Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garifuna's: my Peepo!!!!!

Hello my peepo, whoever you are, wherever you are or whatever you do. You know who I'm talkin to. This is still black2afrika & I'm still the BOSS of this here ya heard? We BLAK in LIVIN COLOR as all colors make up.....can y'all believe that the Haitian cholera crisis is bein caused by the nepalese soldiers shit runnin into the water? Before this, Haiti's last cholera scare was 100 years ago. They still sufferin & will be for some time to come. Accordin to the Atlanta Voice(Oct 29th-Nov 4th on page 4), in a conversation in GA, a BLAK man named Daron Lee asked a krakker, "I'm sorry, I'm not in a cotton field. Ok?" Williams replied, "you should be." Is that racist? Juan Williams was fired from NPR. Yawwwwnnn... this flu shot shit is back full swing & y'all better not be tellin me y'all gettin shots after THEY all tried to scare the livin daylites outta everybody last year & ain't nothin hardly happen. The doctors are now even admittin that this shit gives peepo Guillame Barre Syndrome & you need to look up what that can do. In other news, the Blak Smith says that X-mas still sucks! ChemiKILLS aka phtalates in your favorite FRAGRANCES are killin y'all slowly. Some of the worst culprits include LIMONENE, ALPHA-PINENE, ETHANOL & ACETONE. ALL of the BAD things that you INGEST is givin you cancer! As I luv y'all so much, try & be healthier peepo as you are goin to need to be. In last weeks Atlanta Journal Constituton dated Oct 24 on page A13, was an article entitled, Is the world's population too big? It gave basic info on demographics & lead nowhere as the only peepo concerned with such matters are those as B.I.G would say, are ready to die. I've been tellin y'all to do some research on the Georgia Guidestones, the King Alfred Plan & Agenda 21. Somethin is comin soon & y'all need to be ready to be very UNcomfortable. More & more every day it seems like marijuana will be legalized in Cali........Peter Tosh lives! Ain't all this crazy weather CRAZY? Finally, in the AJC again, on Oct 24th on page D2, was an article named Think outside the j-o-b box written by Deardra Campbell. In it, she posits that "we continue to hope & wait, placing the onus for job creation on others - businesses, government, etc. - rather than looking inward at what "we" (not the collective we, but the individual we) can do. Perhaps it's time we redefine j-o-b to mean creating our own employment oppurtunities." Y'all NEED to be thinkin HARD about what you can do as most jobs are now GONE & ain't comin back! Lets get it in about my Garifuna Peepo.

My Peepo. Very stubborn! The Garifuna are proud peepo from AFRIKA, primarily from Mali. Who are WE? Well there are plenty of sources to quote from & I'll try to be as clear as possible in this writin. In his groundbreakin book, They came before Columbus, Dr Ivan Van Sertima wrote that migrations from Afrika to the supposed new world started at about 1200 BC & 800 BC. In this book, he says that they landed in what is now known as Mexico & all through Northern South America. The Caribean Islands are also in this equation. Make no mistake that when Columbus came to the Amerikas, there were AFRIKANS here already as attested to by his historian, Bartolomo de Las Casas. If you won't take that into account, then what about the Mande migration that occurred in 1310? Note that BLAK Africans were also found on what is now known as Haiti/San San Domingo & there it is;* a foundation to say like in what is now known as the USA, we were already here. Y'all gotta remember that Columbus never set foot on what is now known as the USA. Let's go!

*reference source(

So as we now see, Afrikans were already here but....the Garinigu(plural in the language) mixed it up to make one peepo. Some like my grandmother on my fathers side were blue-black & some like my grandfather were yellow. We come from the Yellow Caribs, West Afrikans(again PRIMARILY but not EXCLUSIVE to Mali) & the Arawaks who were scattered all over the Caribean by the arrival of ya favorite peepo. As such, we are Maroons which basically means that WE would not & could NOT be enslaved. The Garifuna language is an Arawak language with plenty of outside influence as Belizeans speak it with English & Hondurans speak it with Spanish, makin it all one big mashup. As we should all know by now, by the time of the ship wrecks, the krakker sorta had it figured out & used to sail with differing Afrikan Peepos so as to prevent easy communications between like peepo. We still was tearin shit up & that's why the Garifuna were never enslaved. Those who were already on this side recognized our peepo & wasn't havin us comin here while they watched & went on openin cans of whoop ass as these ships arrived. Needless to say, we all mixed up & Afrikan Seafarin existed before the krakka existed! As the tropical climes mimiced our homeland, we found it easy to eat the same TYPES of food & though things were different, it was almost like home. We could run into the hinterlands & adjust. You see, we had to become one peepo, rebellious, stubborn & not givin a FUKKK! We still like that til this day & it's killin us as we eatin fukkked up food & all but I ain't worried. We press on!

