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Are WE Relatin?

Hey Peepo! Hey Blak Peepo! Hey my BEAUTIFUL Blak LADIES aka BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIES! Where my Runaway Slaves who ain't goin back? How y'all doin today? What it do? Who are ya? How are ya & all that HOOD SHIT? Y'all know who it is & how WE do! I'm that dude still thinkin about Haiti & her peepo. The 1 wishin that I could be like Moses, round up my peepo, move out the ghetto & live a better life! Yeah, that dude that is gonna get into a lil subject that I rarely deal with but every once inna while, WE just gotta go THERE! I'm speakin to y'all about relationships & after noticin certain patterns from some of OUR most BEAUTIFUL BW's, gotta go in on it. I hope that y'all takin notes bcuz WE here at b2a got somethin to say. Chime in in the comment sections & have ya say. Ya DON'T have to AGREE with what WE sayin here.

Ok, as I've said previously in my blog, IDGAF what any of y'all think about me & I think I've already p… about a lil FUN?


Runaways can go HOME! (blak 2 AFRIKA!)


I LUV HER! I'm talkin about her up above. Her names are many & you can pick the 1 you like. I like to call her HOME & there is no coincidence that lately, a lot of y'all out there have been talkin about how WE need to get BLAK in touch with OUR KINFOLK. Those of US here who came from there & can trace OUR lineage need to know that the RESOURCES there are OURS azza BIRTHRIGHT can never be taken thru separation of TIME or SPACE! Know that some of US left her LONG before the incursions of the EVIL ones also known as DEVILS! They time is up y'all! YOU WIN!!! Check this out:

They are DEVILS bcuz THEY are a DEVOLution aka INFERIOR COLD BLOODS who came from outer space 2 MILLION years ago. They came with the symbol of the DRAGON, FIRE & ART & put too many of US under their GOD SPELL. The only 1's of US left intact wer…

the Captured Runaway


Yeah, that last 1 that I did sho enuff WENT in on 'em! WELCOME BLAK to b2a & another edition of the Runaway series. I'm so sorry that I have to be the bearer of such news but things are the way they are now so that that NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION by the BW occurs as she won't need to be secured by money.  Bein that TOO MANY of y'all BW's don't OVERSTAND that THEY ain't gonna employ the BM in a substantive way, I gotta remind y'all that don't know, that LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST. Too many BW still think that the BM needs to go BLAK to skool & shit like that. WOW!!! I told y'all already that there is NOTHIN in the social contract guarenteein you a job! Runaways don't want more skoolin as that too is part of the SHYTSTEM & all ya gotta do to know that is read the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G Woodson. If THEY EDUCATION was made to free us, by now, why ain't we f…


Hey peepo & a lil WARNING before I go in on this 1 here today! I may offend ya for readin this 1 & so if ya sensitive to cursin & what sounds like young speech, get the fuKKK off of here NOW as I ain't takin no prisoners. A lotta SHIT is startin to POP OFF now that WE'VE entered into aquarius which the so called jesus is purported to have been born in. But first, WE need to thank those of you who have SUPPORTED US & what WE do here as YOU are US & WE are YOU! In other words, as my YARD PEEPO say, I & I sta! If U din't get that, you wasn't supposed to but anyhoo......WE have a lot to cover & so WE go in startin with BLAK PEEPO (especially our WOMEN) are BEAUTIFUL! Let's go!

Finally, I feel like I'm BLAK in the Dirty North! It snowed somethin small but BIG bein that it was the first 1 since WINTER started a month ago. In my area, we probably got about 4 or 5 inches & all that white shit outside had me thinkin about killin WINTER l…

The Native Tongues


The Native Tongues have been REINSTATED

Image Check between 1:46 - 1:49

the 12 days of New Years YEAR in Revue Part XII - the Conclusion

This is the conclusion to OUR year in Revue here at b2a & thanks for stickin around. In my eyes, the WEATHER was the biggest story of the year with the LONG SPRING WE had at least in the northeast & the winter that WE still haven't had yet! WE had the tsunami in japan, drought in tx, flooding in the ms valley & an earthquake & hurricane in the SAME WEEK but peepo call me krazy! Y'all know the SANE man in an INSANE world is INSANE! I'll be that but........some of the more notable deaths in 2011 were elizabeth taylor who played cleopatra, an egyptian queen & stunk at it bcuz she wasn't BLAK! I spit on her grave while havin Gil Scot Heron singin! Gil would be joined by amy KraKKhouse who I was made to OVERSTAND was on some new shit after her last stint in rehab. Her death remains a mystery as like Jimi Hendrix, she died at 27, supposedly after over intoxification. Yeah, WE can still hear her today singin to he…

Aaliyah - Street Thing/Happy Bornday!


the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part XI

Hey there! Thanks & once again, WE here at b2a was so upset in november bcuz of that pedophile sandusky at penn state & still - we see NIGGAS trustin these KraKKas around their young children. The skool system was set up so that parents would hand over the guardianship of their children  to be INDOCTRINATED & INCULCATED! As far as I'm concerned, most whites are WSO's aka white sexxx offenders! We've been around 'em for so long, that WE started adaptin to their ALIEN WAYS though the 42 confessions of MAAT say that alot of the things that WE do aren't supposed to be done as THEY are against GOD ( . WE'RE almost done with these 337 days & the KraKKa is almost done as well so HANG ON my peepo! Things are happenin & tomorrow, WE close out this series & move on. Let's go in on what was happennin in november in part 11 of OUR series.

