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In the RACE against TIME.......they've LOST!

Whether ya know it or not YOU in the RACE AGAINST TIME/the FINISH LINE is CONTROL of ya MIND! KRS1 - (

So here WE are! There will be no long article today but as I will do periodically, will put some LINKS to show what I mean from the title of this here. How y'all doing out there? It's HAPPENING as WE speak! Can ya feel the VICTORY in the air? Syria didn't pop off! Afghanistan is a FAILURE! Though the is(not)realians are still there, the palestinians are still FIGHTING 'em & the olMEXicans are reclaiming the SW as they should as it was TAKEN! WE gonna start off with a big 1 here in that

Wherever I wind up at, those who don't REDEEM SELF cannot be around US & as Malcolm X was OUR SHINING EXAMPLE, anyone can change! All HOMO's, RACE MIXERS & those who BELIEVE that WE should LIVE & LET LIVE saying that there are GOOD DEVILS gotta get they OWN HOOD bcuz WE AIN'T HAVING THIS NO MO'!:

Or how about this illuminati CONTROLLED FREAK PUPPET?:,0,7232042.story

An American couple, Matthew and Grace Huang have been found guilty by a judge in Qatar for the death of their 8-year-old adoptive daughter.........

This has been going on & will only continue.....I BELIEVE that they wanted to be WHISTLE BLOWERS:

I keep TRYING to tell Y'ALL that I only post up REFERENCE MATERIAL & so if ya don't BELIEVE, DON'T BLAME ME but............................

Or how about dude here?: In the last week I described the process of the bonds being released to pay for the RV. I’ll discuss a new video released this week of the history behind those bonds and the gold kept throughout Asia. President Seokarno of Indonesia was the former trustee of the gold and it has now been passed on to his son. This week he released those funds for the RV. We’ll discuss this on this weeks radio program. The RV is Unfolding, the New Development of the Seokarno Gold. - Dave Schmidt

Pope Francis's fast ascension to head the Argentina Catholic Church was suspected to be a result of an agreement between Pope Francis and the Junta military to traffic children from Catholic orphanages.
Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

Cop that up above FIYAH from the Blak Smith! In his latest book, he drops it on the behind the scenes moves made in the entertainment industry while focusing on Hip Hop! The SOUTH BRONX is in the HOUSE! Get with US at our paypal e-mail account at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Until WE are actually there, it's WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!

So here WE are my PEEPO! WE in the RELATIVE CALM before the STORM & ya need to be READY for the SHIFT that ya very LIFE is about to take! This is the time of TRIBULATION aka REVELATIONS as ALL will be REVEALED! REVEL in that & JUST STAY ALIVE as ALL THINGS CHANGE AROUND! (Freedom by Joi)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

the DEVIL is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the DEVIL 01/01/0000 - 4/20/2014

the TRUE SIGN of FERTILITY aka Taurus the Bull will ASCEND aka the sign of AUSAR aka OSIRIS while smoking that GOODIE!!!!!!!

So as WE go along, it's Fee fi, fo fuKKKin FUN! These devils done ran outta time & instead of explaining it, I will use OTHER PEEPO's methods of showing ya how it's being done as ya EYES are WIDE SHUT!
Shit that is supposed to be HEADLINE NEWS ain't making it there bcuz as said a few weeks ago in such articles as & another in, WE stated that the distraKKKtion level is at an ALL TIME HIGH & while they got US on these wild goose chases, I need to be the VOICE of REASON for the tumultuous times that will soon come! WE CANNOT AFFORD to PANIC or ACT OUT!!! Why all this fuKKKery lately? Let's get into it starting with....................................................................


WE'VE already exhaustively spoken on the broken economy, the "suicided bankers" & how it will all soon collapse but check this most interesting article: Or how about the fact that most of the wars fomented in the world are a result of the u.s or israeli meddling? WE must know that most world leaders learn their TRICKS of the TRADES at the school of ameriKKKa's which they renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Looking for the soa on google, I had to really search bcuz they don't want ya to know that PEEPO have been trying to SHUT IT DOWN for the longest & that the mossad does all the rest. If ya didn't know, the mossad is the equivalent of the c.i.a & does most of the u.s's dirty work for shit like 9-11 &.........well check this out at If ya know how to read this, with all that's going on, WHY NOW?  WE know that the real AXIS of EVIL outright SUPPORTS is(not) real & whatever!!!

