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b2a presents the Moments Greatest Hits

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These dudes eventually became Ray, Goodman & Brown and were 1 of the most SOULFUL GROUPS during the late 60s and early 70s! Being that I wanna just make this about this GREAT MUSIC, I am gonna take a lil note from,_Goodman_%26_Brown that simply says Ray, Goodman & Brown is an American R&B vocal group. The group originated as The Moments, who formed in the mid-1960s and whose greatest successes came in the 1970s with hits including "Love on a Two-Way Street", "Sexy Mama" and "Look at Me (I'm in Love)". In 1979, for contractual reasons they changed their name to Ray, Goodman & Brown and had further hits, including "Special Lady". A lineup of the Moments (featuring original member Mark Greene) also tours currently.

This is basically an ANTHOLOGY so just kick back, TURN UP and ENJOY! The goings on of the world have been so heavy lately but LIFE is still to be ENJOYED! WE hope that WE are doing OUR part and however ya feel about US here at b2a, let US know. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WtH is going on with my MF MONEY?

Resultado de imagen Gold by GrandMaster Flash & the Furious 5

The gullibility of people today is exacerbated by the power of the internet and social media. Anything we read is accepted as fact or the truth, while a major part of it is just fake news.%

As I do not know much about MONEY even though I have been writing about it here for a few YEARS now, aint it GREAT to know that regardless of WHAT, that ya MONEY is soon coming? Look into OUR ARCHIVES & see what WE mean as most of my peepo THINK that I am CRAZY & as I look back now, I cannot BLAME em but.............yall will soon see & this is not an IDLE THREAT either as one way or another, this ECONOMIC RESET, REVALUATION or what some may call an ECONOMIC CRASH is HERE & aint NOTHING gonna STOP it! Again, I will post articles so that yall disbeLIEvers do not say that I am making things up! I refuse to waste ya precious time.

You Won’t Believe it Trump to Sign Revalue Today. Dollar Backed by Asian Gold and the Restoration of the Republic and Social Security Payments at

Resultado de imagen para deep state meme Stanky Leg by the GS Boyz

Wow! The Shocking Truth About Hillary Clinton, Missing Trillions and Assassinations is at

WTH! You Have a Secret Bank Account – Here’s How to Use It In the SMASH by Prodigy

Fed Preparing to Crash the System Again at 

Gigantic Event Will Clear Essence Of Earth And Prepare It For Ascension… It Is Destined Relief Of All Of Life On Earth, And Will Be Felt By All Life In One Degree Or Another. Its on its Way at

Image1 Stop being Greedy by DMX

Endgame Begins in America as Final Takedown of Trump Begins.......more at %

Mr. President, Investigate this Immediately, It Blows Up the Entire Coup Against You! more at

And finally WE end this 1 with this that I will just put here at Played by the Ruling Elite’s Control System, It’s Time for a New Paradigm at

So there ya have it MF REAL TALK style ya heard Me? All of these EVENTS are in PROCESS & even if it takes another year or 2, thy will be done! The DEEP STATE is hiding all of their fuKKKery inside of accusing Trump & his ADMIN with NONSENSE but I already told yall about that at so put that in ya pipe & smoke it! WE are on the way to FREEDOM on the WINGS of LOVE! Yay US! 

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SUPERSTAR distraKKKtions!

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So last year 2016 was the year of the DEATHS of what I called those FABULOUS ICONS as in PRINCE and Muhammad Ali! As time is absolutely FLYING, WE have absolutely forgotten about the great Kanye West and what a SHAME as he was the BEST ARTIST before all that BS popped off IMHO! Me, it seems like 2017 is the year of CELEBRITY SCANDALS aka SUPERSTAR distraKKKtions and as usual, WE at b2a are here to TALK ABOUT IT and try to figure out just why this is happening so much lately. Lets get into it. 