I ain't got time for PLEASANTRIES  today as so much is…

Happy BORNDAY Baba Ali


the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part X

Yes y'all! First off, a very HAPPY BORNDAY to the GREATEST EVER, Muhammad Ali! What a great month for the Capricorns of the world in that so many that you know & luv were born this month such as Dr Ben & Dr John Henrik Clarke. King was yesterday & Dr Leonard Jeffries is on Thursday the 21st. Ali was the voice of a generation, born in Louisville KY & he has a large portion of my SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT chapter in my book as the most popular athlete in the WORLD in the 1900's! Unfortunately, in this day & age, I found some years ago that my Baba, was slow poisoned by the intelligence agencies & if ya notice anything about this vid, EVERYBODY speakin are KraKKa's. They talkin about him in PAST TENSE! They did the same to mike tyson bcuz RWS has to show ya that even the BADDEST MAN on the PLANET can be stopped by 'em as they TIME runs out! This is the time to be DEFIANT in the face of all NONRIGHTEOUSNESS & that leads to the Final Countdown 2…


Just a lil shout out to 1 of the Greatest Of All Times in the Good Reverend Dr King. The man was born on Jan 15th 1929 & was loved by MOST until he started fightin against the us govt regardin the Vietnam War. I didn't like everything that King did & stood for but as far as I'm concerned, I BELIEVE that the man died convinced that WE NOW would see the comin of that PROMISED LAND! He was BRAVE & COURAGEOUS & WE can now claim him & El Haj Malik Shabbaz as our ANCESTORS, martyred by caucasoid supremacy! Way less than 339 to go. There are so many more but just wanted to let y'all know on his BORNDAY that the man is to be loved & valued & that WE must SOULJAH on as best as WE can. WE at b2a luvs you guys & leave you with the GREATEST HOPE & INSPIRATION. Be that change that YOU wish to see. Check this: Happy Bornday Dr King!

Immortal Technique - The Payback


the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part IX

Hey BP's & how y'all? BP is YOU Blak Peepo! The rest of y'all.......well, ya know! This here is Part 9 of OUR series where I revue 2011 & before WE go there, let's go BLAK to this even though I already covered it extensively but WE kept up with that crisis here but all y'all know that the KraKKa will as much as possible, keep Haiti DOWN bcuz it was the 1st FREED NATION that was full of US! WE just gotta HANG ON knowin that THEY ain't got much time left. Suin the  u.n is PURELY SYMBOLIC! Movin on from that, in september aka Part 9 of the YEAR, our courageous BROTHA, Troy Davis was killed azza sacrifice to those blood thirsty DEVILS. THEY ain't gettin away with SHIT so hold ya horses yo! Wait, don't hold ya horses & read OUR featured article that got me inna bunch of hot water after I wrote it. It may be for you or not & it proved so controversial, that I had to further explain it & you can …

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part VIII

WE'RE BLAK to another edition of the 12 days of New Years with ya host, the Blak Smith. Today, WE'LL be goin BLAK to the topic of ReTHINK what WORK is but before WE do so, gotta go BLAK to july of last year a lil & talk about that SHITUATION that happened in oslo norway, the same place where soetero won his nobel PISS prize a few years BLAK with wyclef watchin. I bet most of y'all don't rememba that but y'all rememba the name anders behring breivik? Yeah, if ya don't, you would probably rememba that he SUPPOSEDLY bombed government offices in oslo & then went to a youth camp to kill a whole bunch of children. Well recently, he was tried & found him INSANE & UNFIT for prison though he allegedly killed 77 peepo, most of 'em children. But get a load of this when ya check this link out: Yeah, the same thing happened with the …

the 12 Days of New Years YEAR in REVUE Part VII

This 1 is LIVICATED to 1 of OUR GREATEST in Khalid Muhammad who would have been 63 today!
Also, take a moment out for the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti Quake victims! 343 days to go.

Hey b2a peepo! Welcome BLAK to Part VII of OUR YEAR in Revue & today, WE gonna talk AGAIN about WORK & what it does to US who ain't thinkin about it. How many of US is just workin & ain't thinkin about how WE wear OUR bodies out in the name of raisin families? Ya gotta stay afloat in these days HOWEVER ya gotta do it & THINK! If ya luv what ya do, by all means keep on doin it but STOP abusin ya body & sayin that "I gotta feed my kids" with that this is all I know look on ya face! I got some shit comin in the very near future but can't let the cat outta the bag just yet. No.....instead, I'm gonna provide y'all with some links that y'all can check out yaselves to bolster what I'm sayin.

Ya see, some of y'all wanna question me on just HOW you can d…

the 12 Days of New Years Year in REVUE Part VI

Whatup Blak Peepo & KraKKa's tunin in? I don't greet that 2nd group with luv but what they HAY, y'all readin me anyway as this is publiKKK domain. It's the Blak Smith right BLAK up in here & just gonna touch slightly on a controversial series that I did last year named Polygamy 101 aka polygyny. This year, I vow to not talk about it AT ALL but to actually put it in practice as Blak Peepo need it badly. The series is there so enuff said on that here. Way less than 344 days for the KraKKa! Did y'all hear that gmo food makin food giant monsant bought xe formerly known as BLACK water? Absolutely NO 1 is talkin about that dead girl found on the grounds of fuKKKingham palace but check this out: Y'all think that sandusky & that penn state shit is isolated but wait til these krakka lovers find out how deep & high this type shit really goes. STOP GIVING these KraKKas ACCESS to yo CHILDREN y…