Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A scared negro is, by definiton, a saboteur & a social parasite - Alton Maddox

Hey y'all......I'm BLAK with a vengeance! I want this WHOLE SHIT to CHANGE so much that I MEDITATE on it to happen NOW! Ya know, DESTROY & REBUILD! I been tellin y'all to expect ADVERSE WEATHER WHETHER ya LIKE it or NOT! This includes earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes eruptin, mud slides & sinkholes. The poles will shift & who knows about space aliens but.......ya know. As I said before, watch out for ANYTHING as THEY ratchet up the ante. WE now see with the help of the net, just a FRACTION of the ATROCIOUS SHIT that they do to US & though I need to be RESPECTFUL to whom I speak to, y'all must know that as a PEEPO, WE have the right to be ANGRY & will express it in WORDS that reflect that very anger. Y'all be madder at me than at the krakka but I WRITE about what he do while HE DO THAT SHIT HE DO TO US! Would you approach him & tell him he messed up when he violates 1 of US? With the way things are, WE are ALL just 5 seconds away from SNAPPIN! I have the blessings of my WISE ELDERS as does the so called jew who refers to the protocols of the elders of zion for his direction. Look at that piece of work here: http://ddickerson.igc.org/The_Protocols_of_the_Learned_Elders_of_Zion.pdf. I speak to very few of you as MOST of y'all readin this, GET the MESSAGE while a few of y'all are sayin that to WRITE profanity without mentioning what the MESSAGE is sayin, is STOOPIN to the level of our ARCH NEMESIS, mr & mrs KraKKa Devil. WHAT MADNESS! I'll try not to be too rude but fuKKK that niKKKa!

I need to ready y'all & in order to help that along, I wanna go just a lil more in depth with what I mean so that y'all know this is not just an uneducated rant & such. As I have admitted that some of what I write may OR may not happen, thanks to all of y'all mature enough to know that this is THEORETICAL & I don't write with absolution unless I have references. With that, let me take pieces from the last article & tell y'all why I say what I say if I feel that it needs further explanation. I ain't writin for everybody & if I offend ya.......good, I'm doin my job as some of y'all need to be jarred! This SHIT ain't pleasant.

Are you ready for REVOLUTION? Most of US aren't bcuz the man who best described it as far as I'm concerned was Malcolm X. I've said it before & I'll say it again - like Garvey, if ya have any AFFILIATION with any group & it doesn't further BLAK LIBERATION in the main, I don't wanna hear it. I mean that for ALL of US! I also encouraged Blak Peepo to arm themselves bcuz as Dr John Henrik Clarke said, the KraKKa is the ULTIMATE GANGSTER & if it ever came down between you & him, kill him bcuz that MOMENT ya take to think about it is the moment in which he'd kill YOU! Blak Peepo in the us have already proven that if WE were gonna say FUKKK IT & decide to mass up troops & FIGHT, WE WOULDA DID IT ALREADY & WE'D get slaughtered as WE have no real WEAPONRY like them militia niggas in the mountains all over this country. WE gotta be smarter than that so I'm talkin on an individual/small group level. The right to die for a cause is ya own if ya really believe in what ya doin. Protect ya HOME & FAMILY at all times my peepo. To those of ya who disagree, would ya dispute when I said that NO PEEPO in BONDAGE who asked to be freed ever got freed by askin? Ya gotta do what ya gotta do BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Do you know what those words mean?

Yeah, too many of y'all who ACT like ya wanna be free ain't ready! Again, Malcolm said BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! When that day comes, don't give a WHOOT (tryin HARD to be respectful) & be like NAT TURNER & take 'en ALL OUT as THEY would you if they could like http://voiceofdetroit.net/2011/08/22/what-a-difference-a-race-makes-when-the-flash-mob-is-white-teens-black-man-murdered-in-hate-crime-june-26-in-jackson-ms/. Blak Cops & all other occupations need to decide which side they're on. I got y'all good & mad so that y'all could get a GLIMPSE of what so many of US have seen over the many years that WE'VE interacted with these KraKKas & THEY ain't gonna change yo. HIS STORY is all ya need to know so disprove that if you can!

Don't be STUPID & think that I mean do that shit tonite! Kunta Kinte was ARROGANT & that's why he got caught. That krakka readin this now is just as arrogant & I want y'all to be READY when ya supposed to be! If ya readin this, you know what I mean. I said in What are WE 2 do that WE should STRIKE like peepo are doin on wall st where the blak slaves were the 1st LIVE STOKKK! I didn't say STOP WORKIN FOREVER but can WE send 'em a MESSAGE somehow? Whole countries in europe strike when shit ain't right so don't tell me it can't work yo! If not that, then what? Ya gotta HURT 'EM in the pocket & if I tell y'all NOT TO BUY X-MAS GIFTS & BREAK THEY MACHINE APART, y'all gonna get all sensitive & regress back to how YOU felt as a child & don't wanna disappoint yours, lyin to 'em in the process! Again, HE CAN'T FIRE EVERYBODY & SACRIFICES must be made in SOLIDARITY, somethin most of US don't OVERSTAND as MOST of US have become WHORES for this MONEY which will soon be OBSOLETE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciGN8nBWkRY. The point is, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! WE need to be COLLECTIVE Y'ALL! Bobby Hemmit always says that common sense don't make sense to US.  Y'all already know the definition of INSANITY. Shit, if ya don't like my ideas, come up with somethin else. Oh I get it, some of y'all is COMFORTABLE.