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is all on ya mind! Just got a shipment of 'em in & YOU NEED a COPY! Get with US ASAP at OUR paypal account, & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLA BLAK while ya help SUPPORT the Blak Smith. WE are available for lectures & workshops.......WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!'s really gonna get interesting now.......did y'all know that Malaysia is mainly made up of Muslims? Now don't get it TWISTED that just bcuz they are Asians that they care not for their so-called arab brothers.........check this MIND FUCK of an article sent to me just recently; For y'all LAZY motherfuKKKa's, allow Me to quote just a lil:

And yet Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, has now called a tribunal for war crimes and produced a genocide ruling – against whom?

Not against Assad, as one might have expected, but against Israel, the state that considers itself to be beyond the jurisdiction of any court or tribunal.

So now.......could it be that the reason why that PLANE can't be found? They say they found it, then they didn't & at this point IDGAF!!! Today, it's the WEATHER.......WTF? It's all distraKKKtion & if ya read my last joint:, you would know that I've been saying this SHIT for some time!

Asia.......vast & quite interesting......1 question though.......what is Dennis Rodman doing going back & forth to North Korea? Why did jigga go to Cuba some years ago? Why is the media suppressing the bigger stories? Hey.....who runs the media? This shit is a big chessboard yo.......look what them NK's did & as it's all planned, WHAT the HAY....................... Not to worry, just more distraKKKtion!

For all of ya asking QUESTIONS, 9 is the # of completion! Ya see.........WE cover it ALL up in this piece & 


WE now go to OUR FB CORRESPONDENT Jon Hutchins with the lastest......Jon, what say you?

Greetings... This was quite a coup we managed, and first I want to let everyone know that the passengers on Flight 370 are absolutely delighted and happy, spending time – yes I’m going to tell you where they are. I bet some of you have guessed. They are indeed in Hollow Earth.

“There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.”

When they come back they will have quite a story to tell - they will be interviewed by TV interviewers, and stations all over the world are going to want to find out where they were, how it happened. In case the cigar-shaped ‘ufo’ which is now assigned to hovering over every conflict on the planet has not been enough, it will all come out when the people come back from Hollow Earth. They know all about our galactic plan, and they were most ecstatic – have asked us to please use them as so-called hostages to create leverage to insist that all government bring peace on Earth, to insist the governments must turn over all weapons and agree to enacting NESARA laws around the world, in every country.

This may take negotiations, and of course we have to wait for a few days while the thousands of people, airplanes, ships, helicopters, from 12 or 14 different countries are scouring the oceans searching to find some evidence, some trace of the crash, but of course they are not going to find anything. There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.

There was no plane crash. We scooped up the airplane as we have done before, took it to Hollow Earth and all are safe and sound. Now, it is a shame that the families are suffering and we wish we could put an end to that very quickly. If any of you who know anyone in Asia or China... any of the families – there were a large number of Chinese passengers – please get the information to them.

The passengers are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of light. They are being wined and dined. Of course we don’t drink wine, but we have a better replacement. They are being well cared for and are having the time of their life. There is more than enough excitement, and I will give you another bit of information.

Many of them had their cell phones with them. We are able to tap into the networks, so that eventually they will be able to send messages to their loved on............* (go inside link for song)

So ya see, WE got it all covered here from y'all "hey zeus" FREAKS to US SPACE NAGA's! If with what I'm showing ya, ya still can't see that SHIT done CHANGED, there's NATHAN that I can do for ya!!! Do ya still need convincing? Well.....former mayor nagin was convicted of MANY COUNTS of GRAFT! The mayor of charlotte......well see for ya self at Or how about out on the west side where this just popped off?: Or how about this yo?: I am not making this SHIT up & if ya wanna ARGUE, do it with those ya TRUST to run shit efficiently! Just wait til ya see the pope, the queen & captains of industry ya love so much biting the bullet! For now, I'm the Blak Smith & for all y'all non-believing punks I say a big Fu..................

* WE cover it ALL up in this piece & this is from 

Monday, March 24, 2014

the PLANE.............the PLANE!!!!

