Monday, January 30, 2012

Are WE Relatin?

Hey Peepo! Hey Blak Peepo! Hey my BEAUTIFUL Blak LADIES aka BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIES! Where my Runaway Slaves who ain't goin back? How y'all doin today? What it do? Who are ya? How are ya & all that HOOD SHIT? Y'all know who it is & how WE do! I'm that dude still thinkin about Haiti & her peepo. The 1 wishin that I could be like Moses, round up my peepo, move out the ghetto & live a better life! Yeah, that dude that is gonna get into a lil subject that I rarely deal with but every once inna while, WE just gotta go THERE! I'm speakin to y'all about relationships & after noticin certain patterns from some of OUR most BEAUTIFUL BW's, gotta go in on it. I hope that y'all takin notes bcuz WE here at b2a got somethin to say. Chime in in the comment sections & have ya say. Ya DON'T have to AGREE with what WE sayin here.

Ok, as I've said previously in my blog, IDGAF what any of y'all think about me & I think I've already proven that by talkin the SHIT that I talk. Now bcuz I say that DOESN'T mean that I don't care about YOU if ya PEEPO! What I want US to OVERSTAND is that WE don't ALWAYS have to AGREE on everything whether family, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc & whatever. I BELIEVE that Blak Peepo bein made into REACTIONARIES azza result of what WE have been thru for centuries now can make US so DISAGREEABLE especially when it comes to each other aka US, that too many of US can't see it! Of course this has a BASIS in its FOUNDATION in that if ya don't BLAME racist white supremacy, y'all are always gonna get it wrong by BLAMIN INDIVIDUALS who are merely REACTIN to what they've learned from years of persecution & conditionin. Let's go a lil further in.

A few weeks ago & previously in this blogsite, I told y'all that the so called elite keep control by employin the hegelian dialectic. If ya break it down, all of these DISTRACTIONS that THEY place in ya vista BOLSTER ya apathy while THEY keep control but wait....the LAWS of NATURE dictate that EVERYTHING CHANGES! It took THEM EONS to CHANGE US from sentient beins into these NIGGAS & BIATCHES that too many of US wanna hold onto. The worst N's & B's is the ones that don't know that they are such! Too many of US are so sick that WE call each other these same names but wanna fight when a KraKKa uses it. Some KraKKas such as v-nasty even get a pass to use it but I ain't never been that tight with a KraKKa to ever get that comfy usin that word & don't use it around 'em the rare times I do say it. WE now go into the meat of the article.

Lately, I've been accused of attackin the BW on this very site bcuz of observations or things that I've said here & on Face Book. Bcuz I've said such things inna MATTER of FACT way & bcuz of the impersonality of social networkin on the net, SOME of y'all have taken it as ATTACKIN when that premise is so far from the truth. I may be angry inside but it's at the KraKKa's who WISH to RULE the world. Get that thru ya head as I am a MAN & when I still see SISTA's not OVERSTANDIN that for Y'ALL, the SYSTEM wishes to be yo MAN, makin it a lil easier by allowin you to go to skool, givin ya section 8, food stamps, jobs & other govt programs while hardly givin US SHIT for you to turn around & say, go back to skool, yada yada, without takin how I feel about that into consideration & then labellin me as lazy with a dismissive attitude or whatever, WTF am I supposed to think? Too many BW be actin like this is 1988 when it was relatively easy to get a decent job & the economy wasn't in the shithole like it is today. Just know that when 1 is in a transition period from workin for corporate ameriKKKa to SELF, there will be bumps but nothing GOOD comes easy for US. Why do y'all think most guys who struggled for YEARS & finally make it, DOG women without a care?

To end this so that y'all don't think that I'm upset at YOU as an individual, when ya lookin at BM who are DOIN what they must, decide on where YOU are at before ya start sayin you can do this or that to me & my brothas. The instinct to provide has never left US but with that SCIENTIST hirin US for only menial labor, makin US SWEAT for every penny WE get, affects OUR RELATIONSHIPS! When ya dealin with the 1% aka Runaway Slaves, WE not doin that ROMANCE SHIT so stop expectin it if ya dig ME/US. The way I see it, if ya wanna get down, ya gonna have to adjust ya way of thinkin bcuz I'm not yo average! When a BM can't be a BM in his CASTLE, he ain't gonna remain very long & if ya gotta good 1 LADIES, ya better be careful of what ya say & HOW ya say it. Just like you don't wanna be seen azza a sex object, WE don't wanna be seen as an open wallet. That's something for ALL of US to THINK about, so to all of my PEEPO; WE got WAY LESS than 325 days to go. To see what I say visually, check this video: Peace.

Y'all already know what it is. The Blak Smith just had to do it again. We want y'all to stay up with US so get with US at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Anyone wishin to rebut me can so do but it will & MUST be done in a RESPECTFUL manner as I am just me & cannot see ALL angles. It is what it is & so HOLLA BLAK! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Runaways can go HOME! (blak 2 AFRIKA!)

Satellite Image of Africa

I LUV HER! I'm talkin about her up above. Her names are many & you can pick the 1 you like. I like to call her HOME & there is no coincidence that lately, a lot of y'all out there have been talkin about how WE need to get BLAK in touch with OUR KINFOLK. Those of US here who came from there & can trace OUR lineage need to know that the RESOURCES there are OURS azza BIRTHRIGHT can never be taken thru separation of TIME or SPACE! Know that some of US left her LONG before the incursions of the EVIL ones also known as DEVILS! They time is up y'all! YOU WIN!!! Check this out:

They are DEVILS bcuz THEY are a DEVOLution aka INFERIOR COLD BLOODS who came from outer space 2 MILLION years ago. They came with the symbol of the DRAGON, FIRE & ART & put too many of US under their GOD SPELL. The only 1's of US left intact were the Dogon who told 'em about Sirius when it couldn't be seen with the naked eye. Those of the reptilian extract took the best of the best in the height of OUR ANTIQUITY in Egypt & forced their way into regality & today reign under the guise of white supremacy.

Hey, I'm not sayin that any of this is true but by now, if ya still talkin about politriKKKs in the west, ya need to siriusly stop BUGGIN! Weirder shit than this occurs & if ya don't believe that, then check an old movie entitled the Island of Dr Moreau. That Krakka will never tell ya all that he up to & controls the media so basically speakin, he controls ya. Some of y'all don't BELIEVE in what I'm sayin here but BELIEVE in imaginary figures to the point of makin me nauseous! Here at blak2afrika, WE tryin to provide a safe haven for all y'all RENEGADES & RUNAWAYS & HOME izza great place to do that at.

In 2007, after almost dyin in Ghana in 2004*, I went BLAK for the 1st time with a tour group named Africa for the Africans, led by their FEARLESS LEADER named Bomani Tyehimba. You can reach this very intelligent & vibrant young man here at as they will be goin to Ghana for 2 weeks in may & in october. The tours sponsored therein can be viewed as a vacation, interest in investing or as an exploration of this BEAUTIFUL country as ya tour & see ya way around. You would stay in HOTELS that would cost a fortune here for an all inclusive package that includes tour guides, shoppin & the best HOSPITALITY Home has to offer. Repatriation is also a possibility as so many who go at least think about it. Besides, ain't it time for you to at least THINK about goin home?

Imagine for a moment bein born in Afrika & gettin CAPTURED at the age of 11, only be cast into the hull of a nasty ship with others that ya didn't know. Imagine sufferin all of the atrocities that could happen & survivin to bein on an auction block & havin ya privates checked akin to the LIVESTOCK that you are still CONSIDERED as. Rememba, you are still considered 3/5th's of a man as said by the constitution which by the way BLAK PEEPO, was not written for you. As Ras Kass would say, you's a 14th amendment & a good NIGGA! (6:45 - 6:52). Now........imagine rememberin fresh fruit growin WILD! Imagine speakin ya language. Imagine that lil gal that ya knew that you would marry 1 day. wasn't so cold & not havin to be forced to work from SUN UP to SUN DOWN from cradle to grave & breathe...........imagine not gettin LASHED for rememberin & get yo ASS BLAK to work. This is yo REALITY!

The west is DEAD! They TIME is UP! THEY are a corpse with nothin more than a faint heartbeat. You can RUNAWAY even if it's only TEMPORARILY & see HOME though it ain't HOME like it used to be. Ya KINFOLK needs YOU & WE can get ya there as afta has been in operation for more than 6 years, doin the Marcus Garvey & Blak Smith thing & gettin peepo BLAK2AFRIKA! Check 'em out as I have provided all of the necessary links & when ya decide to do so, tell 'em the Blak Smith sent ya! Who knows, ya might see me there at the door of NO RETURN & then havin me some FISH over at owned by Queen Sista Imahkus! Yeah, if ya wanna be that RUNAWAY & see HOME however ya do it, I strongly suggest it. WE got the hookup so get at ME aka HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

Y'all know how the Blak Smith do! WE want to cover the GAMUT of the whole Blak Existence while educatin & informin & I myslef am doin that with this blog & with my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. For any info, you can reach me at & on Face Book, it's Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As Marcus Garvey said, Africa for the AFRICANS! Them REAL NIGGAS got 328 days left so get there & see HOME. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the Captured Runaway

Yeah, that last 1 that I did sho enuff WENT in on 'em! WELCOME BLAK to b2a & another edition of the Runaway series. I'm so sorry that I have to be the bearer of such news but things are the way they are now so that that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION by the BW occurs as she won't need to be secured by money.  Bein that TOO MANY of y'all BW's don't OVERSTAND that THEY ain't gonna employ the BM in a substantive way, I gotta remind y'all that don't know, that LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST. Too many BW still think that the BM needs to go BLAK to skool & shit like that. WOW!!! I told y'all already that there is NOTHIN in the social contract guarenteein you a job! Runaways don't want more skoolin as that too is part of the SHYTSTEM & all ya gotta do to know that is read the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G Woodson. If THEY EDUCATION was made to free us, by now, why ain't we free?

