Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fast Food Info Part V

Ayo, what up to all of my REVOLUTIONARIES whether PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE? Whether ya white like Che, Blak like Khalid Muhammad or in between like Marley, I salute you! Looks like libya will be the next to fall & locally, THEY was gettin it in in wisconsin. You know how those KraKKa's get when you fucks with they cheese yo! Maybe some of them KraKKa's can go to the mid-east & make GRILLED CHEESE! tripoli is on fire so let's see what happens there but gaddafi ain't got much longer. Since shit jumped off, I been tellin y'all that ya can't stop a REVOLUTION! The game now is to not make MARTYRS like MLK & X bcuz then peepo have somethin to fight for! Why wouldn't you be willin to die for someone who already died for you with their life knowingly? Aristide wants to come BLAK to Haiti as did duvalier some weeks ago & WE here at black2afrika are gonna monitor those events as they happen! May y'all live in interestin time & one of the biggest DEVILS that I ever met while in Ghana hazza birthday today, 666 days away from 12/21/2012! As there are NO COINCIDENCES, he has been labelled & you can read all about him in my first series, Is Blak Smith a Spy or not & in the finishin touches, the Luv Moment. Go in the search box for any of my many archived articles. I wish him a HELLISH BIRTHDAY & if he makes it to the Cosmic Party, he won't be welcomed. If he manages to sneak in somehow, I'm gonna feed him some FAST FOOD disguised as REAL SHIT! Let's go y'all!

Ok now, we goin back to Greeley CO. You can smell it before you arrive. The smell of livin animals, dead animals & manure hover over the air like a deep fog like ya breath first thing in the mornin. Tho some don't notice it anymore like those who clean & eat chitlins, some are still headachy, nauseated & lose sleep bcuz of these scents. Greeley & towns just like it produce most of the fast food burgers you guys insist on eatin. Respondin to the needs of fast food resteraunts & supermarket chains, the meatpackin giants have cut costs by cuttin wages turnin one of the nations better payin jobs into one of the lowest. This in turn created a transient migrant workforce of poor immigrants that tolerate serious injuries & made rural ghettoes a sad reality.

The conagra beef co runs the nations biggest meatpackin facility in the us. As a matta of fact, weld county which includes greeley county, earns more money ever year from meatpackin than anywhere else in the us. Their feedlots can hold 100,000 heads of cattle lookin like a sea of bobbin cattle heads. To fatten 'em up like the old lady in the gingerbread house, they feed cattle grains, aided by ANABOLIC STEROIDS (which can not be broken down in the cookin process)implanted in their ears. The cattle release ALOTTA waste & how it is disposed of is not mentioned in the book.

At first, meatpackin in rural amerikkka was seen as somethin strange but the history can be explained here in brief. As the facilities used big cities such as omaha, kansas city & nyc, chicago proved to be the grandaddy of 'em all. These cities kept their own meatpackin districts with stockyards as detailed in the classic book by Upton Sinclair, the Jungle. Anyone who is serious needs to read this book. Actually, the very site in nyc where the UN now sits used to be a giant stockyard. In the chi, over 40,000 peepo worked in a very small area & Sinclair even said that, "the supreme achievement of ameriKKKan capitalism was as well, it's biggest disgrace." Got so bad that based on the book, then president ted roosevelt ordered an investigation of the industry that was confirmed to be more than true. congress then enacted food safety regulations but lil was done as the big boys used spies, whitelists & US, aka afriKKKan ameriKKKans as strikebreakers to bash unions & real organization. As time went on, efforts worked out & soon, packers got benefits, good pay & stability.

Now we get to the iowa beef packers better known ibp. ibp applied the same labor principles the mcd brothers did with burgers. ibp designed a production system that eliminated the need for skilled workers. They purposely took the skill from every step & this process helped close feedlots in the aforementioned urban strongholds. Where the labor unions had made gains in the cities, the newly FEDERALLY FUNDED highways made obsolete as the truckin became more direct & therefore CHEAPER makin already built stockyards, passe. Startin in 1967, ibp sent cut up BOXED BEEF to to your neighborhood supermarkets eliminatin the need for butchers. When was the last time you went to a butcher shop?

