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Hey y'all! This is the Blak Smith & I'm BLAK in all of this snow to bring US some GREAT LONG PLAYING SONGS as OUR love for MUSIC propels US into the FUTURE! As things have been really CRAZY lately, WE will provide US with some GREAT SONGS. They will all be more than 6 minutes long so that ya can get into a GOOD GROOVE & hope that they make ya look further into the great world of BEAUTIFUL LP MUSIC! Let's get into it!

1. It snowed out here in the nyc area & though things are slippery, it's NOT all

2. 1 of my all time faves in that I speak on it all the time but really,

3. They say that when ya JEALOUS that ya get GROWING PAINS but in order to make it work, ya gotta go thru the

4. WE started ya off with a lil COLD but as WE go in, WE will again soon ENJOY

5. I love RA so much that …

them NY niKKKa's is CORRUPT!



To make sense of it all, check here at & for Part II, go here; I was keynote speaker at UAM the 1st time Ramsey came thru & to see Alton put it down LIVE, go here to

Yea........................I know...............Ramsey WHO? Yea, I'm talking about Ramsey Orta better known as that dude who filmed Eric Garner's MURDER & paid the price of being set up by the nydpK on gun charges. Well, just came from his 3rd court proceeding & once again, it had been adjourned pending Attorney at War, Alton Maddox taking over the case. It's time that Y'ALL out there know why this dude is still standing & the vital importance of who he is & what he d…

Why YOU should be in NEW YORK CITY 101


Ahhhhhh.........the 5 boro's of NY are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island! With the exception of the Bronx, all of the boro's are islands though each are connected by bridges & tunnels. Located on the northeast coast of the united states, the land was 1st inhabited by Old Dirty Bastard's peepo who are th.........................

The INDIAN that sold Manhattan to the white man My GRANDFATHER, step up & get KNOCKED right the FUCK OUT!*
After a fashion, WE are back & BLAK! How y'all been over the just passed 3 day MLK weekend? There's still a lot going on that ya should be up on & if not, WE gotcha like the last article here; In that article, I forgot to mention how the new thing is to subject US to CENSORSHIP as social media is used to CONVICT US of BULLSHIT like this;…


WE going straight in today bcuz there's so much to cover & while too many of Y'ALL get caught up in these FALSE FLAG EVENTS, WE here trying to SHOW YA what they ain't talking about so &.......away WE go!

In The Sunday Times coverage, no reference was made to the possibility of a nuclear strike from Israeli submarines that have been equipped with cruise missiles that could be armed with nuclear warheads. Military experts have been reporting the presence of Israel’s Dolphin class submarines in the Persian Gulf for the past two years, ostensibly to support U.S. naval operati.....more at

In 1963, Hurricane Beulah was seeded & the wind speed in Beulah's eye was affected. Hurricane Debbie in 1969 was also seeded. Hurricane Modification strategy is a work in progress." "HURRICANE KATRINA WAS ONLY A LIMITED SCIENTIFIC FEAT. KATRINA'S WRATH MISSED NEW ORLEANS WHICH WAS DESTINED FOR COMPL…

Stupification Of The Human Race Through Mainstream Music - Part II

To OVERSTAND ALL of this, check Part I at
So here WE are in Part II & so that Y'ALL don't THINK that I'm WACKO, ya now see what this demoniKKK system has done to OUR CULTURE & more important, US! This article by Matthew Chan goes in & as said in Part I, I touched on the HEALING PROPERTIES of OUR RIGHTEOUS ARTS & how it can be used to REMEDY what WE are doing & who WE are! This is why they are giving OUR children DRUGS & this ugly ass music to DUMB 'em DOWN! In 2015, if ya don't know, ya better be a quick study! The distraKKKtion's continue & if ya don't believe Me, check this out....... With all of this INFO, why ask WHY?  Let's get into what ya came for!The Affect on Our Bodies In 1995, Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment with water and how its shape was affected by certain types of music. After exposin…

Stupification Of The Human Race Through Mainstream Music

I literally copied & pasted this article so that Y'ALL can see how really EVIL those peepo are! My 2nd book, goes in on a lot of this with a lil more depth. Always remember that NONE of this is NEW yo! I've noticed over the years that most peepo singing & making BEATS are using FAKE NOTES that don't exist in NATURE! Instead of trying to convey that message, let's send this on to the original writer, Matthew Chan & see what he has to say & to give credit, I got this from a Hip Hop ORIGINAL, the Black Dot. I hope y'all get something outta this. From Question Everything Blog by Mathew Chan  stu·pi·fi·ca·tion
the act of dumbing down on purpose. to make someone stupid. Blogger Mathew Chan says, “I have reason to believe that mainstream music is turning the human race into a race of idiots. Before you dismiss the topic immediately as BS, I urge you to c…

the Dark MUST SURRENDER 2 the LIGHT! 555

This is for Y'ALL non-BELIEVERS who THINK that 2015 is gonna be like last year! IDK if that shit that popped off in Paris is REAL but at this point, who gives a fuKKK? Them cops shot in the Bronx a few days ago rings FALSE to my investigation bcuz them niKKKa's didn't even follow Rob's Rules 101! As I've checked my EMOTIONS & haven't been giving a fuKKK for a minute now, how y'all doing? I'm tellin these youth's to stay ready bcuz them Indigo's are now in their 30's yo! The Crystals are coming & they know more than US!

555 Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (go INSIDE LINK for song)

So see it how ya wanna's going down & the ONLY THING to do NOW is be OBEDIENT to ya INNER SPIRIT! The reason why ya won't STRIKE is bcuz ya SCARED! I've be…


As the BROTHER goes in really heavy, I don't need to say much but.............WE gotta know about these Indigo's & Crystal's out here on the earth! Down below is a pic of Atlantis & know that YOU can go back however & whenever ya wish to! These special peepo do it all the time! Are you an energetic being? Are ya yet outta 3D? I hope by now that ya at least heading into 5D but that's all up to you!

Down below is Lemuria. If ya don't know about it, do ya research. WE'VE been here before & pretty soon, WE going BLAK to MA'AT aka BALANCE! Yes, this is the way it's supposed to be & WE can hardly wait. What's your plan? Hear some stuff here that ya never heard before & get to know what it is to be a INDIGO CHILD who were born in 1985 & beyond. Yo Crystals.........WE see y'all too so HOLLA BLAK!

SHOW & PROVE 2015!

Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis in dress uniform, arrested and handcuffed
by lower ranking cops in the NYPD for joining the peaceful protest in Occupy Wall Street

Stand with your HEADS HIGH. The year of White supremacy ended 12/31/14. For those who don't believe, TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

So, WE are now in their year of 2015 but according to the ancients from US, it's really something like 6250 but right now, WE not gonna get all into that! What WE here for today is the FACT that I told y'all this some weeks ago that;

1 can see that SLOWLY but SURELY, they are SCALING back the LAWS that keep US shackled bcuz the NEW SLAVERY is DEBT SLAVERY which is now DONE! They have to continue to distraKKKt US with SOMETHING.......*

Now, that article was written way before 12/20 aka the day those 2 piKKKs supposedly got it & now that WE look back on that day, WE SMELL A big stinky & rotten RAT up in this piece! There were so many reasons too numerous to place here as to WHY W…