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MULLATO's & other half breed niKKKa's - Part VI - the Conclusion

(what I want ya to see starts at 1:15)

This is the way I luv to see MULATTO's & as ya need to see the whole movie, it's in 11 parts on youtube. How y'all doin up in this very CONTROVERSIAL series named........well just look up if ya wanna know the  name. WE on Part VI & WE gonna conclude this all with a SURE FIRE BANGER ya heard me? WE gettin it in in a REAL WAY & the way things are goin, MOST of Y'ALL are ready but I'm still gettin too many HATERS gettin at me which means that I'm EFFECTIVE or yo silly EMOTIONAL ASSES wouldn't be gettin at me! Let's do this!

But first.........let's get into how Bobby Hemmitt is doin; from what I hear, he's at home restin, relaxin & recoverin from that massive stroke he suffered 2 weeks ago. I'm glad that he's not in a hospital like how Steve Cokeley was last year & is now no longer with US. WE the peepo need to PROTECT OUR BLOODLINE, OUR MASTER TEACHERS & so Bobby, if ya see this, I LIVICATE this to you!: Get well OUR GOOD BROTHA & get that ASS BLAK out there TEACHIN & TALKIN all that SHIT ya TALK! WE LUV YA!

As Bobby teaches about the 12 strand DNA & being that NONE of ya wanna touch it, WE would be REMISS if WE didn't include his STUDIES in this article: It's 15 minutes long & as I've addressed that in a few of the articles already, get with it & see what ya get out of it. Bobby gonna be alirite & when I heard of what had happened, I already knew that he would be alrite!

Now for Mulattos; thanks for taking this ride with me y'all. It's been quite interesting. In Part VI aka the Conclusion to all of this mess, I'm gonna tell US why WE ain't supposed to be race mixing! Have any of ya ever heard of a MONGREL? Please allow me: : 

an individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds or strains; especially : one of unknown ancestry
2 a cross between types of persons or things. 

So ya see, what WE have here is a MONGRELIZATION of peepo who ain't basin LUV on SCIENCE! WE AIN'T SUPPOSED to be RACE MIXIN as it causes CONFUSION! 

Y'all niKKKa's makin KraKKa baby mama's & half breed niKKKa's ain't gonna stop doin it bcuz of this article as the Krakka has THROWAWAY chiKKK's for ya, part of his STRATEGY! I already spoke on that in the last article & don't think that bcuz THEY look kinda good that THEY ain't THROWAWAYS. Some of them BIATCHES get TRAINED for the JOB & if ya think it's a JOKE, check that scene in jungle fever when Wesley is play fightin with his lady in them n.y streets. Check what happened to mike strahan. The rest of them jerry springer type biatches ain't worth SHIT but ya plungin in every hole THEY got but.........she's still SHIT onna STICK! Ya luv 'em bcuz the ULTIMATE VICTORY left for a BM is THEIR SPY WOMEN! Ya VOLUNTEERED for that FLEECIN she gonna give ya in 20 years my niKKKa's!

Tanning Mom, aka Patricia Krentcil, goes topless on the beach in New Jersey
(sorry to post this but some of Y'ALL would still HIT THIS!) 

WE could cover this dynamic from so many different angles but WE gonna be brief as I've already stated why I don't like race mixin. At 1 time in my LIFE, if I was down with that, I coulda had so much pussy but THEY were the INSPIRATION for the movie, 'earth girls are easy'! I'm gonna use the 9 Peepo Activities as described by Dr Neely Fuller & Dr Francis Cress Welsing to make my point so if ya wanna say that I'm offerin opinions, GTFOHwtBS! This topic is way too IMPORTANT to be BULL SHITTED away so do ya RESEARCH & stop fuckin with me! 

1. ECONOMICS - the BOTTOM LINE of wholesale slavery! Most of the LAWS were made so that WE couldn't BENEFIT FINANCIALLY so as to give KraKKa's an uneven playin field! With US workin for 400 years with NO COMPENSATION is no joke yo! WE don't need to explain this 1 even though WE all come from the RICHEST piece of REAL ESTATE on this earth. Every time ya MARRY 'em, ya TRANSFER the WEALTH as these BIATCHES are HANDLERS who MONITOR ya! Daammmmmnnnnnnnnnn!!! If ya still believe that it's ALL LOVE, check this:

2. EDUCATION - In brief, those who don't TREAT ya RIGHT, won't TEACH ya right! During slavery, what did KraKKa's TEACH US other than to be SUBSERVIENT to them? How do ya NOT get that the peepo of today came from those very same peepo's ANCESTRY? Even if they didn't like what was done, THEY still BENEFIT from it as I've NEVA known a KraKka to RENOUNCE how THEY got all of that INHERITED MONEY from OUR ANCESTORS sweat & toil. 

3. ENTERTAINMENT - Who is the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER other than US? WE been SINGIN, DANCIN & doin all of the things that keep peepo goin as back in the day, WE had the LUXURY of LEISURE & bein that WE were MASTERS of whatever CRAFT WE worked at, WE had to ENTERTAIN ourselves. WE allow THEM to CONTROL US as THEY use MONEY as the INDUCEMENT to get US under their sway for US to be under a whole nother form of slavery but on a HIGH - TECH level. Most of US are gettin BLOOD MONEY! 1 of the biggest forms of entertainment today is a big blakkk dikkk in some petite innocent barely 18 krakka slut & I know ya watch it even though ya name is Ptah Maat the Pharoah or some shit like that. Hey.......I may have watched it ONCE.....ahem!

4. LABOR - WE already covered that & durin SLAVERY, EVERY ONE of US had a JOB even if it was warmin the bed for that Krakka before he crawled in! WE can do a great job for that KraKKa but as WE are not his equivalent, there could NEVA be EQUALITY between US as a peepo at the j.o.b, on the streets etc etc! With the exception of a HiGH - TECH education, a j.o.b that THEY don't want or bein a HOMOSExxxUAL, the BM has pretty much been  OSTRACIZED from the job market but that's good for US bcuz STEEL sharpens STEEL & WE still here yo! Just bcuz I haven't spoken on that 1 DAY WORLD WORK STRIKE lately doesn't mean that I've abandoned it! Look for Me to continue drivin for that in the near future. 

