Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Weather Report

Hmmm, about 30 degrees in NYC rite now, quite sunny witta slight breeze & da outlook 2nite.....Nah hold up Blaksmith, dat aint da type of weather we talkin about here. Wat I'm talkin about is da weather we soon will all get used 2. U know like Tsunami's, earthquakes & hurricanes. I've written on these things previously & y'all need 2 STUDY geo-politics. Geo = wats in da ground & ology= study of. We all know wat politriKKKs is or do we? Anyhoo, oil has been found in nearby hated Cuba & da more important Haiti. Why is Haiti important 4 geo-politiKKKAl strategies? Because Haitians were da 1st Republic who fought & won, done by former enslaved Afrikans. They put fear in da AmeriKKKas & started da Southern Amerikkan revolutions as well thru inspiration. Cuba has 2 be nervous as well as there is plenty of oil there as da West sputters tryin 2 control it all b4 THEY totally lose they power. They are also a peepo who fought 2 be free & their revolution is still goin strong, next door 2 each other wit all this newfound oil. It's been there & now dat da world's Police has exhausted they welcome amongst da so called mid East bloc, they need 2 go & bully they own backyard, invadin & shit. I already spoke extensively about HAARP, weather modification & all da ways dat THEY can do THEY shit so don't start thumpin no bible about wat God gonna do. These niggas is here on earth doin this shit NOW & it's only a matter of time b4 NYC, Paris, London or anywhere THEY dominate get's it. Wat U think all these doomsday movies is about? They wanna eliminate 80% of da peepo & it ain't about Blak or White. Now deceased comedian, George Carlin used 2 always say dat U aint in this group & these formerly complacent whites are now feelin it like a mofo. Everybody is strugglin & alot of Peepo in da 3rd World who know nothing about da West don't believe when U tell 'em dat da West has a BIG homeless problem. They look at U like U lyin or something & it's a drain 2 tell 'em as I myself have been homeless twice. Ayo in case U don't know, shit is messed up everywhere but alotta peepo don't understand da weather. Da name of da game is man-made disasters or wat used 2 be called, an ACT of God. Yea act of God my ass! Y'all might be pissed wit me but I ain't givin no money 2 no releif fund 4 no one cuz these same niggas is breakin U wit da compassion U have dat they never had or never will, Wyclef included. Wow, alotta peepo gonna comment on dat 1 & I'll gague da response here 2 let y'all know why I say wat I say. Wat da average person gonna do when every1 on 125th St, da South Bronx(my birth hood), North Brooklyn & Northern Jersey shakes 2 da core? Dat fault line sits under 125th St & buildings didn't start usin da proper codes til 1995 to withstand these quakes. A 5.5 would spell eminent disaster 4 millions! So 2 alla my peepo, wats ya contingency plan? NY especially has da privelidge of havin 8 million peepo & about 12 more million surroundin it. Yo Peepo, wat y'all tink about dat? I ain't even factor in it could be durin da winter on a day like 2day, a very cold 1. So as far as this report, don't even watch da tv or look outside ya window if ya wanna know da weather. Stay ya ass tuned in on & check out some HOT SHIT dat da Blaksmith got 2 report on. Well if it rains, it mite be rainin brix, glass & airplanes fuel wit foul weather 2 boot or hardcore wordplay from yours truly. I control da FIRE & mold words like U wish U could, so if U can't stand da heat, get da ..........!!! PEACE or not.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We are all Afrikans!

