Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why I AIN'T fuKKKin with yo RELIGION!

If ya over 40, WHY are ya STILL BELIEVIN that CRAP? I already told Y'ALL that if ya in any RECOGNIZED RELIGION, that it had to approved of by the vatiKKKan OR be labelled as a GANG, ORGANIZATION & CULT! This dude above is ya BOSS & luvs lil childrens ASSES! WE not gonna be long in this 1 but fuKKK yo RELIGION! This VIDEO shows ya EXACTLY what I'm talkin bout!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsxcaG4Myyk&feature=youtu.be (Religious MONEY GRABBERS) 8:04

THEIR AGENDA is almost complete with NO TIME LEFT! THEY continuously need POSTER BOYS!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFtvDGHgJGM (Jason Collins is GAY) 7:59

To all of ya who BELIEVE in whatever ya BELIEVE in & tellin FIBS on me, how am I doin?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tckhPprqaDM&feature=fvwp&NR=1 (Dr Delbert Blair on PERSONAL HEALTH & SAFETY) 15:04

Too many of US still believin & will REFUTE ANYTHING I say but when someone else says it with EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE............................
http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2011/04/nature-of-threat.html (Ras Kass song which is a WHOLE HISTORY LESSON) 7:45

This MAY be the REASON as to why Canibus's career NEVER took off. DMX got that spot but look at what happened to him!
http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2011/04/canibus-channel-zero.html (Canibus song which talks about SHIT that may be OVER YA HEAD!!!) Go into LINK for 2 different versions as jootube took the link U see DOWN.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma 1921

Today, I don't have much to say & instead of BORIN YA, I'm just gonna say that when the CLOCK STRIKES, WE gonna have to do this in REVERSE so get ready! Don't ENJOY this unless ya for the OTHER! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get at US for my book at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smith).  

Thursday, April 25, 2013



This won't be a long message as these BROTHAS go in HARDBODY! THEY talkin about the marathon bombin & a whole lotta other stuff with angles I didn't even see before. As advised by 1 of my favorite peepo on the world (Tina Queen), WE CANNOT AFFORD to get distraKKKted! WE in the END TIMES Y'ALL & IDK what to make of this but it wasn't widely reported! What say ya on this here?: http://politicalvelcraft.org/2013/04/20/waco-texas-fertilizer-company-hit-by-dronelaser-strike-after-lawsuit-filed-against-monsanto/. Hardly anybody talkin about that so what up?

WE continue! As this flick is almost 2 hours, go in & UNTHINK so as to UNLEARN! BLAK PEEPO are REGNIN & ALL ya gotta do is STAY ALIVE! I have a few books left of I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & Boom bye bye is comin soon. As the weather improves, look for me less & less online & more in a HOOD near YOU! Stay in touch with US at bennyblacko@yahoo.com & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) HOLLA BLAK!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Thin Line Between Love & Hate


This is a FOLLOW UP to Mia Miata's last article! As this FLICK was GANGSTA. I don't need to say much about it but I will say that I don't BELIEVE in this EITHER! WE need to RESPECT & PROTECT the BW! Nuff said! Enjoy ya movie & HOLLA BLAK with FEEDBLAK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Black Love Vs. Self Love: Part III the Finale “Scandalous, Open Letter To Olivia Pope”


"Olivia the slave, got distracted on her way to grandmother's house..
A wolf in lamb's clothing came
Blew her mind and changed her ways and now she's turned out..
Lost and turned out, lost and turned out..."

Dear Olivia Pope,

I would like to publicly apologize for calling you out of your name and for using adjectives like the white man’s whore and stoopid to describe you. I would like to apologize for talking about you behind your back and for "scandalizing" your name. Gurl,  I see my former self in you, before I came into knowledge of myself; a lil brown gurl in a white world looking for love in all the wrong places. I now realize that you too want to be loved on your own terms.  I now see that you are in search of love and I too have been where you are. 

You hide behind the mask of your great job, your fancy suits, your banging handbags and your flowing weave when in actuality, you are miserable and suffer from self hate. You are broken, need to heal and constantly find yourself in the arms of other women’s men who will never commit to you. 

You are a Siren, a fake ass Goddess, posing as a true Goddess, playing the role of Damsel in Distress, as opposed to stepping into and walking in your divine bEarthright as Royal Dawtah and Queen in the Royal God Family. You are the one you have been waiting for my dear SiStar and I love you enough to tell you that you are worthy of the love that you seek from men who will never see your worth until you first see it for yourself.

We as Black women have constantly been told that we are not good enough; that we are not pretty enough. We are constantly being asked to measure ourselves to a European standard of beauty and worth that we will never meet. The pendelum has been shifted and the beauty that our ancestral mothers were once worshiped for centuries has been discarded and tossed aside. Our full lips, hips, hair, and buttocks are looked at with disgust; often times even by our own Black brothers.

Our Sistar, Sarah Baartman, a young woman from South Africa, with enormous ass and breasts, who was nicknamed the Hottentot Venus after the Roman goddess of love, was paraded around Europe in 1810. She was exploited as a circus freak show side act. She was sexually abused by White men and after she died of a sexually transmitted dis-ease in 1815 in Paris, her brain, yoni, buttocks, and breast were kept in a museum in France until 1974.

Beautiful siStar Olivia, is that how you want your legacy to be remembered? You being snatched in a broom closet and phucked by the leader of the free world on national tel-lie-vision for future generations of young Goddesses to witness?  Re-runs into syndication when you are long past your youth while you are still collecting royalty checks. "Scandal" should be renamed "Sally Hemmings  2013!!"

I find it ironic how the white Boi, quentin tarantino cast you as the Black Princess who was redeemed by her Black Knight in "Django Unchained," but the sister Shonda Rhimes cast you as the kneegrow bed wench in "Scandal." Oh my bad, I said I was done wit the name calling didn't I?!? Broomhilda getting phucked in the broom closet!! Ain't dat some shyt!!? 

Olivia gurl, you have an honest, hard working Black man, Addison, who wants to make you an honest woman and marry you. He has offered you his grandmother’s antique ring twice, and twice you have turned him down in hopes that a married man will leave his wife and marry you. Gurl, Fitz is not going to wife you!!  You told Addison as you handed him back his engagement ring, “I don’t want normal, easy and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.."

Are you kidding me?!? I tell you what I want. I desire a loving Black man in my life who will support me and build with me. I want the mortgage paid, I don't want to have to worry about the lights getting cut off and I sure as hell don't want to have to compete with another woman for the love and affection of HER own husband!! So difficult love, gurl you can keep dat!! 

The greatest and biggest threat to the enemy is two whole, healed and completed 360 degree melenated beings coming together. They know that we have the power to create a NEW heaven and the NEW earth. So they use everything in their power to keep us separated and divided. Black woman heal thyself. We incarnate for one THING and that is to EVOLVE!!! We are already whole/360/9 ether beings and no ONE or NO-THING can complete me. Relationships are for ONE thing, GROWTH. If a person is not forcing you to grow than they are hindering your growth. Love is sacred and not to be given lightly to anyone.

Once we heal thy selves SiStars, then the Divine Femi(9) resurrects the Sun/Son, and the Sun/Son redeems the Daughter of Character, thus the divine union of the CHRIST is activated in our DNA...The Son of Man is resurrected to be the natural protecter and provider that he is being called to be. He is now the Divine Mascu__, and we are now Twinn Flames. Then and only then can we live in bliss, harmony, balance and Maat!! 