I gotta big up my great grandfather Lazaro who was an Afrikan Man. Though my father knew him, he never told me that my great was really a great man. My great was a man who had plenty of land & therefor had plenty of women with plenty of children in the tradition of the Afrikan spirit. Who the hell is gonna work the land if not them? This FALSE REALITY we in got us thinkin that jobs are supposed to be promised. Anyhoo, in Travesia, a primarily Afrikan Village just outside of Hondurases main port city, Puerto Cortes(Rich Port), there's a section named after my great named San Lazaro or Saint Lazarus. This is where my grandfather is from & his wife & my grandmother was from Belize. As I stated earlier, Belizeans speak English & Garifuna & Hondurans speak Spanish & Garifuna. Though my grandmother never learned Spanish, she lived in Honduras most of her life yo! Some of the Indegenous of Honduras know the Garifuna language & luv to do our dance, Punta. If ya had met my grandma when she was still alive, ya would have thought she was Jamaikan. My grandfather on my mom's side had 2 families too. This is the Afrikan Way & y'all better get used to it bcuz responsible men are hard to come by. Just wait til this DEMONIKK SYSTEM of money plays out. There was no tv, very few radios & so FUCKIN was really fun instead of typin out all of this shit like I'm doin here now late at nite. Get over it bcuz you probably thinkin on fuckin right now. I see you lol'ing.

The name of this site is blak2afrika. Just like in Afrika, the Garifuna are in trouble. Y'all know that the krakkas get all the blame. Over there, they think AIDS exists & when I went for a year, them NIGGAS thought I was crazy for sayin that shit over & OVER! I tried to tell the peepo there to stop takin the medicines & eat better but they wouldn't listen. Honduras is also the stoppin point to Columbians comin up & if they get caught tryin to cross Mexico, they send 'em back to Honduras as it's half way to the US. Y'all already know.....the Columbians got that COCAINA for cheap & them NIGGAS in Honduras couldn't get enuff & now you gotta alotta ZOMBIES out that bitch! So JUST like krakk hit the hood coupled with AIDS in the US in the 80's, this also affected the place of my parents birth with devestation, destruction & death! I know bcuz I lived there for a year IN 2000(thought that Y2K was gonna smash civilization)& saw alotta this shit with my own eyes. Alotta my PEEPO died when I was there. Damn & SMH!!

