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Black Love Vs. Black Lust: Round One

(Mia Miata)

This SISTA up above is a LADY! Bcuz she is so much of a LADY & keeps me in STITCHES, I asked her to BLESS US with her opinions on what is comin to US in the near FUTURE & BLESS US she did! I love the fact that she addressed all of US with a message that WE should all be hearin. As far as MANY are concerned, WE are now in the 5th Dimension & also officialy in the age of Aquarius which means a whole lotta different SHIT if ya even BELIEVE in that stuff. Allow her to resonate in OUR minds & don't take the message lightly bcuz of the SMILE! To all of my b2a peepo, I give to Y'ALL, Mia Miata & don't be tryin to DRIVE her nowhere!

Goddess Alert!! Everything you have heard up until this moment has been a phucking lie!! We have been lied to about our worth, our value, our heritage, our origin, and the power of our precious yonis...The Shift is here!! Welcome to the "Age of the Return of the Divine Femi9!!"
The Daark Goddess has risen, an…

Man Friday - an ANALYSIS!


Watup Y'ALL? I keep findin these MOVIES that tell ya how WE gonna get FREE & I hope that ya saw this 1 so that this article makes sense. If not, hit the link above, watch the movie & get BLAK to US so that ya can compare notes. This movie I feel is Roundtrees BEST WORK EVER though he gets more acclaim on Shaft. In case ya into cinematic films but too young to know who I speak of, check the theme song to that movie as sung & recorded by Blak Moses aka Isaac Hayes - who passed a few years ago. I hope that most of Y'ALL recently had time off to get with RELATIVES & FRIENDS as WE go into 2013. WE still livin in the days of REVELATIONS, with norman schwartzkopf dead & daddy bush(it) NEXT UP on the death bed level. Those REPTILIAN niKKKa's is bitin the DUST & hope that kkklinton is behind THEM! Stay the course Y'ALL!

Ok, Man Fridy & it'…

Man Friday Film(1975)

I found the perfeKt flick to SHOW the HATERS exactly just how WE gonna WIN! I will leave a COMMENTARY on fb in a few days to show Y'ALL what the film REALLY represents to US as a PEEPO. This FLICK is BAD ASS & so with NATHAN much to say, take it away Man Friday. Enjoy!

I was WRONG......or was I?

Hey b2a! Guess who's BLAK with plenty of egg on his face? It's that BLAK DUDE who be yellin HOLLA BLAK at ya & though it's COLD today, it's CLEAR as EVER! Yea, WE still here doin what WE doin & I'm so glad that the ELECTRICTY didn't shut down. Despite gettin clowned left & right, With that said, the Blak Smith would just luv to APOLOGIZE to all of Y'ALL out there who read this very blog & THOUGHT that I was sayin that the WORLD was about to END! If ya like most BLAK PEEPO & THINK that apologies are a sign of weakness then let my SIS tell ya better: WE are at Dec 22nd & NOTHIN MUCH as far as the naked eye can see happened. As far as WE know, no ALIENS named the Pleidians landed, no n.w.o KraKKa's died, OUR FOOD is still CRAP & the WEATHER is still bein MODIFIED! Hmmmmmm........excuse me but - where can ANY of Y'ALL show me w…


Haha, this is where I'm at in the WAKE of the Cosmic Party. Ya boy soetero is nominatin ketchhup for sec of state but BABYLON the GREAT has FALLEN! Enjoy!

The 5th Dimension/the Blak Smith - Age of Aquarius 2013

A BIG SHOUT OUT 2 all of U who have had the PATIENCE 2 put up with my INCESSANT COUNTDOWN TALLIES 4 the past 2 years. WE'VE been thru a whole LOT from GREAT 2 BAD but ya PERSISTENCE will soon be REWARDED as U have weathered the STORM of TIME! 2 ALL of U who are really REAL, I wish 2 eventually meet U as WE leave this 3rd dimensional BS & enter into the 5th & get 2 finally LIVE instead of SURVIVIN! 2 a lotta my YOUNGER FOLK who don't know this song, LISTEN 2 it intently. Hear the Krakka beginnins & how the song ends with that high note NIGGAS get at chuch! This is what the BS is all about & if ya ain't with it, why did U read so far into the msg? Ayo my Beautiful BLAK PEEPO, U SIRIUSLY can't know how much I ♥ US some US! Listen & see Y'ALL at the Cosmic Party as WE PARTY 2 songs like this & OTHERS. 2nite, I want ALL of US seXXXin, smokin, drinkin & the BW should be havin that NUCLEAR SEXXXUAL E…

Revue ya PICK of the YEAR bcuz WE at the COSMIC PARTY!

Check out how b2a has held it down for US all YEAR! WE got music, comedy, articles, videos & if ya haven't kept up, check it out. It's a NEW DAY, almost a NEW YEAR & more important, a NEW AGE WE are in & YOU decided to be here for it regardless of where YOU are in LIFE! While goin thru this, Y'ALL will LAUGH, CRY & everything in between. Stay with US & see ya at the COSMIC PARTY! WARRRRRRR before PEACE!!/2012/04/eddie-murphy-kill-white-people-236-left.html!/2012/02/krs-one-aztechnical-official-video-prd.html*


Big Daddy Kane - Word To The Mother(Land)

The BM is GOD & in sayin that, I never forget that Afrika is the KEY! Hold on & see what develops & that's WORD to the MOTHER (LAND)! Stay up bcuz before it gets better, it's gonna get worse but ain't that's what LIFE is about? WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! 3 days left.

Countdown fuKKKery!


So....the COUNTDOWN is now at 4! Are ya READY? WOW yo! So much is happenin & WE cannot afford to get distraKKKted as most of y'all already know what this is all about. Let's talk about just a few things to put it all in perspective.

