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Run DMC - Walk This Way: The Best Of (full album bonus tracks) 2010

As ya knw what it is wont say much bcuz I could never cover it all & soon coming with some HEAD BANGING ARTICLES! As I have left yall for too long with NOTHING, press play and ENJOY the Best of RUN DMC!

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Dr. Dwight "Malachai" York and his HTM OR AEO OR NAUWABIANS AND ALL SORTS OF OTHER NONESENSE, Clarence 13X SMITH/JOWERS and his 5% who called themselves TRUE MASONS, Malcolm X, Khallid Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey,Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, WEB Dubious, Dr. Ben Jochannon, Chancelor Williams, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Barack Obama, Dr. Alfonso Sebi, Hon. Elijah Muhammad to name A FEW...ALL OF WHOM WERE AND ARE recorded FREE MASONS........taken from


Its been a while so lets get right into this is gonna have a Part II, I will be very brief with all this & go into it more with an ANALYSIS that will be WORDLY, personal while involving parts of my last year series named Operation Save Tito & YOU! As the REVELATIONS continue, I take SOLACE knowing that THINGS as WE KNOW them WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST with BREXIT & DJ Trump now in the GAME! Living BEYOND MONEY is where TRUE FREEDOM is! This article was previously named All Black Leaders are Freemasons*

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements. He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). Like Rastafarians and Nation of Islam, these movements are Masonic fronts. 

Masonic control of Black Power movements suggests Freemasonry is part of the mechanism of colonialism. 
The way to control the opposition is to lead it. We are colonized in the same way.

Reading an article about Jamaican Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey, (1887-1940) I noticed something odd about the picture (above.) The men riding in the car with him are wearing mortarboard hats. It didn't appear to be a graduation ceremony, so what was really going on?  I discovered that Garvey and basically ALL leaders in the black power/civil rights movement are Masons.  That weird hat that Garvey often wore was actually Masonic regalia.

"During the final four years of his life, Garvey turned even more emphatically toward the Masonic ideal based on secret knowledge. With the defeat of Ethiopia in the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935.... Garvey revised dramatically his previous estimates of what political movements alone could be expected to accomplish. Thus, he viewed as problematic the absence of "masonry in his [the Negro's] political ideals," noting that "there is nothing secret in what he is aiming at for his own hope of preservation." Garvey was alluding to the evolution of the fraternal idea from its earlier craft stage into a potent political vehicle, one based on the organization of secret revolutionary brotherhoods.

From the start, the UNIA shared numerous features with fraternal benevolent orders. The UNIA's governing Constitution and Book of Laws held the same status and function as Freemasonry's Book of Constitutions and Book of the Law. The UNIA's titular "potentate" was clearly analogous to the "imperial potentate" of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, or black Shriners. The High Executive Council of the UNIA and ACL reflected the Imperial Council of the black Shriners and the Supreme Council of Freemasonry in general. The elaborate and resplendent public displays by the UNIA, particularly during its annual conventions, drew upon the example of the black Shriners and other fraternal groups .... Other features shared with fraternal orders included solemn oaths and binding pledges, special degrees of chivalry (such as the Cross of African Redemption, Knight of the Sublime Order of the Nile, and Knight of the Order of Ethiopia)

To quote a paper titled The Craft and The Crescent, written by Michael R. Scheiderer, a former "District Education Officer" of Mechanicsburg Lodge No. 113: "Marcus Garvey was a member of Prince Hall Freemasonry.  Mary Lefkowitz states:    "To a large extent, the UNIA was organized along Masonic lines: it had a significant benevolent function:  It had a constitution based on the Masons'; it also had a "potentate," an potentate's helmet closely resembled the ceremonial hat worn by Masons in special parades.  Marcus Garvey in a similar uniform to that of a Knights Templar of the Masonic order.  Many African-American Freemasons at the time believed that Freemasonry actually started in the advanced civilization of ancient Egypt.  This helped African-Americans identify with Freemasonry as it was thought to be based on ceremonies in ancient Africa."

gaddafi.jpgI did a little more research and found that basically all world leaders are Masons, or members of affiliated organizations, and whether they are perceived as part of the global elite is irrelevant. Gaddafi was a Mason. Even Haile Selassie was a Mason and a Knight of the Order of the Garter, "Britain's most exclusive order of chivalry".  Now I know why Ethiopia was never colonized, it didn't need to be.