So now y'all know a lil more about me & glad that I could accomodate y'all with info. My peeps here in the US try to call me by my birth name but I ain't havin it ANYMORE so when you see me & you try it, I'mma give you that look like you crazy. My name is the Blak Smith aka Rotgut Swampwater, the coolest dude you ever met from the BRONX NY, birthplace of Hip Hop & of 100% Garifuna Stock. Lite me up & smoke me but before I finish, I'mma say it again. I'm a Maroon like Russel Shoats & I ain't playin games with none of y'all NIGGAS anymore & I don't give a FUKKK if ya don't wanna read what I'm writin right here right now. I dare you not finish readin. Ok, now that ya still readin, this goes out to supposed friends, foes & family; if ya don't respect me, that means you don't like me & stay the FUKKK from around me. Times are real sirius & shit gonna change in ways you can't imagine. Years ago, these motherfukkkin krakkas was killin the coconut trees in Honduras & replacin 'em with inferior ones & ain't nobody do SHIT! How you gonna let these REPTILIANS come on your land & kill an easy way for a few peepo to make a lil money? That coconut water is MEDECINE & they wanted access to the seaside so that they could put up resort hotels & have the natives workin for peanuts like in other nearby places!! At least they not sellin the land but.....that's my peepo for ya. Y'all need to know for any peepo or anybody, ya strength is ya weakness. We stubborn & I'm stubborn! I'm an AFRIKAN with GARIFUNA blood born in New motherfukkkin YORK! Garifuna's is my PEEPO! I am GARIFUNA & proud of it!! If I ain't never said it before, TAKE THAT MOTHERFUKKKER!!! Holla BLAK!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Man, they seem to be GETTIN IT again out in Haiti as peeps are dyin of cholera. It hurts to see that. Sorry that I didn't greet y'all but much too much is goin on. Has the call to help our people there done yet? I see that in an act of PAN AFRIKANISM, President Wade has accepted 100 young Haitians to go to UNIVERSITY in Senegal for FREE! More of this needs to happen & happen it will. Did y'all hear about the blip on the radar screen about the Chinese shootin 12 peepo out in Zambia? I USED to think that them goin to Afrika was a good thing as they would offer an alternative to the so called Western Powers but now they are PROVIN to be just as bad. Ayo, them Niggas got small armies over there protectin their investments. More on that later. The NY Yankees are officially outta the world series this year. Anyhoo, everytime I see any pics of the bp oil spill, I never see whites, only young Blak or Latino dudes who they don't care about as they breathe in all those toxic chemicals. I'm even willin to bet that most of 'em are illegal immigrants or ex-convicts. Them FRENCH niggas is goin at it eh? On page 6D of the USA Today dated October 19th, appeared an article entitled, New Campaign Laughs in the Face of Malaria. Instead of gettin into the story of this, I can tell y'all as a malaria survivor that ain't nothin funny about that........but the article shows US what it's really all about. It says that "Malaria was erradicated in the United States in the early 1950's but still looms in the third world. According to Malaria No More, 2000 children die every day from malaria in Africa, which breaks down to a death every 45 seconds." I was advised by a very good friend of mine that it took the US just 6 years to get rid of malaria & we can't get rid of it there in AFRICA or wherever it's endemic. That's HOW MUCH THEY think of you for those who still need PROOF. Every time I turn around lately, a Japanese car company is havin a recall when you NEVER heard that before. First Toyota & now Honda. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA aka fools druggin amerika) is WARNIN people not to combine 2 VERY POWERFUL DRUGS together as they can cause DEATH. Those 2 are Roche's Invirase & Abbott Laboratories, Norvir. As this info came on the heels of the CDC sayin that 1 of 22 Blaks will get AIDS, the Blaksmith would tell ya to use ya mind & STOP TAKIN ANY MEDICINE AS AIDS IS A HOAX! If you believe ya Doctor over me, TREAT WHAT AILMENT YOU HAVE & NOTHIN MORE! On page B1 of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a news story entitled Robbers steal pharmacy drug reported about gunmen who came in & stole some "purple" & left without takin any money. The article written by Mike Morris( mentioned that this drug promethazine was used by "hip hop types & athletes & even went so far as to say that T.I was busted with it in Cali. All of his references were code words for URBAN BLAKS! I wanna see the same get mentioned the next time any of these young white chicks gets arrested for doin drugs. He mentioned Hip Hop 3 times!!!SMMFH!! On page B3 of the same paper, same date, Africanized bees killed a man from Dougherty County. I thought all of the bees in this country died off already. Boris Kodjoe owes the irs 250K. Rapper Young Buck is now BANKRUPT. If rick ross was smart, he'd pick him up but 50cent is really smart & I'm more than sure had a no compete clause in Bucks contract. Maybe Buck gonna move to STASHville now. Why alla y'all got tattoos for? Accordin to the Society of Dermatological surgery, it shows that over 50% of everyone receivin a tattoo wants them removed eventually. WOW!! Niggas will FOLLOW ANY TREND!! So now that we know that, let's get into what we here for & GO BLAK TO AFRIKA!!!

