Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black Love Vs. Black Lust: Round One

Mia Miata
(Mia Miata)

This SISTA up above is a LADY! Bcuz she is so much of a LADY & keeps me in STITCHES, I asked her to BLESS US with her opinions on what is comin to US in the near FUTURE & BLESS US she did! I love the fact that she addressed all of US with a message that WE should all be hearin. As far as MANY are concerned, WE are now in the 5th Dimension & also officialy in the age of Aquarius which means a whole lotta different SHIT if ya even BELIEVE in that stuff. Allow her to resonate in OUR minds & don't take the message lightly bcuz of the SMILE! To all of my b2a peepo, I give to Y'ALL, Mia Miata & don't be tryin to DRIVE her nowhere!

Goddess Alert!! Everything you have heard up until this moment has been a phucking lie!! We have been lied to about our worth, our value, our heritage, our origin, and the power of our precious yonis...The Shift is here!! Welcome to the "Age of the Return of the Divine Femi9!!"
The Daark Goddess has risen, and the presence of the Divine Femi9 Inner(g) is womaifesting on the planet in the form of healing, love, abundance, prosperity, light and sacred sex .The true suns and dawtahs of the Most High Create-Her are ascending and must rise beyond their lower chakras in order to make the shift. Black love is the key. Black love is the way, Black love is the answer. Black love is our origin. Why do I make an emphasis on “Black Love?!?” When one looks up into the night sky one sees the moon and the stars. However, those celestial objects would not be visible without the backdrop of the Black Universe, Mama Universe, The Great Cosmic Mother, The Most High Create-Her, who bEarthed all things from her black cosmic womb. Any man who views his woman and children as baggage is a fool!! Your woman and children are your most valuable assets.Your enemy wants you to think that we are worthless and easily discarded. A man with no family is a man with no roots and a man with no roots can easily be conquered.  Black Love is a revolutionary act.

There is no mistake that on CHRISTmas day, Quentin Tarantino releases “Django Unchained” staring Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, about a slave that fights for the love and protection of his kidnapped wife. This is spiritual and the White man knows that in order for him to be on top, the Black woman must be at the bottom. Inner(g) is spiral and the opposite of Black is White and the opposite of male is female!! He put us at the bottom and made us his wet nurses, belly warmers, comfurt gurls and mammies in order for his ass to be on top, and THE BLACK MAN dropped the got damn ball and let the shyt happen!! The reign of the BEAST is ova!! Hail Mama and her true Dawtahs and Suns!!! And if Mama used the White boi for the message to come thru then so be it!! Spike Lee called the movie “disrespectful.” Really Spike?!? Fighting for and protecting the Black woman, the Creatress of Civilization, is disrespectful!!! Spike, go sit yo ass down somewhere!!!

All things cum from the essence of Black Love. The shift is here and we must rise from our lower nature of lust and evolve and take our rightful place as the “Black Cosmic Ambassadors of Love.” The Black man, the most powerful man in all the Universe must before he can take his place as King, make the shift from the Son/Sun & must redeem and elevate Dawtah Earth, the rejected stone, who shall become the chief cornerstone. He must get up off all fours and stand on his four corner square and stop chasing after the hybrid and White woman, and reclaim the hand of his true cosmic SiStar, the original Black woman. The Black man and Black woman are the original Twinn Flames, and a nation can rise no higher than its women.

Sacred Sex Is The Union of The Divine Femi9 and The Divine Mascu__!! Goddesses, this is a VERY powerful time!! We are ascending and re-connecting with our Twinn Flames and Soul Mates!! But just because he is your mirror reflection and the man fashioned for you by the Most High, DOES NOT entitle him to EASY yoni!! He, of ALL men, needs to earn you!! Mic check 1,2,1,2!! You are what you attract, and if you send out base level inner(g) through your spoken/written words, deeds and actions - then so shall it be, but if you want a higher level of vibration than the choice is yours. You must raise in vibration and consciousness.The shift is here, the clock is ticking and the portal is slowly closing. Black man, we are more than our Black juicy pussies. We are the truth, the way and the light!!! Countless, pointless, meaningless sex is an insult to the Universe. Quit PHUCKING around and make love that matters!! I like getting phucked just as much as the next chick, but I am evolving and want more. I desire (Latin, meaning; from the creator) a heart to heart connection with another soul who vibrates on the same frequency

In closing, Black man you are loved and appreciated. You are the most powerful man in all the Universe and we need you to stand up, get on your post as providers and protectors and be the Gods that you were created to be. The Queen is the most powerful player in the game of chess. She has freedom of the entire board. The Queen can move freely by day because she is counseled and comforted by her King at knight. Rest well Kings and Queens. Til we meet again