If ya over the age of 55, believe me I can overstand why you would be offended by me writin profanely but remember I regard my elders. I am a FIERY TYPE & luv to hear speakers like Del Jones, Khalid Muhammad, Alton Maddox & Dr Clarke who spoke without usin curse words. WE on the younger side though cut our teeth on the Black Dot, AA Rashid, Steve Cokely, Phil Valentine & others who use POETIC LICENSE but come thru with that INFO WE need! They say NIGGA, dick, pussy & whatever to get THEY point across & the YOUTH relate not bcuz of the words but bcuz they relate to the ENERGY. In other words, what is the INTENT of the ENERGY? They don't leave rehashin words - they leave rehashin the MESSAGE! RESPECT changes in regards to TIME & the TIMES are a CHANGIN so get with it as that is the way just some of US express that RIGHTFUL RAGE without losin OUR minds. Besides, academics usually speak in scholarly ways but most of the more recent speakers didn't get degrees - WE were ordained by the ancestral realm to get this knowledge & be able to speak to some of US who wouldn't get this info if written/spoken/conveyed in any other way. I ask those of y'all  who are older than me to bear with US as WE wish to convey MESSAGES OR would y'all rather I speak GOSSIP about BULLSHIT? Like polygamy, EVERYTHING ain't for EVERYBODY but WE gotta get it together or.........................................the REVOLUTION will just be a NITEMARE that WE woke up to in this REALITY. If I can help it, it won't be on my watch. Suggestions?

The Blak Smith wants CHANGE. To keep in touch, bennyblacko@yahoo.com & at Face Book, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). We go hard so stay tuned & HOLLA BLAK! BOOK LINK COMING! Peace.   

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Blak peepo, watitdo? Now that WE all know that my dude T.R.O.Y  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wEw05-Ef5Q is with the ancestors but NEVER FORGOTTEN like so many more before him, I THINK that y'all ready. I've been readyin y'all for the near & distant future with the Final Countdown, the Final WARnin & so many other columns BUT................I believe that this is the 1 that can galvanize US as a peepo into right action. Funny how I thought it would have been y2k, 911, katrina & bp but look what's happenin now. Ordinary peepo such as christians, elders, youngsters & those who usually don't care are OUTRAGED! 7 out of 9 witnesses RECANTED their stories to no avail. It made me proud to know that the day after OUR BROTHA'S death, WE were out in our numbers at Wall Street standin tall in REVOLUTIONARY DEFIANCE!


Something has to jar US out of this FUNK & the next few days will allow for NATURE to take its course as I have mentioned in the articles that I've been writing for some time now. Blak Peepo, you need to ARM yourselves bcuz the KraKKa's time is up & he ain't goin down without a fight yo! Be ready at ANY MOMENT to engage in PHYSICAL WARFARE with these KraKKa's bcuz THEY have declared OUTRIGHT WAR with this killin. Most of US felt that OUR GUY was innocent. As I said before, SACRIFICES have to be made & some of US have to DIE just to be FREE but if in ya recent memory you ain't been dead yet, how do ya know if it's better or worse than what WE got now? Let me just say that in comparison to 1811, Blak Peepo ain't goin thru NOTHIN as our ancestors felt the KraKK of that whip on the daily! Yeah, that's right, I said arm yourselves, spar in ya homes & be ready to kill ANYONE against ya imperatives as children STILL need to be raised & WE must know that FREEDOM ain't FREE! No peepo in the history of time have ever been LIBERATED by askin for it so what the FUKKK are you waitin for? THEY SHOWIN OUT YO! REVOLUTION is a bloody business - more bloodier than an MMA fight!

Yeah, with what I say, I mean KILL anyone tryin to keep you from bein FREE! I'm talkin cops, judges, attorneys, bailiffs, magistrates, deputies, court officers, correction officers & security guards. Blak Cops need to be thinkin in they minds how they gonna kill them KraKKas that they know is no good to our peepo when the LIGHTS GO OUT. Figure that shit out! Doctors is gonna have to sneak out those obscure poisons. Sanitation Engineers is gonna lace those coffees with ammonia. Nurses will have to make convenient mistakes on the dosages they prescribe to their favorite patients. Get the ones closest to ya as ya DREAM AWAY in ya sleep. Cloud THEY minds as THEY have grown too comfy around US bcuz WE always do the right thing to keep that job. But guess what Blak Peepo? The WORLD as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST & WE gotta go into the next dispensation straight! Do it NOW & be creative like ya grands, great grands & learn that KILLIN ain't just guns & knives. Lethal Injections/Concoctions work just fine too! 6 Million ways to die - choose one! They used to hang pregnant BW upside down in fire, cut open they stomachs & stomp the babies in the fire to teach ya how to behave ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKUrQMYMv04 check at 6:56). They used Blak babies as GATOR BAIT. They cut off Kunta Kintes feet bcuz he kept runnin, wantin to be free. They used to swing babies from THEY legs, smashin they heads on beach rocks......yeah, I'mma get ya good & mad today bcuz ya need to show NO MERCY to a MERCILESS KILLA! Yeah, I think ya ready!

I was on the phone kickin it with my lovely sista the other day talkin about what I talked about in What are WE 2 do, where I said that Blak Peepo should stop workin. They can't fire, evict, arrest & punish everyone as somebody gotta do that NIGGA WORK. She said it wouldn't work & though I know where she was comin from, I told her that WE all need to do somethin different as protestin, petitionin & such are no longer strategies that WE should employ. WE cannot boycott GA bcuz WE don't en masse own enuff to boycott as conventions are usually for small businesses where WE work at. WE are the low level workers at the convention halls as well. I know that MOST of US ain't gonna STRIKE bcuz WE scared to lose jobs but imagine if just 15% of US did this onna regular basis? Troy Davises death is not in vain & a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for US to finally unite in that WE all have somethin to rally around. If peepo get fired or otherwise fukkked with, hold them down with food, clothin & shelter & use this situation for US to start talkin about COLLECTIVISM, the true definition of COMMUNISM as WE are COMMUNAL PEEPO & I'm not talkin about the ussr & china way. WE goin blak to the earth anyway & this could be the jump off for US to finally get it together if WE wish to inna real way. RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM is a european construct & WE are livin OUR lives like THEM & that's why, 95% of what WE do, DOESN'T WORK. Like Redman says, it's "TIME for some ACTION!"

