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I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter VII

I aint perfekt but take it from ME

Originally posted sep 7th 2011

Greetings to all of my b2a Peepo & welcome BLAK to my excerpts. By now, I hope that most of my loyal readers know that I gotta write a little about whatever is going on in ya hood & in the world even before WE get into the subject matter. Y'all seem to have FORGOTTEN that WE are livin in the days of REVELATIONS & all this word means is that ALL is being REVEALED. Them KraKKa's can't hide who they are no more but some of 'em still got ya TRICKED off with THEY ISM-SCHISMS & so ya won't see the light. ALL of US ain't never gonna see it so stop tryin to make EVERYBODY get it. 

Everyday now, new/old cases of PEDOPHELIA are comin to light. This economy is done & y'all ain't seen it yet bcuz ya countin just a few more pennies than me. It's alright......I gotta book for sale.......wanna purchase it? Before WE go in though, another Blak person in Patrice O'neal died a few days ago of a stroke at the tender YOUNG age of 41. What a shame that so may of US is goin way too young & I wrote about that here a few months BLAK. Overstand, WE need EVERYBODY as WE cannot do it alone. I LUV BLAK PEEPO so check this out: After readin this article, I found that most of the states listed have mainly KraKKa populations. The state with essentially no exemptions is MS where WE mainly at........DAMN! It's 2011 & WE still don't know the game. You got WAY LESS than 388 to figure it out & as it is still relatively warm in the northeast, I would dare say that this will be the warmest november on record but let's wait & see. Remember, I gotta book for sale so allow me to impress ya on what I know about relationships. Go in:

With the given information, is there any wonder as to why relationships between the Blak Man & Woman don’t work? You see, as a people, we have lost the love. Remember Blak woman they took the culture most of us disdain from US. Our culture for better or worse is what sustained us for thousands if not millions of years. Now that I am mature, I realize that a woman should want to be with a man who she sees as secure because security is part of the equation but no man wants to be with a woman who loves him because he can provide her what she desires only. When they washed us of our culture, they also washed away the way we care for each other. Furthermore, it was in our cultural imperative to have rites of passages that proved that I was ready to marry. THE AVERAGE MAN HAD 2 WIVES & those who could afford it had more, was appointed more land & had to have a lot of resources (offspring) to keep everything in order. EVERYONE HAD A JOB as all worked for the benefit of the community. That’s why Afrikans from the continent who come to the US, work for themselves almost immediately after arrival. Most of them don’t have degrees but they will frequent each others establishments thus keeping the dough in they community like we should be doing. TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE IS CONSIDERED SLAVERY! BLAK WOMAN & BLAK MAN, you have gone through and are still going through the most dehumanizing experience imaginigible & have made it this far. NO OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE COULD GO THRU ALL OF THIS & SURVIVE. WE ARE EQUALLY MESSED UP Blak man & woman & it ain’t our fault, but it’s up to JUST US to fix it. Reading sex tips from Essence or BM ain’t gonna do it! Seeing your white psychotherapist ain’t gonna do it. Using drugs & throwing caution to the wind ain’t gonna do it. Like I’ve been writing, I’ve got some answers so stick around. To show how deep our problems are, I quote from a book that blew my mind about this very topic. The name of it is, “Slavery. The Afrikan Psychic Trauma” written by Sultana & Naimah Latif.

Being sold away or watching family members get sold
away was an indescribably devastating experience.
Many slaves became so overcome with grief, they went
insane & in their hallucinations, talked to their absent
loved ones. Others became suicidal.
Separating children from their parents was perhaps the greatest 
factor in the loss of Afrikan Culture &
language. Once children were taken away, their upbringing 
was no longer supervised by parents who could pass
down knowledge & traditions.

They go on to further say that;

The enslaved Afrikan always lived with the reality that
marriages among slaves could never be held sacred.
One could be sold away . . . . Or the Master could take
a liking to ones wife.

