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The Government Shutdown is a SMOKESCREEN!!!

A government shutdown on Tuesday (Oct. 1) would force NASA to cease most of its operations and furlough the vast majority of its workforce, space agency officials say. Fewer than 600 of NASA's 18,000 or so employees would likely keep working through a shutdown, with the aim of ensuring the safety of human life and the protection of property, according to a plan the space agency submitted today (Sept. 27) to the Office of Management and Budget.* So......will the government shut down? Who knows & if so, what will that mean to US & more in particular, YOU? Ya see, there's something going on that I don't hear most of US talking about & why I used this news story to make my point. The hint is that NASA may cease to operate because the emergence of Nibiru aka Planet X aka what they are now calling COMET ISON becoming apparent & why I always say that WEATHER is the TOP NEWS STORY! Do y'all remember the southeast having 60 degree days in mid August? Did y'…

40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One this is a MOVIE

An hour and a half of the TEACHER as he goes in on EVERYTHING from sneakers to hats! As so much is being said here, no need for much commentary but watch as INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & HIP HOP take over the WORLD! WE at b2a luv y'all & Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is COMING! Enjoy & HOLLA BLAK at US at b2a.

STRATEGY is the GAME!!!!!!


With so much DRAMA in the WORLD TODAY it's kinda hard being the BLAK but somehow some way......WE gonna get right into it as they TRY & SMOKESCREEN US to DEATH with all of this al qaeda SHIT which means the TOILET & they CREATED it anyway! al qaeda & their AFFILIATES still exist & the reason for the pic is so that those of YOU who are geographically challenged can see what's where! As of the last count, there were 68 DEAD in Kenya & scores more injured & then the u.s comes out with the OFFICIAL WORD with this: Let the GAMES BEGIN!

The Good: Stratego is a unique blend of strategy, memorization, and unit management.
The Bad: What better way to teach your child the horrors of war than with some plastic pawns that are given a numeric val…

The Secret Life of Plants FULL


Ya BETTER get STRAIGHT with NATURE about to see SHIT WE ain't NEVER seen before! If ya think that the last few days were something, just wait for C.I or who I now call Comet Ison! In lieu of all that, when I say that I don't wanna be bothered with them, don't get it TWISTED that I wanna be bothered with niKKKa's bcuz in TRUTH, they are the REAL NIKKKA's! With flicks such as these, no need to say much but I started reading this book a few days ago & it's absolutely BLOWING my FUCKING MIND! While ya at it, get into the album that Stevie Wonder made as a soundtrack & get with NATURE as SHE is ALL WE really got! Happy viewing from ya HOLLA BLAK DUDE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy UNHEARD CONVERSATION...


Things are HEATING not get distraKKKted!


What up to my b2a peepo today? I hope that wherever ya are that ya doing ya thing despite whatever is going on & that's A LOT! As THINGS are really HEATING UP, let's get right into it & say what it is! Did ya hear about those FIRES just outside of san francisco that almost took out that city? This happened in yosemite park & if it had blown their WATER & POWER..........?! Imagine if california's 3rd largest city had that happen with a subsequent EARTHQUAKE to follow? Everything west of the rockies belongs to what is now polynesia anyway! Most peepo that I'm cool with didn't even hear of it but if ya think that WE joking:

How SAFE is the infrastructure in yo neck of the woods? Do ya have extreme confidence in it? I won't lie as I hadn't heard of this either until my dude Purnell Crawford hipped…

C Freeman El - Master Science Moorish Numerology

(as this is HEAVY, please watch in pieces)

I won't need to say much on this 1 but, this MAN taught most of OUR CURRENT & so BIG RESPECT to just 1 of OUR SCHOLARS who spit that REAL! What do ya know about NUMEROLOGY? Should WE be looking at a date like 11/12/13? Why do so many things happen on dates that add up to the # 36? Anyhoo......take it away MASTER TEACHER C FREEMAN EL!



Well well, as my dude above provided US a TRIBUTE to Rakim Allah, the Blak Smith has to give 1 BLAK to OUR POET LAUREATE who flows so GANGSTA! That 40 year old chick that WE ALL gave it up to last month (8/11/13) has borne US GOD's SON & he has GIVEN US so much as WE have all grown with him & HER! Instead of writing a whole bunch here, what I will do is allow for US to hear US GROWING thru Nas & what he has provided to US for over 20 years now. With that, I present IMHO, the 25 GREATEST HITS from Nasir Jones! WE LUV ya BRO!

