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What up my peepo? I hope wherever ya are that all is well. Today on 1/31/13, the temperatures will drop & please stay warm & comfy til WE thaw out again. By me, just a lotta rain & wind but no tornadoes as predicted. I gotta send a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Ohio Players & SugarFoot aka, the leader of that band who died yesterday at the age of 69 ( & as he was a BIG PART of my LIFE bcuz of the LEGACY of MUSIC that HE left, this goes out to YOU!:

I won't write much but just to let Y'ALL know, my good BROTHER, Nimba Mhaat & a whole bunch of other names I won't include bcuz his whole name is below, wrote a GREAT ARTICLE about how Mali is experiencin a big WAR now & why. It's a shame bcuz as Afrika is now outright known as the richest piece of real estate ANYWHERE, THEM REAL NIGGAZ is goin in but all THEY are gonna do is make those Afrik…

I'm Gon' Make It by Skillz & INSPIRATIONAL Hip Hop

Who said that Hip Hop is DEAD? It ain't when ya hear GREAT STUFF like this up above! As the GREAT Lauren Hill said on this 1,, MUSIC is supposed to INSPIRE! I'm gonna give US some of that in this 1 so that Y'ALL can know that the art form is FAR from DEAD & is actually very VIBRANT just like: Can ya take the JOURNEY with US?

In this 1, WE won't concern OURSELVES with that Krakka! What WE gotta THINK about is a When ya do talk about those Krakka's, make sure that ya have this playin for when it's time to takeover. It still don't matter what THEY do to US bcuz I'm gonna stay & US! Ya see, I put the whole LB album on my blog but if ya for real, you'll search the archives …

the Conditioning for the CONDITIONS

Image When clickin on this link, go to the video entitled, Conditions of the Conditions & see where WE comin from!

I swore up & down that I would no longer do articles on Blak relationships but lately, I see that I have to bcuz peepo keep pullin me in that direction. I was on a post in a group on fb & a lot of BW have differed with me & Doc Phil Valentine about how OUR more learned SISTA's are becomin maculinized bcuz of learnin on a high scholarly level (phd & masters level) without sayin that the VERY SHYSTEM WE in makes this all POSSIBLE! As much as I luv Doc, I don't AGREE with EVERYTHING he says but in this case I do & as well, I've heard Dr. Jewell Pookrum & a few other BW say somethin to a similar effect though it was long ago & I can't find those references. Then to defend SELF, some of these BW are callin me out my name & questionin my way of thinkin as if i…


Been takin it really EASY with the articles lately but GUESS WHO's BLAK? I say a BIG SHOUT to all of Y'ALL out there & welcome to the 5th DIMENSION! The ALIENS will be comin next week & are ya READY for 'em? The octopuses have all evolved into porpoises & OUR mitochondrial dna is changin by the day. Hey, since y'all think I'm crazy, may as well act like it. Have ya figured out what psi is for yet? I haven't either but WE up in here! WE got a lot goin on so stay with US as WE try to get thru it all usin MATHEMATICS! For the uninitiated, MATH really stood for MAAT but when the Krakka started distortin OUR LANGUAGES............WE gonna get on some pretty sad stuff that's goin on LATELY. Go in & see what it do when WE check the VARIABLE HAPPENINGS.

Global Warming? Ya couldn't tell that with an arctic blast that has the eastern half of the country for about a week now. After all of this record breakin HOT DAYS, it finally got really COLD &am…

Nwa Out Black August {Full Film}

Hey YOU! If ya clicked onto this flick, then ya got 1 hour & 40 minutes to spend watchin bcuz this is a FILM! Man......I wish that every BM had the NERVE & GALL to do what my dude George Jackson did BLAK in them days. Man this dude was a SUPER BLAK GANGSTA on that RBG type shit. WE need more of that SPIRIT & if any FILM is gonna make ya want it REALLY BAD, this is it. Why don't THEY teach US about this dude? Well, instead of me typin, take those minutes ya got, press the link & ENJOY seein some of what WE have done & will continue doin. Peace my BLAK PEEPO & let's get it!

Paul Mooney: It's the End of the World! - He had his OWN COUNTDOWN!!

Rememba when I was sayin this when I had my 2012 Countdown? Well, here WE are 30 days after that Final Countdown & some of y'all thought I meant that the WORLD was OVER & WE now see that it ain't. Well, today is MLK Day & this is the type of REVOLUTION that I'm talkin about. Too many of y'all out there is still worried about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & I ain't!

"Yo Blak Smith, what ya all uptight about now?' At no 1 I answer. This is why today, I got Paul Mooney goin in on what he means the end of the world is. With that, take it away Mr. Funny Man. WE still at WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Boondocks: The Story of Catcher Freeman

The Boondocks! Some say that this was the inspiration for django. I say that this was it: with a TWIST! This show is so entertainin & as it speaks for itself, Aaron Mcgruder, TAKE IT AWAY! WE'LL be comin BLAK at ya soon! WAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

MONEY, WHAT is it good for? Part V

(these days, toilet paper is WORTH MORE!)

So do WE NEED it? WE sure as HELL WANT IT! What's the purpose of havin it if all WE do is buy what WE NEED? Some do what's LEGAL & ILLEGAL & dependin on where ya are, ya INTENTIONS may HELP or HARM those under its sway. How much is it really WORTH? What is it BACKED by as the very NATURE of it was CREATED to have a VALUE. Who determines what BACKS it? How did THEY get to that place & HOW were those DECISIONS reached? What will ya do when the economy collapses? Which side are ya on?

