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Fast Food Info - the Conclusion

Hey y'all, whatup? Let me first say that I luv all of y'all who are REAL! As I browse the web, I still see HATERS & DOUBTERS & they can do that all they wanna. We've been hearin of certain prophecies since forever & again, I don't ask that anybody believe in anything that I say. What I ask for is that you look at CURRENT EVENTS & base what ya see on what has RARELY or NEVER happened & see that NEW THINGS are happenin ALL of the TIME. They may not do the BIG THING (ie 911 or fema aka katrina) but ain't alla thesee stupid crazy laws havin the same effect? The scrutiny on the airplanes. The food restriction laws & the laws statin that you can't use rainwater fallin into YOUR catch sytems. The taxpayin public payin for the failures of BANKIN EXECS & another motherfuKKKin war front with US on the front lines. The way most of US are actin, WE forgot that there are THOUSANDS of troops in iraq & most of 'em went to afghanistan & WE don't hear the body count anymore. Ghadaffi as I stated before ain't goin NOWHWERE & ya gotta be proud of that as he stands for what HE believes in. I hope that those reactors in Japan don't give in bcuz it could affect the west coast that MAY fall into the pacific. Note the word MAY! For any DOUBTERS, please refer to the Final Countdown 2012 & as it is an archive, go in the searchbox, type in the title & watch it POP UP. Aristide is BLAK in Haiti & this izza pivotal time in this countries OURSTORY after ya nwo HELPER wyclef got shot in the hand last week or so THEY say. Burma aka Myanmar hadda major earthquake but they are POOR BROWN PEEPO so the media don't care too much. I saw it on the news one day! That phosgen pumped into the arkansas hinterland has caused over 500 earthquakes there & a big one came thru about 2 weeks ago. Look for them to get BIGGER as times go on. Ahhhh.....just waitin for that cataclysm is so orgasmic that I can hardly wait so as to force y'all dummies that just don't get it that LIFE AS WE KNOW IT IS CEASIN TO EXIST! 635 days to go y'all whether everything I say is TRUE or NOT & as they say in the hood, "WE'LL SEE!" For those of you who came in late, we got most of our material from eric schlosser & his classic book, Fast Food Nation. Lets conclude this Fast Food Shit once & for all now!

This is the Blak Smith speakin now. In Part I, it was established that the basic THINKIN behind Fast Food has become todays RETAIL ECONOMY, wipin out small biznesses, obileratin regional differences & spreadin identical stores thruout the country aka NON ORIGINALITY. We now know that mcd owns the MOST retail properties in the WORLD! They make most of they money on RENT after the origins of this biz was established by FEDERAL FUNDS aka your TAX DOLLARS. This goes into ya belief now but the only character more recognized than ronald mcdonald is satan claus aka santa!

What do you believe in? Do you believe that this system is sustainable? Do you wish to see it change or do you wish for it to stay the same? Are you really free? Do you think of what freedom is? As you are what you eat, when far away from home, what is it that you CHOOSE to eat if money is not an issue? Those questions need to be answered honestly to SELF if need be or shared with close ones & complete HONESTY must be the standard to answer 'em with. Your core beliefs were shaped in your formative years (0-6) & shape what you believe til this very day as you read what I type. This is why alotta y'all REWARD or PUNISH ya kids with threats of mcd or no mcd when they start cuttin up. For the most part, these threats are empty bcuz it's a LAZY WAY of puttin ya kids in line BUT y'all DESIRE that SHIT too & these kids lose respect for you when they see you makin threats they know you won't really carry out. It's really a reward for self bcuz you know your PARENT(S) didn't play & they deserve it bcuz you SUBCONCIOUSLY remember when you didn't get it & now you don't wanna DEPRIVE ya kids of that same feelin bcuz you ain't cookin tonite anyway. GROW UP as most of y'all is openin & HEATIN up canned GOODS anyway. You still belive in that dude named JC aka Super SKY SPERM Guy & even he is LESS FAMOUS than ronald mcd & satan aka santa. Do you still believe in him? Do you think after readin this series that these bizness men that sell y'all this SHIT believe in him over they PROFITS? I already told y'all, answer amongst you & ya loved ones. I don't believe you when you say you believe anyway. Look at how WE act.

In Part II, ray kroc said that "if you believe in it, it's impossible to fail. I don't care what it is, you can get it." If y'all remember correctly, kroc along with walt disney were the first two PRIVATE biz owners who mastered marketin to children & boy did they get rich beyond ya wildest dreams usin others but remainin the main brain. The first segment of this was for you & your beliefs but what of those children? They used every trick in the book to master that ARBITRARY OPEN PSYCHOLOGY & even I was shocked to learn that these dudes used all kinda shit to get their respective biznesses offa the ground. They used cartoon characters, charismatic leadership & started to FRANCHISE ideas to retain full control of their babies. These babies are YOUR BABIES, while THEY used ya own psychology against you with their relentless advertisin - primarily durin afterskool hours. This later lead to garnerin INFLUENCE at the PRESIDENTIAL level as WE go along innocently think that FF was an idea that was ALWAYS with us to provide adequate food atta moderate price while the kids enjoyed themselves inna private settin as the inner cities fell apart. NOT SO! For the most part & in my observations, children are gonna have the beliefs of they parents until they start puberty. In this dispensation of time, ya bullshit detector goes OFFA what they believe in & most boys start gettin in trouble in the streets based offa image from james dean (the rebel)while girls start becomin sexual bcuz that's what boys want. mae west started that SHIT. If the children are not OVERLY addicted to a substance, they then start to make sense of it all at about the age of 30. This is about the age where the MENTAL SUPRESSION ends after havin enuff ADULT EXPERIENCES. You then bcome ya parents witta TWIST & TWEAK what THEY did to suit ya children inna different time & the endless cycles continue. In knowin all of this, I'm tryin to BREAK that CYCLE by makin you AWARE of what it is. I ain't tellin y'all what to feed ya kids but STOP with all this Fast Food all the time! It ain't good for 'em is why!