​In closing Black SiStar, dear Olivia, you are loved and appreciated. You are the most valuable woman in all the Universe and we collectively need to stand up, demand our worth, know that we are the most sacred vessels for the Most High Create-Her and rise and be the Goddesses that we were created to be. 

The Queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess. She has freedom of the entire board. The Queen can move freely by day, because she is counseled and comforted by her King at knight. The Queens also rules the deck and she has her choice of a King, a Jack,or a Joker. Notice there are no Princesses or Duchesses. Aim high Beautiful One and choose wisely. Rest well Kings and Queens. Til we meet again. I love you and I want for you to heal. May these words empower you, and support your highest good!! Ashe!! 

By Mia Miata “The Neo-Soul Nina Simone”

Mia Miata, "The Neo-Soul Nina Simone" and self-proclaimed "Goddess in Womanifestaion" releases her first literary work, "The Goddess Code: Goddess in Wonanifestaion Volume I Words and Verses" on Mia Melodic Publishing, LLC in April of 2013.  A classically trained vocalist, poet, educator, activist, talk show host, mother, ex-wife, daughter, sister and friend, Mia Miata shares her life experiences, joys, heartaches, pains, and triumphs in "The Goddess Code.” Mia is also host the widely popular internet talk show, "Goddess Talk Live,” and she will launch her clothing and accessories line “Goddess Creatress” in the Fall of 2013.



Well there y'all have it & this was Mia's Message. I have NOTHING to add or subtract but to tell Y'ALL that it's ON & WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's April 20th & I give U THIS!!!!!!

If ya GET DOWN with the LEAF, check OUR TUNES while ya DO IT!



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtVsjjvWZqM (Come Around by Collie Buddz)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBqbTPKl8m0 (Smoke Marijuana by Sizzla)

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmfJCY6Svy8 (Gimme the Light by Sean Paul feat Busta Rhymes)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7PLVInldWA (Get High Tonite by Busta Rhymes)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yYSKtd5Luw (Mad Ism by Channel Live feat KRS -1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6V9N2oNjrM (I get High by Styles P)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItWuyCGyxS0 (Get By by Talib Kweli)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM7xa10uq3g (How High by Red & Meth)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6tqn7uhYKk (I got 5 on it)

http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2013/03/mr-medicinal-grandad-smokes-weed.html (the Boondocks)

Just havin FUN today so do YOU & HEAL the NATION! All of this SHIT goin on LATELY ain't for US!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Save the Children- Marvin Gaye


I mean come on........if it ain't about THEM then what else? On this 1 I need say no more!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everybody's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayo, READ this when ya got TIME bcuz ya need to SEE the links!


So......WHO the HELL still CAN"T SEE IT? What it look like Y'ALL? From what I hear, it BE's like that sometimes! I hope that Y'ALL doin GOOD! I'm still the Blak Smith & today's article has been preempted bcuz the NEWS keeps re-writin itself! WTF is goin on yo? After sandy & sandy hook, IT'S been ON & POPPIN somethin KRAZY yo! I've been tellin Y'ALL to watch YO NUGGETS bcuz EVERYTHING is REALLY REAL in the FIELD & as you've made it thus far, like Maxwell, "keep hangin just a lil while longer, BABBBBBBY!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wFFcY3u2xY. Before I'm on to the next, check out this lil piece I got off of my homegal on FB & her name is Starr Brady. She's BAD yo!:

BOSTON BOMBINGS: Hmm...another April massacre. It might be interesting to note that the Oklahoma City bombing occurred this week, the Columbine massacre occurred this week, the Waco tragedy occurred this week, the VA Tech massacre occurred ...this week. COINCIDENCE?? I think not. The list goes on....The American Revolution began this week, so did the American Civil War, and the Bosnian War. Still think this is coincidence? Add the Rwandan Genocide and the Armenian Genocide to the list. Also, Abraham Lincoln was shot this week. This is just the beginning of the list. Still think this is all crazed conspiracy theory?? Well, before you come to any conclusions, you may want to check out the satanic ritual calendar. The month of April is full of satanic high holy days. This is not mere chance folks. This is not a coincidence. There are very dark powers at work here. We need to be on our knees, crying out to God, warring in prayer against these demonic forces.

Bad enuff that the marathon said that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at7B30dkljU but then yesterday, an EXPLOSION happened in Waco. This SAME DIFFERENCE type SHIT happenin in a small town like that AGAIN almost 20 years exactly to the day.......WTF? Does this town have a STAR GATE or PORTAL where THEY (usKKKa) needed to get THEY OWN PEEPO off of the LAND? boston is also a PIONEER CITY! I'm at the point of not believin much THEY say bcuz if it was SET UP, it MAY be to distraKKKt US as said in my previous blog post OR, THEY are CONCEDIN by DESTROYIN SHIT so as to keep the INHERITORS of the EARTH from havin what WE need & if so, it's already WAY TOO LATE for 'em! When WE think of that WORD (concede), WE think of someone slowin THEY roll but that's not how he's gonna do it. He's just like that dude that went to prison for 20 years & goes straight to his old hood to kills his ex for movin on from him. Check this out & just bcuz it's a cartoon doesn't mean it ain't REAL SIRIUS. Check it at http://www.black2afrika.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-krakka-has-conceded.html.

Ya see.......Y'ALL can DENY all of this SHIT goin on but I won't be the 1 JUDGIN ya on THAT DAY unless ya AROUND ME! The only TRUE Q then will be, "what have YOU done?" Before some of Y'ALL start sayin that JUDGEMENT is BAD, WE are judgin EVERYTHANG all of the time! I ain't talkin about JUDGES in a court of LAW so get that outta here & don't quote that ONLY god can do that! WE should be JUDGED by OUR PEERS in every way! What is yo definition of peer........? Anyhoo, the CHICKENS are comin HOME to ROOST & I want y'all to see a short hit on JUST HOW THEY KNOW it too. It's short (2:30) so don't be afriad to hit the link: http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2011/08/louis-ck-being-whitei-luv-it-at-130.html. He has JUDGED HIMSELF! This is THEY LAST HURRAH & for those of Y'ALL who still wanna say that the Mayan Calendar was full of it, hasn't it been quite INTERESTIN that things that rarely or NEVA happened are occurin ALL of the TIME? Y'all thought that it was supposed to occur OVERNITE but as I always say, 500 years to the COSMOS is but a FINGER SNAP in 2 LIFETIMES! What about them METEORITES landin in that russian forest? There are more GALAXIES than there are grains of SANDS on EARTH so what's really HOOD yo?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROrpKx3aIjA DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