After meetin with a friend the other day out here in Atlanta, on the way to the train station, I saw 2 beautiful young ladies walkin up ahead. As they were walkin & talkin, another young man approached from the side & complimented them. They said thank you & proceeded talkin & walkin slowly. As he neared me & bcuz WE had both been eyin the ladies, I thanked him well for bein respectful & it was more than obvious that he was African. We introduced & the conversation was about.....AFRICA. He was from Botswana & his name was Robert. I had asked the brother if he had heard about what I wrote about above in regards to the Zambian-Chinese shootin. He said no & then noted that he noticed that Afrikan Amerikans always tend to have our gripes with krakkers, slavery & how THEY don't faze him, so & on & so on. He was also alrite with the fact that in his country, THEY dig out the land, removin HIS RESOURCES & makin him THINK that he needs to be here around them to be rich though he didn't say that last part. After he more than made his point, I asked him if somone came into his house, violently killed his elders, raped his wife, sold his children to who knows where, raped HIM & HIS WIFE & made them work forever for free in their home, how would he feel. In his exact terms, he said that he would be a LIL UPSET & before he could mouth off more excuses, I promptly shut him down & told him that, "he needs to OVERSTAND that he shouldn't UNDERSTAND it & not to speak to Afrikan Amerikans in that manner as this wasn't a one week occurence in our history. I explained that we went through this for over 400 years EVERYDAY of our existence & that we have a right to be MORE THAN A LIL UPSET & we STILL GOIN THRU IT. I also explained that in order for him to just be looked upon as a man, some of us had to die for him to be as free as he is NOW. As I wasn't goin very far, I wished him a great day & this is where the story begins.
Before I go in, a big shout goes to Ajoke Soblak Bunmi Alfred. She be keepin it tight with me & she gets mad luv here from all of us at this site. We goin in now: Avid readers of this site know how much I luv US! I luv AFRIKA & AFRIKANS wherever WE are & don't think I just named this site bcuz of my year there in Ghana. As I grow, I seem to notice more & more that alotta Afrikans from the continent GRUDGINLY say that we as Afrikan Amerikans have a stake in Afrika. Too many say, if we wanna come that we HAVE to develop. Now before y'all REAL AFRIKANS start writin in sayin I said ALL, note I said ALOT! To those guilty of all this, I have this to say to you; when ya say those kinda things without a hint of any sympathy, you make me & I'm sure alotta us uneasy & when I say US, I'm talkin about those of us who want to go to what we consider our ANCESTRAL home. Most of us who do wish to go home are not ya typical Amerikans who we are disgusted by as well. You make us feel as if ya own family were slave catchers buyin & sellin people. Brother Sengor, the President General of the UNIA tells us that we never gave away our citizenship there & now we gotta jump through all types of hula hoops to get BLAK? Too many Afrikans have this blazay attitude about what WE ALL went thru as we were IMPRISONED & y'all were colonized. The BIG DIFFERENCE in all of this is that we were cut off from all things Afrikan & while colonization was brutal, as you weren't seperated from the LAND, you kept the culture somewhat intact, however bastardized it got. We were ALL forced into new foreign customs with religion bein the one that killed us as whole AFRIKAN BEINGS & y'all wanna hold on to it. FUCK X-MAS!!!! We don't speak the languages or have the customs but most of y'all wanna come here where I'm at & I can't stand it here. What to do?
Now, to ALL of my fellow Afrikan Amerikans, to you I have this to say. Stop makin the statement as if it's FACT that ALL Afrikans sold us into slavery. Again, as this is a very controversial topic, y'all must OVERSTAND that though some did, it's not the whole truth & therefore must be qualified. There are over 3000 different types of Afrikans & to forget that some fought AGAINST this tragedy is to be derelict in ya duties. This in my opinion is why it is so important to know history as my livin in Ghana all of that time taught me that though Ghana was the hub of the trans Atlantic Trade, the Aqua Pim fought valiant wars against sendin people outta the country. They even gave up land known as Fihankra just outside of Accra to REPENT for that sordid past. Queen Nzinga of Angola DIED fightin the Portugese & before WE start spoutin off our mouth about somethin we just heard & never researched, know these 2 names & know that there are many others who felt or did same.
Now, I'm speakin to all of us: Who the hell are you? I ask myself this question all of the time. In answerin that question, the answer of who are we shows up. When you surround yaself with cut throats, if ya ain't one, what would ya do when throats start loppin off? If you are, no need to ask that question. My point is, when you can answer that question loudly & proudly, we can get somewhere but hopefully, ya tellin the truth when ya answer. Us bein crazy ain't our fault but it will be after ya read this. MOST OF US IS LOOKIN AT EACH OTHER THRU THE EYES OF EUROPEANS & THAT WILL NEVER EVER WORK as he looks at us as all the same from HIS own perspective. The shootin of Amadou Diallo shoulda proved that to alla us by now but y'all know.....we get mad for 10 minutes & it's back to partyin. Though the movie 2012 came out sometime ago, I just saw it & in the end, the only place left to go was in Afrika where SHAKA ZULU is from. Should we assume that this mixed cast of peeps wanna come in & share in the wealth? WTF YO? THEY TELLIN US WHAT THEY DOIN & THEY GONNA MOVE IN & LET THE CHINESE DO ALL THE CLEARIN FIRST. To y'all Afrikans who think that Afrikan Amerikans are lazy or complain about the krakker too much, do y'all want FOREIGNERS runnin ya countries? If an Afrikan Amerikan & a continental Afrikan have children, those children would be indistiguishible from any Afrikan child. We ALL need to stop playin as only those who are ready are gonna lead US into the future as the future is NOW. I write this bcuz I ain't gonna give up on any of US. I ain't thinkin all of us is gonna change but we gotta get 3% more from the 85% & 1% of the 10% makin us the 9%'ers as 9 is the number of completion. You need not do anything new other than LUV & RESPECT ya people. WE ARE ALL AFRIKANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except those krakkers I see peekin in) I LUV AFRIKANS & HOLLA BLAK!!! 788 DAYZ 2 GO!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Scatter Shots