Before WE get into that though, lets do a little EXPLAINING of what the modern MAINSTREAM MEDIA is all about at 

Resultado de imagen para pic of to kill a mockingbird

A covert campaign run by the CIA to influence the media.
Starting in the early days of the Cold War (late 40's), the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success. The CIA effort to recruit American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda, was headed up by Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and Philip Graham (publisher of The Washington Post). Wisner had taken Graham under his wing to direct the program code-named Operation Mockingbird and both have presumably committed suicide.%

What has happened to Mr West since he was found TRUMPING on that stage that fateful day? As WE do not know, WE leave it up those who do some really deep RESEARCH as Kanye went through the same CIA memory eraser procedure not because of the Jay Z.................more at

What I wanna do in this article here is SHOW YALL exactly how THEY CONTROL these ENTERTAINERS that WE so love! When WE think of these CELEBS especially THUGS such as 50cent and others supposedly like him WE think that they can out tough those real niKKKas who had US enslaved but did not Prodigy do the OPPOSITE starting off as a THUG yet died a TRUTHER?

How about ya dude Bill Cosby and all that CRAZINESS he has gone theu since the 90s? Did yall know that like Dick Gregory, the Cos was brought in by Hugh Hefner? Who amongst US BLAK FOLK wanna beLIEve that Cos is a certified seXXX freaKKK


The point is for US to not get distraKKKted by CELEBRITIES who just happen to be INFLUENTIAL. The next case scenario involves ya gal chyna blac & rob kardashian & as far as I am concerned, there aint nothing there but further distraKKKtion which is the KKKardashian brand. Get into that 1 on ya own! 

So......lets get to Colin Kaepernick & a lil later on, Michael Vick.........there is such a thing as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION & the definition of that is 

A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ''"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
Count Mirabeau was part of the controlled opposition, because although everyone thought he was supporting the revolution, in reality he supported the monarchyand was a personal friend of the king. He was a government agent.%%
In order to proceed SMARTLY in these dynamics of what WE wriite about, 1 MUST be FAMILIAR with the CLINICAL TERMINOLOGIES that define the dynamic! The methods that the DEEP STATE employs do not matter if they do not distraKKKt you as the end result! So now, back to Kaepernick & again, I am using mindcontrolblackassassins bcuz over there, PrinceRay has info I do not see in many places. Check this 1 out at 

At b2a, WE are a donor sponsored site & ask that ya give generously. For those who are serious about REVOLUTIONIZING the MIND, check US out on FB as Flaveus Jones. If ya do not beLIEve in donating, why not BUY my expose on the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? (pic just below) WE will soon see VICTORY so hang on bcuz that is when the REAL WORK begins as WE THANK YOU!

Resultado de imagen para boom bye bye hip hop will neva die

Resultado de imagen para meme of michael vick & dogs Benny and the Jets by Elton John
What I personally think of Kaep vs Vick is exactly that CONTROLLED OPPOSITION that I referenced earlier in that every once in a while, they have to distraKKKt US by rehashing old news with a REMIX! THEY KNOW WE LUV Vick & now THEY USE HIS ENERGY so that THEY can use YOURS bcuz ya took a SIDE! Ya ENERGY chose a side based on how you personally FEEL! They then USE that ENERGY against you by playing you from the MIDDLE! The reason why Vick was jailed was bcuz he had the nuts to say FUCK OFF when he was tapped to be IN the ILLUMINATI GAME & everything else was a SHOW! They then have their SCRIPTWRITERS make up a story and those ensnared in the web ACTORS MUST do the DANCE or RUINATION happens! There are peepo who just aint giving a fuKKK anymore & this is just 1 of em at Some peepo gotta DIE just to be FREE! 
Coco T can do whatever the fuKKK she wanna do with her hair! Blak Peepo need to stop concerning themselves with things that do not physically, mentally or financially HARM US and if r kelly wants to have CULT like sex rings with young WOMEN who still look 17 well then that is his business! As Jesse Williams is a half breed he can do BOTH type of women & again, his BUSINESS! Usher is just like a DISCO INFERNO eh? WE can not WASTE OUR PEEPOs TIME! Closet Freak by Cee Lo Green 

