Tuesday, December 30, 2014


WE are now in LIMBO & did I RUSH US here? I hope that I didn't & if I did, my apologies but believe Me, I wanna be full up in 5D bcuz too many of US is SUFFERING & that's a damn shame! To all of y'all ALIENS, I'm upset with ya bcuz ya gotta ALLEVIATE what's going on for these good peepo who are in misery & dying before realizing that WE'S about to be living the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgkHYWwIRYk. The basic tenor that I wish to establish in this article is for US to NOT GET DISCOURAGED bcuz it's always darkest before the light! It's sorta like when ya first learned to drive......every movement was exxagerated & there was so much to remember bcuz it was all so new.......if you've been driving more than 7 years now, ya just get into the car & go! WE still learning how to drive so as Kanye would say, DRIVE SLOW HOMIE!
This article ain't about Chan & Tucker though it could be bcuz the SYNERGY between the very 1st CHINESE & US is to know that the 1st Chinese are BLAK & enough of the more educated 1's know this now; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQJzhFGuoHg. This is bcuz that BRICS bank starts with Brazil which is primarily Afrikan & ends with South Afrika which is also mainly US! I've said here previously that if Afrika closed her borders, that WORLD TRADE would CEASE! Unless ya been sleeping under a rock lately, ya know that the R as in Russia in the BRICS has gone broke & here comes China to the rescue after lending Argentina & Venezuela BILLIONS of DOLLARS! The u.s is BROKE YO! Where do ya think the loans are gonna come from now & without all of the politriKKKs? As well, I've told y'all that 2014 is the last year of OUR OUTRIGHT SUFFERING! Watch it happen & while ya thinking about that, check out some interesting info I recently found;
The final thing to notice is that if all this money had really been disbursed in 2010 then the world would be a much better place than it actually is. According to UN estimates it would only take $400 billion to stop environmental destruction and $200 billion to end poverty. That means these groups could save the world and still have $47.4 trillion to spend on luxury yachts etc.*
So WE still in LIMBO WAITING for that day to be LIBERATED & I can't wait yo! To the victors goes the spoils & soon, ya gonna see some of US come up bcuz WE gonna have to lead ya bcuz ya think what I write here ain't nothing but a lotta hooey! At that time, it won't be WISE for y'all to be asking too many questions bcuz naysayers shall be outcasted as this is the time for GAME to run out! There will be nothing but pure REALITY & stop listening to calls of MARTIAL LAW, FEMA CAMPS, RFID CHIPS & all that NEGATIVE SHIT that continues to keep US in the FEAR FREQUENCY! Wouldn't it be better to die for what ya believe in than to let them do that to ya? Anyhoo......that plane was shot down by the u.s as the Malays are holding the GOLD that's gonna free ya from ya enslaver, the u.s dollar which is DEAD (http://help.howproblemsolution.com/1130239/airasia-ceo-dumped-shares-days-before-flight-disappeared) & oh yeah...............HAPPY NEW YEARS MOTHERFUKKKER's & see ya on the other side of FREEDOM in 2015!
Obama spent last Saturday playing golf in Hawaii with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Apparently Razak failed to please Obama because while he was visiting the US, Malaysia was hit with severe floods and, as soon as he returned home, a third Malaysia airliner vanished.*


Monday, December 29, 2014

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

The AIR is ELECTRIC & RIPE for that BIG CHANGE - CAN ya FEEL it? Ya say that ya can't..........well let Phil do it at b2a where WE LUV BP! Peace!

Saturday, December 27, 2014


     *********BREAKING NEWS***********

This was after Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-planethe-plane_24.html
This won't be long as there is NO STORY to DEVELOP! Another Flight DISAPPEARED in Asia yet again & ya gotta know that it's all connected to EVERYTHING! Ya see, the Flight, AirAsia 8501 was lost somewhere out there just like Malaysian Flight 370 just a few months back & instead of getting all into it, let Me drop the skinny for ya really quick!
The Chinese & Russians GO LIVE with their own exclusive exchange bank in less than 24 hours so that the ruble doesn't have a TOTAL COLLAPSE; On December 22, China announced its willingness to support the ruble through currency swaps from its $4-trillion reserves............more at http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-bear-squeezes-back-russian-ruble-rises-against-the-dollar/5421619.
I told Y'ALL a few months back that the Malays of the Philipines are holding the GOLD that will FREE everyone of this FIAT FICTION that WE'VE all been living under otherwise known as the dollar for some time now. Don't get fooled bcuz those peepo in the Philipines are ORIGINALLY MALAYS who were named after a Spanish king named Philip who did what euro's do - conquer, kill & VANQUISH........my point is that bush & cheney were CONVICTED of WAR CRIMES by those peepo years ago & now, they don't wanna let go so that the 99 become like the 1%. NOTHING happens til that GOLD gets RELEASED after the OLD GUARD stands trial & btw, daddy bush is gonna die before it gets there; http://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2012/05/12/bush-convicted-of-war-crimes-in-absentia/