For those of y'all too OLD or who NEVER watch telLIEvision, this is Tattoo, a HELL RAISING midget who KILLED himself some years BLAK! He co-starred along with Mr Rourke on a show named Fantasy Island that was kinda good with TWISTS of IRONY! I bring this all up NOW bcuz I'm more than sure that y'all found out that finally, Malaysian flight # 370 HAS BEEN FOUND! As I BELIEVE that this is yet yet another HEGELIAN DIALECTIC TACTIC, who knows what's next? And if ya don't know what the Hegelian Dialectic is, LOOK it UP!!!! Check out this article that I found on the web a few days ago & know that the BOLDS are mine. After it, I'll analyze some of the points made in the article.

By now, everyone should be fully abreast of the circumstance surrounding the missing Malaysian airplane.  The news is obsessed with this airplane, and it has been sensationalized like the OJ Simpson trial. There is no question that people should have a spirit of humanity and empathy for the people who have loved ones on this aircraft that has gone off the grid.

However, I’ve learned that whenever this type of media coverage blankets the airwaves, it’s imperative to start examining what’s not being covered in the news.  Slight of hand tactics, diversions and distractions are always set in place to slide controversial issues under the radar.
What should the average American be doing right now?
Carefully look at global and domestic trends.  Apply a shrewd eye and keen analysis on forgotten matters. These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself now:

18 Questions Every American Should be Asking In Lieu of the Missing Plane

Dr Samori Swygert discusses the msising Malaysian aircraft and tells people 18 questions they should be asking about their government as the media reports the plane that has gone off of the grid.

The Malaysian deception- what’s not being said

What should the average American be doing right now?
Carefully look at global and domestic trends.  Apply a shrewd eye and keen analysis on forgotten matters. These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself now:
1) Was Syria ever truly resolved?
2) What is the Federal Reserve currently doing?
3) What is China doing?
4) What’s the status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement?
5) What are the stock market trends, mergers, acquisitions, sell-offs?
6) What is the United Nations doing at this time?
7) What’s the latest news on North Korea and Iran?
8) What is truly at the root of Russia and Ukraine?
9) What legislation is being voted on, passed, or blocked in congress?
10) What is happening with your state pension plan?
11) What decisions are on the Supreme Court’s plate that deserve scrutiny and attention?
12) Who are the candidates that are getting groomed for the next election, and who are their supporters, allegiance, and who hosts their Super PAC?
13) What is really going on with the Keystone Pipeline, and will the president approve it?  Who has set themselves up to benefit from the Keystone Pipeline?
14) Why isn’t there anymore noise about the banks in Cyprus? What’s going on with the European Union and the world currencies?
15) Has your state’s voting eligibility requirements changed at all?
16) What educational policies have changed in your child’s school district that may affect their graduation, examinations, placement, and etc.?
17) What’s going on with your social security?
18) What will be the final call on longterm unemployment insurance?
It’s important that we look at both hands at this point in time. Nothing new has really surfaced, they haven’t found the plane, but everything about the plane is “breaking news.” That term is being abused. The only thing that would be remarkable at this point is if they found the  plane, people or debunked a conspiracy. However, this is prime time and all these “specialists” and “experts” are getting their paychecks for television appearances. The news is airing nothing but speculation.
Just like a good broadway play, the action lies behind the curtains.* 
Note that this was written 1 day before the plane was "found." WE see, WE now have OURSELVES a nice lil whodunit & distraKKKtion! I vowed not to talk about the PLANE til something substantial came out & here WE are! In a day & age of STAGED EVENTS with ACTORS playing roles as in, WE gotta ask, how the HELL a big ass plane just ups & disappears just like that! And if ya ain't got no questions, WHY NOW? I remember some years ago, watching 24 & TERRORISTS wanting to TERRORIZE using a SMALL PLANE & with all the cameras at their disposal, finding it before the TERRORISTS could do their dirty work. If they show it to US, they already using it! Let's analyze some of the questions!
Q1. I asked someone recently if they had NOTICED that Syria wasn't even news anymore even though that WAR is still raging. Why did soetero put the brakes on it? 
Q2. Why has the FED been really quiet as of late? Bernake no longer being the head didn't even register a blip on the news flashes. What up?
Q3. What's China got to do with this? A lot is what WE at b2a say as in, outta the 200+ aboard, more than 150 of 'em were CHINESE!!! As well, 8 of the Chinese passengers and 12 of the Malaysian passengers work for Austin-based company Freescale Semiconductor in TX.** What were they working on & what did they know? Just like plenty of microbiologists died soon after 9-11, were these peepo gonna WHISTLE BLOW what exactly was happening to OUR MONEY?
A breakdown of the nationalities represented on board Flight MH370 show the majority were Chinese:
1. China/Taiwan – 152, plus 1 infant
2. Malaysia — 38
3. Indonesia — 7
4. Australia — 6
5. France — 3
6. United States – 3, including 1 infant*
7. New Zealand — 2
8. Ukraine — 2
9. Canada — 2
10. Russia - 1
11. Italy — 1
12. India — 5
13. Netherlands — 1
14. Austria — 1
Also remember, the u.s was trying to do to Taiwan what they did to Japan but the Taiwanese are firmly with the Chinese.