The BW who in the eyes of racist white supremacy is NON THREATENING in the face of her NON-SECURITY, needs to once & for all KNOW that SHE is the lynch pin in all of this. As most jobs nowadays require knowledge of computers & bein that most UNeducated BM know very lil of 'em, WE can only get jobs as LABOR where THEY basically enslavin US for every penny WE get! I constantly tell y'all to ReTHINK what WORK is to the point of hurtin that head. UnLEARN to ReLEARN to do for SELF! Record numbers of BM, myself included are outta work so when ya see the stats, they don't include those who stopped lookin or are heavily UNDEREMPLOYED. These are those, like me who don't have bad records but refuse to rob, steal or drug deal. This is why I say that the COMMUNITY has to support the WARRIORS as the pen is MIGHTIER than the SWORD! Do you respect that or NIGGAS on the corner holdin guns? WE ain't tryin to remain as RUNAWAY SLAVES & wanna be LIBERATED RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS but not under these devilish KraKKa's! WE are the GLITCHES in the MATRIX!

Y'all need to do an etymological search as to what a Drake is. Ever did any research on the kardashian family? You would be surprised at what ya find but let's get into our story now & find out who are the Captured Runways. Their motives need not be questioned as the sum of their actions speak for themselves. Before WE go in though, y'all gotta know that the way THEY control these Hi-tech slaves is thru Cognitive Disonance & Multiple Personality Disorder & that's for y'all REAL PEEPO to research but check here for just a lil taste: This is why most in the industry start off young so that THEY can gauge ya behavior unless you are too talented to ignore & initiate ya in. You have to be BRIBABLE! If ya find out & don't wanna be down, THEY don't promote ya, cook books to break ya thru the irs or whatever & allow ya to drink/drug yaself to death as ya used to live in a mansion & now liviin in the street like Sly Stone. Too many of y'all think that those who are controlled are like puppets on strings & they are but the strings are invisible. Let's go in.

This goes out to all of you out there who have tried valiantly to do the right thing since forever & still came up a dolla short & a day late. If ya doin it to SURVIVE, I don't label you a criminal but hopefully ya doin some robin HOOD SHIT as most of US in the HOOD don't got it. My dude Kanye West......too many of y'all hate on him but MOST of US loved him when he was the real Kanye. Dave Chappelle ran his ass off to South Afrika & that makes him just like ME! He told enough but was never in & ya don't hear much about him anymore bcuz he ain't INITIATED! If ya see a resurgence in his profile, you'll know that he sold out. Rick James could not give up that coke & WE wonder how those who make such beautiful art get access to so much drugs. oj simpson ran & ran his ass til he went to prison bcuz he couldn't stay away from his favorite peepo. Left Eye from TLC fame had to die to be free as she saw NWO aka No Way Out. P Diddy, the same & named his album that. Tevin Campbell, like Michael Jackson was HANDLED by quincy jones & WE know that he been runnin ever since. Question is, what is he runnin from? Flava Flave for those of y'all too young to rememba, used to be Public Enemy & is now known as a world class COON but he needs the money as he has lots of children. Mike Tyson goes between sense & nonsense but I BELIEVE his intentions are good. Did y'all ever hear of a guy named Wardell Lazard? Y'all open on the rich & famous but this dude was the TRUTH & when ya read this, know that this Runaway shit goes across the board: As far as I'm concerned, the peepo sayin the REALEST SHIT today are the comedians like Paul Mooney, Eddie Griffin & this dude here & take it from them as they are not rappers or athletes. This video was perfect to illustrate the point that when THEY watchin you, you get arrested for lil or NOTHIN &as he is an admitted POTHEAD, he better be careful as THEY can be lacin his shit for him to periodically BUG OUT to the point of gettin ya to believe that he's a murderer or worse!

There are white runaways but now that they shytstems have been perfeKKKted usin mk ultra, project monarch & so many DRUGS, legal & ILLEGAL, WE must be VIGILANT! My concern here is US aka ME! How do WE know if MJ's doc wanted him dead or was given the drugs spiked or convinced to kill him? If he didn't, THEY may have killed a fam member & ya think HE gonna say it knowin that tommy motolla & his henchmen could kill his whole family! I won't speak to Mike's fam wantin him dead but let the ledger tell the story.For US, lookin to climb high in the infrastructure of rws is OUT as if ya get too influential & THEY can't use you, THEY make ya expendable or kill someone in ya fam to FORCE you in. The ones who take to this SHIT willingly are the ones that I HATE & I don't want none of y'all writin me tellin me that I shouldn't HATE! Who the fuKKK other than yo IGNORANT ASS parents taught you that? I hate willin NIGGAS as much as I hate KraKKas & can RESPECT anyone who speaks RESPECTFULLY even to the point of BRUTAL HONESTY if THEY hate me as I respect HATE! When I enter ya store, treat me like a CUSTOMER, nothin more, nothin less. Yeah, I'm still that Runaway Slave & THEY want me DEAD or DEAD in WAY LESS than 330 days & so ya know what I tell 'em................Let the DEAD bury the DEAD! Peace..................................after REVOLUTION!

Yeah, WE went in again & know that this 1 here needs y'all support. It's up to the COMMUNITY to support those who wish to carry the legacies of those who came before US, something that I'm tryin to do so bcuz I don't teach OURSTORY from antiquity, don't think that what WE do here at b2a is any less valid. If ya need get at me, holla at or as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on Face Book). Peace yo.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hey peepo & a lil WARNING before I go in on this 1 here today! I may offend ya for readin this 1 & so if ya sensitive to cursin & what sounds like young speech, get the fuKKK off of here NOW as I ain't takin no prisoners. A lotta SHIT is startin to POP OFF now that WE'VE entered into aquarius which the so called jesus is purported to have been born in. But first, WE need to thank those of you who have SUPPORTED US & what WE do here as YOU are US & WE are YOU! In other words, as my YARD PEEPO say, I & I sta! If U din't get that, you wasn't supposed to but anyhoo......WE have a lot to cover & so WE go in startin with BLAK PEEPO (especially our WOMEN) are BEAUTIFUL! Let's go!

Finally, I feel like I'm BLAK in the Dirty North! It snowed somethin small but BIG bein that it was the first 1 since WINTER started a month ago. In my area, we probably got about 4 or 5 inches & all that white shit outside had me thinkin about killin WINTER like it does the trees. These KraKKa's just luv to portray snow as pure but rememba, the ink is BLAK & the paper is WHITE! Not to worry though as it will be very WARM again & most of it will melt fast. As those who read me regularly already know, LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST possibly thru ADVERSE WEATHER whether ya LIKE it or NOT! The climate on any level is ripe for it so look for anything!

red tails the movie? It's so simple & most Blak Peepo still don't get it bcuz THEY simply DON'T OVERSTAND what the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC is & this is what the KraKKa uses to run the world! Supposedly, george lucas spent his own money to BLAK this movie after the big boys of HOLLYWEIRD didn't bcuz.... it's a Blak movie. As the pundits espouse as to why they luv or hate it, I'm gonna posit anotha premise. For all of y'all lazy do nothins, allow me to set ya up with: They got ya DISTRACTED with SHIT like this knowin that you a REACTIONARY instead of a REVOLUTIONARY as in: What laws are THEY passin against ya while ya readin this crap makin ya think ya vote counts? The (p)residential campaign?: DISTRACTION! And plus, that NIGGA singin Al Green in Harlem. WTF? In other words THEY present the PROBLEM + SOLUTION = the MF RESULT that THEY had planned before THEY created that very PROBLEM! As lucas is seen as the good white man who btw happens to be married to a BEAUTIFUL SISTA, this movie + complains of no funding = BLAK PEEPO flippin & doin all of the necessary advertisin while he goes & talks about it while trottin out his BEAUTIFUL Blak Wife & WE eat that shit up while AGAIN, the KraKKa cleans up, gettin the LION'S SHARE while those who made it GREAT, get paid good money while you spend yours thinkin that he's so great! lucas was before spielberg. lucas izza BILLIONAIRE from the star wars franchise & I BELIEVE that this was PLANNED for him to get the REACTIONARY Blak Audience who needs SOMETHIN to SUPPORT but will ya buy my book after readin this? After all, this blog is free & my e-book is only $10! Am I worth that to ya? And oh, none of them NIGGAS in the starrin cast have Blak Wives but don't say that ya heard it from me. I'll watch that shit on bootleg when it eventually gets to me as that KraKKa don't need my money that bad! I ain't got any anyway & so HELLLLLPPPPP!!!

So joe paterno died eh? I won't cover this that much but I told y'all here weeks ago that he would go the way of so many who had too much info & 1 way or another, had to be silenced. Just DAYS after he was fired, he fell & then got cancer & died just 2 months later. I would say that ALL of YOU knew someone who has died of cancer & had lived with it for YEARS before goin out. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? You can see it here in this article entitled Check paragraph 3 for my drop on that & I also told y'all there that this case has a lot more complications than meets the eye. The DA of that area who wanted to go further with this case (Ray Gricar), disappeared into thin air while the judge who dismissed the case was a volunteer in sandusky's foundation. Too many of y'all who THINK that y'all is THINKIN ain't THINKIN about SHIT bcuz ya still entrustin ya children with 'em via SKOOL & CHURCH! Get it thru ya fuKKKin heads that KraKKa's is DEVILS & miss me with that SHIT about some of 'em are good. I mean......if ya children are in either & not under ya supervision, are you at least THINKIN on how to change that? These NIGGAS got HIS STORY of bein that way & all 1 has to do to know without me writin it is to research greece & rome. Yeah, I got that off so let's get into OUR RUNAWAY SLAVE SEGMENT now.