5. LAW - the law is a ass, a idiot as said by Dickens & that sayin is apt til this day. As the KraKKa needs to WRITE his LAWS that he even doesn't follow, WE already know what it is but those of US who KNOW that the law is full of shit still wanna follow SHIT like the 1 drop rule! If somethin is LAW but doesn't make SCIENTIFIC SENSE, then it was made for EXPEDIENCE! Krakka's deal with the SPIRIT of the LAW & for JUST US, it's the literal WORD or RULE of LAW. The only law WE supposed to follow is NATURAL LAW aka MA'AT! As Talib Kweli says, "defy the authority & follow God's LAW!"

6. POLITICS - Have ya ever heard Krakka's say that "oh, ya pullin the RACE CARD?" The reason THEY can say that is bcuz EVERYTHING is POLITICAL! Durin slavery, it was ILLEGAL for KraKka's &  
US to have SEX but wasn't this whole series about that? If ya BELIEVE in POLITICS, why are WE so many different shades today? Why have those who HATED this series not answered any of the  questions I've posed? Why do politicians disrespect their BOSS aka the GLITTERING MULATTO? Do ya see yet why half breeds were elevated to levels of prominence in the early 90's? Politics means the governance of PEEPO! What is the political agenda of some one who comes from OPPOSING sides of the MENTAL TRACKS of LIFE!

7 RELIGION -If it ain't MA'AT I ain't fuckin with it! My RELIGION is MA'AT & MA'AT is the LAW! 

If ya don't know what MA'AT is, go here:

8. SEX - As far as I know, the ONLY way to REPRODUCE & the most FUN! Most BROTHERS I know who enjoy it with KraKKa's feel this way bcuz them BIA's will do ANYTHING but as a result of this series, ya gonna know the REAL! Them BIA's be at colleges gettin TRAINED to turn ya OUT & when ya reach the end of ya earnin potential, DIVORCE yo stupid lovin self so as to TRANSFER that WEALTH back to THEM with that next niKKKa or KraKKa! That niKKKa o.j simpson made the wife he SUPPOSEDLY killed a rich BIA & that family didn't rest til he wound up in prison. He's still tryin to get out even though those dudes CONFESSED that THEY set him up! Should WE run kobe's name? tiger woods? So many to name but.........on a PERSONAL level, once when I was messin with a Krakka, I got a real bad canker sore but couldn't figure out why until..........I knew PERSONALLY that WE can't mix bcuz OUR dna ain't supposed to mix with those who test POSITIVE for the rh factor meanin that THEY come from the rhesus & gibbons MONKEY! Check this Rhymefest song between 1:30 - 1:40 as he says same yo!: It's bigger than LOVE!

9. WAR - WE at WAR & if ya wanna live in that 'WE are the WORLD' FANTASY, you go right ahead! There are plenty of peepo goin around sayin SHIT like WE need to PRAY & EVERYTHING is gonna be alrite. Have ya ever seen an army pray their way to victory? RAPE is a form of CONQUEST & to prove my point, I'm gonna it this from a dear friend who posted this in my comment section a few days ago;

                     The idea of the bastard being used throughout history to 
                           fell/capture nations is not unheard of when dealing with the 
                           white man.I know that the way you worded it may be a bit harsh 
                           but the message is still true.
                           Let's look at England's infiltration of Scotland, and Ireland --
                           England made a LAW that said that the bride (a VIRGIN) of every 
                           Scot was to be bedded by an English soldier on her wedding night -- 
                           BEFORE she was bedded by her HUSBAND. That mean that, on the 
                           chance that the woman was ovulating on her wedding night, the first child 
                           born to every family would be English by blood.
                           An ENGLISH bastard.

                          Let's look at Queen Elizabeth I -- a bastard child of King Henry -- 
                          raised in the countryside, AWAY from her sister, the direct heir to the throne.
                          Sis got ill, sis died, Queen Elizabeth I, the bastard, got the throne.
                          It's a common act of war. It happens all throughout history.
                          The problem with black people is that we refuse to study WAR TACTICS. 
                          We refuse to understand them. These kinds of acts are ANCIENT, almost 
                          BIBLICAL,having been done for millennia.
                          And as you can see from my examples, it's not even based in racism, 
                          it's a matter of -- if we want to conquer these people over here, and subjugate 
                          them -- this is what you do.
                          So please -- continue your harsh messages, lol. People need to be realistic 
                          on the matter and recognize war tactics when they are being used, and act

Before I go, I would just luv to THANK my SISTA for her contribution as she knew where I was comin from. I know a lotta mulatto's & the 1's who can speak on this TRUTHFULLY don't HATE or even DISAGREE with what I have to say! Wouldn't a mixed person have MIXED FEELINGS? If you ain't a mulatto, how do you know how THEY feel? Some of 'em have even CONFIDED in me that they wish that were just Blak but then again, THEY could say same to a Krakka they TRUST & that would be cool & I could OVERSTAND it. Ya see, when ya play BOTH SIDES, eventually, ya gonna have to CHOOSE 1. Let US help ya in that by leavin ya with this:

* as written by Rebeccainplainsight Poluis.

                                   - this article concludes OUR SERIES -                        

Ayo, WE ain't SCARED of none of y'all! WE doin what WE do & so.........if ya still MEEK, ya won't like US! Oh well........anyhoo, still workin on Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die & if ya want I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me, get at US at, & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE are available for lectures, workshops, seminars & cultural events. Only SIRIUS requests willl be answered. If ya writin a book, HOLLA BLAK as I can CONSULT & EDIT 'em for  you. At b2a, WE just LUV US some Blak Folk. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MULATTO's & other half breed niKKKa's - Part V - The Afrikan Factor

(jim porter)

"No more northern folk tryin’ take away what is rightfully ours. I will not stand by and let some liberal-elitists try to ruin what has made this country great, especially a liberal of, you know, a different breed.”When asked to clarify Porter said, “I don’t have to clarify. You know gall darn well what I mean. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before we can own colored people again. They sure as hell won’t be our leaders. It’s out-right embarrassing. The War of Northern Aggression made it all possible, and you be best to know it’s all gonna change back. I’ll be on the front lines making sure it happens. I don’t want my grandkids growing up taking orders from a colored man. It’s our God-given right to keep them as property and keep them in line.”

If this krakka raped a BW & had a mullato son who grew up with his dad spewing this SHIT, what should WE expect from him? Can ya imagine the MIND FUCK in that?