I've been telling y'all for a while to LOOK for the BULLSHIT! For Me it's EASY to see it but if it's not so for YOU, let Me EXPLAIN! The reason for all of these FALSE FLAGS is bcuz THEY'RE TIME is UP & there's NOTHING that THEY can DO about it! Whether those 2 cops were really killed or not doesn't matter! Everybody is playing the game for the Grand Chessboard & they can no longer concoct new shit as they had to make a plane disappear yet again & if ya think that it happening in that area of the world is coincidence, THINK AGAIN! Also remember that ya boy who I hardly ever hear peepo defending anymore as in OBAMA aka SOETERO was RAISED in INDONESIA which is practically an ALL MUSLIM NATION! Get a fucking clue & make these CONNECTIONS & just know that until it's PEACE, it's eternal WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! BP.............WE'VE WON!
 P.S - y'all gonna soon learn that Michelle is MICHAEL!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Check yo EMOTIONS - Part III - I DON'T CARE!


FaKE 2015.........almost there! Can ya believe that WE are now at Part III? Have ya Checked yo EMOTIONS yet? Are ya panties in a bunch yet? That dude up there.....................they say that his devil dad has http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/former-president-george-h-w-bush-hospital-prognosis-called-positive-n274131 taken ILL lately! As those dudes is SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIANS under INDICTMENT along with his RETARDED ASS SON & MINIONS, fuKKK 'em with SHARP KNIVES PASSIONATELY! If ya say that ya have to see it to believe it, why is the PAPER of RECORD saying same?; http://www.politicususa.com/2014/12/22/york-times-editorial-calls-investigation-prosecution-torturers.html. WE are LIVING in INTERESTING TIMES & by the minute, things are getting more & more INTERESTING! What do you think?

So.......WE are now officially 2 years past 12/21/12 & MAN, has it been some ride! Too many of my peepo have perished in that time & as the Blak Smith always says here, determine to SELF to STAY ALIVE & see that new day! WE spoke on how PROPAGANDA is the 1st TOOL of WAR & soonafter that, how they do their PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS aka PSYOPS! If that doesn't get ya, like Perkins said in his classic book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, PURE ENGAGEMENT! Ya see in a country, they send in the SPIES disguised as BUSINESSMEN! If that doesn't work, they send in MILITARY ADVISORS who fund the OPPOSITION & when that doesn't work..........well, you know! Again, the STUDY of MILITARY SCIENCE must be employed to make sense outta the nonsense but Y'ALL still wanna rely on that non-existent deity that ain't done SHIT for most of US! What's yo problem?

So now that ya EMOTIONS have been CHECKED at the door & ya hopefully LEARNED a few things, HOW should ya FEEL? Well............if I was you (& I AM), I would feel a strong attachment to ME = WE = US = YOU & at the same time, totally NOT GIVE a fuKKK! It sounds simple but is it? I remember a lotta OG's used to tell Me stuff like that & I didn't OVERSTAND what it meant at that time & so maybe it's something ya gotta grow into but in any WAR, there will be CASUALTIES & if ya not careful, ya won't diagnose this as WAR! Make no mistake that bcuz ya refuse to do anything different doesn't make it less than that! Whether or not ya in this struggle, you are being affected & so which side are ya on?


Fear is the enemy! Wake up from the matrix and stop falling for all the False Flags! Do your own research! Don't fall for all the propaganda & fear mongering!


So let's skip ahead into the near future & how ya could FEEL about what I'm about to type here! The congress is out & purported to not come back. soetero & fam are in HI on vacay as well & when he comes back will STEP DOWN! The 2 top security positions in attorney general & the secretary of defense are TECHNICALLY VACANT! Are WE being set up for something that ya don't hear about in the msm? Could the police & de Blasio be playing a GAME? Well, let Me put ya up on that GAME that I HEARD about............supposedly, that vacated seat left behind by the disgraced secretary of defense aka Chuck Hagel, is supposed to roll into DC & remove all of the corrupt politico's which is practically ALL of 'EM! WE are supposed to go under military rule under General Carter Ham but let Me read this on a METAPHYSICAL LEVEL for US!

1 CANNOT regard a name as to how it's spelled as long as it SOUNDS the same! I've been talking about the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC for YEARS now & the sec of def just happens to have that name. Now........what is a carter? Let's look;


"cart-driver," late 12c., from Anglo-French careter, and in part an agent noun from cart (v.).*
This is interesting! WE ain't gonna make this too much longer.......1 more word WE must look up & that's


1. the second son of Noah, Gen. 10:1.*
Y'all gonna really think that I'm CRAZY after this but ya know, I don't really give a fuck & besides.........check ya EMOTIONS! Now that WE'VE gotten past that, peep this; Could Chuck, using the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC of CHANGE be fulfilling BIBLICAL PROPHECY by CARTING HAM(mites) into the NEW ERA of PROSPERITY whereby that supposed CURSE is REMOVED? Ya may say, 'WTF is he talking about now?" or that "he's the BUSINESS" or whatever ya got in mind but ya know, if ya check here even sorta often, ya would know that my EMOTIONS have been CHECKED! I will not be a VICTIM & don't want ya to be either so do what ya came here for! WE on the ROAD to VICTORY or as Stewie would say,



* taken from www.dictionary.com.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Check yo EMOTIONS Part II - how they fuKKK witcha

Don't trust the media or their lies...these killings are timed too perfectly and do nothing but make the police appear to be innocent victims. Of course the alleged gunman is dead...so he cannot defend himself against their crazy accusations. Remember in Ferguson , the police were caught disguised as protesters and were attempting to incite rioting and criminal behavior. We also know that they had confidential informants mixed in with the crowd trying to incite criminal behavior in an attempt to destroy the righteousness of our struggle. 

