Monday, October 31, 2011

The Final Countdown 2012/Adverse WEATHER whether U like it or not

What up peepo? I been tellin y'all that this SHIT was comin & y'all think that I be BULLSHITTIN. WE passed the QUICKENING stage a few days ago (10/28) & look at what's been happenin since! Let's start with last week & ghadaffi dyin. That is 1 of the BIGGEST stories of the year. Then the saudi crown prince dyin. Now Saturday the 29th of october & a major SNOWSTORM hit the northeast us. I NEVER saw red, orange, brown & tan leaves mixed in with snow. EERIE! The snow wasn't really that heavy BUT what was even crazier was that so many tree branches were down as if thunder hit 'em & I'm talkin 300 pound tree branches here mixed in with all of the fallen leaves......what a sight! At this point, I don't know what to say as far as if this is haarp, the poles shiftin or what but - WE in the days of the Final Countdown! We got 417 left & every so often, I'm gonna have to bring this 1 BLAK but at the same time, stay current. I ain't gonna make this too long but last week, Peru experienced a pretty big earthquake measurin a 7 on the richter. On 11/1/11, china experienced 2 & got the story for ya here: Last thing I gotta let y'all know about is Uganda & that THESE KraKKas from here are there for whatever reason THEY say they there. I told y'all in my last column that THEY (the Ugandans) ain't tryin to soften no laws on homosexuality & in fact, made the laws stricter. Check out this news I got from my main man from Ghana who I affectionately call the Governor here at: Ayo, like I said before, WE must watch Afrika now, more than ever! WE got WAY LESS than 417 days left & WE WINNIN so STAY the COURSE! That Cosmic Party time is HERE! As it is applicable, review my BEST COLUMN & HOLLA BLAK! (Written 11/1/11)

Ayo, I might start writin y'all peepo erryday! It's the BlakSmith checkin in askin what it do to you & ya crew? As things develop, I get more SIRIUS & I'm havin alotta peepo askin me about this 2012 shit. They askin me stuff like what's gonna happen? What date should we be lookin at? Where should we be? Who will benefit? What of Planet X? Is the Mother Ship gonna get here & alla that stuff. Well I tell folks, to be honest I don't know & bein that I thought that Y2K was gonna cause MAJOR PROBLEMS & I was WRONG, I don't make such predictions anymore. What I do KNOW is that everyone knows that the planets will be in an alignment that is ADVANTAGEOUS for US but that doesn't mean that WE can relax just yet. In this case here, I hope that I am NOT speakin to the choir bcuz MOST of y'all know that somethin BIG is comin whether you believe in this or not. I call it waitin for the other shoe to drop. However, what I will do in this article is tell y'all WHY I THINK that 2012 is not just rumors but a new day. 

Tryin to infect & inject my nation with needless vaccinations
Even Bill Gates is part of gettin rid of populations
TSA now stands for Tits & Ass and in that class
Teachin US how they get that cash
BACK! Started a big disease with a lil name
Known dudes like Rock Hudson died to give it claim & fame
Liberace was white & Len Bias BLACK
Both died when they gotta hold of some BAD CRACK
Global 2000 like seasons like snake bites do lesions
They said the EARTH was a warmin still my butt be freezin
No job I rob those with jobs - my job
Y'all SPOILED the child when ya spared the ROD
No family values Big Batty Gal you
Nicki menage a trois with Lil Kim all up on tattos
I gat you y'all stand stiff like statues
The on deck gatter with a bat to bat you
Ya see it's all Immoral Beef make you extinct like coral reefs
Platinum like a rapper rhymin from his oral TEETH
Nonsense no conscience the content no context
Y'all be diggin these angles & make me the convex
The timin they usin ya thinskinned ya bruisin
Ya homo ya cruisin I'm straight & I'm not losin
Ayo isn't it evident or do you need evidence?
He wasn't on his p's & so they made him a resident
Let's eat on this reuben but make sure it's vegan
765 days so let the games BEGIN!

Look at europe right about now. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England & Ireland have marches, demonstrations & all kinda shit happenin there all the time that turn into full scale riots with the PARAMILITARY MOTHERFUKKKERS bein backed down by young men with sticks & rocks! They gonna do it to THEMSELVES & when THAT comes to the US, get the FUKKK out the way & let these armed militias do they frends & cousins in. This country is a TICKIN TIME BOMB & when that detonator hits......AY CARAMBA!!! Do y'all remember Seatlle a few years back? The more you pent up the more you RELEASE!! These verses above was just a lil ditty for y'all loyal to us here at black2afrika. I really don't know what will happen BUT I can't feel nothin but joy as I know it will be ok but as I have said in previous posts, one MUST learn to EMBRACE DEATH to know what REAL LIFE is. Life is really ALL we got but it don't belong to you; it belongs to NATURE! There are NO COINCIDENCES & everything happenin now was set in motions decades ago. Any INSIDER from long ago could have written Hip Hop & HollyWEIRD has gone WILD! In their time, as these stories are the same & all that changes are the names, faces, dates & places. As of yesterday, a so called jewish HollyWEIRD publicist, ronni chasen who was a baller, was shot & killed. Could she know somethin about those STAR WHACKERS spoken of in HollyWEIRD has gone WILD? Maybe she had vital info. Who knows?.....there will be cowards who live & brave ones who will perish. Which one are you?