My man Wise said that WE shouldn't even be WORKIN as most WORK feeds the BEAST that you eat from. In turn, this very BEAST eats away at ya psychology & ya body while payin ya peanuts on the dollar. You ask how: In Part III, WE told y'all that WORKIN at a FF resteraunt could be hazardous to ya health & in this case, WE wasn't talkin about eatin the food. Again, most of the food ASSEMBLED there is by peepo just over the age of childhood, handlin grills & hot fried grease who are somewhat experienced yet still immature. That makes conditions PERFECT for STROKING or a form of positive reinforcement & deliberate praise. As this world in this time is almost exclusively based on GREED, MANIPULATION of the highest sort as prescribed by Yacub in those mountains MUST take place. Kids who work don't usually make the best students but I'm about to take y'all somewhere y'all might not be ready to go to! What does strokin do to an adult who recognizes that they are bein STROKED by an attractive INNOCENT LOOKIN WHITE WOMAN with nothin but MANIPULATION on her mind? WE as in JUST US, have been taught to OBEY THEM & the educational system is there to REINFORCE that. The skool system is there to teach you on how to be a DRONE & work. What are you workin for? You are gonna tell me you got mouths to feed & alla that blah blah blah but WE know better. YOU AIN'T GOT NO CHOICE & inna system designed to keep it from you, the MONEY AIN'T WORTH SHIT bcuz everything in the universe is FREE! In GOD WE trust but what GOD are you trustin in? This system designed by the KraKKa made money necessary so that THEY can keep it from you bcuz he who pays the piper, plays the tune. WE grew up inna system that ONLY makes sense bcuz WE grew up in it & lookin outside of the box is TABOO for dreamers like me & a few others. Again, everything in the universe is free & this is why the KraKKa came over to indegenous lands & took over. US REAL PEEPO who have MELANIN in abundance knew that MOST THINGS are not for sale & couldn't OVERSTAND why THEY needed to be BRUTAL about just havin food & clean WATER. That wazza GIVEN wherever WE were & WE couldn't OVERSTAND why that wasn't same for them. Like I said, you SHOULDN'T be workin BLAK MAN unless you have REDEFINED what WORK is to suit YOU, YA FAMILY & THOSE WHO LOOK LIKE US! Workin FOR THEM gets you high blood pressure & all of the diseases associated with it & just look at ALL of the depressed BLAKS supposedly GREATFUL for WORKIN at lunchtime in any downtown area. Some of 'em is ready to KILL somebody who has been VERBALIZIN 'em. Ya LIFE ain't WORTH losin & I dare anybody to defy that statement. Do the HARD THING sometimes but DON"T let these jobs kill you man. WE got this shit BLAKWARDS & alotta US is figurin out that the BLAK MAN(GOD) has been MARGINALIZED & with the SISTARS gettin degrees in HIS SYSTEM, WE have been SHUT OUT so that SHE can look at US in contempt. WE ain't goin NOWHERE without each other & to my SISTARS who wanna keep it in the FAMILY, decide that you are gonna help a brother who has potential out. It is what it is y'all! Some of y'all is DYIN for ya job & they all the same; they gotta get done. They gonna get done whether you there or not & 98% ain't gonna get the lions share regardless of the size of ya contribution. Check the movie Jungle Fever & what Furious Styles went thru. DO YA OWN THANG & have the MOMENTUM for when things change. Anyhoo, things are fast changin so when that job is pissin ya off to the nth degree, QUIT..........& don't eat Fast Food. Quit that job.......that STRESS there is KILLIN YA!

In Part IV of our series, WE get into how Fast Foods are not good for ya. The author spoke of the french fries fried in BEEF TALLOW & how the chicKKKen mcnuggets basically reveloutionized how chicken was consumed in this country. But what about what the author didn't speak about? How at taco bell it was discovered recently that the ground beef used for the tacos is only 35% meat. About how they process these animals. About how the amount of sodapop/cola has quadrupled as well as portion sizes of the food. About how the movie Supersize Me came out & went over most peepos head & THEY don't even consider what it's all about. Shit, Good Hair by Chris Rock came out & WE STILL ain't learn so why should I continue tryin to teach? I don't even know my damn self. As said earlier in the series, with exception to the salad stuff, everything comes to those FF resteraunts frozen, freeze dried, packaged & processed. For the most part, even most of the veggies & fruits are bio-engineered. What about the ASPARTAME in the diet sodas? Aspartame causes Parkinsons & one of ya fave actors in michael j foxxx got it after drinkin that shit like it was WATER. What about all of the monosodium glutamate aka MSG that ain't nothin but concentrated SALT that contributes to high blood pressure? What about alla that high fructose corn syrup that is nothin but overtly CONCENTRATED SUGAR contributin to diabetes along with alla that white bread coverin them supersized burgers? What about alla those partially hydrogenalized oils they use to prepare these foods? Canola ain't so great either & if ya ain't askin what kinda oil they usin, you eatin plenty of it as it oh so lovely flavors ya favorite foods. WE could go on & on here but I would bore some of y'all to tears. The point here is that ya TASTES must change in order to give up this FILTHY HABIT! Anything you eat onna regular basis tastes good & WE all need to revisit what's GOOD for US. What ya may have not liked in childhood based on taste may taste different & be beneficial to ya now. It takes an average of 11 times for tastes to change but if ya don't make that MENTAL CONNECTION for what's HEALTHY or not well then............If ya eatin frozen veggies, it has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE. Seedless the same. Let's read the labels on what WE eat & learn to keep ourselves alive longer. That Cosmic Party soon approaches & I don't PARTY alone.

