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the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS - Part VI - the Conclusion

Dr John Henrik Clark

Hey & welcome BLAK to the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS 1 mo' & agin! As usual, I am the Blak Smith & WE have been moving thru space & time like a mofo yo! How y'all doing out there as the summer season sets in? I hope that all is well where ya at & that drinking plenty of CLEAN WATER & fruit juices in season! So, what I'm trying to show is that the way that WE THINK CHANGES like the wind & also, could ya just IMAGINE who & WHAT YOU would be if ya were LIBERATED/FREE? What would ya have invented? Where would ya be? What would ya do with ya discoveries & all that? Some of US have to do what WE do bcuz WE were sent to do it & with that, I'm trying to be like Dick Gregory & the GOD uptop! Who YOU trying to emulate in life?

R.I.P Messach Taylor…



As WE go along, WE find that thru TIME, CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLVES! So far, WE'VE gone thru time showing the B.C era & that WE as BLAK PEEPO were once regarded as G.O.D! WE'VE shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that when WE are left alone or FREE, that WE ALREADY DID EVERYTHING & all the d'EVIL did was EXPOUND on what WE already did! WE'VE seen that WE'VE struck 1st & even defeated rome when it was strong & that WE would later do bigger & better things! In each case, the level of CONSCIOUSNESS had to EVOLVE as each era defined the peepo & vice versa. As said before, the book Destruction of Black Civilization covered too much of what WE know but what about a lil known book such as Harding's, There's a River which exposed the very many insurrections & revolts during SLAVERY which lasted 400 years.

This is why it's so important to SUPPORT those of US who tell OUR STORY bcuz WE have no reason to keep TRUTH…


This is the pic that tells the TRUTH! As said in the last installment of this series, ya own POPE prays to this imagery whether he believes it or not! Ya see, the name of the game for them d'EVILS is to use reverse psychology so as to make ya THINK that YOU are INFERIOR! Over & over again, the ancient FREAKS (greeks) used to regard US as such & actually renounced those earlier philosophers before they saw the sense in MA'AT! Read Stolen Legacy by George GM James! So, to those of ya who wanna bring Me that Jesus was a BLAK MAN & all of the rhetoriKKK that goes with it, IDGAF what ya think bcuz YOU are that LEADER that ya need to FREE YOU! As far as I'm concerned, they are all merely FIGUREHEADS for the ignorant to FOLLOW! Here at b2a, WE look to create leaders by 1st, INFORMING YOU & 2nd, by ENTERTAINING YOU! As such, CONSCIOUSNESS constantly changes & with that..............let's EVOLVE in TIME!

WE don't have to be overly specific when it comes…


Part I

Part II


So here WE are again talking about the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS & all that blazay blazay, yaketty yak stuff. What up though? It's finally SUMMER & watch for all of the PSA's announcing that D'EVILS be mindful of the SUN. Imagine having to hide from the SUN yo..........? Anyhoo.......WE here speaking on the EVOLUTION of ya know what & so far, it's been quite a ride. As WE are an ancient peepo, of course I won't be able to cover most but WE will try OUR BEST to hit those crucial parts of OURSTORY that need mentioning. With that, let's get into it!

I hope that Y'ALL know who that is in the pic above. Maybe ya might know him as Yashua or Osiris or Yahwe or Jah or..........hope ya get the point. Well........this du…


Chancellor Williams December 22, 1893 – December 7, 1992.

Yea.......I know that Y'ALL think that the Blak Smith is gonna do a lil OURSTORY in increments of 1000's of years but NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why I start today's article with the GOD Chancellor Williams is bcuz his tome, the DESTRUCTION of BLACK CIVILIZATION starts off at 4500 BC & went to pretty much 2000 though as ya see, he died in 1992. I WILL NOT be like that as the Baba passed in a nursing home & as I don't know why Doc Ben is in 1 as WE speak, I'll keep any judgements to self................for now! Today, what I wanna address is those of YOU who still wanna talk about how WE were TRADED without the CONTEXT that there were Afrikans who FOUGHT bcuz they KNEW that the D'EVIL was EVIL! So if ya wanna be LITERAL about it, WE can also expound on 2000 Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah. For now though, these peepo who fought to not have the slave trade happen shall remain NAMELESS & in fact, mo…



Before we can begin to consider the evolution of consciousness, we have to ask when consciousness first arose? Are human beings alone conscious, or are other creatures also conscious? Is an animal such as a dog, for example, conscious?*

