Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Y'all Hang On

Ayo, whatitdo? This be da Blaksmith goin thru some reconstruction! I don't want y'all 2 think dat I ain't takin care of my site but things done changed, U kno? We still here doin things in Ghana, plannin, strategizin & plain old gettin it 2 work 4 us Blak Peepo! What y'all doin out there 2 help da cause? What are y'all seein dat I ain't seein? Who U with? What time is it? We wish 4 this site 2 be interactive as it will soon go left in a way that U have never seen b4. So when I tell y'all dat I'm comin, it won't have anything 2 do wit sex. Of course dats always a good thing 2 but we won't get into dat now. There is so much goin on in da world now & we got 2 talk about it my peepo! Dat means dat we gotta talk about da new world order or da NWO. We gotta talk about Swine Flu Vaccines or what I call Head Nigga in Charge(HNIC). We gotta talk about alla da wars & rumors of wars. We gotta talk about how da world is changin & whats da name of my site? In a word, we gotta talk about NATION BUILDING as we are a fragmented peepo who need a COLLECTIVE HEALING. Throw ya suggestions my way as 2 how we can BUILD A NATION 4 US & those 2 come. I ain't jus talkin about Ghana either as I care 4 each of U from da Afrikan World. I am U & U are me whether in Jamaica, Brazil or da Boogie Down Bronx! Just like Peter Tosh says! Y'all hang on & take this ride wit me. It promises 2 get betta as we go along. PEACE OUT & get at me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Stole X-mas?

Hey, welcome BLAK 2 another edition of black2afrika with ya host, da Blaksmith. B4 we proceed, I'd like 2 big up da Blaksmith! How are all of U? I'm still in LUV MODE, so stay in tune while we do this, U heard? We comin soon with some stuff 4 sale & we will be a force 2 reckon with as 1 only needs .01% of da internet 2 respond 2 us 4 us 2 be successful. Come aboard & check on us frequently. We ask dat U leave a comment in the lil box 2 da right of my rants & raves. We are on a serious, continuous GRIND MODE MISSION & like Super(BLAK)man, wish 2 provide U with truth justice & da REAL Afrikan way. Lying, cheating, stealing & outrite deception in my book is out of da question unless 1's life is in danger. We here at black2afrika wish 2 tell y'all 2 get ya mind's rite because we all kno dat as da days go by, we will be needin each other. When economies break down, societies break down. Readin Revelations is a good thing 2 do in these days & times. Meditation is a MUST! Prayer is not meditation & as I saw it in a book recently, prayer is actually begging, something dat is said here regularly. Life is luv & all 2gether now, we are all in da Luv Zone. I see what's happenin in da Snakkkes & Fort Hood & such incidences will increase as time marches on. That right there is how this is goin down. Isolated incidences will continue 2 happen & da blame will always rest on the "Lone Gunman Theory," as all other things get worse. If U hve been watching da news lately, they talkin about da DC Sniper all over again & if he should be executed by da law. 1 MUST question why certain things come up at certain times & really see what's goin on BEHIND DA SCENES when so much distractionary behavior occurs. Y'all must get it in ya minds dat when 1 sees these things bein reported WAY LATER, dat U MUST read da fine print & check it again! Check BEHIND DA SCENES!All kinds of SHIT will continue 2 happen in da world & I now KNOW dat da ONLY thing dat's gonna whip BLAK peepo into shape da world over is a major cataclysm as 9-11 & Fema(Katrina) wasn't enuff 4 us. Face it, most of us is in SURVIVAL MODE & we waitin 4 dat other shoe 2 drop but when? Y'all should look 4 MAJOR SHIT 2 start happenin around X-mas when those who use 2 buy $10K worth of gifts at this time of da year, start realizing dat their purchasin power now is $200. Now I'm not sayin dat everybody & they Mom is gonna be out on da prowl lookin 2 stick up da world but what becomes of a person who used 2 be able & now can't do something dat they learned 2 take 4 granted? This is da purpose of da NWO/Illumunatists. They wish 2 BREAK da middle class peepo & create da old Pimps Up, Hoes Down Syndrome or in other words, SLAVEMASTER/SLAVE realationship & in this case, it AINT ALL ABOUT COLOR. I got a way 2 beat dat tho & I want y'all 2 peep it out. We can beat 'em without firin a shot & here's how;Don't buy anything dat U don't need! Don't celebrate X-mas! Be traditional & don't be a CONSUMERIST! We are all consumers but a consumerist buys things dat they don't need thereby, FEEDIN DA MACHINE dat CONSUMES U! Got gifts or got Jesus? If U look it up 4 real & examine it, it's a made up holiday made 4 mercahants 2 turn a profit b4 da END OF DA YEAR. Peepo who still eat at Mcdonalds & celebrate X-mas 2 me are so pathetic! If U wish 4 ya children 2 believe in Saint Nick who upon further research is da DEVIL, then U a LIAR & a DECEIVER & U need 2 be punished. SANTA=SATAN! What peepo call an old white man in a red suit I call a DEAD BURGLAR! So again, who stole X-mas? When dat question gets thrown at ya, tell 'em da Blaksmith took it & if y'all want it back........HOLLA BLAK!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Da Luv Zone(Part 10 an update for Is Blaksmith a Spy?)