In 1969, ibp workers in dakota city nb went onna strike. The top man soon hired scabs. In retaliation, the workers shot a suspected spy dead & bombed an execs house. Secret meetins were held with a "labor consultant", mo steinman who also had mob connections. Union butchers in ny were blockin meat deliveries comin from ibp in solidarity with their unionized brethern. steinman proposed a 5 cent commission per 10 pounds of beef & just like that, the strike was called off. Subsequent investigations found wrongdoin in all of this riggin but WE talkin about big biz in ameriKKKa here. Notice how the us is never included in the most corrupt nations list. Even one of the newspapers of record in the wall street journal had to say at the time that, " this is a prime example of how a mainstream corporation could be infiltrated by the mob." As you guessed, with the unionship pretty broken, almost all of the major packin houses moved west to follow suit with these new ways. Wages were lowered & standards loosened to set the stage of what we now see today.

Today, conagra is the biggest meatpacker in the world. Among other leadin standards, they are the largest foodservice supplier in all of north ameriKKKa. They also are the largest distributor of agricultural chemicals. Even if ya never heard of 'em, you more than likely have eaten one of their many products today.

Like at the fast food resteraunts, the average worker inna slaughterhouse lasts 3-4 months. Most are Mexicans & Central Amerikans who speak, write or read lil or no english. That is far from bein a liability as this keeps matters hard to unionize & workers much easier to control. ibp has recruited refugees & asylum seekers from Laos & war torn bosnia. It has recruited peepo from homeless shelters from across the us. They even have busses comin from rural Mexico to the heartland of the us. You really gonna luv the last part of this tho!

In september 1994, gfi ameriKKKa inc, a leadin supplier of hamburger patties, needed workers for a major production in minneapolis mn. Recruiters from eagle pass tx, a us-mex border town recruited 39 mexicans & rented busses sendin 'em up after promisin WORK & HOUSIN. When the workers arrived, they were dropped downtown, across the street from a HOMELESS SHELTER. Most of the recruits refused to stay & after the media picked up the story, homeless advocates lit into the industry exposin the shit that they do. Sadly & unfortunately, these conditions persist til today. With 666 days left, allow me to play DEVILS ADVOCATE for Y'ALL! WE still ain't get to the good part yet!

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- to be continued -

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fast Food Info Part IV

Hey my Peepo, do ya feel victory in the air? Everybody & they Mama got REVOLUTION on the mind & once again, Northern Afrika aka the mid-east is on fire. Gaddafi gettin it in triopli! Even though the egyptians think that another mubarfart may be in the wings silently waitin & with so much SHIT jumpin off elsewhere, WE cannot afford to get distracted! Here in the wilderness, unemployment, homelessness, police brutality & plain old racist white supremacy still rules with 669(turn this 9 upside down in just 3 days) days to go. I've been tellin y'all to hang on & hang on ya must! Solar Flares affected communication systems in china on Fri/Feb 18th & more is comin to have MAJOR EFFECTS on electrical grids EVERYWHERE on May 11th of this year. Now would be a great time for some of y'all who missed it, to read the Final Countdown 2012 in this sites archives. Just type that title into the search box & read away & for alla y'all with short attention spans, it's short, so don't sweat thinkin I'mma bore ya with CRAZY DETAILS. Plus, that shit is MAD FUNNY! Go in y'all & stay tuned bcuz shit is hectic. Luv to my BLAK FOLK & let's get into Part IV of FFI.

We start in bingham county idaho, which grows more potatoes than any other county in that state. We are at the simplot plant where they turn potatoes into french fries to the tune of 1M pounds a day, 310 days a year. Years back, the snake river reclamation project had offered cheap water for irrigation that would turn the desert into lush farmland AGAIN paid for with YOUR federal dollars. jr simplots dad became a homesteader by gettin land for FREE & clearin it. When the son rebelled against his strict dad, he left home & found his way. He soon became a potato farmer.

Soon the younger simplot became rich, capitalizin on idea after great idea. He started by dehydratin onions & turnin 'em into onion powder callin it GOLD DUST. In this process, he became a major supplier of this stuff to the ameriKKKan military durin WWII. By the age of 36, this dude was mega-rich! But as they say on the TV, that's not all: simplot then put a team of CHEMISTS together to come up with the frozen french fry concept. Tho it took a while to perfect, after it happened, simplot then met with our recurrin friend in ray kroc in 1965. Witta handshake, a deal was sealed & simplot supplied the mcd corp with the majority of their frozen fries. When kroc was satisfied, they then signed a deal & simplot became the exclusive supplier of what we now know as mcd fries, the best TASTIN in the ff biz. Today, french fries are the most profitable item on a ff resteraunts menu & is the most sold foodservice item in the us. simplot owns more land than in the whole state of de..........WOW!

Bcuz of centralization, farmin/ranchin is no longer profitable in the us. This could be described as an oligopsony - a market in which a small number of buyers exert power over a large group of sellers. The high productivity of some of these farmer/ranchers actually hampers them in an ironic way akin to doin someone a favor with good intent & gettin cursed out.

