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Understanding The Use Of Deadly Force Dr Ray Hagins

Y'all NEED to watch this with the YOUTH!!!!!

There is so much INFO on this 1 here! As that be the case, fuKKK writing about ebo-LIE! This 1 here is for y'all who still wanna do the SAME SHIT on a DIFFERENT DAY expecting DIFFERENT RESULTS! far as I can see, WE gonna switch gears & start getting Y'ALL the REAL while WE can! Before I go in though, just know that I don't agree with all that is in here & that there are OTHER WAYS but...........I hope that this will be NEEDLESS as there is so much going on that they are NOT talking about! My REGULARS know what I'm talking about! For now though, get into some Doc Hagins & see what he's talking about! Until it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Blak Smith is a paid PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER, AUTHOR, ORATOR, MC, DJ & so much more! Get with US as WE can take a lot of ya creative projects to the NEXT LEVEL! For all of the info ya need, go here at ht…

Ya MONEY is HERE!!!!!

Before WE go in, a FAT SHOUT SHOUT OUT to Boogie Down Bronx Native OURSTORIAN & EDUCATOR, MORGAN CHRISTOPHER POWELL who passed away in early October under MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES! As there is no next of kin, if ya know anyone related, please contact Our Time Press Editors at Damn!!!!!! As well, another SOULJAH went out in a HARD WAY but...............he may have taken a KKKop with him! His name is Zale Thompson & he AXED 2 cops yesterday in Queens NY & is now DEAD in LIFE but ALIVE in OUR HEARTS! His name will NOT go down in VAIN & WE LIFT him UP & THANK HIM as WE do NAT TURNER, DENMARK VEASY & TOUISANT LOUVERTURE!

 (Zale Thompson right before he STRUCK) I had no idea that I would be going in on what I'm now going in on! For those of ya wondering, "when will it all end?", the time is NEAR! For OUR feartured presentation, know that what's posted …



REV PHIL VALENTINE Guess who's BLAK? It's Me & after going in on how I AIN'T gonna get no J.O.B, time to say a few things I should have said some days ago. There are days when I absolutely SUFFER bcuz I KNOW TOO MUCH about REAL LIFE! But.............I cannot be ENSLAVED! Too much is happening & in this article, WE will do a SANKOFAH & go BLAK before WE go forward! In this video, the Rev will espouse on some of the ways that HIP HOP was TAKEN from US among other things. Now remember, this Rev is 1 of METAPHYSICS so if ya looking for easy answers, GTFOH NOW! As well, he speaks on just how the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM was set up & it wasn't all that long ago..........WOW he goes in & in earnest, if ya wanna cut to the chase, go to the 35 minute mark. No need to speak on much as he covers so much ground.

to get at anything the Blak Smith is doing, go to this link; http://black2a…



Ayo........Part II is on deck! This 1 here is gonna get at ya & so hold on for some surefire FIYAH! What I'll do on this 1 is REWRITE this most excellent post & make it from the BM's perspective. After that, I'll analyze it from a PERSONAL POINT of VIEW & go from there. If ya wanna make sense of it all, check this at posted just a few days ago! Lately, there has been TOO MUCH to cover & all ya gotta do now is go online for that INFO! Let's get to it as there is so much to cover as in, WE CAN'T be REAL REVOLUTIONARIES if WE STILL WORKING for RWS ONLY! Let's get into it!

This is PERSONAL & if ya feel the STING, then I'm talking to YOU!

I'm still fairly young and feeling very fortunate to still be living as a BLAK MAN in relative health in the u…

the Red Pill Truths about Your Long Term Unemployment

Long term unemployment is not so much a reflection of your skills, attitude, and abilities. It’s more a reflection that human labor is being hollowed out

I’m still fairly young, and feeling very fortunate to have formal employment which covers my necessary expenses, with some leftover money to spare for rainy days. That is on top of being a small-time online entrepreneur, which can (hopefully) allow me to live someplace warm and modestly priced in Latin America someday. Just work online and live a simpler life which is true to myself (no car or commute is necessary!) and clearly removed from the toxic culture landscape of U.S. strip malls, poisonous food, and anti-productive social policies.

But what about the tens of millions of Americans who are not anywhere close to having my fortunate circumstances? Long term unemployment (or underemployment) is a major issue for those who are stuck in the American vortex, with seemingly no options to escape. Unfortunately, I have so…


This is the REASON why Breezy STAYS in TROUBLE:

People In the Western World Need to Know What's Happening Here in West Africa.


"Ebola" as a VIRUS does NOT exist and is NOT "SPREAD!"