Did y’all know that George W Bush was accused of raping a Blak woman named Margie Schoedinger& she pressed charges & was soon “sucided?” Not only was she violated but so was her HUSBAND! These charges were filed in Fort Bend County TX on Dec. 2, 2002 & she “commited suicide” on Sep 22, 2003 . As well, Bush& former KnoxvilleTN mayor, Victor Ashe were homosexual lovers alledgedly since puberty & when a Congressional investigation was to emerge in regard to that, Ashe quit& Bush sent him toPoland to be an ambASSador there. Stop thinking that our problems started with us! I’m trying to show you the hand rocking the cradle. Put in that context, what do you think of that? Blak woman, that krakka devil is still RAPING you & unfortunately because he has a title like (p)resident, CEO, Chairman, Sir or more financial means than me, you justify wanting to be around him. Don’t forsake us! Mind you, I am not talking about players (liars), criminals, gangsters, perverts, woman beaters, swindlers & non righteous hustlers. The average Blak man is the average Blak man& has the capacity to love you! You see what we have lost between ourselves is the love & replaced it with an endless pursuit of the paper chase. MOST BLACK WOMEN ARE MAKING MORE MONEY (LEGALLY) THAN THE BLAK MAN well at least in Amerikka! Blak woman, those corporate elitists are overworking you, under paying you & if not outright salivating for your loins, secretly wishing to do to you what he has done to us historikkkaly. Steadman is a rich dude on his own but next to Oprah? No comparison! Yes, the world has been turned upside down on its head. In the Blak community, because of willy lynchism, Blak women are now the primary breadwinners & anybody with half a brain knows that the person with the bigger wallet calls the shots. Because Afrikan Amerikkkan women won’t submit, a man’s manhood is questioned & all types of problems ensue. Blak woman, for eons Blak men has defined manhood as hunting, gathering & bravery. These qualities ensured that men were ready for adulthood & all of the responsibilities that come with it & there was a cultural & natural way to take care of our problems when they eventually arose. You are not the PROBLEM! The problem is NOT KNOWING this. As I said before, the system now defining you is the problem & that’s why I named the chapter, Is willy lynch Right? During slavery time, because they wanted chaos in our ranks, they pitted you against your natural mate. They handsomely rewarded those who snitched (men & women) & brutalized those who kept loyal to their brethren. This is why I took that quote out of that book; to give you reference. THE ORDER IS NOT NATURAL! You naturally want a man with financial means BUT you are a two-for. What that means is at a job, physically you are not a threat to a man & you humor them with your sassiness & Blak talk. In these days of Affirmative Action (which is quickly eroding), you duly serve as a (1) minority & (2) a woman, & serve as a 1 in the hand beats 2 in the bush type concept. BLAK WOMEN ARE RUNNING AMERIKKKA & CONDOSLEAZA RICE WAS THE HEAD NIGGERETTE IN CHARGE (HNIC). Blak woman, we have our problems & we need to get it together. We must sustain our race because without the LOVE that has been taken from us, we are all playing a game & the stakes is extinction. What good is our race if all we are is a bunch of niggers & bitches? I am a proud Blak man & all I want is a Blak woman. I don’t dance with the devil!

                                                                  - to be continued -

Yeah, WE still at it y'all! The Blak Smith is goin hard & when YOU get this book........OH BOY! The link is at & in the box ya put BOOKS. In the box just to the right, put my name as spelled above or the name of the book & go for yours. If ya wanna see me receive the full benefits of ya money, get the e-book when ya HOLLA BLAK to my e-mail address, OR at Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & see you on page 279.

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I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me Excerpts from Chapter V

Once again, the Blak Smith is goin in! Ayo, it's practically december & the animals that are SUPPOSED to be HIBERNATIN by now are still runnin around & ain't payin attention when I tell 'em to go to sleep! It's like 65 degrees & humid like a motherfugga! Are ya playin the HAARP secret government? Today WE are takin more excerpts outta Chapter 5 - Is it Entertainment or Propaganda of our book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. But before WE do that, just had to let y'all know about what's goin on in pakistan. If ya haven't heard or don't know, nato (usa) forces attacked a pakistani garrison with drones killin 24 & woundin 13. As this isn't the 1st time this happened, the pakis were UPSET & allowed the us led forces to CONTINUE til where we are now. Them paki's then told those forces that THEY had 15 days from saturday (11/26) to pack THEY shit & get the fugg out but........I know how THEY think & this is EXACTLY what I expected: Ayo, them pakis got NUKES! Look for more of that but as I wrote previously in the Final Countdown 2012 & the Revisited Edition as well as the Final WARnin, my newer readers should refer to those articles as I knew these times were coming. The nwo is takin way too long & as everyday goes into the next, that KraKKa knows that he ain't got enuff time & will cause murders & mayhem to ensue so as to bring ORDER out of CHAOS! WE got WAY LESS than 389 days left so I want y'all to start THINKIN about what Y'ALL gonna do when the KraKKa's time is OFFICIALLY UP! That time is near so see these signs & what's to come how ya wanna but DO YOU SUN! Alright - y'all already know how I do. I HAVE a BOOK for SALE & if ya luv what a BRO does.........let's see what WE got here in this edition of excerpts of my new book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me.

Do you know who the so called Jew is? He is a Khazar from what we now know as the Caucus Mountains in the Slavic Bloc nations .* This is where the word Caucasian comes from & these people are a cunning, manipulative, warmongering tribe of sub-human REPTILIANS who proved to be so difficult, they were kicked out of the region by the native inhabitants and dispersed throughout Europe & the Middle East aka Northern Afrika. They became a nomadic tribe as their reputation preceded them & no one wanted them around. To just know who they are as a people, the Mossad or Israeli Intellegence, is the CIA

* Slavic – eastern europeans who were enslaved by western Europeans. This makes the basis of the word, SLAVE. Them krakkas perfected slavery way before Afrika.