I do not wanna belabor the point but this field of ENTERTAINMENT has been exposed by the INSIDERS & myself in my classic book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA Die! By now WE should all know that Linkin Park front man, Chester Pennington died however he died last week but did ya get the memo that he was Pizzagate Leader john podestas SON? Take a serious look at the above pic yo! To finish my point, read the article for SELF here at For years now, I have been trying to show the CONNECTION between HOLLYWOOD, the MUSIC INDUSTRY, BIG BIZ & the DEEP STATE but do THEY hear Me?There is nothing new under the BLACK SUN so stop thinking that this just started as some of ya FAVE CELEBRITIES are BABY FUCKERS & KILLERS! It has to STOP! 

Look, at the end of the day this is all about getting you off of your square! At this point, WE are all waiting for that 2nd shoe to drop so that WE can walk off into that beautiful sunshine! Even the saga that WE call Trump is a part of it so keep on dancing til the music stops. Good luck & thanks for tuning in to us yet again at b2a where WE look to tell the TRUTH the whole TRUTH & noting but the TRUTH! Get off of those CELEBS bcuz they cannot help you other than to ENTERTAIN you! WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

% taken from

%% taken from

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Resultado de imagen para meme of a black man looking confused Just in Case by Jaheim

Yea and that is right, WE right BLAK up in here for 1 mo & again! I like to think of my b2a PEEPO as super SOPHISTICATEDLY SMART & ready to take over the WORLD but sometimes, yall just do NOT HEAR US over here! With that, every once inna while, WE MUST REVIEW the more important things going on in the WORLD whether you think it effects you or not! Without further delay, lets go over some stuff that I have previously reported on & some other stuff that I have yet to get to yet.

Being that I just LUV the CHILDREN, I thought that I would start off with this 1 at article entitled john podesta requests IMMUNITY for TESTIMONY against Hillary Clinton. 

Or how about the HEAD of the DNC doing this? Debbie Wasserman Schultz THREATENS DC Kkkop

What about the infamous Seth Rich? Seth Rich Family Detective; Police were told to STAND DOWN

So......while they got US OVERDOSING on Trump & the Russian Scandal, how about this? 3 attorneys found DEAD in Wasserman Schultz FL District in 3 weeks!

Klaus Eberwein

Why are so many seeking that IMMUNITY thing?

How about WE get off of the Clintons for just a minute & expose irregularities of the Sanders at Didja Know by Groove Theory

This 1 especially goes out to all of my Trump Haters at & is entitled Donald Trump NOT under investigation by fbi over russia ties, james comeys TESTIMONY to reveal.

They all in this MF TOGETHER yo! How about this? entitled pope francis REFUSES to PUNISH Pedophile priests


This is gonna be the last 1 & I posted this about a week ago & never heard a PEEP about it from nobody I know meaning that yall are SCARED to COVER this type of stuff but...............German police have uncovered an underground website for child pornography with nearly 90,000 users and arrested the suspected operator of the platform, prosecutors said on Thursday.
The “Elysium” platform, built as a forum, has existed since the end of 2016 and was only accessible via the so-called Darknet......more at
Resultado de imagen para r kelly memes Downlow by r smelly

I thought it would be the last 1 but just thought of something.........ya see, WE BLAK PEEPO are the KEY & as I have been thinking a lot more lately, I am CONVINCED that the MEDIA is still being controlled by the DEEP STATE! To distraKKKt US, they brought out the PIED PIPER of R&B with yet another sKKKandal so that FB posts would go into the MILLIONS while WE talk about 

Look.....the point is not to get overly distraKKKted bcuz ya day in the SUN is coming & with PLENTY MONEY! When that cloud totally covers all, know that this too shall PASS so stop worrying overtime! WE gonna be alright so STAY ALIVE! Did yall notice that I aint got NOTHING on Ovomit? Or MANchelle? Are their CHILDREN theirs or.........? I am writing about em JUST in case you aint KNOW, LMMFAO! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do You Belong to the New 1% of the Population That Will Shatter the Global Elite?