Mia Miata, "The Neo-Soul Nina Simone" and self-proclaimed "Goddess in Womanifestaion" releases her first literary work, "the Goddess Code: Goddess in Wonanifestaion Volume I Words and Verses" on Mia Melodic Publishing, LLC, April of 2013. A classically trained vocalist, poet, educator, activist, talk show host, mother, ex-wife, daughter, sister and friend, Mia Miata shares her life experiences, joys, heartaches, pains and triumphs in "The Goddess Code.” Mia is also host to the widely popular internet talk show, "Goddess Talk Live” and will launch her clothing and accessories line “Goddess Creatress” in the Fall of 2013.

SUPPORT BLAK BUSINESS! The SISTA gave her contribution & my new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die will be out in Januaary 2013 & I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is available. For ya pre-orders, hit me at or get with US on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace to all of my RIGHTEOUS BLAK FOLK!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Man Friday - an ANALYSIS!

Watup Y'ALL? I keep findin these MOVIES that tell ya how WE gonna get FREE & I hope that ya saw this 1 so that this article makes sense. If not, hit the link above, watch the movie & get BLAK to US so that ya can compare notes. This movie I feel is Roundtrees BEST WORK EVER though he gets more acclaim on Shaft. In case ya into cinematic films but too young to know who I speak of, check the theme song to that movie as sung & recorded by Blak Moses aka Isaac Hayes - who passed a few years ago. I hope that most of Y'ALL recently had time off to get with RELATIVES & FRIENDS as WE go into 2013. WE still livin in the days of REVELATIONS, with norman schwartzkopf dead & daddy bush(it) NEXT UP on the death bed level. Those REPTILIAN niKKKa's is bitin the DUST & hope that kkklinton is behind THEM! Stay the course Y'ALL!

Ok, Man Fridy & it's signifigance. All I remember about this 1 BLAK in the day was the title & saw it for the 1st time myself just last week while postin it online. I had said in there that this is a METAPHORIC WAY to OUR FREEDOM as Friday had to prove cunning in order to STAY ALIVE! But first, he had to learn that Krakka, robinson crusoe. The movie starts with a ship wrecked robinson & as he is the only one on the ISLAND, he DISCOVERED it & claimed it for his home country, britian. After 12 years, he finds footprints & he knows he's not alone. He finds 4 young men eatin an already deceased member of Friday's crew. When 1 of 'em approaches in peace, he shoots him down & kills the other 2. In the process of doin this, he tells Friday that he has SAVED him from SAVAGES & that he must bury the dead. At this point as Friday was from a NATIVE KLAN & doesn't know english but soon learns.

The movie then gets into the WAYS of this most peculiar KraKKa & how Friday TEACHES rc in a way that he doesn't know that he's bein TAUGHT. He TEACHES him to sing, dance & LOVE but rc can't bcuz he has no twin soul. Every so often when he loses patience with Friday, he pulls out his big guns with which he had already killed the others. He tells Friday that he had put a spell on it & that the gun couldn't shoot white men. Friday learns & learns & then finds that in reality, that he's been ENSLAVED! He protests but then......civilized Krakka's from england stop on the island & try to ENSLAVE'em but Friday get's hip to it, notifies Master, kills 1 & while almost killed by the other, Friday throws a spear & kills the 2nd. The ship takes off & Friday is a temporary hero til...........

rc gets another wild hair up his ass. Ya see, he was payin Friday & had convinced him that bcuz he was a PAID SERVANT that he wasn't a SLAVE. When rc runs outta coins, he sends Friday down into the wrecked ship way underwater to retrieve more. After Friday works hard to get 'em, rc pays him just 1 coin when he did all the work. Friday then makes a deal with the Master to stay indoors for 2000 of these coins & after he get's 'em, he takes over & turns the table on rc. He makes rc work UNDER the GUN til a boat is made to take THEM BOTH back to Friday's island. THEY go back & Friday tells 'em all the tale to their astonished disbelief.

When THEY get BLAK to Friday's place, rc appeals to the Klan to be accepted by them though Friday is dead set against it. The Klan goes back & forth & when rc is invited in to state his case, the Klan decides against based on all that Friday has told 'em & his actions. rc is cast off back to his island & I won't tell how it ends but in this 1, the BM won though he had to pay with death of his colleagues. Despite his heavy ordeal, the movie ends in victorious song. What a movie!

