django review

Yea, I'm reviewin this movie in this clip & as I had so much to say, I ain't gonna write much. This flick, django unchained should be watched, critiqued & thought about but as I said on an fb post a few days ago, WE CANNOT afford to be distraKKKted! My SISTA, Sabrina interviews me & WE give thanx & props to the good peepo at the Unmitigated Gall who LUV US some US!

As so much has already been said about this flick, I don't wanna seem like I approve of it. As the times WE are livin in, it proves very very INTERESTIN & for those of y'all who have yet to see it, watch it as soon as ya can so that the convo's WE ain't havin can HAPPEN! As well, if I'm gonna BIG UP this movie, WE gotta BIG UP Hidden Colors, the TRIUMPH of MELANIN! Shout out to my dude TJ 3rd Eye for bein a sarcastic mothafuKKKa but I like peepo that hold my feet to the fire. Despite his quips, WE are NOW in the 5th Dimension & for all of y'all who THOUGHT that CHANGE would happen overnite, go BLAK to SLEEP! Or get with my peepo at Til Part IV of Money, WHAT is it good for, this is the Blak Smith lettin y'all know that MELANIN will TRIUMPH in............................

The Blak Smith is at & on fb as Blak Smith (Bak Smiff). HOLLA BLAK!!

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