As short as it is, this is a very interesting & important article! I say that to say that I beLIEve that I am part of that 1% that it speaks of! As such is the case, in certain places, I changed the words THEY, THEIR & THOSE with US, WE & OUR to reflect just that! WE hope that some of yall join US to make the TRANSITION to PEACE arrive posthaste! As yall have so much to do, lets get on with it already! Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
When WE say “The Global Elite” we think of the wealthiest 1% who thrive through global consumerism. They don’t care about the result of their products as long as it brings massive profit.

Their agenda is New World Order with hypnotized consumers living in One Government World. This way they can stay in power (meaning they’ll keep their businesses going) and their consumers will be “satisfied” (addicted) to their products without realizing the damage they create with consuming.
However, in that MASSIVE 99% of the world there is a tiny 1% that may be the key to restoring balance to the world.
It’s not a secret society with some sinister agenda to take over the world. No. These individuals are all around US. Most of US have never even met each other. A lot of US don’t even know what’s happening. But WE can all feel it. WE can all feel that there is something wrong with society and the way it functions. Ordinary People by John Legend

Suddenly, WE individuals stop caring about what brands WE wear. WE see through the BS of media. WE tend to unite the good from the indigenous and the modern in a new sustainable lifestyle.
WE prefer walks in nature and nights around a campfire over getting drunk in clubs.WE desire healthy organic food over processed food no matter the taste.

Resultado de imagen para meme saying i am the 1% 1 by India Aire
WE see the world as OUR home and the people as its global citizens. WE love animals, NATURE and every human being as WE realize we are all ONE! They SEE the world’s greatest lie “you are not enough” and THIS is OUR freedom.
That’s why WE cannot be controlled into consuming products that harm the world. The products will either have to change to be more eco-friendly and respectful to humanity or no one will consume them.
US individuals, completely unintentionally, show an alternative to the global consumerism. WE show that in Nature that there is everything that you need and in there, everything is FREE. WE open a doorway to a new lifestyle where you are free from filling the endless void of your ego and you can focus on what truly matters, ascending into a higher frequency. That’s why WE will shatter “The Global Elite’s Plan”
Resultado de imagen para 1% memes Dont Worry Be Happy bt Bobby Mcferrin
Are you one of US? Do you feel there is something wrong with society? Do you feel lost, as you are walking amongst people who are asleep? Do some (if not all) of the traits WE mentioned above apply to you?
Don’t worry, it simply means that you are awakening. Why? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it’s a higher plan of The Universe or maybe there is something else in play. However, keep in mind that you are not alone.* You are not Alone by MJ

* taken from

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b2aradio presents the Best of Patrice Rushen by TD Production

Resultado de imagen para pic of patrice rushen 

Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up (my favorite song from her)

1 of the GREATEST ARTISTS EVER & WE here at b2a wish to give her proper RECOGNITION as ya never hear her name amongst the all time GREATS! Yall know that I absolutely HATE to use wikipedia but just so ya do not ask well where is she now..........I will show what else she does besides some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ever! Patrice Louise Rushen (born September 30, 1954) is an American jazz pianist and R&B singer. She is also a composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and music director. Her 1982 single, "Forget Me Nots", received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.* Look, I am going to allow her to be the STAR & so no need to be RUSHEN Me yo! Ya got over 5 hours of SWEET MUSIC so thank Me later & as far as she is concerned, FORGET ME NOT! Peace and ENJOY! 