So where are all the naysayers? I didn't even bring up that Iran had a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE last week.: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/16/iran-earthquake-2013_n_3090799.html. Or how about Pakistan?: http://newsweekpakistan.com/12000-affected-by-pakistan-earthquake/. Is y'all niKKKa's PAYIN ATTENTION or am I KKKrazy? Ya still can't see it? Like Haiti & Venezuela, these countries had STRAINED RELATIONS & I get really depressed when ya don't go into the links bcuz: http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=345496&CategoryId=10717. Or how about this SHIT?: http://www.defend.ht/money/articles/economy/3767-haiti-six-oil-exploration-permits-awarded-behind-closed-doors. My last article told Y'ALL how it works & how is it that countries that don't USUALLY get these calamities are now gettin 'em all the time. By now, I wanna know to WHAT are ya ATTRIBUTIN all this to? All of these things happenin at this particular time in HISTORY cannot be just happenstance. This week should be RENAMED the WEEK of EVIL! Usin my own calculations, the KraKKa has at most, 5 YEARS LEFT before his whole apparatus is DONE! His condition now is that of a WALKIN CORPSE! To all of Y'ALL concerned with the opposite sex, know that MOST of Y'ALL tryin to have RELATIONSHIPS that just won't work out bcuz it's not that TOTAL SEASON of MAAT yet! Stay ALERT, be READY for ANYTHING & to me, that means to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEHqOfKeabc. To that punk ass ll FOOL j (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7NTKxK0ncA), there is NO SUCH a THING  as an ACCIDENTAL RACIST!  Y'ALL done went for the BULLSHIT long enough so get with the Blak Smith & his 1st book as he keeps it 100% REAL! If ya think I'm SCAMMY, go here & get it: http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/i-aint-perfekt-but-take-it-from-me/paperback/product-18623064.html. For my new 1( Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die) which is comin soon, if ya TRUST US, holla at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Help US EXPOSE THEM & how THEY do it! Ya don't have to be CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY but ya MUST be READY to wage WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at any time! EVERYBODY CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movie from 1943 EXPOSES Illuminati (Must See!!)


Wake UP Mr Wesssssssst! Hey Y'ALL & how WE doin? The Blak Smith is LIVE & DIRECT comin, comin attcha! Yea Man, WE up in here & that movie above is just a SNEAK PEAK into just what ya gotta do before ya get into that $50 Million dollar & up club in ENTERTAINMENT. Of course since WE talkin about Blak Peepo, it's WAY MORE than that but ya gotta wait for my new book to get more than a MORSEL. It's a really quick OVERVIEW of an old movie from BLAK in the DAY so read this & after that, make up ya own mind on what it means to YOU. Here at b2a, WE present the evidence & let Y'ALL decide for SELF! Alrite, now that ya opened up the page, let's get into why WE are here!


Before WE go in though, WE would be remiss if WE didn't bring up the Boston Massacre of 2013! It's way too early to make an ASSESSMENT but I believe that the northeast is gonna be key in this new world ODOR SHIT as it STINKS like HELL! The u.s as WE now know it was started THERE & so that's where THEY gonna finish it! All that I know now is that the CONDITIONS that WE used to be under have changed to the point that TOO MANY of US like charlie sheen don't know that WE are WINNIN! I hope Y'ALL out there STEAL more Marathon Wear bcuz them niKKKa's with no arms & legs ain't gonna need 'em no more. Some of them sandy hook niKKKa's done dodged 2 BULLETS already! Sandy & then Sandy Hook & now this. Them mayflower niKKKa's can get it as well eh? WOW!!!

Did any of ya even hear about this?: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/gold-steepest-plunge-30-years-212918253--finance.html. The aurora shit happened bcuz of the Financial Crisis.......or this?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-125820/US-bomb-kills-30-Afghan-wedding.html. Just a look at the HEADLINE will tell ya ALL ya need to know! Today's article will be about HOW it's all goin down & that ya MUST be VIGILANT in these LAST DAYS & TIMES! These niKKKa's is distraKKKtin US & THEY usin some of OUR FAVORITES to do so! Let's start this with ya dude, lil GAY(ne)......this dude started the month of march on a bad note by referrin to Emmitt Till in a most derogatory way & ended that same month in the hospital almost dead! The way SHIT is today, it could have been FABRICATED to give him SYMPATHY for those most OUTRAGEOUS UTTERANCES but he is NOT beholden to US & his FANS just luv him so. WE go thru so much, that this SHIT was already FORGOTTEN by now! The name of the GAME now is to sell STORIES so as to garner interest in ya projects & tie that in with a product (dre beats headphones anyone?) & sell AD RATES where the REAL MONEY is! In turn, the most LOYAL buy ya shit bcuz they are LOYAL to ya! Distraction Meter Level: 8

Then WE get into ya dude, dennis rodman & his forays into north korea. Man, it seems like just a year or 2 ago that this dude was grabbin crazy rebounds & playin D! This dude is broke & like Mike Tyson, now on the c-list, yet talks to PRESIDENTS of nations that the u.s cant stand? WHEREtheFUKKKdoTHEYdothatat.com? If he's so broke, how is he gettin there? Who sent for him? Does he have any diplomatic status? Why him outta ALL the PEEPO who could serve as good will ambassadors like angelina jolie? Does this SHIT make sense to ya bcuz it don't to me yo! IDK what to say but this just came out yesterday: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/16/dennis-rodman-fbi-informant-north-korea_n_3091627.html. Make what ya want outta it but I smell a RATTY FISH yo! Distraction Meter Level: 9

Next up is halle berry & all of her CRAZY ASS ANTICS lately. A few months ago, her & her fiance fought off her ex & bein that he was OUTNUMBERED & in her place, he got his ass whooped! Then a few weeks ago, halle & this same dude were accosted at the airport & dude was about to go in again. The very next day, it was announced that halle was PREGO & pictures of her were plastered all over the news of her in a low cut top showcasin her tits. halle looks really nice but she is a WITCH & therefor, I don't like her but I don't think that ALL of THAT was spontaneous. In the age of downloadin, peepo need to stay in the media's eyes & as the adage goes, no news is good news & so bad news is what SELLS! Who wants to read a newspaper of GOOD DEEDS? Take a look at her ex after he caught a bad 1. Distraction Meter Level: 9


Rick Ross is such an ASS! He made a song about DATE RAPE & lost his reebok endorsement. Whatever.......WE now get to the roc as in roc nation. We'll start off with rihanna & her on & off relationship with breezy, somethin I knew would happen as that was his RITUAL! Do y'all rememba when jigga was wearin those big, UGLY & STUPID GLASSES? Dependin on what ya do for 'em will determine what ya gotta do for THEM but ya still gotta go thru those rituals. Well anyhoo, THEY are on & off & breezy is still beefin in the tabloids with drake(on) about her & for what? That BIAAAA is more than likely under Project Monarch.


How about beyonce & her bow down song even though she's always talkin that southern GOD BIBLE BELT SHIT? Or how about both of blu ivy's parents goin to Cuba & the white house sayin that THEY weren't granted PERMISSION?  What are THEY tryin to set up Y'ALL?: http://www.stableytimes.com/news/did-obama-cia-send-beyonce-and-jay-z-to-cuba-to-spy-on-fidel-castro/. Could castro be a DEEP UNDERCOVER OPERATIVE? Like rodman above, how could 2 top entertainers go to a country like Cuba & no 1 at the state dept knew? And then WE got senator rubio attackin him sayin that jay needs to be MORE INFORMED on that country. Whatever Man! Distraction Meter Level: 8

Finally, WE get to the good part & in sayin that, WE bring up the # 1 International Asshole, Kanye West! Y'all better leave Kanye the fuck alone bcuz like in the pic above, every time I see him, he's SCREAMIN for HELP with his eyes bcuz MOST of Y'ALL still BELIEVE that these peepo above live on FREE WILL! Don't y'all remember after B.I.G died how diddy ALWAYS had shades on? Ahem, don't y'all rememba that his MANAGER who also happened to be his MAMA, DIED somewhat like MJ & Whitney? Do y'all rememba that he said "bush don't care about Blak Peepo?" Do y'all rememba that his Mama was an ACTIVIST & that his Dad was 1 of the 1st Blak reporters on the atlanta journal constitution? Don't y'all rememba his 1st 2 albums with songs speakin of NOW like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9tLw2yH6Cw. Do Y'ALL see how ray j has RIDICULED him by makin this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO2yeCjfI7Y & then sayin he wasn't talkin about kardashian? Do y'all think that he was FORCED into gettin her PREGO? I do! I absolutely HATE when peepo talk about this DUDE & OTHERS as if HE told 'em that he SACRIFICED his OWN MAMA! C'mon Son! Even if he knew it would come down, what could he have done to STOP IT? Them niKKKa's play for KEEPS!