Hey y'all, what's happnin? I'm still here as the Blak Smith & y'all still out there bein y'all & y'all still luvin me like I'm luvin y'all or so I think. I'm out here in the A City & I'm still dealin with HATERS on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL & even ran into some here not long ago. Wow, I'm that international asshole to some but ya know what, Haiti is still goin through it so what am I complainin about? Accordin to the Final Call dated October 12th on page 15, storms shredded aging tents in the earthquake camps. You see, a storm came thru destroyin thousands of tents as most if not ALL of the infrastructure was torn asunder durin the quake & bcuz of deforestation, those storms wreaked some heavy havoc! Millions live in those camps & though only six died, 8000 tents were destroyed mostly housin women & CHILDREN. They still goin thru it. Been hearin alotta good things about the Secret Realationship between Blaks & jews Vol 2. Go cop that. Though I don't deal too much with US politrikks, Obama's goose looks cooked already. Where alla y'all Obamamaniaxxx now that y'all even see that the Prez is SELECTED & NOT ELECTED? Can anyone say President PALIN? They related any fukkkin way! X-mas should not be celebrated if ya readin this but y'all.........This is kinda an old story but did y'all hear that Buju Banton caught a case traffikkkin coke that he beat? T.I about to disappear again for 11 months. Kanye was contemplatin suicide but doesn't say why eh? I can't make heads or tails from this article but check it at>1=28101.Lil Wayne is finishin his bid in the box. Man, Hip Hop & those we think be chillin have gone WILD! The father on the old skkkol tv show, Happy Days died & ho hum. Ayo, we think shit is hard here but are y'all watchin what's goin on in Europe? They strikin in France & when they strike over there, they just don't strike; they GET IT IN & if ya think I'm kiddin, check the net for footage. As the euro drops, look for more shit in the PIIG countries meanin Portugal, Italy, Ireland & Greece, home of the homo's. Do y'all know that Russia is buildin nukes in Venezuela? This is the equivalent of them doin same in Cuba 50 years ago. That dude Chavez is the MAN!! What's up with that? X-mas still sucks! Why y'all older folks always talkin about young folks & how they don't wanna listen like yo old ass ain't never did nothin ya parents hated? Did you smile after that bit of irony? Guilty smiles suck! Yo where you think they learn they shit from anyway? Let's get a lil serious now; what's up with keepin the Scott Sisters in jail so long? Elanor Bumpurs. Their case kinda sounds like the Mumia Abu Jamal case in that so much of the evidence is at best, FLIMSY AS A MOTHERFUCKER! Tyisha Miller. From day one, these 2 sistars, Jamie & Gladys have maintained their innocence. Aiyana Jones. Ayo, even if they are guilty, they didn't do the actual robbery & it only got the robbers $11. Latasha Harlins. It's so bad bcuz Jamie is sufferin from kidney failure & they don't wanna revisit any retrials. Sherrice Iverson. Doesn't this just make ya wanna........Kathryn Johnston. Looks like things kinda quieted down in the Bitchup eddie long case huh? He told y'all that he was gonna fight this out in court & allota y'all reactionaries started askin well if he innocent why ain't he sayin somethin? You have ya answer. Will the Yankees win another world series? The Knicks still suck! Ayo DUCK, I just scattered a whole buncha shots RAPID FIRE. HOLLA BLAK as I LUV Y'ALL!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scatter SHOTS!