equivalent in the US. They have a motto which says, By way of deception, thou shalt do war.** This is who they are yo! You can check all of this out & a great book to check is a book with part of that motto entitled, By Way of Deception, written by Victor Ostrovky. Charles Lindbergh even once said that, “Their greatest danger to this country lies in Jewish ownership & influence in our Motion Pictures, our press, our radio & our government.” WHOA!!! That’s coming from the mouth of one of they own & boy is he right. This is why most countries don’t like Khazars; they get into a country & if they represent a fraction of the population, next thing you know, they stack the deck of the lions share of the economy. Again, Hitler found this out & SEEMINGLY did something most wouldn’t BUT we see today, that THEY planned this to (1) gain sympathy & (2) are trying to rewrite HIS STORY by lying about THEM being US! Modern day Isreal Is NOT REAL! THEY ALL IN CAHOOTS! 6 million so called Jews were not killed as those numbers were greatly exaggerated! Whatever! How many died during the Maafa? The so called Israeli’s don’t influence the U.S, they control the US as utterered by their once fearless leader, Ariel Sharon. The lobbying group with the most pull in the US Politikkkal Structure is known as AIPAC. Check some of the names that were in the upper echelons in W’s Administration; Rove, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz & Schleshinger are just a few who if are not in control of a political entity, then they manipulate in the background using bribes, sex scandals & denouncing dissenters as racists or their favorite terminology, Anti Semite. Do you know that no one of Jewish (Khazar) extrakkktion died during 911in the WTC? How about Senator Paul Wellstone from MN dying in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances? Now before I end this segment, alot of you

** By Way of Deception written by Victor Ostrovsky, page 53.

may be asking, “well what does all of this have to do with movies?” It’s your choice as all depends on perspective. It could mean nothing or everything. Most movies that pertain to the future show a world of doomsday predictions (Armagedon Deep Impakt, 12 Monkeys) & use Alpha males such as the Governator (Schwartz a nigger) & Bruce Willis. Lately, Will Smith is the man & we’ll see where that goes. These movies prepared you for 9-11 but don’t worry, whatever is next, will make 9-11 look like a cake walk. THE NEW WORLD ODOR MUST HAPPEN! Bob Marley told y’all in Redemption Song that “they have to fulfill the Book.” “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! If you scared, say you scared! We are now in reel time. Stop connecting Bin Laden to Saddam Hussain. They couldn’t stand each other & besides, Osama been dead since 12/01, having been killed in Tora Bora. Benzair Bhutto said as much on the David Frost show & soonafter, was assassinated. Come on people, it’s called propaganda. They should call it smoke & mirrors because some of y’all need to get your heads out of Steven Spielbergs ass & start studying Reel Blak History. Their movies are his story. Like KRS - 1 said on Vocabulary, “Learn a little of your story, the real story.” If ya readin this online, check my FACTS! Prove me wrong!

                                                                 - to be continued -

Yes, yes, the Blak Smith is still here STRONG despite LIFE & what it offers US. As I wish to remain LIBERATED, if ya luv what WE do, all I humbly ASK is that ya buy my book. To purchase the book, go to, hit books & type in title of book or my name, Blak Smith. If ya wanna make sure that I get all that money, send me a message to my contact info below & WE can get it in. WE also will take donations which allows me to keep running my site. If ya wish to HOLLA BLAK, I'm at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Ya don't need be AFRAID bcuz VICTORY is OURS but ya gotta BE READY & that's what WE tryin to do for US here. Stay with US & peace

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A Few Thoughts

A great greetin to all my FOLK out there! Once again a great shout out to all of my GARIFUNA FAMILY as we waked my uncle yesterday. He was a great man & is now sharin space with the ancestors. Big UP to his family in particular as the service provided was top notch, A-1 & all that. Peace! Today, I'm just gonna put out a few thoughts of stuff goin on in my mind with no direction. Can ya spare a few minutes with me? I hope that ya can.

Another GORGEOUS DAY in the northeast where WE are now experiencin SUMMER after that LONG SPRING that WE had earlier this year. Ain't that a BLIP as I walked about 40 minutes & was SWEATIN when I arrived at my DESTINATION & I wasn't even wearin a jacket. I just may put out the Final Countdown 2012 all over again even though I posted this on Face Book just a few days ago: I simply tell y'all all the time that I just send on what I see but as things happen, WE shall see more & more BIZARRE WEATHER PATTERNS but do Y'ALL hear me?

It seems like the establishment is now makin moves on the ocuppy whatever street movements. A few days ago in NYC, ya favorite mayor in bloomburger, had the PIGS go thru & kick 'em outta they occupyin asses. Y'all know that this is a KraKKa thang as if it was a whole bunch of peepo who look like you & me, there would have been thousands of injuries & WAY MORE ARRESTED. There would have been 10 arrests per officer. All they doin nowadays is pennin & corrallin folks & then arrest those ensnared in THEY traps & if ya don't know what I'm talkin about, just think of SLAVERY. The only ones who look like US are blaKKKer if ya get the picture. Stay away from the STREET!