We know that they have no problem murdering innocent children. We know that the media and the so called grand jury protects any killings by the police. They are both part of an evil system that has shown the world that they will stop at nothing to achieve the wicked means. Deandre Joshua, a teenager who testified against Darren Wilson was subsequently murdered and his body was set on fire near the execution site of Michael Brown.When these facts are taken into account, we are able to see that we are dealing with true TERRORIST KILLERS. The murder of two police officers is nothing to them but a brutal and bloody chess move.

 Even the alleged statements of the Black-gang-member-cop killer..."they take out one of ours, then we take out two of theirs!" sounds more like a cheap hollywood script dialogue than anything else. Now more than ever...we must not be quick to buy into the media lies and BS! Question any and everything concerning these events. Even a mindless thug would know that killing two cops who weren't attacking him would do nothing but hurt our struggle and help the terroristic system. The timing and the story so far seems way to convenient and scripted. Do not believe the hype until they can PROVE IT!
Don't trust the media or their lies...these killings are timed too perfectly and do nothing but make the police appear to be innocent victims. Of course the alleged gunman is dead...so he cannot defend himself against their crazy accusations. Remember in Ferguson the police were caught disguised as protesters and were attempting to incite rioting and criminal behavior. We also know that they had confidential informants mixed in with the crowd trying to incite criminal behavior in an attempt to destroy the righteousness of our struggle.

We know that they have no problem murdering innocent children. We know that the media and the so called grand jury protects any killings by the police. They are both part of an evil system that has shown the world that they will stop at nothing to achieve their wicked means. Deandre Joshua, a teenager who testified against Darren Wilson was subsequently murdered and his body was set on fire near the execution site of Michael Brown.When these facts are taken into account, we are able to see that we are dealing with true TERRORIST KILLERS! The murder of two police officers is nothing to them but a brutal and bloody chess move.

Even the alleged statements of the Black-gang-member-cop killer..."they take out one of ours, then we take out two of theirs!" sounds more like a cheap hollywood script dialogue than anything else. Now more than ever...we must not be quick to buy into the media lies and BS! Question any and everything concerning these events. Even a mindless thug would know that killing two cops who weren't attacking him would do nothing but hurt our struggle and help the terroristic system. The timing and the story so far seems way to convenient and scripted. Do not believe the hype until they can PROVE IT!

Ain't it IRONIC how Ismaayil is MUSLIM & Abdullah is his middle name? His INITIALS is the ACRONYM for the Internal Affairs Bureau! HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
Whew.......WE going & getting thru it eh? Who woulda thunk it? I got that above piece from a GREAT PAL o MINE named Linda Rochon Bey who had that above on her FB page & how appropo! Today in part II of Check yo EMOTIONS where I IMPLORE Y'ALL to stop acting like lil BITCHES with BIG PANTIES, read this without prejudice! WE gonna show y'all just HOW they start SHIT beyond a shadow of a doubt using ACTUAL EVENTS in the recent & not so recent past! I hope that you can hang out a lil & if not, don't sweat it as you can always come BLAK & catch up but.............rws may have been already done away with as that's happening NOW!
This is not for the WEAK of HEART & so before WE start off, I just wanna say fuKKK the piKKKs! Now that I got that off, I'm gonna yell at y'all that YOU MUST STUDY MILITARY SCIENCE bcuz it ain't what ya think it is! Military Science entails what is done before even engaging the enemy so that a long, costly war DOESN'T occur! Remember, WAR is a RACKET! Being that WE'VE been saying this for some time, WE must acknowledge what those steps are & #1 is a word ya hear all the time & that's
1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.
4. Roman Catholic Church.
  1. a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.
  2. a school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.
5. Archaic. an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda.