The meatpackin industry in the us is BIG BIZ! Very big biz & plenty of previous comments to that effect have already been made. WE must OVERSTAND that those with big pockets have influence all the way up to the lobbyists in dc (district of CRIMINALS) who in turn have the ear of the president & pass laws in the name of those criminals. When UNIONS became an issue as WE have already seen, PEEPO DIED & whole companies were moved out to the rural areas where oversight was nil. On top of that, illegal immigrants started takin over these jobs & the destruction of great payin jobs for legal citizens started a whole trend of hirins ACROSS THE BOARD! All of ya life, you are taught to go to skool, work hard, get married, buy a house & along comes a group of illegal & marginalized peepo willin to do what WE legally know WE won't do regardless of the consequences bcuz these KraKKa's is doin THEY business as usual. It's all done wink-wink style witta smirk. They payin the illegals PEANUTS to do some death defyin SHIT & then when you can't find a job where you don't have to KILL yaself to keep it, THEY label you as FAKIN & LAZY & say that ya don't wanna work. I'm tellin all of y'all that you will survive if ya remain RIGHTEOUS & not slip into bein like those DEVILS! When THEY make you play someone out in order to keep ya job, you yourself bcome expendable as well. Those who know where the bodies are have to be expendable bcuz there is NO HONOR amongst THIEVES! Remember that a plant in mn promised immigrant workers housin inna pinch & dropped 'em off in front of a homeless shelter. A HEARTLESS SNAKE izza REPTILIAN! There is an END to this DEBAUCHERY & it will be soon! Retribution will be had by the downtrodden & so my question to you the reader is, "where are you in this equation?" When hitler & his army was runnin roughshod all over europe, alotta his officers pleaded with the courts that "they were doin their jobs." That excuse ain't gonna wash as the Earths Day of Judgement nears & ya won't have any excuses to hide behind. Some of US don't wanna give up that benz payment, that new 60 inch HD TV, that trip to Jamaica or bein able to live in the white parta town. FUKKK THAT, I'm drawin the line! When I have sway, the equivalent of throwin yo ass to the lions will be how you get dealt with if ya down with 'em. There ain't gonna be no kenny dobbins in the next dispensation. If ya don't luv ya peeps, I can't luv you!

Part VII of Fast Food Info went in on the various OUTBREAKS made possible thru the processin of how these foods get to ya plate. Bcuz of the way most meats are processed, this opens up a plethora of ways that you can bcome ill & not even know that it came from food borne pathogens like e:choli. There are SO MANY ways that one can get sick from food & as quiet as it's kept, most food pathogens are still UNKNOWN. The way WE at b2a see it, it's BEST to eat in & only eat out when necessary. Whether it be FF or Fine Cuisine, ya never know what this food you are about to put in ya body is goin to do to you or for that matter, where it came from unless you own a farm. With so much SHIT out there & peepo not washin they hands, can ya stand to take a chance on a constant basis? The meat ALONE has been considered a BIOHAZARD & the history was put down for alla y'all to see exactly what it is.  HAMBURGER, especially should be avoided & go back & remember that quote by Upton Sinclair who wrote the Jungle over 100 years ago. Ain't it funny that the more things change the more that they remain the same? They knew as an adult that you would find out & now they just made the kids luv that SHIT. Marvin Gaye said "save the babies." What are ya gonna do about it?

Part VIII is kinda special to me & ya may ask why; this part more than any other defined the time WE are now livin in with the REVOLUTIONS goin on in Northern Afrika especially NOW in Lybia with Ghadaffi & his military. The nato powers have imposed a no-fly zone & it's only a matter of time before ground troops go in in germany in the late 80's & early 90's, a revolution can be sparked by a CONVERSATION somewhere in the HOOD, grow into a gatherin & the next thing ya know, DEMANDS for CHANGE unlike soetero are bein made when the peepo are SIRIUS & ready to die for it. What a shame that FF resteraunts have now defined the beginnins of such CHANGES & for the most part, denote the MODERNIZATION of a new GLOBALIZED market. When a so called new market wants to DIVERSIFY, in come these FRANCHISES who train those in the west to seek oppurtunity overseas. This is what is called CAPITALISM as it must EXPAND or DIE. Competetion in the us is like a gladiator fight as FF is now accepted as normal & mundane. Again, like cigarettes, the only peepo they can market it to are the CHILDREN as they fuck with ya mind & make ya think of ya own childhood based onna subconcious punishment/reward system. Just think, the FF Industry even had a fallen president speak at their rostrum & he tanked out but I bettcha foreign investment there picked up like nobodies business soonafter. All in the cost of doin BIZNESS! And then what about the mclibel suit? Ayo, you would think that sellin food was a simple biz but after some activists got together & decided to target mcd in particluar..........Ayo, this case had all of the factors of a MURDER involved with spies, counterspies & SURVEILANCE. These KraKKa's play for KEEPS & will stoop as low as they gotta to keep that money machine goin. This case went up to as high as scotland yard yo! All that they OVERSTAND is money & some of y'all are so desperate, y'all became like THEM! WHERE'S YA SPIRIT? When you give into that NON SPIRIT, you become just like 'em & will do anything in order to keep ya ILL GOTTEN GAINS includin sellin me & other tellers of TRUTH, OUT! This is why I have this blog so that I can say what I please & not have to look atta lotta y'all FAKE ASS NIGGAS who would sell me down the river if ya could. The days of shuckin & jivin is over yo! Repressin ya true expression gives one HEARTBURN & headaches & just look at the job interview process for a clue if ya ain't already got one. You answer accordin to a script & any deviation is a non job........But if ya get the job & they catch you inna lie after you already started, they FIRE ya BLAK ASS! I call that goin thru the motions & Blak Men are tired of it but in order to stay up, ya gotta make up ya mind to do somethin DIFFERENT! This ain't just about color either as the mclibel 2 case showed that there are VERY FEW KraKKa's worth a pinch of salt & alotta NIGGAS who ain't worth the SHIT in the MEAT that may make ya ass sick. The Underground Railroad could not have succeeded without the help of some whites but Saint Harriet Tubman was the engine that drove that car. Plus she had the gat! Don't get it twisted that I'm flippin my switch but that needs to be acknowledged. Elevate with those who are AGREEABLE bcuz it's all about SURVIVAL of the whole. We atta time in OUR lives where WE have to consider EVERYTHING that WE do. The object is to STAY ALIVE! No mo FF!