2. New York State of Mind:

3. If I ruled the World:

4. A eye for a eye:

5.Phone Tap with the Firm:

6. WE will SURVIVE:

7. Ether:…


THEY THINK that THEY are so SMART but when ya add up the time on this clock, the numbers equal 36 or 3 6's or the 666! Watch them NIGGAS yo! Anyhoo, I got this post off of 1 of my fb pals & when I read this, I felt 100% BETTER! Ya see, if ya wanna say that all of US need a BELIEF SYSTEM, this is MINE as I'm a FEELING TYPE & I want for all of US to have what WE SUPPOSED to have in LIFE! THEIR TIME is UP & as I always say, it ain't just ME saying it! Take this as I couldn't say it any better & I HOPE that ya get something outta it! WE are here but WE going here!

Until recently the dark cabal’s power was all but omnipotent, but now the point has been reached where it can no longer deny you your sacred destiny! A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event …

23 YEARS of 911 BUSH(IT)!

Here is the passage george h.w bush uses the miscreant phrase:  We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a new world order -- can emerge: a new era -- freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we've known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the wea…

Dreams To Remember: The Legacy of Otis Redding OUR SOuthern SOULSTAR!!!!!


Hey to all of my b2a peepo & how are WE? Lately with all of the TROUBLES of the WORLD, once in a while, WE gotta give it up to just some of OUR GREATEST! Outside of Sitting on the dock of the Bay, I recently DISCOVERED the Legacy of Otis & just what he meant to US ALL as he exuded the PROPER SOUL somewhat like Donny Hathaway & Curtis Mayfield. This is a look into his LIFE & how he went WAY BEFORE his TIME at the tender age of just 26 yo! DAMNNNNNNNNN!!! Instead of writing, I'm gonna let Y'ALL ENJOY this & know that my newest book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is still on the way. I wish PEACE on ya SOUL & for the other, WAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devil Music - She's 40 & REAL EYESED WHAT it IS!!! - Part X the CONCLUSION

So WE now really SEE who OWNS an INDUSTRY that I along with ALL of my CO-CREATORS CREATED eh? But before WE get into ALL of THAT, WE 1st gotta talk about what's happening NOW in the WORLD & how they are still distraKKKting US into a frenzy with this & that! This is why I've URGED all of US who will listen to no longer SUPPORT OUR young'uns to enlist in the military to accept BLOOD MONEY from the govt. WE have BIGGER FISH to FRY & NATIONS to BUILD so why should WE allow 'em to be mere cannon fodder? Remember when that N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S dude said that "either ya slingin' crack rock or ya got a wicked jumpshot?" The 3rd OPTION that I'm glad most young BM AIN'T taking today is the military bcuz THEY are born KNOWING & would rather be imprisoned than join up like so many in …

The 40 year old ARRIVES to NOW - Part IX


So WE at OUR last 5 year MARK ending exactly on August 11th 1973 when I turned 40. So many have did Me to the point of Me not remembering those HAZES of PURPLE & so many sips of Malt Liquor until I grew up & stepped it up a bit. Man has it been a ride & mine eyes have seen many a FANTASIES & DISASTERS. It's been quite an ADVENTURE & from my purview, it seems like the sky is the limit. I've still got some growing up to do & in the process of it all, I've learned who I am as well as who WE are & as far as WE'VE come, there is still so far to go. But before WE conclude this all, I've got to let US know that WE gonna be ALL RIGHT when WE's FREE & so STAY ALIVE knowing that WE gonna WIN! Llaila Afrika of Nutricide fame always says that the ONLY SCIENCE in the UNIVERSE is MELANIN! There WE go!

So where the he…

She's GROWN & SEXY but about to CHANGE!!!! - Part IIX

Image y'all doing? I hope well when ya get this. It's been quite an interesting year as it just got REALLY HOT in the southeast on the eve of labor day weekend. Regardless of what ya thinking, the WEATHER is still the story of the year as WE had 90 degree weather in alaska & don't Y'ALL REMEMBER that METEORITE that hit russia a few months back? Man, WE looking back on this series & WE can hardly believe that WE are already on Part IIX with just a lil more to go. I hope that Y'ALL are feeling just 1 of OUR FAVORITE CHICKS & help US to assist in seeing her get BETTER as the BEST is yet to come! If ya ask me, she's doing just FINE & in fact, ya OUTLOOK depends on where ya at in life. In order to get her full effect, ya gotta go see her LIVE & UNFILTERED. I don't really THINK that y'all are feeling me & so check out this link yo! Respect the ARCHITECTS!…