Yea ya question now is "what does this have to do with BP?" Great question & from where I see it, this is where I took it. rc is the KraKKa who doesn't even represent 8% of the worlds population, STRANDED on this tropical island like his peepo who FAIL to REPRODUCE. Upon seein these Blak Savages, he KILLS the 1's who he thinks are a THREAT & the BM's PENIS is always a THREAT bcuz WE have the capabilities to anilihate their race thru the DOMINANT GENE FACTOR! As Friday didn't pose a THREAT, he keeps him like a PET while enslavin him. This represents US bein in the WILDERNESS of the diaspora durin the 1st stages of slavery. As this situaton was foisted on Friday, he had to LEARN the WAYS of the KraKKa in order to stay alive & it takes years before he can OVERSTAND master. After the last outburst & Friday doin all that he could in LOVE & FAIRNESS, he takes OVER without KILLIN master though he could have done so easily. That there shows how WE by NATURE are not KILLERS as WE care too much about ALL LIFE. That is just 1 of OUR BIGGEST DETRIMENTS, OUR capacity to LOVE.

The end of the movie is the best in that there were a lotta factions that wanted to keep master in the Klan & Friday didn't want it bcuz he witnessed 1st hand who rc was. rc tried to appeal thru the children & after Friday reacted violently, rc was rebuked & sent back. Right there, Friday represented those of YOU/US & those who have been on the FRONT LINES & have endured thru it. He lost his comrades thru SLAVERY/RACISM/Police Brutality & sheer SAVAGERY! He had to deal with the KraKka's crazy ways & perform in order to NOT GET KILLED.This is the RESILIENCE WE as a peepo are gonna have to show in the comin days, weeks & years. How ya do that is best left to YOU & ya GOD of OVERSTANDIN if ya even believe in that stuff. Let ya conscience be ya guide.

So as WE now see, it's really ON & POPPIN & as BP as a whole don't really possess FIREPOWER to match that of the KraKKa, WE now KNOW that it's on! These mass shootins(whether staged or not) will continue & when the KraKKa is under attack, watch it happen! Casualties of War abound & the Blak survivors go to prison FOREVER! Remember this 1?: As I've been sayin for years, if ya readin this, ya actually won the RACE against TIME! All ya gotta do now is SURVIVE so that you can finally LIVE the LIFE WE supposed to have. It's encoded in ya dna to happen & it will still be a process of NATURE! WE'VE lived thru the WORST & I hope the FUTURE is lookin bright from where ya see it bcuz like Saint HARRIET TUBMAN, ain't no goin back! The WORLD is MINE! Peace.

The new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is bein edited. The book: is available. My name is Blak Smith & I can be reached at & on fb, as Blak Smith Blak Smiff). Stay up & HOLLA BLAK!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Man Friday Film(1975)

I found the perfeKt flick to SHOW the HATERS exactly just how WE gonna WIN! I will leave a COMMENTARY on fb in a few days to show Y'ALL what the film REALLY represents to US as a PEEPO. This FLICK is BAD ASS & so with NATHAN much to say, take it away Man Friday. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I was WRONG......or was I?

Hey b2a! Guess who's BLAK with plenty of egg on his face? It's that BLAK DUDE who be yellin HOLLA BLAK at ya & though it's COLD today, it's CLEAR as EVER! Yea, WE still here doin what WE doin & I'm so glad that the ELECTRICTY didn't shut down. Despite gettin clowned left & right, With that said, the Blak Smith would just luv to APOLOGIZE to all of Y'ALL out there who read this very blog & THOUGHT that I was sayin that the WORLD was about to END! If ya like most BLAK PEEPO & THINK that apologies are a sign of weakness then let my SIS tell ya better: WE are at Dec 22nd & NOTHIN MUCH as far as the naked eye can see happened. As far as WE know, no ALIENS named the Pleidians landed, no n.w.o KraKKa's died, OUR FOOD is still CRAP & the WEATHER is still bein MODIFIED! Hmmmmmm........excuse me but - where can ANY of Y'ALL show me where I sad that this world would end? My name ain't no UGLY ASS harold camping nor am I fatalistiKKK david KKKoresh or at jamestown. What's really HOOD yo? Listen to the very 1st words in this song & COME AGAIN yo:

I'm gonna go BLAK to teachin mode now. I DARE ANY of Y'ALL askin me what happened to show me where I ever said the WORLD would end. I apologize to those of Y'ALL who respect the SPIRIT of what I say as opposed to bein LITERAL to the point of perfeKtion. As I already said on fb yesterday, I DARE ANY of Y'ALL to find where I said any of that & if ya do, ya get a free e-book & I just don't be givin my shit away like that!: Again, what I have extensively said was that the KraKKa's TIME is UP & if ya THINK that his SHIT is crumblin, watch how fast it actually WEARS OUT in NO TIME! WTF, do ya think he's gonna have 1 of his long haired DOGS come out in the middle of a boxin match to tell y'all how many rounds are left so that ya know how much TIME WE have? Take yo ass BLAK to WORK at that j.o.b ya HATE niKKKa!