* taken from

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Resultado de imagen para pic of prodigy of mobb deep

This is a 2 for 1 article & I hope that the title confirmed that! A special shout out to Albert Johnson, formerly known as Prodigy of Mobb Deep who passed away on the Summer Solstice like ya boy roKKKafella died during the Spring Solstice. That was for my GEMATRIA peepo but..........PRODIGY died a LEGEND bcuz he spoke the 100% UNCUT TRUTH to POWER & I beLIEve was saKKKrificed as a result! Come on yall, WE know that a lotta them dudes back then were not REAL GANGSTAs! WE now know about how the ENTERTAINMENT works & know that he wrote this 8 page letter to gay.z to show that he was not SHOOK! 

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Best Illuminati Moments

But check this out yall...........recently Prodigy was exposing the PEDOPHILES who run RIFE in the entertainment industry! Remember, they came into the game as really YOUNG DUDES with an album named Juvenile Hell! Was it PERSONAL? What do yall know about Chris Stokes & his BOY GROUP SEX CONTROVERSY? Check the book below yo! 

Resultado de imagen para juvenile hell cover art

As far as I can see, P was the very 1st MAINSTREAM RAPPER to expose the DEVIL in the MUSIC! If there were others please advise & note that I said MAINSTREAM! Whether thru MUSIC or thru PUBLIC SPEAKING, he was a TRUTHER & lets move this along with some evidence to drop OUR point home! 

Alex Jones ADMITS Pizzagate Fake Conspiracy  

Steve Scalise Shot Fighting CHILD TRAFFICKING 
Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle 

I posted the above movie soon after the Pizza/PedoGate situation came out. WE just touching the surface! 

As well, sooner or later, somebody other than john (the MOLESTER) podesta aka sKKKippy & loretta LYNCHED is gonna have to talk! Did yall see how Trump is slowly reeling em in?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

the DEFINITIVE EXPOSE on how it REALLY goes as written by contributing writer, The Blak Smith can be INSTANTLY DOWNLOADED here at 

And now WE get back to Prodighy! As I had said above, he was also exposing these PEDO RINGS & in fact, here is his recent interview on InfoWars at 

Resultado de imagen para pic of mobb deep

And as it goes, IMHO, Prodigy was a LEGEND somewhat like Muhamad Ali was bcuz he came in, served his purpose & used his PLATFORM to reach & TEACH the MASSES! Those who loved the Mobb in them crazy ass 90s I hope have LEARNED that whatever he was living, he still became someone WE can RESPECT & ADMIRE! In doing so, he exposed hisself & was saKKKrificed! I had also noted that when Phife of a Tribe Called Quest died, the Tribe & Outkast were in the process of coming out as 1 SUPERGROUP but..............could you IMAGINE that album? Also note that gay zs 444 just dropped & here at b2a, WE do not beLIEve in COINCIDENCE! 

Jay-Z - D'Evils

Before WE wrap this up, let US just say that this is all 1 grand distraKKKtion from the fact that YOU will soon be RICH beyond beLIEf! Most of these events are to keep ya from knowing that the illuminati has already LOST & are trying so hard to hold on but they just aint gonna make it! Keep on LIVING to see it all go down! Good does PREVAIL over bad! EVERYTHING is gonna CHANGE & like YOU I FEE it aint fast enough but WE must be patient! Peace again to Prodigy & know that WE in the TRUTH COMMUNITY luv ya! You proved that HIP HOP can REDEEM! 

Monday, July 10, 2017


Resultado de imagen para pic of a devilish pope francis Things Fall Apart the Album by the Roots

Okay.....WE are finally getting there! For some YEARS now, I have been telling yall that this WALL is gonna come DOWN & DOWN it is a COMING! Things are about to get really SWEET! Its too easy to miss all that when ya got social media showing the police constantly KILLING US & all the other ATROCITIES that THEY heap on US but WE must keep going & growing! Before WE go into OUR main story though, let Me show ya exactly how this is all going bcuz yall do not FOCUS on this stuff.