For decades, mcd has cooked their fries inna mixture of 7% cottonseed oil & 93% beef tallow. This is the FLAVOR that you get & more saturated beef fat per ounce than in a mcd burger. They switched to a different oil in 1990 but added NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL flavors into the mix which could be ANYTHING. Thru processin, most foods lose their true flavor & the flavor INDUSTRY comes in there. This flavor industry is located in northern nj, where about 2/3 of all food flavorin in the us occurs. This is a very secretive industry & info from the inside is not forthcomin easily. Ayo, they FLAVOR just about EVERYTHING includin MALT LIQUOR!

Ranchers in the west are increasinly bein marginalized by the big boy owners. The ranchers feel that things are bein restricted & in the poultry industry for the most part, has shifted to states in the rural south such as AL, AR, MS & GA, where the weather is nicer, the workforce is poor, unions are weak & farmers toe the line to keep their livelihood & lands. More than half of all poultry is processed there.

The chickem mcnugget was what FINALLY did it. Before that invention in 1983, most chicken sold in the us was sold whole. This made it so that one could eat chicken ANYWHERE with no BONES about it. Stated directly from the book, the chicken mcnugget turned a bulk agricutural commodity, into a value added product that could be eaten behind the wheel of your car. tyson foods, a leadin chicken processor, created a new large breasted hen & dubbed her, mr mcdonald. Though introduced in 1983, within ONE MONTH, the mcd corp became the 2nd purchaser of chicken only bein surpassed by kfc. WE could get into how questionable that is because kfc changed & for the most part, what they sell is no longer chicken. That's another series but why don't they call it Kentucky Fried Chicken no mo........? hmmmmmmm. Tho chicken was supposed to be better, WE soon find again that the mcnuggets were also fried in beef tallow & the fatty acid profile resembled beef more than poultry. Though mcd eventually switched to vegetable oil, the mcnuggets still has more fat per ounce than the burgers. DAMN!

With the OWNERS runnin things as they do & with oversupplyin, the ranchers have their hands tied. Since 1992, chicken consumption in the us has surpassed beef as the process become more cost efficient. With beef tho, cattle are much bigger, are sold less & cannot be sold in the lucrative european market where bovine growth hormones(rbgh) have been banned. The suicide rate amongst ranchers & farmers is three times the regular population rate. This is just one of the legacies of what Fast Food Info has done to the us. Y'all need to siriusly think about bein vegans & vegetarians. Peace Y'ALL & stay tuned for Part V.

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- to be continued -

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fast Food Info Part III

Whatup to all my TRUE PEEPO? Where y'all at? This is once again, the Blak Smith puttin it down live & direct with BREAKIN NEWS; Riots have broken out in the lybian city of benghazi. As of this writin, it is still small scale but if recent HIS STORY is any indication, this could end up like tunisia & egypt. Them egyptians told mubarFart to take a walk & he had to bcuz blood woulda spilled in them Cairo streets man. The spirit of REVOLUTION is in the air & the BLAK MAN won't do it & if he does, I'm still waitin for it. I wonder where that shall be OR will the MEEK inherit the EARTH afterall? Who knows but stay tuned. Quite ironic on how I'm writin on helpin that bcuz by tryin to tell y'all to stop with this unhealthy fast food shit, I'm askin y'all to stay alive & see things change. Let's go in & see where WE land in Part III of Fast Food Info. Holla!

Lets go BLAK to Colorado Springs where ff nation began in earnest. CO Springs like LA came to be as it is azza result of lots of federal funds & lands GIVEN to the KraKKa's after THEY cleared the land formerly had by the Indegenous Peepos. Though very scenic from pikes peak, the great beauty & scenery like in most developed places is diminished when the sun rises from the nite & whats happenin below is visible to the naked eye.

When one hits academy blvd, one sees all of the growth of the last 30 years. Thousands of cookie cutter type houses in endless subdivisions dot the vista. This is the architectual equivalent of ff nation, with no respect to the vast nature surroundin it with newly planted trees. In between it all, clusters of strip malls & ff resteraunts, make for miles & miles of a middle ameriKKKa devoid of any real personality. Though denver has four times the peepo, co springs is more SPRALWED out. Officials at the space command there believe that one day that wars will be won in space & if ya keepin up to today, drones now drop bombs on villages from very high up that cannot be seen. This has been in effect since 911.