Ok, so Tatto & Mr Roarke are now living in my old place! Dat nigga is still sleepin in da bed dat I WAS sleepin in! Prolly din't even change da sheets. What kinda shit is they doin? Da last time I went 2 Moringa's class, there were about 5 or 6 peepo there & he was talkin his usual same old SHIT! Dat dude don't know anything about discourse & he should look da word up. I do this here 2day thru da luv zone so da H-word won't be mentioned. God help me but so much has happened since U last tuned in so LET'S DO THIS!
Ok, I used 2 live in Airport West/Dworzlu Area @ Panky N A Brains Place & I don't even care anymo, dats Panji & Nana Anoff. Da Madame of da house is thier sista & she runs things there, tho she is much younger than da brothers. Because she is respectful, I won't include her name. Anyhoo, Mr Roarke hooked me up wit da place as stated in my, Is Blaksmith a Spy series of last month. As I was ready 2 leave da house, I had set up a biz 2 make some hot T-shirts wit Afrikan Based Themes. Some of y'all seen 'em. Me & a guy named Sneezy teamed up 2 do 'em & in da beginning all was well until he started jus doin his own thing. I'm like, Sneezy, we need 2 account 4 what we doin here & it went in 1 ear & out da other. Da excuses started & all da game dat Ghanians play when actively choppin ya money. I saw it 4 it what it was & kept it movin because they tryin 2 break me. Whatever & tho low on dough, I moved out because the peepo there was startin 2 act really FUNNY STYLE.
Lo & behold dat AGAIN, HATER A(Roarke) appears on da scene after I get phone calls askin me why I moved outta such a beautiful house 2 move around da Accra area. My sources tell me dat our favorite couple moved into a studio apt FROM A BIG HOUSE dat they jus moved into a few months ago & dat Tattoo will be leaving blak 2 da US in a few weeks. WOW!!!!!! That sounds like they more BROKE than me but I'm alrite. They NIGGAS is still callin me usin peripheal peepo 2 try & get me 2 talk but I ain't tellin y'all nothin because y'all still watchin anyway. Let's get into da Anoff Brothers.
Ok, alotta y'all gonna not like me but Panji Anoff was a major figure in all of this Hateration being thrown about along wit some of da Household Help. They almos broke me but they don't kno my spirit. I moved 2 da house in Nov2008 as a brother(or so I thought) & shared all dat I kno & shared all dat I had. At 1st as usual, it was all luv & I even wonder now if Ghanians can look at any1 not from Ghana as a bro or sis & I mean this inna real way. So much 4 tribalism. Nana is jus about always in da house doin his ART & introducin me 2 all peepo as a CIA SPY. I tolerated it in da beginning but as time went on, I told him about it & from there, shit was never da same. Because Sneezy works for Panji, he was advised by his boss 2 chop my money & get me outta da house 2 usher in Tatto & Mr Roarke 4 doin such a great job & allowin him 2 finish me off. I was tryin 2 do music only 2 be bounced between Panji & 1Luv after showin nothin but LUV 2 all of 'em. I soon found out from relaible sources dat these dudes are unscrupulous & dat peepo shouldn't do anything wit 'em as they don't pay they PEEPO alotta da time. He will pay if U makin him & he needs U again as I know he would never play Mensa dat way. They think dat I came here 2 TAKE OVER da industry & won't let me eat off da plate while stealin ideas & ruining my reputation at da same time. U see, dat paradigm shift time is comin & in dat time, this will no longer be permissible! They want 2 KEEP DA SYSTEM DA SAME & control young Ghanians so dat da PAYOLA, PAYLESS PAYDAYS & all this crooked shit continues. I tell all young, up & comin artists 2 stay clear of these dudes & if U desperate 4 money, FUCK wit THEM & get jerked. This is why I want this Where From Shit 2 stop bcuz I'm older than all of 'em & they still did me in behind closed doors, but who exposin who? They already ruined my name 2 da point dat they can't do anymo but try & get rid of me but THEY CAN'T because dat same spirit dat kept me alive durin my MALARIAL DEATH is still in me & I'm puttin my life on da line 2 see AFRIKA come up with me in it. Who da FUCK are U? If peepo do a hard day's work, they deserve 2 get paid, so PAY 'em. Anything else is SLAVERY & 2 alla y'all readin this, especially da youth, what is it gonna take 4 y'all 2 stand up & say no more of this shit? Da elders teach da youth so don't start talkin about saggin. Don't blame da music either. Don't blame da influence of da west 4 all these young women sellin they bodies. Blame ya old crusty ass western influenced WAYS dat U adopted from da Europeans & now we got so-called Afrikans lying, cheating, deceiving & sleepin in beds of others frontin like U a big shot or something. Whatever happened 2 living simply? Ain't dat da Afrikan way?
