Thursday, April 29, 2010

I See You!

Yeah y'all, Haiti is still a mess & we here at don't hear US as BLAK folk talkin about this anymore. All we can do is meditate on they fate & know that their fate is in their own hands. They are SURVIVORS & only the strong SURVIVE. They gonna be alrite & with that we get BLAK to our program.

Y'all see me rite? I'm here in cyberspace & some of y'all feel me whether you love or hate me. I see y'all too. I see y'all drivin down the street with y'all loud stereos playin hiphop, reggae & old soul. I see my lil bro's out there saggin they pants & I've gotten so used to it, it don't even piss me off anymore. That ain't gonna change Racist White Supremacy one bit. I see y'all in the stores buying Malt Liquor which is not beer, it's MALT LIQUOR! I see y'all raising your families & goin to church on Sundays. I smell that fried chicken after. I see us movin fast to beats synchopated by the best producers. Some might call it dancin. I see us dreamin to be free but not knowing how to do it. Let me show y'all for a small fee. Just kidding. I see us striving to learn this computer shit as we move on in the 2010's & beyond & like a phone, you better know how to use it. Technology is a MOTHER!I see us re-training & gearin up to do this final takeover but if I get too deep, y'all won't read me. FUCK IT! I see where we at now as WE walk in these cities & country towns, quite aimlessly as THEY JOBS is for OUR WOMEN, as we wait for the next thing to happen. Unfortunately, some of us ain't gonna make it but in the meanwhile, don't give UP! I see us still insisting on eating almost exclusively, dead rotten foods. I see us trying to also live these fake religions out but y'all don't fool me. I see how I used to think that strength was good but now I know that the meek & INTELLIGENT shall inherit the HEAVENS because that's what the world is in it's proper dispensation. Imagine eatin from your own or your neighbors garden? Imagine workin without pay, for the benefit of your people, ALL OF THEM? I see you still conniving your way thru life but I won't do that & will expose you if you are obviously harmful or disrespectful to OUR PEOPLE. I see THEM having THEIR last days of glory & not a care in the world as I wish for 2 months of straight sunlight. We see but we don't have eyes so if I knocked your eyes out, I would tell you to look for them. You see me & see what you see or do you? I see you & don't allow you to see me fully because maybe I'm looking at me thru you. Confusin, ain't it? I see you as I stalk you hopin you doing the right thing. Oh shit, that's my own shadow. I see the book I'm reading now & the name is GOODPUSSY! It's a bit dated but still very appropriate. I have sailed the 7 SEAS & see it for what it is. I see a SEA CHANGE. I see that we lost 2 heavyweight icons in the struggle named Dorothy Height & Benjamin Hooks. I see that they need heirs to that throne & wish to see who will as Bomani always says, step they game up. I see that lately, I can't be bothered as I have a life to live & have to just do me for what I want, how & when I want it. I see that collectivism in this day & age with Blak Folks is nearly impossible. I see that the lowest BLAK MAN exhibits qualities of God wherever he may be but does he himself believe that? Do you see me? Don't look too hard because I may be closer than you think, just like the mirror on your car says. I see the coming of the promised land like Martin said some years ago. Its in your bible after the book of Revelations, the Blaksmith Version. I see Uncle Bill smiling on me sayin, do what you came to do & see you when you get blak2afrika. That last 1 was for me only but do you SEE it? Keep on seein & keep on LIVING!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is Apocolypse Now?

Regular readers already know I luv my Haitian people as I grew up around so many in Brooklyn & in Spring Valley NY. To all of y'all out there, I'm hoping that all is well & that y'all makin it thru all this. To all of y'all lookin for me on my blogsite, sorry that I haven't been in touch but been very busy on the paper chase tip & I appreciate y'all writin in askin me how I'm doing. We ok, alrite & all that so just sit BLAK & enjoy as I get it in.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of my own blog. If you've really been readin, then you know that I'm a person who watches TRENDS & notice that lately, we've been having alot of earthquakes BUT........what's up with this volcano eruptin in of all places, Iceland. Lava on ice? Ayo, I ain't hearin no BLAK people talkin about this. Do y'all know what this means? Yo, airplanes have been grounded for days! They not even callin it volcanic action, they callin it an actual "DIRTY THUNDERSTORM!" Y'all need to google Eyjafjallajokull to really get the full drop on what I'm sayin here. I ain't never seen pictures like this! It looks surreal & is just an indication of what is to come. I don't think that this is a H.A.A.R.P operation as the European doesn't impact a whole continet from making money, their 1 & only God. They will find a way to make up for their losses from all that money lost & we are yet to see how, but bet ya bottom dollar on that Partner!

How about China? Considering that the Chinese have about 1.5 Billion people & the death toll is now at 2039(as of 4/19/2010), that really wasn't alot of people that died there. The earth is angry & the cosmos is affecting her to get rid of her more evil elements & it's only a matter of time before she gets you. Yeah I said it, the earth is angry & she will continue to shake as California is shakin & you don't hear of it unless it's a biggie & she's predicted to go down in 2012 but y'all already raising up those eyebrows & so.... Y'all need to google Lemuria & her offspring children, Atlantis as time speeds up & all things prophecized occur right in your face ever so slowly. Y'all have to know that the earth is a body that gives birth to LIFE & DEATH & is a FEMININE deity like the the 1st earth, the Afrikan Woman. I don't use the bible & to reference what I speak of but doesn't she deliver us our fruits & vegetables? Isn't the soil & the bottom of bodies of water of her? Though I don't get biblical very often, as the great Robert Nestor Marley said, "they've got to fulfill the book!"

On a side note, while typing this latest blog, the Blaksmith has learned that the Guru of Gangstar fame has passed away at the young age of cancer at 43. I admit that he wasn't one of my favorite MC's but at the same time, between him & DJ Premier, they formed 1 of the most influential & important groups to come out of NY who weren't native NY'ers & that in & of itself is impressive. Though plenty of controversy surrounded his death & I'm sure things will develop from here, we here at black2afrika wish the Elam Fam a farewell to Guru & hope that this sordid mess gets sorted out. A true giant has been lost & we salute you Guru! From us at this blogsite, we wish you great health & please do not allow his death to be in vain. This is why I stress to y'all to take care of self & fam & if you don't like it, you need to know that this is how I care for y'all & I ain't gonna stop. 43 is too young to die from anything except an accident. Shit, I'm 43 & still young & like Fame, I'm gonna live FOREVER! Besides, I gotta go BLAK2AFRIKA! PEACE, YA HEAAAARRRRDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!