I remember BLAK in 1999 when y2k was SUPPOSED to be it & when it didn't happen, I told peepo that either nyc, the city of chi or l.a would get hit with a DISASTER & when it didn't happen, I got CLOWNED & took it all in with a grain of salt. I got my info from William Cooper from Behold a Pale Horse & got outta nyc & though I was 21 months late, BOOM, 9-1-1 & EVERYBODY STFU FAST! Remember, them hysock niKKKa's pretty much STOLE the WEALTH of Kemet away & STORED it all away in the vatiKKKan holdin onto a lotta the SECRETS. This gregorian calendar has it so that WE don't really know what time it is. For all WE know, 12/21 may be in january or february or.............what would ya do then when ya least expect it?

Hi Hater

I can dig the criticism. I can deal with the witticism. Allow me to rhyme now & let the rythm hit 'em!
Thru all that though, ya MUST RESPECT ME & I will PROTECT the - INTEREST RATES which are on the CLIFF of FINACIAL. The KILLIN FIELDS of ct I find quite SUBSTANTIAL - ENOUGH bcuz niKKKa's ony control GUNS! The only niKKKa's criticizin is the 1's that woud RUN!

It always amazes me that most of the peepo who chime in with OPINIONS are the peepo who NEVA have ANYTHING to say when I do come CORRECT! Some niKKKa's don't see the WORDS MAY HAPPEN, ALLEGEDLY, I HEARD, SOME SAY & just wanna ascribe 1 to LITERAL LANGUAGE with no LEEWAY. There is the WORD & then there is the SPIRIT of the WORD & that is no excuse of the LAW! I can be WRONG but I use my SPIRIT & INTUITION as everything cannot be PROVEN with FACTS! WE all know that Chris Lighty didn't kill himself but who judges that? If ya SHIT is TIGHT, I'll give ANYBODY with somethin worth sayin the opportunity to say what they wanna. This is why I BLOG to give OPINIONS of mine & OTHERS who have been on the mark before. I THOUGHT that WE would have 3 days of DARKNESS startin today & I was MORE fuKKKed up that it didn't happen than YOU were. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So WTF is the Blak Smith talkin about now? What I'm sayin is that the Cosmic Party did happen. This party was in ya CONCIOUSNESS & on the 25th or what some of Y'ALL refer to as jesus's bornday, SOME of US will culminate in the 5th Dimension which is a METAPHYSICAL DYNAMIC bar none. I've already swam in the WHIRLWINDS that my ANCESTORS told me to look out for! A lotta my peepo is FEELIN ME bcuz THEY FEELIN THAT there & if ya lookin for OVERNITE SOLUTIONS thinkin it was gonna CHANGE at a FINGER SNAP, GTFOH & this apology wasn't meant for YOU! Most of my REAL PEEPO told me NOT to apologize & bein that I didn't listen, I apologize to 'em again! THEY LOVE ME so MUCH that THEY will OVERSTAND. In the annals of TIME, YEARS are SECONDS & so what makes ya THINK that it's gonna get COOL just like that? This APOLOGY is for all of my A-Alikes who B-Alike bcuz WE C-ALIKE! Like I said on my last post, the rest of ya can go EAT a bag o' DICKS! The Blak Smith has spoken & if Y'ALL piss Me off enuff, I'm gonna start a NEW COUNTDOWN til



Friday, December 21, 2012


Haha, this is where I'm at in the WAKE of the Cosmic Party. Ya boy soetero is nominatin ketchhup for sec of state but BABYLON the GREAT has FALLEN! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 5th Dimension/the Blak Smith - Age of Aquarius 2013