I gotta phone call while on that same phone call with my sis! The caller said something to the effect that someone had dropped a BLAK BAG in front of the house & that WE had 10 minutes to get out. As I thought it was a joke, I asked, "who the fuKKK is this" but he wouldn't say & hung up. I got BLAK to my sis & nothin happened. Some of you may say to "be careful!" I'm glad that y'all care for my safety BUT my elders walked with no fear & walked this earth for LONG as I will for I have seen the COMIN of the PROMISED LAND & WE HERE yo! If ya made it this far, like charlie sheen, you are WINNING! THEY TIME IS UP! NOTHIN will happen to me bcuz I am ORDAINED to LIVE LONG after the Cosmic Party as there will be so much work to do! I got peepo to LEAD & FEAR NOTHIN! rick ross wants to be like big meech & larry hoover. I wanna be, Dr Clark & Kwame Nkrumah! I don't break the law but I get inspired by these kinda KraKKa's as in http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2010/03/12/hal-turner-wins-another-mistrial-decides-to-mix-it-up-for-third/. I write what the fuKKK I wanna so go eat a SHITTY DICK KraKKa! I need y'all to go forth without FEAR my peepo! You shall be VICTORIOUS as he's runnin scared from the SUN provin that he is an UNNATURAL BEIN SON! He can't take the SUN, SON! Three days of LIGHT or...........abject DARKNESS? Who the man? HIM - I am the hueMAN! Peace.

The Blak Smith writes about DREAMS & know that DREAMS can come TRUE! Y'all hang on as so much is goin on & get my book with link comin soon. I work on that EVERYDAY. To HOLLA BLAK, get at me at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace Peepo & thanx for the luv & support.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What are WE 2 do?

Hey BLAK PEEPO! Today, Troy Davis is scheduled to be KILLED. Racist white Supremacy is STILL the RULE of the DAY & I'm upset that it hasn't been cancelled out yet. The krakka enslaved US, almost killed all of the Indegenous Peepo, nuked & haarped japan, destroys the earth with plastic & have made too many disasters such as 9-11, katrina & the bp oil spill (remember that?) seem NATURAL. What are WE to do?

Should WE fight for repairations?  Should WE enter into the SYSTEM so as to fight it from the inside? Should WE comingle with krakkas so as to make 'em into US? Should WE continue the RHETORIC of "NEVER AGAIN?!" Should WE educate 'em? Should WE still be allowin THEM to tell US how WE are supposed to live? Should WE NOT break THEIR laws? Should WE separate & claim a few southern states? Should WE buy land & do like the Nuwapus did in GA years BLAK? What are WE to do?

Should WE continue to read this or any website for that matter that's lookin to INFORM the masses? What are WE to do y'all? I ask these questions as I realize that I am a COWARD! Reenterin the workFORCE has made me REAL-EYES this as 1 gives in when workin in order to receive paltry compensation. THEY overwork & underpay US (especially Blak Men) & then blame you bcuz ya didn't go to skool, blah blah, yaketty yak. Note when applications were handed out for section 8 apts & job fairs in atlanta, how those reportin the news NEVER say that Blak Peepo DO wanna work but that's not the point to all this. The point as I wait for this SHYSTEM to CHANGE is WHAT are WE to do? At the site of a BOSS, I'm tired of jumpin up to LOOK like I'm workin when I'm FUKKKIN TIRED & won't do it anymore! If all of US STRUCK just 1 day like THEY do in europe, WE could bring the krakka to his knees but y'all COWARDS too! Too many of y'all with 20 years on the job is scared to take 1 fuKKKin day off as if THEY can fire all of US! Ya see, most of US have stopped thinkin & GAVE UP BUT much props to those of you still tryin to do ya thang despite the roadblocks. Though I'm tryin to keep my patience,  I'm sick & tired of bein SICK & TIRED yo!

This may seem like RANT & if it ain't, ya probably happy! I'm tired of some of y'all! I have learned WELL from the ancestors & I HEED their words. As Dr John Henrik Clarke used to say, respect WISE ELDERS ONLY! Durin the jena 6 march a few years ago, al sharptone was the hnic & NOTHIN HAPPENED as Mychal Bell was jailed for standin up for himself against a krakka aggressor. With this sharptone nigga down in ga now, y'all may as well kiss Troys ass goodbye! The point that I'm makin is that y'all need to stop tryin to save the world as I taught y'all already that REVOLUTION is BLOODY as Mr Malik Shabazz said not so long ago. Also in reference to Mychal Bell, a wise & now departed elder named Mr George who operated the REALEST BLAK BOOKSTORE in norfolk va, told me that in any WAR, there will be SACRIFICES. I ain't fightin for ANY CAUSE but 1 so just know this now! I'm tryin to fight RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY right here at b2a & with those askin the right QUESTIONS. For those of you who didn't know, Mr Shabazz aka Macolm X became DANGEROUS when he wanted to bring the entire WEST up on HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE charges in the un world court. He learned from his elder & wise man, Paul Robeson. Deal with it ALL as you can as you cannot attack RWS from a CAUSE LEVEL unless you attackin it from the TOP! Or........let NATURE deal with it knowin there will be SACRIFICES & CASUALTIES. What are WE to do? With EVERY FIBER in ya body, do as much as possible to ERRADICATE RWS! War!

