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WE are now in LIMBO & did I RUSH US here? I hope that I didn't & if I did, my apologies but believe Me, I wanna be full up in 5D bcuz too many of US is SUFFERING & that's a damn shame! To all of y'all ALIENS, I'm upset with ya bcuz ya gotta ALLEVIATE what's going on for these good peepo who are in misery & dying before realizing that WE'S about to be living the The basic tenor that I wish to establish in this article is for US to NOT GET DISCOURAGED bcuz it's always darkest before the light! It's sorta like when ya first learned to drive......every movement was exxagerated & there was so much to remember bcuz it was all so new.......if you've been driving more than 7 years now, ya just get into the car & go! WE still learning how to drive so as Kanye would say, DRIVE SLOW HOMIE! This article ain't about Chan & Tucker though it could be bcuz the SYNERGY between the very 1s…

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

The AIR is ELECTRIC & RIPE for that BIG CHANGE - CAN ya FEEL it? Ya say that ya can't..........well let Phil do it at b2a where WE LUV BP! Peace!


*********BREAKING NEWS*********** This was after Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared; This won't be long as there is NO STORY to DEVELOP! Another Flight DISAPPEARED in Asia yet again & ya gotta know that it's all connected to EVERYTHING! Ya see, the Flight, AirAsia 8501 was lost somewhere out there just like Malaysian Flight 370 just a few months back & instead of getting all into it, let Me drop the skinny for ya really quick! The Chinese & Russians GO LIVE with their own exclusive exchange bank in less than 24 hours so that the ruble doesn't have a TOTAL COLLAPSE; On December 22, China announced its willingness to support the ruble through currency swaps from its $4-trillion reserves............more at I told Y'ALL a few months back that the Ma…

Check yo EMOTIONS - Part III - I DON'T CARE!


FaKE 2015.........almost there! Can ya believe that WE are now at Part III? Have ya Checked yo EMOTIONS yet? Are ya panties in a bunch yet? That dude up there.....................they say that his devil dad has taken ILL lately! As those dudes is SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIANS under INDICTMENT along with his RETARDED ASS SON & MINIONS, fuKKK 'em with SHARP KNIVES PASSIONATELY! If ya say that ya have to see it to believe it, why is the PAPER of RECORD saying same?; WE are LIVING in INTERESTING TIMES & by the minute, things are getting more & more INTERESTING! What do you think?

So.......WE are now officially 2 years past 12/21/12 & MAN, has it been some ride! Too many of my peepo have perished in that time &…

Check yo EMOTIONS Part II - how they fuKKK witcha

Are ya FEELING yet? Don't trust the media or their lies...these killings are timed too perfectly and do nothing but make the police appear to be innocent victims. Of course the alleged gunman is he cannot defend himself against their crazy accusations. Remember in Ferguson the police were caught disguised as protesters and were attempting to incite rioting and criminal behavior. We also know that they had confidential informants mixed in with the crowd trying to incite criminal behavior in an attempt to destroy the righteousness of our struggle.
We know that they have no problem murdering innocent children. We know that the media and the so called grand jury protects any killings by the police. They are both part of an evil system that has shown the world that they will stop at nothing to achieve their wicked means. Deandre Joshua, a teenager who testified against Darren Wilson was subsequently murdered and his body was set o…

Check ya EMOTIONS!

Image (Feeling It by jay-z)

It's been quite a week eh? Who woulda THUNK that WE would have woke up & 911? Oh, my bad, who would have THUNK that the COLD WAR with Cuba would have ended just like that? Like the Cosby situation, WHY NOW? What are they keeping ya from REALLY THINKING about? WE gonna get into just a lil of that today in this episode of Check ya EMOTIONS here at b2a where OUR motto is always HOLLA BLAK!

Before WE get off all into that though, WE MUST first DEFINE the WORD & as my NATIVE LANGUAGE isn't english, let's get it from the source

emotion -
1.anaffectivestateofconsciousnessinwhichjoy,sorrow,fear,hate,orthelike,isexperienced,asdistinguishedfromcognitiveandvolitionalstatesofconsciousness. 2.anyofthefeelingsofjoy,sorrow,fear,hate,love,etc. 3.anystrongagitationofthefeelingsactuatedbyexperiencinglove,hate,fear,etc.,andusuallyaccompaniedbycertainphysiologicalchanges,asincreasedheartbeatorrespiration,andoftenovertm…


(Ismaaiyl Brinsley)

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, ID'd as shooter of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn ambush 'assassinations'
Shooter posted chilling threates before killings; Two NYPD cops identified as Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos

Two NYPD officers ambushed in Brooklyn


Police guard the scene where two NYPD officers were shot, Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, in New York. An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon, killing one and critically wounding a second before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide, police said. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The lone gunman who walked up to a Brooklyn patrol car and opened fire, killing two New York City police officers execution style, has been identified as a Baltimore man who posted chilling anti-cop messages to social media Saturday before traveling to New York to carr…


Author C Grooms - I read both blogs. Break them down in layman's terms for the people who will see this. In the LAST DAYS, ALL will BE REVEALED = REVELATIONS!

Ok, WE already passed the test & are OFFICIALY on the OTHER SIDE but I've been summoned to do this 1 mo' & agin for ya! Hark.........who goes there? Who lurks in the shadows? Show yaself & be bared to the LIGHT that ya can't stand up to bcuz the only real light is the SUN! Just a few hours ago, WE saw that soetero had to come clean & will have to continue to do so bcuz the EVIL KKKABAL otherwise known as the illuminati, the n.w.o, the bilderbergs, the blaKKK nobility, royal families, the p2 lodge (vatiKKKan) etc etc has once & for all been done away with! With that Cuba thing coming out today, I just had to get BLAK at y'all about how they will MASK how it's done & also, bcuz Author C. Grooms asked Me to break it all down into simple te…