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This is a 2 for 1 article & I hope that the title confirmed that! A special shout out to Albert Johnson, formerly known as Prodigy of Mobb Deep who passed away on the Summer Solstice like ya boy roKKKafella died during the Spring Solstice. That was for my GEMATRIA peepo but..........PRODIGY died a LEGEND bcuz he spoke the 100% UNCUT TRUTH to POWER & I beLIEve was saKKKrificed as a result! Come on yall, WE know that a lotta them dudes back then were not REAL GANGSTAs! WE now know about how the ENTERTAINMENT works & know that he wrote this 8 page letter to gay.z to show that he was not SHOOK! 

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Best Illuminati Moments

But check this out yall...........recently Prodigy was exposing the PEDOPHILES who run RIFE in the entertainment industry! Remember, they came into the game as really YOUNG DUDES with an album named Juvenile Hell! Was it PERSONAL? What do yall know about Chris Stokes & his BOY GROUP SEX CONTROVERSY? Check the book below yo! 

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As far as I can see, P was the very 1st MAINSTREAM RAPPER to expose the DEVIL in the MUSIC! If there were others please advise & note that I said MAINSTREAM! Whether thru MUSIC or thru PUBLIC SPEAKING, he was a TRUTHER & lets move this along with some evidence to drop OUR point home! 

Alex Jones ADMITS Pizzagate Fake Conspiracy  

Steve Scalise Shot Fighting CHILD TRAFFICKING 
Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle 

I posted the above movie soon after the Pizza/PedoGate situation came out. WE just touching the surface! 

As well, sooner or later, somebody other than john (the MOLESTER) podesta aka sKKKippy & loretta LYNCHED is gonna have to talk! Did yall see how Trump is slowly reeling em in?

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

the DEFINITIVE EXPOSE on how it REALLY goes as written by contributing writer, The Blak Smith can be INSTANTLY DOWNLOADED here at 

And now WE get back to Prodighy! As I had said above, he was also exposing these PEDO RINGS & in fact, here is his recent interview on InfoWars at 

Resultado de imagen para pic of mobb deep

And as it goes, IMHO, Prodigy was a LEGEND somewhat like Muhamad Ali was bcuz he came in, served his purpose & used his PLATFORM to reach & TEACH the MASSES! Those who loved the Mobb in them crazy ass 90s I hope have LEARNED that whatever he was living, he still became someone WE can RESPECT & ADMIRE! In doing so, he exposed hisself & was saKKKrificed! I had also noted that when Phife of a Tribe Called Quest died, the Tribe & Outkast were in the process of coming out as 1 SUPERGROUP but..............could you IMAGINE that album? Also note that gay zs 444 just dropped & here at b2a, WE do not beLIEve in COINCIDENCE! 

Jay-Z - D'Evils

Before WE wrap this up, let US just say that this is all 1 grand distraKKKtion from the fact that YOU will soon be RICH beyond beLIEf! Most of these events are to keep ya from knowing that the illuminati has already LOST & are trying so hard to hold on but they just aint gonna make it! Keep on LIVING to see it all go down! Good does PREVAIL over bad! EVERYTHING is gonna CHANGE & like YOU I FEE it aint fast enough but WE must be patient! Peace again to Prodigy & know that WE in the TRUTH COMMUNITY luv ya! You proved that HIP HOP can REDEEM! 

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