That little passage goes out to y'all soetero lovers! Again.........the point of this all is NOT TO HATE mulatto's but to make US all aware that mulatto's are NOT TOTALLY BLAK or white! I've cited many REFERENCES & so if ya not gettin where I'm comin from, I can't help ya! Bcuz WE from the u.s have access to so much info & resources, WE take it for granted that WE are SPECIAL but WE are ORIGINAL PEEPO livin in an UNNATURAL SITUATION! As OUR NATURAL WAY is MA'AT, this WEST SHIT is killin US as a peepo but ya gotta wait til ya get to the FINISH LINE in the RACE against TIME! BM & BW, as you possess the 12 strand dna that NONE of y'all bring up, do ya due diligence & find out what it's all about! Let's get into it!

Ok.....So now, WE past slavery, jim crow & the many lynchings that happened & all the while, it was still LEGAL to RAPE BW as again, no krakka has EVER been CONVICTED of RAPIN a BW & for that matter, any Blak Person! They classify this all as LEGITIMATE RAPE & if ya don't believe me, LOOK it UP! What's gonna make today's article a lil different is that, I'm gonna talk about the Civil Rights Movements & how that all went down back then & the post-colonial period of Afrika. Hopefully, the next article will end this series. I know y'all ready for me to move on but I'm gonna beat this horse dead first! Let's do it.

Let's start with loving vs the state of virginia. Basically, this case was a landmark civil rights decision of the United States Supreme Court which invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Note that this case took place in 1967 & that mildred (Blak) & richard loving (krakka) were jailed 1 year for marrying. WE must remember that just 4 years before, jfk had been killed, 3 years earlier, the civil rights bill was signed, & 2 years before, the voting rights bill was signed & Malcolm X was killed. Yea, the 60's changed all & the hippie movement was started with FREE LOVE (interracial) & plenty of SEX, DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL with peepo livin in communes & not takin baths. This was all created by the intelligence agencies.

Anyone really readin this series has seen that INTERRACIAL SEX has been goin on since FOREVER but the way THEY write HIS STORY, you would think that it started after slavery. I've cited numerous examples but THEY DON'T HEAR ME THOUGH! Anyone who doesn't believe me needs to watch Mandingo starrin Ken Norton. The shit been happenin & it ain't gonna stop bcuz of this series but I want Y'ALL to be aware that as it was ILLEGAL for the BM to sex up that krakka BIATCH, it's POLITIKKKAL & ya better be careful bcuz THEY got schools that train krakka biatches to bed niKKKa's who are on the road to financial success & tim duncan is just the latest victim of this. Note that she's divorcin him at the end of his career. Them BIATCHES look so sweet but what lurks beneath the surface is a GANGSTA in hiding! Bell Biv Devoe said that ya couldn't TRUST a FLAT ASS & a SMILE!

Ok now.......let's take it to Afrika! I've lived in Ghana & the reason why the name of this blog is the name it is is bcuz I started writin it while in Ghana to let all of my peepo know what I was goin thru while I was there. I had to deal with mulatto's while there & 2 of the biggest were peepo who I THOUGHT were friends who would help me while there. Those 2 names are panji anoff & wan lov the kubolor. anoff comes from a Ghanian father of wealth & influence & IDK wanlov's peepo but he's a half breed niKKKa too. As how 1 HONORS peepo in Afrika is different than how WE do it in the u.s, I didn't know that & I may have steeped on toes but not on purpose! I HATE how the entertainment industry works there as well as how it works here. To be honest with y'all, I was in over my head & got ran outta there by these 1/2 breeds & just recently, after readin the ameriKKKan directory of certified unKKKle toms, I found that SPIES were previously sent to Afrika so as to STOP US from unitin while those Krakka's live GREAT there! Y'all do remember my series Of Why THEY will NEVA leave US alone eh? I can claim AFRIKA as a fully MELINATED person but bcuz THEY were born there or have 1 Afrikan parent, THEY are considered Afrikan & I'm not! DAMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

The point in all of this; as dark as I am, I'm an HONORARY KraKKa! In the eyes of most Afrikans especially the UNEDUCATED, WE are simply ameriKKKAns with chocolate skin while them half breed niKKKa's have been LEGITIMIZED & ACCEPTED bcuz THEY were born there & know the languages. What would THEY call an Afrikan AmeriKan child born there? There's a sayin in ghana that if ya see a KraKKa on the way to church, that you can go back HOME bcuz ya saw God already! If you know any, ask 'em if what I say is true! I've been around lighter skinned afrikans from the diaspora there & if someone was seekin them, would ask for the WHITE MAN I was just with. After livin there for a few months, I got it & in all actuality, I found it funny but that's the importance of allows 1 to know that peepo everywhere see things differently! 

What are y'all gonna do about this?:

So where y'all at now? Have ya gotten it in yo skull yet that I wish no harm on ANYONE who doesn't wish same on Me? Ghanians have this funny way of bein when it comes to them KraKKa's as I have seen peepo ACT like THEY don't like these KraKKa's but cozy up to them as soon they can. As KraKKa's are a tiny minority in the WORLD & there, I believe the average Ghanian is FASCINATED with 'em but WE here who live amid 'em & know 'em, know better & wanna avoid 'em! Could THEY be fascinated by these mulatto's? The point in all of this is to say that wherever WE go, know that there is a different take on things & anyone who goes to Ghana for any real length of time knows what it means to be called obruni. To be honest, their educational system is run by the brits & as it is a commonwealth country, a lotta them niKKKa's know more about the royal family than they know about their own peepo. What a shame on both ends!

Now of course there were others of all HUES who were quite DEVILISH on that side but as I lived in panji's fathers house, I saw first hand what these mulatto ass niKKKa's did & what THEY continue to do to the pure blooded & TRUE! Most of US are viewed as SUSPICIOUS & when ya go, have a way to make money while there that doesn't depend on anyone ya don't know already! I waited this long to say all of this so as not to discourage anyone from goin & remember, Afrika is a continent so don't go brandin all Afrikans as ROGUE! I lived only in Ghana BUT you may see it different! This Hip Hop HOLLA BLAK Dude was goin over with the REAL HIP HOP SHIT from the SOURCE & they wasn't havin that! I guess I'll see 'em

1 mo thing before WE go; check out what an afriKKKan said in regard to interracial SHIT! Ya see, I just luv when y'all HATE the MESSENGER as y'all make me pull out the BIG GUNS! Unlike the willy lynch letter, this here was an official government document from that botha dude in Azania before Mandela was freed from prison. Read it & weep;
We do not pretend like other whites that we like Blacks. Intellectually, we are superior to the Blacks; that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt over the years. The strength of our economy is backed by America, Britain, Germany. It is our strong conviction therefore that the Black is the raw material for the White Man. 