I say all of this & WAY MORE in my new book named Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! What I'm sayin is is that these dudes are ALL CONTROLLED! They MUST do the rituals & as WE saw in the film clip above, when ya don't come correct, THEY get ya like THEY did Pac & so many others & the latest 1 to try & buck that was Katt Williams. So if ya don't believe me, what about this from years ago?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXOnA9pLAd8. (watch after 6:20) Since he resigned from show biz, he's been rather quiet eh? I was thinkin of all of this recently & knew that somethin was comin down the pipe SOON! Ya boy rodman even went to rome after the last FAGGOT in the vatiKKKan resigned & said that the next 1 should be BLAK! The justification is here: http://blogs.cbn.com/africamatters/archive/2009/07/20/africa-leads-the-world-in-growth-of-christianity.aspx. Them niKKKa's still picked an italian & before ya tell me that he was born an Argentinian, both of his parents are Italian! Y'all need to stop actin like these CONTROLLED AGENTS have free will bcuz THEY don't & so expect MO SHIT COMIN to a HOOD near YOU especially in the northeast!

Where will it be? Shit, IDK! All I know is that the Krakka has CONCEDED & his days are numbered yo! He gonna try to hang on but he's gonna take a lotta US with him so don't be around 'em as much as possible. Stop BELIEVIN in ANYTHING that he took & gave BLAK to US in his style. Stop makin these celebs ya HEROES & SHEROES! Even some of 'em are tryin to stay alive & so stop HATIN on 'em unless ya know 'em personally & THEY did somethin to ya! Most of all, if ya not familiar with somethin, stop bein so EMOTIONAL & STUDY it before talkin SHIT! By gum, MELANIN will TRIUMPH! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me in the CRIB! Get at me if ya want it!: http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/i-aint-perfekt-but-take-it-from-me/paperback/product-18623064.html. Order from me & Boom bye bye comin sooner than ya think. To contact US, my e-mail is bennyblacko@yahoo.com & my fb handle is Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).

Saturday, April 13, 2013

the Controversial Recitorial Society - the Blak Smith Rebuttal 2 get some of y'all 2 STFU & LISTEN!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qry0sPzv2q8 So Y'ALL know what I LOOK LIKE yo!

Hey to all of my PEEPO who LUV me no matter what! GOOD or BAD! I'm gonna CUT DEEP up in this BIATCH today & I'm on that NY SHIT today meanin, I ain't givin a fuGG as I say it PLAIN! But 1st, I must say to those of YOU who do OVERSTAND, that WE gonna get over this SHIT! If in the last few YEARS ya ain't know by now, every once in a while, I gotta DEFEND some of US who are MORE than WILLIN to step up & DEFEND or DISS those of US who are SUPPOSED to know BETTA!!!! Whether ya LIKE me or NOT is of no matter unless I know YOU yo! And then if I do know ya, be ON POINT! None of Y'ALL out there have ever been in a RUNNIN FEUD with me before & when ya get me with that, "I don't BELIEVE that the Blak Smith BELIEVES that, gasp & I'm not IMPRESSED SHIT," ask around about me! Ayo for REAL BW, MISS ME with that SHIT bcuz that's all it is! Very few of YOU can wax SCIENTIFIC without blowin a gasket about SHIT ya don't even know about! Look, most of US know each other from fb/twitter & live in different ares, are different ages, sexes, NATIONALITIES, RELIGIONS & all that other SHIT that SEPARATES US! When it comes to CULTURE & OUR WAY, what the HELL are WE doin anyway? Shouldn't WE just STUDY MAAT before WE get it? The ART of CONVERSATION is 1 of the very DEVALUED ARTS bcuz THEM niKKKa's got US up in a jam! Can WE get BLAK to that without ARGUIN? I dare any of Y'ALL to show Me a problem that HE didn't create! HE is the PROBLEM & not ya EMOTIONS bcuz WE keepin him doin what he doin! In order to get somethin ya NEVA had before, ya gotta do somethin NEW to get it. Too many of Y'ALL is just RECITING SHIT! Keep in mind that WE at b2a got this info from Dr Phil Valentine's page as written by Elder George on fb. If ya haven't read it yet on this blog, go here:


So my my peepo, how WE doin out there? If ya like or at least OVERSTAND how WE doin, please spread the WORD where ya be at! Buy a BOOK or DONATE! I appreciate ya! So.......Elder George wrote some SHIT for that ASS that couldn't be denied. Hmmmmmm.....let's see..........this is how I started it;

This is a message that I got off of fb while browsin a few days ago. Once again, my dude, Dr. Phil Valentine has gotten me in HOT WATER bcuz of assertions as stated by OUR BIG BABA, Elder George. Rather than bore ya with details, read this, judge it for SELF& spread the word bcuz TOO MANY BW BELIEVE that if I post somethin that I agree with it 100% when that could be the furthest thing from the TRUTH! As well, DO NOT CONSIDER DEBATIN THIS as I didn't say it & will say why when I answer this message though I think it's SPOT ON! Any OFFENDED PARTIES can disagree but remain RESPECTFUL & don't LABEL anybody about ANYTHING if ya haven't done ya DUE DILIGENCE aka RESEARCH to CONFIRM or DENY what ya are about to see. To be TRUE, most BW ain't gonna like this post. Without further ado, WE at b2a, bring ya the BUSINESS! 

So ya see, NO HARD FEELINS! WE about PEACE SISTA's! First off, I highly RESPECT Dr Phil Valentine & that MUST be KNOWN! I BELIEVE that EVERTHING he says is PURE from his HEART & whether ya LUV him or NOT doesn't mean that he's RIGHT or WRONG! What I mean is, I BELIEVE what he says ENOUGH to place TRUST in what he says bcuz OTHER's who are not POPULAR have said SIMILAR if not the SAME & some of 'em, BW at that! Do ya hear BW up in them echelons havin a problem with Phil? This doesn't make me SMARTER or BETTA than YOU but when those EMOTIONS kick into OVERDRIVE, WATCH OUT! With that said, I ain't on Phil's dick but I RIDE with him bcuz MOST SHIT BW  want in a BM, I AM! I ain't GUILTY of anything but bein BLAK & in this WORLD! My INTEGRITY speaks for itself as I've met many of ya thru the years & NONE of YA can say that I CHEATED ya or MANIPULATED ya into some cult or somethin! I do what I do for ALL of US & ya must know that those of US who do this will get PUSH BACK sometimes but YOU can't stop my HUSTLE! Let's BREAK it DOWN!