Ok, what I've heard is the earth will stop spinnin. I've heard also that the poles will shift 15 degrees. I've heard that SOME of US will ascend from this present 3 dimensiaonal world into 9th dimensional beings. I've heard that there are BEINGS livin INSIDE the earth who only speak to a Blak Woman as they hate whites for what they have done to the planet. I've heard that the earth will cleanse herself. I've heard that you can save 15% on car insurance by switchin to geico....I've heard that the earth is now surrounded by aliens & that nukes have been rendered moot as these aliens will not allow the ultimate destruction that these whites wish to bestow on our her as they know that WE are the GODS spoken of for so long who have fallen from grace through THEY machinations. I've heard that jehova(god) was an albino back office clerk from the orion belt who tricked us into worshippin some non-existent god to create FEAR so as to seek SALVATION after death instead of in the right here & now. I've heard that this trick was written & thus became the holy books of yesterday & today. I've heard that most of us is still fallin for that shit today & from what I've heard, that shit will soon end. I've heard that the queen of england is the queen of all reptilian shape shifters & that this war between US & them was started on another planet millions of years ago. I KNOW that I got most of this info from Morse Donaldson & you can find him at Mo Sirius Films on youtube. What else have I heard........? I heard y'all luv my shit!

So there it is y'all! The Final Countdown is upon us but Nas told y'all this on What Goes Around. He also said it on Heaven & you just have to decide that you gonna hold on bcuz it's really up to you. KRS told you to stay alive all things will change around on Aww Yeah. Some think & some KNOW. I know that HEAVEN is a half mile away & we got way less than 417 days to get there as of this date 11/1/2011. I hope that y'all get there with me Peepos! PEACE!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Progress THEY want YOU to have

Whatup y'all? In whatever ya do, STAY the COURSE & keep the FAITH bcuz believe it or not, WE are still WINNIN! With WAY LESS than 421 days left (maybe 1), WE goin to the stratosphere! sotero just sent troops into uganda & let's see where that's headed. The so called Middle East (Northern Afrika) is goin thru all kinda upheavel so watch that. The greek economy is where the us economy was 2 years ago & continuin to fall & winter is almost here in the northern hemisphere. Once again, it's rainin like a mothafugg & it's way nasty out there! For those of ya wonderin when my book is comin.........keep wonderin but SOON! It's so much goin on & supposedly, the net is gonna get shut down on 11/9 to TEST the SYSTEM. We'll see what happens in the long run but for now......I got my gal Ojette the Joyous Cat on deck talkin about how these niggas play the same game all over the world with lil twists & turns to fit the game wherever they playin it at when they play it. For the most part, the PATTERNS stay the SAME! She out there in South Amerika holdin it down & so now, I'll turn it over to her & let her tell y'all about the PROGRESS that THEY want YOU to have. Take it away O:

The Progress they want you to have

"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”, the old Temptations song, I Heard it through the Grapevine says. Notice a day after Hilliary went to Lybia, the CNT captured both Sirte and killed Kadaffi in one bold stroke. Remember they captured Saddam Hussein too and look what happened in Iraq.

First let me start by making a few corrections. The packetazo is spelled paquetazo in Spanish, so if you see the word you know what it is. The second correction is the name of the economist, its Keynes, not Keyes. After I couldn't remember his name, I finally did and spelled it wrong.

The paquetazo is implemented afer the money is transfered from the public to the private corporations. In the U.S., it's done a little differently than the rest of the world but it all falls under one word of "progress".

After the stock market crash of 1929, people were pretty pissed off, indignant and on the verge of   revolution. So the U.S. instituted some pretty good Socialist programs in order to stop the people from seeing how savage capitalism really is. This was to save capitalism for the time being, from getting thrown out of the window. People were really left leaning and radicalized by their improvishment.

The elite 1% was never happy with the social programs being instituted and at around the 1940's, they saw their opportunity to stop the progress and put a leash on the people from ever really changing their govenment. That oppotunity was the fear of communism (like the war on Terrorism). Soon, the elite instituted the House Unamerican activities committee. Unamerican meant anyone who didn't go along with capitalism and wanted another system. They wanted to move the economic situation back into the hands of the capitalist class and so the House Unamerican activies committe was their vehicle.