Now here is where it gets CRAZY yo!

Priority number one, we should not by all means allow any more increases of the Black Population lest we be choked very soon. The hospital is a very strategic opening, for example & should be fully utilized. The food supply channel should be used. We have developed excellent slow killing poisons & fertility destroyers.

But here's where WE relate this all to OUR SERIES.......are ya READY?

As the records show that the Black man is dying to go to bed with the White woman, here is our unique opportunity.
Our Sex Mercenary Squad should go out and camouflage with Apartheid Fighters while doing their operations quietly administering slow killing poison and fertility destroyers to those Blacks they thus befriend. We are modifying the Sex Mercenary Squad by introducing White men who should go for the militant Black woman and any other vulnerable Black woman. We have received a new supply of prostitutes from Europe and America who are desperate and too keen to take up the appointments.

Money can do anything for you.  So while we have it, we should make the best use of it.  In the meantime my beloved White citizens, do not take to heart what the world says, and don't be ashamed of being called racists.  I don't mind being called the architect and King of Apartheid.  I shall not become a monkey simply because someone has called me a monkey.  I will still remain your bright star...His Excellency Botha.

My latest appeal is that the maternity hospital operations should be intensified.  We are not paying those people to help bring Black babies to this world but to eliminate them on the very delivery moment.  If this department worked very efficiently, a great deal could be achieved.  My Government has set aside a special fund for erecting more covert hospitals and clinics to promote this programme.

Now do I need to say anything else? If ya wanna get at me, ya better come CORRECT & WE OUT!


                                                          - to be continued -

Yes Sirs & Ma'ams......WE givin ya that thorough SHIT that no 1 can REFUTE whether ya LIKE it or NOT! WE cannot afford to shirk responsibilities & in order for ya to move forward, must deal with all TRUTH that comes ya way! WE got books & Boom bye bye is in progress. WE hopin to have the e-book out by June & the paper book in August. Get with US at & on fb, WE are Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Death to LIES, DISTORTIONS & 1/2 TRUTHS & up with the REAL & RAW! Look at ya sayin, that damn Blak Smith! SMH & WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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MULATTO's & other half breed nikkka's - Part IV - the TRAGIC MULATTO!

I Passed for White

But hold up though.........I don't want y'all to BELIEVE Me! I want ya to see it for yaself. Ya peepo at wikipedia defined it for US so that ya didn't have to..........let's see what it does accordin to them:

to them, the tragic mulatto is a stereotypical fictional character that appeared in American literature during the 19th and 20th centuries, from the 1840s. The "tragic mulatto" is an archetypical mixed-race person (a "mulatto"), who is assumed to be sad, or even suicidal, because they fail to completely fit in the "white world" or the "black world". As such, the "tragic mulatto" is depicted as the victim of the society they live in, a society divided by race. They cannot be classified as one who is completely "black" or "white."

A lil further in, wiki says that:

Generally, the tragic mulatta archetype falls into one of three categories:
  • A woman who can "pass" for white attempts to do so, is accepted as white by society and falls in love with a white man. Eventually, her status as a bi-racial person is revealed and the story ends in tragedy.
  • A woman who appears to be white and thus passes as being so. It is believed that she is of Greek or Spanish descent. She has suffered little hardship in her life, but upon the revelation that she is mixed race, she loses her social standing.
  • A woman who has all the social graces that come along with being a middle-class or upper-class white woman is nonetheless subjected to slavery.
As the name implies, tragic mulattas almost always meet a bad end. (1)

Damn!!!!!!!!!!! BW, for the most part, this 1 is gonna be about YOU! How ya doin? Ya feelin this 1 yet? Are ya still upset with Me bcuz I stir up in ya? I know that the TRULY SENSITIVE won't like this but what am I to do? Should I LIE to ya? As I ain't here to do harm, I hope that by knowin the TRUTH that you could move on in a mature way so that when THEIR turn comes that ya won't FIGHT Me to save them SCALY ASS RECESSIVE REPTILIANS from the SUN! Them niKKKa's gotta go yo! WE BM who have suffered along with ya for long enough can't afford this divide any longer! WE gotta TALK about it yo! What say you?

Ok......I done pissed y'all off enough. So that ya say that I'm not makin SHIT up, let's once & for all, define the word mulatto

1. the offspring of one white parent and one black parent: not in technical use.
2. a person whose ancestry is a mixture of Negro and caucasian.
3. of a light-brown color. (2)

The only way that I'm gonna define the words octoroons & quadroons is if I keep getting flak from y'all who keep sayin that I'm statin OPINIONS while totally ignorin all of my references & knowin NOTHIN of journalism LAW! A few days ago, I had to correct an 80 year old man who told me that he was a mulatto & when he started with his Grandparents, I had to respectfully correct him as Y'ALL now have the definition in front ya face! Those with Blak & Krakka Parents have been labeled as mulatto's bcuz THEY are BOTH while bein NEITHER at the same time. Black & white paint make gray & not either of the ORIGINAL COLORS. Stop defyin the LAWS of NATURE & get a CLUE! That 1 drop rule SHIT has no basis in SCIENCE so fuKKK yo EMOTIONS! Just bcuz it's LAW don't make it right!

So WE have the case of the tragic mulatto & again to all of YOU who don't like these articles, what ya really don't like is how THEY make ya FEEL! So far, all that I've said has been REFERENCED & if ya really have a problem, why not TARGET the peepo who made all of this possible? What I mean by that is get at those who made it possible to separate US accordin to SKIN TONE & all the other ism-schisms willy lynch style! Hey, like Pac said on 'Keep ya Head up', "I was given this world, I didn't make it!" Can ya relate? WE talkin post slavery now. Blak Peepo are now FREE to be........wait, there ain't no jobs & bein that WE don't know how to read, let's go back to MASSA & sharecrop! This was a neo - colonial form of slavery all over again enrichin that KraKKa & once again, SLAVERY! Bein that WE were on his property & US knowin that the law is an idiot & an ass, once again WE in the SMASH POSITION between a rock & a hard place. All 1 has to do is watch this movie & as many of y'all have seen it already, recommend it to those who still have a problem wrappin their head around the FACT that half breeds ain't BLAK! They are SOMETHIN ELSE & that don't mean that THEY are BAD PEEPO. WE need to stop the CONFUSION by not makin 'em anymore! This does not mean that Blue Blaks are good either. WE want TRUE NATION BUILDERS for OUR bright future!