As life goes on, WE see that this industry & this SYTEM that WE know azza whole  is UNSUSTAINABLE!  Almost all foods in the us today is not NATURAL & the processes are degradin the very enviorment that WE all need to live in. Look at Japan & the foodstuffs comin from the affected areas as a prime example. The bp oil scandal is another. These execs runnin the FF Industry & most others, care notta whit for ya safety or well bein. They are simply business men witta product to sell but at times, that product comes witta price & WE hope that that price ain't ya life. As b2a always needs to leave ya off onna good note as there are SOLUTIONS to this, eat better. If ya MUST eat FF, curb it to a minimum. If ya must eat hamburger meat, visit ya butcher & have them ground it from the best cuts of meat you can find. My mission here is not to make ya stop eatin meat but it would be great IF you took that on azza personal endeavor. 98% of US are vegetarians bcuz most of US would never kill an innocent animal especially when livin in the TROPICS, where abundant plant life izza way of life. WE got our MEAT BASED DIET from the KraKKa! You don't find many obese peepo there bcuz bein fat there izza BIG PROBLEM. Y'all also need to be sweatin more bcuz SWEAT gets rid of certain toxins that pissin, shittin & runnin mucus can't get rid of. Soda consumption should be lowered if not erradicated as it has sodium benzonate & lotsa high fructose corn syrup in it. Those white breads break down into SUGAR. As well, most of the corn & potatoes are bio engineered with who knows what? In the Supersize Me movie, Morgan Spurlock told US that the highest fat content of any mcd item was in the mcd's BIG SALAD & so what is that tellin ya? Overall yo, don't eat that FAT SHIT! At the end of the day, it's your call. So what are ya gonna do? Ya gotta start somewhere. WE now have 635 days to go.............this has been Fast Food Info - the Conclusion. Thanx & always remember, "you are what you eat." Peace.

The Blak Smith is HERE! As this concludes our series on the Fast Food Industry, we have MORE FIRE & still wish to release our book online. The name of that book is I ain't Perfect but take it from Me, a semi-autobio on how I see my life thru the lenses of HipHop. Also, I wish to keep this site goin but as the price of things go up, so do my costs. Again, we ask that those able to DONATE, send US a minimum of $5 & a $20 or more donation gets a copy of my e-book as mentioned above. For those of you SIRIUS, holla at me at or on FB at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanx & see y'all at the next installment. Peace.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fast Food Info Part VIII

Wow! Hey & again, WOW! Tsunamis took Lybia off the front page! Haiti is callin me. She still goin thru what she goin thru but I'm more than sure SHE gonna be alright! We kinda forgot about the Ivory Coast but gbabgo is still holdin 'em off. Could the tsunami be a DISTRACTION needed in the world for the us to go & nuke Lybia? Did y'all know that there wazza new moon on Fri the 11th & that most of the MAJOR MANMADE DISASTERS have been on 11th's? That moon was so close, I coulda jumped on it so if it was HAARP or not, I don't know. We must question EVERYTHING & remember when I told y'all in Hip Hop has gone WILD that the Japanese PM Hatoyama resigned bcuz the big issue there is for them to now be a SOVEREIGN NATION. There is alotta lil shit rumblin & as the Japs now embrace passiveness, the new guard (like in northern Afrika) are sayin FUKKK THAT! The Final Countdown 2012 & past articles posted here has been tellin Y'ALL to look out for all the shit comin down as THEY try to get this NWO shit on but THEY doin alla the crazy shit goin on! With already a confirmed 10,000 dead & a possible nuclear meltdown, SHIT IS MELTIN DOWN YO! I've been tryin to WARN Y'ALL & I don't know what's next but maybe ya might just wanna stop eatin BULLSHIT! Like Nas said on What goes Around, WE gonna get thru this but ya gotta HOLD ON! Time for the GODS to emerge & GOD don't eat FAST FOODS! Let's go in & do this!

We are now gettin opinions from eric schlosser. He was tellin peepo that he wanted to go to plauen in east germany. They didn't know & would ask amazed, "why?" He wanted to go bcuz plauen is located between munich & berlin inna part of saxony known as the vogtland surrounded by a forest. To berliners, plauen wazza sleepy backwater on the wrong side of the berlin wall. Though this may be true, to the author, the peepo there are unpretentious but CURSED bcuz they have been on the margins of history. Nevertheless, events here have oddly foreshadowed the rise & fall of great social movements. For centuries, plauen wazza small market town. At the end of the 19th century, a local weavin tradition gave birth to a vibrant textile industry specializin in lace that was for the most part, exported to the us. But then came ww1 & the loss for germany made this place less than ideal. The lace market dried up & social unrest came early. In the 1920's, plauen had the most millionaires per capita in germany & the most suicides. The unemployment rate was also the highest in all of east germany.

