Mullatoes & other half breed niKKKa's

*****ALERT*********ALERT******ALERT ********ALERT**********ALERT************* (drake)

Hey b2a & watch out for this HOTTTTT 1 that WE about to drop. As the title speaks for itself, no need to elaborate on what WE speakin of & so if it's too HOT in the kitchen, carry yo ass to the dinin room or somewhere else bcuz if ya think that I've been offensive before, just wait til ya get a load of this 1. Look at the above pic & if ya neva saw it before, who do ya think it is? What are THEY tryin to say if a pic is worth more than 1000 words? Well, if ya didn't know before ya read this, you would know that it's a pic of drake AND justin bieber who was recently booed off stage. This REALLY WACK musiKKK SHIT like all the other BULLSHIT WE goin thru will be soon be endin too so hang on! What WE here to talk about today is the emergence of the mullato!

Who here is old enough to remember the 1990's? I tell y'all, the book that I'm readin now (death of the west by buchanan) has my head goin somethin SIRIUS! Now before y'all start gettin on my case & thinkin that I HATE MULATTOES, this is where I got the INSPIRATION from: (as it's 5 minutes long, please listen as it's VERY IMPORTANT to this article). After watchin the video, should I rename this article the ROLE of the BASTARD as a FACTOR in HISTORY? Ain't that a heavy title? Knowing that the krakka does 50 year plans, why did the emergence of the mullato start in earnest in the 90's? Did Hip Hop create WIGGA's?

It eased THEIR entry but anyway........WIGGA's ain't mulattoes & so let's not get that confused. Mullatos are persons who are half Blak & half white like & Tommy Sotomayor says, MIXED RACED PEEPO ain't BLAK!: Before y'all wanna get at me, I don't agree with EVERYTHING Tommy says but when he hits the nail on the head, I'm USIN WHATEVA to make my PONT! The reason why WE BELIEVE that half breeds are BLAK in ameriKKKa is bcuz on a historic level, the BW were RAPED & had to stay in the SLAVE QUARTERS & by default, those CHILDREN that came from those RAPES, IDENTIFIED with their MOTHERS while sufferin Stockholm Syndrome & longing for their rapist FATHERS! Children don't know much & wish to KNOW both parents but what kinda MENTALITY comes from a child who KNOWS that his/her (free) FATHER RAPED his/her (slave) MOTHER? Can you imagine the MIND FUCK in that?

So let's go back to 1990......Mariah Carey, Jason Kidd, halle berry, Lenny Kravitz & the list goes on & on! Note, just bcuz someone is half breed doesn't mean that THEY are not down for the cause but how do THEY develop THOUGHTs of ALLEGIANCE? I saw Dr Clarke speak & have seen countless lectures that he has done over the years but I've never seen him express FEAR as he did in the above video. WE are the same sign (capricorn) & as he is an ANCESTOR, I may have to undertake his wish & write the DEFINITIVE BOOK on this dynamic! I am not talkin about LIGHT SKINNED PEEPO......WE talkin about mulattoes & other HALF BREED niKKKa's!

THEY set US up in the 90's with all of them HBN's & not even 10 years later, gave US ya boy soetero! Will y'all dudes out WEST keep talkin about mexiKKKans chiKKK's who like krakka's, ONLY DATE BM with plenty of MONEY & who's MEN just happened to have killed OUR young Malcolm? Will ya be scoopin KraKKa chiKKKs like rg3?:


Will ya contine to DILUTE the gene pool? What do ya know about 12 strand dna? Will YOU continue to TRANSFER ya WEALTH to ya HANDLERS? Will ya continue to add to the CONFUSION of US or will WE get it together? Will ya OVERSTAND that when this SHIT is OVER that ya not gonna be able to come BLAK HOME? This goes out to all of my niKKKa's;  "once ya go BLAK, ya NEVA go BACK! Damnnnnnnnnnn.......I just looked at the above pic & she's UGLY! Damnnnnnnnn!!!!

                                                           - to be continued -

Yea WE doin it! Look out for this & more in the soon comin weeks. I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is on the way BLAK as the order has been made! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die has finally been proof read & is in the final stages of EDITING. WE plan to entertain so keep on lookin as excerpts of my newest will soon grace these very pages. To pre-order ya own autographed copy of either or both books, contact US at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks & see ya when ya HOLLA BLAK! 

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