Migrations to ca came to a screechin halt in 1998. Migrations out made co springs & other cities northeast of ca grow exponentially. In 1998, for the first time since the gold rush, ca was less than 50% white. Lookin at az, they are nervous as the whites there are feelin crowded out. This izza trend happenin WORLDWIDE with THEIR populations decreasin & them not reproducin to keep their birthrate positive continuin unabated. When these whites started off in places like co springs, bcuz of previous laws, tax spendin didn't increase, facilitatin the state of co to be almost last in skool spendin. These events made it possible for the skools to start acceptin funds from the ff industry with district 11 of co springs leadin the way.

Now check this out: mcdonalds used this method to open up new areas of franchises & y'all gonna see how sirius this all is if ya thinkin that they just sellin a lil food. In the 1980's, mcd became the WORLD'S leadin purchaser of COMMERCIAL SATELITE PHOTOGRAPHY, usin this to PREDICT sprawl from OUTER SPACE yo! mcd later DEVELOPED a computer software program called QUINTILLION that AUTOMATED the process. co springs was the test site for this technology once used durin the COLD WAR!

The labor practices of the ff industry have their genesis in the assembly line systems of manufacturers of the early 1900's. Teens were perfect to use as they were grown ENUFF but not EXPERIENCED. With innovative technology & the proper organization, a small number of workers could produce an enormous amount of food/goods cheaply. THOUGHTPUT is the word used in such a case where everything is commodified. At taco bell, everything is pretty much add water. The recent revelation that their meat is only 35% meat doesn't hurt to know either. The food is ASSEMBLED & not PREPARED. This made it so that the need to retain the worker is greatly reduced by the ease with which he or she can be replaced. This goes on though, despite the fact that FF Industry doesn't train their workers, they accept hundreds of millions of dollars in SUBSIDIES to train these workers. This all despite that these SUBSIDIES were created to reward ameriKKKan companies that were supposed to give TRAINING to the poor with annual turnover rates between 300 - 400%. The typical ff worker quits or is fired in 3-4 months. The resteraunts then received almost 3,000 per supposed trainee & they only had to remain workin for 4 months before the gov disbursed those funds to the ff resteraunts. In fact, some execs wanted to import low wage food service workers from overseas when increasin the minimum wage would have raised the price of a burger by only 2 cents! But hold on.

To keep teens in line, mcd provided its managers with trainin in TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS, a set of psychological techniques popularized inna book named I'm ok - You're ok, published in 1969. STROKING, a form of positive reinforcement, deliberate praise & recognition that many TEENAGERS don't get at home is used to motivate & manipulate. Of course, this is less expensive than raisin wages or payin overtime. In the late 90's, managers at taco bell made workers punch in when things got busy & sent them home early when things slowed down, paid in food & not wages amongst many other abuses. They were found guilty paid a fine & admitted no wrongdoing. mcd with all of its fun themes like disney, is very ANTI-UNION & sends execs to the franchises targetted, whenever union activity is expected. At the end of the day though, the personality of a ff manager largely determines whether workin there would be an enjoyable experience or an unpleasant one. Good management creates pride & an upbeat atmosphere.

The injury rate of teenage workers in the us is about twice that of adult workers. In 1998, more resteraunt workers in the us were murdered than police officers. Most of those murders were done by disgruntled former employess of the resteraunts where most transactions are made in cash. The president of national safe workplace inst at the time said that "the ff industry needs to make fundamental changes in its labor relations. No other ameriKKKan industry is robbed so frequently by its own employees."

The franchise: the automobile, soft drink, oil & motel industries all relied on franchisin in the beginnin & soon, corporate ameriKKKa followed. Though dunkin donuts & kfc were the first to sell franchises, again ray kroc & mcd perfected & honed it into what it is today. The franchises hardly ever lose. Like a charismatic leader of a new faith, kroc asked his new franchise owners to dedicate their lives to mcd. He also demanded loyalty & did take advice from his new partners. The coup de gras though was when kroc had his then partner, H Sonnenbon, make a contract basically enslavin new franchise owners by becomin landlords of their properties & in turn, leasin these properties to the newbies atta 40% markup. Disobedience was a VIOLATION of the lease agreement so you know how that go! Sonnenbon even once quipped to a group of wall st investors that, "we are not basically in the food business, we are in the real estate business. The only reason we sell 15cent hamburgers is because they are the greatest producer from which our tenants can pay rent."

Durin the 60's, the mcd corp began to tear down the resteraunts originally designed with the golden arches & slanted rooves. Worried about how the new look would be received, the corp hired a DESIGN CONSULTANT & PSYCHOLOGIST in one person to assess the shituation. He argued usin a freudian logic of the arches bein large breasts that associated the buyer with MAMA. WOW!!!