The Blak Smith is always WORKIN & my work is for US! Y'all know the LINK for my book is comin & if ya wanna keep in touch with me, holla at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Though I am currently frustrated, I URGE US to STAY the COURSE & THINK til it HURTS to get thru the BULLSHIT. HOLLA BLAK!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the Final Countdown 2012 - ReREVISITED

Watup my peepo? In order to capitalize on my book, I stopped postin other stuff to make my excerpted posts easier to find. Lately, it has been comin to me that meteorite showers will be hittin the earth as early as next week. Now before y'all go into PANIC MODE, this may or may not happen & a big INDICATOR of all this is the WEATHER & all the crazy patterns it has taken lately. Right now on September 17th 2011, it's about 60 degrees in NY & it feels way more cooler than that bein that it's cloudy & gloomy. What about in yo neck of the woods? As well, with the poles shiftin, look out for anything! Most peepo now know that the earthquake of a few weeks ago was caused by 2 nukes exploded underneath the earth in Mineral VA & in Trinidad CO. A few days ago, Japan AGAIN experienced an earthquake though no tsunami warnin was issued. There are underground tunnels thruout this country that connect the military bases & I already told y'all in No AFRICOM but Afrika is surounded that there is a tunnel from the airport to the military base/embassy in Accra Ghana. I already wrote to y'all in the Final Countdown 2012 but bein that so much is goin on, I had to ReREVIST what was already said to let y'all know that ya need to have 3 PLANS to SURVIVE this if it gets all crazy. A lot of peeps are sayin that shit is really gonna hit the fan in October so just be PREPARED as I would be remiss in at least not tellin y'all this. Watch a movie named the Quickening & see what just some of US are goin thru. 1 more thing before I go though; BLAK PEEPO shouldn't be WORRIED especially if ya heart is in the right place. With WAY LESS than 464 to go, what I'm gonna do here is give y'all the 2 links of what MAY or MAY NOT happen to give ya mind the path you & yours MAY have to take JUST IN CASE. Make sure when ya get to the Cosmic Party, tell 'em that the Blak Smith sent ya. Just think.......you'll be drunk & never suffer another hangover. Go in.

Contact info: bennyblacko@yahoo.com or Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on Face Book. Book Link for I ain't perfekt but take it from Me comin SOON. WE luv y'all & beg that ya eat HEALTHY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts X - the Conclusion

My BLAK PEEPO! Los Angeles had another earthquake today. Though not big, when will it hit? Not much to say today but KEEP VIGILANT of all that goes on. As this is the last installment of the excerpts from my book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me, I hope that y'all have enjoyed & will support when the link goes up. HOLLA BLAK!