The House Unamerican Activities Committee started to attack left leaning people associated with any organization, union, or government office by calling them unamerican (Just as they are now calling Occupy Wall Street). Ronald Regan, the former U.S. president, was part of this attack on the left.. He organized small, in home groups and talked about the danger of communism. Children were taught to hide under their desks in the event of a Communist attack. People who were even suspected of having communist or socialist ideas ended up being prosecuted by the House unamerican activities committee. There were people who were told, to be "a good American" was to snitch on their neighbors who they suspected of being communist. (Sounds a lot like the terrorist threat, doesn't it?) Many strong, left leaning people lost their homes, their careers and everything for standing up to an oppressive system. All of this was done to force people to accept capitalism again. The House  Unamaerican activities criminalized anyone who thought that they wanted another political and economic system other than capitalism.

Not only did the elite impose political prosecution on people, but they oppressed much of the population. Women workers were told to go back to the home, have children and buy appliances made by the capitalists. A whole series of backward, social policies and ideas were implemented and shown as the "American way of life", while women were downing tranquilizers. The 1960's broke this and there was a little progress.

Then came the 1980's with Ronald Regan and Margret Thacther. Both of them took a no holds barred approach to capitalism. They came out swinging against any social program they could, slashing them to the bone and then privatizing them. They fired union workers and put a cap on unionizing. They started and open war on many of the social gains that people of color struggled for like Affirmative Action and Food Stamps. It was at that time, that Regan started to privatize our public hospitals. This continued under both the Democrats and Republicans. Clinton followed suit, ending welfare as we know it and calling poor black women, "welfare queens". Bush cut and burned himself, followed by Obama, who really did nothing to improve the situation while the rightwing calls him laughably, "a socialist". They are all paid for and part of the elite 1%.

But this not only happens to you in the North. The elite 1% likes to arrange the world in a way that will economically benefit them and impoverish the 99%. Do you remember the Asian Tigers of the 1990's? These were the countries that followed the neo-liberal capitalist plan to the letter. Thailand, Indonesia, the Philipines and Malaysa all got on the bus of progress. Don't think that Latin America was left out either. Argentina was the star student as they also followed the neo-liberal capitalist model and so did Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia. Most of the countries did. What happened to these countries is the same thing thats now going on in Greece, Spain Portugal, and to the U.S as the autobus of progress went over a cliff and into a ditch of poverty. Now you are all getting the paquetazo, which is that the government is in debt and as somebody has to pay back that money. Their thinking is, "let's get a loan from the big international organizations and then the people get tax increases, along with job and service cuts to pay all of that money back".

In the U.S., the paquetazo was implemented after it had a series of wars. See, one of the ways the elite have learned to transfer public funds into private pockets is through the military industrial complex. Buying everything for the military is a bonanza. These wars are costly and so are all the military bases all over the globe. They impoverish the U.S. and so when teachers start to demand higher salaries, and people start to demand free healthcare and education, the Governments response is “oh we don't have the money, we have a deficit." Notice that when the governement wanted to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia, no one said “oh we dont have the money, we have a deficit”.

These wars serve many purposes. The first purpose is to get resources from other countries for little to nothing which corporations could then sell to the public and make money. It's a transfer of a countries wealth into the pockets of the elite 1% banks. The second is the deplete the public funds of the countries who are starting the wars and to oppress the general public of both countries. They will tell you "we need to cut all of the social programs because we have a deficit" as these wars screws both you and the other countries. The public gets to pay for the wars by public funds being spent on it and then by a cut in public services. This way, you not only oppress the population outside of the U.S. but also the population inside the U.S. The latest scheme is to go into a country claiming human rights abuses, destroy it, then have the governments that decided to have the war rebuild the country and charging the country for its own reconstruction while taking the countries resources.

When people start to get pissed off at the neo-liberal capitalist policies or they desperately need money, then there is another scheme as in, "let's build more jails". Do you remember the huge amount of money that was spent on the prison industrial complex during the early 2000's? It was to lock up all of those people who had fallen into the ditch of poverty and couldn't get up after the “success” of neo-liberal capitalism. I remember my Filipino friends telling me that 3,000 Filipinos were leaving the Philipines each day because they had fallen into the ditch of poverty. The influx of immigrants from Latin America to the North was also due to the “success” of neo-liberal capitalism. These countries were so badly impoverished that their citizens decided to leave.

So now you got Hillary in Lybia; not because of Kadaffi killing his own people but because it's part of a strategy to get those people resources for nothing and sell them for something and all for the elite 1%. Then also, to put bases in those countries to ensure that they could continue doing that while passing the bill off to the U.S. public to pay while cutting government services because of the U.S. deficit.

The elite 1% is not just one party or another, it's both. Part of the "democracy" they want is to institute the two parties with the same agenda that and that they change power every so often . The agenda is to enrich the 1% of the elite. You need to be clear about that. The "democracy" they talk about is the institution of the elites agenda.