Q5. What are the MARKETS doing? Remember all of the PUT STOCKS right before 9-11 & no 1 knows who got that MONEY? Are you checking to see how ya MONEY is MOVING? Remember, all they do is the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC & if ya don't know what this means, look it up here at
Q6. The U.N is really the TRUE AXIS of EVIL aka the u.s, the u.KKK & is(not)real! So while ya OD on the plane, they got this for those DEVILS who ain't concerned with Asia with & Do not be surprised if SHIT pops off there ANY DAY NOW as the distraKKKtion will ratchet up! 
Q7. The latest on Iran & North Korea.....hmmmmm. This 1 is kinda like Syria bcuz NK has NUKES & 
bcuz of the above pic, let's Me know that MOST of THIS is just 1 big game on the GRAND CHESSBOARD!! BTW, this pic was reposted from this story in 2012;
Q8. The root issues of the Ukraine/Russia/Crimean SHITUATION........refer to Q6 & something that I HARDLY ever hear mentioned is that the place has lotsa The Russians cannot let that go! This could all be staged & WE must know that the BRICS NATIONS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Afrika) are all under the sway of the ALIENS! The COLD WAR was FAKED!!!
Q9. Something WE have to frequently ask is WHY NOW? While you watch that 10 minute loop of all of these staged events, 1 must ask, what's happening in those closed door meetings in the city of london, the vatiKKKan & the pentagon? Are ya checking or are ya impressed with soetero dancing with his wife while peering in her eyes?
Q11. This q is like 9 with the only difference being that the branch of government is different. 
Q14. Have any of ya checked on what's going on with these baskets of currencies including the Bank of Cyprus, the Irani Dinar, the Chinese Yuan & the RESET & REVALUATION that has already occurred but has yet to be effectuated? Regardless of what ya believe, I have extreme confidence that WHATEVER HAPPENS, that LIFE as WE KNOW it, will SOON CEASE to EXIST! 
Q17. Fuck this system. When WE get blak to MA'AT, the NATURAL WAY of doing EVERYTHING will be here!
Q18. Same question as above & so.......same answer. ________________________
So........WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Who the hell knows? I've heard that the stock market will crash in April.........NOTE that I said HEARD MOTHERFUCKER so don't quote Me without saying it how I said it. If them alien Naga's can read or hear this, they need to get they asses down here NOW & allow GAIA to BREATHE again bcuz WE'S SUFFERIN boss! To take ya mind off of all that COP my BOOK which demystifies the entertainment industry. I'll put the links to that 7 Part Series in sequential order & for ya personally autographed copy, get at US on paypal at or at fb INBOX ONLY as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

If ya can't wait & need the book ASAP, look below at (INSTANT DOWNLOADABLE LINK from lulu only $10).
For the actual paper book, go here at (copy & paste into browser)

** by Ann Godlasky 3/9/14(?)

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Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die - Excerpts from Chapter VII - the CONCLUSION

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die (my blogtalkradio interview by Tina Queen).

