinians are still FIGHTING 'em & the olMEXicans are reclaiming the SW as they should as it was TAKEN! WE gonna start off with a big 1 here in that

Wherever I wind up at, those who don't REDEEM SELF cannot be around US & as Malcolm X was OUR SHINING EXAMPLE, anyone can change! All HOMO's, RACE MIXERS & those who BELIEVE that WE should LIVE & LET LIVE saying that there …

the DEVIL is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the PLANE.............the PLANE!!!!

For those of y'all too OLD or who NEVER watch telLIEvision, this is Tattoo, a HELL RAISING midget who KILLED himself some years BLAK! He co-starred along with Mr Rourke on a show named Fantasy Island that was kinda good with TWISTS of IRONY! I bring this all up NOW bcuz I'm more than sure that y'all found out that finally, Malaysian flight # 370 HAS BEEN FOUND! As I BELIEVE that this is yet yet another HEGELIAN DIALECTIC TACTIC, who knows what's next? And if ya don't know what the Hegelian Dialectic is, LOOK it UP!!!! Check out this article that I found on the web a few days ago & know that the BOLDS are mine. After it, I'll analyze some of the points made in the article.

By now, everyone should be fully abreast of the circumstance surrounding the missing Malaysian airplane.  The news is obsessed with this airplane, and it has been sensation…

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die - Excerpts from Chapter VII - the CONCLUSION

Image (my blogtalkradio interview by Tina Queen).

As WE now see, MASS distraKKKtion is at an ALL TIME HIGH! Stop going for it as they got US OverDosing on that flight 370 somewhere out in Asia. Just about erryday, something NEW happens as Y'ALL FAIL to OVERSTAND that ANYTHING ya spend ya ENERGY on has ya ATTENTION stopping YOU from thinking on how to get outta this RWS MATRIX! Think of it as being a FIREFIGHTER & being sent to put out a fire out on the east side & right before ya get there, they call & say to put out 1 on the far west side & when ya almost there, they gotta another 1 on the extreme south side to the point that ya NEVER REACH ANY of 'em! This is what RWS does to US so keep ya ENERGY concentrated as all politriKKKs are local! For now my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO who I luv so much, let's get into Part VII aka the Conclusion o…