KRS1 told us that if you don’t know the author, you don’t know the book that you’re reading. Imagine the power of all of us not showing up for work for 1 day. JUST 1 DAY!!! Imagine MANCOTTING X-Mas. Do y’all really wanna break that yoke on OUR backs? THEY selling what WE buy to profit on this MADE UP HELLIDAY yo! Like I said don’t discount something just because you never heard it before. If you knew the truth would you share it or hide it?
                                         NEXT QUESTION! If it’s getting you negative results, then why are you still partaking of it? The before mentioned quotes cover this but this time, let’s get into this just a little bit deeper. You see, I believe that instrumental questions have instrumental words & in this case, the word is negative. I love it when our youth use slang to truly define our condition in this present existence. A word that I hear constantly used in the NYC area is “twisted” & it mean something that isn’t right. It is the “correct” term to use as the world that we live in today is very twisted. Case in point, the U.S population consists of 6% of the world yet uses 25% of the natural resources that almost exclusively comes from other parts of the world. Caucasians make up less than 10% of the worlds population & yet they control virtually all aspects of this world. It’s gotten so “twisted” as a matter of fact, that ANYTHING is positive as long as it gets Paper In My Pockets (P.I.M.P). Let’s bring it from a Hip Hop perspective though. Pick a rapper, any rapper. We got MC Mac Shit & he start off as a local Krakk dealer. As usually happens, Mac gets into a beef because he’s out there huggin the blokkk & as we all know, shit happens during beef. A soldier on Mac’s team catches a bad one, is hospitalized & barely survives with his life. This is Hood Rules so of course retaliation is a must. Mac’s team meet’s, plots & schemes with an affiliate crew to get blak at his culprits & from this point on, it’s the same plot as Kung Fu flicks, only with guns. As they prepare, little does Mac’s crew know that this rival crew has a double agent that is giving that other crew important information. This crew comes around looking for Mac & his team, but little do they know that Mac has a court date. Two of Mac’s boys catch a combined 18 slugs & another runs for his life never to be seen in the light of day in that Hood again. Now Mac has a very small circle of associates (Hood Rule #789) & is scared to death but won’t leave the Hood so as to keep his “image”, which is everything to him. Mac now spends most of his time indoors & really starts thinking about that big book of rhymes that he has compiled through all of the years. He ain’t touch those books in months! Hey, Mac even remembers that he was handed a business card by a friendly D.A who heard him kick a hot 16 verse “Gangster” bar. Mac also remembers that this guy has other peeps with contacts in the “Music Industry.” “What the F?” says Mac & calls him. Soon Mac is rubbing elbows with some of RAP’S finest who also were connected by the same D.A. Now Mac is kinda nice but there a thousand other MC’s out there who will never make these connections. However, Mac has a jail record, street credibility, lawyers with power & a willingless to rhyme about the fast life without consequences. Mac shit gave up the Krakk game for the RAP game & the rest is HIS story. His home boy who ran scared becomes his hype man. Mac shit is now free to tell his story to the world without teaching other youngsters the right way to “get that money.” His take is “I’m not out in the streets anymore doing that but my life is positive getting this paper nigga! Why you hatin dogs?” Well let me play a little word game with you; if you took an AIDS test, a tuberculosis or cancer test & it came out positive, would those results seem positive to your mind? A positive can be negative. To rephrase, if your son got 1 million dollars from getting shot & as a result your nephew was killed as a bystander, would that be positive? Unfortunately for some that answer is yes! It kind of reminds me of the move to get reparations. If the US gave you X amount of dollars, would it appease you for the millions who suffered for over 500 years of the most brutal atrocities known to man? Would most Blaks want to open skkkools, museums & reculture ourselves to our original selves or would we continue to give Mr Benz, Mr Nike, Mr Hennessy & all of those Hotel chains that money right back instead of building our own infrastructure? Where’s the spirituality at? Not everyone works off of the physikkkal totally. If you ain’t livin off of the land, it’s not real. WE ARE LIVING IN AN IMAGINATED REALITY & WE HAVE CHOSEN TO MAKE IT REAL. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS PHYSIKKKAL MATTER. So reader again, I ask, what is your idea of negativity? Are you a drug kingpin enslaving your Hood to a substance that degrades members of your family? Are you redefining words that retain their original energy & label everyone that resembles you? But blak to Mac shit. After he makes his 1st Album & receives massive promotion, you hear him 7,000 times a day on ya radio. Impressionable youngsters wanting to be like Mac, download his albums in droves while suburban whites fascinated by the newest phenomena buy the album, to the tune of 7 million sold. He is now the man as he’s EVERYWHERE! Because our thinking is so twisted, we equate “manufactured popularity” with greatness & follow the shepherd to the slaughter. Of course the “Man” is now rich as this is a system of Pimps & Hoes. Instead of raging against the machine, Mac shit now gets his crew in the door & they usually consist of younger dudes from the same Hood Mac is from that are (1) Loyal (2) not nicer than Mac & therefore (3) controllable. All of these albums have Mac’s signature sound on them. These albums keep Mac hot until Mac . . . . just ain’t hot anymore. As the crew’s popularity increases, the talent decreases. Mac then makes album #2 & sells over a million copies but for Mac, these numbers are disappointing. To the label, it is considered a failure. So before Mac hangs up his mic (while making guest appearances on the Diva of the Month’s hot single), he rushes his 3rd album but before he retires, he signs up seasoned vets in the game to form a Super Group. Mac scales down his marketing money on this album, gets a massive marketing push by the electronikkk media, all the right magazines & even has a cameo in the new blockbuster movie, Super Melinated Peeps. This album puts Mac in the forefront before he retires. Mac can now fall back & collect money that his roster brings in. That is until, one of his rappers, Beefaton feeling bitched up & pimped, starts sniping, becoming unloyal & being a general nuisance at the label. This upstart get’s kicked off of the label & starts a back & forth war that Willy Lynch spoke of (new vs old). Dissing on the airwaves soon takes place (promoted by the most popular radio stations) & eventually Mac & his former rapper meet up at an industry album release party. As the sale of recorded media wanes, Mac comes up with philanthrophy as his new way to go teamin up with other mega stars who will be b-listed soon. The story ends & finish it for yourself as we have seen this scenario played over & over in NY, LA (State & the City), Philly, Miami, Houston, Chicago & in any Hood USA, “set up by the devil as he looks & he smiles.” Is this a healthy rivalry? Is this extreme jealousy? All of these things have happened, are happening & will continue to happen if we don’t watch out. AYO, GOSIPP KILLS! This is happening as well with young brothers & sisters EVERYWHERE. A beautiful young sister that I know told me that when her daughter gossips, she punishes her. So to finish this segment, why do you keep doing it if it keeps you getting negative results? Are the past few scenarios I described negative or positive? Is getting money all there is to it no matter what? Marinate on that my brothers & sisters.

Y'all know who I am & what I do. If ya wanna get at me, hit me at the e-mail, bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The ride has been GREAT & WE at b2a, look forward to continuing hittin y'all with the HEAT. Peace & thanks for the LUV!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts IX Part 9

Watup? This is the 10th anniversarry WEEKEND of 9-11 & as usual, the so called elite is up to THEY same TAKTIKKS, scarin US & uppin the terror alerts. Blak Peepo, even if you personally knew someone who died durin that MANUFACTURED DISASTER, do NOT be a part of that RITUALISTIKKK BLOOD SAKKKRIFICE SHIT! Enough is enough & if ya peeps died, I feel for 'em as they died innocently but the evidence is overwhelming that this was done purposely. Notice how lately, cheney is talkin about bush & condi is steppin up to defend herself. It's all so HEGELIAN DIALECTIC aka a DISTRAKKKTION & if ya don't know what that means, look it up here at www.googlescholar.com or in my archives in an article entitled, How it really works. Aww fuKKK it, here's the link for all you non-believers: http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-it-really-works.html. Whatever ya do this weekend, do not be afraid but be ever mindful of ALL that you do as SHIT is goin DOWN yo! Did y'all see sotero & that wack ass speech last nite? I'mma start callin that NIGGA, oBOOma. It's my page so I can say what the fuKKK I want! I gotta number ya mighty like but at this point, WE got WAY less than Four69 to go. My regulars know what I mean. Today, WE goin in on SEX & what it means to US as BLAK PEEPO. Y'all KraKKas readin this shit best know that I don't sleep with the DEVIL.........but FuKKK Y'all & those k's stand for KNIVES! Anyhoo, I expect SHIT to really get DEEP (as if it already hasn't) so put ya boots on PEEPO! For now though, go in on Excerpts 9, the number of completion though WE got more to go.

YOU MUST REGAIN YOUR AFRIKAN SPIRITUALITY! Almost every thing shown to you by the mainstream media teaches you away from who you really are. Balance out what you know so that you can teach what you know & you can earn so that you can teach what you have learned. Entertainment can be education & vice versa. Love your peepo. Matter of fakt, check out this little tidbit from Michael Bradley from his klassik, the Iceman Inheritance. It’s deep so watch out.