As WE now see, MASS distraKKKtion is at an ALL TIME HIGH! Stop going for it as they got US OverDosing on that flight 370 somewhere out in Asia. Just about erryday, something NEW happens as Y'ALL FAIL to OVERSTAND that ANYTHING ya spend ya ENERGY on has ya ATTENTION stopping YOU from thinking on how to get outta this RWS MATRIX! Think of it as being a FIREFIGHTER & being sent to put out a fire out on the east side & right before ya get there, they call & say to put out 1 on the far west side & when ya almost there, they gotta another 1 on the extreme south side to the point that ya NEVER REACH ANY of 'em! This is what RWS does to US so keep ya ENERGY concentrated as all politriKKKs are local! For now my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO who I luv so much, let's get into Part VII aka the Conclusion of Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die excerpts. SUPPORT the Blak Smith & get ya copy.

A FEW QUESTIONS.........................

After Katt Williams said that professor Obie “came out of the closet” why did he start freaking out on a regular basis? Are they stepping on his weed? Why was James Brown buried way after his death? The same thing happened with Sherman Hemsley after his death. Has anybody asked Quincy Jones if he told 2Pac to fuck him in the butt? What is Jones relationship with Mike Jackson, Will Smith, LL Cool J and Tevin Campbell? Being that Mary J Bilge was Diddy’s 1st big project, can it finally be revealed that he stole her from Gran Puba from the Bran Nubian? Being that she was around all of ‘em in them times, what does she know about all of those deaths? As Heavy D managed his whole career himself, why wasn’t a real investigation on the cause of death done? Was he star whacked? Why are niKKKa’s now allowed to manage big krakka acts as in Dr. Dre and Marshall Mathers, Akon and Lady Gaga and Usher and Justin Bieber? If those blacks play a large part, then who manages them? If Jennifer Hudson had her family killed for fame and riches, why would she allow her lil nephew to get it as well? Should we take her sister to task for having a press conference telling peepo to “move on” just days after her whole family was killed? What kind of relationship did she even have with her Mom? Why wasn’t J Hud’s brothers KraKK selling more publicized? Why was her family still living in the jungles of the chi city after she made it? Why did Erykah Badu go naked in the spot where JFK got killed? Why did her and her sister make that video with the flaming lips? What of these accusations that Jermaine Dupri gay initiated Kris Kross?
(INSTANT DOWNLOADABLE LINK from lulu only $10)

Why wasn’t there an investigation into Chris Kelly’s death? Why was Todd Bridges having sex with his manager as a child actor? This is why he wrote, ‘Killing Willis’ and ya oughta read it as he’s saying a lotta what I’m saying in here. Why was there no real investigation after Gary Coleman died? Who really killed Heath Ledger and David Carridine? Why does Disney constantly turn out their young as in Miley Cyrus and Keke Palmer? Who really killed 2Pac, B.I.G, Jam Master Jay and ODB? How did coach sandusky get away with being a black boy butt bandit for so long? What really happened to Nate Dogg? Why do those who make it never speak out against the khazar and his.......more on pages 192 - 193.

We gonna talk just a lil bit about a dude named Chris Stokes and his crazy ass antics. Allegations surrounding this dude include the rape of Bow Wow, the ordered violations of his group B2k, the rape of Faison Love and Raz B exposing all of it by recording videos of phone calls with other members of the group including a name already mentioned who will be a surprise guest unless ya already up on all this. As well, another affiliated member named Quindon Tarver asserts that he too was raped by Marques Houston, another former member of B2K and that it proved so brutal that it made his booty bleed! Yea man, this generation doesn’t give a fuKKK but when Raz exposed Stokes, it looked really bad on his part. As Stokes is part of these elite pedophiliac rings that reach way up, he licked his wounds, got his lawyers together and sent Raz a rather threatening letter. As this dude is highly connected, I’m sure that Raz was warned in a lotta ways if ya know what I mean. Ok, time for our surprise guest and his name is……..Brandy’s brother, (cough) Ray Jay. He figures real heavy in all of this in that the families are all from Louisiana. Again quoting from Nicolas Duplessis and the same article that I posted from, he says:

“Half of Nina Simone’s music isn’t anything more than Old Negro Occult Rituals and Incantations that have been set to music. So, southern blacks that are wrapped up into the occult and masons go back a long time.
And this brings me to Brandy Norwood. Brandy Norwood for a time was the most famous and most commercial black actress/singer in the country. Brandy Norwood had hit albums, hit videos and sometimes she even had two sitcoms coming on television about 50 times a day. Then she got involved with a nearly married producer, went crazy, did Oprah and fell off the map. But why? Sonja Norwood, her mother, upon putting Brandy in show business pledged that Brandy would sacrifice her first born. Sacrificing kids to the Illuminati is very common in black Hollywood aka Mike Tyson, Jay-Z and Jennifer Huds.......more at pages 196 -198.