Whether these men's deaths and executions are real or simply theatrical performances is questionable.  Where is Hitler?  Did they really kill Bin Laden?  Haile Selassie disappeared, some bones were found buried near his palace but never positively identified.  Rastafarians (who were started by Joseph Hibbert, a Mason) believe that Selassie is not dead.  It's possible that they really were killed for not cooperating with their masters, but I would not discount the possibility of their deaths being faked to perpetuate the illusion of resistance to the powers that be.
Two of the most well known African-American black leaders, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are Masons as well.  Malcolm X seems to be one of the few who realized that the movement was driven by corruption and racism, but Alex Haley, the author of his biography, is also a Nason.
It's not just black America that is completely subverted. Consider this quote from Jamaica Gleaner article:

"With over 5,000 members enrolled to the fraternity, the Freemasons present at the Gleaner's forum said that their membership included nearly all the 'upstanding' men in leadership positions in medicine, the judiciary, the police force and even parliament. They stressed the importance of unity, humility and charity among lodge members, as the brotherhood reaches across continents, racial and religious barriers." (emphasis mine)

Jamaican DJ Bounty Killer, who at one time was referred to as the "Poor Peoples' Governor" for his songs speaking out against political corruption and supporting the poor, declared in a song titled "Lodge" that "fi me gun no join lodge and it no join church" (my gun will not join the lodge and it will not join church).  Considering that he started going to church and may soon become a gospel artist, I wouldn't be surprised if he joined a lodge as well. Lodge by Bounty Killer

Haitian national hero and revolutionary leader Toussaint L'ouverture was also a member:

"Although a former slave, he had owned slaves himself. Although he led a great slave revolt, he was desperate to trade export crops for defense supplies and so imposed a militarized forced labor system that was slavery in all but name. He was simultaneously a devout Catholic, a Freemason and a secret practitioner of voodoo. And although the monarchs of Europe regarded him with unalloyed horror, he in effect turned himself into one of them by fashioning a constitution making himself his country's dictator for life, with the right to name his successor."

Is it any wonder that black power, black nationalism, and civil rights have resulted in very little progress for the majority?  Unless you consider a half-Jewish Kenyan named Obama being elected as American president!

First Comment from Dan:

Yes, many black leaders are Freemasons.  But the notion that VIP Masons never bump each other off shows a lack of understanding of the Luciferian logic required of initiates of the upper degrees.

The lower degrees of the Blue Lodge are merely told Masonry is a family of brothers all over the world who look out for each other.  In fact that's the draw for the typical entered apprentice.  They've heard the Masons are a kind of "affirmative action" club in which the rich and powerful members show favoritism to other Masons in business - even in the courts. 

The lower three initiations are designed to discover your hopes and fears, secrets and weaknesses.  Most people are content to have an easy life, and they go no further.  It's the ambitious ones that obsess on big things that attract mentors who show them a taste of 'the good life', but then they learn nobody gets "in" without sacrifice.  We're talking Luciferian thinking - they have to offer someone or something they love for sacrifice.   Nobody gets to be a 'world leader' that hasn't proven their firm belief in the Satanic doctrine, "never love a thing unless you can bear to watch it die".  Everyone of them have given up loved ones, or comrades - often it will be a son or daughter, or parent, or wife, just to get in.  You can see it happening in the celebrity pages all the time.    At first they don't make you pull the trigger; it's just choosing the sacrificial victim and letting it happen.  That's how they advance.  That's not the end of it though.  To stay in the game and advance - you have to give more.  

martin.jpgtdad.jpgWhen you know how Luciferian thinking works, you'll be able to catch it right away in the psyops they give us.  Almost all these people in these psy ops are members of one cult or another.   Take for example the father of Trayvon Martin.  Trayvon was the posthumous poster boy of the event that kicked off the 'race war' psyop of one news story after another featuring black youth being shot by whites or cops.  

Now most people can't believe anybody could be so cold, but Trayvon's parents had a major boost in money and fame - all those appearances and interviews on prime time TV shows.  They were paid for all of that, paid a lot.

Not only that, but for initiates in the secret levels of the lodge Travon's dad will be treated with great honor and respect for making the supreme sacrifice.

