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CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 15 Little Brother - The Minstrel Show

Ok.........where my real HIP HOP FANS at? This album here is DOPE BEATS as provided by producer 9th Wonder & DOPE RHYMES by 2 DOPE MC´s named Phonte and Big Pooh and if ya already knew then ya already know that this makes for a GREAT ALBUM! Remember, it doesn´t have to be famous for it to be CLASSIC & this is what b2a aims to do for US aka expose US to the best! As these dudes broke up but still put in that work, look for ém for that HOTNESS! From b2a to you, please ENJOY and PEACE! The REAL HIP HOP LIVES here at b2a and so now............BANG OUT! 

Phil Valentine: Knowing the Law and Contracts/ Status Correction


Just a quick word or 2 but PV is the TRUTH! I want YOU to get INDEXED so as to be SOVEREIGN! This is how it REALLY WORKS and I want yáll out there to really OVERstand where he´s coming from. No need to HOLLA BLAK bcuz this is what it is! Thanks and the next CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK coming next. Help ya Brother do some things and if ya LUV what WE do here, DONATE to OUR CAUSE! I am Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb and SEROUS PEEPO please INBOX ONLY! Get on that Esther and Bathsheba Trust which goes under the spanking new 501c4. If dead BITCHES offer ya drugs, JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!! Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Africa Is Our Next Superpower

As written by Pascal Emmanuel Gobry, contributing writer from forbes magazine Aug 25, 2014. Africa by Toto

Not that “Africa” is a country, of course, but it helps to look at broad, continent-wide trends. People are reluctant to the idea of demographics as the great driver of history. In the general case, this might be true but the 21st century will see an unprecedented situation: one where every continent will face large-scale aging and slowing demographic growth. Every continent, that is, except one: Africa (or, to be more specific, sub-Saharan Africa). Africa is young whereas the rest of the world is graying, and any strategic thinking about the 21st century must take this into account.

Add to this Africa’s steadily improving situation with regard to governance (there are still many problems, but steadily less war, steadily more free elections, and so on), and a technological landscape and future that will allow Africa to l…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK 14 Loose Ends A Little Spice

Image A Little Spice Full Album

Ahhhhhhhh.............OUR version of the british INVASION and it never sounded so SWEET! What it do FAMILY and thanks for being PATIENT as WE await TRUE FREEDOM with CLASSIC MUSIC! Do not become a victim of these TIRED ASS FALSE FLAGS aka DO NOT beAFRAID!  Sweetest Pain

WE need not write as much (as if I had the time) and so instead of boring YÁLL, let´s get into the sounds that came to US from across the Pond BLAK in good ole 84. Chuck D asked BLAK in the day, ¨who stole the soul¨ but it looks like OUR PEEPO over there borrowed it and that WE didn´t get it BLAK til Dángelo hit US with his self titled album some years later. Those ENDS have been LOOSED so let theMUSIC TAKE YOU HIGHER while dialing 911 flavoring ya food with A Little SPICE!! Peace, 1 and OUT!

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 13 - Bilal - 1st Born 2nd

Not much to say as WE gonna let the MUSIC sing for ITSELF! I really don't like to post CLASSIC MUSIC in parts like this but exceptions will be made so as to bring US the BEST! I would describe this album not just as music but as an EVENT & a perfeKt 10! What I'm trying to bring to the table are artists who are GREAT but don't get the proper credit that they deserve as Mainstream music continues to be wick wick WACK! Well..........get into this 1 & ENJOY the landscape as ya do so! If ya never heard this 1 before, get into the FAST LANE & REMINISCE about everything YOU ARE! I'm more than sure that this album.......ya gonna LOVE IT as you would a LOVE POEM! 1!

1. Intro - not available
2. 4 U-
3. Fast Lane (feat Dr Dre & JadaKiss) -
4. Reminisce - (feat Mos Def & Com…