Ok, who is a runaway & more particular, who was a slave before runnin away? Instead of usin webster & his peepo & bein that I luv to absolutely BUTCHER the english language, I'll let you decide but I'm gonna give y'all my description of just a few. A Runaway can change the world as he/she is SELF DETERMINING. A Runaway is someone who KNOWS their condition & money has nothin to do with it & at the end of the day, must be FREE! High Tech RICH NIGGAS who don't know this DO NOT qualify for this title. Think of michael jordan & believe me, some of 'em want out but don't know how or can't do so. Ok, the ULTIMATE RUNAWAY SLAVE to me was Saint Harriet Tubman who allegedly had to kill some who was too SCARED of LIBERATION & I bet for the most part, if she killed 4 persons, 3 of 'em was (males) BITCH ASS NIGGAS! That was the first RIDE or DIE SISTA! Kunta Kinte aka Toby was 1 but he kept gettin caught. Then there was Cinque aka the dude from the movie, Ill Gotten Gains or that other BAD movie, the Amistad. Ya see, some of US would rather die than to work under DURESS for the rest of OUR LIVES for these KraKka's. Frederick Douglass was a GREAT RUNAWAY & even beat the shit out them KraKKa's azza PRISONER. Paul Robeson was a RUNAWAY & wanted to sue the WEST for HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES! Muhammad Ali was 1 & slow poisoned azza result of bein OVERTLY OUTSPOKEN in fightin WARS for this DEVIL. Check out what so called experts have to say about parkinsons here at  I don't hate that red tails movie but it was made with all of the twists & turns to make US feel PATRIOTIKKK bcuz that KraKKa's time is UP & he now needs ya to drink that kool aid! Given the times, them red tails did what they felt they had to do. You ain't a RUNAWAY if you believe EVERYTHING THEY tell ya. Get yo MIND RIGHT!

Ya see, WE'VE always had RUNAWAY SLAVES! Most of my heroes that I mentioned in my book were of this description. Let's look at some that ya might disagree with like Tupac. Could be the most luvved/hated dude used as an example & as you already have an opinion of him, no need to go there. Arthur Ashe was anotha ULTIMATE RUNAWAY! Y'all might think that I'm crazy but how about that Old Dirty Bastard who like amy KraKKhouse (not a RUNAWAY), died somewhat like Jimi Hendrix. Check out what he had to say here & take it SIRIUSLY: (1:38 - 1:44). The ODB had an energy that the KraKKa could not harness & his influence had to be erradicated so as not to be that WILD CARD influencin y'all! They come in all shapes & colors & check who else in Wesley Snipes! Y'all thought my dude sold out when he did too wong fu & as he had to wear that dress to get to that next level in 1995, he made this:  in 96 from the money he made from too wong foo from his own pocket but I don't hear none of y'all talkin about it. Some of y'all really need to stop readin now!

Earlier in this article & previously in this blog, I addressed the hegelian dialectic! These policies came about LONG AGO & so there's nothin new about it. If you think that I'm not worth my weight in gold, then research just that but........if ya still talkin about votin, politiKKKs, presidential campaigns, equality, jobs (without ambition to do for self), education without education about self, religion, hood life, hair do's & celebrity gossip, you need to KILL YOURSELF right now. Y'all need to OVERSTAND that it's gonna take very few of US to turn this thing around as 95% of y'all is too STUCK on 1 of those above mentioned things & tryin to get you off of it til ya see it for SELF is FUTILE! If ya scared, guess's ok bcuz FEAR izza PRIME MOTIVATOR & NORMAL! Do not allow that FEAR to consume ya though. I'm tellin ya now that ya need to be that RUNAWAY SLAVE knowin that Saint Tubman got yo BLAK! This is not to instill fear or cowardice - I hope that I'm INSPIRIN US so that WE know what WE up against. Before I go though, hold on to this video that I found on jewtube about the recordin industry & though they use biblical verses, GET the MESSAGE as it is good info aka REAL TALK!: Michael Jackson was a RUNAWAY SLAVE & if this video doesn't convince ya, NONE WILL!* Some anonymous RUNAWAY SLAVES poisoned that KraKKa before THEY ran & he never woke up & by the time the driver knew what it was, he woke to a knife to the juglar. There has to be strategies & lies from every sector, so stop thinkin that ya way is the only way! The 1st strategy of WAR is DECEPTION! The Blak Smith izza RUNAWAY SLAVE as those NIGGAS know that I'm writin for US to get OUR SHIT right in these next 331 days yo! THEY AIN'T GONNA GIVE ME NO JOB! I ain't goin out like Sista Betty Shabazz & Dr. Ben who LIVICATED their lives to US & WE repay them with next to lil or NOTHIN! I'm puttin y'all on notice tonite that this has got to stop! If you read my shit religiously & you got money to go watch a movie made by a KraKKa who got money in the name of buyin BLAK & you walk away from ya computer without a SIRIUS thought of helpin me, I'M TALKIN to YOU! Y'all gotta support me & others who are givin you OUR LIVES. I'll be that RUNAWAY SLAVE & come BLAK for ya to get ya SPIRIT & yo MIND off that PLANTATION. Is ya with me? This RUNAWAY & ain't goin back! Peace.

* Michael Jackson video was posted previously in its entirety here at

Yeah, that OLD Blak Smith dude USED to ask for DONATIONS but now that I can deal with RECIPROCITY, I have a BOOK that you can get for a small price. The name of it is, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & it's available at For further details or to stay in touch get at me at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The day of the weak willed will soon end. Peace.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

the 12 days of New Years YEAR in Revue Part XII - the Conclusion

This is the conclusion to OUR year in Revue here at b2a & thanks for stickin around. In my eyes, the WEATHER was the biggest story of the year with the LONG SPRING WE had at least in the northeast & the winter that WE still haven't had yet! WE had the tsunami in japan, drought in tx, flooding in the ms valley & an earthquake & hurricane in the SAME WEEK but peepo call me krazy! Y'all know the SANE man in an INSANE world is INSANE! I'll be that but........some of the more notable deaths in 2011 were elizabeth taylor who played cleopatra, an egyptian queen & stunk at it bcuz she wasn't BLAK! I spit on her grave while havin Gil Scot Heron singin! Gil would be joined by amy KraKKhouse who I was made to OVERSTAND was on some new shit after her last stint in rehab. Her death remains a mystery as like Jimi Hendrix, she died at 27, supposedly after over intoxification. Yeah, WE can still hear her today singin to her BLAK MAN on steve jobs last i-phone before he croaked out. Nate Dogg is gonna come on followin her lookin all weeded & drunk singin that G shit! Heavy D never cursed on his songs & now joins the Notorious B.I.G in a battle of MC's. osama bin laden was waitin long time for Ghaddafi so that they could say Allahu Akbar & kill peepo in heaven (just kiddin muslims). Besides, Patrice Oneal told me to use that joke. Smokin Joe Frazier left US & awaits my favorite athlete of all time, Muhammad Ali. His bornday was a few days ago. One of the all time greatest songwriters of all time can now be found on any Those were the most notable celebrity deaths & won't forget M-Bone who died way too early. May y'all all live long as I will so that I won't know of ya death. 2011 is done so let's do this in 2012! The KraKKa got 335 left & so..........let's do it!

Whatup my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO who don't even real eyes how BEAUTIFUL WE really are? white supremacy must be destroyed & only those BOLD ENUFF to express that should be rewarded in the end days, WAY LESS than 375 days away from the time that I'm writin this. Today, there won't be any main topic to this as I haven't been inspired to write but still litin the net up with hot videos from some good brothers adrressin the polygyny thing. I AM NOT MR POLYGYNY so don't paint me with that brush though I will participate in that dynamic when the times DEMAND it! Lets see what's happenin out there.

Last week, Mumia Abu Jamal was taken off of death row & given life in prison. An OG from philly told me some years ago that he wasn't gonna get killed via execution bcuz he is an INTERNATIONAL FIGURE that lots of MONEY could be made from. He also told me somethin that I never heard again ; that WE shouldn't be wastin time rallyin & marchin unless WE was gonna break him outta prison. He told me this in the late 90's & now I see the wisdom of the elders. In BKNY today, a cop got shot in the face & so some of y'all don't think that I'm not fair, I provide y'all with a video of I luv that song & FTP!

Like I been tellin y'all for a while, this SEX SCANDAL shit been goin on as this is the KraKKa's way since THEY been here on this earth. They fuKKK babies, drink BLOOD & grind that meat in THEIR meat processin plants that ya eat for lunch as said by rabbi finklestein. With instant news in the AGE of INFORMATION, almost anyone can know anything anywhere they are in this great big world. I posted this a while ago but I don't know if y'all readin me bcuz ya might get flagged at the airport or won't get a job (like me) but WE SOULJAH on as the ANCESTORS taught US to do! This link should light a FIRE in all of y'all who still think that ya gotta FAIR CHANCE with these DEVILS & so Ayo, daddy george hw bush had a blak lover named brent! penn state izza KraKKa institution like yale & harvard. Every time WE turn around, joe paterno is sufferin somethin new & he fell a few days ago but why should I give a FUGG? Kinda reminds me of william casey who was the head of the cia durin the iran contra scandal who died right before he was to TESTIFY about that debacle. Ayo......them NIGGAS stage THEY DEATHS, get plastic surgery & still do DEVIL SHIT on some private land in air condition like hitler, jack ruby & jim jones. Believe it or not.

I don't know if y'all heard but as of late, Dr Ben has been ill. For those of y'all who don't know who he is, Dr Ben is perhaps OUR pre-eminent ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SCHOLAR who has written many books from OUR perspective debunkin alot of BULLSHIT by too many KraKKa's with agendas. First, he was in a hospital & now he's in a nursin home in the Bronx. He along with Dr John Henrik Clark defined what OURSTORIANS should be like & I wish to follow in their footsteps. To those of US especially in the NYC area, please visit & support this man as he gave his LIFE to US & the least WE can do is repay that with OUR presence of LOVE. Unfortunately, too many of US would rather give our money to drake or niki minaj as opposed to knowin who this man is. The days of OUR SCHOLARS dyin broke & alone has to stop & if WE were there for the likes of Betty Shabbaz, she would still be here. TAKE CARE of US!