Yea......so WE now see that 1st step! After all WE'VE been thru in this country, who are classified as the WORST? Blak Men in this country who don't hold J.O.B.S are labelled as LAZY DEADBEATS but as WE don't control the job market, how could I be that? As a GROWN MAN I REFUSE to WORK for PEANUTS! SO call it what ya want, LAZY, INSOLENT, IRRESPONSIBLE etc etc but GTFOH with $8 an hour! So, too many of US turn to crime as the way thru & to PRISON WE go! Didn't Eric Garner's wife label him as such? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DfyRp6MBHM)

On to the 2nd step & that would be the GAMES that they play! Before the c.i.a was established, they used to be called the o.s.s & 1 of their busiest departments was named the Department of DIRTY TRICKS! I hope that ya don't believe Me so that you can check these motherfucking links yo! (http://www.strategypage.com/bookreviews/670.asp). But anyhoo, the 2nd Part of their GAME is called PSYCHOLOGY OPERATIONS aka PSYOPS & this would include ANYTHING that they can do to keep US under the FREQUENCY of FEAR chasing FIRE after FIRE! Let's define this psyops for ya;
Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. Also called PSYOP. See also consolidation psychological operations; overt peacetime psychological operations programs; perception management. (Source: U.S. Department of Defense)**
Shakuwra Dabre says she saw her son on a stretcher online before she found out what happened.

(the prerequisite Muslim BW mourning her son to continue this Kkkhristian vs Muslim Shit aka Brinsley's Mom, Shakuwra Dabre)

Do ya see what I'm saying? They play these GAMES with US & being that for the most part WE REACT, the game is almost always sown with RETALIATION like videographer of Garner's death, Ramsey Orta imprisoned on trumped up charges, Attorney at War Alton Maddox being judicially bullied & Mike Brown's Mom almost on charges after saying that she would take her case to the u.n. (http://worldnewsforum.org/2014/11/03/mike-browns-mom-is-taking-her-sons-case-to-the-un-in-geneva-vice-news/). Now, the piKKKs wanna cancel all PROTESTS til the 2 dead cops funeral................GTFOH YO! Basically, they just use their system to DISCREDIT ya & this is why WE can't WIN bcuz WE wanna just RELY on the very same system that KILLS US to HELP US like the piKKKs adjudicating themselves or expecting d.a's to INDICT those they are related to. Look for the COMMONALITIES as most dudes who do mass shootings that don't make sense are MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES who were previously or currently on powerful psychotropic drugs! I think ya informed enough now.

The real inspiration in this series is Assata Shakur & how EMOTIONAL too many were after relations with Cuba was announced last week! In the social media circles, I saw post after post lamenting on how sad it was bcuz the u.s was gonna go & get her blah blah blah................IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Again, the reason ya think it will is bcuz ya DON'T STUDY MILITARY SCIENCE! I once saw a vid where Bobby Hemmitt ASKED "what if Fidel Castro was a double agent?" As small & as near as Cuba is & also owing to the fact that guantanomo bay is there, why didn't the u.s just invade it? At this point, neither here nor there bcuz if Castro is that double agent, he hasn't been discovered yet & if he is, to expose Assata at this point would blow his cover IF he's even still alive. According to them, those talks were in the works for 18 months & don't ya think that her name came up! Y'all just getting worked up EMOTIONALIZING like BIG BITCHES who didn't CUM YET AGAIN! Stop it!
This is why I always stress Military Science bcuz it TEACHES ya how to not fall into the traps & see SHIT for what it is minus the EMOTIONS! EMOTIONAL THINKING is CLOUDY! There is NO WAY in the world that the media can get Me to believe that a dude came to NY to blast piKKKs just like that just days after pba asshole, bat-shit lynch (http://www.iupui.edu/~blacksu/PDF%20Documents/Documents/WillieLynchLetter.pdf) said that de blasio shouldn't come to any cops funerals & that BLOOD would be on his hands when them getting murdered happened! Every cop knows his day on the job could be his last! Every crime stat would tell ya that crime in NY is at it's lowest ever & during a recent lecture, a room full of devils BELLY LAUGHED when bratboy said that this was bcuz of the police! I'm not even gonna mention ghoul lee annie racist ass! But WE'VE gone too far.......let's save a lil something for why the biggest story out now is the sony hacking shit & how once again, every BM is the internal threat & north Korea is the international 1 even though they say that they didn't do it! If the so-called experts say that they did it, they did it! For now this article is over & when ya get BLAK to US in OUR next installment, CHECK yo EMOTIONS at the door yo! To get any of my 2 books or products or services, go here; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/09/t-shirts-more-on-deck.html


                                                                - to be continued -




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Check ya EMOTIONS!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyshPz43ais (Feeling It by jay-z)

It's been quite a week eh? Who woulda THUNK that WE would have woke up & 911? Oh, my bad, who would have THUNK that the COLD WAR with Cuba would have ended just like that? Like the Cosby situation, WHY NOW? What are they keeping ya from REALLY THINKING about? WE gonna get into just a lil of that today in this episode of Check ya EMOTIONS here at b2a where OUR motto is always HOLLA BLAK!

Before WE get off all into that though, WE MUST first DEFINE the WORD & as my NATIVE LANGUAGE isn't english, let's get it from the source

emotion -
1. an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.
2. any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.
3. any strong agitation of the feelings actuated by experiencing love, hate, fear, etc., and usually accompanied by certain physiological changes, as increased heartbeat or respiration, and often overt manifestation, as crying or shaking.
4. an instance of this.
5. something that causes such a reaction: the powerful emotion of a great symphony.*
I think that WE can all agree that the 1st 2 definitions fit what WE are saying here so now, let's get into it!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-E17c7QV88 (Don't ask my Neighbors)

I've been telling Y'ALL for the longest that they gotta SCALE BACK the LAWS slowly but SURELY so that ya don't go out & KILL 'EM right off. Check this out; One day after de Blasio visited Rikers Island and announced changes to reduce the use of solitary confinement for young inmates, City Hall said the mayor and Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte were committed to reform and would not oppose fede.....more at http://www.amny.com/news/rikers-will-be-sued-by-u-s-department-of-justice-for-treatment-of-teen-inmates-1.9726969.