Recently, there were statements coming from the U.S. about the lack of democracy in Venezuela. One of the statements was due to the rejection of the Internatinal Human Rights Courts decision, to let an elite, corrupt, opposition politician hold political office after he stole money from the public. This was despite Venezuela signing several intenational agreements to end corruption.

The second was due to a fine imposed on the elite opposition t.v. station for their coverage of a prison riot. The riot took place in a prison called Rodeo I and II. There were mafias in the prison that bought in guns and I mean all kinds of guns as in sawed off shotguns, machine guns, pistols, handguns, you name it and drugs. In addition, the mafias also made money on providing “services” to the prisoners. When the riot occurred, the National Guard had to go in and disarm the prisoners. The prisoners were shooting at the pĆ³lice and National Guard. It was a war zone! The government decided to close off the area for public safety to try to get control of the situation.

The t.v.station then took this as an opportunity to disparage the Chavez government. They manipulated the media to imply that the Government was killing the prisoners and the prisoners families rushed to the prison site. They station edited audio to make the sound of machine gun firing which was far away, sound like it was close up and then showed overly emotional mothers saying they're “killing our children”. The government did the responsible thing and negotiated a truce. When it was all negotiated, 5 people had died and one of those was a national guardsman. The elite station got a sanction for their behavior, which was 7.5% of the 124 million they made last year, which they are now claiming will bankrupt them and is an attack on free speech. See the elite doesn't think that they need to follow the rules or the laws, that they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. These two incidents are now being called “a lack of democracy” in Venezuela. Meanwhile in Mexico, Colombia and in Honduras, all of which are still under the neo-liberal capitalist model and all good friends of the U.S. imperialists, journalists are being killed and their bodies left on the side of  roads but there is no lack of democracy there. The real problem is in Venezuela where they're not instituting the elite 1% program.

The elite 1% want to enslave the world, turning it into one giaganitc sweatshop, where people are fighting to work for poverty wages and no benefits to where we don't even think about changing the system. In Mexico, thousands of people are being killed in drug violence due to the neo-liberal economic policies. But the elite 1% don't seem to care.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street, is being called "unamerican" and policed. People are being beaten and jailed for standing up for their rights to service. One of my blog members said, “occupy the world”. I couldn't put it any better. The world is made up of the 99%  and not the elite 1%. We need to let them know, we run the show.


Yeah yeah, as I said before, this is a COMMUNITY FORUM! The views and opinions don't have to be agreed with 100% by me, but if ya makin sense, get at me & speak yo piece! This has been a PSA by my homegal Ojette & WE here at b2a have corrospondents all over this WORLD. If ya need to get at the Blak Smith, email me at or check  me on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). That ugly Blak dude with the Big Smile is ME. Peace.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The PATTERN stays the SAME!

Hello b2a FOLK! How y'all doin? I hope that all is well in y'all worlds when y'all receive this. It's BLAK to LIFE time & man, ain't thangs KRAZY now? Yeah man, with all the SHIT goin on, heads are spinnin but rotatin BLAK to their proper places. As y'all know, things are gettin so HECTIC so slowly, THEY are lullin US BLAK into SLAVERY without the whip & chains YET! Are you goin for it? The PATTERNS are the SAME & those who pay attention to this site & others just like it, know what I'm talkin about! WE gonna get into it a lil bit & thanks to all of y'all out there who are sendin me well wishes as WE hold on to this ride WE all takin simultaneously. Let's go over to asia & Afrika & look at some of the SHIT y'all ain't talkin about.

How many of y'all heard about the crown prince of saudi arabia dyin last friday? Many of y'all prolly heard about it but with the death of y'all know who, it totally was off the radar for MOST of y'all. His name was sultan bin-abdul-aziz al saud & in case y'all get it twisted, I don't give a fuKKK about him anymo than anybody who ain't helpin BLAKS get OUR shit together. I'm writin strictly for informational purposes. Anyhoo, alot of peepo don't see what's goin on here. For those of you who think that LIFE izza GAME, I provide ya with a map of that region so that y'all can see it for self here: Now, hopefully ya map shows ya that saudi arabia is to the east of continental Afrika. That STRATEGIC LOCATION also borders the very very important suez canal & into the red sea goin into the indian ocean. That is practically the middle of the world & where all prophecies say where ARMEGEDDON will take place if ya believe in that kinda stuff as things play out. This is why the so called jew INSERTED hisself there so as to ACT like THEY from the HOLY LAND when he from khazaria in eastern russia. THE PATTERNS stay the SAME as WE see that bin laden was supposedly killed on may 1st though MOST who study this SHIT knew that NIGGA been dead since 2001 when he was killed in torah borah. Then gadaffi was supposedly killed but my gal Super Nat Turner had this on her wall page: & I'm already a RAGIN SCEPTIC though ghadaffi MAY have changed into a dude really tryin to help Afrika but to what end? Readers of books such as the Destruction of Blak Civilization, Stolen Legacy & the Isis Papers know that these ALLIANCES that WE have made with all other races of PEEPO after these KraKKa's took over have led to nothin but more MISERY for US! WE ain't learnin fast enough.