Hey Y'ALL & welcome BLAK to b2a where I TEACH, INFORM, CONVINCE, PISS YA OFF, LEARN & basically, do what I do & that's ALL of the ABOVE! In doing that, WE gotta know that another GIANT died making DEATH comes in 3's TRUE as in maya angelou, Ruby Dee & Lil Jimmy Scott just a few days ago. If ya don't know who he was, check this here at

Little Jimmy Scott (1925 - 2014)

With that, YOU out there reading this must know that it is US who MUST pick up that MANTLE that OUR ANCESTORS leave behind. As rws crumbles more & more everyday, WE MUST work on OUR OWN MO…


Image now, I hope that WE ALL KNOW who he is & what he's doing! Was gonna share the short video but after seeing this, wanted to SPREAD LUV & show the reasons as to WHY WE should get with this! Shout out to the late & great Ruby Dee who passed recently as she joins her HUSBAND, OSSIE somewhere out (or in) there. There's a lot going on & with that, I'll let y'all allow Dr U to take it away. WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is on the HOR(US) ON!

R.I.P Ruby Dee 1924 -2014


I keep telling Y'ALL that WE 1st INFORM & then ENTERTAIN! As I don't think that this BROTHA, Bokeem Woodbine gets enough CREDIT, I decided to dig up this OLDIE but GOODIE! Speaking of which, those 2 children STABBED UP on the elevator in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago for some reason dosn't sit well with Me! Now all outta the BLUE, the slayor wants CAMERAS installed as if crimes haven't been happening in the Boulevard Houses. I think that they wanna make it OFFICIAL that anyone not on the LEASES CANNOT be in those buildings & who knows.........used a MANchurian MANdidtae to get it done with mk-ultra programming but what do I know? As well, this would JUSTIFY STOP & FRISK all over again for those LEAVING the buildings. They KNOW HOW to make US REACT using PSYCHOLOGY for MORE POLICE, the WORST SHIT for especially YOUNG BLAK MALES!

Anyhow.........catch this OLDIE & wait for something new inna few case ya missed the last joint & wanna FIGURE OUT W…

Why are black women so ARGUMENTATIVE? A SISTA SPEAKS!!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid as it's not even 8 minutes long.

I don't have much to say but AGAIN, the #1 REASON as to WHY the BW is usually ANGRY is bcuz she suffers MOST at the hands of racist white supremacy aka rws! Lesbianism is just 1 of the symptoms. Never having a WORTHY MAN is another. Unfortunately, by the time MOST REAL EYES this, it's too LATE! THIS MESSAGE doesn't MEAN that the WE BM don't have OUR OWN ISSUES but............I'll let the SISTA do her thing & BW, I luv ya & hope that YOU can get a lil from it all! To US I say MORE PEACE but for the other side, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SummerStage Presents: Chuck Chillout / DJ Hollywood / Brucie B / Chief Rocker Busy Bee / LA Luv and 4th Quarter Boyz

hosted by Mick Benzo in association with Universal Zulu Nation and the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop culture

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
The legendary Chuck Chillout began his illustrious career on 98.7 Kiss-FM in 1982. Chuck Chillout was one of the first D.J.s to become world renowned & includes Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa and Slick Rick. “Hip-hop was fun and energetic during this time. Hip-hop was just growing so there was a lot of creativity and great liver performances,” says Chuck about the hip-hop community in 1982. Chuck has been blazing new trails ever since, including becoming one of the first D.J.’s to play hip-hop music in Japan. Chuck’s affiliation with old and new school Hip-Hop and R&B has helped him land the title of one of today’s most sought after DJ’s. Most recently his participation in the Essence Music Festival & Cruise has escalated his career to new heights.

D.J. Hollywood’s career began in 1971. A native of Harlem, New York, he was…

EXACTLY what I would SAY.........Dee-1 - Jay, 50, and Weezy

I PRAY for these CATS & how ya luv that?

Hip Hop is GOD

OPERATION HIP HOP is NOW on FULL SWING!!!!!!! Hey b2a & welcome BLAK!!!!!!! As the above title says, WE in here! To make perfeKt sense outta what WE trying to do, please refer to OUR latest series that tells ya just why WE need an alternative to the standard RECORDING INDUSTRY & all the fuKKKery that it involves! Ain't ya tired seeing that BIA dizzy azalea, ryan clewlis & wacklemore? How in the whole year of 2013, BLAK ARTISTS ain't have not 1 #1 album knowing that WE are MUSIC? Check out the series Parts I - V & I'll be back to let ya know;






To get ya …