How do YOU FEEL about them making a movie where they KILL a ruler of a foreign country? How about using 1 of US to kill police if that even happened? It's their media & they CONTROL the NARRATIVE! With all that's happening, why are they making SONY which really stands for STANDARD OIL NEW YORK the biggest shit since SLICED BREAD? I think that they did it to again, distraKKKt US away from the fact that the usKKKa is actually falling apart at the seams! Check this out at http://www.theeventchronicle.com/intel/david-wilcock-60-percent-cia-no-longer-control-cabal/.

Message to the BM......this could be a FALSE FLAG so be VERY CAREFUL! The head of the pba told the ny mayor that the BLOOD of the dead officers would be on his hands just days ago & some dude goes crazy, supposedly comes from B-MO (the head MIND CONTROL place in the u.s is johns hopkins COINCIDENTALLTY in B-MO) & decides he's gonna just ASSASSINATE 2 cops.............................GTFOH & if they really dead, FUCK 'EM ANYWAY!; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/12/cop-shot-who-gives-fukkk.html

Siege in Australia & children dying in Pakistan due to al Qaeda & 8 dead in Australia;


The Kkkabal is DESPERATE & so they had to bring out this dinosaur who made this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcNtrtcSnsM  - Madonna - Illuminati Song

Ahem......while ya were BUSY with OTHER SHIT like shopping & Cosby & whatever the hell else, this happened; http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/cyberattack-files-40k-federal-workers-breached. I would have though the media would have been all over this but did ya even HEAR about it?

Did y'all know that Russia & to a greater extent, the Ukraine has OIL & GAS DEPOSITS that RIVALS that of Afrika? Did ya also know that the usKKKa has tried to destroy the Russian economy & that Putin allowed it to happen bcuz of the BRICS which WE covered at this blog extensively? Well........check out this SCATHING REPORT from a GREAT PAL of MINE, El Rojo Johnson. Have patience as she goes in HEAVY YO!

Russia Currency collapsed, US Corporation Government threaten to shut down, and gas prices are cheap.  What is going on?

In financial news on December 16, 2014 Russia’s Ruble’s currency was reported as being collapsed as Putin raised interest rates from 10% to 17%.  Ok so WTH is going on in Russia???http://www.ibtimes.com/russia-ruble-crisis-2014-potential-economic-collapse-panic-over-future-banking-system-1760125

Well over the past decade Russia and China have been in a silent financial battle with the US Corporation (I will explain in another article why I use US Corporation instead of America).  You see President Putin of Russia kicked out the banking cartel the Rothschild when he came into power in 2000.  In the meantime China was doing their thing by mastering manufacturing, investing in their country’s infrastructure and financing their people’s businesses.  Within a couple of decades China had become the LARGEST world economy.


Now these two nations started thinking why do I need to continue to dance to the banking cartel’s music and kiss the US Corporation’s ass in the process.  They may have money but I have more (China).  They may have an army and nuclear weapons but I got more (Russia), they may have OPEC at their beck and call but I got oil in my land (Russia).  So these nations thought to themselves, “who can I partner with to take down the Rothschild banking dynasty and the US Corp.?  They turned to each other. Over the past decades, these Nations partnered up and created what is known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).  BRICS is a new banking system formed by these Nations but most funding is coming from China and then Russia to replace the Rothschild banking cartel.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRICS. Since the 2000’s Russia and China not only created BRICS but they have set up financial infrastructure to replace ALL Western institutions (Central Banks, IMF and even Visa and Master Card).

 ..............y'all just want Me to keep writing so that ya can buy my books...............for that, go here; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/09/t-shirts-more-on-deck.html. For autographed copies, get at Me at my benblaksmith@yahoo.com account & on FB, I'm known as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To just get either book, go here at http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=Blak+Smith&type=. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

In the meantime, back at the ranch (The US Corp ranch), two economic recessions (really a depression renamed) took place.  The tech bubble crash in 2001 after the 911 hoax, I mean tragedy and the housing scam I mean crash of 2008.  The US Corp financial system really crashed permanently in 2008 but they used the Fed Reserve to keep printing FIAT dollars and jacked the tax payers to bail them out. The 2008 financial event made the US weak and vulnerable and China and Russia started forming the soon to implement BRICS.   The US Corp and Rothschild learned of the BRICS plan and clearly got the picture that these nations were going to bring them down.  So in typical banking gangster style, they started creating boogey men, bitch slapping little countries and putting the squeeze on their Hoes to help mess with these Nations.  Russia became the boogey man once again. Out of nowhere you started hearing about Russia being gansta to the Ukaraine and the US must now put on the save a super hoe cape and stop them.