How many of US examine OUR HISTORY thru OUR LENSES? If WE gonna TALK about EDUCATION & ya haven't yet read the Miseducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G Woodson, then ya NOT SIRIUS! I'm not even gonna curse so ya don't think that I'm ANGRY with YOU! EG starts off with sayin that this SHYSTEM is GENDERLESS & no 1 addressed that in their retorts! http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_22706559/pediatricians-see-growing-number-crosss-gender-kids-likeHe then says that WE are just RECITING to each other  or how I would put it, TALKIN AT each other instead of TO each other. WE should be dealin with MORALITY & PRINCIPLES! I have seen this DYNAMIC while applyin for PA & seein nothin but BW after BW. Well 1 day after much frustration, I went off while in the office bcuz THEY give only $215 for RENTAL ASSISTANCE! You can't even get a decent hotel room in nyc for 1 NITE & that amount ain't changed since the 90's. WTF? Bcuz I am NOT a WOMAN & don't have to SCREAM or YELL to get my point across, THEY had to acknowledge that what I was sayin was TRUE & that THEY shouldn't STOP me from sayin it bcuz I didn't INDICT any of 'em bcuz it's the very same SHYSTEM that THEY work for & not THEM PERSONALLY! They are the RECITERS of the SYSTEM on the FRONT LINES of rws! All THEY could do was nod their heads without actually agreein with me bcuz it would be INCORRECT for 'em to talk AGAINST their jobs while there & I know that. What a shame! 

Ok, I ain't gonna cover EVERYTHING in this article but I will address the finer points quickly. To all BP, fuck yo J.O.B if it allows rws to grow! Ya ACT like ya LUV those jobs bcuz they guarentee ya SECURITY but WE know the REAL! Ya either recitin LAW, POLICIES, RULES, REGULATIONS, & BYLAWS as DIRECTED! Again, as EG says "Women love to recite because they know instinctively all information comes from outside of themselves; therefore a recitation serves as a public statement of what they know (or think that they know); furthermore, receiving awards caters to the “ME” aspect of their natures."  HEAVVVVVVVVVVYYYY!

So WE see what it is! Ya education is not for OUR NATION BUILDIN! Now that doesn't mean that the BW shouldn't be EDUCATED or INTELLIGENT! Quite the contrary.......what I think BLAK MEN want are BALANCED MATES but siriusly, how can WE attain BALANCE which by the way is MAAT if this Krakka determines OUR WORTH by FINANCIAL MEANS only? What of US who fight him tooth & nail with what little WE have? Bcuz most WOMEN are CONDITIONED to be taken care of, of course ya have to look for a mate who can do all that but with TECHNOLOGY, 1 can EMPLOY said PEEPO & TECHNOLOGY to PROTECT ya peepo & so no need for valor, strength & INTEGRITY! Most peepo who really wanna make a DIFFERENCE won't achieve riches bcuz it only FREES YOU & YOURS  & not the whole! Y'all gotta know that there are CLAUSE in those BIG CONTRACTS of OUR BEST that DICTATE that WE cannot COMPETE against them! On the REAL!

It goes on to say that WOMEN have been the 1's to nuture OUR FAMILIES & that MEN were trained in LEADERSHIP. Workin together usin the concept of a SEPARATION of LABOR ensured that WE WORKED TOGETHER SEPARATELY! A whole lotta CONFUSION was avoided bcuz the BW didn't WORRY about OUR BIZ & WE didn't stick OURS in YOURS in a CULTURE that was OURS! Ya see, WE talkin over HISTORIC PERIODS of TIME & not just today which is what WE gotta get BLAK to. To me, the article actually starts when it states that the FAMILY was the most important facet of the CULTURE except in europe & that INFO was now KNOWLEDGE. By now, I hope that WE all know that INFO without EXPERIENCE of the KNOWLEDGE is the height of IGNORANCE! Then he goes in to 3 dynamics.

The 1st was NUTRITION & how a 25 year old BW who has a masters don't know SHIT about proper diet if she went to a krakka backed college. The assertion was made that WE should go to an ELDER who is old & ask them how they've kept up so well. Elder then gets into why u.s boys are so violent & THEY got this from a young lady that it was in the "genes." So as not to mistake what THEY said, I quote, " The primary source of the most violent boys in America comes from that pool of children raised without a father at home. They are denied the warm, nurturing, attentive love which can only come from a mother living in the safe and secure environment provided by a good husband. After school programs and assorted governmental child care facilities cannot effectively substitute for a mother’s love or the stability of a two parent home." 

And then THEY get into the LAW & the only thing that I need to quote on that is that THERE is NO MORALITY in LAW. Laws are enacted when & where MORALITY is lacking! If ya don't know that, then look up the HISTORY of the POLICE & why THEY exist today. http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2012/03/krs-one-sound-of-da-police-sound-of.html. Ok, let's take 1 more when THEY also said that MORAL BEHAVIOR doesn't come from LAW. Moral behavior comes from ETHICS which are UNSEEN & this is why bein with a BAD BOY don't cut it! When he gets KILLED, goes to PRISON or DISAPPEARS on ya, what to do? What of any children that came as a result of that union? What are your ETHICS or lack thereof?

So SISTA's, what of YOU in the GRAND EQUATION as to why ya still SINGLE? Why are ya tellin me that ya can't HOME SCHOOL ya children? Why can't ya learn to live on LESS? Do ya SEE yet that THEY ain't tryin to see US TOGETHER bcuz that would SPELL DEATH on THEM? Why can't I ask these questions? Obviously these situations don't apply to every single BW so why is it that I get PERSONALIZED HATE when I NEVA addressed YOU SPECIFICALLY? Could it be that a lotta Y'ALL are a BIG PROBLEM & when confronted by this INFO, YOU EXPLODE into a bag of EMOTIONS? Marinate on that for just a moment & answer yaself.

After all of that, the article states that livin in a recitorial society cuts the need for inventiveness or new stuff. Leisure is what provides for new stuff & as WE were MASTERS at whatever WE did, WE always had TIME so as to have the LUXURY of TIME! Time enables 1 to THINK & CREATE but in this day of HUSTLE & BUSTLE on the J.O.B., who's got TIME to think on bein CREATIVE? I don't OVERSTAND how BP over 25 still can't SEE just what the HELL is goin on here. WE know that peepo who THINK that THEY are INVESTED in a DYNAMIC will fight TOOTH & NAIL to DEFEND it but if ya don't know this, WE then become ENEMIES! This is NOT OUR WAY yo! I say this all of the TIME; that if ya can't take INFO that ya don't agree with in ya PSYCHE, not to LABEL those who deliver it as ROGUE bcuz it don't sound good to ya! Would ya do that to ya MOTHER? Many of Y'ALL had TEACHERS who ya RESPECTED & then saw in a moment of utter SHOCK! WE are all PEEPO! There's a BIG SCANDAL goin on in the atlanta public skools now INVOLVIN all BLAKS & anyone in the know, knows to look at HOW the state involved JUST US in an almost ALL BLAK DISTRICT in a KraKKa ASS RED (NECK) STATE! THEY did the same SHIT to Detroit a few years ago.http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2010/03/cash-strapped_detroit_public_s.html. Some older Blak Folk may go to prison yo! Should I now throw ALL BLAK TEACHERS under the bus bcuz for sure, some of the INNOCENT will be found GUILTY & vice versa? I OVERSTAND ya ANGER BW but that would be like bein upset with a director for makin movies ya don't agree with or like. Damn!!!!!