Speakin of streets.........I don't hear of any of US talkin about the breakdown of the european markets. That right there is a problem that most of US don't really OVERSTAND bcuz WE look at the ECONOMY as MONEY when in fact, the ECONOMY is based on TRADEABLE COMMODOTIES. It's like sayin, if ya have the basic essentials as in FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER, WTF is money for? ireland went broke, greece is broke & italy just FIRED their president, BURLESQUE SCONI! That dude was involved in 1 scandal after another as the countries economy plummeted. Meanwhile, at the vatiKKKan, business & PEDOPHELIA is FLOURISHIN! Wait for the boom to drop on italy as THEIR populace is now OLD anyway! When spain's turn comes..............some of y'all keep telin me that the KraKKa has time but that NIGGA's time is UP yo! He now has WAY LESS than 400 days & as I've previously said here before, NONE OF Y'ALL is gonna HELP HIM when HE beggin you to keep him ALIVE by promisin riches. That FIAT CURRENCY he'll be offerin won't be worth the SHIT ya wipe with it by then anyway! When that time comes, I & others like myself will DEAL with THOSE of YOU as I made a promise to those yet unborn, that I will teach THEM to DANCE! What you thinkin?

This here is PERSONAL! Y'all already know that I write these column for US! Y'all already know that any of you, even those I disagree with can write whatever THEY want here as long as it BENEFITS US! This is a COMMUNITY FORUM & as Y'ALL are my community, I ask that Y'ALL help support US! Help me to write my 2nd book which I already started & if ya writin a book & need CONSULTANT AID, HOLLA at ME! If ya like how WE write, buy my new book just out & the name is I ain't perfekt but take it from Me, available at Where it says ALL PRODUCTS, hit BOOKS. In the box to the right, put name of book or my name, Blak Smith & hit go & my info will appear. As I only have the original book, if ya want a paper book, buy it from the site. If ya want an e-file, holla by email at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) so as to arrange that. As well, if ya want to assist me with a DONATION, HOLLA BLAK as WE appreciate all that ya do. I'm SCARED of DAY JOBS as I don't deal with DISRESPECT! There are now 397 days left & ya GOTTA STAY ALIVE as TOO MANY are DYIN TOO YOUNG & I don't want that for you. I gotta new concept that I made up in my mind & see if y'all can get with this; 0-10 Baby 10-20 Grown Baby 20-30 Adult Baby 30-40 Teen Baby 40-50 Young Adult 50-60 Classic Adult 60-70 Grown Adult 70-80 Fully Grown Adult 80-90 Elder 90-100 Revered Elder & at 100+.......................hopefully, GOD's! AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! Peace & LUV to the BLAK FAM!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yo, it's about 65 degrees & very HUMID in NY now in mid-november! WE hadda snowstorm before haloween & ever since then, it's been pretty warm! I keep tellin y'all that the WORLD as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST & quite possibly, it may happen thru ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! Did y'all hear about those loud noises in va that I asked y'all about? If not, check this out at: I hope that y'all don't BELIEVE shit I say & check out what I post as well. The squirrels & chipmunks ain't hibernatin yet & it seems kinda eerie to still see 'em this late in the year. Did ya get ya FLU SHOT yet? Are y'all ready for BLAK friday? On my BLAK friday, everyone stays home & gets drunk & watch football while playin video games......yeah! As peepo in the us are now addicted to prescription drugs, more babies are bein born addicted at record rates. More than krakk & heroin & WE know that most of US ain't got healthcare & so that means these KraKKas is gettin fuKKKed up offa that hillbilly heroin aka oxycontin. This country is over yo & I don't see any of y'all talkin about the european economy fallin the fuKKK off! Keep on thinkin that shit ain't affectin you! I'm still pissed with STATE PENN & I think that the DISAPPEARANCE of then D.A, Ray Gricar needs to be reopened. As this news story says,, this dude din't like that program & wanted to prosecute that lowly scumbag coach. Now WE find out that the judge in this case was a VOLUNTEER in this DEVILS foundatiom, 2nd Mile. Talkin about a confliKKKt of interest! This is just 1 more reason why AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! No men in the house means the women must fend for self against the worst predator ever known. SISTAS, learn once & for all that relationships DON'T start at the wallet & end with good dick but no CHARCTER! Finally, as the euro weakens & weakens & italy is the next to go, the King KraKKa aka the pope is gonna visit Afrika, goin to Benin, said to be the home of the most POWERFUL JUJU on earth. As Benin is TINY, after ya read what I typed, why do ya think he's goin there now? Don't think that these NIGGAS don't know what they doin yo! I don't give a fuKKK about ya personal agendas; AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! Lets go!