Ayo, don't let 'em fool ya! Openin a franchise is RISKIER than any independent business. It is perfectly legal under fed law for ff resteraunts to take kickbacks(rebates) from its SUPPLIERS, to open a new resteraunt next door to an existin franchise & to evict a franchise with lil or no cause or compensation. As they are the big fish in the pond, they don't lose bcuz they retain the MASTER CONTRACT! These franchises make the independent owners waive legal rights & make you buy from ONLY their pre-approved suppliers. Franchisees must accept termination for any cause deemed by that big fish. Subway by far is the worse case though they may have cleaned up they act by now as the book, Fast Food Nation, written by eric schlosser was published in 2001. So when ya eatin fresh, stay blessed & KICK that FF habit Y'ALL. 674 days to go!

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- to be continued -

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Pause 4 the Cause

A lil pause for the cause Y'ALL. As I am not workin but still wantin to give y'all cuttin edge info, I incur costs to maintain this blog. I ask that those of you able to do so, help me to continue doin just that. If you are able, I ask that ya send no less than $5 & any donation of $25 or more, will get you my book which I need financial help releasin. The name is I ain't Perfect but Take it From Me & it's about my life & how I look at the world thru Hip Hop. Will my LOYAL READERS help me? Anyone who is sirius can reach me at my account OR send an inbox message to my FB page. All I ask is that it be a postal money order & I can get on with it. For now, we goin in on Fast Food Info Part III & beyond! Thanks for y'all time & patience & recommend me to ya friends. Peace & LUV y'all!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fast Food Info Part II

Okay y'all, Part I wazza MONSTA but Part II? Sorry about that, didn't greet y'all & say a MIGHTY big WATUP 2 all my KINFOLK! Whatitdo? Y'all betta stay up for these next 678 days! Egypt is for the moment, free or at least free of of mubarak & his crooked ass stench. Peace to STINKA! She know who she is. Stay tuned tho as I already told y'all that that place is of too much strategic importance to us interests as 1. most of the oil around the world moves thru the suez canal & 2. Egypt, after palestine(israel) receives the most money in foreign aid from the us & 3. served as the only true buffer in North Afrika aka the mid-east to israel. They sick of that SHIT but I'm in it for MY/OUR interests. As WE speak, the us has a dozen plans on how to regain control of one of OUR ancient HOMELANDS of ORIGINAL PEEPO(You & Me) & Y'ALL should be lookin for an anything goes scenario there soon. Read ya bibles non-religiously & see that the us has spread herself too thin & can no longer send troops just anywhere. Is a draft on deck? I ain't worried tho bcuz as I write, I ascend to that 9 ether. Peepo everywhere are short tempered & rude bcuz THEY inherently know that WE are ascendin & THEY are not & this is not just based on color. Those just doin THEY jobs will be dealt with soon. That old BS is done yo! Rise & shine to a new paradigm! This also includes fast food & the mentality runnin it. Let's GO!

In this segment, WE go in on how the starters of both mcdonalds & disney did how they did & tie it up in the end. It promises to be very very interestin.

Before enterin the ray a kroc museum in Oak Brook IL, you must first walk thru the mcstore. Rather than a museum, it feels more like a shrine. The tone set makes it feel like disney. rk & wd knew each other as young men, servin together durin ww1, both fleein the mid west & settlin in southern ca. They were both charismatic, conservative figures relyin on others to handle & create financial details. wd didn't write or draw the classic characters bearin his name. Both were masterful salesmen & mastered sellin to children.

kroc was charming, funny & a tireless salesman who endured alotta disappointment before strikin it rich. He was quoted as sayin, "if you believe in it, it's impossible to fail. I don't care what it is, you can get it." kroc had taken over from the mcdonalds brothers who were less ambitious as they already had achieved success & didn't like to travel. They sold him the right to franchise mcd while they stayed home & collected money, while kroc got rich beyond belief. Upon finalizin the deal with the brothers, rk sent wd a letter to open up his franchise in disneyland. disney opened in 1955 with ronald reagan cohostin this gala event on abc tv with no mcd in sight.

wd proved to be a role model for rk. disney applied the techniques of mass production to hollyWEIRD moviemakin. He admired henry ford & introduced the assembly line mentality. The work was timed makin for a factory type settin & in 1941, hundreds of disney animators went on strike to get better workin conditions. wd fired employees sympathetic to the unions, tried to impose a phony union, employed GANGSTAS to rig settlements & put the kiss of death on the screen cartoonists guild by labellin them as COMMUNISTS. The strike only ended when he gave in but to exact revenge, disney appeared azza witness in favor of the house un-ameriKKKan activities committee. This NIGGA even served azza fbi informer & supported the hollyWEIRD blacklist.