These conditions set the stages for the GREAT CHANGE dependin on where ya lookin at it from. Extremism thrived. plauen was the first city outside of bavaria to have its own nazi charter. In 1923, the hitler youth movement was launched & the followin year, the city became the nazi hq in the saxony region. hitler often visited along with goring & goebbels which made the place a favorite of the nazis. In Nov of 1938, a crowd destroyed plauens only synagogue. Soonafter, plauen was jude-in free or free of jews. Tho this was the case, plauen remained quiet & provided a safe haven to german refugees fleein already bombed out cities. In Sep 1944, plauen was placed onna list that included dresden.

plauen was largely deserted when on April 1945, more bombs were dropped on the city than on any other city in eastern germany. At the end of the war about 3/4ths of the land laid in ruins. plauen bcame part of the german democratic republik with the border only 9 miles away. Things remained boring & quiet until October 89 when the first mass demonstration took place. Tho other cities were protestin, the epicenter proved to be plauen where 25% or more than 20,000 took to the streets. The secret police aka the STASI were caught totally UNPREPARED as all of this combusted spontaneously with no organization or LEADER. By the time the stasi tried to break it up, it was TOO LATE. The protesters refused to budge. Thomas Kuttler emerged azza mediator & when he went to the town hall to speak with the leaders there, he found 'em all COWERIN in FEAR! Like the us now, the empire was meltin right before his eyes. The then mayor had worked up the nerve to speak to the peepo but that was quashed by a stasi official. A few months later, the berlin wall FELL! A few months later, mcdonalds enetered the stage. The news provoked a statement from the eastern german parliament that, "mcd & similar abnormal garbage makers should be banned." That fell on deaf ears as the buildin was the first erected in plauen at that time.*

* Alotta y'all out there MAY wonder what alla that had to do with Fast Food until ya got til the very end. I put as much as needed in to show y'all that WE should never judge a book by its cover. The recent REVOLUTIONS in Tunisia & Egypt shows US that the peepo together can NEVER be defeated & that if WE MUST, WE MUST fight & die together. The war in Lybia is bein fomented from the us & isnotreal & big RA SPECT to Ghadaffi for standin strong on this one. The us already attempted to kill him & will turn on ANYBODY if THEIR interests are at stake as WE have seen just usin Fast Food as an example. All books of prophetic fufillment say that the FINAL COUNTDOWN 2012 is goin down in NORTH AFRIKA & in babylon aka the us & I ain't talkin about that tiny town in long island ny. We talkin NYC & Washington DC. Japan just hadda tsunami & shit is haywire with BATTLE LA the movie comin out on the SAME MOTHERFUKKKIN DAY of that tsunami. I told y'all about the solar flares comin on MAY 11th of this year so get ready! I don't promise to know SHIT bcuz the man who knows somethin knows that he knows NOTHIN AT ALL so strap on my dude! These next 649 days is comin FASTER than hi-speed internet. Fast Food will be phasin out as FAST as it CAME! Let's get BLAK to the book now.

The Fast Food Industry has grown competitive & like CAPITALISM, had to expand outside of the US where MOST of the new resteraunts are. They now even use a phrase as in global realization to describe this phenomena. mcd has about 32000 stores & only subway now has more stores tho mcd still grosses more money. Competition in the us is tight as mcd is now the WORLDS most recognized brand! THE VALUES,  TASTES & INDUSTRIAL PRACTICES of the AMERIKKKAN FAST FOOD INDUSTRY are bein EXPORTED to EVERY CORNER of the GLOBE, HELPIN to CREATE a HOMOGENIZED INTERNATIONAL CULTURE that SOCIOLOGIST, benjamin barber has labelled, mcworld. These chains are often the first multinationals to arrive when markets open to ameriKKKan style franchisin. The us state dept even publishes detailed studies to help franchisors find overseas partners. In brazil, mcd's is the largest private employer by far! Classes at Hamburger Univ are taught in 20 languages. In order to diminish fears of ameriKKKan IMPERIALISM, chains TRY to purchase as much food as possible in the countries they operate in. Bcuz some of these methods are FOREIGN to the natives of these host countries, problems can ensue.

Y'all know about the money generated from the foods but check this out; in 1987, conagra took over the elders co in australia who at that time were the biggest & with that, conagra is now the biggest. cargill & ibp pretty much took over the game in canada. jr simplott of french fry fame opened the first french fry plant in china & also bought a 3Million acre farm in australia to grow other staples. To that he said, "it's a great lil country & there's nobody in it." This is the same dude that already OWNS more land than in the state of de in the us. Again, these FOODS are targetted to children & an ad exec said that these rules "apply to any kid in berlin, beijing or brooklyn" (shout out to BKNY yo). This is so serious that a Japanese billionaire, den fujita had this to say, "if we eat mcdonalds hamburgers & potatoes for 100 years, we will become taller, our SKIN will become WHITE & our HAIR will be BLONDE."**

** A Blak Smith aside says that alotta Japanese are already too white. When I say that, I'm talkin about they complexions.

germany is mcd's most PROFITABLE overseas market. It is also the largest country in europe & the most ameriKKKanized bcuz of the us's inclusiveness. english is taught in the skools (most peepo worldwide KNOW more than 1 language) & that facilitated ameriKKKan pop culture as the status quo pretty much wherever it is permissible to consume it. Even the TAKEOVER of prominent ameriKKKan corpations like kkkrysler, random house & rca records by german companies provoked none of the public anger unleashed when japanese firms bought much less significant assests in the 80's. We must also remember that the majority of white anglo's in the us are DOMINATED by peepo of german extract but as the BS already knows, that is a trick bag bcuz the ANGLOS(old English) & the SAXONS of SAXONY are germanic peepo who went to what is now known as the uKKK & conquered it. plauen is in saxony! So they share the same passions of science, technology & efficiency. mcd deutschland is the biggest resteraunt company bar none in all of germany. hamburg, the city credited with originatin the HAMBURGer is in germany but it didn't get its cachet until the devils of ameriKKKa added a bun to it.