I luv the AFRIKAN wherever she/he is! There ain't gonna be no more of US if WE don't care & I realize that that WE I speak of are the very FEW of US! I started off this way bcuz of: I've stressed to y'all in previous articles here that the struggle is now on for Afrika! Why do ya think that the front runner for the white house is a NIGGA? THEY will do ANYTHING to make THEMSELVES comfy in Afrika & this STATE PENN sKKKandal ties in with all of this! They want to go where everything that THEY do is openly permitted ALREADY so that THEY can get to it right away. Most continental Afrikans know NOTHIN about the true nature of these KraKKas & always let 'em slide for SHIT WE kill each other for. As the weather gets more & more unpredictable (whether it's manmade or not), uncertainty will take place & if the weather is static, peepo need to be inna place that's stable so that WE can EAT. The land in Afrika is still pretty much PRISTINE & will grow whatever is planted there. Azza peepo, under NATURAL LAW & regardless of what kinda systems were implemented by eruo thought, WE have a DIVINE RIGHT to OUR HOMELAND unless you a MOOR who claims the earth & don't feel that ya Afrikan but I'm not here to talk about all that right now.

Why do ya think the euros kicked our butts? They were fightin each other for the rights to US & when that proved costly to various govts, THEY called in THEIR military leaders & pro SEEDED to the berlin conference of 1884-85 & voila, here WE are! THER are UNITED in KiKKin OUR asses & this is WHY AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! To KNOW & OVERSTAND why WE don't trust each other, ya gotta read Destruction of Blak Civilization by Chancellor Williams & 2000 Seasons by Armah. Also, white Magic by Maduno & Stolen Legacy by George GM James get thrown in there.  Why the HELL are ya still sittin there readin this? GO GET THAT SHIT NOW YO! If ya read this far, it's obvious that ya care. AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE!

Look, this doesn't have to be a long article & I know that most of y'all have the attention span of a sponge. I kno that most of US is just livin day to day just tryin to keep the lights on & such. Five minutes after most of y'all read this, you'll be BLAK to whatever BULLSHIT ya do & ya know..........what I wish to do tho for those who are sirius is this; I kno some coo peeps from the continent who wish to devise a manifesto if you will........a meetin of the minds in locations with large Diasporan/Continental Afrikans where WE can hash out our differences inna safe enviorment & finally have that talk that WE need to have with each other. WE may need to all go BLAK as this KraKKa can be likened to a disgruntled lover who if he can't have it HIS way will kill EVERYTHING in sight! When he knows his time is up, he may SALT the EARTH. Yeah, me & my peepo......we gonna make some kinda manifesto & see who's down with it. Instead of bein that 1 toothpick, WE gonna become a pack of toothpicks, showin luv & showin strength TOGETHER. AFRIKANS WILL UNITE!

For now, I'm concludin this series but be on the lookout for that program WE tryin to come with. Alot of US in the west may need a place when this system breaks down & before WE go, WE gotta know who & what WE dealin with. As WE are the SAME, WE are DIFFERENT but WE MUST UNITE! WE have to do what WE'VE NEVER done to get what WE'VE NEVER HAD & it starts with US AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE takin those leaps of faith & gettin outta that comfort zone WE'VE all gotten so comfy in distrustin each other. If U read this, ya know this & so I'll see ya when ya ready to say.................  Peace.

Thank y'all for ya time & ATTENTION! All real AFRIKANS are sufferin under oppression but WE now have WAY LESS than 400 days. The course must be stayed & WE here at b2a will get ya thru so keep the FAITH! My book is here for y'all & those of you luv this site, please support my book & if ya can, send a donation. To buy the book, go to & in the drop box, hit books & type Blak Smith in the search box & order away. For donations, hit my email at or at Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Luv y'all & HOLLA BLAK!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I ain't got time for PLEASANTRIES  today as so much is goin on. For all of y'all who don't like talk of DEATH, DESTRUCTION & VIOLENCE, get the fuKKK off of this page now! WE don't happen to be livin inna time for pleasant talk & again, what makes YOU MORALLY just & right when YOU allow ya sons & daughters to be RAPED? What kinda language do YOU use to express RIGHTEOUS RAGE? I'm warnin y'all now, if ya don't like the LANGUAGE don't tell me & ignore my ads. I'm very UPSET that the STATE PENN coach, jerry sandusky has been for the most part, molestin BLAK BOYS & WE just goin around all blaze blaze with not a care in the world. The reason why WE azza peepo can do that is bcuz WE don't have the VILLAGE MENTALITY of "it takes a village to raise the child" in US which leads to these situations. Point BLAK, this dude shouldn't be killed fast; he should be tied up & TORTURED to the brink of DEATH & when he's there, made to recover only to keep repeatin the process for all of the sufferin he has caused. I remember a few years BLAK, when a young girl in Palmdale was BEATEN by a school safety officer for droppin cake on the floor. The reason why these things can happen is bcuz the BLAK MAN has been MARGINALIZED & has DISAPPEARED from OUR FAMILY & it has to stop! It can only stop when someone makes US aware of it as I have been tryin to do for some time now! The KraKKa is an UNNATURAL BEIN & will stop at NOTHIN to DOMINATE US & WE actin like I'm the PROBLEM for sayin SHIT how I say it! FuKKK OFF & grow up NIGGAS! What has your soft-shoein & shuKKKin & jivin done for US? Y'all NIGGAS is even too scared to take off 1 day of work on BLAK SOLIDARITY DAY! AFRIKANS MUST UNITE!