So what's at stake as the stakes are high? I'll tell ya what; I find it hard that the saudi prince dyin in the same time period of ghadaffi SUPPOSEDLY dyin more than pure coincidence. As I stated previously, saudi arabia & the very lil mentioned libya are full of OIL & the KraKKa has to control it as well as all of the routes that carry it. I wrote in my last article that occupy wall street took the war in libya off of the front pages & the next day gadaffi was SUPPOSEDLY dead. Then the saudi prince died & bin laden SUPPOSEDLY in may. What are THEY doin domestically while THEY distraKKKt US? As Afrikans, WE are not WAR MONGERS & don't create weapons to kill whole races & ethnicities. The PATTERN stays the SAME & WE goin BLAK to who WE are as NATURE intended. To really make my point, I'm gonna go off the middle east & politriKKKs just for a moment to make my point. Everybody always talks about kanye west & how he flipped his wig from his 1st 2 albums to what he's doin today. But check out cee-lo as he went from to When I lived in atlanta, I saw this dude in 1 of the free local weekly paper holdin up the baphomet. Y'all ain't gonna tell me that everybody KNOWS what they gettin into & is doin this shit voluntarily. It's the same old get the MOST TALENTED & break 'em up like y'all see in in all of these movies. THEY TELL US what the fuKKK THEY doin & y'all just lookin at these movies as 1 story when the PATTERNS stay the SAME! They do the same SHIT with almost everything else. When are you gonna get it?

I kinda covered all of this a few months BLAK in a series I'll refer to here: Hopefully y'all can see that the scramble is really for Afrika & all of her resources as these KraKKa's know that THEY can't go anywhere & need a place that's still relatively PRISTINE. Most of the destruction will be in the west & do I want it. They maskin puttin AFRICOM in continental Afrika by distractin ya with these arabs though from recent developments, I OVERSTAND that Liberia may allow it; Whatever! By surroundin Afrika on the periphery, THEY can avoid sayin AFRIKA as too many Afrikans view KraKKa's as saviors when THEY bring in inferior medicines & bioengineered foods that have side effects that WE know nothing of yet WHILE THEY export OUR SHIT, refine it where THEY are & import it BLAK to US at HUGE PROFITS while determinin the VALUE of it all like THEY do the BM's labor in the west. WE can barely afford to eat where WE at yo! This is why I urge the BW to Occupy the Crib aka do a GRAND SICK OUT on November 7th, Blak Solidarity Day to show y'all are behind ya men. Can't WE do just 1 thing together?

So there it is inna nutshell - WORLDWIDE SLAVERY for those not in the 1% that OWS has labelled THEM. A friend of mine once told me that the KraKKa & the arab is like cain & abel & the Final Countdown will include those of US who THINK that THEY have a stake in the outcome of whatever comes from that. It's gotten to the point that the patterns cannot change bcuz they have been well established over the years & works for them. Your job (that ya won't get paid for in money) is to now recognize that ENSLAVIN YOSELF to lucre is what's KILLIN US. YOU are the GRAND COG in they MACHINE! What did bush(it) say after 9-1-1 jumped off? Everything is OK & that it is yo CIVIC DUTY to SHOP & keep the lil money left out there circulatin & then the real estate crunch came & WE are! The PATTERNS stay the SAME so learn to recognize 'em. Way less than 424 days to go.......HOLLA BLAK!

Yeah I said it. Read, learn well & hope that I'm helpin y'all get free. The Blak Smith is still goin & still lookin for donations. If ya wanna holla direct, I'm at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). May ya life be long & prosperous as mine. Peace.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4 the SISTAS....feel the Blak Mans PAIN!

Hey! Damn this rain AGAIN in the NE us is KILLA! Yesterday was GREAT but all day today......THEY still goin in at wall street & look for somethin to give. wall street is synonymous with Blak Peepo bein the 1st LIVE STOCK & BIG MONEY but I call it las vegas EAST! Afrika - what up? Hope that y'all hangin tuff & note how quiet things are about Libya. This ows shit took it off of the front pages. Right now, lookin for ghadaffi is like lookin for waldo. More on that later. Every day now, WE see how really racist these KraKKa's is! The nypd gotta new sKKKandal almost every day now & that's just the 1's THEY admitted THEY caught with way more ON DECK! How about the stats sayin that more than 50% of all the BM in nyc ain't workin & when ya put that in the cooker, this stat doesn't account for the part timers & the vastly UNDEREMPLOYED meanin, dudes that should be makin 100K are makin 45K & are OVERWORKED. That leads US to where WE goin with this 1 here & it promises to be controversial so get ready to hate that NIGGA Blak Smith again LADIES........or get ready to get MAD at RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY aka RWS. WE goin in!