Love is the middle ground between aggression and the ability to
reproduce. Love is that place where we can feel unthreatened
sex and the place where we can have sex without directing
aggression toward our partner.                 From Page 130

On Page 132, Bradley further elaborates that
Perhaps we are now willing to grant that our curious western
concept of love and the MONOGAMY (caps mine) love
demands are ADAPTATIONS and behavior patters impeded
by our evolutionary experience. Our iceman maladapation.

Now that’s heavy & I suggest you read that book but finish this 1 first. It was written specifically for you! Let me drop a little more science on you from this book. Mr. Bradley goes on to further state that the Neanderthals (Devils) attacked the Albignesians, western Budhists who strove for peace, prosperity & respekt to one & all. These people settled in a Province named Languedoc. Women were a major part on the leadership councils & were called the Perfecti. The Barbarians wasn’t having this enlightenment of the masses, hence the Crusades that I spoke of earlier. This was called the heresy & they
labelled it the catharism. Scholars who saw validity in this lifestyle wrote poems that captured hearts & souls. They named these poems, amour courtoise translated as gentle love. I’ll let Mr. Bradley explain more.

The Norman Barons of the North saw a rich & militarily weak
culture ripe for the picking. There the Church saw heresy.
The male-dominated Catholic Church saw the male and
female completed ones held in equal respect. Saw a way of life
so successful & brilliant without the benefit of male-dominated
judeo-christian dogma that it must be destroyed. More especially,
destruction of the Perfecti was necessary because the corrupted
clergy of the Church suffered by comparison with the undoubted
virtue, asceticism & integrity of the Albignesian teachers.
A Crusade, the 1st of many was initiated by Pope Alex-
ander II in 1163. It was the 1st time that the Western psycho-
sexual & religious intolerance was institutionalized as the proper
spiritual orientation of an entire continent. One historian, Marcie
Magre has declared that the Holy War against Albignesians was
the greatest single turning point in the religious history of MAN-

I’m sorry to say, but it doesn’t end there. Check out the madness

Terrible cruelty was unleashed against the REAL ENEMY of the
Church. . . .The free WOMEN PERFECTI. The psychosexual
nature of the conflict demanded that the women Perfecti DIE
at flaming stakes or in agony on the rack.

If you ain’t saying whoa to yourself by now, you already knew all of this or you just plain don’t give a damn. Note that this was 1163, way before Europeans left they own shores. But I checked out these people in the encyclopedia & here’s what I found. According to the World Book Encyclopedia of 1993, the Abilgenses were a “sect” of the Cathari who resided in what is now modern day France, Italy & Germany during the 11 & 1200’s. These folks believed that wordly things were evil & that only the human spirit was good. It also said that they opposed marriage, childbearing & eating from anything from an animal. They also advocated suicide through starvation. For some reason though, this group soon became popular & had to be put down by the Church. The crusade against them squashed their numbers & in about 1350 they were no longer in Western Europe though the entry doesn’t say that they were all killed or driven away. So we have fakts but as usual, the white man writes facts of OMISSION. Why would a group advokate opposing marriage & childbirth especially? It doesn’t make sense. If the group’s followers believed in suicide through starvation, why were they still around hundreds of years later? How do you sustain a population by advocating death policies? I believe that like the Native Amerikan, these people would rather die off instead of being subjugated. That’s why I say they report & omit & to those of you who don’t analyze past what you read in a “trusted publication”, like reading the DaVinci Code & knowing that though it is a supposed fictional tale, a lot of it is true indeed. Books have to be written to spur your imagination and make you seek the truth. So my people, you didn’t change your ways voluntarily, you were as you now see, ADAPTED to a system of laws that was already in place by the time it got to you. THAT KRAKKA DON’T CARE ABOUT NOTHING but riches because in Europe, all he had was ice & cold & raw animal flesh & when he saw how much resources we had in abundance, he went crazy. He was determined to take it from you for banishing him from the Garden with his sick albino skin. HE TELLS US THAT WE COME FROM MONKEYS & SOME OF Y’ALL BELIEVE IT. What do you know about that Rh Factor? He doesn’t come from US! He knows that as time is going that his n.w.o will not work though he will take a whole bunch of us with him. Knowing the fakts & omitting some out of your expedient convenience is the way that this devil operates but when you expose him & show him his white ass, you can shame him to the ends of the earth. He has now been EXPOSED!

                                                           - to be continued -

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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts IIX Part 8

Today is Labor Day in the us! Greetings to all seein this. A TRIBUTE & SHOUT OUT goes to all of those who WORKED for years & NEVER got COMPENSATED for their TOIL & TROUBLES! Shout out to those of y'all who WORK TOO HARD & don't have TIME to know that LIFE ain't all about WORKIN everyday to the point of THINKIN that it's SUPPOSED to be this way! Shout out to all the WORKIN MOTHERS who despite not havin that MAN in her life is STILL doin what she got to in order to get where she goin! Shout out to all of those WORKIN MEN who do what they have to for those CHILDREN & when I say this, I just don't mean droppin off diapers & money. This goes out to those GRANDMA'S & GRAMPA'S who takin care of they offsprings children bcuz of whatever. That right there is the ULTIMATE JOB as it is the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE! Before WE go in though, a BIG SHOUT to all my FREEDOM FIGHTERS! The mark of a true FF is 1 who never stops aka a R.O.B.O.T.S. Ya know, them Righteous Ones Bangin On The System! Get it how ya live & by now, if ya ain't doin NOTHIN to GET FREE as Dead Prez would say, well then........anyhoo, today WE gonna get into something I've already covered in this blog but from my book this time which happens to be named, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me; WE goin in on REALationships! Get with US & let's see how it do. Peace.