In my last article, (, I had put a reference down at the end of the article. If ya read it, you will see just a GLIMPSE of all the fuKKKery that went down in those times. As quiet as it's kept & just to let ya know, 1 story included a KraKKa biatch who wouldn't marry a krakka & was sexxin a slave. Before she started showin, she FREED her paramour & after her baby was BORN & KILLED, she was devastated as WE all know that once ya go BLAK, ya NEVA go back! The narrative rarely ever includes the PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT that this peculiar institution had on ALL INVOLVED bcuz THEY controlled it as WE couldn't even read or write! Why do ya think MOST of OUR ELDERS don't talk about this? This shit is PAINFUL yo! Most of y'all TODAY ain't go thru 10% of this & can't take it when I write about it bcuz of how it makes ya feel. As THEIR time is UP, get over it so that you can HEAL! Ya can't heal from a place of DENIAL yo!

We could go on & on but I don't wanna bore y'all too much. Check this article out from 1989.

But no matter how strongly Creoles denied being black, they weren't white either.
Prof. Mark T. Carlton, who specializes in Louisiana history at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, said the (euro) settlers began having children with slave women because there were few French and Spanish women in the territory.
"Later, after America bought the territory from the French, the French and American aristocracy kept black mistresses in the city and white wives out on their plantations," Carlton said.
"It didn't matter how light your skin was, or how blue your eyes were, the whites in the South knew where Creoles came from, and they victimized you like any other black man," said Bishop Carl Fisher, of the Los Angeles Diocese, who was raised in Pascagoula, Miss.
"Later, after America bought the territory from the French, the French and American aristocracy kept black mistresses in the city and white wives out on their plantations," Carlton said.

It was a social scourge," said Ferreira, who moved to Los Angeles in 1966 and works as an elementary school teacher. "To be black was to be nothing. You were half a man, and nobody wants to be half a man." (3)

How about what Dr Clarke said in Part I about a french general who KILLED all of those yellow french niKKKa's in the french military fightin US? Did ya see that not even 6 minute clip? Can YOU stomach that kinda info? Or take it from Malcolm X whose own MOTHER was a RAPE BABY & who absolutely HATED KraKKa's & was with his Blue Blak,  pro - Blak, Garveyite Dad who was KILLED by her Mother's RAPISTS. Blak in the day, OUR BW couldn't walk the streets at nite bcuz the cops would arrest 'em & hand 'em over to krakka inmates. Or how about someone like Lena Horne who knew what it was & was

very outspoken about it? Check out this quote & this SHIT still applies today & is the reason why peepo like quincy jones, michael jordan, tiger woods & kerry wahsington marry THEM:

                                      In 1947, she married Lennie Hayton, a white man who 
                                      worked as an arranger and accompanist at MGM. "I didn't 
                                      marry Lennie because I was in love with him," she told an 
                                      interviewer in 1980. "I callously realized that I would have to 
                                      associate with a white person to get the things I wanted 
                                      professionally." (4)

So again BW........what of the MIND FUCK of having to MARRY someone ya don't LUV? Not all of US were born from LOVE & that MIND FUCK gotta be a literal MOTHER FUCKER, the ONLY WORD that BLAK PEEPO in the u.s created as rare & hard to find SORTS of US had to FUCK OUR MOTHERS to create that PURE SORT of US! Can ya get with that? Will YOU RESEARCH that & see if it's TRUE? If ya not gettin back at me with FACTS, don't bother as I'm gonna get at ya GANGSTA LIKE bcuz the TRUTH ain't FUN! If ya see a LIE up in here, get at Me! Respect the ARCHITECT!

Hey look, I don't make ya fingers press the link so if ya gotta problem with me, you have a problem with the INCONVENIENT TRUTH as presented here. If ya gettin at me after this 1, be very SPECIFIC as I have no time to WASTE like Tina Turner sayin that LOVE is a 2nd hand emotion! Look in the links for SHIT that I could NEVA have seen or said as this all happened before I was born! I'm presentin the info chronologically. What is the psychology of a 1/2 breed who wants to be FAMILY with those who WON'T ACCEPT YA? The jefferson family ain't acceptin y'all BASTARD niKKKa's even though there are those in that family who KNOW for a FACT that y'all are ALL FAMILY!!!! This begs the question, "what is family?" When THEY gone, TAKE that SHIT BLAK! BLOOD ain't always thicker than WATER! 98% of these KraKKa's don't give a fuKKK about US but my q to you is "which US are you choosin?" While you do you, WE gonna continue doin US! For those who do know what it is & are amazed by this MIND FUCKERY not bein OBVIOUSLY easy to see, I say, PEACE & stop makin mulatto's as they don't have 12 strand dna. Now that there my peepo, is DEEPER than LOVE!





                                                              - to be continued -

Ya know what it is & ya know what WE do! My books are available. WE do lectures as paid professional speakers, seminars, workshops & so much more. Contact US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Like HOMOSExxxUALITY & CRIME, the Blak Smith is vying to eradicate Mulatto's by the year 2015. Help US in our endeavors & spread the word. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

MULATTOES & other half breed niKKKa's Part III - the ENSLAVED SPEAK OUT!

(Adam Clayton Powell) - my kinda dude!

Before WE start off today's segment, please read this short story entitled, Confessions of a Half - Breed;

I had never felt like I truly belonged somewhere or been tied to a certain group until I got to Vassar. I was a wanderer, a loner, never really had a place. Although I feel like I have a place at Vassar, I think I'm still that loner. I'm still that wanderer. I still don't have that certain place where I belong.

Why am I still that loner? I still have a hard time accepting the blood in my veins. People see me for the first time and think I'm full-blooded Latino. Teachers read my name on the first day of class and they expect to see a full-blooded Italian. I'm half-Puerto Rican and half-Italian. Where do I belong?

