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b2a presents Goalden Chyld AKA G.C.the Revolutionary Soldier

Watch his latest video, Open Enemies here at an ELDER in this thing that WE call HIP HOP, may I announce that WE have a SOULJAH straight outta the streets of Chicago reviving music who goes by the named Goalden Chyld aka GC! As PRESSURE busts PIPES, like in the South Bronx during the 70s, them mean streets are gonna produce that ROSE that comes out the CONCRETE! Ride the wave of the FUTURE yall and as this dude is all over SOCIAL MEDIA, if ya talking that REAL, I am more than sure that ya have at least seen 1 of his vids!

Revolutionary Soldier Keep Grinding Power Yo Brothers…


Image We are not gonna TAKE IT by Twisted Sister

To those of ya who still do not get it, the time has arrived where that white knight named DJ Drumpf is gonna have to SHOW & PROVE once & for all that he is gonna CHANGE things for those on the bottom rungs of SOCIETY!If you would take ya head out ya ass you would see it but that is a topic for another day. Get ready for Pizzagate/Pedogate to blow any day now! And now for OUR PRESENTATION that goes out to those OFFICIAL BLAK PEEPO who really want FREEDOM beyond MONEY! Freedom by Joi

Til then, it is WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

b2a presents Dead Prez Lets get FREE the Album

February 8th – Dead Prez released their debut album, “Let’s Get Free”, on Loud Records, on this day in 2000. Dead Prez, a duo comprised of Stic.Man and M-1, would now continue the legacy of socially-conscious, political and Afrocentric hip-hop started by their predecessors like Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, X-Clan and Poor Righteous Teachers. Producers on “Let’s Get Free” included Hedrush, Kanye West, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian as well as Dead Prez. Singles on the album included “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop”, “Police State”, “Mind Sex”, the smash-hit, simply titled, “Hip-Hop” and “I’m An African.” &
Lets Get FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dead Prez and Tahir! 
& as taken from Ray Dilla from

If U vaXXXinating yo KIDS I HATE U!

Image They sKKKools by Dead Prez

I cannot say it enough but yall niKKKas need to stop VACCINATING ya CHILDREN! I aint gonna say much but will say a lot bcuz while most of yall HATING on Trump even he told yall that the GAME is OVER with 

* taken from this video is under 20 minutes, get a fuKKKing clue as Ive been telling yall for way too long that these vaccines are POISONOUS! How about that water in Flint MI? Yall conventional niKKKas who think Im crazy have fallen victim to the vaccination sKKKam for too long and the reason why I put in They Schools by Dead Prez is bcuz that is the main reason why most of yall keep doing this DUMB SHIT! As well, this dude could come out with this now bcuz Trump was also affected and so To end this, the dude Mike Adams from http://www…

Analysis of Umar Johnson’s Message to Donald Trump Parts I and II

To OVERSTAND this ANALYSIS, check out what he is ANALYZING at

Ayo, 70 INDICTMENTS came down in the PEDOGATE Scandal and as this too is very important, I gotta link it here! The reason why its going down NOW is because the new AG Sessions is going for it! Check that here at Liberation by Outkast

Ok, my good pal on facebook aka T West says it all for Me. I have to let yall know that just because I post it does not mean I agree with it 100%! WE need to think STRATEGICALLY and LEARN! As all of what is said here is very important, I will also post Part II of this ANALYSIS hereat Hopefully, when I next see yall, WE will be FREE! I love all of US and LETS get FREE!…

Dr. Umar Johnson- Special Message for Trump and Black People

Image Channel Zero by Canibus

As this came out a little while ago on the heels of that Umar and Seti feud, it is still VERY IMPORTANT! As that is the case, if ya care to check this, DO NOT get at ME with that I dont mess with Umar shit because I have been telling yall for years that its about the INFORMATION! So.........get what you MUST out of it it or leave it alone! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!