Hey y'all out there in BLAKland & to all of my HATERS, watup & watitdo? It's the Blak Smith & I'm BLAK in livin color. Today we talkin about...well, everything! I always say that there is so much goin on bcuz there be so much goin on. You know like, Haiti is still FUCKED up & I'm still the true & livin GOD & I luv me some me boy! Alotta stuff &.....It kills me how Blak People don't connect the dots when natural disasters occur. First we had the bp oil spill in LA & now that toxic sludge spill in BUDDAHpest Hungary. Ayo, that sludge may run into the river danube, the second largest river in all of urope. There's a whole bunch of countries DOWNSTREAM from this disaster & they can't build enough retainin walls fast enough. That shit is burnin thru villages yo!!! The dots not bein connected deal with the fact that with the supposed dwindlin of water supplies worldwide, lately, major disasters have been affectin water & I'm not so sure that you can clean this one out. Towns will be evacuated & this will have ramifications down the line. Anyone for a hot cup of clay? That rick sanchez dude simply told the truth about them so called jews & john stewart showed him how really powerful they are as a lobby huh? Dude got FIRED the very next day! If that ain't power, what is? And then, rick had to apologize to john stewart!!! WTF?? It ain't like he gettin his job back. That situation should settle once & for all that THEY run SHOW BIZ! Please again, refer to Hip Hop has gone WILD! Parts I-X. Don't know if y'all saw this one but a few weeks ago, soledad obrien of cnn fame, interviewed supposed 1980's Atlanta child murderer, Wayne Williams & blindsided him with a question about his ties to an ex-CIA operative. Ayo, alledgedly speakin, his mission was to go to Afrika & be an oppressor & maybe he was gonna whistleblow & ......well you know. Y'all should refer to my archives & check Is Blaksmith a Spy Parts I-X. Life never ceases to amaze me. Though Mr Williams to this day vehemently maintains his innocence, they POLLED the public & most still say that he's guilty. So much for polls & juries! I keep hearin that the depression is over but who believes that? Ayo listen, family is ya peepo but ya peepo ain't neccessarily family if y'all smell what I'm cookin. I see that NYC is about to ban sodapop buyin for peepo receivin food stamp money. That's a great thing but how far will that go? It looks like pretty soon, MARIJUANA will become legalized in California as that economy has been utterly destroyed & bein that it's already been practically LEGALIZED anyway, what's the fuss? They need tax revenues & this is a great way to start raisin 'em up. We do tell good news at times here. It seems like the NY Republican runnin for governor insulted the gay constituency by sayin that "there's nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual." This dude, named Carl Paladino also opposes gay marriage & that community is up in arms. ed koch must be glad about that eh? Wonder where thats gonna wind up. It seems like the gay agenda is a very big thing nowadays. The greco/romans wish to bring their last empire up to snuff but it won't work. While readin the Atlanta Voice dated Oct 8-14th in an article entitled True Devotion, the BitchUp eddie long case is the front page story. For alla y'all who ask why he hasn't spoken on the allegations yet, we have the BitchUp sayin that he would not beome mired in a street fight, meanin, he'll talk in COURT!! I ain't sayin he did or didn't do it; I already said in my last article that if he didn't, I DON'T wanna to see him get RAILROADED & if he did, that he should be PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE. Allow me to quote from a mr rafer johnson, founder & former co-chair of the Atlanta based, black gay men's network. He says that "the Black church has created a false enviorment & that it doesn't stop someone from being gay, it just forces them to hide." He further posits that "Spiritual leaders who continue to ignore, offend or dismiss the gay & lesbian community, do so to the detriment of their flocks. We should be embraced because of all the talent & resources & commitment we can bring to the church. If gay people collectively got up & walked out on the church today, it would fall apart." To finish this biz, another dude named travis davis says that he was on the verge of tears as he recounted all the times he sat in the Black church pews & felt insulted by ministers who rebuke gays while simultaneously allowing them to lead choirs & accepting their tithes. SAD & VERY TRUE but wow, what have we come to here? This is why I don't do FAKE ASS religions bcuz the last time that I checked, HOMOSEXUALITY accordin to the bible was considered an OBAMANATION! This is not me bein anti-gay bcuz I'm sayin what the LIBLE said! Those who are supposed FOLLOWERS now want to twist the WORD into they own WORD & make it mean what they want it to mean if you follow that crapola anyway. I tell my friends who are inclined to that type of behavior that there would be no more people to do that with unless THEY start clonin grownups & other than that, if that floats ya boat, leave it OVER WHERE y'all do that at! Again, my problem is not with them as long as they not recruitin CHILDREN but with POVERTY PIMPIN & the tactic of gettin money from people who don't really have it. mr long could get convicted IF he didn't do it OR get away if he did usin FAKE SPIRITUALITY, lyin about who GOD is & when I call MYSELF LORD & MASTER, y'all gotta problem with it. Keep ya GOD bcuz I got mine!! They breakin us ALL down to leave us languishin with no leaders with all of this DISTRACTION & y'all can't see it for what it is. Y'all best DUCK cause this has been my SCATTER SHOT! Where's dick cheney at when ya need him?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why the BitchUp eddie long Case is Important