On march 1, 1999, mikhail gorbachev, the former pres of the ussr & nobel peace prize winner, gave a speech in the grand ballroom of the mirage hotel in las vegas. This speech was for execs of the fast food industry & for his hour long speech, he was to be given $150,000 & use of a private jet. He appealed to investors to come to his country after the fall of communism but minutes into his speech, he bombed drastically. Author eric schlosser had this to say about the speech: "in ancient rome, the leaders of CONQUERED NATIONS were put on display at the CIRCUS. The symbolism was unmistakable, the submission to rome COMPLETE. gorbachevs appearance at the mirage seemed an ameriKKKanized version of that custom, a public oppurtnity to gloat..........."

The collapse of soviet communism led to the ameriKKKanization of the world. As Fast Food Nation has grown, so have the peepo where there are lot's of these resteraunts. In the us, the obesity rate is highest of all in the industrialized world. Today, about 50Million adults are obese with about 10Million bein super obese. Genetics is NOT a factor in the equation. More & more, the peepo are sedentary & skools have put physical education on the back burner. The portions of food especially at fast food resteraunts have DRASTICALLY INCREASED while bein just as inexpensive as ever. Per capita, consumption of cola drinks have QUADRUPLED since the 50's. A taste for FAT developed in childhood is hard to cure. They even puttin bacon in the game as two decades ago, 20% of all bacon was bought in resteraunts. Today it's about 73%. With the cdc estimatin that about 300,000 ameriKKKans dyin annually as a direct result of bein overweight, obesity is now 2nd to uneccessary deaths with smokin bein 1st. Obesity is linked to heart disease, colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, INFERTILITY & stroke. Severely obese children are routinely gettin HEART ATTACKS. In europe, the british eat MORE fast food than any other european nation. Over in Japan, overweight peepo in years prior were a rarity. The traditional diet of fish, rice & veggies is quickly bein abandoned for meat & potatoes since the OCCUPATION of ww2. All of the attendent factors of such a diet are now manifestin in the peepo. ameriKKKan children now get 25% of their veggie intake from french fries & potato chips! The eatin habits of ameriKKKans are widely considered a good example of what other countries MUST AVOID! WOWZERS!!!!!!

After the bombin of the chinese embassy by the us air force in belgrade yugoslavia, a banner hung in beijing univ sayin "RESIST AMERICA BEGGINING WITH COLA. ATTACK MCDONALDS, STORM KFC." Anti-ameriKKKan demonstrations were eruptin thruout china tho pizza hut was left untouched. "Maybe they think it's Italian", said a pizza hut official. This has happened bcuz the resteraunts have assumed the SYMBOLIC ROLE of IMPERIALISM. This led to Jose Bove, a sheep farmer & activist who became legendary for leadin the charge to demolish a then under construction mcdonalds. Ayo, the french DO NOT PLAY when it comes to food! He also penned a best seller entitled, I AIN'T PERFECT BUT TAKE IT FROM ME! Oh shit, the Blak Smith's sinister side took over in another silly aside & let's see if WE can get him BLAK.........oh, there he is! I was just pluggin MY BOOK! Ya want it? No, Bove wrote a book named The World is not for Sale - And nor am I. His basic message was that, "men should not be servile slaves at the service of agribusiness." He may have gotten his inspiration from the next segment.

A loosely formed group of activists in the uKKK, AFFILIATED but not tied with the international greenpeace movement decided to take on mcd in 1986 citin that "mcdonalds epitomizes junk culture & the banality of capitalism." This group soonafter decided to DISTRIBUTE a leaflet that they didn't write entitled, What's wrong with mcdonalds? Everything they don't want you to know. I the Blak Smith, read this way before I knew about fast foods & at that time, all I was eatin from mcd's was the french fries. That stopped that! The leaflet was TRUE & a bit of agitprop or PROPAGANDA to AGITATE. They distributed it for years & in 1990, mcd's hit 'em witta lawsuit. The case was labelled mclibel & 5 of them were in the soup. 3 decided to apologize immediately but 2 didn't. The names of the 2 were Helen Steel & Dave Morris. Tho poor, they were BOTH denied legal aid, defendin themselves in the process. Of course the oversensationalistic british press put this story on the front cover as mcd frothed thinkin that they would trounce this dynamic duo. Delay after delay ensued & after 4 long years, the case entered the court phase. It finally eneded in 1997 & the duo was found guilty & fined 60,000 pounds. They appealed. Ya see tho they lost, this case EXPOSED (much like this book) the inner workins of mcd & the fast food industry which was already known BUT also the companies attitude toward civil liberties & freedom of speech. Durin the trial phase, Steel & Morris also found out that they had been INFILTRATED by  informers on the mcd's payroll. The spyin started before the trial in 1989 & employed at least 7 agents. As mcd used 2 different agencies, some of the spies were even spyin on EACH OTHER unknowinly! Some of the relationships were SEXUAL! The mcd vp at the time wazza former south afriKKKan POLICEMAN & a SUPERINTENDENT of the London Metro Police! He used his connections to get intel on the duo from scotland yard! Ayo, you still thinkin that lil trip to a resteraunt is so innocent? There's more tho!