Ok, this goes out to the LADIES! I want Y'ALL to think about what I said uptop a few lines ago. I'm SORRY that my reach extends but so far, but.......... if ya feelin this, y'all gotta help spread this message. In tryin to conduct BIZ lately, it's GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that y'all got all the jobs as the KraKKa figured outta way for him to KEEP US OUTTA WORK while EMPLOYIN YOU & havin Y'ALL not RESPECTIN US bcuz Y'ALL are wired to want SECURITY as this is the way y'all see LUV! If I'm wrong, please correct me. I've explained this all before but let's explain it all a lil more. That's how it's goin down. WE gotta learn the game & learn how to adapt to it for US to take a STANCE. Remember the Final Countdown 2012? NOW is the TIME! What I write here is not for the FAINT of HEART so PAY ATTENTION.

Y'all doin it & proud of ya. But this......WE need to do for US! The reputation of the Angry Blak Woman aka the ABW by now izza TIRED STEREOTYPE as WE are all TIRED! I don't suscribe to it bcuz I OVERSTAND that RWS is at fault for 95% of our problems. As such, y'all got all the jobs & azza BM that luvs his MOM, GRANDMA, AUNTIES, NIECES & all of the BW's that I've ever met (even the RUDE GALS), y'all need to flip the SWITCH on things & recognize y'all leverage. If SHIT don't hit the FAN by then (like in greece), y'all have NOVEMBER 7th to do a SICK OUT on BLAK SOLIDARITY DAY. STOP celebratin these PAGAN HELLIDAYS & do somethin REAL yo! In conductin biz today, I was kickin it with a SISTA & slowly but surely got her to OVERSTAND that if EVERY BW took off of work for just 1 day, that KraKKa's machine would FALL APART with NO SHOTS FIRED. The GAME is, you don't know so you can't act on it while THEY know. In the meantime, THEY make ya THINK that you are expendable & that's where THEY POWER emanates from! THEY only wanna see US bustin OUR HUMPS & for no money an hour! THEY OVERWORKIN YA & UNDERPAYIN YA. Takin 1 day off NEVER killed anyone & he can't afford to pay his bitches what he pays you bcuz THEY wouldn't take yo job for that NIGGA MONEY. You hold the key so SPREAD the WORD!

There really isn't much more to say. Please see the game for what it is. Note, I'm talkin to those SISTAS that exclusively LUV the BM aka GOD! I'm talkin to y'all who know what time it is to tell y'all SISTAS that have given up or on the verge of givin up on US. I'm talkin to y'all who wanna see US weather this 500 year storm & see that NEW DAY on the OTHER SIDE! I'm talkin about y'all that have a BM & are committed to him knowin that he's a If it's difficult for US to find work & that BM has the ambition, aptitude & the proper fortitude to push on, my SISTA, train ya man as long as ya know he's doin what he gotta before ya give up on him. Y'all gettin alotta benefits that WE don't so FIGURE it OUT & let's get it TOGETHER for my sake. That ANGER y'all get outta the blue & tryin to kick yo man out every time he messes up comes from havin to LEAD bcuz HE/SHE who pays the piper pays the tune & the way to secure a body is thru havin MONEY which is FIAT that will soon collapse. Now that ya know this........? WE got WAY LESS than 428 days now & so excuse me Ms BW........? Much LUV to y'all & before I go, this article does not excuse the BM to be full of SHIT either. On some real, WE not havin the BULLSHIT no more. WE ain't workin for NOTHIN an HOUR like Mexicans with no papers! WE ALL TIRED & WE NEED Y'ALL! PEACE to all BW's & WAR to the OTHER SIDE! Nuff said.

Yeah, it's me again. Ya wanna stay up with a dude right? Y'all can do so at my email address at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) at anytime. WE still countin down those days so be on the lookout for....................

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't lose the FAITH!