(this BIATCH is ASHEN & UGLY!) Damn I can't WAIT til THEY gone!

Ya favorite BIATCH in foolery KKKlinton is in the cross hairs as she was SUPPOSED to TESTIFY about what happened in libya on Sept 11th of this year. seems like she fell sometime last week after gettin DEHYDRATED & suffered a CONCUSSION that she didn't even got to the HOSPITAL for! Along comes KKKnight in shining GARBAGE, john ketchup to save the day. I'm shocked that THEY didn't use the EXHAUSTION excuse again. Anyhoo, his reasonin is that SHE doesn't need to testify & that others who's job it isn't to EXPLAIN, will. These niKKKa's ain't even followin THEY LAWS anymore &…


WOW! I keep not tryin to talk about these next 5 days LEFT but THEY keep DRAGGIN me in yo! WTF? Some niKKKa killed 28 up in ct & BW on fb is killin me with those "those POOR BABIES & I wonder how THEY MAMA's are FEELIN" shit Y'ALL need to MISS ME with! As my Mama is a BW & I just luv Y'ALL so, I OVERSTAND that the ULTIMATE HUE-WOMAN-ITY is comin outta ya, but if ya don't know by now, that mothafuKKKin KraKKa has CONCEDED & wishes to distraKKKt US in his LAST DAYS! As I SWORE I would stop talkin about this, I'm gonna make this SHORT!

In previous articles, I've told y'all that as the 21st approaches, there would be more & more deaths. Y'all gotta know that as much as I can't stand KraKKa's, them niKKKa's y'all think are RICH are just middle class middle men who hate the fact that THEY can't be on VACATION like the REAL BOSSES gettin head in the middle of the day in some BOARD ROOM somwhere. Nah, THEY gott…

The Calm Before the Storm! da BS speaks.

WE got left! As I'm speakin to ya & at ya, ain't gonna say much at all except that I the Blak Smith live in Utopia & approve this message. HOLLA BLAK!

Tommy Davidson - FUNNY STUFF!

Hey, I want Y'ALL to keep on LAUGHIN! WE now have 8 days left & I ain't worried about SHIT but keep WATCH on what them niKKKas is doin! I luv US & hope ya sendin that BLAK to US at b2a! HOLLA BLAK my PEEPO!

I'm at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WARRRRRRRRR!!!!

Dick Gregory: Race, Comedy, and Justice

The MAN I wish to be like 1 day! As he is the MAN, no need to say much as HE will say it all! Just 11 days to go & remember that WE must keep on LAUGHIN! I can feel it in the air even though THEY messin it up with them chemtrails. Stay on the 1 with b2a & see ya at the Cosmic Party.

The Blak Smith can be kept in touch with at & at fb I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). My book is still at 20% off if ya HURRY in time for the HELLI-DAYS! WAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


Just 13 days left! In OUR COSMOLOGICAL ORDER, 13 is a GREAT NUMBER & in fact, stood for GOD LUCK & FORTUNE but when THEY turned it into BLACK MAGICK, it became a symbol of witches, WARlocks & such. Note that the word for a male MAGI in THEIR language includes the word WAR & LOCK & if ya put the 2 words together, it means how ya wear ya HAIR! WAR = WAR & LOCK = HAIR as in DREAD LOCKS & how THEY DREADED seein 'em bcuz THEY knew that THEY had WAR on THEIR hands when THEY saw those LOCKED LOCKS which stood for the WARRIORS in Jamaica & what is now known as the west indies & the caribbean. Those peepo that came there especially, Jamaica, Haiti, D.R & Cuba, originally came from what is now known as Nigeria & THOSE peepo DON'T PLAY! As well, OUR CALENDARS had 13 months with 28 days OR 13 X 28 = 364 as an actual day is 23 hours & 45 minutes but ceasar rounded it off to make NATURE perfeKt & pope gregory made it LAW as in the GREGORI…

RBG | Drop Squad, The Film

Yesterday somebody asked, "what would ya want peepo to you remember about ya after ya gone?" I told him that I wanted peepo to remember that I cared about my PEEPO! WE now at SWEET 16 days left & I'm already on the OTHER SIDE feelin the BLISS!! How YOU feelin? With not much else to say, HOLLA BLAK!

I'm almost at the editin process of my new book comin out soon, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die.  Support the cause by buyin my 1st book & the link is here: My e-mail address is & on FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smith). WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sacred knowledge of vibration & the power of Hueman Emotions/18 days left!

Ok Y'ALL, this pretty much sums up what I've been tryin to tell Y'ALL since the last 2 years! If ya doin the REAL WORK, ya have NOTHIN to WORRY about & as I can't explain it as well as these peepo do, I will allow THEM to do so. My STUDIES have led me to EXACTLY what's bein said in this film & in earnest, for me, it really starts at the 19 minute mark. Now that doesn't mean that the 1st 19 minutes are not good but it gets REAL after that time to those of Y'ALL who are concerned with what is to be if ya even concerned with OUR FUTURE at all. Look at this very carefully as it doesn't waste a word & a big big SHOUT OUT to my dude Gregory A Powell aka the GAP MAN! As he sent this to me, he deserves the credit as much as ANY of ya who send the REALEST SHIT. With that, WE got 18 days left & stay up bcuz peepo are gonna be droppin like flies HOMIES & HOMETTES! Will ya be attendin the Cosmic Party with US? WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Show you the way to go - the Jackson 5/ 19 to GO!

WE only got 19 days left & so with that, let the J5 & b2a show ya the WAY 2 GO!
As YT takes 'em down, WE put 'em BACK UP as in