Dan clarifies:

He wasn't responsible for it.    However, the death of his son was the key feature of a major media circus that dominated 2012.

I don't know how these 'black kid' shootings have been presented on CBC but American TV the Trayvon Williams thing and Zimmerman trial was mentioned on the hour, day and night.   Since then there's been one case after another given the same media treatment. 

Media has been fueling a 'race war' psychological operation on the public since 2012. It all started with this case.    A case that's going to be used for a year long show trial and media circus can't simply be picked at random.  They need to use people they know they can control, people who will cooperate.  They use families that are indoctrinated members of one or another mind cults that permeate the world today.  

All Martin had to do was go along with it, and play the part the way he was told.  

A master mason has actually put up a blog to say that Martin's not a 'real' Mason. 

"Trayvon's Dad is barely Masonic at all. He's a Clandestine Mason. He's a District Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of the irregular, scammy, and clandestine "International Free and Accepted Modern Masons". What does this mean to you, the outsider? It means Masonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, done in ritual form. Now if someone decided to make up their own ritual, it's not Masonry anymore. If you and your buddy decided to go out back and make up your own ritual, you couldn't call yourself Masons because it isn't the Masonic ritual. Your made up dance isn't the Macarena unless the hand movements are the same."

Sounds like confirmation that Martin is a Mason to me...

* taken from as written by CR

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The Fallacy Of Black Unity & Pan-Afrikanism

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Look........I do not have a lot of time lateley bcuz as usual my LIFE is HECTIC but what I will say is that this DUDE right here tells it like it is! Give him a listen and see for SELF how he do! If ya like him, get at him on youtube or on Facebook as Taalik Ibnard. Whatever the case it is more than obvious that WE will NOT UNITE out of just wanting to............................Peace!

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How about I not write much but give yall out there DEFINITIONS of what they DO & WHO THEY are BEING? 

As Leaks Multiply, Fears of a ‘Deep State’ in America
Though the deep state is sometimes discussed as a shadowy conspiracy, it helps to think of it instead as a political conflict between a nation’s leader and its governing institutions.
That can be deeply destabilizing, leading both sides to wield state powers like the security services or courts against one another, corrupting those institutions in the process.
In countries like Egypt, Mr. El Amrani said, the line is much clearer.
There, “the deep state is not official institutions rebelling,” he said, but rather “shadowy networks within those institutions, and within business, who are conspiring together and forming parallel state institutions.”
Comment: Weird all around: The President is the President, the Chief Magistrate of the United States. He’s not the “nation’s leader,” like in the title of sone kinda hardback in the “Business” section of your airport bookstore. And quite frankly, the description of the deep state in Egypt (“shadowy network...........more at

Ok, I think I got ya attention.........looky here, the only thing that THEY have over Trump is the MEDIA & even that is slowly fading slowly but surely..........Only Blak Peepo are mad at Trump but have ya seen what he has done that NO 1 EVER HAS before? 
Resultado de imagen para meme of trump smoking weed Legalize It by Peter Tosh
President Donald Trump on Tuesday moved to create closer ties with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), issuing an executive order that moves assistance to the 100 schools from the U.S. Education Department to The White House.
Congressional lawmakers met with more than 85 college leaders Tuesday, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told the group that the Trump administration would be "a strong partner in fulfilling your mission."
DeVos said HBCUs "have always been more than simply institutions of higher learning. You have long represented a challenge to the status quo, starting by providing a necessary opportunity to African Americans following the Civil W.....more at 
Do not ever forget that WE SHALL be FREE somehow some way & SOON! As there a lot happening, The good side is gonna WINE & so STAY TUNED! 

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b2a RADIO presents an Al Jarreau Tribute - Greatest Hits R.I.P /

Al Jarreau Thelonious Monk Institute International Jazz Vocals Competition 2015 Alwin Lopez "Al" Jarreau (March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017) was an American singer and musician. He received a total of seven Grammy Awards and was nominated for over a dozen more. Jarreau is perhaps best known for his 1981 album Breakin' Away. He also sang the theme song of the late-1980s television series Moonlighting, and was among the performers on the 1985 charity song "We Are the World".?

As I do not have time, I had to leave SOMETHING for OUR ICON, AJ! I will be BLAK soon!

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