I'm BUILT for this SHIT yo! A few months ago, a whole bunch of BW jumped on me for something else PV said that I could SEE even though I didn't research it. I'm sure many of ya didn't either! I NEVA heard Y'ALL talkin SHIT about dr. spock yo! Instead of gettin into that 1, check it here: http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-conditioning-for-conditions.html. Ya see, y'all LAMENT on how there ain't any GOOD MEN but dudes that don't take YO SHIT get labelled as OTHERWORLDLY & DIFFICULT! Does a DISAGREEMENT mean that the person ya disagreein with make them a BAD PERSON? WE gonna go on bein who WE supposed to be so HOLD THAT!!!

Before Y'ALL chime in with ya answers, know that I'm just as ANGRY or DISPASSIONATE as YOU so in ya IRE, do not EVER LOSE RESPECT for ME! I LUV Y'ALL but I ain't AFRAID of yo ASSES so MISS ME with labels & ya questionin my intelligence! Just for the FACT that ya still readin this means that ya CARE ENOUGH to see what I THINK & for that, it's ALL LUV but I'll be damned if I 'm gonna allow peepo to suppress a message that THEY supposed to see. So.......I want anyone, men included to REBUT this if YA FEEL it's worth it! Hardly ANY of Y'ALL LABELS FIT ME so DIG IN! I used to count down the days but WE are in OUR TIME NOW & so WE can't LOSE FOCUS! That Krakka's WAY of keepin US divided is by havin US TALK about this type of SHIT AFTER WE BREAK UP with each other. All WE did before OUR UNIONS was ROMANCE each other euro style! WE NEED MAAT to PROSPER & til WE use that, ain't NOTHIN MUCH gonna CHANGE! I welcome ALL SIDES of the COIN so let the games begin! To ALL the BEAUTIFUL BW who KNOW ME from young & those of ya I'm gettin to know, MUCH LUV & RESPECT & do yo THANG! I'll see Y'ALL soon! Peace to the BLAK MAN! WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to the OTHER!!!!!  


The Blak Smith is a BEAST yo! Let me tell y'all YOUNG PEEPO that ya NOT in a COLLEGE or a place where KraKKa BITCHES have a say up in here. If my POSTS offend ya FRIENDS, too BAD! Ayo, WE got a REAL HOT 1 comin behind this where WE REPORT about a lotta BS that been goin down in the WORLD of ENTERTAINMENT! I don't have a name yet but get BLAK ASAP as WE go in every 2 days. Ya need to cop my book yo & it's at
http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/i-aint-perfekt-but-take-it-from-me/paperback/product-18623064.html. Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die on deck! To order, contact US at bennyblacko@yahoo.com & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


If ya LOVE listenin to MUSIC while readin HEAVY SHIT, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsivqbG6FOw.

This is a message that I got off of fb while browsin a few days ago. Once again, my dude, Dr. Phil Valentine has gotten me in HOT WATER bcuz of assertions as stated by OUR BIG BABA, Elder George. Rather than bore ya with details, read this, judge it for SELF& spread the word bcuz TOO MANY BW BELIEVE that if I post somethin that I agree with it 100% when that could be the furthest thing from the TRUTH! As well, DO NOT CONSIDER DEBATIN THIS as I didn't say it & will say why when I answer this message though I think it's SPOT ON! Any OFFENDED PARTIES can disagree but remain RESPECTFUL & don't LABEL anybody about ANYTHING if ya haven't done ya DUE DILLIGENCE aka RESEARCH to CONFIRM or DENY what ya are about to see. To be TRUE, most BW ain't gonna like this post. Without further ado, WE at b2a, bring ya the BUSINESS!

Greetings Beloved Family; Here is a very timely article by Elder George dealing with the masculine and feminine principles and how this present-day society exemplifies each, and why unbalancing these COMPATIBLE (not "equal") principles to cause the feminization of any society, is a precursor to its end. Please take some time to read it...


Western thinking established the genderless society, and it has devolved into a recitorial society in which all communication has been reduced to recitations. To encourage participation in the recitation of accumulated data, awards are given such as certificates, licenses, and degrees indicating the proficiency of memorization and recitation of the individual receiving the award. These awards have within them subdivisions further delineating the recitorial proficiency of the recipient.

Women love to recite because they know instinctively all information comes from outside of themselves; therefore a recitation serves as a public statement of what they know (or think that they know); furthermore, receiving awards caters to the “ME” aspect of their natures.

Receptive and accommodating by nature and measuring their self-worth by performing in accordance with what is expected of them, women will do their utmost to comply with standards they have been motivated in, trained in, or forced to accept.

For millennia women have been raised to become proficient in providing for the material needs of the family such as sewing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and decorating. Their many attributes were developed to also provide the non-tangible but extremely important function of nurturing, which had many applications such as consoling, healing, entertaining, socializing, and relating. The proficiency in household performance enabled by the application of these attributes and characteristics provided the opportunity to marry a man who was considered at the least capable of providing her with an environment that she was accustomed to but preferably one at a higher level in which she would bring forth life, nurture it and develop a family.

Men were raised to develop their natural characteristics such as constancy, reliability, honor, courage, assertiveness and steadfastness that enabled them to lead and protect the family. Men and women working together developed families as a means of propagating and preserving the species and growing spiritually.

The family served as the center of activity in most societies throughout the world with the exception of Europe, which having a feminine and materialistic psyche, substituted information for knowledge, developed the recitorial system to a level not seen elsewhere and had little regard for family or understanding of matters unseen.

In examining the recitorial effect on society, various vocations will be addressed, the first three being nutrition, social service and the law.

Regarding nutrition, if an organization wanted to upgrade its members regarding eating healthier foods, it would most likely call on a nutritionist or dietitian to address the group, who probably would probably be a young woman with a master’s degree. Why call upon a nutritionist to learn about healthy eating? If you wanted to learn how to fly a plane wouldn’t you go to a pilot, someone who could fly one? You wouldn’t go to someone who had a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering but never sat behind the controls of a plane.

Using the same reasoning, if you wanted to have a healthy body derived from the foods that you eat wouldn’t you go to a healthy person — preferably one who was old and healthy—which would give evidence that their diet maintained them in good health for many years? Ethnic cooking developed from those considerations; the elders of society knew which foods maintained healthy bodies and incorporated those foods into a standard diet, modified in accordance with the food available. What would a 25 year-old woman with a master’s in nutrition know about healthy eating? She could only recite, but she could not give evidence of the result of eating the diet she would recommend. Nevertheless, she would have the awards which in our credentialized society would give her the right and salary rewards to lecture people on nutrition whether or not she herself was healthy.

This reminds me of a caption I read of a World Health Organization worker sent to a remote area of Malaysia to teach the people proper dental hygiene. As she taught them how to use a tooth brush properly, it was observed that the only person in the group missing teeth was the health care worker. She was credentialized and authorized to promote dental care while she herself was missing teeth.


Getting back to nutrition, I will state four fundamentals that apply to most things relating to the care of the race:

1.God made food. Man made junk food. Eat the food that God made; most likely you will become healthy. Eat the food that man made; most likely you will become unhealthy. That covers all the knowledge about nutrition that the recitorial teachings in our universities can possibly offer.

2. The adulteration of the food that God created by chemical additives and various forms of processing has reduced the energy levels in it. Praying over food will restore the energy to its intended level.

3. For balanced nutritional menu planning, consult your grandmothers, preferably your great-grandmothers as the food they prepared made it possible for you to be here. They did it without attending any credentialized recitorial programs.

4. There are no such things as vitamins, anti-oxidants, free radicals, etc. All those things are made up and have no more validity than the Arctic Circle or the International Dateline. They do not exist.