 So here’s what Don Whoreleon (The Rothschilds) and the main Whoreleon family (The US Corp) did:

·        Spied on China (Can’t sanction China cuz they owe Don Dragon mad ‘Cheddar’, that’s money for the young’ns)


·        Told their hoes OPEC (the oil Cartel) to drop the price of oil.  http://www.npr.org/2014/11/27/366956642/opec-ministers-to-consider-cuts-to-oil-production


They thought the sanctions would destroy Russia’s economy but it didn’t. Many Nations and US companies said screw this, we ain’t messing up our ‘cake’ cuz Don Whoreleon and ‘em got beef with Russia. Besides, they don’t have that type of muscle no more (that’s for all you God-Father fans).  So they continued to do business with Russia under the table.


China publically called out the US on their spying and then hit back hard by kicking out many US tech companies and any company that was putting their business out in the street. http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/09/china-accuses-us-of-spying-starts-banning-us-tech-goods/. In addition, Don Dragon arrested their own family members or made several of them sleep with the fishes for being a rat bastard spy for Don Whoreleon. http://www.theolympian.com/2014/12/05/3463609/former-top-chinese-official-arrested.html

(the beauty of El Rojo Johnson)

As a final resort, Don Whoreleon told his bottom bytch OPEC to drop the price of oil.  This was their last resort cuz they didn’t want to hurt the pockets inside the family (Rothschild) but they had no choice cuz when BRICS is up and running, it is a sure nail in their families’ coffin.  Since Russia currency is tied closely with oil it started to decline. So Putin being an OG raised interest rates to further crash his Ruble currency.


Now in the midst of oil prices dropping like many of these senseless THOTS panties, (SMH, sad state of affairs…that’s for another blog), Don Whoreleon has literally ran out of money.  See Don Dragon (China) was a MAJOR financer of the US Corp for decades. They were buying up the US Corp bonds or debt which allowed the Whoreleon banking cartel to continue to print money. Well, they told them, “we ain’t buying your shyt no more and we want to call in the debt that you owe!”  And also, have my GOLD!!! So the Federal Reserve had no choice but to stop printing money in October of 2014.  http://www.broadviewmortgageorange.com/federal-reserve-schedule-end-quantitative-easing-october-2014/. By early December 2014, you heard the US Corp Congress saying that they have a budget crisis and need to approve a 1.1 Trillion dollar spending bill or the government is shutting down. http://globalgrind.com/2014/12/12/congress-approves-trillion-dollar-spending-bill-avoids-shutdown/

So that’s what’s going on!!  Please believe that Don Whoreleon, the US Corp and they hoes are still going down! There is no more money coming Whoreleon’s way. So they are lying about the 1.1 Trillion dollars. Where TF is that money coming from? Russia will be fine. They will have to shift or adjust their economy from oil but they got investments and business with Don Dragon so they have a plan. Don Dragon is the new HNIC (Head Nation In Charge and you thought it meant something else….lol)

 With all this INFO, how does this ALL make YOU FEEL?
Now.........WE all know that there is so much going on & there's NO WAY in the world that I can cover it all but I'm gonna try & make ya see it! I'm not even gonna get into how there was a big FIRE that SHUT DOWN DOWNTOWN L.A for HOURS! Also, Killa Cali has been suffering TORRENTIAL RAIN STORMS but what ever happened to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIyonZcfaTM? Just keep looking for the BULLSHIT & my purpose in doing what I do is to see US thru all of this! Check ya MF EMOTIONS at the DOOR yo! In Part II of this series, WE gonna get into HOW & WHY ya should be FEELING in yo EMOTIONS so STAY TUNED!


* taken from www.dictionary.com.  



Saturday, December 20, 2014


(Ismaaiyl Brinsley)


Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, ID'd as shooter of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn ambush 'assassinations'
Shooter posted chilling threates before killings; Two NYPD cops identified as Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos

Two NYPD officers ambushed in Brooklyn


Police guard the scene where two NYPD officers were shot, Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, in New York. An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon, killing one and critically wounding a second before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide, police said. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The lone gunman who walked up to a Brooklyn patrol car and opened fire, killing two New York City police officers execution style, has been identified as a Baltimore man who posted chilling anti-cop messages to social media Saturday before traveling to New York to carry out his threats 

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, speaking at a press conference Saturday night, confirmed the identity of the shooter as 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley. He identified the two slain cops as partners Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos.

Brinsley posted a sinister message on Instagram earlier Saturday along with an image of a silver handgun and hashtags invoking the names of Michael Brown and Eric Garner after reportedly shooting and wounding a former girlfriend in Baltimore.

“I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours...Let’s Take 2 of Theirs ... This May Be My Final Post...I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket.” Brinsley wrote, with the hashtags #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGarner #RIPMike Brown.

According to Baltimore police, Brinsley shot and wounded a former girlfriend there around 5:45 a.m. Saturday before traveling to Brooklyn, Bratton said. The woman's mother contacted Baltimore police after she noticed Brinsley's comments on Instagram.