Like I said in the beginnin of this article, I am not the POLYGYNY GUY though I will be when the times DEMAND it. Big shouts to my BROTHERS Tehuti Maat Ra & Hondo Solomon who give US much needed information that MOST SISTAS don't wanna deal with. Let me just say to Y'ALL SISTAS that if you against POLYGYNY, what are ya gonna do when every BM (ya FANTASY) marries & remains FAITHFUL & ya maternal instincts are hittin ya with no children & ya pushin 40? Examine & research! If any SISTA gotta answer for that, please base it in FACT & miss me with all that emotional shit. This thing was designed by WOMEN long ago as in a proper society, there will always be more women than men. india & especially china, there are more men bcuz they kill young gals which have led to a large IMBALANCE! Remeber, I said if ya must get at me, discuss how some of y'all POLYGYNY HATERS is gonna advise ya daughters of THEY options in this future that too many of US won't make it thru. That's all I gotta say on that for now.

wwIII already started as there are nato forces massing on the syrian border: Rememba where ya heard it first. China, along with the ussr have already pledged to defend iraq if nato goes in & the us has sent soldiers to australia where china wants to be the only muscle flexer in the pacific. Egypt is still a powder keg & things there won't be settled for some time & Afrika............still doesn't have Africom but is surrounded. But wait......y'all ain't seen nothin yet. Wait until these starvin, obese ass ameriKKKans can't eat a burger with fries. You think y'all seen some shit yet? Oh & before I go - FUKKK KKKristmas & save ya money that ain't worth shit! I don't even like Kwanza but damn, if ya gonna celebrate this time of the year, celebrate that! I'm now in FUNDRAISER MODE & so if ya need a gift, HOLLA BLAK to me & buy my book so that I can continue runnin this site. If ya financially able, while ya at it, help out with a donation & to do so, I'm at or on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). The link to my book is at & if ya want the e-book, holla at my contact info. I am the 5% of the 5%. I wish to build with y'all as that equals the 1%. I am the GLITCH in the MATRIX & hope that you are too! Join us here when WE revue 2012 in January 0f 2013! Peace.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aaliyah - Street Thing/Happy Bornday!

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part XI

Hey there! Thanks & once again, WE here at b2a was so upset in november bcuz of that pedophile sandusky at penn state & still - we see NIGGAS trustin these KraKKas around their young children. The skool system was set up so that parents would hand over the guardianship of their children  to be INDOCTRINATED & INCULCATED! As far as I'm concerned, most whites are WSO's aka white sexxx offenders! We've been around 'em for so long, that WE started adaptin to their ALIEN WAYS though the 42 confessions of MAAT say that alot of the things that WE do aren't supposed to be done as THEY are against GOD ( . WE'RE almost done with these 337 days & the KraKKa is almost done as well so HANG ON my peepo! Things are happenin & tomorrow, WE close out this series & move on. Let's go in on what was happennin in november in part 11 of OUR series.

I ain't got time for PLEASANTRIES  today as so much is goin on. For all of y'all who don't like talk of DEATH, DESTRUCTION & VIOLENCE, get the fuKKK off of this page now! WE don't happen to be livin inna time for pleasant talk & again, what makes YOU MORALLY just & right when YOU allow ya sons & daughters to be RAPED? What kinda language do YOU use to express RIGHTEOUS RAGE? I'm warnin y'all now, if ya don't like the LANGUAGE don't tell me & ignore my ads. I'm very UPSET that the STATE PENN coach, jerry sandusky has been for the most part, molestin BLAK BOYS & WE just goin around all blaze blaze with not a care in the world. The reason why WE azza peepo can do that is bcuz WE don't have the VILLAGE MENTALITY of "it takes a village to raise the child" in US which leads to these situations. Point BLAK, this dude shouldn't be killed fast; he should be tied up & TORTURED to the brink of DEATH & when he's there, made to recover only to keep repeatin the process for all of the sufferin he has caused. I remember a few years BLAK, when a young girl in Palmdale was BEATEN by a school safety officer for droppin cake on the floor. The reason why these things can happen is bcuz the BLAK MAN has been MARGINALIZED & has DISAPPEARED from OUR FAMILY & it has to stop! It can only stop when someone makes US aware of it as I have been tryin to do for some time now! The KraKKa is an UNNATURAL BEIN & will stop at NOTHIN to DOMINATE US & WE actin like I'm the PROBLEM for sayin SHIT how I say it! FuKKK OFF & grow up NIGGAS! What has your soft-shoein & shuKKKin & jivin done for US? Y'all NIGGAS is even too scared to take off 1 day of work on BLAK SOLIDARITY DAY! AFRIKANS MUST UNITE!

Ok y'all, the name of this site is BLAK 2 AFRIKA! In november of 2008, I the Blak Smith moved to Ghana West Afrika & stayed there til jan 2010. I had some of the GREATEST & WORST times of my life there & though those lows were low, those highs were high! I learned a LOT & can now say that I accomplished 1 of my biggest FEATS EVER by livin there as a YOUNG MAN! It can only get better. What I wanna do in this article (that may turn into a series) is devise a possible way for US azza peepo to once & for all, find out where our DIFFERENCES are without ANGER or ANIMOSITY & hash out why onna general level, find out why the fuKKK WE CAN'T GET ALONG! This SHITuation is the elephant in the room that most of US don't wanna talk about unless WE with OUR NATIVE PEEPO & feel SAFE, but WE must deal with the WHAT IF factor of it all? Of course bcuz of TIME & SPACE, some of OUR issues are OBVIOUS but what of those WE don't speak of honestly? Let's examine just a few here in this report:

Diet - in the west for the most part, most of our foods are processed. On an increasin level as the west strengthens the stranglehold on Afrika, the food there is as well. While in Ghana, the foods comin from get this, Shop Rite, were from south afrika as if Ghana has a food shortage which is just a ridiculous concept given the landscape & weather. As well, the asians & euros are depletin the fish stocks with those big ass TRAWLERS & so the natives get the minimum & not the best stuff. This must be handled at the top & WE know about the leaders there. They kinda like the 1's here right sotero?

Religion - Increasingly, wars over RELIGION are keepin the peepo FIGHTIN as in The reason why this & other confliKKKts will continue to happen is almost the same all of the time. WE are not euros & anytime that WE adapt their customs, WE will always LOSE! This goes for politics, religion, diet, relationships & almost everything 1 can conceive but y'all don't hear me though. Most of these countries have muslim norths & kkkhristian souths with a few TRADITIONALISTS thrown in for good measure & guarenteed that 98.5% of all of 'em is corrupt! If some of y'all knew the LAND SHITUATION in Afrika, it would make you CRY as peepo have lost their life savings buyin land that was sold over & over again. It's crazy how this is routine there! Damn.

Culture - EVERYTHING is CULTURE & CULTURE is EVERYTHING! What type of food ya eat, marriage customs, religious views, language, economics, etc etc ad infinitum. This plea that I make to those of US who care enough is this: Afrikans in ameriKKKa were taken away from all of that by FORCE & made to work here forever. Bcuz continental Afrikans were born in Afrika under colonial rule, they retained alot of their CULTURE & therefor still do alot of the things that they've done since their ancient past. Most Native Born Afrikans don't relate to OUR STRUGGLE as THEY didn't get whipped, raped, amputated, beaten EVERYDAY & made to work for NOTHIN & now come here & look at Afrikans in ameriKKKa as lazy degenerates in a land of milk & honey but that's changin as this land dries up. I won't even get into the PSYCHOLOGY of not bein wanted but durin slavery, every Blak Person hadda JOB! I have a great friend born in Afrika, who came here azza young man & told me that before he left his country, the us embassy showed him & those comin over for the 1st time, movies like Boys in the Hood & New Jack City, depictin afrikans born here as the WORST. This is PURE FUKKKERY & with what I went thru over there, I still know that there are good & bad everywhere just as he did after sittin BLAK for 2 years & observin EVERYTHING around him. What he was observin was OUR CULTURE & I'm proud of him for doin what most others wouldn't as he told me just how dubious his peepo can be. What a scam, SET UP by the DEVIL as he looks & he SMILES!

Again, y'all better know that the overwhelmin reason as to why WE are in this mess is bcuz of the KraKKa! He is the reason why most of US speak his languages & why TOO MANY of US look at US thru his eyes. If you ain't white then why are you usin his lenses? And before I finish this article, it ain't just about continental Afrikans & Afrikans born in ameriKKKa as ALL of US the world over differentiate between countries, streets, blocks, buildings, sections of towns & regions. The name of this SHIT is WHY AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE & that's why my name is BLAK bcuz once I tell y'all I'm _______________ (insert group), I seperate myself from whoever sees that group/sect/religion/organization as OPPOSITION. The only group dynamic I serve in is MAAT & so..................this is why I still consider myself a Garveyite. Garvey said bring yo affiliation but use it so as to allow it to SERVE the GOD in PEEPO! When WE can all do that, that KraKKa would be done with OVERNITE & this is why AFRIKANS EVERYWHERE MUST UNITE! Holla Blak!