Morris felt that mcd & its arrogant behavior was just one manifestation of a much larger problem now confrontin the world: the rise of powerful multinationals that shift capital across borders with few qualms, that felt no allegiance to any nation; no loyalty to any group of farmers, workers or consumers. On march 31, 1999, judges in the case overruled the previous verdict & awarded mcd only 40,000 pounds. mcd had already announced that it would not try to collect it as this case FORCED A PUBLIC EXAMINATION on mcds & was a PUBLIC RELATIONS DISASTER. The duo then went on & sued the police & scotland yard winnin 10,000 pounds. To round out the case which was totally done with in 2005, check out MCLIBEL, a full featured documentary done by Fanny Armstrong. mcd didn't know who they were FUKKIN with!

We bringin ya home now! When mcd first opened in eastern germany in december 1990, the company didn't know how the food would be received. That now is a neither here or there thing as they now dot the vista. Statues of former russian leader v lenin were toppled & now statues of ronald mcdonald DOMINATE to the point that, a 3 story one can be seen from the highway miles away! Life in plauen now is not so easy. The hero of the 89 uprisin, Thomas Kuttler is disappointed by how FAST the idealism of of 89 has vanished. The population has dwindled but the town cannot break free of its past. Like alotta MEN almost EVERYWHERE in the world NOW, 40 somethin year olds, too young to retire but too old to fit in, stumble around drunk in the middle of the day. The middle class is basically dead & right wing extremism has declared eastern germany as OFF LIMITS to FOREIGNERS. We here at b2a share that same attitude as we believe in AFRIKA for the AFRIKANS as stated by the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey! Once & for all before WE close out, CHILL with the FAST FOODS! Peace.

The Blak Smith is on the pulse for a true New World comin in. We wish to continue bringin you this FIRE
& ask ya assistance if Y'ALL out there wish to see US continue unabated. I ask that you send your DONATION inquiries to me at or to Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) at FB. I wish to release my book, I ain't
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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Break from the Fast Food 4 a minute

Hey y'all, hope ya well & big up to the Japanese peepos. Damn they hadda tsunami there & blessins to all readin this & any who may have suffered. I've been to Japan plenty of times in my days azza merchant seaman & had some of the best times of my life while there. The peepo there, especially the WOMEN know how to treat a MAN & all RESPECT with hardly any stealin or fightin goin on. Alotta peepo here are thinkin what my first reaction is as in HAARP but it's too early to tell, so as info comes in, WE here will fill you in on what WE find. The sheer MAGNITUDE of these earthquakes lately tho point to HAARP OR the poles may be shiftin as 12/21/2012 could have been last nite or 3 years from now. This gregorian calendar & everythin that KraKKa has done thus far has US not knowin exactly what is what but the PROOF is in the proverbial PUDDIN! The movie BATTLE LA comes out today & the pic of it has southern CA fallin into the Pacific Ocean. A new moon not seen since 20 years ago is also upon US so watch out for alla that & keep ya eyes open for whatever is to come. We got 652 MOTHERFUCKIN DAYS left & some of y'all hate when I curse but what you gonna say when that TSUNAMI hit yo ass? China, Japan & Russia are all fightin over disputed territories & the us is in shit deep just about EVERYWHERE but as predicted in the LIEBULL, will spread herself too thin in the last days. MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES are RISIN! The earth is just a big blue marble when ya see it from out there. Took a break from Fast Food to let y'all know that we here at b2a is on our shit & WILL continue to give Y'ALL the unmitigated TRUTH. Show ya luv & support for ME in these times & my info to reach me is or Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on FB. Til then, hang tight & easy does it bcuz I'mma continue the HEAT better than King Boshin WADE! HOLLA BLAK! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fast Food Info Part VII

Peace y'all & how WE doin out there? Y'all need to let me know by leavin a message in the box on ya right. b2a LUVS ya feedBLAK, negative or positive. Watitdo? Anyhoo, my beloved Haiti is hangin & they gonna be ok. Tryin to monitor Aristides return but with so much goin on....... new zealand is in big trouble bcuz they just keep gettin hit with earthquakes that just won't stop. That place is prolly 98% KraKKa anyway so whatever! Them tremors is scarin the hell outta 'em. The national security apparatus in egypt got stormed & like I been tellin y'all for a minute, that SHIT ain't goin NOWHERE no time soon. Those peepo are watchin & they ain't tryin to go back! Did y'all hear that charlie (no afro) sheen is tryin to join sean penn(is) in Haiti? WTF is that? Shit is crazy yo! Lybia is FIERCE right now & the uKKK military had to leave bcuz ghadaffi ain't tryin to go nowhere. The us is supposedly fomentin these wars & what will be, will be. We got 655 days to go & I'm gonna keep tellin y'all over & over, that WE gotta step aside when that shit comes here. wi rallies are startin to get violent & in ny, 17 protesters were arrested in albany for blockin the entrance to the capitol buildin. Us poor peepo on the other hand been so used to what WE dealin with that WE gonna let those who are with US(you know who you are), have the grandest of all when this shit SWITCH! Alla the NICEST SHIT will be YOURS! Ya head gonna spin when it happens! Y'all better get ready bcuz y'all ain't seen NOTHIN yet! Or maybe by now, ya have seen that Fast Food AIN'T where it's at. Let's get into this SHIT as Part VII is the SHIT!  

We are now in July 97, friday the 11th to be exact. lee harding was inna mexican resteraunt with his wife orderin soft tacos in pueblo co. The chicken seemed SLIMY & GROSS to him but they continued to eat it. An hour after leavin there, he felt terrible, as if the food inside his stomach were eatin him. He never felt this way before. After developin BLOODY DIARRHEA, he went to the hospital as the sickness overtook his fear. On that monday, he went in & was sent home witta summer flu. The next day, a knock on the door confirmed his worst fears as a notice left by the health department had confirmed that his sickness was esche - richia coli 0157: H7, a LETHAL FOOD BORNE PATHOGEN aka e coli. Two weeks later on the 28th of july, harding also found out that it had not been the tacos of the 11th. It was from hamburger meat from the "hudson beef patty" company that he had consumed a few days before. As others had also fallen ill & the meat was easily traced at that time, the BIGGEST RECALL of ground beef ever was started with 35MILLION pounds. Unfortunately by that date, most of it had already been eaten.