Australias Highest Ranking Vatican Official Busted for Pedophelia

Vatican Police break up DRUG FUELED GAY ORGY at HOME of Secretary of 1 of Popes KEY ADVISERS

Massive Pizzagate Arrests - 3500 ARRESTED at

Must Watch as Everyone is talking about the LOOK that pope francis gave Trump at

87,000 Abusers BUSTED in Germany - MEDIA is SILENT!

As that is not ALL of IT, what are ya THINKING NOW? A few articles ago, I posted a very important video & as it is not even a minute long, please check it again at I am trying to INFORM without being too LOUD or WORDY, I leave it up to yall to figure out just WTH is going on bcuz from here, WE move on to the MAIN EVENT! The Bro in that video was talking about THIS & the need for them to do

Resultado de imagen para pic of a dissolved corporation

The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy.  Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s credit value to this worldwide trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry. 
Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fiction strawmen through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (from Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judges to people) and through money (Vatican birth account credit values to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (via loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation). Shut it Down by Public Enemy

Judges administer the birth trust credit account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust.  Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement and all public officials (our servants) are now held personally liable for their confiscation of true beneficiary’s homes, cars, money and assets; false imprisonment, deception, harassment, and conversion of the true beneficiary’s credit  trust funds.

The Importance of Motu Propria by Pope Francis
According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, Motu Propria in Latin stands for “of his own accord” and is the name given to an official decree by a Pope in his personal capacity and office as supreme sovereign pontiff and not in his capacity as the apostolic leader and teacher of the Universal Church. To put it more bluntly, a Motu Propria is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance to its provenance, influence and structure to the Western-Roman world, over riding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch and indeed by any head of state or body politic. If you are a member of the United Nations, or recognized by the United States or the United Kingdom or have a bank account anywhere on the planet, then a Motu Propria is the highest legal instrument, no question. Tumbling Down by Ziggy Marley

In the case of the Motu Propria issued by Pope Francis on July 11th 2013, it is an instrument of several functions and layers.
In the first instance, it may be legally construed to apply to the local matters of the administration of the Holy See.

Resultado de imagen para meme of rappers with  money

In the second instance, the document relates to the fact that the Holy See is the underpinning to the whole global system of law, therefore anyone holding an office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits and that immunity no longer applies.
Thirdly, we see the Holy See and the Universal Church clearly separating itself from the nihilist world of the professional elite who continues to be proven, time and time again, to be criminally insane, stark raving mad and with no desire to do anything honorable until they are torn from power by anyone, any body who cares for the Rule of Law.
The age of the Roman Cult, as first formed in the 11th Century and that hijacked the Catholic Church first formed by the Carolingians in the 8th Century, then the Holy Christian Empire or Byzantine Church by the 13th Century and the world at large by the 16th Century ceased to exist around March 14th 2013 upon the election of Pope Francis.
This document issued by Pope Francis is historic on multiple levels, but is most significant above all others in that it recognizes the supremacy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the Rule of Law, no one is above the law.

well..did he?
and if he did..why have we not heard more of it?
Note this:
“…the Holy See is the underpinning of the whole global system of law, therefore anyone holding a public office anywhere in the world is also subject to these limits and that immunity no longer applies.”
and here:
“…it recognizes the supramecy of the Golden Rule, the same teaching ascribed to Jesus Christ and the intimate connection to the Rule of Law, that all are subject to the Rule of Law, no one is above the law.”
we are all under roman catholic law…and you didn’t even know it..
“Motu Propria is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance to its provenance, influence and structure to the Western-Roman world, over-riding anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch and indeed by any head of state or body politic.” *


So there ya have it my PEEPO & even if this takes another few years ya now have all the PROOF that YOU are SOVEREIGN bcuz there will be NO ANNOUNCEMENT! Live yo LIFE & WELCOME to

* as taken from