Watup & watitdo y'all? For all those who don't OVERstand that, that's slang for watup? It's ya favorite BLOGGER the Blak Smith & I'm BLAK! There is so much goin on so let's get right into it. Haiti is bein taken over & what a shame. white people are STILL RACIST & most blak people have no real clue as THEY have their faces stuck in the ground lookin for...... Let's see.....went to a dual citizenship conference last week as in tryin to get Afrika to recognize Diasporan Afrikans from Amerikkka as full fledged original people from the continent that birthed our spirits. It was good & I met alotta people that I would not have met under any other circumstances & we will UNITE but it's gonna take a long time & that's why I want that cataclysm we all waitin for to happen. Don't y'all just luv me? Another severe weather system hit the Northeast last week & though no major damage was done, this marks the second one in just a few weeks. I got info earlier this year that an earthquake would rock NYC in September & I was wrong but be on the lookout as anything can happen at anytime. Imagine an earthquake in the winter under 10 feet of UNRELATED NEWS, it seems like a few weeks ago in London, emergency trainin for natural disasters consistent with quakes & hurricanes were conducted even though that place is NOT prone to those type of catastrophes. As I went to my homepage, I see that the brits are uppin the terror alert level & somethin is comin behind this bcuz they runnin outta time. I hope that y'all know that we are all under the auspices of the UN FORCES & that they can respond to an extinction level event & LOCK THE PLACE DOWN. Don't y'all remember the coalition of the willin? Keep on livin. A big Hip Hop Festival will be goin down in the A on Oct 7th, 8th & 9th. Seems to be promisin. One of my favorite artist, Bilal just came out with a new album named Airtight's Revenge. Does anybody buy CD's anymore? And finally, somethin bizarre & oh....I don't know...check this out; in the Rolling Out magazine dated September 23rd in an article entitled, "San Francisco Prison Installs Condom Machines: Encourages Gay Sex, tells it like it is. Let me just give y'all a snippet as to what it says; "A mixed message is currently being promoted at a local San Francisco prison. According to the laws of the land, sex among prisoners is ILLEGAL(emphasis mine). But if that's the case, then why are prison officials installing condom machines around the facility?" A lil further down the article says, "This move sends the wrong message. Instead of equipping prisoners to have sex the right way, why not enforce the law and crack down on the rampant cases of rape in the prison system?" This article was written by djr & with that we segue into why the BitchUP eddie long case is important to BLAK PEOPLE. Let's get it!!

Ok, this is goin to be quite controversial as I don't usually delve into RELIGION but I wish to treat this case as a TEACHIN MOMENT & not a diatribe about how I'm gonna go to hell & all that BULLSHIT. This story ain't goin nowhere & I have to address it bcuz I'm BLAK, he BLAK & she BLAK. Too many of us is into the CULT OF PERSONALITY thing & are just followin whatever without usin our brains. Now that I got ya attention, what do Michael Jackson, Malaki York, Mike Tyson, Bill Cosby, Eric Benet, eddie murphy, kobe bryant, Tupac, jesse jaxxxon, MLK, Kwaame Kilpatrick & eddie long all have in common? THEY WERE ALL VICTIMS OF A SEXXX SCANDAL! I've written here previously that the best way to get a Blak Man you ain't got nothin on is thru a SEXXX SCANDAL. Not all of us have criminal minds & EVERYBODY gotta skeleton in they closet & so......y'all shouldn't be followin no POVERTY PIMP anyway but I'm still conflicted on the NEED for grown people to FOLLOW behind a MAN actin like he got GREAT POWERS that you yourself don't possess. He set himself up!

Ok, why would I say that? BitchUP eddie long had an anti gay march in the gayTL in 2004. whites are STILL mad at Mike Vick for killin dogs but to show you they true nature, they ain't sayin shit about long. They don't give a fuck about those young men unless they sellin papers or ads on they news shows but to THEM a man sexxxin children is normal. Ever heard of NORML? Keepin THAT in mind that the KraKKa is pushin his gay agenda at crazy levels, we can assume that he stepped on allota of the wrong toes & even I REACTED with that "THAT NIGGA IS GUILTY" attitude before I started really thinkin. As I now live in Atlanta & his influence here in the LIBLE BELT is enormous, I have to address this from all angles as I care about eddie bcuz he's a BLAK MAN & nothin else. The nwo won't be & can't be stopped & that gay agenda MUST be PUSHED! We are BARELY sutainin our population & theirs is in RAPID DECLINE & sinkin everyday like a pebble in the ocean. THEY have to CONTROL our numbers & thus they luv us bein gay. Any gay dude with half a brain in the gayTL has a job! eddie holds TOO MUCH SWAY here along with half a DOLLAR who's been very quiet lately. What are him & td snakkkes sayin about this? eddie & dollar have two of the biggest churches in the AmeriKKKAn South & if you gettin that Faith Based Initiative Money (FBI), ya gotta toe that line yo! They makin THEY point LOUDLY!!! Remember don't ask, don't tell? This agenda was unleashed in such an underhanded way with that ellen degenerate bitch in the late 90's & since then, anything goes with gayness. This is a truly new era as any reader of this blog can attest that before the late 90's, gays caught amidst straights en masse used to get ostracized & scorned out of those so called straight groups except at work but now......those who are in they late teens accept it as normal bcuz to be out & gay is ok under moral standards & by LAW. I hear tell that some gays are sayin that gay is the new BLAK! Naaah, but a few years ago, ya favorite GOVERNATOR made it so that it was illegal to refer to anyone gay as anything other than a regular person. This happened while a judge said that nigger was racist but not nigga. Y'all think that I be makin shit up so ask for my references & you shall receive. This ain't a game y'all! This shit is the ultimate TEST from them, makin Blaks make a choice pro or con & THEY goin for it ALL as THEIR time runs out. They tryin ANYTHING to get this RACE WAR started as a RELIGIOUS SOLDIER is the most dangerous soldier. I DARE some of y'all Northeners to come south & talk shit about the PIG or Kkkhristianity. These old ladies down here don't play that yo! Check the Crusade WARS for reference.