A BIG SHOUT OUT 2 all of U who have had the PATIENCE 2 put up with my INCESSANT COUNTDOWN TALLIES 4 the past 2 years. WE'VE been thru a whole LOT from GREAT 2 BAD but ya PERSISTENCE will soon be REWARDED as U have weathered the STORM of TIME! 2 ALL of U who are really REAL, I wish 2 eventually meet U as WE leave this 3rd dimensional BS & enter into the 5th & get 2 finally LIVE instead of SURVIVIN! 2 a lotta my YOUNGER FOLK who don't know this song, LISTEN 2 it intently. Hear the Krakka beginnins & how the song ends with that high note NIGGAS get at chuch! This is what the BS is all about & if ya ain't with it, why did U read so far into the msg? Ayo my Beautiful BLAK PEEPO, U SIRIUSLY can't know how much I ♥ US some US! Listen & see Y'ALL at the Cosmic Party as WE PARTY 2 songs like this & OTHERS. 2nite, I want ALL of US seXXXin, smokin, drinkin & the BW should be havin that NUCLEAR SEXXXUAL EXPLOSION as she throws off the SHACKLES of OPPRESSION once & 4 all. Wateva U do though, do it RESPONSIBLY! 2 all the rest of ya, EAT a bag o' DICKS!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Revue ya PICK of the YEAR bcuz WE at the COSMIC PARTY!

black people dancing!!! :)

Check out how b2a has held it down for US all YEAR! WE got music, comedy, articles, videos & if ya haven't kept up, check it out. It's a NEW DAY, almost a NEW YEAR & more important, a NEW AGE WE are in & YOU decided to be here for it regardless of where YOU are in LIFE! While goin thru this, Y'ALL will LAUGH, CRY & everything in between. Stay with US & see ya at the COSMIC PARTY! WARRRRRRR before PEACE!!/2012/04/eddie-murphy-kill-white-people-236-left.html!/2012/02/krs-one-aztechnical-official-video-prd.html*****!/2012/07/hi-jakkked-hip-hop-izza-rap.html!/2012/05/walls-of-jericho-are-falling.html!/2012/05/distrakkktion-is-on-poppin.html!/2012/05/amerikkkan-psychosexxxuality.html!/2012/03/weapon-of-mass-destruction-is_27.html!/2012/02/eddie-griffin-voodoo-child-full.html!/2012/02/we-gotta-talk-about-devil-in-music_15.html*!/2012/01/runaways-can-go-home-blak-2-afrika.html*!/2012/01/immortal-technique-payback.html!/2011/12/nas-we-will-survive.html

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Big Daddy Kane - Word To The Mother(Land)

The BM is GOD & in sayin that, I never forget that Afrika is the KEY! Hold on & see what develops & that's WORD to the MOTHER (LAND)! Stay up bcuz before it gets better, it's gonna get worse but ain't that's what LIFE is about? WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! 3 days left.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown fuKKKery!


So....the COUNTDOWN is now at 4! Are ya READY? WOW yo! So much is happenin & WE cannot afford to get distraKKKted as most of y'all already know what this is all about. Let's talk about just a few things to put it all in perspective.

FILE - In this Nov. 16, 2012, file photo, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton poses for photographs before a dinner hosted by Singapore's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam, unseen, at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore. The State Department says Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, that Clinton, who skipped an overseas trip this past week because of a stomach virus, sustained a concussion after fainting. She’s now recovering at home and being monitored by doctors. An aide, Philippe Reines, says in a statement that Clinton will continue to work from home next week, as the recommendation of her doctors. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)
(this BIATCH is ASHEN & UGLY!) Damn I can't WAIT til THEY gone!

Ya favorite BIATCH in foolery KKKlinton is in the cross hairs as she was SUPPOSED to TESTIFY about what happened in libya on Sept 11th of this year. seems like she fell sometime last week after gettin DEHYDRATED & suffered a CONCUSSION that she didn't even got to the HOSPITAL for! Along comes KKKnight in shining GARBAGE, john ketchup to save the day. I'm shocked that THEY didn't use the EXHAUSTION excuse again. Anyhoo, his reasonin is that SHE doesn't need to testify & that others who's job it isn't to EXPLAIN, will. These niKKKa's ain't even followin THEY LAWS anymore & EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE ain't enough of an EXCUSE! As TIME continues & the COSMIC FORCES array against 'em, THEY gettin buck wild NAKED & can't hide anything anymore. THEIR REPTILIANESS is comin out & check this vid to see exactly what I mean: I can't get over the reasonin behind ketchup sayin what he said & if ya think it's a joke: To finish off all of this CF SHIT, missiles & 400 troops were deployed to turkey on friday that hardly made a ripple in the media. THEY got US OD'ing on ct but it ain't gonna WORK as WE livin in the days of REVELATIONS where ALL shall be REVEALED!