I grew up in a primarily Caucasian town. I never had a Latino friend until I got to high school. I was excited when I got to high school, because I finally got to meet the other Puerto Ricans and Latinos who hailed from the other side of town. I never befriended many of them though. Most of us had nothing in common; I didn't belong to their group. I didn't listen to their music, didn't dress like them, didn't talk the talk, so how could I possibly be one of them? It hurt at first, that my kinsmen didn't want to be friends with me, but then I realized many of them seemed the same to me: self-proclaimed "thugs" who wore their pants at their knees, blasted their rap music, flashed their "bling-bling," and were disrespectful to everyone. I wasn't like that. It was a little consoling, but that didn't erase the distressing feeling that I didn't belong, that I wasn't like the other Puerto Ricans and Latinos in school. I was the outcast of the Puerto Ricans in my school.

But at the same time, I didn't feel like I totally belonged with the white crowd either. I had more in common with them than I did with many of the Latinos in school, but I didn't feel connected all. the way. It wasn't their fault though. It was mine, I guess, if it was anyone's at all. I was one of three people of color in my senior year honors classes. Of the other two, one was Philippine and the other Ecuadorian. I was the only person of color in my grade to be accepted into the National Honor Society. I was the first Eagle Scout of color from my troop in its entire 91 year history. You see? I've been isolated.

I think I finally came to grips with this feeling in my senior year of high school. A bunch of my friends who were in another English class were reading Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." When we were in choir together, they showed me a handout the teacher had given them about the play. In it was a picture of Tituba, the black slave from Barbados accused of devil-worshiping. In jest, they elbowed me and said, "Hey Dante, she looks like you!!! I guess that means you're a Barbadosian devil-worshiper!!" They didn't even realize the word is 'Barbadian.' I knew they were joking, but the words rang in my head. They think I look like this. And I realized that I'm not like them, and there's always going to be that one factor that separates me from my friends: my skin.

I don't feel like I completely belong in the white world. I feel alone and isolated despite how much I have in common. I don't feel connected with my Latino half either; I'm not like them and I never have been. I'm just a half-breed. I don't wholly belong with either half, and I guess that's something that I'm just going to have to live with while I continue my wandering.*

Now like I've said in earlier posts, I ain't makin this shit up! This young lady just happens to be 1/2 Puerto Rican & italian Paul Mooney would say, "ain't they (PR's) just Blak Peepo that swim?" Ya see, while too many WORRY about what I'm doin over here, Y'ALL are losin out wherever ya are! WE on the winnin team on the RISE & know what WE talkin about, ya heard? The CENTRAL POINT I want ya to get here is that RACE MIXED PEEPO AIN'T BLAK..... but that don't mean that THEY on the OTHER SIDE! But........bcuz KraKKa's was runnin SHIT, naturally MOST of 'em would wanna get with that team. It all makes perfeKt sense to Me.

Ok, let's get into it; as said in Part II, them Krakka's NEVA did TIME for the LEGIMATE RAPE of the BW & to a degree, the Blak Smith BELIEVES that some of the reason BW are generally HOSTILE is bcuz WE didn't die in their HONOR & I can OVERSTAND that! I'm WARNING ya before ya go in that you are about to get hit with HURTFUL SHIT so BEWARE before ya proceed. If ya get ya feelings hurt don't blame me. Ok, I give it ya in the next paragraph.

Who remembers jerry sandusky? If ya don't know ya head from ya ass, he's the STATE PENN dude that was RAPIN OUR lil BOYS & his boss, joe paterno died before he was to testify as to what he knew. Bein that that whole ordeal was a FIASCO, WE go to OUR STORY! As quiet as it was kept, SHIT like this HAPPENED!: 1. as shown in the movie Goodbye Uncle Tom, BM were RAPED on the ships as a way to BREAK 'em. 2. Remember, most of US held down below were SHACKLED & the WOMEN & CHILDREN had to watch & ya hadn't even landed where ya don't know where ya goin yet. DAMN & WTF? 3. So if I'm sayin that a Big Buck got RAPED then what about those BW?

So.....let's take a movie like django. What was the purpose of the Blak chick that was eyein django while they were negotiatin for broom hilda's freedom? As she was lite skinned & prolly a MULATTO, WE can ASSUME that her dad was a SLAVE MASTER & that her Mama was a  Strong Afrikan Woman. As that KraKKa loved to break OUR WILLS, it was only a matter of time for her! Not ALL BW back then were RAPED! Some decided it would be easier to GIVE IN & use that as a way to SWAY that MASTER & thus, this started DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS based on MONEY due to MIXED BLOOD mixed in with the mindset of the SUPERIORITY of the FATHER! At best, it would be considered COERCION! Can't ya see it?

In GIVING IN, wouldn't ya think that SOME of these WOMEN would in turn, offer the services of that BEAUTIFUL progeny to that SLAVE MASTER or a VISITOR there that might take a liking to 1 of the young & ready to sprout pre - teens? As WE are discussin MULATTOES, keep in mind that WE are talkin about the PSYCHOLOGYof those that came from that kinda UNION & the UNCERTAINTY of bein a child havin to CHOOSE what side ya on! What about the FACT that if a MASTER wanted YOUR BW, he could order ya out & hit it in yo room & when he was finished with her, bcuz ya looked upset, YOU were SOLD AWAY from ya FAMILY? How about it was rumored that Frederick Douglass was SODOMIZED by a known SLAVE BREAKER? Y'all do know that he was a mullatto eh? How about the sex farms? Mannnnnnnnnn.........I can't BELIEVE peepo don't know this stuff but what kinda MIND FUCK comes from this? In order to not get too crazy, check this quote out:
                                       For many enslaved Afrikan amerikkans, 1 of the
                                       cruelest hardships they endured was sexual abuse
                                       by the slave-holders, overseers & other white men
                                       & women whose power to domainate them was
                                       complete. Enslaved women were forced to submit to their
                                       masters' sexual advances, perhaps bearing children
                                       who would engender the rage of the master's wife &
                                       from whom they might be separated forever as a result.
                                       Masters forcibly paired "good breeders" to produce
                                       strong children they could sell at a high price. Resistance
                                       bought severe punishment, often death.**

And some of Y'ALL wanna deal with THEM & their grand parents did this to yours! There ya have it & I'm takin an INVENTORY as to just how this really works. Ain't it some shit yo? Like in india, THEY actually got US thinkin that the best of US are MULATTOES & soetero is that PRIME EXAMPLE but on the real, WE don't know who the fuggg he is. This doesn't mean that I HATE MULATTOES & the pic in the title says it EXACTLY the way I mean it! Dudes like Adam Clayton Powell & Judge Bruce Wright knew what it was & fought for US as THEY should have! What I wanna see stop is bi-racial children CONFUSED like the story up top. How can ya RELATE to a whole new class of SOMETHIN OTHERS if THEY can't RELATE to SELF? All of 'em don't feel that way but the more honest 1's will tell ya how they feel & when they do, just listen!  Interacial Sex is politiKKKal bcuz it had to be LEGISLATED in FALSITY yo! Get with it & GET it RIGHT!