The Blak Smith absolutely luvs him some Afrika. WE can get y'all there thru & if ya decide to take a trip out there, tell 'em that I sent ya. As well, please help support what I do here by coppin my new book & that link is here at Go in the drop box, enter books & type Blak Smith in the search box & my book will come up. To stay in touch, my email is & on Face Book, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE now have WAY LESS than 405 days y'all so HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy BORNDAY Baba Ali

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part X

Yes y'all! First off, a very HAPPY BORNDAY to the GREATEST EVER, Muhammad Ali! What a great month for the Capricorns of the world in that so many that you know & luv were born this month such as Dr Ben & Dr John Henrik Clarke. King was yesterday & Dr Leonard Jeffries is on Thursday the 21st. Ali was the voice of a generation, born in Louisville KY & he has a large portion of my SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT chapter in my book as the most popular athlete in the WORLD in the 1900's! Unfortunately, in this day & age, I found some years ago that my Baba, was slow poisoned by the intelligence agencies & if ya notice anything about this vid, EVERYBODY speakin are KraKKa's. They talkin about him in PAST TENSE! They did the same to mike tyson bcuz RWS has to show ya that even the BADDEST MAN on the PLANET can be stopped by 'em as they TIME runs out! This is the time to be DEFIANT in the face of all NONRIGHTEOUSNESS & that leads to the Final Countdown 2012 1 LAST TIME y'all! Last night here in NY, it snowed for the 1st time with no accumulation as it's in the 40's again! The only substantial snow WE'VE had was before halloween  & WE haven't had any since. Y'all may say that I'm crazy but rememba, WE had an earthquake & hurricane in the same week, somethin virtually unheard of! LIFE as WE know it will SOON CEASE to EXIST quite possibly thru ADVERSE WEATHER whether YOU LIKE it or NOT! Way less than 338 to go! Let's get into it y'all!

What up peepo? I been tellin y'all that this SHIT was comin & y'all think that I be BULLSHITTIN. WE passed the QUICKENING stage a few days ago (10/28) & look at what's been happenin since! Let's start with last week & ghadaffi dyin. That is 1 of the BIGGEST stories of the year. Then the saudi crown prince dyin. Now Saturday the 29th of october & a major SNOWSTORM hit the northeast us. I NEVER saw red, orange, brown & tan leaves mixed in with snow. EERIE! The snow wasn't really that heavy BUT what was even crazier was that so many tree branches were down as if thunder hit 'em & I'm talkin 300 pound tree branches here mixed in with all of the fallen leaves......what a sight! At this point, I don't know what to say as far as if this is haarp, the poles shiftin or what but - WE in the days of the Final Countdown! We got 417 left & every so often, I'm gonna have to bring this 1 BLAK but at the same time, stay current. I ain't gonna make this too long but last week, Peru experienced a pretty big earthquake measurin a 7 on the richter. On 11/1/11, china experienced 2 & got the story for ya here: Last thing I gotta let y'all know about is Uganda & that THESE KraKKas from here are there for whatever reason THEY say they there. I told y'all in my last column that THEY (the Ugandans) ain't tryin to soften no laws on homosexuality & in fact, made the laws stricter. Check out this news I got from my main man from Ghana who I affectionately call the Governor here at: Ayo, like I said before, WE must watch Afrika now, more than ever! WE got WAY LESS than 417 days left & WE WINNIN so STAY the COURSE! That Cosmic Party time is HERE! As it is applicable, review my BEST COLUMN & HOLLA BLAK! (Written 11/1/11)

Ayo, I might start writin y'all peepo erryday! It's the BlakSmith checkin in askin what it do to you & ya crew? As things develop, I get more SIRIUS & I'm havin alotta peepo askin me about this 2012 shit. They askin me stuff like what's gonna happen? What date should we be lookin at? Where should we be? Who will benefit? What of Planet X? Is the Mother Ship gonna get here & alla that stuff. Well I tell folks, to be honest I don't know & bein that I thought that Y2K was gonna cause MAJOR PROBLEMS & I was WRONG, I don't make such predictions anymore. What I do KNOW is that everyone knows that the planets will be in an alignment that is ADVANTAGEOUS for US but that doesn't mean that WE can relax just yet. In this case here, I hope that I am NOT speakin to the choir bcuz MOST of y'all know that somethin BIG is comin whether you believe in this or not. I call it waitin for the other shoe to drop. However, what I will do in this article is tell y'all WHY I THINK that 2012 is not just rumors but a new day. 

Yea go head, keep on eatin that spoiled meat
I write the lyrics YOU rhyme it to a beat
I don't know if it suits ya the FUTURE is here
I'm at the COSMIC PARTY so go get me a beer
338 left all good the WATER
Relationships BLAK in it's NATURAL ORDER
The clock ticks FASTER/ WE are the MASTERS
I wanna get HIGH like them dudes from NASA
With oceans BLUE & no swine or flu
Gettin those feelins of De ja Vu
Burn that BUSH/ throw ROCKS on FELLAS
Cook that RICE have POWELL throw in TOWELS
No dinero for soetero throw Michelle in HELL
In the Anita WARD havin her ring the BELL
Turn them lights out for 3 days
BLAK as NITE doin a 100 on the FREEWAY
Hooked on phonics while y'all HOOKED on chronic
I wrote the book y'all shook til ya VOMIT
Where's the COMET/ want me to work GRAVESHIFT
I'm so UGLY help me pay for this FACELIFT Blak Peepo ya presence is GRACIOUS
Luv y'all to the DEATH but 1st luv ya to LIFE
I'mma cut this rhyme now time to do what I LIKE!

Check this video for INSPIRATION:

Look at europe right about now. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England & Ireland have marches, demonstrations & all kinda shit happenin there all the time that turn into full scale riots with the PARAMILITARY MOTHERFUKKKERS bein backed down by young men with sticks & rocks! They gonna do it to THEMSELVES & when THAT comes to the US, get the FUKKK out the way & let these armed militias do they frends & cousins in. This country is a TICKIN TIME BOMB & when that detonator hits......AY CARAMBA!!! Do y'all remember Seatlle a few years back? The more you pent up the more you RELEASE!! These verses above was just a lil ditty for y'all loyal to us here at black2afrika. I really don't know what will happen BUT I can't feel nothin but joy as I know it will be ok but as I have said in previous posts, one MUST learn to EMBRACE DEATH to know what REAL LIFE is. Life is really ALL we got but it don't belong to you; it belongs to NATURE! There are NO COINCIDENCES & everything happenin now was set in motions decades ago. Any INSIDER from long ago could have written Hip Hop & HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! In their time, as these stories are the same & all that changes are the names, faces, dates & places. As of yesterday, a so called jewish HollyWEIRD publicist, ronni chasen who was a baller, was shot & killed. Could she know somethin about those STAR WHACKERS spoken of in HollyWEIRD has gone WILD? Maybe she had vital info. Who knows?.....there will be cowards who live & brave ones who will perish. Which one are you?

Ok, what I've heard is the earth will stop spinnin. I've heard also that the poles will shift 15 degrees. I've heard that SOME of US will ascend from this present 3 dimensiaonal world into 9th dimensional beings. I've heard that there are BEINGS livin INSIDE the earth who only speak to a Blak Woman as they hate whites for what they have done to the planet. I've heard that the earth will cleanse herself. I've heard that you can save 15% on car insurance by switchin to geico....I've heard that the earth is now surrounded by aliens & that nukes have been rendered moot as these aliens will not allow the ultimate destruction that these whites wish to bestow on our her as they know that WE are the GODS spoken of for so long who have fallen from grace through THEY machinations. I've heard that jehova(god) was an albino back office clerk from the orion belt who tricked us into worshippin some non-existent god to create FEAR so as to seek SALVATION after death instead of in the right here & now. I've heard that this trick was written & thus became the holy books of yesterday & today. I've heard that most of us is still fallin for that shit today & from what I've heard, that shit will soon end. I've heard that the queen of england is the queen of all reptilian shape shifters & that this war between US & them was started on another planet millions of years ago. I KNOW that I got most of this info from Morse Donaldson & you can find him at Mo Sirius Films on youtube. What else have I heard........? I heard y'all luv my shit!

So there it is y'all! The Final Countdown is upon us but Nas told y'all this on What Goes Around. He also said it on Heaven & you just have to decide that you gonna hold on bcuz it's really up to you. KRS told you to stay alive all things will change around on Aww Yeah. Some think & some KNOW. I know that HEAVEN is a half mile away & we got way less than 417 days to get there as of this date 11/1/2011. I hope that y'all get there with me Peepos! PEACE!!!

Stay in touch with US at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). We at b2a are gonna make it & so will you. Peace my peeps & DON'T YOU EVER GIVE IN!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Just a lil shout out to 1 of the Greatest Of All Times in the Good Reverend Dr King. The man was born on Jan 15th 1929 & was loved by MOST until he started fightin against the us govt regardin the Vietnam War. I didn't like everything that King did & stood for but as far as I'm concerned, I BELIEVE that the man died convinced that WE NOW would see the comin of that PROMISED LAND! He was BRAVE & COURAGEOUS & WE can now claim him & El Haj Malik Shabbaz as our ANCESTORS, martyred by caucasoid supremacy! Way less than 339 to go. There are so many more but just wanted to let y'all know on his BORNDAY that the man is to be loved & valued & that WE must SOULJAH on as best as WE can. WE at b2a luvs you guys & leave you with the GREATEST HOPE & INSPIRATION. Be that change that YOU wish to see. Check this: Happy Bornday Dr King!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part IX

Hey BP's & how y'all? BP is YOU Blak Peepo! The rest of y'all.......well, ya know! This here is Part 9 of OUR series where I revue 2011 & before WE go there, let's go BLAK to this even though I already covered it extensively but WE kept up with that crisis here but all y'all know that the KraKKa will as much as possible, keep Haiti DOWN bcuz it was the 1st FREED NATION that was full of US! WE just gotta HANG ON knowin that THEY ain't got much time left. Suin the  u.n is PURELY SYMBOLIC! Movin on from that, in september aka Part 9 of the YEAR, our courageous BROTHA, Troy Davis was killed azza sacrifice to those blood thirsty DEVILS. THEY ain't gettin away with SHIT so hold ya horses yo! Wait, don't hold ya horses & read OUR featured article that got me inna bunch of hot water after I wrote it. It may be for you or not & it proved so controversial, that I had to further explain it & you can find that link at the end of this article. 341 to go & hope y'all enjoy.