rk....said that in regards to business, "this is rat eat rat, dog eat dog! I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the american way of survival of the fittest." To show just what he meant, kroc gave $250,000 to the prez nixon re-election campaign, breakin it all up in small amounts thru various republiKKKan committees. The fast food industry at the time was lobbyin congress to pass the mcdonald's law which wanted to reduce the minimum wage at the time, 20%. kroc was then allowed to raise the price of quarter pounders tho the prices were strictly controlled at the time. Only mcd's was allowed to do so.

In the 1940's, wd relied heavily on federal funds to keep his business afloat. Durin wwII, wd produced lots of military & PROPOGANDA films. After the war, disney continued to stay close to the military & cold war sciences. tommorrowland emerged azza result. In the 1950's, wernher von braun, a NAZI who served under hitler, cohosted & produced a show on space exploration. While in germany, 20,000 prison laborers were killed while he was a major in the ss. He was then appointed to the very same capacity at disney. hanz haber also was a NAZI at dachau & with von braun, cohosted another disney series named men in space. These dudes was CERTIFIED NATURAL BORN KILLA's yo! The laborers in his factory were used in experiments & those who survived were dissected to examine the traumas of early space travel.

wd pioneered what today is known as SYNERGY. In 1938, the movie, snow white proved to be a turnin point in film marketin. 70 licensin deals were signed prior to the release date. In 1950, the very first disney television broadcast, 1 hour in wonderland was a run up to the movie, alice in wonderland.

rk on the other hand was on the comeup & had to use his wits. He constantly said that he was in show biz & not the resteraunt biz(think about that the next time you bite into a burger). In 1963, after nbc cancelled bozo's circus, a mcd exec hired it's star, willard scott that you know today for doin weather on nbc's today show, to invent a new clown for mcd. An outfit was made, scott named it ronald mcdonald & via the media 2 years later, an icon was born..........

The late 60's expansion of mcd coincided with the decline at disney. Vietnam raged & counterculture was in with Blak Power & the hippy movement. As mcd's ronald mcdonald began to rival mickey mouse in popularity, kroc made his own disneylands sayin about his competetiton, "if they're drownin to death, I would put a hose in their mouth." kroc then proceeded to build his playlands all over the us. mcdland borrowed from dl in more ways than one. Former dl execs were employed by kroc for the layouts & early advertisements. mcd & dl had one thing in common at the end of the day; almost EVERYTHANG was for sale!

This was the essence of bombardin children with advertisements. Studies suggest that until the age of 6, 80% of all children dream about animals. The Character Lab, a division of Youth Marketing Systems Consultin, uses a technique called CHARACTER APPEAL QUADRANT ANALYSIS to help companies develop new mascots(these peepo think of a million ways to get you to spend ya money on non-nutritious food & everything else all day). mcd went too far tho as in 1998, a federal investigation of web sites aimed at children found that 89% requested personal info from them without parental consent. A character on the mcd website told children that ronald mcdonald was the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY in EVERYTHING & those words are not exxagerated. We shouldn't really be surprised at that tho; about 25% of AmeriKKKa's children between the ages of 2-5, have a tv set in their room.

As of the year 2000, mcd had 8,000 playgrounds. burger king had 2000. A playland exec said that the key to attractin kids is "toys, toys, toys!" Major toy drives such as pokemon cards, cabbage patch kids & tamogotchis have been aided by fast food promos. Success could double or even triple profits. mcd's also sells more coke than anywhere else in the world.

In April 1997, a brandweek columnist said that mcd's teenie weenie baby was perhaps the greatest sucsess of promo's in the history of advertisin. A typical week of happy meals sales at that time were in the 10M range. In just 10 days in April of 1997, mcd's sold 100M happy meals with that giveaway. The SYNERGY spoken of earlier had finally taken place. mcd & disney became one. You could now buy a happy meal at the happiest place on earth.

To show how how much these men really care about you, let's get into one more thing. In 1993, district 11 of colorado springs started a nationwide trend. They became the 1st skool district in the us to place ff ads & more in particular, bk ads in the hallways & on the sides of busses. It got to the point that inna marketin ploy, Mark Jacobs, author of Liquid Candy reported that pepsi, dr pepper & 7up encouraged the feedin of soft drinks to babies by licensin their logos to BABY BOTTLIN manufacturers. A 1997 study in the Journal of Dentistry for Children found that many infants were bein fed soda from these very same bottles. I've seen babies less than 3 months bein fed soda. Watch them! What a shame! No mo FF!