Gotta shout this dude out here as he's been doin the WORK lately but ALREADY, there's a BIG CONNECTION between what happened in ct & what I've been talkin about for a while now & that is the LIBOR scandal. As reported earlier in, I had said that:

                          WE start y'all off with perhaps the BIGGEST STORY of the YEAR so far & that's the aurora theater shootin that happened in colorado just outside of denver on july 20th 2012. By the way, denver is the hq of the north ameriKKKan n.w.o. In that incident, supposedly 12 peepo were killed & 58 were injured & now, there's some dude named steven unruh sayin that he talked suspect, james holmes outta suicide in prison though authorities say that he didn't have that kinda access. Like the mainstream media does though, THEY spin the stories a million ways to distraKKKt ya away from somethin FACTUAL as that ain't really important. The deal is, is that james holmes dad, Robert was some big wig dude that was creatin computer programs that could track how these n.w.o types were purposely BREAKIN the financial system to finally implement their new world order once & for all. The media called it the LIBOR SCANDAL! This dude may be untouchable & killin him was probably impossible & so THEY placed his son at the scene & whether he actually did it or not doesn't matter at this point as he is the LONE SUSPECT. Like andrew breitbart died of a "heart attack" before he was supposed to be deliverin a SMOKIN GUN interview on barry soetero, Robert Holmes was supposed to testify about these high up NIGGAS stealin all of yo MONEY to the tune of 15 TRILLION DOLLARS & so this affects everybody worldwide! Ya need to know why that theater shootin jumped off yo. Check here:
Well turns out that the supposed DUDE that did the shootin in ct (adam lanza) & died, had a father who was also workin along with Robert Holmes in EXPOSIN the Libor Scandal & BOOM, the son goes onna shootin spree like james holmes SUPPOSEDLY did. If ya say the word COINCIDENCE, I'm gonna spazz the fuKKK out! For years, I've been tellin Y'ALL that the ONLY thing THEY ain't doin is comin out & tellin US what THEY doin! These shootins also seve as a way for the issue of GUN CONTROL to come back up as it hurts for Krakka's too see HIS CHIDREN shot the fuKKK up like NIGGAS in these idylic affluent small towns but them militia types know better. It's the LIBERAL NORTHENER soccer moms THEY wanna effect !To all of Y'ALL who think that THEY deserve REDEMPTION, ya must be outta yo fuKKKin mind as THEY can't make it any plainer that THEY don't give a fuKKK about US. Let this dude tell y'all the deal as I'm not just writin for my health:!

From here WE go to Hip Hop. The same dude who allowed angus jones or jake from 2 & 1/2 men to explain himself is named Forerunner & he has done his level best to expose the illumunati in his forerunner chronicles series. I respect this dude a lot but he can keep his BIBLE & RELIGION SHIT to himself! What I'm gonna do here is show 1 of his older videos where he espouses on jay-z, kanye & rihanna on the run this town video & what it REALLY MEANS. Keep in mind that the latest massacre happened in NEWTON ct & the symbolism that name REPRESENTS in light of what's about to happen. Get what ya get outta it but: (start video at 7:15).

So WE have seen a whole bunch of LIES in this case. That boy, adam lanz's mom never worked at that school even though the media has been sayin that she did. The era of the LONE GUNMAN THEORY has ran it's course! The DEVIL has been exposed & I think that THEY are sittin & waitin on when the peepo are gonna get ANGRY & REVOLT but as long as most of US can gas our cars & power up our tv's, there ain't gonna be any. As BLAKS don't have any real weapons anyway, THEY ain't worried about US so all WE gotta do is STAY ALIVE when CAIN slays ABEL. There are plenty of parralells to this case & just to show that there are no CONCIDENCES in this SHIT, take a look at this here: As well, hurricane sandy had it's HOOKS in the northeast a few weeks ago & most don't know that coastal ct got hit real bad too but it's SMALL & no one really paid attention. Y'all need to go BLAK to this 1 & be CAREFUL bcuz it will BLOW ya AWAY!:!/2012/11/ktl-radio-hurricanes-halloween-haarp-ft.html. You have been WARNED!

As the LIBOR SCANDAL will eventually come out as pubic knowledge, look for more of this to occur. As perhaps 100 niKKKa's die in the u.s HOOD's every weekend, again, why should I give a fuKKK about morgan & brent? Like in columbine & in other smalltown u.s.a shootings, those peepo were affluent & ct is full of mayflower KraKKa's & so: As well, as of today, WE got 4 days left & ALL will soon be WELL so stop worryin my BLAK PEEPO. The KraKKa has CONCEDED long ago & had to symbolize it by settin it off in NEWTOWN. The question for y'all is ARE ya READY to take control? I know I am!

on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff)


Saturday, December 15, 2012


WOW! I keep not tryin to talk about these next 5 days LEFT but THEY keep DRAGGIN me in yo! WTF? Some niKKKa killed 28 up in ct & BW on fb is killin me with those "those POOR BABIES & I wonder how THEY MAMA's are FEELIN" shit Y'ALL need to MISS ME with! As my Mama is a BW & I just luv Y'ALL so, I OVERSTAND that the ULTIMATE HUE-WOMAN-ITY is comin outta ya, but if ya don't know by now, that mothafuKKKin KraKKa has CONCEDED & wishes to distraKKKt US in his LAST DAYS! As I SWORE I would stop talkin about this, I'm gonna make this SHORT!