911? Katrina? Haiti? Who, what or where is next? What needs 2 happen 2 Blak peepo 4 us 2 realize dat we are all DESCENDANTS of 1 Afrika? At this point I don't even know but believe me, it will get aLOT more worse b4 it gets better. U may ask why dat is but look at da handwriting on da wall. It seems like aid 2 Haiti got there b4 it did on da Gulf Coast of AmeriKKKa. WTF? $100Million overfuckingnite! U must connect the dots tho. As da media always reports, Haiti is da poorest country in da Western Hemisphere. It also occupies(like Ghana) a very strategic geo-political purpose as it is in da backyard of Miami. Remember, da island is 1(Hispanolia) & shares a border wit da Dominican Republic. They ain't feel shit in the DR. These places are near Cuba & Guantanomo Bay is in dat same country. They even housing Amerikkkan citizens there in the meantime. I have been tellin peepo 4 a long time about HAARP & weather manipulation 4 some time now. We must also remember dat Climategate has blown up in da faces of da leading world governments & they MUST implement this new world order NOW!!!! Every exposure makes these manmade disasters neccessary. They can't wait anymore as THEY know THEY time is up. The various wars in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan are not going as planned & they have 2 constantly distarct U with never ending footage 2 keep U in dat constantly DISTRACTED STATE. I know dat this quake was done purposely. Yeah I know U may say, what does dat have 2 do with helpin da helpless Haitians as they go thru it? This provides da US with a way 2 finally take over da land while simultaneously lookin good 2 da world community. The US has already (supposedly) provided all dat money 2 again DISTRACT U from all of the various failures they are partaking in as well as the dire economic situation dat will worsen as the days go. The US will always PUNISH Haiti 4 bein the 1st republic 2 be freed by slaves. Little do most peepo know how scared Kkkrakers was after they kicked the French the hell out. Pat Robertson & Rush Limabaugh can both suck sick penis juice & any Blak person stupid enough 2 be Kkkristian & label Haitians as Voodooans & nothin else can go right along wit 'em. Where does voodoo come from? Where do Haitians come from? Use the powers we have & let's get free! They are us & we are them. Let 2day be the day that we know that we are all Afrikans. I would want 2 help any Blak Peepo suffering anywhere, anyway, anyhow. Why? U aint hear me, I already said it, WE ARE ALL AFRIKANS. If Afrikans are all corrupt, help 'em in an emergency, anyway. Ayo, we are all Afrikans. Enuff said & PEACE!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Yea, I'm BLAK in NY! As da plane descended on JFK, it was snowin & I thought 2 myself, what a way 2 be greeted BLAK in my place of birth, also da birthplace of HipHop. Imagine bein in da tropics 4 over a year & overnite bein in da snow? Da snow actually welcomed me blak & 4 once, I actually din't mind seein it. It's da cold dat I can't stand but it wasn't dat cold or at least not 2 me. Yeah da flight went from Accra 2 Dubai 2 NYC. Watta flight it was. Sittin in business class next 2 a beautiful woman while other beautiful women brought drinks & food. If U goin somewhere where Emirates Airlines flies, I recommend 'em over any airline out there bar none! Amerikkka, wat a site 2 behold! It's still here but da spirit I left it in seems 2 somehow be gone like someone stole da soul. Like peepo kno dat da 2nd shoe hasn't dropped yet. Like waitin 4 a spouse U will never see again. Like bein dat crab dat gets pulled BLAK into da barrel. Who knows, maybe this barrel is da 1 dat gets tossed BLAK into da ocean. What is fear anyway? A worry not yet realized is what it is. Fear is also a 2nd hand emotion. Be brave & face dat dragon & slay 'em where they step. Breathe fire on 'em!!! We doin 010 in a most positive way & my new sayin 4 this still new year is get it in in 010.Yeah, I'll be BLAK2AFRIKA again soon & witta bigger brighter wiser attitude & spirit. I learned alot & am greatful 4 those experiences dat I could never ever give BLAK. Oh, tings de happen O! I saw fire & I saw rain. I heard voices & I felt pain. I felt full & I felt drained. Yeah, Afrika got it goin on & it will get worse b4 it gets better but dat's ok. It will get better. As they say at the laundromat, it will all come out in da rinse. Blood Sweat & Tears, 1 must cleanse da negative & do 4 self, 4 da collective. Peepo were waitin 4 me 2 lose it there but like Ne-Yo & Fabo, U make me better. Thats rite, I'm BLAK2AMERIKKKA! Should I rename this blog dat? Hell naw, I left my heart in..........AFRIKA, home of da brave. Watitdo USA? I'm all yours again! HOLLA YA ASS BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!