-to be continued-

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fast Food Info Part I

Hello my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO. I hope that y'all know that I luv y'all & hate NIGGAS. I hope that THEY get it together one day so that THEY too can be BLAK. Todays edition is about ya favorite, fast food. I'm goin in but before I do, the breaks may have been applied on REVOLUTION in Egypt. Afrika will SOON be for BLAKS anyway so as stated in the last article, stand aside & see what develops. WE shall be VICTORIOUS!

Ok y'all, I just finished readin Fast Food Nation & promised y'all that I would go in on that. Instead of reviewin the book, what I wanna do here is take excerpts & FEED y'all what y'all need to know about it. This book was written by eric schlosser, a white dude but always know that KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE, wherever it comes from. He didn't get into every facet of FF but he left us enuff info to go on. Check it out yo!

The book starts off in the mountains of CO, atta place named the Cheyene Mountains, one of the most important, yet unheard of military installations in the US. This places houses the North American Aerospace Command, the Air Force Space Command & the US Space Command. It defends against any aerial attack to the US. It was hollowed out & designed to take a direct atomic hit! The air inside is pressurized to prevent contamination. It generates enuff power to supply a city of 250,000 people tho there only 1500 inside. Let's correlate.

In the 1970's, Americans spent about $6B on FF. In 2000, it was more than $110B. On most days, 25% of the adult population, eats at least one of their meals there. mcDonalds is the worlds largest owner of retail properties, makin most of its money off of RENT. mcd spends more money on ads & marketing than any other brand including coca cola. The only fictional charcter more recognized than ronald mcdonald is santa claus.

The basic thinkin behind fast food has become the system of todays retail economy, wipin out small business, obileratin regional differences & spreadin identical stores thruout the country like a self replicatin code. Almost every facet of American life has been franchised or chained. ray kroc(made mcd what it is today) once said that "organizations cannot trust the individual; the individual must trust the organization."

The resteraunt industry is Americas largest private employer & pays the lowest wages. About 3.5M workers(2000 estimate) are the largest minimum wage earners in the US & only migrant farm workers make less. ( and we know that most of THEM are illegals)

The current methods for preparin food are less likely to be found in the cookbooks than in such journals as Food Technologist & Food Engineerin. Aside from salad greens & tomatoes, most FF is delivered to the resteraunt frozen, canned, dehydrated or freeze dried. What we eat has changed more in the last 40 years than in the previous 40,000 years.

Much of the taste & aroma of American ff for example is now MANUFACTURED atta series of large chemical plants off of the NJ Turnpike. The FF chains now stand atop a huge food industrialized complex that has gained control of American agriculture. These names such as cargill, conagra & ibp have made it so that there are now more prisoners than farmers.

Bcuz of lax laws, e:choli has gotten into the food chain, especially in the ground meat. Thru ads & marketin, this food is targeted primarily to children. It is also prepared by those just barely over their childhood years.

The American West is where the FF Nation was born. While cities in the East expanded thru immigration, LA became more white as the flood from thruout the us came in droves. This enabled a car boom as GM secretly purchased trolley systems in the us, usin FRONT COMPANIES. These trolley systems were scrapped leavin BUSSES as the only way to travel. Coincidentally, GM manufactured these busses & when caught, they were NOMINALLY fined & the car biz was born. The rubber companies flourished & federal monies flooded the west, buildin roads. Lazy ass whites soon sought to use MO TELS(MOtorist HoTELS), bankin & before ya know it, FOODS without havin to leave ya car & wanted FAST aka FAST FOOD! An industry was BORN!

The new division of labor meant that a worker only had to be taught how to perform one task. At the end of Route 66(6), in San Bernandino CA, in direct contrast to the bright fakeness of FF resteraunts, was born the hell angels. They flaunted their dirtiness, celebrated disorder, terrified families & small children instead of tryin to sell 'em burgers, took drugs, sold drugs & injected into AmeriKKKan culture, an anger & a darkness & a fashion statement - t-shirts & torn jeans, blak leather jackets & boots, long hair, facial hair, swatiskas, silver skull rings & tattoos - that would influence a long line of rebels from marlon brando to marilyn manson.

I'm BLAK to the Blak Smith now. Like Hip Hop, whenever something pops up, it's antithesis will pop up & show itself. The hells angels came about as the us tried to cleanse itself & the hippies came in the 60's. These were white backlashes. As Blaks started makin strides in the early to late 60's with various movements that were squashed, Hip Hop came along & became the voice of a generation. The FF industry soon started to commodify what was there & grabbed a hold. That hold is almost over.