Baltimore police faxed a bulletin describing Brinsley to NYPD headquarters that arrived at 2:45 p.m., Bratton said, at almost the exact moment Brinsley opened fire on Liu and Ramos. Bratton said the ambush was at 2:47 p.m. in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Bratton said according to a witness, Brinsley took a shooting stance on the passenger side of the police cruiser and fired several times striking both officers in the head. The pair, he said, never had the chance to draw their own weapons and may never have seen their assailant.

“Both officers paid the ultimate sacrifice today,” Bratton said.
Brinsley later fatally shot himself in the head on a subway platform after fleeing the scene.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking after the commissioner, called the attack an "assassination" and said that when a police officer is attacked, every New Yorker should feel as though they were attacked.

“Although we are still learning the details, it’s clear that this was an assassination. These officers were shot execution style,” de Blasio said. “A particularly despicable act … when a police officer is murdered, it tears at the very foundation of our society.”

"Our city is in mourning, our hearts are heavy," he said.
There have been protests almost nightly in New York City since the grand dury decisions in the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Cops in both cases were not indicted.

The mayor has been sharply critcized by New York City police union leaders for comments perceived as unsupportive of the city's police force after an officer investigated in the chokehold death of Staten Island man Eric Garner was not indicted.

Lingering tensions from that fallout were on stark display Saturday night in raw video captured by local television channel PIX11, which showed a wall of officers turning their backs on de Blasio as he arrived at a press conference.

In mid-December, outraged leaders of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) gathered hundreds of officers' signatures on a form demanding that de Blasio stay away from the funerals of cops killed in the line of duty. The Sergeants Benevolent Association tweeted the below message Saturday:

The blood of 2 executed police officers is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio. May God bless their families and may they rest in peace.
— SBA (@SBANYPD) December 21, 2014
In a show of solidarity with their fellow members of the forces, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck tweeted that his officers would wear black bands of mourning on their shields.

#LAPD will wear black mourning band in honor of our fallen brothers. #NYPD @CommissBratton @NYPDnews pic.twitter.com/cuafUJjrhu
— Chief Charlie Beck (@LAPDChiefBeck) December 20, 2014
Rev. Al Sharpton, a Brooklyn native who has taken a prominent role in the protests, condemned the attack on Twitter and reiterated his belief in non-violence.

I am outraged at the killing of 2 police officers in Brooklyn. That is why we stress non violence as the only way to fight for justice.
— Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) December 20, 2014
Sharpton also released a statement saying that the Garner family is outraged by the police killings, and the idea that their son's name and death has been connected to the shooting.
"Any use of the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases," the statement said.
Attorney General Eric Holder also released a statement condemning the "senseless shooting":

"This cowardly attack underscores the dangers that are routinely faced by those who protect and serve their fellow citizens. As a nation we must not forget this as we discuss the events of the recent past. These courageous men and women routinely incur tremendous personal risks, and place their lives on the line each and every day, in order to preserve public safety."

New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs turned to social media to post eyewitness accounts after routine days were suddenly shattered by the shocking events.
Sabrina de la Torre, who lives in the neighborhood, said she was listening to Christmas music while waiting for the G subway heading to Williamsburg for work, when roughly 20 cops ran onto the platform and screamed for everyone to get down.

“Everyone was very freaked out,” she told Yahoo News. “It was really intense and scary because no one know what was going on. It was a really intense.”
As they ducked down to the ground, de la Torre’s friend, John, shot a video which she then posted to her Instagram page. The view is clearly from the ground and the feet of several cops are seen rushing by in pursuit of the shooter.

“They kept us kind of detained for a while before we found out anyone was shot,” she said.
About an hour after the shooting, LaBasia McBride posted a video on Facebook showing police officers, medical personnel, and crowds gathering near the shooting site.

“This is crazy. Two cops got shot in the head,” a woman can be heard saying in the clip. “Yes, both of them were shot in the head… that’s crazy!”
Another woman, Jennifer Connic, posted a video to Instagram showing the commotion at the intersection and a helicopter hovering overhead.


City Councilman Robert Cornegy, who represents Crowns Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant, said the officers were patrolling public housing complexes as part of a program to increase police presence, DNA Info reports.

"They were just a presence, they weren't over-policing," he said, according to the news site. "They were here as a presence to make the community feel safer."
Many people throughout the country took to Twitter to express deep appreciate for police in the aftermath of the shooting.*

By Michael Walsh  

 * http://news.yahoo.com/two-nypd-officers-shot-in-patrol-car-in-brooklyn-212637751.html


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Author C Grooms - I read both blogs. Break them down in layman's terms for the people who will see this.  