Blak peepo, watitdo? Now that WE all know that my dude T.R.O.Y is with the ancestors but NEVER FORGOTTEN like so many more before him, I THINK that y'all ready. I've been readyin y'all for the near & distant future with the Final Countdown, the Final WARnin & so many other columns BUT................I believe that this is the 1 that can galvanize US as a peepo into right action. Funny how I thought it would have been y2k, 911, katrina & bp but look what's happenin now. Ordinary peepo such as christians, elders, youngsters & those who usually don't care are OUTRAGED! 7 out of 9 witnesses RECANTED their stories to no avail. It made me proud to know that the day after OUR BROTHA'S death, WE were out in our numbers at Wall Street standin tall in REVOLUTIONARY DEFIANCE! Something has to jar US out of this FUNK & the next few days will allow for NATURE to take its course as I have mentioned in the articles that I've been writin for some time now. Blak Peepo, you need to ARM yourselves bcuz the KraKKa's time is up & he ain't goin down without a fight yo! Be ready at ANY MOMENT to engage in PHYSICAL WARFARE with these KraKKa's bcuz THEY have declared OUTRIGHT WAR with this killin. Most of US felt that OUR GUY was innocent. As I said before, SACRIFICES have to be made & some of US have to DIE just to be FREE but if in ya recent memory you ain't been dead yet, how do ya know if it's better or worse than what WE got now? Let me just say that in comparison to 1811, Blak Peepo ain't goin thru NOTHIN as our ancestors felt the KraKK of that whip on the daily! Yeah, that's right, I said arm yourselves, spar in ya homes & be ready to kill ANYONE against ya imperatives as children STILL need to be raised & WE must know that FREEDOM ain't FREE! No peepo in the history of time have ever been LIBERATED by askin for it so what the FUKKK are you waitin for? THEY SHOWIN OUT YO! REVOLUTION is a bloody business - more bloodier than an MMA fight!

Yeah, with what I say, I mean KILL anyone tryin to keep you from bein FREE! I'm talkin cops, judges, attorneys, bailiffs, magistrates, deputies, court officers, correction officers & security guards. Blak Cops need to be thinkin in they minds how they gonna kill them KraKKas that they know is no good to our peepo when the LIGHTS GO OUT. Figure that shit out! Doctors is gonna have to sneak out those obscure poisons. Sanitation Engineers is gonna lace those coffees with ammonia. Nurses will have to make convenient mistakes on the dosages they prescribe to their favorite patients. Get the ones closest to ya as ya DREAM AWAY in ya sleep. Cloud THEY minds as THEY have grown too comfy around US bcuz WE always do the right thing to keep that job. But guess what Blak Peepo? The WORLD as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST & WE gotta go into the next dispensation straight! Do it NOW & be creative like ya grands, great grands & learn that KILLIN ain't just guns & knives. Lethal Injections/Concoctions work just fine too! 6 Million ways to die - choose one! They used to hang pregnant BW upside down in fire, cut open they stomachs & stomp the babies in the fire to teach ya how to behave ( check at 6:56). They used Blak babies as GATOR BAIT. They cut off Kunta Kintes feet bcuz he kept runnin, wantin to be free. They used to swing babies from THEY legs, smashin they heads on beach rocks......yeah, I'mma get ya good & mad today bcuz ya need to show NO MERCY to a MERCILESS KILLA! Yeah, I think ya ready!

I was on the phone kickin it with my lovely sista the other day talkin about what I talked about in What are WE 2 do, where I said that Blak Peepo should stop workin. They can't fire, evict, arrest & punish everyone as somebody gotta do that NIGGA WORK. She said it wouldn't work & though I know where she was comin from, I told her that WE all need to do somethin different as protestin, petitionin & such are no longer strategies that WE should employ. WE cannot boycott GA bcuz WE don't en masse own enuff to boycott as conventions are usually for small businesses where WE work at. WE are the low level workers at the convention halls as well. I know that MOST of US ain't gonna STRIKE bcuz WE scared to lose jobs but imagine if just 15% of US did this onna regular basis? Troy Davises death is not in vain & a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for US to finally unite in that WE all have somethin to rally around. If peepo get fired or otherwise fukkked with, hold them down with food, clothin & shelter & use this situation for US to start talkin about COLLECTIVISM, the true definition of COMMUNISM as WE are COMMUNAL PEEPO & I'm not talkin about the ussr & china way. WE goin blak to the earth anyway & this could be the jump off for US to finally get it together if WE wish to inna real way. RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM is a european construct & WE are livin OUR lives like THEM & that's why, 95% of what WE do, DOESN'T WORK. Like Redman says, it's "TIME for some ACTION!"

I gotta phone call while on that same phone call with my sis! The caller said something to the effect that someone had dropped a BLAK BAG in front of the house & that WE had 10 minutes to get out. As I thought it was a joke, I asked, "who the fuKKK is this" but he wouldn't say & hung up. I got BLAK to my sis & nothin happened. Some of you may say to "be careful!" I'm glad that y'all care for my safety BUT my elders walked with no fear & walked this earth for LONG as I will for I have seen the COMIN of the PROMISED LAND & WE HERE yo! If ya made it this far, like charlie sheen, you are WINNING! THEY TIME IS UP! NOTHIN will happen to me bcuz I am ORDAINED to LIVE LONG after the Cosmic Party as there will be so much work to do! I got peepo to LEAD & FEAR NOTHIN! rick ross wants to be like big meech & larry hoover. I wanna be, Dr Clark & Kwame Nkrumah! I don't break the law but I get inspired by these kinda KraKKa's as in I write what the fuKKK I wanna so go eat a SHITTY DICK KraKKa! I need y'all to go forth without FEAR my peepo! You shall be VICTORIOUS as he's runnin scared from the SUN provin that he is an UNNATURAL
BEIN SON! He can't take the SUN, SON! Three days of LIGHT or...........abject DARKNESS? Who the man? HIM - I am the hueMAN! Peace.

Part II, the explanation can be found here at:

The Blak Smith is a WRITIN FOOL & has written a book & will soon release a 2nd. As WE need ya SUPPORT, HOLLA BLAK at US when ya can & you can do that at or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Black Smiff). WE don't have long so stay the course! Peace.

Friday, January 13, 2012

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part VIII

WE'RE BLAK to another edition of the 12 days of New Years with ya host, the Blak Smith. Today, WE'LL be goin BLAK to the topic of ReTHINK what WORK is but before WE do so, gotta go BLAK to july of last year a lil & talk about that SHITUATION that happened in oslo norway, the same place where soetero won his nobel PISS prize a few years BLAK with wyclef watchin. I bet most of y'all don't rememba that but y'all rememba the name anders behring breivik? Yeah, if ya don't, you would probably rememba that he SUPPOSEDLY bombed government offices in oslo & then went to a youth camp to kill a whole bunch of children. Well recently, he was tried & found him INSANE & UNFIT for prison though he allegedly killed 77 peepo, most of 'em children. But get a load of this when ya check this link out: Yeah, the same thing happened with the japanese when they announced that THEY had the car that would run on water & then had to pay 60Trillion Yen (60,000,000,000,000) to not get hit with yet another tsunami. If ya SIRIUS about what WE talk about here, you will do ya own research instead of bein that doubtin thomas. And y'all think y'all gonna take this DEVIL out with guns & knives.......C'mon SUN! That BLAK GOD WE call the SUN is gonna take care of that. Just wait.

Yeah, WE now have WAY LESS than 343 days left & this vid from youtube is the 1 yo. This was 1 of my greatest finds on the net last year & though I don't do religion, I have to respect where this BM is comin from as he laid it down in ya face, straight with no chaser! In fact, this was 1 of the most popular posts of last year as most can MORE than RELATE to this! Note, we at b2a are Blak Peepo & please don't take this azza reason to be anti-work! WE all gotta WORK but WE don't need jobs! Take this to CHANGE & do for SELF as Elijah Muhammad said! All of that energy ya squanderin at ya job can be used to do ya OWN THANG like I'm doin. WE here OVERSTAND that WE need money but some of y'all need to start thinkin on what else WE can do NOW & help US durin the process of DOIN IT! That's the way it has to be & so...........without further delay, I bring y'all my BROTHA, Jamal Bryant with him sayin, I DON'T NEED a JOB!

Thanx for all the LUV & SUPPORT here from all of US at b2a! WE luv US some US & as said late last year, will be gearin up a paypal account to further aid Y'ALL in aidin US! WE got my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me ON DECK & WE know Y'ALL gonna luv it. To reach out, HOLLA BLAK at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace Y'ALL!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part VII

This 1 is LIVICATED to 1 of OUR GREATEST in Khalid Muhammad who would have been 63 today!
Also, take a moment out for the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti Quake victims! 343 days to go.

Hey b2a peepo! Welcome BLAK to Part VII of OUR YEAR in Revue & today, WE gonna talk AGAIN about WORK & what it does to US who ain't thinkin about it. How many of US is just workin & ain't thinkin about how WE wear OUR bodies out in the name of raisin families? Ya gotta stay afloat in these days HOWEVER ya gotta do it & THINK! If ya luv what ya do, by all means keep on doin it but STOP abusin ya body & sayin that "I gotta feed my kids" with that this is all I know look on ya face! I got some shit comin in the very near future but can't let the cat outta the bag just yet. No.....instead, I'm gonna provide y'all with some links that y'all can check out yaselves to bolster what I'm sayin.

