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MULLATO's & other half breed niKKKa's - Part VI - the Conclusion

(what I want ya to see starts at 1:15)

This is the way I luv to see MULATTO's & as ya need to see the whole movie, it's in 11 parts on youtube. How y'all doin up in this very CONTROVERSIAL series named........well just look up if ya wanna know the  name. WE on Part VI & WE gonna conclude this all with a SURE FIRE BANGER ya heard me? WE gettin it in in a REAL WAY & the way things are goin, MOST of Y'ALL are ready but I'm still gettin too many HATERS gettin at me which means that I'm EFFECTIVE or yo silly EMOTIONAL ASSES wouldn't be gettin at me! Let's do this!

But first.........let's get into how Bobby Hemmitt is doin; from what I hear, he's at home restin, relaxin & recoverin from that massive stroke he suffered 2 weeks ago. I'm glad that he's not in a hospital like how Steve Cokeley was last year & is now no longer with US. WE the peepo need to PROTECT OUR BLOODLINE, OUR MASTER TEACHERS & so Bobby, if ya see thi…

MULATTO's & other half breed niKKKa's - Part V - The Afrikan Factor

(jim porter)
"No more northern folk tryin’ take away what is rightfully ours. I will not stand by and let some liberal-elitists try to ruin what has made this country great, especially a liberal of, you know, a different breed.”When asked to clarify Porter said, “I don’t have to clarify. You know gall darn well what I mean. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before we can own colored people again. They sure as hell won’t be our leaders. It’s out-right embarrassing. The War of Northern Aggression made it all possible, and you be best to know it’s all gonna change back. I’ll be on the front lines making sure it happens. I don’t want my grandkids growing up taking orders from a colored man. It’s our God-given right to keep them as property and keep them in line.”
If this krakka raped a BW & had a mullato son who grew up with his dad spewing this SHIT, what should WE expect from him? Can ya imagine the MIND FUCK in that?

That little passage goes out to y'all soetero lovers! …

MULATTO's & other half breed nikkka's - Part IV - the TRAGIC MULATTO!


But hold up though.........I don't want y'all to BELIEVE Me! I want ya to see it for yaself. Ya peepo at wikipedia defined it for US so that ya didn't have to..........let's see what it does accordin to them:

to them, the tragic mulatto is a stereotypical fictional character that appeared in American literature during the 19th and 20th centuries, from the 1840s. The "tragic mulatto" is an archetypical mixed-race person (a "mulatto"), who is assumed to be sad, or even suicidal, because they fail to completely fit in the "white world" or the "black world". As such, the "tragic mulatto" is depicted as the victim of the society they live in, a society divided by race. They cannot be classified as one who is completely "black" or "white."

A lil further in, wiki says that:

Generally, the tragic mulatta archetype falls into one of three categories:
A woman who can "pass" for …

MULATTOES & other half breed niKKKa's Part III - the ENSLAVED SPEAK OUT!

(Adam Clayton Powell) - my kinda dude!

Before WE start off today's segment, please read this short story entitled, Confessions of a Half - Breed;

I had never felt like I truly belonged somewhere or been tied to a certain group until I got to Vassar. I was a wanderer, a loner, never really had a place. Although I feel like I have a place at Vassar, I think I'm still that loner. I'm still that wanderer. I still don't have that certain place where I belong.

Why am I still that loner? I still have a hard time accepting the blood in my veins. People see me for the first time and think I'm full-blooded Latino. Teachers read my name on the first day of class and they expect to see a full-blooded Italian. I'm half-Puerto Rican and half-Italian. Where do I belong?

I grew up in a primarily Caucasian town. I never had a Latino friend until I got to high school. I was excited when I got to high school, because I finally got to meet the other Puerto Ricans and Latinos who hai…

Mullatoes & other half breed niKKKa's Part II - Remember the TIME!


So.......the story of the TRAGIC MULLATO............but 1st, how are Y'ALL today my b2a peepo? WE here have quite a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC eh? Shout out to all of ya in the OKC AREA & as I've been crazy busy lately, I haven't had time to focus on that yet & so I'll get BLAK to that when I know more! ME THINKS that the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey is in them winds yo!

For sure, he (MG) ain't no mullato! As I absolutely LUV what OUR SHINING MASTER TEACHER, Bobby Hemmitt does, I haven't been able to get any more info on his condition but what I did get was that dude had a MASSIVE STROKE! That is the only info that I've gotten & if I did know where he was, I couldn't say bcuz of the position he holds.

WE don't need another goin out on US like Baba Steve Cokely did last year. As stated last year, solar flares are kickin up & are actually gettin STRONGER & STRONGER with no end in sight. I kno…

Mullatoes & other half breed niKKKa's

*****ALERT*********ALERT******ALERT ********ALERT**********ALERT************* (drake)

Hey b2a & watch out for this HOTTTTT 1 that WE about to drop. As the title speaks for itself, no need to elaborate on what WE speakin of & so if it's too HOT in the kitchen, carry yo ass to the dinin room or somewhere else bcuz if ya think that I've been offensive before, just wait til ya get a load of this 1. Look at the above pic & if ya neva saw it before, who do ya think it is? What are THEY tryin to say if a pic is worth more than 1000 words? Well, if ya didn't know before ya read this, you would know that it's a pic of drake AND justin bieber who was recently booed off stage. This REALLY WACK musiKKK SHIT like all the other BULLSHIT WE goin thru will be soon be endin too so hang on! What WE here to talk about today is the emergence of the mullato!

Who here is old enough to remember the 1990…