Ok so I think that WE covered enough today. In Part II, I spoke of the TRAGIC MULATTO but didn't go in too much. In Part IV, I'm gonna go in on that & a lot more & just what it all means. A few questions first though....what becomes of the daughters of Slave Comfort Women? What of the factored HOMOSExxxUALITY? What of the MENTALITY to ADAPT to this & accept it all as a WAY of LIFE? What of OUR WAYS of formin relationships? What about knowin that at any moment, you could be beaten, sold & KILLED all on the same day? What did that do to the COLLECTIVE MEMORY of US as a peepo? Keep the words, MIND FUCKED on yo brain as WE get into it next time righ here at b2a. Don't keep lookin at the page sayin ILLLLLLLLL!

                                                              - to be continued -


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mullatoes & other half breed niKKKa's Part II - Remember the TIME!

So.......the story of the TRAGIC MULLATO............but 1st, how are Y'ALL today my b2a peepo? WE here have quite a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC eh? Shout out to all of ya in the OKC AREA & as I've been crazy busy lately, I haven't had time to focus on that yet & so I'll get BLAK to that when I know more! ME THINKS that the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey is in them winds yo!

For sure, he (MG) ain't no mullato! As I absolutely LUV what OUR SHINING MASTER TEACHER, Bobby Hemmitt does, I haven't been able to get any more info on his condition but what I did get was that dude had a MASSIVE STROKE! That is the only info that I've gotten & if I did know where he was, I couldn't say bcuz of the position he holds.

WE don't need another goin out on US like Baba Steve Cokely did last year. As stated last year, solar flares are kickin up & are actually gettin STRONGER & STRONGER with no end in sight. I know that most of US don't relate but check this here: After that, check this: Ok, enough about catchin up on the news. Let's now get into a lil OUR-STORY & why the next video really matters. Sing along if ya know the words!

Note in his song that MJ NEVA said that it didn't matter if you were BLAK and KraKKa........he merely said that it doesn't matter if YOU'RE either! Then right after, he made US REMEMBER the TIME! Most of y'all ain't even catch that but on that level, ya gotta GIVE to GET & GIVE he did! He gave US his LIFE! But do y'all also remember that he said that THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US! Who knows that 1? Who should WE assume that he was talkin about? Anyhoo........WE gonna go BLAK a bit & talk some stuff up in here as in..........the Destruction of Black Civilization as written by Baba Chancellor Williams! I hope ya read it so that those of ya who don't like what I say can see that again, I AIN'T THE ONLY 1 sayin this SHIT!

The ORIGINAL KraKKa was in the garden of Eden! WE were the GODS who CREATED MAN! After adam (edomite/sodomite) was ejected outta that garden, he had to go EAST of Eden windin up in the caucus(ASIAN) mountains where he REGRESSED to the level of ANIMALS! After many wars in what is now known as Afrika, the guards who ensured that the GREAT WALLS wouldn't be breached had to go back as they were summoned to assist in those wars allowin that Krakka to come amongst US as our shields weren't there. They settled back in the foothills of eastern Afrika! I'm talkin THOUSANDS of YEARS here!

By now, if WE know anything about that KraKKa, WE know that his modus operandi is strictly PATRIARCHAL! PATRIARCHAL peepo are for the most part, HOMOSEXUAL! He came to CONQUER usin DIVISIVE TACTICS aka fuKKKery! The word TRAITOR comes from the word TRADER & as they came in GOOD FAITH (wink wink), they soon became INVESTED in those ancient eastern Afrikan societies & were allowed in as THEY didn't travel with their WOMEN who were SUBJUGATED. Most pirates back then were GAY & DEADLY! Stop thinkin that OUR 1st encounter with KraKKa's started with columbus!
Front Cover

This is why when WE see the pics of ancient Kemet that WE see a lightening in the pharoahs. This is the GENESIS of the arab & why THEY now DOMINATE a place known as northern Afrika aka the middle east! As the asian fathers had daughters, they left 'em with the MOTHERS of these WOMEN & FORCIBLY took their SONS & taught 'em to HATE their MOTHERS & her peepo & there ya have it. This is why most peepo from Ethiopia & Eritrea are light skinned today! This also started the first SLAVE TRADE way before them krakka's even knew how to make sea farin SHIPS! Most conquests actually came from the sea!

Now......a lil message to the peepo who don't like what I'm sayin, most especially BW who THINK that they know me. What is ya problem? WE should all just luv all of US without prejudice eh? In my last message, I asked what ya knew about 12 strand dna & not 1 of ya answered! As I'm a BM, I don't give a fuKKK what ya EMOTIONS stir up in ya but do ya get mad when ya see a movie depictin the atrocities of the MAAFA & SLAVERY? Do ya contact those peepo & ask 'em why THEY doin what THEY do? Do ya assail racist police who kill niKKKa's, BM & BW all day every day? Do ya get mad at every Krakka that BENEFITS from HISTORY & flaunts it in yo face? Don't shoot the messenger as NATURAL LAW CANNOT be DISPUTED!

I say all that to say this; DIRECTLY MIXED RACE PEEPO ain't BLAK bcuz if a krakka & a Blak Person mate, the child is grey/beige/ecru & whatever fuKKKin color ya want it to be! If ya put 2 NATURAL things together, you still come out with SOMETHING but it was CREATED & like a.i.d.s, has a purpose & an AGENDA for it's very existence! I did a 5 part series on HOMOSEXUALITY a few weeks ago ( & WE must remember that just 150 years ago, it was TOTALLY ILLEGAL for a BM to have sex with a CAVE BIATCH much less look at her while the BW was RAPED with IMPUNITY! All of this SHIT has POLITIkkkAL RAMIFICATIONS & denials on yo part mean nothin to THEIR bottom lines! Are y'all mad at that? How mad are ya at Emmitt Till's KILLERS? Trayvon Martins murderer? Are you as mad at me as you are at them? Do ya speak out on that?

