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Why I AIN'T fuKKKin with yo RELIGION!

If ya over 40, WHY are ya STILL BELIEVIN that CRAP? I already told Y'ALL that if ya in any RECOGNIZED RELIGION, that it had to approved of by the vatiKKKan OR be labelled as a GANG, ORGANIZATION & CULT! This dude above is ya BOSS & luvs lil childrens ASSES! WE not gonna be long in this 1 but fuKKK yo RELIGION! This VIDEO shows ya EXACTLY what I'm talkin bout!!! (Religious MONEY GRABBERS) 8:04

THEIR AGENDA is almost complete with NO TIME LEFT! THEY continuously need POSTER BOYS! (Jason Collins is GAY) 7:59

To all of ya who BELIEVE in whatever ya BELIEVE in & tellin FIBS on me, how am I doin? (Dr Delbert Blair on PERSONAL HEALTH & SAFETY) 15:04

Too many of US still believin & will REFUTE ANYTHING I say but when someone else says it with EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE............................

Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma 1921

Today, I don't have much to say & instead of BORIN YA, I'm just gonna say that when the CLOCK STRIKES, WE gonna have to do this in REVERSE so get ready! Don't ENJOY this unless ya for the OTHER! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get at US for my book at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smith).



This won't be a long message as these BROTHAS go in HARDBODY! THEY talkin about the marathon bombin & a whole lotta other stuff with angles I didn't even see before. As advised by 1 of my favorite peepo on the world (Tina Queen), WE CANNOT AFFORD to get distraKKKted! WE in the END TIMES Y'ALL & IDK what to make of this but it wasn't widely reported! What say ya on this here?: Hardly anybody talkin about that so what up?

WE continue! As this flick is almost 2 hours, go in & UNTHINK so as to UNLEARN! BLAK PEEPO are REGNIN & ALL ya gotta do is STAY ALIVE! I have a few books left of I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & Boom bye bye is comin soon. As the weather improves, look for me less & less online & more in a HOOD near YOU! Stay in touch with…

A Thin Line Between Love & Hate


This is a FOLLOW UP to Mia Miata's last article! As this FLICK was GANGSTA. I don't need to say much about it but I will say that I don't BELIEVE in this EITHER! WE need to RESPECT & PROTECT the BW! Nuff said! Enjoy ya movie & HOLLA BLAK with FEEDBLAK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Black Love Vs. Self Love: Part III the Finale “Scandalous, Open Letter To Olivia Pope”


"Olivia the slave, got distracted on her way to grandmother's house..
A wolf in lamb's clothing came
Blew her mind and changed her ways and now she's turned out..
Lost and turned out, lost and turned out..."

Dear Olivia Pope,

I would like to publicly apologize for calling you out of your name and for using adjectives like the white man’s whore and stoopid to describe you. I would like to apologize for talking about you behind your back and for "scandalizing" your name. Gurl,  I see my former self in you, before I came into knowledge of myself; a lil brown gurl in a white world looking for love in all the wrong places. I now realize that you too want to be loved on your own terms.  I now see that you are in search of love and I too have been where you are.

You hide behind the mask of your great job, your fancy suits, your banging handbags and your flowing weave when in actuality, you are miserable and suffer from self…

It's April 20th & I give U THIS!!!!!!


Save the Children- Marvin Gaye


I mean come on........if it ain't about THEM then what else? On this 1 I need say no more!

Everybody's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayo, READ this when ya got TIME bcuz ya need to SEE the links!

So......WHO the HELL still CAN"T SEE IT? What it look like Y'ALL? From what I hear, it BE's like that sometimes! I hope that Y'ALL doin GOOD! I'm still the Blak Smith & today's article has been preempted bcuz the NEWS keeps re-writin itself! WTF is goin on yo? After sandy & sandy hook, IT'S been ON & POPPIN somethin KRAZY yo! I've been tellin Y'ALL to watch YO NUGGETS bcuz EVERYTHING is REALLY REAL in the FIELD & as you've made it thus far, like Maxwell, "keep hangin just a lil while longer, BABBBBBBY!" Before I'm on to the next, check out this lil piece I got off of my homegal on FB & her name is Starr Brady. She's BAD yo!:

BOSTON BOMBINGS: Hmm...another April massacre. It might be interesting to note that the Oklahoma City bombing occurred this week, the Co…

Movie from 1943 EXPOSES Illuminati (Must See!!)