- to be continued -

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt REVOLUTION & what it means to BLAK FOLK

Ayo, straight from the greetin, I'm goin in! Whatup & how y'all doin? That Egypt shituation caught US all off guard huh? That KraKKa got caught off guard by Tunisia & then Egypt & when Mubarak tried to go to Saudi Arabia, his ass got rejected. Tryin to find his whereabouts is difficult & he may be in of all places, israel(palestine) hidin out! As this story is all over the news, I don't need to give y'all a blow by blow account but the peepo ain't havin this shit no more. Again, if you know nothin about geo-politics, this may seem confusin but it really isn't. Egypt, on paper, is the only official ally of those kkkhazars aka the so called jew in what is called the middle east which ain't nothin but Northern Afrika. Thru all of the migrations, THEY got y'all confused that THEY are the REAL EGYPTIANS but to write about alla that would take forever & WE ain't got that kinda time. This is what pisses me off about too many peepo on FaceBook havin threads that have 600 answers. They start off with good intent talkin about walnuts & end it talkin about carpet & in the end, the same old shit; a big old NOTHIN but words. Y'all are wastin time while 1 of OUR original lands is bein taken BLAK by foreigners who took it form US so long ago. I keep tellin y'all to read Destruction of Black Civilization. Do you really think that those a-rabs is fightin for you to just take it BLAK from THEM? Get sirius! Revolutionary Fervor is now in the air & just like the Haitian Revolution inspired the Bolivar Revolution, once started, it cannot be contained. Once a mob forms a mentality, it's on & poppin!

As you now see, a real REVOLUTION is BLOODY & chaotic! This has just started & WE won't see any of it here until these KraKKa's in the USA get mad enough to start killin each other like that dude did in AZ just a few weeks ago. As too many of y'all is still goin BLAK & forth talkin about whos GOD dick is bigger & alla that BS, y'all just provin how really unready WE really are. To be honest tho, I OVERstand it as I used to be the same way & this is showin US that when it comes here & it will, ya better be ready for anything. As youth, ya still searchin for the answers. We got 'em right here. Ya must remember our Egyptian past & when ya do like Mike Jackson did on the Remember the Time video, you will know that these so called Egyptians ain't the genuine article like WE in the America's & West Afrika are. This Egyptian legacy is ours & in the end, WE will be victorious. The Sudanese are tryin to secede but that is a blip on the radar screen. Could all of this be a plot to sneak in Africom as the US has plenty of interests in Egypt & for that matter in that area? The Suez Canal is right there & a whole lotta OIL moves through there. What happens if that gets blown to hell & OIL prices skyrocket? I've been through the Suez & there are soldiers all over that place! And again, this is all just beginnin. I don't wanna hear about none of my BLAK PEEPO joinin no military even if ya broke as hell like me! With 687 days to go, things will get more & more interestin like I been tellin y'all for almost two years now.

Before I leave y'all though, let me leave y'all with some wise words from Benjamin Chavis, contributing writer from the Atlanta Voice News dated 2/4-2/10 2011. On page 4 of this newspaper in an article entitled, Uproar in Egypt is more freedom cry than riots he says that, "the cry for change and freedom across Egypt sheds a prophetic light on the future of the entire continent of Africa. As the world media focuses on the massive street demonstrations that called for change of the leadership in Egypt, African Americans must understand the broader socioeconomic, political and cultural implications.
Egypt is one of the oldest nations in the world. It has a diverse population of more than 80 million people. While the Western media charcterizes Egypt as an Arab nation located in the Middle East, it is actually located in Northern Africa and is an African nation.
African people on the continent and throughout the diaspora of African people should be interested in the outcomeof the current crisis in Egypt"

Though I agree with 90% of what BC said, I don't side with these a-rabs as brothers in opression, religion or any other ism-schism. I side with the REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR part of it & what's in it for US as BLAK PEEPO. Anything else smacks of PATERNALISM & can go suck a dogs dick like them KraKKa bitches do. It's time to be concerned with our own so let Cain(Kkkristianity) & Abel (Islam) kill each other & step aside. Stop bein so dang religious & get with ya SPIRITUALITY which ain't the same thing! I hate quotin the bible but it seems like the meek shall inherit the earth. What say you my PEEPO? Keep on livin & let's see what happens next. The poles are shiftin & all kinda cosmic forces are at play. There are 2 suns in our atmosphere. This shit is just beginnin & it's FUN! Peace.........after REVOLUTION!