Ok y'all, the name of this site is BLAK 2 AFRIKA! In november of 2008, I the Blak Smith moved to Ghana West Afrika & stayed there til jan 2010. I had some of the GREATEST & WORST times of my life there & though those lows were low, those highs were high! I learned a LOT & can now say that I accomplished 1 of my biggest FEATS EVER by livin there as a YOUNG MAN! It can only get better. What I wanna do in this article (that may turn into a series) is devise a possible way for US azza peepo to once & for all, find out where our DIFFERENCES are without ANGER or ANIMOSITY & hash out why onna general level, find out why the fuKKK WE CAN'T GET ALONG! This SHITuation is the elephant in the room that most of US don't wanna talk about unless WE with OUR NATIVE PEEPO & feel SAFE, but WE must deal with the WHAT IF factor of it all? Of course bcuz of TIME & SPACE, some of OUR issues are OBVIOUS but what of those WE don't speak of honestly? Let's examine just a few here in this report:

Diet - in the west for the most part, most of our foods are processed. On an increasin level as the west strengthens the stranglehold on Afrika, the food there is as well. While in Ghana, the foods comin from get this, Shop Rite, were from south afrika as if Ghana has a food shortage which is just a ridiculous concept given the landscape & weather. As well, the asians & euros are depletin the fish stocks with those big ass TRAWLERS & so the natives get the minimum & not the best stuff. This must be handled at the top & WE know about the leaders there. They kinda like the 1's here right sotero?

Religion - Increasingly, wars over RELIGION are keepin the peepo FIGHTIN as in The reason why this & other confliKKKts will continue to happen is almost the same all of the time. WE are not euros & anytime that WE adapt their customs, WE will always LOSE! This goes for politics, religion, diet, relationships & almost everything 1 can conceive but y'all don't hear me though. Most of these countries have muslim norths & kkkhristian souths with a few TRADITIONALISTS thrown in for good measure & guarenteed that 98.5% of all of 'em is corrupt! If some of y'all knew the LAND SHITUATION in Afrika, it would make you CRY as peepo have lost their life savings buyin land that was sold over & over again. It's crazy how this is routine there! Damn.

Culture - EVERYTHING is CULTURE & CULTURE is EVERYTHING! What type of food ya eat, marriage customs, religious views, language, economics, etc etc ad infinitum. This plea that I make to those of US who care enough is this: Afrikans in ameriKKKa were taken away from all of that by FORCE & made to work here forever. Bcuz continental Afrikans were born in Afrika under colonial rule, they retained alot of their CULTURE & therefor still do alot of the things that they've done since their ancient past. Most Native Born Afrikans don't relate to OUR STRUGGLE as THEY didn't get whipped, raped, amputated, beaten EVERYDAY & made to work for NOTHIN & now come here & look at Afrikans in ameriKKKa as lazy degenerates in a land of milk & honey but that's changin as this land dries up. I won't even get into the PSYCHOLOGY of not bein wanted but durin slavery, every Blak Person hadda JOB! I have a great friend born in Afrika, who came here azza young man & told me that before he left his country, the us embassy showed him & those comin over for the 1st time, movies like Boys in the Hood & New Jack City, depictin afrikans born here as the WORST. This is PURE FUKKKERY & with what I went thru over there, I still know that there are good & bad everywhere just as he did after sittin BLAK for 2 years & observin EVERYTHING around him. What he was observin was OUR CULTURE & I'm proud of him for doin what most others wouldn't as he told me just how dubious his peepo can be. What a scam, SET UP by the DEVIL as he looks & he SMILES!

Again, y'all better know that the overwhelmin reason as to why WE are in this mess is bcuz of the KraKKa! He is the reason why most of US speak his languages & why TOO MANY of US look at US thru his eyes. If you ain't white then why are you usin his lenses? And before I finish this article, it ain't just about continental Afrikans & Afrikans born in ameriKKKa as ALL of US the world over differentiate between countries, streets, blocks, buildings, sections of towns & regions. The name of this SHIT is WHY AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE & that's why my name is BLAK bcuz once I tell y'all I'm _______________ (insert group), I seperate myself from whoever sees that group/sect/religion/organization as OPPOSITION. The only group dynamic I serve in is MAAT & so..................this is why I still consider myself a Garveyite. Garvey said bring yo affiliation but use it so as to allow it to SERVE the GOD in PEEPO! When WE can all do that, that KraKKa would be done with OVERNITE & this is why AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! Holla Blak!