In previous articles, I've told y'all that as the 21st approaches, there would be more & more deaths. Y'all gotta know that as much as I can't stand KraKKa's, them niKKKa's y'all think are RICH are just middle class middle men who hate the fact that THEY can't be on VACATION like the REAL BOSSES gettin head in the middle of the day in some BOARD ROOM somwhere. Nah, THEY gotta deal with y'all niKKKa's & instead of HATIN THEM, THEY hate US while THEY drive THEIR benzes & beamers that are LEASED! This is an apt description: The point I'm tryin to make is that THEM niKKKa's have no STAKE in this n.w.o shit either! So 28 peepo die in white bred small town usa right before 12/21/12 after same almost happend just a day before in oregon. Ayo, all kinda BP & niggas die in the HOOD every day for NOTHIN & y'all care about KraKKa's that can't stand the sight of ya? GTFOH!

I just saw a movie named & though it was an excellent flick, it still shows how siKKK as a peepo WE really are! WE are sufferin from PTSS or!/2012/10/dr-joy-leary-post-traumatic-slave.html. The BW holds the KEY & she better know that her sorrow for all LIFE is what's gonna HOLD US BACK if she believes that her DUTY is keepin these DEVILS alive! Baby DEVILS grow up to be ADULT DEVILS & no BM worth his salt would ask ya to do anything NOT in yo NATURE so just know that when the time comes..........

As I always say, IDK what's gonna happen so don't ask me. The reason I BELIEVE that this all went down NOW & why more of this will be happenin is bcuz of this: What's yo plan? I've been tellin y'all that there will be METEOR SHOWERS & all kinda COSMIC ACTIVITY & there MAY BE 3 days of no SUN or ELECTRICTY & this may be all of the distraKKKtion that THEY want from all NOT in the KNOW so that ya focus ya energy on this CRAP while THEY make MOVES behind the scenes, enactin LEGISLATION & SHIT! Then....THEY trot out ya favorite MULATTO & his UGLY ASS WIFE & too many of Y'ALL is sooo in love with 'em that ya NAUSEATE me! If not, what else? As far as I'm concerned, this is all SMOKE & MIRRORS & the stakes are so high, THEY gotta do it to lil taylor & chloe so that WE all know that this shit is ON & POPPIN & that IDGAF what ya think about me, get yoself READY by FLEXXIN, STRETCHIN& if not, ya still got 5 days left! You in the HOME STRETCH with me HOMIE!

It's too late to buy my book so wait til after the 21st. Just finished with Boom bye bye Hip Hop will Neva die & will be sendin it to the editor any day now. Get with US at OR on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WARRRRRRRRR & may all of those KraKKa's REST in PISS like THEY made so many of US do for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm! da BS speaks.

WE got left! As I'm speakin to ya & at ya, ain't gonna say much at all except that I the Blak Smith live in Utopia & approve this message. HOLLA BLAK!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tommy Davidson - FUNNY STUFF!

Hey, I want Y'ALL to keep on LAUGHIN! WE now have 8 days left & I ain't worried about SHIT but keep WATCH on what them niKKKas is doin! I luv US & hope ya sendin that BLAK to US at b2a! HOLLA BLAK my PEEPO!

I'm at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WARRRRRRRRR!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dick Gregory: Race, Comedy, and Justice

The MAN I wish to be like 1 day! As he is the MAN, no need to say much as HE will say it all! Just 11 days to go & remember that WE must keep on LAUGHIN! I can feel it in the air even though THEY messin it up with them chemtrails. Stay on the 1 with b2a & see ya at the Cosmic Party.