Ya see, some of y'all wanna question me on just HOW you can do things different but when ya check this out, QUESTION THEM on what THEY mean: As if WE didn't already know, who do you work for? The divide between US azza peepo is stated plain as in More than likely, if ya readin this, even if ya workin, WE still in the same TAX BRACKET! Now, how about this?: Man, check these links & I know that EVERYBODY can't live like me but when you think that ALL is MONEY, do y'all rememba Amil from the roc a fella family of years ago? She came out with this song & course the very powerful won't put it out there for mass consumption but listen to it & make ya own mind: Ayo.....check these links out & ReTHINK what WORK is! Now let's get into Part VII of OUR show where WE let y'all know what was happenin in july of 2011. Enjoy!

Wow, 512 left! Pardon my manners but it just occurred to me that WE are almost under 500 days left. WOW! Just so Y'ALL know that I ain't gone totally LOCO, a big WHAT UP to all y'all who knows that I am LOCO! In case y'all forgot, this is BLAK2AFRIKA & don't get it twisted, the Blak Smith is still an AFRIKAN as in! A little word to the WISE before I tell y'all about that WORK SHIT! I am the Blak Smith & I write about all things BLAK! After my POLYGAMY series, I all of a sudden became this dude who became associated with only that! If y'all on Face Book put me in ya group, DON'T EXPECT ME TO CONFORM TO YA MISSION STATEMENT WHEN I DIDN'T ASK TO BE IN IT! As y'all use me to pad ya stats, I will use y'all to pad mine! After that, y'all be writin me, threatenin to kick me out of ya group as if I give a flyin fish. To some others, if I come up with a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC & ya don't agree with it, be RESPECTFUL as I don't put names or situations in my articles unless I give a special shout out to someone special. I don't put peepo on BLAST & I don't give a FUKKK about how Y'ALL feel about me onna personal level. I am not BIGGER than the WHOLE of US! Azza peepo, WE gotta get beyond that & disagreein for the sake of disagreein as in the AIDS izza HOAX articles. I posited that AIDS doesn't exist in nature & as some of y'all study it, BELIEVE IT, get OFFENDED & differ with me, I have to remind 'em that I am not an academic but a GUERRILLA WRITER. I always say that to be a so called expert on somethin, ya have to RESEARCH it PRO, CON & in the MIDDLE so as to know it inside out! You can then study it from an INFORMED ROUNDEDNESS & come up with ya own conclusions. Anythin less than that smacks of educational ELITISM from the same krakka niggas that enslaved/colonized you! Some of y'all cherish them degrees more than Kanye's dad on the College Dropout skits. Most of those degrees are now as WORTHLESS as that paper in ya pocket. Grow up & learn to discourse. Also, y'all have to know that a lot of US are from different parts of the WORLD & what may be considered as RUDE or ABRUPT in one place may not be in another. Things even differ in different regions of the same country & so who has the TRUE MEASURE of what RESPECT is? To me, RESPECT is communicatin to others as you would wish others to communicate BLAK to ya. If I have offended anyone, FUCK THAT, this is my blog & you can do as you wish! Note I did not say FUCK YOU but if the cap fits.....

Alright - WORK! Something that WE all have to do & most of US absolutely HATE our jobs but like everything in life - they gotta get done. I've been meanin to write about WORK for a minute but it just never seemed to be the right time. I recently had a 2 week stint workin at.........let's just say a place that is the biggest retail chain in the WORLD & boy is it slavery! They keep ya onna constant move & as the area that I now live in has a large foreign population, they tend to TRY & ENSLAVE everyone workin there. I was born & raised in the us & know the ins & outs & so - I ain't goin for the BULLSHIT like those who don't know better. They try to speed ya up, don't observe safety procedures & plain old don't give a SHIT about ya past you workin for 'em. The way the job market is today, companies KNOW that peepo are DESPERATE & therefore SHIT on they employees. They psychologically profile ya, gauge ya personality & pick the most DESPERATE while danglin ya SECURITY in ya face with they GAME of "let's see if he/she will go for this." This is why for the most part, single AFRIKAN AMERIKKKAN WOMEN are runnin corporate AmeriKKKa. Azza virtue of Racist White Supremacy, women have to look at MONEY as SECURITY & when I say this, I'm not talkin about gold diggin bitches. I'm talkin about regular everyday peepo just tryin to make it til tomorrow aka MOST of US. Work? Why should WE? Why should WE not? Let's go in on it.

Work as defined by goes a lil somethin like this, work: noun 1. exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. 2. something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking. The students finished their work in class. 3. productive or operative activity. The definition goes into the other definitions but for brevity, I think that you get my point. Work as we know it in the modern day world has been defined by Racist White Supremacy aka RWS. As these ALIENS have a different mind set from US (left brained thinkin), they MUST be over any & every thing to the point of abuse! They use they psychology & certain voice tones & hire white borderline retards to work with just over functional non-whites & use those who wish to climb up as SNITCHES. As I have been makin it too easy on Y'ALL, look up the dutch east india company. As LAND is the basis of ALL, look up the middle ages. WE use words everyday & NEVER know the proper weight of what we usin.  Have any of y'all ever heard of a landlord? She is that person that euros had to pay after she allowed you to live on her LAND. She was/is the LORD & you MUST pay her about 25% of ya salary. Your payment was to CIVILLY SERVE (civil service) her to her satisfaction durin the most CONVENIENT time that she determined. Remember, women go thru a PERIOD of TIME where THEY should rest & not be around peepo unnecessarily. One had no choice as TAXES were paid back to her! Ask Blak Peepo from the south about share croppin. In either case, it wasn't nice for those who couldn't afford to THEY got jail for ya like THEY did Wesley Snipes. Yeah, that's it, jail.

As most of y'all read this, ya don't take me SIRIUS! The Blak Woman & US in particular could have THEM on they knees in a week if WE would all just stop WORKIN! That & stop celebratin the FAKEST HELLIDAY EVER, XMAS! They GIVE you the jobs that THEY WON'T DO but now THEY got MEXICANS doin 'em! Some of y'all need to go blak & read my Fast Food Info series. I witnessed them not tryin to do the REAL WORK durin the ups strike some years ago & that SHIT was HILARIOUS! I see too many of US WORKIN too hard on these jobs & gettin stress related diseases as a result of makin THEM NIGGAS RICHER! Shit, if WE ALL did that, THEY would at least RESPECT US a lil more but.....ya CHILDREN enslave you as you THINK that without a job that you will end up DESTITUTE. If you workin under messed up conditions, YOU ALREADY ARE DESTITUTE bcuz ya don't own the MEANS of ya PRODUCTION! The economy that nobody wants to speak of will soon collapse coincidin with the fall of this empire & THEY timin it so as to cause as much CHAOS as possible. In THEY eyes, outta ORDER comes CHAOS & so ya can't be afraid of it. In order for US to be free, this CHAOS has to happen or would ya rather continue bein taxed to DEATH? Some peepo who consider themselves INFORMED, don't want things to CHANGE bcuz they live with THEM & drive a nice car  & THEY are the ones who will feel it most. They went to skool, married & gotta good JOB but that for a BM who ain't a sell out has just about disappeared. SISTARS have been placed in SURVIVAL MODE as RWS affects all modes of our RELATIONSHIPS. Them krakkas is WORKIN hard to keep them inside jobs to they selves! They want yo ass SWEATIN for that WORTHLESS PAPER that THEY made US need. LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST & I mean that inna good way! The so called ELITE don't even use money. Money is for peepo who ain't got it & if ya look at the 1st definition of work again, IT MENTIONS NOTHIN ABOUT MONEY! Work is somethin that WE must all do so let's ReTHINK what it is!

For a BW, the ultimate job should be to be a MOTHER. Nothin tops that & as the Blak Smith is not a woman, I'm gonna stop there. Fellas, it is wired in US to be providers & protectors but this system does everything possible to not allow it. This is yet another reason for POLYGAMY but I already said that before. As WE need providers & protectors in any NATION, I speak not of drug dealers, addicts, alcoholics, deadbeats or those who are irresponsible. The great comedian, George Carlin told US that the game was rigged & he had the WISDOM to know that even most whites ain't included in the GRAND SCHEME of THEY END GAME! As BM, WE must reDEFINE how WE are goin into the next realm & it shouldn't be with the mentality most of US are still holdin onto. Atta minimum, WE should ALL be THINKIN about what WE could be doin outside of his JOBS so when WE get to the other side, WE have a DIRECTION as to how & where to go. Remember, this site is about NATION BUILDING & if that's not what ya about, ya on the wrong site. If WE have skills, WE need to start bartering.  Paint my house & I'll give ya free bananas for a year. We need to learn how to FARM & build irrigation systems. Amerikkka's HEARTLAND is disappearin under alla that floodin & where are ya gonna grow ya food to sustain ya peepo if ya wanna stay here? Everythin that WE do can't be about money & this is why I ask Y'ALL for DONATIONS without the guilt trips. WE need a platform that isn't COMPROMISED by ad rates & where ANY & ALL can come & drop a message as PURE as it comes out of ya! Dr. Frantz Fanon & Dr. Frances Cress Welsing told US that the 9 People Activities makes a NATION & NATION BUILDING is WORK! Thinking is WORK! Labor is WORK! Nature WORKS! Love is WORK! Hate is WORK! Help ya bro the Blak Smith out bcuz writin this blog is.......................................................................WORK! It won't stop & it can't stop! Now Get to WORK!