5. The above fundamentals come from a man with impeccable credentials; he is 83 years-old and does not take any medications. Do any professors in the field of nutrition, dietetics, and general health care have those credentials?

Regarding an example of the recitorial training in social service, in speaking to a young woman studying at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I asked her to what she attributed America having the most violent boys in the world? Her immediate response was that it was in their genes; a response ranking with free radicals, anti-oxidants and all the other recitorial claptrap of Western society. During a radio interview on Father’s Day 2007, I mentioned that on that night 24 million American children would go to bed in a home without a father it. The primary source of the most violent boys in America comes from that pool of children raised without a father at home. They are denied the warm, nurturing, attentive love which can only come from a mother living in the safe and secure environment provided by a good husband. After school programs and assorted governmental child care facilities cannot effectively substitute for a mother’s love or the stability of a two parent home.

The third vocation I will address is the legal profession which I will refer to as the law. The law is female—it deals with what is seen—and can be recited. The feminine materialistic psyche of the european loves the law. It worships it. It makes it the final arbiter of all relationships. Great edifices are built to house those who practice and preserve the law. The Supreme Court building in the United States and the various Ministries of Justice buildings in europe serve as sacred monuments in which reference, submission, and obedience to the law by the populace takes place.

From the earliest european greeks, there existed a great dependency on the law. Draco instituted a system of law based on an aristocracy (the feminine form of government.) Solon developed a system of law in which eligibility for political power was based on wealth (a feminine value.) From Draco to Solon to Justinian to Napoleon, the europeans prided themselves on their legal institutions. After a 2,000 year history based on law, when the europeans came to America, the indigenous people said of them, “white man speak with forked tongue.” Indeed he did by lying, cheating and breaking almost every treaty he made! He took their land out from under the “the law” as he did to the Maoris in Hawaii and to other peoples of the world who befriended and welcomed him to their land.

There is no morality in the law. Laws are enacted when and where morality is lacking.

France’s Minister of Justice Rachida Dati reached the pinnacle of accomplishment in the legal profession. She is also an unwed mother and the father is yet to be identified. Of course this behavior is no longer considered immoral, but rather an indication of liberation. Also, Minister Dati is a Muslim and has jurisdiction over a prison system in which 60% of the inmates are Muslim men.

Moral behavior does not come from the law. Moral behavior comes from ethics, which are unseen and come from those men who realize their objective in life is to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it as humankind progresses on its spiritual journey. Ethics do not come from any place else.

The lack of ethics is but one of the many chinks in the recitorial system that we are addressing.

The educational system was referred to indirectly when three vocational aspects of society were addressed and now I will take this opportunity to go into greater detail concerning the efficacy of a college education.

A test given to high school graduates in America 60 years ago and then given to college seniors 50 years later, resulted in the college seniors not doing as well as the high school graduates 50 years earlier. In practical terms, this means if you are a college student, your grandmothers and great-grandmothers who graduated from high school know more than you do. I went to school with your grandmothers and great-grandmothers and can assure you that they know more than you. They also can darn a sock and dress a chicken.

This bit of information does not faze college women because they do not go to school to learn. As said earlier, everything a woman does is to excel at what is expected of her. Today she is expected to get a college degree. It does not matter that she is not learning anything other than to do the reciting necessary to fulfill that requirement.


Of course women will raise the question, aren’t men being subjected to the same education? The answer is yes and they are leaving college in droves as the percentage of men comprising the college student population continues to decline. The truancy rate of male high school students in New York City has reached an all time high, and grade school boys are given the drug Ritalin to help them endure the unnatural recitorial genderless environment they are forced to participate in.The purpose of education is to enable people to read, write, count, think, and express themselves properly and should be accomplished by high school graduation at the latest. Any education after high school is vocational in nature.

The vocation of women for millennia has been to bring forth life and to nurture it. The vocation of men has been to provide the environment and means for women to do that as we all grow spiritually. These activities are no longer held in high esteem. Making money has top priority now. That’s called whoredom; prophets from the first book of the Bible to the last have railed against individual whoredom and national whoredom, pointing out that focus on the material world inhibits spiritual growth.

The recitorial society does not recognize the unseen world, and can only deal with what it sees such as symptoms and effects. We have shown that moral behavior comes from unseen ethics, and the vocations of nutrition, social work, and the law -- all based on what is seen — are ineffective in serving the physical and moral well-being of society.

This essay is gender slanted, and will become more so, as it becomes increasingly obvious that recitorial activity is feminine in nature and as attempts to neutralize the masculine influence increase, the recitorial practices of society will increase as well.

One of the rallying themes of feminists called for removing women from what they called the drudgery of cooking, sewing and all stereotypical socially constructed activities of women. Now that women have come into bloom in the commercial world, what are the vocations in which they have risen to prominence?

The top American business women who do not have inherited wealth are Debbie Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies, Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Living, and Oprah Winfrey of Harpo Productions. There are also a couple of newcomers who have established successful clothing companies. These women earned their wealth from their talents in cooking, sewing, talking, and self-adornment, the same activities that feminists railed against 60 years ago. Why are these activities not called drudgery now?

My mother could bake cookies better than Debbie Fields, aunts on both sides of my family could cook as well as Martha Stewart, and most of the women I knew in my childhood could make their own dresses. Those women used their God-given talents for the betterment of the race through service to the family. Today we herald those few women who made a lot of money for themselves, the rest have been lured out of the homes, stripped of the ability to provide nurturing household functions, given recitorial training that will eventually become obsolete, reducing them to lonely unhealthy women dependent upon the government for their survival.

Where are the female engineering and science majors that are the equivalents of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, none of whom graduated from college? College graduation and recitations are not necessary for inventiveness. The requirement for new is conceptual thinking, a male characteristic that is not recitorial. How can anything new possibly come from non-conceptual thinking? In my first book Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility in the chapter titled It’s New, I pointed out that new comes from the creative will of the masculine gender.

female college graduate in cap and gown with diploma Stock Photo - 7284230

We have discovered another chink in the armor of recitorial thinking — its inability to create new. The psyche of Western thought being female is materially oriented; therefore, the conceptual thinking of the male is limited to material inventiveness, which he has excelled in to an unprecedented degree. However, as gender differences become more subdued, the natural drive and conceptual thinking of the male becomes subdued as well resulting in a decrease in inventiveness. The Soviet Union failed economically because it legislated away the source of new, which the Western world has also done, the result being the degree of inventiveness of the last 50 years is but a fraction of what it was during the first half of the 20th century. Most of what we call new today consists of adaptations and modifications to existing products.

The economy, an object of worship in the Western world, is rapidly grinding to a halt, and no amount of stimulus can save it because the modern economy depends on the new; and the source of new —the creative will of the masculine gender—has been suppressed.

When a task can be recited, it can then be automated and finally robotized. The reduction of job functions to recitations is occurring at an accelerating rate with the resultant loss of jobs and decrease in service. Service representatives trained to recite answers instead of being equipped to handle questions have been replaced by robots. All information can eventually be recited and thus robotized. The law is recited. Medical protocols are recitations.


