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I See You!

Yeah y'all, Haiti is still a mess & we here at don't hear US as BLAK folk talkin about this anymore. All we can do is meditate on they fate & know that their fate is in their own hands. They are SURVIVORS & only the strong SURVIVE. They gonna be alrite & with that we get BLAK to our program.

Y'all see me rite? I'm here in cyberspace & some of y'all feel me whether you love or hate me. I see y'all too. I see y'all drivin down the street with y'all loud stereos playin hiphop, reggae & old soul. I see my lil bro's out there saggin they pants & I've gotten so used to it, it don't even piss me off anymore. That ain't gonna change Racist White Supremacy one bit. I see y'all in the stores buying Malt Liquor which is not beer, it's MALT LIQUOR! I see y'all raising your families & goin to church on Sundays. I smell that fried chicken after. I see us movin fast to beats synchopated by the…

Is Apocolypse Now?

Regular readers already know I luv my Haitian people as I grew up around so many in Brooklyn & in Spring Valley NY. To all of y'all out there, I'm hoping that all is well & that y'all makin it thru all this. To all of y'all lookin for me on my blogsite, sorry that I haven't been in touch but been very busy on the paper chase tip & I appreciate y'all writin in askin me how I'm doing. We ok, alrite & all that so just sit BLAK & enjoy as I get it in.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of my own blog. If you've really been readin, then you know that I'm a person who watches TRENDS & notice that lately, we've been having alot of earthquakes BUT........what's up with this volcano eruptin in of all places, Iceland. Lava on ice? Ayo, I ain't hearin no BLAK people talkin about this. Do y'all know what this means? Yo, airplanes have been grounded for days! They not even callin it volcanic action, they call…