The Blak Smith can be kept in touch with at & at fb I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). My book is still at 20% off if ya HURRY in time for the HELLI-DAYS! WAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Just 13 days left! In OUR COSMOLOGICAL ORDER, 13 is a GREAT NUMBER & in fact, stood for GOD LUCK & FORTUNE but when THEY turned it into BLACK MAGICK, it became a symbol of witches, WARlocks & such. Note that the word for a male MAGI in THEIR language includes the word WAR & LOCK & if ya put the 2 words together, it means how ya wear ya HAIR! WAR = WAR & LOCK = HAIR as in DREAD LOCKS & how THEY DREADED seein 'em bcuz THEY knew that THEY had WAR on THEIR hands when THEY saw those LOCKED LOCKS which stood for the WARRIORS in Jamaica & what is now known as the west indies & the caribbean. Those peepo that came there especially, Jamaica, Haiti, D.R & Cuba, originally came from what is now known as Nigeria & THOSE peepo DON'T PLAY! As well, OUR CALENDARS had 13 months with 28 days OR 13 X 28 = 364 as an actual day is 23 hours & 45 minutes but ceasar rounded it off to make NATURE perfeKt & pope gregory made it LAW as in the GREGORIAN CALENDAR! This is fuKKKery!:

Some ask, "well Blak Smith what should WE be gettin ready for?" I tell 'em to get ready to do things DIFFERENTLY in the space & time allotted to ya. I would tell y'all that the TRUE PURPOSE of ya LIFE'S DESTINY is gonna MANIFEST & the higher that ya VIBRATE, the less ya gonna see of a 3rd dimensional existence. If ya know the language, stay with me & if ya don't & are interested, go get 1 of those Blak SHIT TALKIN nigga's to explain as I'm so far off, I can't DUMB it DOWN no mo! I feel it with every breath I take every mornin I wake up & I ain't gonna talk about it so get it or don't!

As I'm very busy puttin the finishin touches on my latest book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will Neva die, an expose of just how the entertainment industry got JACKED UP, I don't have much to say but did ya hear about this?: Do any of Y'ALL out there have any access to Katt Williams? It wouldn't surprise me if him & limbsey HOHAN die on the same weekend somewhat like how Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes died a few years BLAK. If ya do, ya need to get him somewhere, off the WEED & ALCOHOL as PERHAPS, THEY fuKKKin with it to make him act out. He has to know by now that THEY after him & why is he always by himself? My peepo saw this yesterday & were VERY VERY IMPRESSED: As I had other things to do, I didn't go but will eventually get to it. WTF is this about?: Last but not least, how's the weather by you? Somebody told me that the temperatures will stay WARM & do y'all notice that talks of Global Warmin have ceased? I used to say that it was all a HOAX & now........I recanted that last year & just wait when the pole shift process is COMPLETE! 13 days left & so COUNTDOWN the MADNESS with ya dude Y'ALL! I leave with SONGS of JOY & so HOLLA BLAK!

P.S Note HOW THEY fuKKKin with nas over that illegal i.r.s DEBT bcuz he signed Lauryn Hill to his TOUR so that she can pay 'em off as well. Some of y'all need to STOP talkin about the illuminati & KNOW that TOO MANY of these artists just AIN'T with it but gotta STAY ALIVE to see the end of these 13 days. Holla at ya HOLLA BLAK DUDE at & on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace after REVOLUTION!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RBG | Drop Squad, The Film

Yesterday somebody asked, "what would ya want peepo to you remember about ya after ya gone?" I told him that I wanted peepo to remember that I cared about my PEEPO! WE now at SWEET 16 days left & I'm already on the OTHER SIDE feelin the BLISS!! How YOU feelin? With not much else to say, HOLLA BLAK!

I'm almost at the editin process of my new book comin out soon, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die.  Support the cause by buyin my 1st book & the link is here: My e-mail address is & on FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smith). WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sacred knowledge of vibration & the power of Hueman Emotions/18 days left!

Ok Y'ALL, this pretty much sums up what I've been tryin to tell Y'ALL since the last 2 years! If ya doin the REAL WORK, ya have NOTHIN to WORRY about & as I can't explain it as well as these peepo do, I will allow THEM to do so. My STUDIES have led me to EXACTLY what's bein said in this film & in earnest, for me, it really starts at the 19 minute mark. Now that doesn't mean that the 1st 19 minutes are not good but it gets REAL after that time to those of Y'ALL who are concerned with what is to be if ya even concerned with OUR FUTURE at all. Look at this very carefully as it doesn't waste a word & a big big SHOUT OUT to my dude Gregory A Powell aka the GAP MAN! As he sent this to me, he deserves the credit as much as ANY of ya who send the REALEST SHIT. With that, WE got 18 days left & stay up bcuz peepo are gonna be droppin like flies HOMIES & HOMETTES! Will ya be attendin the Cosmic Party with US? WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Show you the way to go - the Jackson 5/ 19 to GO!

WE only got 19 days left & so with that, let the J5 & b2a show ya the WAY 2 GO!
As YT takes 'em down, WE put 'em BACK UP as in