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I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter VII

Originally posted sep 7th 2011
Greetings to all of my b2a Peepo & welcome BLAK to my excerpts. By now, I hope that most of my loyal readers know that I gotta write a little about whatever is going on in ya hood & in the world even before WE get into the subject matter. Y'all seem to have FORGOTTEN that WE are livin in the days of REVELATIONS & all this word means is that ALL is being REVEALED. Them KraKKa's can't hide who they are no more but some of 'em still got ya TRICKED off with THEY ISM-SCHISMS & so ya won't see the light. ALL of US ain't never gonna see it so stop tryin to make EVERYBODY get it. 

Everyday now, new/old cases of PEDOPHELIA are comin to light. This economy is done & y'all ain't seen it yet bcuz ya countin just a few more pennies than me. It's alright......I gotta book for sale.......wanna purchase it? Before WE go in though, another Blak person in Patrice O'neal died a few days ago of a stroke at the tender…

I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter V

Once again, the Blak Smith is goin in! Ayo, it's practically december & the animals that are SUPPOSED to be HIBERNATIN by now are still runnin around & ain't payin attention when I tell 'em to go to sleep! It's like 65 degrees & humid like a motherfugga! Are ya playin the HAARP secret government? Today WE are takin more excerpts outta Chapter 5 - Is it Entertainment or Propaganda of our book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. But before WE do that, just had to let y'all know about what's goin on in pakistan. If ya haven't heard or don't know, nato (usa) forces attacked a pakistani garrison with drones killin 24 & woundin 13. As this isn't the 1st time this happened, the pakis were UPSET & allowed the us led forces to CONTINUE til where we are now. Them paki's then told those forces that THEY had 15 days from saturday (11/26) to pack THEY shit & get the fugg out but........I know how THEY think & this is EXACTLY…

WHY AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE Part V/ 11/07 by Motown Maurice | Blog Talk Radio

Alicia Myers - I want to thank you/ I'm THANKFUL that I can put this up 4 ALL my BLAK FOLK!


CLOSING OUT THE YEAR DEC.4 AND DEC. 18 esp 2 those of U in the NY area



A Few Thoughts

A great greetin to all my FOLK out there! Once again a great shout out to all of my GARIFUNA FAMILY as we waked my uncle yesterday. He was a great man & is now sharin space with the ancestors. Big UP to his family in particular as the service provided was top notch, A-1 & all that. Peace! Today, I'm just gonna put out a few thoughts of stuff goin on in my mind with no direction. Can ya spare a few minutes with me? I hope that ya can.

Another GORGEOUS DAY in the northeast where WE are now experiencin SUMMER after that LONG SPRING that WE had earlier this year. Ain't that a BLIP as I walked about 40 minutes & was SWEATIN when I arrived at my DESTINATION & I wasn't even wearin a jacket. I just may put out the Final Countdown 2012 all over again even though I posted this on Face Book just a few days ago: I simply tell y'all all the time that I just send on what I see but as things ha…




Yo, it's about 65 degrees & very HUMID in NY now in mid-november! WE hadda snowstorm before haloween & ever since then, it's been pretty warm! I keep tellin y'all that the WORLD as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST & quite possibly, it may happen thru ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! Did y'all hear about those loud noises in va that I asked y'all about? If not, check this out at: I hope that y'all don't BELIEVE shit I say & check out what I post as well. The squirrels & chipmunks ain't hibernatin yet & it seems kinda eerie to still see 'em this late in the year. Did ya get ya FLU SHOT yet? Are y'all ready for BLAK friday? On my BLAK friday, everyone stays home & gets drunk & watch football while playin video games......yeah! As peepo in the us are now addicted to prescription drugs, more babies are bein born addicted at record rates. …


I ain't got time for PLEASANTRIES  today as so much is goin on. For all of y'all who don't like talk of DEATH, DESTRUCTION & VIOLENCE, get the fuKKK off of this page now! WE don't happen to be livin inna time for pleasant talk & again, what makes YOU MORALLY just & right when YOU allow ya sons & daughters to be RAPED? What kinda language do YOU use to express RIGHTEOUS RAGE? I'm warnin y'all now, if ya don't like the LANGUAGE don't tell me & ignore my ads. I'm very UPSET that the STATE PENN coach, jerry sandusky has been for the most part, molestin BLAK BOYS & WE just goin around all blaze blaze with not a care in the world. The reason why WE azza peepo can do that is bcuz WE don't have the VILLAGE MENTALITY of "it takes a village to raise the child" in US which leads to these situations. Point BLAK, this dude shouldn't be killed fast; he should be tied up & TORTURED to the brink of DEATH & when he&#…


Hello & welcome BLAK to another addition of blak2afrika. big RASPECT goes out to my Uncle Justo who I just learned has passed away. He was a great MAN & will surely be missed! My name as ya already know is the Blak Smith & I just have a few words to say to y'all. Before WE go in though, must also pay RASPECT to 2 of our BROTHERS who are now OUR ANCESTORS in Joe Frazier & Heavy D. So much for the death comes in 3's concept doesn't hold but that's just how it usually goes. Again, & it needs to STOP! Y'all gotta get to the Cosmic Party with me! Lemme go BLAK a lil though & talk about the Hevster. I remember findin out about this dude years ago. He started off workin at WBLS in NYC as a BOUNCER & soon learned the industry inside out & MANAGED HIMSELF thruout his long career in music. Remember, about this time last year, ronni chasen a small hat/big wig to …

I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is HERE!


Hey Blak Peepo! I know KraKKa's be readin this but fuKKK 'em! This is my space & so.......anyhow, after that snowstorm last week, the weather has been very nice. As far as the eye can see, there is a warmin trend goin on as weather modification continues, I've resigned myself to just waitin to see what happens as THEY put out so many geese & at about this time, WE don't need to be chasin NOTHIN! As far as OWS is concerned, I got this to say: Like a san francisco area code, WE got WAY LESS than 415 left so HANG ON Y'ALL! I wanna get to a place where y'all ain't just readin this & actually doin something about our plight. WE CAN DO THIS so let's go in now.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled If ya haven't read it, please do so & come BLAK to this. On November 7th, …

Conspiracy To Destory Black Boy's.....Come on Y'all, It's UMAR!