In today's article, WE conclude with our series, MONEY, WHAT is it good for with the HOPE that WE all have learned SOMETHIN. If ya ain't learn nothin yet, know that in the grand scheme of things, MONEY is NOT needed as it doesn't figure into the equation of FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER & therefor was created to have somethin to TRADE with when …

MONEY, WHAT is it good for? Part IV


It's been quite a WHIRLWIND WEEKEND & WOW! The weather last year was HOT in WINTER & though WE had plenty of freezin weather on the west coast & snow in the northern plains here in the u.s, the east coast has been unusually warm. sandy hook was still a HOAX, THEY tryin to get as many guns as possible & as the 5th Dimension races on, that krakka is tryin to figure how to manage ALL. How y'all doin?

Big shout out to my HOMEGAL Basha Riddick, my newest member. Check her fb page as she's doin BIG THINGS! Anyhoo, I was gonna write Part IV but when I woke up yesterday, as if by divine intervention, I found this article that talks about TIME & MONEY on a pal's page (Wanique) though it was written by someone else. As it fits so aptly as to what I had to say, I'm gonna let 'em take over so that y'all can see that I ain't the ONLY 1 sayin these type things. Maybe I am crazy as a PROPHET is har…

django review


Yea, I'm reviewin this movie in this clip & as I had so much to say, I ain't gonna write much. This flick, django unchained should be watched, critiqued & thought about but as I said on an fb post a few days ago, WE CANNOT afford to be distraKKKted! My SISTA, Sabrina interviews me & WE give thanx & props to the good peepo at the Unmitigated Gall who LUV US some US!

As so much has already been said about this flick, I don't wanna seem like I approve of it. As the times WE are livin in, it proves very very INTERESTIN & for those of y'all who have yet to see it, watch it as soon as ya can so that the convo's WE ain't havin can HAPPEN! As well, if I'm gonna BIG UP this movie, WE gotta BIG UP Hidden Colors, the TRIUMPH of MELANIN! Shout out to my dude TJ 3rd Eye for bein a sarcastic mothafuKKKa but I like peepo that hold my feet …

MONEY, WHAT is it good for? Part III

(Ghanian Money, known as the cedi)

Whatup b2a peepo? Do NOT get distraKKKted bcuz when THEY wanna do REAL SHIT, THEY start with THEY tactics! How y'all doin in this fake ass new year? Do y'all FEEL like ya in the 5th Dimension? Are ya resonatin? Are ya thinkin forward & positive? Hope that ya are bcuz that krakka's infrastructure is crumblin & some indicators of that is stuff like this & also; Continue lookin for ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya like it or NOT! As the EARTH'S cycles speed up, those REPTILIANS won't be able to maintain their HUMAN PERSONNAS & this is why if ya even noticed, a lotta 'em are disappearin from the pubic eye. I know that y'all are lookin at the cedi above & are wonderin why I put that there instead of…

Money, WHAT is it good for? Part II


Yea, WE all up in Part II of OUR series & tryin to get down to what the hell MONEY is really all about. BUSINESS is WAR!!! After CONTROLS were asserted on peepo, most WARS were over MONEY! The very first commodities TRADED on the STOCK EXCHANGE floors were US aka LIVESTOCK! Super POWERS DICTATE how economies work. In researchin just how forms of MONEY CHANGE over time, WE find that so does everything else that are in the 9 peepo activities such as economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex & WAR! To my lesser informed peepo, in what way are WE not at WAR with any of those 9 above mentioned dynamics? THEY still not tryin to give US the credit for establishin OUR WORLD ORDER that THEY got thru a STOLEN LEGACY but THEY shit is crumblin by the SECOND! Lets go in from where WE last left off.

Ok, in OUR last installment, WE got to where WE are today. But let's go BLAK to the last era, pre 2013. As a matter…

MONEY, WHAT is it good for?

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

Is this really all it's about? Ya know what it is & as it has so many names, let's mention 'em; bacon, booty, bread, cash, cheese, coins, cowries, currency, digits, dollas, dough, ducats, fetti, grands, greenbacks, jewels, loot, lucre, MONEY, moolah, paper, riches, scratch, scrilla & I'm more than sure that a lotta y'all can find many many more names out there for that stuff WE see above. Peepo make movies about gettin LOTS of it. Listen to the 1st link provided to get just a glimpse of what I speak of. What WE at b2a wish to do today is bring US an investigation into just HOW money got to be somethin that even the BEST of US can't live without! Just like when I was a youngsta, I always wondered just HOW it IS that in LIFE, HOW & WHY that KraKKa was ALWAYS on top while intelligent Blaks who made it to supervisor were pretty …

What you left in 2012; Where are you are going in 2013? 01/01 by GSRT Radio | Blog Talk Radio

What you left in 2012; Where are you are going in 2013? 01/01 by GSRT Radio | Blog Talk Radio

This is me talkin on blogtalk radio where I drop a lil somethin on relationships & my new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die. Man, these pieces is HOT like Mom-dukes chicken fried in FISH GREASE! Yea, Drea & Mikal are GREAT at what THEY do & come with the HEAT! THEY talk about it all & with GUSTO. Yea, my book is bein edited & the 1st 1, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is AVAILABLE here at! Y'all know that WE on the WINNIN SIDE & that ya gotta stay the course. Look out for GUNS gettin banned in the near future & so that y'all know that this ain't no game, check this article to get just a small indication of what's in Boom bye bye: Just like Pac, Big…