The Blak Smith absolutely luvs him some Afrika. WE can get y'all there thru & if ya decide to take a trip out there, tell 'em that I sent ya. As well, please help support what I do here by coppin my new book & that link is here at Go in the drop box, enter books & type Blak Smith in the search box & my book will come up. To stay in touch, my email is & on Face Book, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE now have WAY LESS than 405 days y'all so HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello & welcome BLAK to another addition of blak2afrika. big RASPECT goes out to my Uncle Justo who I just learned has passed away. He was a great MAN & will surely be missed! My name as ya already know is the Blak Smith & I just have a few words to say to y'all. Before WE go in though, must also pay RASPECT to 2 of our BROTHERS who are now OUR ANCESTORS in Joe Frazier & Heavy D. So much for the death comes in 3's concept doesn't hold but that's just how it usually goes. Again, & it needs to STOP! Y'all gotta get to the Cosmic Party with me! Lemme go BLAK a lil though & talk about the Hevster. I remember findin out about this dude years ago. He started off workin at WBLS in NYC as a BOUNCER & soon learned the industry inside out & MANAGED HIMSELF thruout his long career in music. Remember, about this time last year, ronni chasen a small hat/big wig to the entertainers, was killed in cold blood under some eerily mysterious circumstances with a young brother gettin implicated & killed though he didn't do it out there in la ca. Nobody gave a fuKKK & the story soon disappeared. I wrote about it but  don't wanna keep on puttin my own links here & so.......also, after just checkin google, their is ony 1 STORY of randy quaid & his STAR WHACKERS shituation wherein he said that there is a cabal of other small hats who he named, that were makin peepo seem crazy, takin THEY shit & when peepo label 'em crazy, WHACKIN 'EM & takin all the rest of they shit. This was just a year ago & only 1 story under that subject? Come on now.......!!!!! Could the Hev have been targetted as he managed himself & was independent of a system that made him & they wanted his shit? Could he have seen something? It's hard for me to believe that this BRO died of pneumonia. Too many of US is DYIN TOO YOUNG & it needs to stop!

In other news, the meteorite that was SUPPOSED to hit the earth today passed thru & missed US! Also, today, the 9th of November, WE are supposed to experience a grand solar flare but if ya readin this, of course it didn't happen OR won't affect things much. 11 11 11! I'm more than sure that alot of y'all have seen those numbers & from what I've gathered, that is SUPPOSED to be the date for the Cosmic Party invitees to ASCEND! Before y'all get ya panties up in bunches, I ain't talkin about winged flight........I'm talkin about that ASCENCION of the mind where the KraKKa can't go & where HE can't affect ya. This is why things are so hard now & why HE'S KraKKin down in every way bcuz his TIME is UP HE feels it with every fiber in his body. All I can tell y'all to do is stay alive & see that New DAY for ya in it already. Yes YOU are!

I just told y'all about some of the things goin down LATELY as in That was just for ya enjoyment & bcuz it's a GREAT SONG! Now, I'm gonna go a lil beyond & go BEFORE & even BEFORE the BEFORE. Just over this post is some HEAVY STUFF. THIS is the STUFF that ya need to know to UNLOCK that SLEEPIN GIANT in YOU! To you, I give, Baba Credo Mutwa.........take it away.

By now, y'all know that my book is out & in case ya missed my postings, here's the link here; If ya wanna, include a DONATION when ya cop the book & you can also get it directly from Me. As I am available for lectures & book readings, stay in touch with me at my e-mail adress at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLA BLAK & thanx for all the LUV & SUPPORT!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hey Blak Peepo! I know KraKKa's be readin this but fuKKK 'em! This is my space & so.......anyhow, after that snowstorm last week, the weather has been very nice. As far as the eye can see, there is a warmin trend goin on as weather modification continues, I've resigned myself to just waitin to see what happens as THEY put out so many geese & at about this time, WE don't need to be chasin NOTHIN! As far as OWS is concerned, I got this to say: Like a san francisco area code, WE got WAY LESS than 415 left so HANG ON Y'ALL! I wanna get to a place where y'all ain't just readin this & actually doin something about our plight. WE CAN DO THIS so let's go in now.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled If ya haven't read it, please do so & come BLAK to this. On November 7th, 2011, WE are goin to have BLAK SOLIDARITY DAY. This day is for US & this year, y'all need to know that LIFE ain't just about WORKIN all damn day & nite for the rest of OUR LIVES. This system was designed to have you actin ROBOTIC! Sometimes, ya have to take TIME OFF & just do YOU & FAMILY so as to alleviate all of your stress. Why can't WE as a peepo have OUR OWN 3 day weekend OFF as THEY took MLK Day from US & made (p)residents day from washintons & lincolns birthdays? For too many of US, the pursuit of money is ALL that WE livin for & that most DEFINITLEY is against the tenets of MAAT! Let's examine this a lil closer.

I am now readin a book that's got my brain on overdrive that has me thinkin in a whole nother way. The name is Return to the Afrikan Mother Principle of Male & Female Equality where JUST MALES & FEMALES RULE SOCIETY EQUALLY. These principles come from the earths 1st peepo, the Twa who still live in Afrika til this day. Where the word just appears should be read as in JUSTICE.
Those of you who know me personally know that I blame almost all of our problems on RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY aka RWS & therefor know that I don't BASH either sex for OUR problems. This is my reasonin why & if ya examine it as a student, you MAY come to that conclusion as well. It's really up to y'all but we provide the reasonin & let you choose.