Ok, WE already passed the test & are OFFICIALY on the OTHER SIDE but I've been summoned to do this 1 mo' & agin for ya! Hark.........who goes there? Who lurks in the shadows? Show yaself & be bared to the LIGHT that ya can't stand up to bcuz the only real light is the SUN! Just a few hours ago, WE saw that soetero had to come clean & will have to continue to do so bcuz the EVIL KKKABAL otherwise known as the illuminati, the n.w.o, the bilderbergs, the blaKKK nobility, royal families, the p2 lodge (vatiKKKan) etc etc has once & for all been done away with! With that Cuba thing coming out today, I just had to get BLAK at y'all about how they will MASK how it's done & also, bcuz Author C. Grooms asked Me to break it all down into simple terms. In Part I, WE spoke on how Golden Era Hip Hoppers were consulted by top politicians on how to proceed in these extrajudicial police killings & how Cuba was to be destabilized using their Hip Hop Scene (http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/12/hip-hop-controls-in-5th-dimension.html) even though it didn't work! In Part II, WE spoke on how that FUNNY MONEY is a WRAP & that WE are now in the 5th Dimension! (http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/12/hip-hop-controls-in-5th-dimension-part.html) In Part III, I THOUGHT that I rounded it all out but.............(http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/12/hip-hop-controls-5th-dimension-part-iii.html) I was called back to complete the mission! Let's do it!
Ya see, way BLAK in the 1700's, there was a dude named adam weishaupt who did OR didn't write the very 1st manifesto that would later become the CONSTITUTION which had been rewritten from the Iroquois Confederacy in the early 1700's. Anyhoo - those same devils, after sealing a deal with the MOORS & NATIVE AMERICANS & after securing GOLD from the ASIANS (who they still OWE), started the massacre of those Natives & the enslavement of the FREEDMEN who were the BLAKS that were already in what is now known as AMERIKA, north & south. Ya see, that devil wrote everyone outta HIS STORY & pretty much til this day LIES about EVERYTHING! In fact, in regard to the FAMILY of MAN, he hasn't even been defined as HUMAN for more than 6000 years starting in modern day Athens which is in Greece & which was named after an https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNAwjRjhPM. Don't get it twisted, the greeks ain't nothing but Afrikans who left Afrika, got caught up in that ICE AGE, survived & came back there after being literally WHITEWASHED & spread out north of the meditrranean sea in what is now known as europe. Those very same peepo would travel far & wide north of the med & came back much later claiming lands that didn't belong to 'em! Does this sound familiar?

http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2011/04/canibus-channel-zero.html (song in text of link)

So now, WE get to today........the usKKKa is the super power knocking everybody out the box! They were given alien technology but some of US kept that holistic & organic knowledge inside! Though WE were still KINGS & QUEENS, the bloom had fallen off of the rose & WE became like them. WE adopted their customs, morals & their religions! WE even lost our minds! They said be a good slave & WE complied - they said follow their religion & WE complied - they said go to our schools & work for US & WE did - they told US that their kinda sex, drugs & rock & roll was cool & WE participated until...............a group of youngsta's who don't give a fukkk about none of that came about & started really not giving a fukkk! I'll call 'em the INDIGO CHILDREN!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzyaaMUCpWs Time's Up by O.C

After the Indigo's, here come the Crystal Children & with the BASE RESONANT FREQUENCY levels aka the MELANIN RISING, know that as a whole, BLAK PEEPO CANNOT be STOPPED! http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2013/03/base-resonant-freqency.html. That article was written almost 2 years ago & in 2015, the BRF level is gonna shoot thru the roof for US MELANATED PEEPO! WE not having this SHIT NO MO'! So for those of ya who still don't get it, this means that RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY is OVER bcuz whatever ya call where WE'RE going, the COSMOS have deemed that them niKKKa's time is up! The reason why I titled this series with US in HIP HOP CONTROLLING SHIT in 5D is bcuz those of US who are between the age of 45 - 60 is the Captains & Lieutenants that should be giving orders to those Indigo's & Crystals! Let them dudes be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4DNH3P4e7s but nevertheless, POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS like WISE INTELLIGENT!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CkUmuNuA1g KOAN Sound - 7th Dimension

If ya THINK that the 5th Dimension is HOT SHIT, just wait til WE get to 7th Heaven! I don't write for my health & so I hope ya checking these links to check & double check what the hell I say! I've been telling y'all for the longest that LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST & even I got caught off guard when they announced that Cuba & the u.s would resume relations. I already see peepo worried about Assatta Shakur but if ya worrying, it only means that ya STILL DON'T KNOW the TIME! The corporate u.s is DONE, KAPUT & is in the process of DISSOLVEMENT like a bad marriage that ya trying to hold onto but it just ain't gonna happen. Until the wheels fall off, they are gonna tell EVERY LIE in the book to milk this til the last second! How can ya not see that yet? Oh, I get it..............y'all just want Me to keep writing so that ya can buy my books...............for that, go here; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/09/t-shirts-more-on-deck.html.

I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me

For now, I'm gonna go kick back & chill & see what's next...........SHITTTTTTTTT.........by my next article, just perhaps............soetero will have stepped down & General Carter Ham will have assumed military rule! If ya must HOLLA BLAK, do ya DUE DILIGENCE & RESEARCH! I am the Blak Smith & just know that til it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!