So now my peepo, we gotta talk about another dude and as he is also from the birthplace of Hip Hop & passed while I wrote this book. I feel we need to pay homage to him. Let’s do it.

Who I’m talking about here is Chris Lighty. Chris was known as an overall real good dude and came in under hussle simmons as a young teen who was kinda wild but heavily intelligent! Being that he was both, he was an artist but soon saw that the real money was to be made behind the scenes. He started off as the road manager for early Boogie Down Productions and after that was sought out and soon managing the Native Tongues. After the success of the Jungle Brothers who spawned that NT collective, dude was one of the most sought after managers as this was the beginning of the Golden Era that we spoke of in the late 80’s – early 90’s. Our brotha was in a group who secured the Native Tongues named the Violators. These dudes could fight and sold them things but for this book, they provided that real nigga security to the Tongue’s. 

He climbed to the heights and was managing diddy when he was the man at bad boy which meant indirectly, that he was managing the Notorious B.I.G and entourage in those heydays of the mid 90’s. After he made it big, he would go on to continue managing at Violator with LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Busta, Q-Tip and many more up to producing an album of the same name, Violator, V2.0. He would later manage a dude named 50cent and so we now see that this dude was a big boy who most never heard of unless ya were involved in the biz or just informed on his business acumen. Anyhoo, on August 30th 2012, Mr Lighty was found dead in the backyard of his BX NY home of a supposed self inflicted gunshot wound that no one close to him believes was actually self inflicted. It was said to have happened after him and his wife were arguing about breaking up and his children were there but let’s look into it a lil clo...........more on pages 204 - 205. 


As the youth just wanna fit in, they don’t know that there are embedded messages in what they see, hear and feel in their subconscious that hit 'em like a tidal wave! I’m here to say that if ya don’t know this, there is nothing you can do about it. The youth redefine who they are as a generation and we must be considerate and careful if we are to critique. As we grew up and learned better already, 1 should use compassion especially when teaching the YOUTH or anything ya say will go in one ear and out the other and do we want that? What we can do is, give ‘em a foundation so that they can pass that on to whatever it was built off of so that it can have something to stand on!

Again, art can heal and in this particular case we speak of entertainment as education aka INFOTAINEMNT! I say this because ya don’t have to watch all of it while it serves to fill the void of the landscape that ya in. There are the bowls of Tibet that have some sirius healing properties like the ancient Kemetians who spoke words at certain tonalities in such a melodic way that it was dubbed, Good Speech. Think of the recalibration qualities of saying OHM. Feel the peace and tranquility wash over ya while saying it. Recognize the very environmental changes by internal-eyesin even in the worst of places like prison or a hospital. We can clear our minds by using music of the masters such as instrumentals by Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Jazz is our classical music and don’t let anybody tell ya any different! Those notes will teach ya how to build pyramids and give ya thoughts on stuff you ain’t thought about since Kemet. The best music comes LIVE from the cultures that do it without any adulteration whatsoever. Ya culture is ya weapon! Music is the soundtrack to it! Why did military's come with drums? So that the great noise would scare ya away because it was so loud, the opposition figured ya had 1 million niggas inside!

Ok BP, it's all up to Y'ALL! By now I hope y'all REAL EYES that my book is the BOMB with SOLUTIONS as to HOW WE can ESCAPE RWS on a CULTURAL LEVEL! Part VII is the conclusion & if ya wanna get at me for ya personally autographed copy, e-mail US our paypal account at or as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb. I don't care how ya THINK or what ya BELIEVE but WE shall be VICTORIOUS! SUPPORT US & the DIRECT LINK for the paperback is here at HOLLA BLAK at ya HOLLA BLAK dude who's always at WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!