 (Bobby Hemmitt)

Ok, before I go, know this.....PROJECTION is all the krakka uses in LIFE! THEY RAPED the ORIGINAL outta US while KILLIN US after FALSELY ACCUSIN US of what THEY do & ya may not know this but NOT 1 KraKKa in ameriKKKa has EVER BEEN CONVICTED of rapin a BW & if ya find 1 case of that ever happenin, GET at ME & PROVE ME WRONG or STFU & help me! This link is short so read it & learn somethin (  Every so often, I gotta let y'all niKKKa's know that ya NOT dealin with a lightweight & so......go & research who Sherrice Iverson is if ya really SERIOUS!

I'm that nigga that ain't AFRAID to talk about that elephant in the room who wants ya cake & ice cream while SHITTIN all over the place without wipin his feet! And if ya look BLAK in ya family tree, stop tellin me how much non BLAK blood ya got bcuz when THEY take the stats, yo ass is as BLAK as me! Baba Williams also taught in his book that some but very few who appeared white fought with US & I NEVER said that ALL HALF BREEDS are BAD! Nature would NATURALLY make most wanna side with the now DOMINANT PARTY who's losin POWER by the second! This is how the real MINORITIES rule as THEY got ya mind conditioned to HATE me for not bein afraid to speak on this! I'm not a Blak Supremacist but if ya process THOUGHTS that I could NEVA have, IDK what the fuKKK ya thinkin! As far as niKKKa's breedin with Krakka's, today it's VOLUNTARY but could have gotten ya KILLED just 50 years ago EXCEPT if  you were a male krakka rapin BW! Who remembers strom thurmond & his ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER who came out after he died? The ONLY difference between ME & YOU is that I AIN'T AFRAID to TALK ABOUT it! If ya ain't feelin me yet, wait for Chapter III. WAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     - to be continued -

Y'all read enough. If ya wanna order our books, get at US; & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE are also availabe to do lectures, workshops & seminars so GET AT US while WE wage WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mullatoes & other half breed niKKKa's

*****ALERT*********ALERT******ALERT ********ALERT**********ALERT************* (drake)

Hey b2a & watch out for this HOTTTTT 1 that WE about to drop. As the title speaks for itself, no need to elaborate on what WE speakin of & so if it's too HOT in the kitchen, carry yo ass to the dinin room or somewhere else bcuz if ya think that I've been offensive before, just wait til ya get a load of this 1. Look at the above pic & if ya neva saw it before, who do ya think it is? What are THEY tryin to say if a pic is worth more than 1000 words? Well, if ya didn't know before ya read this, you would know that it's a pic of drake AND justin bieber who was recently booed off stage. This REALLY WACK musiKKK SHIT like all the other BULLSHIT WE goin thru will be soon be endin too so hang on! What WE here to talk about today is the emergence of the mullato!

Who here is old enough to remember the 1990's? I tell y'all, the book that I'm readin now (death of the west by buchanan) has my head goin somethin SIRIUS! Now before y'all start gettin on my case & thinkin that I HATE MULATTOES, this is where I got the INSPIRATION from: (as it's 5 minutes long, please listen as it's VERY IMPORTANT to this article). After watchin the video, should I rename this article the ROLE of the BASTARD as a FACTOR in HISTORY? Ain't that a heavy title? Knowing that the krakka does 50 year plans, why did the emergence of the mullato start in earnest in the 90's? Did Hip Hop create WIGGA's?

It eased THEIR entry but anyway........WIGGA's ain't mulattoes & so let's not get that confused. Mullatos are persons who are half Blak & half white like & Tommy Sotomayor says, MIXED RACED PEEPO ain't BLAK!: Before y'all wanna get at me, I don't agree with EVERYTHING Tommy says but when he hits the nail on the head, I'm USIN WHATEVA to make my PONT! The reason why WE BELIEVE that half breeds are BLAK in ameriKKKa is bcuz on a historic level, the BW were RAPED & had to stay in the SLAVE QUARTERS & by default, those CHILDREN that came from those RAPES, IDENTIFIED with their MOTHERS while sufferin Stockholm Syndrome & longing for their rapist FATHERS! Children don't know much & wish to KNOW both parents but what kinda MENTALITY comes from a child who KNOWS that his/her (free) FATHER RAPED his/her (slave) MOTHER? Can you imagine the MIND FUCK in that?

So let's go back to 1990......Mariah Carey, Jason Kidd, halle berry, Lenny Kravitz & the list goes on & on! Note, just bcuz someone is half breed doesn't mean that THEY are not down for the cause but how do THEY develop THOUGHTs of ALLEGIANCE? I saw Dr Clarke speak & have seen countless lectures that he has done over the years but I've never seen him express FEAR as he did in the above video. WE are the same sign (capricorn) & as he is an ANCESTOR, I may have to undertake his wish & write the DEFINITIVE BOOK on this dynamic! I am not talkin about LIGHT SKINNED PEEPO......WE talkin about mulattoes & other HALF BREED niKKKa's!

THEY set US up in the 90's with all of them HBN's & not even 10 years later, gave US ya boy soetero! Will y'all dudes out WEST keep talkin about mexiKKKans chiKKK's who like krakka's, ONLY DATE BM with plenty of MONEY & who's MEN just happened to have killed OUR young Malcolm? Will ya be scoopin KraKKa chiKKKs like rg3?:


Will ya contine to DILUTE the gene pool? What do ya know about 12 strand dna? Will YOU continue to TRANSFER ya WEALTH to ya HANDLERS? Will ya continue to add to the CONFUSION of US or will WE get it together? Will ya OVERSTAND that when this SHIT is OVER that ya not gonna be able to come BLAK HOME? This goes out to all of my niKKKa's;  "once ya go BLAK, ya NEVA go BACK! Damnnnnnnnnnn.......I just looked at the above pic & she's UGLY! Damnnnnnnnn!!!!

                                                           - to be continued -

Yea WE doin it! Look out for this & more in the soon comin weeks. I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is on the way BLAK as the order has been made! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die has finally been proof read & is in the final stages of EDITING. WE plan to entertain so keep on lookin as excerpts of my newest will soon grace these very pages. To pre-order ya own autographed copy of either or both books, contact US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks & see ya when ya HOLLA BLAK!