In absence of that REAL EYES ATION is all of the negatives that ail our families & communities which I don't have to put here as WE all know what I mean. The 1st link in this article says it all for me & if ya don't see it that way then fine. Many of the things that I've said in the Final Countdown 2012, the Final Warnin & in a lot of other posts have happened or are currently happenin & will continue. Too many of US can't find mates but ABSOLUTELY REFUSE the options proffered here & will continue to REFUSE until yo ass get's OLD & TIRED of bein alone. Ya don't wanna be alone in THAT HOUR but believe me, that time is HERE! Is havin a job or a loved 1 a bigger priority for ya? What's more important; how ya feel or how ya look? Where is yo sense of urgency?

So is this it? Are you gonna read this & pass it off as just another RANT from this Blak Nigga always yellin HOLLA BLAK on FB? Are you gonna go BLAK to yo fridge & eat yet another porkchop sammich? Are you gonna go to the Strip Club & spend yo last $50 on booze & a lap dance. If ya doin that, GTFOH & don't come BLAK! I'm writin for US to learn from as others TEACH ME. That book that I spoke of came from a great friend of mine named Ms Brown & I thank her all of the time for it. Thru sendin me that book, she's TEACHIN ME & I in turn teach it as in EACH 1 TEACH 1! So don't think that I'm just teachin as I learn from teachin as well. This leads me to this point. On November 7th, WE should decide that as Blak Peepo, WE are goin to have just 1 day ALL to OURSELVES. No Blak Person should go to WORK as you HATE yo job anyway or SKOOL as they ain't teachin SHIT anyway & just do US. No shoppin ( unless ya buyin from a Blak Owned Biz), & if ya wanna, learn about peepo ya may not be familiar with such as Kwame Nkrumah, Carlos Cooks, Henrietta Lacks, Paul Robeson & others who are not as lauded as MLK, Nat Turner or a Marcus Garvey. For that matter, as WE are the 1st peepo & therefor GOD'S CHOSEN PEEPO, you could learn from OUR vast well of OURSTORY! Use the computer that day only to show RACIAL PRIDE in some of US who don't get that. Watch educative dvd's of who & what WE are! Why not? Peepo, Peepo, work with me as I'm talkin 1 DAY! You should tell ya friends as WE CAN DO THIS!!

So again, I don't expect everyone to become SPITFIRE REVOLUTIONARIES for takin 1 day off & doin this BUT what is it gonna take for US to finally REAL EYES that WE AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE WITHOUT EACH OTHER? The economy is just about gone & y'all now see that them KraKKa's want you to join 'em to help US get reenslaved but WE not goin BLAK to that. Like Elijah Muhammad said, "do for SELF!" The reason for our disorganization is bcuz WE have all become RUGGED INDIVIDUALS & don't give a fuKKK about each other after the Industrial Revolution when MONEY (the root of MOST EVIL) became neccessary to have. MONEY is a DESPIRITUALIZED CONCEPT with a dead current aka DEAD PRESIDENTS. In an agrarian society, someone grew the food, someone harvested it & someone cooked it, that simple. Where is the need for MONEY in that? DON'T THINK that I'm BLAMIN YOU MY FOLK! I simply targetted the SISTA'S 1st bcuz they have the JOBS & if they TWEAKED THEY way of thinkin just a lil bit, a lot more MISERY could be evaded. Where is yo sense of OUTRAGE & what's happened to that BM whom you LUV & LUVS you but can't SUPPORT YOU? Do you respect him or money more? That's a SIRIUS Q I want y'all to think about & not just gloss over. I want that q to haunt you until you tell SELF ya own TRUTH! If ya knew that part of the SOCIAL CONTRACT was that the KraKKa don't owe US SHIT, you would have to adjust as y'all outnumber US. WE need to think of it as a CONNECTIVE COLLECTIVE! This is not an excuse for those of US who are FULL of SHIT so I don't wanna hear about that BAD BOY you dated who left ya with 3 kids & still ain't SHIT! I'm speakin on behalf of the very FEW DESERVIN BROTHA'S out there!

So, it's up to the SISTA'S who have a sense of URGENCY in mind. Who TRULY know what time it is. If ya takin a break from the BM or all men in general & have children, you can do this. If ya have elderly parents, you can do this. If ya have friends who are into this info, lend 'em an ear & give time for BLAKNESS bcuz ain't you BLAK? It's all about LUV of SELF as that's where the starts. EACH 1 TEACH !! Luv of SELF is the GREATEST LUV of all & I am you & you are & me & so..............I want you to say, "WE CAN DO THIS!" Can you?

Damn the Blak Smith is gettin at y'all with these HERBAL VERBALS & gettin it in makin ya sweatin the gin! As OUR TIME is HERE & ya just ain't realized it yet, I'm gonna go in HARD on yo asses. The book is still comin & please stay in touch. HOLLA BLAK at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & .......well, ya know.