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The Final Countdown 2012/Adverse WEATHER whether U like it or not

What up peepo? I been tellin y'all that this SHIT was comin & y'all think that I be BULLSHITTIN. WE passed the QUICKENING stage a few days ago (10/28) & look at what's been happenin since! Let's start with last week & ghadaffi dyin. That is 1 of the BIGGEST stories of the year. Then the saudi crown prince dyin. Now Saturday the 29th of october & a major SNOWSTORM hit the northeast us. I NEVER saw red, orange, brown & tan leaves mixed in with snow. EERIE! The snow wasn't really that heavy BUT what was even crazier was that so many tree branches were down as if thunder hit 'em & I'm talkin 300 pound tree branches here mixed in with all of the fallen leaves......what a sight! At this point, I don't know what to say as far as if this is haarp, the poles shiftin or what but - WE in the days of the Final Countdown! We got 417 left & every so often, I'm gonna have to bring this 1 BLAK but at the same time, stay current. I ain…

The Progress THEY want YOU to have

Whatup y'all? In whatever ya do, STAY the COURSE & keep the FAITH bcuz believe it or not, WE are still WINNIN! With WAY LESS than 421 days left (maybe 1), WE goin to the stratosphere! sotero just sent troops into uganda & let's see where that's headed. The so called Middle East (Northern Afrika) is goin thru all kinda upheavel so watch that. The greek economy is where the us economy was 2 years ago & continuin to fall & winter is almost here in the northern hemisphere. Once again, it's rainin like a mothafugg & it's way nasty out there! For those of ya wonderin when my book is comin.........keep wonderin but SOON! It's so much goin on & supposedly, the net is gonna get shut down on 11/9 to TEST the SYSTEM. We'll see what happens in the long run but for now......I got my gal Ojette the Joyous Cat on deck talkin about how these niggas play the same game all over the world with lil twists & turns to fit the game wherever they playin…

The PATTERN stays the SAME!

Hello b2a FOLK! How y'all doin? I hope that all is well in y'all worlds when y'all receive this. It's BLAK to LIFE time & man, ain't thangs KRAZY now? Yeah man, with all the SHIT goin on, heads are spinnin but rotatin BLAK to their proper places. As y'all know, things are gettin so HECTIC so slowly, THEY are lullin US BLAK into SLAVERY without the whip & chains YET! Are you goin for it? The PATTERNS are the SAME & those who pay attention to this site & others just like it, know what I'm talkin about! WE gonna get into it a lil bit & thanks to all of y'all out there who are sendin me well wishes as WE hold on to this ride WE all takin simultaneously. Let's go over to asia & Afrika & look at some of the SHIT y'all ain't talkin about.

How many of y'all heard about the crown prince of saudi arabia dyin last friday? Many of y'all prolly heard about it but with the death of y'all know who, it totally was of…

4 the SISTAS....feel the Blak Mans PAIN!

Hey! Damn this rain AGAIN in the NE us is KILLA! Yesterday was GREAT but all day today......THEY still goin in at wall street & look for somethin to give. wall street is synonymous with Blak Peepo bein the 1st LIVE STOCK & BIG MONEY but I call it las vegas EAST! Afrika - what up? Hope that y'all hangin tuff & note how quiet things are about Libya. This ows shit took it off of the front pages. Right now, lookin for ghadaffi is like lookin for waldo. More on that later. Every day now, WE see how really racist these KraKKa's is! The nypd gotta new sKKKandal almost every day now & that's just the 1's THEY admitted THEY caught with way more ON DECK! How about the stats sayin that more than 50% of all the BM in nyc ain't workin & when ya put that in the cooker, this stat doesn't account for the part timers & the vastly UNDEREMPLOYED meanin, dudes that should be makin 100K are makin 45K & are OVERWORKED. That leads US to where WE goin with …



Don't lose the FAITH!

Hey b2a PEEPO, how y'all doin lately? Sorry that I haven't written anything in over a week but as the life of a BM is HARD, I've been goin thru it. I didn't say that to say that life has overtaken me but when ya goin thru it, sometimes ya gotta step BLAK, regroup & get BLAK in & FIGHT the demons that try you. That's what I been doin & to those who miss me, STAY UP with US! This is gonna be a short lil article & as I always say, DON'T LOSE the FAITH as WE now have WAY LESS than 432 days to go. Just wanna let y'all know that when I find something, I'mma let y'all know when I do. Though I had said in an earlier post that I RAspected the hell outta the OWS movement, I've since found evidence to the contrary. To all of my Blak Peepo who luv Hip-Hop & such, Hussle Simmons & Kanye West were there last week & if it hadn't been corrupted by then, well it is now. Those of ya who read my Hip Hop has gone WILD! series from la…

Saul Williams - Sha Clack-Clack!




Flip da Script & LUV

Wat say you? That's just another WAY for ME to say how y'all doin? Things been kinda slow but recently, a whole lotta death has hit US with Rev Shuttleworth, Derrick Bell & steve jobs goin out on US. Vesta, an r & b singer died a few weeks ago & by now most of US know that death comes in 3's. I'm glad that y'all STILL here with US as WE count down these LAST DAYS & as WE speak, there are WAY LESS than 439 left!  I already told y'all about what MAY happen & what to look for but before y'all think that I'm totally CRAZY, let's flip the script on this LUV THANG as too many of y'all thinkin that I'm a violent sociopath. What is it? If you yaself was Webster, how would you define that word? Once ya have it, how would ya keep it? Let's get into that just a lil & see what WE come up with.

WE gonna keep this 1 short today & so - Luv......WE all want it. WE NEED it. WE (should) cherish it. Some kill bcuz of it. Some do…

Who wants 2 go? Ghana Tours Feb, May & Oct 2012 Promo Video


Uhmmmmm.....I think I said same


I see Y'ALL!

Watup BLAK PEEPO? Hope y'all doin well & stayin the course. Last week I had made some predictions about what may soon be happenin & NOTHIN HAPPENED or did it? Here in the northeast (NY, NJ, MD DC) & beyond, it's been pretty gloomy if not outrite rainin almost every fukkkin day. I believe that THEY haarpin whatever is goin on but it can only last for so long. NATURE will take HER course! Supposedly, last week, sotero was secreted to a bunker in denver co, the us home of the nwo & no one is sayin why. Read the story here as I think that THEY lie about everydamthing anyway as he could have been anywhere: Who can prove otherwise? As stated previously in Dreamin 4 a Revolution, I finally believe that some BM ain't havin it no more. In a recent article by Dr Boyce Watkins, in a meetin between the Players Assoc & the owners, my main man Dwayne Wade dissed small hat, commissioner dav…

Paul Mooney Analyzing White America Full Version