Y'all need to get at me as I got I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me sittin & waitin for ya at the crib. Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is still bein edited & WE will keep ya informed. Just stay here at b2a or get with US at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or check US on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE at WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


So.......I'm listenin to Certainly by Eryka Badu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIgut8omQ9c) & freestylin & found myself rhymin about EQUATIONS & FRAGMENTS & decided to write about the FRAGMENTS of  society. Now when I say this, I ain't talkin about that KraKKa! I'm gonna get DEEP today so BE WARNED bcuz ya just might see YOURSELF in here & get yo FEELINS HURT! Before I do that though, what up to my b2a BLAK PEEPO? I hope that WE doin US the way WE supposed to be doin! The HATERS are there but could ya imagine a time where the dude ya liked the least was the dude that held ya down the BEST just bcuz Y'ALL was PEEPO? Can ya intuit a time where ALL CONTRACTS were VERBAL, HONORED & CARRIED OUT with ONLY the GREATEST of EXCELLENCE? Yea, WE got them niKKKa's in the midst & WE gotta get 'em up off of US so that  WE excel. So just how do WE do that? Ya learn how to DISCERN which kinda comes with age. I ain't OLD but I ain't YOUNG either. I'm a BAD MOTHA FUCKA is what I am! Let's get into what WE sayin!

Do Y'ALL rememba a dude named the Honorable Elijah Muhaammad? That dude made the noi what THEY became with the help of a BROTHA named Minister Malcolm. He felt that his J.O.B in LIFE was to take the Malcolm's & OTHERS who had lived the LIFE of DESPERADO's & those like it to GREATNESS. What about those Malcolm Little's that CONTINUE that addictive HUSTLA LIFESTYLE today? To typify the BEHAVIOR, let's take a dude like jay - z. Of course by now WE know that he is the DEVIL'S PAWN & for that, he get's top distinction. There are videos out there sayin that he SNITCHED his way to the TOP by givin THEM the INFO THEY needed when suge & a few other BM tried to get the DISTRIBUTION GAME on & poppin. As well, he serves as an APOLOGIST for THEM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sA7tEhbM7g. Yea these HUSTLA's.........THEY include russell simmons, al sharpton, farraKKKoon, jesse jaXXXon, magic johnson, his GAY ASS SON & charles barkley who forgave a KraKKa reporter for sayin he was the "cream of the crop" while seated around ALL NIGGA's. THEY are ya 10%'ers & THEY are just HUSTLA's. WE DON'T need 'em & fuck them BIATCH's, margaret sanger & thatcher.


Then ya got these SUPPOSED 5% niKKKa's or the 1's that CLAIM to have the KNOWLEDGE but ain't doin SHIT but BEGGIN from US & OUR SCANT RESOURCES! In my case, I ask for Y'ALL to buy my books or DONATE if ya see need to. In this case, that would be the KraKKa bcuz if things were REALLY EQUITABLE, there would be no STARVIN or HOMELESSNESS in the WORLD. WE stake OUR claim in Afrika! All the same, there are a large percentage frontin & fakin on who THEY really are as THEY wear their ankhs, dashiki's, beads & SHIT. They be frontin on wantin or havin more than 1 woman bcuz THEY ain't face TRUTH in SELF yet or THEY just WEAK but don't wanna appear to be so! THEY SCARED of the FUTURE & pretty much TOLERATE the way it is now, well, kinda sorta. On the low, these dudes would still stick a KraKKa chick & if he/she ain't an outright AGENT, still holds FAITH that just maybe, WE can ALL be FRIENDS! GTFOH niKKKa, it AIN'T HAPPENIN! Before hardly ANYTHING CHANGES & for somethin to truly work, the peepo must be willin! They go from project to project but somehow NEVA accomplish the sought after GOAL. WE know who ya are & though ya not NATIONAL, ya TRY & SPEAK for US. In this case, I'm speakin of types such as richard greene, jesse jaxxxon jr, all of those who are GUILTY on the atlanta school SCANDAL & more than likely, ya neighborhood pastor. .

Fragment - noun
a part broken off or detached: scattered fragments of the broken vase.
an isolated, unfinished, or incomplete part: She played a fragment of her latest composition.
an odd piece, bit, or scrap.
verb (used without object)
to collapse or break into fragments; disintegrate: The chair fragmented under his weight.
verb (used with object)
to break (something) into pieces or fragments; cause to disintegrate: Outside influences soon fragmented the Mayan culture.
to divide into fragments; disunify.
Computers. to split a file into smaller parts and store in non-contiguous sectors on a disk, resulting in fragmentation of both the file and available free space on the disk. Compare fragmentation  def 4 .
1375–1425; late Middle English  < Latin fragmentum  a broken piece, remnant, equivalent to frag-  (stem of frangere  to break) + -mentum -ment

1–3. See part.

If YOU are not an ORIGINAL, then ya ain't even a FRAGMENT as ya got PIECED OFF from the REMNANTS of what was once WHOLE! A FRAGMENT put another way, is just a PIECE of a THING that MAKES that THING! WE now speak on the 85% who are just folllowers of the 5 & 10%'ers. These are ya worker DRONES who get up every mornin to be led by mornin radio, hi-way signs, police barricades, J.O.B.S, inferior diets, inferior schools, inferior education & pretty much inferior services. These are the PEEPO who would NEVA STRIKE from WORK bcuz THEY afraid of losin that J.O.B. that's killin him/her! They don't take RISKS or DARE do anything to ROCK the BOAT as if that ain't already happenin! They ain't tryin to HEAR that BLAK SHIT! They are the types who will continue to eat FAST FOOD even when it has been PROVEN to be DANGEROUS! THEY INSIST on doin SHIT the SAME WAY THEY'VE ALWAYS DONE IT! THEY complain but NEVA CHANGE! THEY want CHANGE but still love soetero! THEY still go to a place of WAR SHIP! When things get HARD, THEY want you to go back to SCHOOL & get a good job bcuz somebodies hirin! THEY OLD & YOUNG so don't think it's an age thing. Damn yo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7veWD3jdYbM.


I'm so HAPPY that Wesley Snipes is outta PRISON! This equation ain't no eisntein discovery as WE already did it ALL yo! The purpose of this article was to WAKE UP those of y'all out there who are still FRAGMENTED! Many of ya ASPIRE to get HIGHER & if so, why & for what purpose? YOU CANNOT look to SERVE ya PEEPO & seek riches at the same time as the 2 are conflictin PARADIGMS. Look at ya, OFFENDED bcuz I said that last comment. Money causes MORALS to SHIFT & ray j callin out Kanye for baby motherin kim is a prime example. My problem with TOO MANY of Y'ALL who just read that is that under the hegelian dialectic of change, THEY COULD have called THEM in, TOLD 'em the SCRIPT, allowed them to do THEIR THING with this ALL DISTRAKKKTIN US MORE than WE already ARE while THEY make it legal to take more MONEY outta OUR checks next week! Did ya ever look at it that way? Them krakka's wear ya out with his weaved tales but a good investigator looks for the FACTS! Sequester anybody? ! I ain't sayin I'm right but by now, you don't BELIEVE the STORIES of 9-11, katrina, haiti, the jfk assassination, santa or the easter bunny so why can't ya BELIEVE that what I say is plausible? WE know WE got TOO MANY of Y"ALL out there that will do ANYTHING to make it & ya must stop. That HUNGER for MORE on a RUGGED INDIVIDUAL SHIT has got to stop. FRAGMENTS usually NEVA get replaced though they may be RECYCLED. "Yo Frag, I need ya to go over & glue yaself back on to that vase that has 7863 pieces. I want 'em all aligned perfeKtly!" That convo was in 1999. THEY still FRAGMENTED bcuz they drink quarter water! Not all is gonna make it. WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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