Personally speakin, I hope that this POVERTY PIMP didn't sexxx those young dudes & they makin it up to get money. If so, they were probably put to it to RUIN him as he has alotta influence & can sway some away from that LIFESTYLE. Plenty of women here are constantly complainin that there are not enough GODS around to procreate & marry. Now in this segment, I'm gonna tell y'all why this case is important to me & why it should be to you if ya anti-religious like me or BLAK: most BLAKS are fundamentally anti-gay bcuz WE won't SURVIVE as a RACE if everyone decided to become gay. This is not an anti-gay rant but the PURE UNADULTERATED FACTS so miss me with that "you anti-gay" shit. You sound like a so called jew callin me anti- semetic. When it comes down to it, the purpose of sexxx is to (1)procreate & (2) pleasure. Gay sexxx provides the second with NEVER a chance of birth. Only a people with an inherent knowledge of non-longevity seek pleasure as in partyin like it's 1999! Ayo, alotta gays CRUISE in PUBLIC BATHROOMS & fame ain't got nothin to do with it. What kinda shit was george michael & idaho senator larry craig thinkin other than pleasurable anonymous sexxx? Anyhoo, the way I think, this case is all important bcuz (1) if eddie DIDN'T do it, he may be real about bein anti-gay & was about to engage another onslaught as the gayTL is becomin likened to Sodom & Gomorrah in blak face or (2) if he did do it, Blak people can be labelled as no better than the KathoLIKK priests & others who are doin the same shit & bein that not many Afrikan Amerikkkans are KathoLIKKS, the focus can be taken off of that scandal in their churches & dumped on eddie or (3) it might not matter the he did or didn't do it as in the Tawana Brawley defamation case, the judge, barret hickman said that "truth was no defense." Any Blak Man in Amerikkka can be railroaded & this case is gonna be tried by the "BIASED" media. As I see the news stories reported, they out to get him big time! I believe that this POVERTY PIMP is bein set up for the downfall of all downfalls bcuz he pissin off the wrong people but his method is where my problem lays as he is still part of that 10% that's PIMPIN the PEOPLE for their nickles & dimes, while drivin around in Bentleys & helpin a few while thousands languish, lyin about who the TRUE & LIVIN GODS ARE! Like how they got T.I, these nwo NIGGAS is comin for ALL THEY MONEY & they ain't givin NOBODY a break no more, especially if ya BLAK. They want it ALL back so stop teachin the WORD & get out there & preach the real WORK that needs to be done. This is the teachin moment that I speak of my people as I really don't give a flyin fuck if he did or didn't do it but not bcuz I like or don't like eddie. What's done is done & he gotta answer to his GOD of OVERSTANDIN! If THAT GOD is so good, how come he couldn't prevent such a disaster from hittin him? When it comes to it, this really is about y'all & that need for Y'ALL to be followin a MAN or WOMAN who is fallable & not a TRUE REPRESENTATION of GOD. I call myself GOD & y'all panties get up in bunches with ya face not far behind. If you put GOD outside of yaself, you already LOST as you look for him/her in someone else! I want to be like Marcus, Malcom, Martin, Paul Robenson, Harriet, Nzinga & Winnie Mandela. They are also GODS! What makes you incapable of what they do? Anything legit can be questioned & now that the seed of doubt has been planted, question EVERYTHING that you think you know by yourself when you are alone. As I don't seek FOLLOWERS, keep readin my blog & get PISSED OFF but start THINKIN DIFFERENT THOUGHTS as we don't have much time left. The time for you to perform is soon comin & I don't want no "let's pray, stay prayed up NIGGERS" around me at that time yo! The only thing I want to see come out of this is for Blaks to STOP puttin theirselves into a position for this to happen to 'em in this system that I(GOD) would have never CREATED for y'all. What if this happened to you & you ain't got that LOOOONNNNNGGGGG MONEY? Whatever happened to examinin ya TRUE RELIGIOUS OURSTORY? That's way different than his-story! How about studyin ABOUT the bible instead of the bible? Y'all NIGGERS is still scared & I'mma keep usin that word when appropriate so there!!! The TRUTH is truly only really known by him & those young dudes & I hope the right side wins as I luv ALL BLAK PEOPLE even when y'all hate me. So Blak People, what's ya stand on religion & gayness now?

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