Hey b2a PEEPO, how y'all doin lately? Sorry that I haven't written anything in over a week but as the life of a BM is HARD, I've been goin thru it. I didn't say that to say that life has overtaken me but when ya goin thru it, sometimes ya gotta step BLAK, regroup & get BLAK in & FIGHT the demons that try you. That's what I been doin & to those who miss me, STAY UP with US! This is gonna be a short lil article & as I always say, DON'T LOSE the FAITH as WE now have WAY LESS than 432 days to go. Just wanna let y'all know that when I find something, I'mma let y'all know when I do. Though I had said in an earlier post that I RAspected the hell outta the OWS movement, I've since found evidence to the contrary. To all of my Blak Peepo who luv Hip-Hop & such, Hussle Simmons & Kanye West were there last week & if it hadn't been corrupted by then, well it is now. Those of ya who read my Hip Hop has gone WILD! series from last year already know & for those of ya who didn't, I advise y'all to check it. As for you others who still doubt, check this story out: Blak Peepo have no BUSINESS out there as that is the WHITE LEFT out there. Ya know, them KraKKa's without degrees that stick around long enuff atta job, gain experience & seniority, get a promotion & turn around & enslave yo ass after y'all worked side by side for YEARS & as a matter of fact, when he first came aboard, YOU TRAINED his ASS! After all the shit you been thru, let them who ain't got no stake in the 1% get it in with they BOSSES. OCCUPY the HOOD NIGGA & Don't lose the FAITH!

World news been kinda slow lately which means to me that something BIG is ON DECK! What that will be is anyones guess but remember the sayin, the October Surprise? Do y'all remember William Cooper dyin right after 9-11? Actually, WE just went thru the 10 year anniversary of 9-1-1 but do y'all remember this?: So many of us were still tryin to recover from 9-1-1 but I betcha my Dominicanos remember that 1. There were peepo who were at or near the WTC & escaped but everybody on that plane perished that day. No doom & gloom as these events already happened & I'm tryin to tell y'all to not Lose the Faith! WE have a lot to live for so keep on livin!

What to believe in? IDK! Believe in YOU my GODS & GODDESSES! Whether it be financial or spiritual or physical, just about all of US is goin thru somethin that WE don't wanna  be goin thru. GO thru that SHIT! How the fuKKK else ya gonna build CHARACTER? The more I see the more I know & I done seen a LOT! Yeah, in different cities, states, countries & continents while some of y'all who got dough never even left the east coast. Whatever ya goin thru is leadin you to wherever ya goin & it's most unfortunate that Gil Scot Heron didn't live to see the REVOLUTION not bein televised. Well maybe it will be in an X-Ray as the TRUEST REVOLUTION 1 can have is in the HEART & I ain't talkin about heartburn after yo ass ate some hot ass taco's from that greasyspoon after the club at 4am AGAIN! Take this 1 witcha & always remember, DON'T lose the FAITH bcuz WE know what it is & WE got yo BLAK! HOLLA BLAK!

The Blak Smith is on cruise control & WE have to let y'all know that WE still here & with y'all as WE wait for that other shoe to drop. As such, if ya wanna keep in touch, do so at or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE still acceptin ya donations & still got things comin up so STAY TUNED! Peace.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flip da Script & LUV

Wat say you? That's just another WAY for ME to say how y'all doin? Things been kinda slow but recently, a whole lotta death has hit US with Rev Shuttleworth, Derrick Bell & steve jobs goin out on US. Vesta, an r & b singer died a few weeks ago & by now most of US know that death comes in 3's. I'm glad that y'all STILL here with US as WE count down these LAST DAYS & as WE speak, there are WAY LESS than 439 left!  I already told y'all about what MAY happen & what to look for but before y'all think that I'm totally CRAZY, let's flip the script on this LUV THANG as too many of y'all thinkin that I'm a violent sociopath. What is it? If you yaself was Webster, how would you define that word? Once ya have it, how would ya keep it? Let's get into that just a lil & see what WE come up with.

WE gonna keep this 1 short today & so - Luv......WE all want it. WE NEED it. WE (should) cherish it. Some kill bcuz of it. Some don't recognize what it is. Between the BM & the BW.......WAR! This is what happens when a peepo are broken up from THEIR land, languages, customs & religions. The way you LUV was JACKED & now that WE been livin around this krakka for so long, WE have ADAPTED his ways & don't know how to FLIP the SCRIPT BLAK to LUV. WE refuse to heed the words of willy lynch & those krakkas who wrote MANIFESTOS on how to keep US apart, fallin victim to the same ills that ORDINARY PEEPO do & maintainin that WE CONCIOUS, whatever that means. Life goes on. To me, LUV means that you are you worth dyin for.  As such, it shouldn't be jeopardized unecessarily. What love is is that FEELIN of knowin that that someone feels the same way & not expectin the BM to say STUPID SHIT like I LUV you if he's DEMONSTRATIN it as that is a european construct. By now, I hope that the BW OVERSTANDS that most BM won't say it bcuz if ya SHOWIN it, it sounds so empty to say. As the 5% say, SHOW & PROVE! LUV is in the MUNDANE! It's where you at as long as it's SINCERE! Anyone who would hurt you without a care as to how ya felt afterward, DOES NOT LUV you at least from where I'm seein it! That's physically, mentally, spiritually & financially. Go where the LUV is bcuz LEARNIN to LUV yoself is the

The Blak Smith is still doin it. My book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me MUST be PERFEKT & I thought that most of YOU would want e-books but alas, y'all want the paper book which is on deck! Stay in touch with me by e-mail as or as Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE LUV Y'ALL & look forward to seein y'all soon. Peace.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

I see Y'ALL!