The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross. That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news, the TRUTH! Now bear with Me:

Most people jump to "Depopulation" which is no doubt always on the mind of the west when it comes to Afrika. But I assure you, Afrika can NEVER be depopulated by killing 160 People a day when thousands are born per day. So the real reasons are much more tangible.

Reason 1:

This vaccine implemented sickness being &…


(by NO MEANS do WE mean to diss Mama Sojourner Truth) If YOU ain't LIVID that NAGA's is still getting killed in the Lou, I can't FUCK with ya! Did y'all see what happened to dudes in BK? I've been crying silent tears to myself lately bcuz this SHIT I've BANKED on isn't happening FAST ENOUGH & this SHIT is DISCOURAGING! It feels like there's a HELL right here & if ya reading this then ya in it! Ayo ALIENS/ENTITIES/INNER EARTHIANS & whoever else that matters, get yo ASSES here & get US outta this SHITTY EXISTENCE! I will be taking a break from all of this bad news & TRY & find the silver lining in the clouds & don't worry about Me as this isn't a SUICIDE WATCH! Nah.........I got things to take care of & I think that I've given y'all enough info to this point! If y'all can't or won't SUPPORT Me, I still gotta love Y'ALL but now, I feel my missions are…

Black Dot asks Is Hip Hop the New Counter Intelligence Program?


The way news travels today, unless ya been sleeping under boulders, ya know that Thomas Eric Duncan has passed on to the ANCESTORS! If ya don't know who he was, he was the dude that supposedly contracted ebola in Liberia & came to Dallas TX & was hospitalized a few weeks ago.

(may he R.I.P!)

In an article I posted just last week, I had said "Watch what's going on around ya at all times & just know that euros who SUPPOSEDLY come down with the disease will be cured & WE will DIE!"* WE now see exactly what I'm talking about & it won't stop there! As I was watching the news, there may now be a case in Westchester NY which is just above the Bronx NY county line. As this MAY NO…

Bobby Hemmitt - Assault On Melanin/the Blak Man's DNA

these TUBERS took down the ORIGINAL LINK but the 1 below is LIVE! 

Again, WE come to another 1 of OUR MASTER TEACHER & in this case, WE talking about the GREAT BOBBY HEMMITT! Last year, this man had a stroke & from what I OVER STAND, is staying at home & resting with his close loved 1's taking good care of him. When I was in the A-City (his home), I kept abreast of his condition but being BLAK up top, makes it hard to get good info as to how he is but, he's still here, ALIVE & KICKING! 

WE go BLAK to the FUTURE!
Many apologies go out to Mr Hemmitt as I don't give him enough credit for what he has taught ME! A lotta the info he talks about here is in my book along with info from Steve Cokely, the Conscious Rasta, Black Dot, Professor Griff, Doc Umar Johnson & all of those elder teachers who are still here & gone. WE have to give it up to those who have taught US & I was just on an FB post that wishes to…


I was gonna post another lecture of 1 of OUR MASTER TEACHERS but there is so much happening & WE gotta get on it doggone it! That will continue when WE get breathing space but for now..........


A big SHOUT OUT to the X Family & just so y'all know, WE ain't FORGET about YOU & the FAMILY! To my revered BROTHER, I had to put yo pic up bcuz I gotta get my peepo's attention & it has to be NOW! The FULL ON ASSAULT for WORLD SUPREMACY is now ON & POPPING! Check this video out really quickly & ya only need to watch the 1st 5 minutes to get the point of it all at Here WE go.................

Ayo, for ALL BLAK PEEPO WORLD WIDE, YOU have been TARGETED for DEATH! With the aid of the internet, you have figured out that they are the DEVIL & wish not to WORK for him whilst he STEALS OUR RESOURCES! Remember, during the Rwanda situation, ya very 1st BLAK (p)resident as in kkklinton…

Why Do You Believe In God? - Dr. Ben Jochannan (Real Black Atheist)


Yea....why do YOU BELIEVE in this so called G.O.D? Don't ya know that this spells D.O.G backwards? Did ya know that the 1st christians were based on the MYSTERY SYSTEM of the CAT & this is why WE named it CATHOLICISM? When they came to OVERTHROW, they had to get over & instituted DOGMA which ain't nothing but LEFT BRAINED RELIGION & WE now know that the word religion means to TIE BACK. Take a look at some old dictionaries & tell Me that I'm wrong but...........if ya think that this is a GAME, let a real LIVING LEGEND tell ya what it is! I wanna be like Dr. Ben, Clark, van Sertima, Garvey, Williams......................

(the Blak Smith with Dr. Ben September 2014)

WE got what ya need......plenty of Y'ALL wanna write a book. Well at least.....plenty of y'all WANNA write a book......let the BS show ya how it's done but befo…