So let's sum up da Luv Zone here once & 4 all. As far as Dr. Moringa, what is he teaching? He is teaching HISTORY BUT he will NEVER empower any1 2 take over 4 him as he is a Megalomaniac. I used 2 always tell him 2 put a financial component into his study group so as 2 empower those in his group, because if U know about our glorious past & U doin da same SHIT everybody else is doin, dat would make U a HYPOCRITE! If U scared 2 die, stop doin this SHIT! If U been here over 20 years, who from ya group feels a need 2 finance U so dat U can stop hustlin folk new 2 Ghana? Most of his younger members have tried 2 hustle me in 1 way or another & what do U have 2 say 2 dat? Who's teachin 'em dat SHIT? Mr Roarke & Tattoo, y'all jus need 2 leave & go somewhere else as ya act is now tired. I'm gonna make it my biz 2 tell ANY1 near U da TRUTH! Y'all have entered into an evil entity & even ya own co-conspirators are waitin 2 see y'all go. Double agents abound as ya evil deeds catch up 2 ya! Always kno dat ya sins reflect on ya children. I'm still helpin y'all. hapPY, U still got time so decide if U gonna swallow da red or da blu pill. 4 Panji & Nana, U guys are already established in Ghana as Ghanians & even if U think of me as Obruni or some Afrikan Amerikkkan NIGGA, it's ok because I KNOW dat my intentions 4 ALL my PEEPO are noble & dat y'all could never dull my shiny spirit. Da cat is outta da bag now & don't be on pins & needles when ya see me. I'm in ya country tellin da TRUTH about what y'all showed me & da TRUTH is all I need 2 stand on. I kno dat Panji pays his enemies but U can't pay enuff money 2 keep ya lies goin 4ever. Stop cheatin & stealin man. Would ya Dad be proud 2 know what U do? Wasn't ya Dad a diplomatic Doctor? In some countries, a diplomat is nothin but a spy. How is it dat U can fly 2 jus about any country so easily? And clean dat pig-sty of what U call an apartment as no woman would ever want 2 live in dat filth. 2 Nana, stop suckin Panji's DICK! As well, as I told Nana, da best way 2 be a spy is 2 be an artist. All ya thinkin time is spent thinkin on.........Yes Ghana, da Blaksmith has now spoken! Hopefully now, some of y'all might work with me or see yo asses get crushed! I'm on it like dat!
Remember, I am super talented & they have 2 get rid of me as they know dat I could take 'em out, HONESTLY! They have 2 dirty my name. I gotta challenge 4 y'all tho. Anybody who don't like what I say here can call me & we can get into a boxing ring & duke it out. I prefer 2 box Panji as he knows so much & have Nana refereeing & ya brand new tenant as da cheerin section! This could be wherever y'all wanna do this at. Don't call me coppin pleas or have ya cronies callin me either & when U do see me, don't be nervous. I'm in YOUR COUNTRY & ain't nothin gonna happen 2 me but GOOD SHIT! Oh & tell Daisy(if that's her real name) dat I say hello! With dat, good day & may da LUV ZONE bless U with lyrical gems. Don't holla back, HOLLA BLAK!!