The Blak Smith is strugglin to stay INDEPENDENT of DAY JOBS as they TERRIFY ME! If ya like the HEAT in the KITCHEN, PAY the BILL to keep it ON! Cop that book as peepo are tellin Me, it's HOT! I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me is that THANG! Holla BLAK at or as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on Face Book. Peace.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the 12 Days of New Years Year in REVUE Part VI

Whatup Blak Peepo & KraKKa's tunin in? I don't greet that 2nd group with luv but what they HAY, y'all readin me anyway as this is publiKKK domain. It's the Blak Smith right BLAK up in here & just gonna touch slightly on a controversial series that I did last year named Polygamy 101 aka polygyny. This year, I vow to not talk about it AT ALL but to actually put it in practice as Blak Peepo need it badly. The series is there so enuff said on that here. Way less than 344 days for the KraKKa! Did y'all hear that gmo food makin food giant monsant bought xe formerly known as BLACK water? Absolutely NO 1 is talkin about that dead girl found on the grounds of fuKKKingham palace but check this out: Y'all think that sandusky & that penn state shit is isolated but wait til these krakka lovers find out how deep & high this type shit really goes. STOP GIVING these KraKKas ACCESS to yo CHILDREN yo! If ya think that I'm FULL of SHIT, don't read my SHIT but by HOOK or CROOK! With that, let's get into it & see also, what was goin on in june of 2011.

Awww SHIT! The Blak Smith doesn't care that you didn't like that I started this article with a such a nice word. Time is goin on & that whacky weather WE spoke of a week ago wound up turnin into HEAT like a MOFO but yesterday, it cooled down! My Haitians are SURVIVIN & the move is to grab the lands of all of the Blak & Brown Peepos. I already told y'all them Pleidians ain't allowin anymore nukes to go off. Another dude from Egypt, abdel salam omar got arrested in NY for gettin atta hotel maid. Is that a coinkydink? Ya guess is as good as mine. Ayo, I'mma just come out & say it but......that maria schriver BIA is ugly like a MOTHERFUKKA........ahhhh......I said it. The rumor floatin around was that the new madrid fault line was supposed to be blown with nukes but it's quiet down there again. Anybody know what's goin on? Also, on FaceBook, I posted that scotland will soon secede from the uk & that the queen is so shook that she had a meetin about her POSSIBLY abdicatin the throne. That's a big one there & I always leave my contact info on how y'all can friend me at the bottom of each article so that y'all can see just some of my references. Where y'all DONATIONS at? I've heard that the economy CRASHED & no one told me......DAMN........I ain't got no money anyway & so.........did y'all hear about that e-coli outbreak in europe? As of this article, THEY have admitted that 16 have died & over 1600 infected BUT WE know that he's lyin. We'll NEVER know the TRUTH bcuz that's how THEY want it. Scientists have recently just came out & said that CELL PHONES CAUSE CANCER! To any of you who call me, I will be speakin less on mine so don't trip when I can't talk long! Tornado DEVESTATES Springfield MA which is only 2.5 hours away from NYC! When did that start happenin? THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST! With 566 days left, do YOU! WE now are goin to talk about somethin VERY CONTROVERSIAL & that my friend is POLYGAMY! Y'all DUDES is gonna luv me & a lot of  my LADY FRIENDS are goin to hate me for goin in so HARD but ain't this WAR WE fightin HARD? Read & judge for yaself!
Before WE here at b2a do anything, WE must DEFINE this word as it means just SEX to a lot of DETRACTORS. POLYGAMY (noun) 1. - the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp wife, at one time. Compare bigamy (def 1) Compare monogamy (def 1).
2. Zoology . the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively. 
So as not to get it confused, WE also define polyandry which is the practice or condition of having more than one husband at one time. Polygyny is exclusively for MEN & polyandry for WOMEN. *
This practice has been in place since time immemorial & will NEVER CEASE as it looks to restore NATURE to a certain equilibrium. Let's go in a lil deeper.

On an OUR STORIAN level, WE are still practicin POLYGAMY albeit, under european stewardship & inside of a dyin DECREPIT system. What does the Blak Smith mean by this? He means that WE ain't gonna stop sexxin as pretty much, that's all WE got. Blak Peepo have been in the western WILDERNESS for so long that WE have adapted to ways FOREIGN to OUR existence but bein BORN into it & FORCED into it SUBLIMINALLY! Blak Peepo are now doin things that are COMMON that wasn't so COMMON to US just 50-75 years ago! THE NATURAL ORDER is outta CONTROL & most don't see it that way bcuz the SANE MAN in an INSANE WORLD is INSANE & that goes to WOMEN too! Murder, mayhem, homosexuality, pedophilia, incest & all sorts of debauched behavior can now be considered the norm from woods to the hoods of the west. Let me explain.

The nature of a man is to PROVIDE & PROTECT! When a man PROVIDES, he PROTECTS the WOMAN as she doesn't have to go out & get what is already PROVIDED for & can stay near home to cultivate gardens & feed the children from her ample bosom. This will ALWAYS be the way but WE now have COWS for that purpose! The SEPERATION of LABOR aka GODS WORK will always be the way BUT WE livin in another's DREAM WORLD! The man PROTECTS in that, any threat to that SOCIETY, is soon neutralized. The WOMEN & CHILDREN must be placed first when eminent danger is behind chasin you! Imagine a rival group of peepo chasin group B who are outnumbered by group A. The men of Group B must cover the front, rear & sides so as to protect the WOMEN & CHILDREN inside the formation. Group B gets ambushed & bcuz they are outnumbered, many of their VALIANT SOULJAHS are slaughtered. As Group A had an overpopulation & fought to SUBJUGATE & not make group B extinct, there is now a shortage of men to the RATIO of women to the tune of 4 to 1 when they finally settle. None of the young boys were killed BUT they are not yet ready for their RITES OF PASSAGE aka, OUR RITUALS to prove READINESS for adulthood. What to do?

Group B walks & walks for a thousand miles before they get to an area where they feel safe from Group A. They lick their wounds & go about the task of resettlin inna land far far away from whence they came. THEY are now in SURVIVAL MODE! They treat the elderly & ill & go about gatherin what any nation needs & a nation most definitley needs more SOULJAHS to ward off any future attacks especially in unfamiliar territories. Out of 500 women of childbearin age, 200 of them were married  & the other 300 are single but ready for marriage. 100 of the married womens husbands died in battle. Out of the 350 men, 50 are too old, 75 are maimed & 100 were killed in that last battle leavin 125 eligible healthy men for all of these WOMEN. In an already uneven equation this nation must continue to come up  & come up it will.

Picture Group A & what color would they be? Picture Group B & who are they? Group A wishes to keep Group B's numbers low & so they enslave 'em thru Lies, Dis Info & Ms Info. They make them work sun up to sun down. They raid their peaceful villages, rapin the women & killin whoever resists. They give you your religion reconstituted & regurgitated. They allow you to run & use you as target practice. They take a certain pleasure in torturin the MEN & terrify the WOMEN into complacency usin willy lynch tactics. They FREED you only to reconfigure SLAVERY! They underpay & overwork you labellin you as a USELESS EATER! You have also been labelled as an animal like a HORSE or a BULL which is good as that is the symbolism of Ausar! Blak Man, you are a STUD & unlike ya RIVAL, have no problems reproducin with ya mate even when not in the best of health. I am YOU & YOU are ME!

WE are STUDS but MOST of US have it all WRONG! Goin BLAK to the beginnin of this convo, WE have adapted to that KraKKa's lyin ass ways! Ya see, in them caves, THEY had to sleep body to body & when a warm hole was found witta hard dick in the mornin, it got FUCKED! Assholes, earholes, noseholes, womanholes, mouthholes, manholes, dogholes & anything that could warm up the blood was FAIR GAME! As Bradley said in the Iceman Inheritance, "they reached their sexual maturity in the ice." Why is it that a MANS best friend izza DOG? You won't see animals in the house except in countries where euros dominate! Them NIGGAS ain't polygamous - THEY POLYAMOROUS which is defined as pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships.* Note that this definition doesn't speak of spouses or PEEPO! One could be fuckin a GERBIL like richard gere SUPPOSEDLY did years ago.....whatever!   

Yeah sure, some of US is doin that crazy overtly freaky shit too but I already said that. WE are now goin to speak on MEN & not MALES. A MALE is a guy witta DICK with no love for his peepo. dennis rodman & peepo like him come to mind. Yeah, I'm talkin about you now SOUL BROTHER! Those who are ADMITTED POLYGAMISTS & tell potential mates that upon meetin 'em. I'm talkin about dudes who wish to be responsible & not DOGMATIC as those holy books of old cannot possibly work in every instance today. This thing  like most things needs to be TWEAKED if it is to work. This goes out to all of the men who want to FATHER lots of children & are more than capable & keen to that task. This also means that you must take on any children that ya new wife already has. This goes out to all of my SISTARS who don't hate POLYGAMY but say without disdain that it ain't for them. This goes out to my SISTARS who don't say, "well if a MAN can do it, so can I!" This goes out to alla my SISTARS in the us who know that there are 8Million more of y'all than US! This goes out to all my SISTARS that decide that they are not MEN & therefor, cannot know the spirit of what manhood is & RESPECT it as such. This goes out to those of YOU who don't reduce POLYGAMY to just SEX & know that WE are at WAR & in order to REPLENISH US, know what needs to be done. This goes out to those of you who know that too many of US are spendin TOO MANY YEARS without MATES furtherin OUR PATHO(ill)LOGICAL BEHAVIORS. This goes out to alla y'all who OVERSTAND that POLYGAMY is an OPTION & a system of MARRIAGE! You should want for others what ya want for yaself. This goes out to those of you who read Can U Change as too many of y'all know that you will be FORCED to bcuz of CHANGIN CIRCUMSTANCES. Finally, this goes out to those who real-eyes, that soon, in order to keep the FAMILY BLAK, POLYGAMY MAY be VERY NECESSARY! What do you think? Let the CONTROVERSY BEGIN! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special shout out to my dude Hondo Solomon. 

* all words as defined by

Yeah, WE still here & THANX for all of my SUPPORTERS as some of y'all are buyin my book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. It's available now at in e-form, paper & hard back versions. HOLLA BLAK for lectures, workshops & seminars at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace with way less than 344 to go!
Blak Smith