                             OK, where do I start?  Blak Woman, I must admit it. The Blak Man has failed you & failed you miserably BUT & this is a big BUT, it ain't our fault. Don't get UPSET with US right now. If you must get upset, please keep ya angry focus on ME. As a matter of fakt, I suggest ya sit down & don't read this anywhere where an emotional outburst may occur & would not be to your advantage like at your job. Again, we must look at this from a historical perspective so allow me to go blak in time. Let's go blak to 1295 when Afrika was the cultural epicenter of the world & our way of doin thangs was the example that was followed. Yes, from those times there is archeological, anthropological & written evidence of our existence & history. The Egyptian hieroglyphics is historical evidence of that & was written THOUSANDS of YEARS AGO! If you are new to Afrikan without the ameriKKKan Studies, you probably thought otherwise but it is us who taught that devil how to write. Now, we have been in existence since the beginning of time & greater civilizations have existed aplenty before this current one. You are the earth & mother of all civilizations & so therefore you ARE the earth mother or the MOTHER EARTH. That is not a statement to big you up, it is an actual fakt. The white man entered into the family of his own & calls it mankind or kind of man. WE as Blak Men are HUE=Colored men. As the beings we are & being here forever, we also designed how a proper civilization runs & when I say that, I don't mean that everything was perfekt. I'm merely reporting a fakt that ya won't see anywhere else; not widely at least. Ok so now we are blak to 1295 in Afrika & if you consider yaself an ameriKKKan without acknowledgin ya Afrikan past, it means that ya skippin pages that ya don't agree with or you are in deep denial & wish not to see what can free you whether ya like it or not. Ok, we'll take a young lady named Mame as an example. Mame has a Mom, Dad & the Dad has another wife. With her birth Mom, she has 4 brothers,  7 sisters & her "other Mother" has 7 children by her Father. Mame is beautiful & possible new Father in Laws are lining up for marriage to their sons. In her case, the dowry is 11 cattle. In terms of hierarchy, these are the royals, all rich men & even richer in all of their COLLECTIVE HUMAN RESOURCES at their disposal. Each of Mame's brothers & sisters have a special skill & must go thru various RITES of PASSAGES before movin to the next phase of their respective lives. As Mame is the oldest child, she has a lot of RESPONSIBILITY & is now ready for marriage. Another wealthy suitor is ready to offer up 15 cattle for her hand & has passed all of the phases to now be able to marry her. After the concerned parties have met & discussed the particulars, Mame is handed over to her new husband whose name is Nana. They move to his peepo's land about 30 kilometers away & receive a plot of land from the royal council. As a member of the community, she is expected to contribute to her new peepo as a wife, mother, tiller of the soil, provider of guidance to the younger girls & to cook at the community kitchen. Nana is a hunter, trader & is gone for so long that the Elders in the place he goes extend him another wife & he gladly accepts uniting them ALL. Ya see, by now Nana is a very RICH MAN & has a lot of influence & can now align this clan thru MARRIAGE. Upon goin home, Nana advises Mame of his new wife & she is elated bcuz that means more HUMAN RESOURCES will be at hand to do all of the work needed in the community. POLYGAMY or a man marrying multiple wives (polygyny) is an ancient AFRIKAN CUSTOM that has been practiced by all peepos of the earth until europeans established THEIR kkkhristianity as the law of the land & thereby removin the SACRED FEMININE out of the equation. How can there be no MADONNA in the holy trinity? Mame came from a long line of these ARRANGED marriages to a man who can now travel the world & not worry about home bcuz it TAKES a VILLAGE to RAISE the CHILDREN. WE all come from that village mentality. Mame goes on to have her many children & influences her husband in all of the moves that he's makin & has daughters that she's raising to marry fine young men who have met the required Rites of Passages. As a wise woman advising her wise husband & SUBMITTIN but never SUBMISSIVE to him, she becomes an important part of the Consul of Elders & attains Queen Mother status.What the elders do is council those in their stead so as to keep order & harmony in the community & the decisions are legal & binding. No cops, lawyers, bailiffs, bail bonds men, & all of that other nonsense. Mame lives to be 97 years old & when she passes on to the Ancestral Realm, she is buried with reverence as thousands show up to see her off. Mama had 7 sons, 11 daughters & well over 100 grandchildren. A queen daughter in her own right, her eldest named Wimba repeats the cycle until.......her daughter Kabira is caught by slave traders never to be seen again. Her husband cries uncontrollably bcuz she was pregnant with their 1st child. How sad!

                                                         - to be continued -

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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts VII Part 7

