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McDonald's Closing Hundreds of Stores in US & Asia

Image Eat to Live by Talib Kweli

If this is not a BIG INDICATOR as to how things are going IDK what is! This just may be bigger than ENERGY STOCKS going down bcuz WE ALL gotta EAT!!!!!!!! Please note that this article is from April & know that as hard as it may be for some of y'all to see, the PEEPO have SPOKEN as these FAST FOOD OUTLETS have been EXPOSED as serving FRANKENFOOD! Who amongst US can deny this as WE are now in the DIGITAL AGE where INFO is at the touch of a button? Recently saw the Black Dot & he was talking about a new way of BOYCOTTING wherein WE stop buying from coca cola but support pepsi with the INTENT of getting at pepsi after coke gives US what WE want. What say y'all? Anyhoo......check this lil article out that spells DOOM for ya fave MURDER BURGER! Please, get as HEALTHY as possible bcuz WE gonna need it! WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR is on the HER(U) RISING so let's get it!

McDonald's announced Wednesda…

On October 26th, ALL ENERGY is FREE from Keshe


As the title of the video says it all, no need for Me to say much. TAKE this all very SERIOUSLY as the technology as provided by Nikola Tesla has been around for some time now but the infamous THEY´s have been supressing it for years now. Just so YÁLL know that this is not a game, check this very short link out; Anyhoo................

Get with the news & see what WE mean here. If ya have a car, you´ve seen the price of gas absolutely PLUMMET! If ya asking why, it´s bcuz the Russians allowed their economy to collapse during the Ukraine situation & China quickly picked up the slack with GOLD! This is what the BRICS is about BABY! Just to drive the point home, let Me hit ya off with just 1 more link to let ya know that WE gotta HANG ON! I´ll see yáll on the OTHER SIDE!

The Blood Sacrifice Lifestyle II: LAMAR ODOM & Khloe Kardashian


When I first got into this thing, peepo were calling Me that most HATED of names, a CONSPIRACY THEORIST! I used to get upset about it but this here should put all of those naysayers to rest once & for all! For that matter, the first 50 seconds of this video says it all as far as I´m concerned! For those of ya who still dismiss all of this as mere CONJECTURE or a grown Man WHORING around, what about bruce is now caitlyn, kanye is married to perhaps the most famous SLUT outside of mae west & this dude? Dave Chappelle asked when he was going thru it............. What´s really HOOD yo? What are ya not getting? My LOVE for HIP HOP keeps Me invested in what´s happening in the world & as Lamar is from NY, I feel for him bcuz the peepo I know who know him all say that he´s a pretty good dude. Chris Lighty was a sacrifice that m…

get to know Elijah Muhammad

What is the WORLD coming to? By now, most of ya who are into this CONSCIOUS SHIT know that Natural Tahuti is in prison & the reason why I think is bcuz of the EXPOSE he put down in the vid up above but before ya go into the up above 1, get into this 1 first! ( I know that alot of yáll BROTHA´s is gonna get upset with Me but here at b2a, WE don´t give a FUGGG! Let it go & learn something. Peace, Knowledge & OVERSTANDING to those who know the REAL. HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Phil Valentine- The Bible & End Time Prophesies 2015-2016

Hey y'all & how are WE? Though this is a lil late, there is very good info here that ya ears need to hear! I purposely put this here at this time so that WE can go BLAK in time & see what¨s WHAT! Take a listen & see what ya get outta it & keep the FAITH! WE are HERE is the answer to the question, ARE WE there YET?



Image the WORLD is a GHETTO by WAR
It has already happened & I've been telling Y'ALL but ya STILL CAN'T SEE IT! If ya listen carefully, Russia has taken over from the usKKKa to finally rid those sand niKKKa's of what they call ISIS/ISIL or whatever the kids call 'em nowadays! When was the last time the usKKKlet another country TAKE OVER OPERATIONS from 'em? Listen to the rhetoric & see that it's only a matter of time or as I used to always say, the WORLD WE KNOW will SOON CEASE to EXIST! As there is so much to say & so much going on as all of these FALSE FLAG EVENTS as in oregon & turkey, let's get into a very interesting article by Ben Fulford. I need to restart my COUNTDOWN? 

The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken o…

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Dave Chappelle Full Show 2015

Hey........aint got much to say but WE must keep laughing! In LIFE right now, ALL of my FAITH is being TESTED & in order to keep going, I gotta BELIEVE in what I say & do. Meanwhile, back on planet EARTH, things are still CRAZY but WE SOUL JAH on! Get into my dude DC & laugh yo ASS OFF!