Watup BLAK PEEPO? Hope y'all doin well & stayin the course. Last week I had made some predictions about what may soon be happenin & NOTHIN HAPPENED or did it? Here in the northeast (NY, NJ, MD DC) & beyond, it's been pretty gloomy if not outrite rainin almost every fukkkin day. I believe that THEY haarpin whatever is goin on but it can only last for so long. NATURE will take HER course! Supposedly, last week, sotero was secreted to a bunker in denver co, the us home of the nwo & no one is sayin why. Read the story here as I think that THEY lie about everydamthing anyway as he could have been anywhere: Who can prove otherwise? As stated previously in Dreamin 4 a Revolution, I finally believe that some BM ain't havin it no more. In a recent article by Dr Boyce Watkins, in a meetin between the Players Assoc & the owners, my main man Dwayne Wade dissed small hat, commissioner david stern & stormed out of that meetin when the sides wouldn't budge durin negotiations. Also, a few weeks ago, Floyd Mayweather told another small hat in larry merchant emphatically that he WASN'T SHIT on worldwide pay per view tv after mayweather knocked out ortiz. This is the SICK & TIRED of bein SICK & TIRED Syndrome that I spoke of previously & as shit gets WORSE, it will continue as most of US feel that WE have NOTHIN to lose. Athletes, who woulda thought that?

I wanna go BLAK a lil & let some of y'all know that I don't give a flyin fuKKK about what ya think of me. I'm 1 but let him tell it to y'all more SENSITIVE TYPES! That REVOLUTION that I DREAM of ain't gonna just be outrite WAR with battle lines, weapons & conventional shit........nah man, WE need it ALL to be effective! WE need diplomats, warriors, politicians & LEADERS who are FEARLESS!  Peepo like King, Evers, Nkrumah & X knew that THEY could be sacrificed & look at how those wall streeters drunk champaign as those protestin protested. Reminds me of marie antoinette advisin the lowlives to eat CAKE! WE collectively need to get on point & shoot for 1 thing & at least to me, that's LIBERTY aka SELF DETERMINATION! What I ALSO said was that WE need to erradicate RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY in each & every way EVERY DAY & the best way forward for that is to STRIKE, as when THEY BOTTOM LINE gets hurt, THEY HURTIN as their whole existence is MATERIAL! MONEY is ALL that MATTERS to THEM so hurt 'em in the POCKETS! As well, get rid of this SENTIMENTAL FEELIN of deprivin yo CHILDREN while LYIN to 'em about fat ass KraKKa's givin 'em gifts on dec 25th as sotero is the last president & this is the last time that WE celebrate that HELLI-day if WE even get to it. The way a lot of y'all reacted to that article, too many of y'all was actin like I was sayin to go on the offensive like this dude did recently  May Lamar Moore live on in US forever! Anyhoo, all I'm sayin is Omar Thornton does too. Colin Fergunson will be freed one day & hailed as a HERO! The more y'all resist, the bolder y'all make me! Wat the fuKKK y'all so scared of?

Finally, WE get to those Occupyin Wall Street & whatever other street other cities nationwide are occupyin. The WORLD as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST & y'all who wanna go back to how it WAS are on the way out. Though the future is not certain, it won't be what it is & in truth, it already has CHANGED radically while ya eyes were WIDE SHUT! The popo is bein HEAVY HANDED & though I don't march, protest, demonstrate, petition or any of that, I RESPECT the HELL outta them as they are bein abused, pepper sprayed & arrested. As I have done all of that previously & will not take abuse anymore, I CANNOT in good faith allow myself to take any kinda abuse anymore whatsoever again! The fake ass media can't even hide what's goin on there & can no longer afford to NOT report it as hundreds a day are gettin arrested but that ain't stoppin 'em! Blak Peepo, WE already have a DAY to STRIKE WHOLESALE & that's next wednseday on columbus day & in early november on Blak Solidarity Day. If ya CAN'T do that or something like it, DO SOMETHING & stop thinkin that RWS is just gonna disappear until it affects you & then ya wanna be the BIGGEST ACTIVIST ever. Too many of y'all will be judged for ya actions BEFORE this SHIT turns around so get READY 4 REVOLUTION! My REVOLUTION is to eradicate RWS by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! That's my STORY & I'm stickin to it! I see Y'ALL!

The Blak Smith stay goin in & got stuff on deck for ya! Stay in touch with me at or at Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As HE says in the HOOD, HOLLA BLAK & tell US what ya know that's GOOD & HOOD! Peace.