Hey Y'all & how do ya do? This the Blak Smith checkin in again & boy do WE have a SMOKER for y'all today! I'm more than sure by now that most of y'all heard about the quake in Southern CA & just a few hours ago, another 1 was reported in argentina   http://www.rttnews.com/Content/MarketSensitiveNews.aspx?Id=1706015&SM=1 as seen in the link provided. As well, as WE type, another hurricane is churnin in the Atlantic & her name is Katia. I keep tellin y'all to check on my past articles namely the Final Countdown 2012 & the Final WARnin. If ya interested, type that into the search box to the right of the articles posted. As the internet has so much goin on in it, the WEST cannot afford to shut it down but most of the real info gets here & so THEY gonna blame EVERYTHING on WEATHER aka ACTS of GOD! This absolves THEM of guilt bcuz THEY know a lot of ASSHOLES don't believe in HAARP & similar stuff but still believe in RELIGIONS to save 'em. This in spite of DOCUMENTED EVEIDENCE but for that, also check Lies Dis Info & Ms Info. With WAY LESS than 476 days to go, SEPTEMBER 11 is around the corner & I expect ANYTHING ANYDAY now! For now though, WE gonna act like it's 1999 again & look forward to seein y'all SOON at the Cosmic Party. The Blak Smith luvs y'all so STAY ALIVE as ALL THINGS CHANGE! Go in on these excerpts now!
With the given information, is there any wonder as to why relationships between the Blak man& woman don’t work? You see, as a people, we have lost the love. Remember Blak woman they took the culture most of us disdain from US. Our culture for better or worse is what sustained us for thousands if not millions of years. Now that I am mature, I realize that a woman should want to be with a man who she sees as secure because security is part of the equation but no man wants to be with a woman who loves him because he can provide her what she desires only. When they washed us of our culture, they also washed away the way we care for each other. Furthermore, it was in our cultural imperative to have rites of passages that proved that I was ready to marry. THE AVERAGE MAN HAD 2 WIVES & those who could afford it had more, was appointed more land & had to have a lot of resources (offspring) to keep everything in order. EVERYONE HAD A JOB as all worked for the benefit of the community. That’s why Afrikans from the continent who come to the US, work for themselves almost immediately after arrival. Most of them don’t have degrees but they will frequent each others establishments thus keepin the dough in they community like we should be doing. TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE IS CONSIDERED SLAVERY! BLAK WOMAN & BLAK MAN, you have gone through and are still going through the most dehumanizing experience imanigible & have made it this far. NO OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE COULD GO THRU ALL OF THIS & SURVIVE. WE ARE EQUALLY MESSED UP Blak man & woman & it ain’t our fault, but it’s up to JUST US to fix it. Reading sex tips from Essence or BM ain’t gonna do it! Seeing your white psychotherapist ain’t gonna do it. Using drugs & throwing caution to the wind ain’t gonna do it. Like I’ve been writing, I’ve got some answers so stick around. To show how deep our problems are, I quote from a book that blew my mind about this very topic. The name of it is, “Slavery. The Afrikan Psychic Trauma” written by Sultana & Naimah Latif.
Being sold away or watching family members get sold
away was an indescribably devastating experience.
Many slaves became so overcome with grief, they went
insane & in their hallucinations, talked to their absent
loved ones. Others became suicidal.
Seperating children from their parents was per-
haps the greatest factor in the loss of Afrikan Culture &
language. Once children were taken away, their upbring-
ing was no longer supervised by parents who could pass
down knowledge & traditions.
They go on to further say.
The enslaved Afrikan always lived with the reality that
marriages among slaves could never be held sacred.
One could be sold away . . . . Or the Master could take
a liking to ones wife.
Did y’all know that George W Bush was accused of raping a Blak woman named Margie Schoedinger& she pressed charges & was soon “sucided?” Not only was she violated but so was her HUSBAND! These charges were filed in Fort Bend County TX on Dec. 2, 2002 & she “commited suicide” on Sep 22, 2003 . As well, Bush& former Knoxville TN mayor, Victor Ashe were homosexual lovers alledgedly since puberty & when a Congressional investigation was to emerge, Ashe quit& Bush sent him to Poland to be an ambASSador there. Stop thinking that our problems started with us! I’m trying to show you the hand rocking the cradle. Put in that context, what do you think of that? Blak woman, that krakka devil is still RAPING you & unfortunately because he has a title like (p)resident, CEO, Chairman, Sir or more financial means than me, you justify wanting to be around him. Don’t forsake us! Mind you, I am not talking about players (liars), criminals, gangsters, perverts, woman beaters, swindlers & non righteous hustlers. The average Blak man is the average Blak man& has the capacity to love you! You see what we have lost between ourselves is the love & replaced it with an endless pursuit of the paper chase. MOST BLACK WOMEN ARE MAKING MORE MONEY (LEGALLY) THAN THE BLAK MAN well at least in Amerikka! Blak woman, those corporate elitists are overworking you, under paying you & if not outright salivating for your loins, secretly wishing to do to you what he has done to us historikkkaly. Steadman is a rich dude on his own but next to Oprah? No comparison! Yes, the world has been turned upside down on its head. In the Blak community, because of willy lynchism, Blak women are now the primary breadwinners & anybody with half a brain knows that the person with the bigger wallet calls the shots. Because Afrikan Amerikkkan women won’t submit, a man’s manhood is questioned & all types of problems ensue. Blak woman, for eons Blak men has defined manhood as hunting, gathering & bravery. These qualities ensured that men were ready for adulthood & all of the responsibilities that come with it & there was a cultural & natural way to take care of our problems when they eventually arose. You are not the PROBLEM! The problem is NOT KNOWING this. As I said before, the system now defining you is the problem & that’s why I named the chapter Is willy lynch Right? During slavery time, because they wanted chaos in our ranks, they pitted you against your natural mate. They handsomely rewarded those who snitched (men & women) & brutalized those who kept loyal to their brethren. This is why I took that quote out of that book; to give you reference. THE ORDER IS NOT NATURAL! You naturally want a man with financial means BUT you are a two-for. What that means is at a job, physically you are not a threat to a man & you humor them with your sassiness & Blak talk. In these days of Affirmative Action (which is quickly eroding), you duly serve as a (1) minority & (2) a woman, & serve as a 1 in the hand beats 2 in the bush type concept. BLAK WOMEN ARE RUNNING AMERIKKKA & CONDOLEZA RICE WAS THE HEAD NIGGERETTE IN CHARGE (HNIC). Blak woman, we have our problems & we need to get it together. We must sustain our race because without the LOVE that has been taken from us, we are all playing a game & the stakes is extinction. What good is our race if all we are is a bunch of niggers & bitches? I am a proud Blak man & all I want is a Blak woman. I don’t dance with the devil!
                                            - to be continued -

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