Wake UP Mr Wesssssssst! Hey Y'ALL & how WE doin? The Blak Smith is LIVE & DIRECT comin, comin attcha! Yea Man, WE up in here & that movie above is just a SNEAK PEAK into just what ya gotta do before ya get into that $50 Million dollar & up club in ENTERTAINMENT. Of course since WE talkin about Blak Peepo, it's WAY MORE than that but ya gotta wait for my new book to get more than a MORSEL. It's a really quick OVERVIEW of an old movie from BLAK in the DAY so read this & after that, make up ya own mind on what it means to YOU. Here at b2a, WE present the evidence & let Y'ALL decide for SELF! Alrite, now that ya opened up the page, let's get into why WE are here!

Before WE go in though, WE would be remiss if WE didn't bring up the Boston Massacre of 2013! It's way too early to make an ASSESSMENT but I believe that the northeast is gonna be key in this …

the Controversial Recitorial Society - the Blak Smith Rebuttal 2 get some of y'all 2 STFU & LISTEN!

Image So Y'ALL know what I LOOK LIKE yo!

Hey to all of my PEEPO who LUV me no matter what! GOOD or BAD! I'm gonna CUT DEEP up in this BIATCH today & I'm on that NY SHIT today meanin, I ain't givin a fuGG as I say it PLAIN! But 1st, I must say to those of YOU who do OVERSTAND, that WE gonna get over this SHIT! If in the last few YEARS ya ain't know by now, every once in a while, I gotta DEFEND some of US who are MORE than WILLIN to step up & DEFEND or DISS those of US who are SUPPOSED to know BETTA!!!! Whether ya LIKE me or NOT is of no matter unless I know YOU yo! And then if I do know ya, be ON POINT! None of Y'ALL out there have ever been in a RUNNIN FEUD with me before & when ya get me with that, "I don't BELIEVE that the Blak Smith BELIEVES that, gasp & I'm not IMPRESSED SHIT," ask around about me! Ayo for REAL BW, MISS ME with that SHIT bcuz that's all it is! Very few of YOU can wax…


If ya LOVE listenin to MUSIC while readin HEAVY SHIT, try this:

This is a message that I got off of fb while browsin a few days ago. Once again, my dude, Dr. Phil Valentine has gotten me in HOT WATER bcuz of assertions as stated by OUR BIG BABA, Elder George. Rather than bore ya with details, read this, judge it for SELF& spread the word bcuz TOO MANY BW BELIEVE that if I post somethin that I agree with it 100% when that could be the furthest thing from the TRUTH! As well, DO NOT CONSIDER DEBATIN THIS as I didn't say it & will say why when I answer this message though I think it's SPOT ON! Any OFFENDED PARTIES can disagree but remain RESPECTFUL & don't LABEL anybody about ANYTHING if ya haven't done ya DUE DILLIGENCE aka RESEARCH to CONFIRM or DENY what ya are about to see. To be TRUE, most BW ain't gonna like this post. Without further ado, WE at b2a, bring ya the BUSINESS!

Greetings Beloved Family; Here is…


So.......I'm listenin to Certainly by Eryka Badu ( & freestylin & found myself rhymin about EQUATIONS & FRAGMENTS & decided to write about the FRAGMENTS of  society. Now when I say this, I ain't talkin about that KraKKa! I'm gonna get DEEP today so BE WARNED bcuz ya just might see YOURSELF in here & get yo FEELINS HURT! Before I do that though, what up to my b2a BLAK PEEPO? I hope that WE doin US the way WE supposed to be doin! The HATERS are there but could ya imagine a time where the dude ya liked the least was the dude that held ya down the BEST just bcuz Y'ALL was PEEPO? Can ya intuit a time where ALL CONTRACTS were VERBAL, HONORED & CARRIED OUT with ONLY the GREATEST of EXCELLENCE? Yea, WE got them niKKKa's in the midst & WE gotta get 'em up off of US so that  WE excel. So just how do WE do that? Ya learn how to DISCERN which kinda comes with age. I ain't OLD but I ain't YOUNG …