In the us, about 200,000 persons a DAY are sickened by food pathogens. 900 are hospitalized & about 14 DIE. About 25% of peepo suffer from food poisonin inna year. As these are unreliable stats, most don't report their illnesses if they even knew what to report. The effects can be long lastin leadin up to KIDNEY DAMAGE as suffered by morgan spurlock of supersize me fame. The nations centralized system is to blame & at the time that Fast Food Nation by eric schlosser was published, just 13 packin houses slaughtered most of the meat that you eat. The packin system of uniform ground beef makes it all taste the same & has proved to be an extremely efficient sytem of spreadin disease. The cdc even estimates that more than 75% of food related ilnesses & deaths in the us are caused by INFECTIOUS AGENTS that have yet to be identified. This bcuz the govt CANNOT remove contaminated meat from where YOU buy it. This also coincides with big biz republiKKKans as food tainted by these pathogens has more than likely come in contact with an infected animals stomach content or MANURE durin the slaughterin process. In fact, inna usda study, 79% of the ground beef contained microbes that are spread by FECAL MATTER. In other words, as the author stated VERBATIM, "there is SHIT in the MEAT!"

Do y'all remember when marie antoinette supposedly said, "let them eat cake?" Like cake, hamburgers were once thought of as food for the POOR. Shit, I'm poor & I been stopped eatin 'em. They were considered as INFERIOR & TAINTED. They were found around factory lunch carts & fairs as they were holdable, inexpensive & easy to chew. It was also widely believed that ground beef was made from OLD PUTRID meat & HEAVILY laced with CHEMICALS. One critic even said that "the hamburger habit is just about as safe as getting your meat out of the garbage can." WOWZER! This was the case until white castle dispelled those notions soonafter ww1. Even the name was used to SANITIZE the imagery of hamburgers with white havin a connotation of PURITY(these peepo got it all covered yo)! This made burgers popular but when our formidable friend in ray kroc started marketin mcd to the children, it blew the roof of this new & peculiar institute. Before ww2, pork had been the #1 meat but by the 70's, the average ameriKKKan ate 3 burgers & 2 were eaten in fast food resteraunts. CHILDREN between the ages of 7-13 were the biggest eaters.

e - choli is now the leadin cause of KIDNEY FAILURE among children in the us. As said earlier in this segment, some of these lingerin symptoms can have long lastin effects. e - choli is resistant to acid, salt & chlorine. It can withstand temps up to 160 degrees all the way down to freezin. If you are a burger lover, make sure & eat 'em WELL DONE but as a Blak Smith aside, WE know them DEVILS need BLOOD & so THEY eat 'em, pretty much RAW. Back to the book tho: a tiny particle of hamburger meat can contain enuff of this pathogen to kill you & the problem begins in the feedlots. Sorry y'all but got another aside from me. Ya see, these KraKKa's know who they are & this is how you know; schlosser interviewed a govt health official who put it this way to him. He said that, "the sanitary conditions there (the feedlots) are like a crowded EUROPEAN CITY durin the MIDDLE AGES when people dumped their CHAMBER POTS out the window. RAW SEWAGE ran in the STREETS & EPIDEMICS RAGED!"* These cattle live in MUDDY SHIT yo & at that, have lil room to move. The same official later said that, " you shouldn't eat dirty food & dirty water." I AIN'T DONE YET! About 75% of the cattle in the us are fed OTHER ANIMAL WASTE to ACCELERATE GROWTH. This was true until august 1997 & animal waste means DEAD sheep & cattle along with dogs & cats from ANIMAL SHELTERS. The fda banned this practice after an outbreak of MAD COW from same in the ukkk. However, as of the publish date of the book, the fda still allows DEAD horse, pigs & poultry waste (diseased SHIT) into cattle feed. WTF? A former editor of meat & poultry lamented this sayin that, "these cattle are ruminants. They're designed to eat grass & maybe grain. They're not designed to eat other animals." But HOLD THE FUCK UP; Waste products (SHIT) from POULTRTY PLANTS includin SAWDUST & NEWSPAPERS used as LITTER are also fed to the cattle. This does not break down when you cook it as their stomachs aren't built for protein & other stuff. As well, the grindin process passes on pathogens when the hide of the animal is removed. Chunks of DIRT & MANURE fall onto the meat. Again, the SPEED of the lines make it such that this is so. As well, illiterate immigrants workers work here & don't know proper sanitation or how to read in ANY LANGUAGE in alotta cases. To make matters worse, about 25% of the cattle bought in are called DOWNERS, old worn out dairy cows, the cows most likely to be diseased & riddled with antibiotic residues. Just think about it Y'ALL: A single Fast Food Burger now contains meat from dozens if not HUNDREDS of different cattle. Do the PROBABILITY numbers on that. You hungry?

Let Upton Sinclair tell y'all man. In the Jungle he said that, "this is no fair story & no joke, the meat would be shoveled into carts & the man who did the shovelin would not trouble to lift a rat even when he saw one - there were other things that went into the sausage in comparison with which a poisoned rat was a tidbit." Big Biz fights regulation every step of the way tooth & nail. The reagan & bush(1) administrations cut spendin on public health measures & staffed the usda with officials far more interested in govt deregulation than in food safety. Programs set by the industry allowed inspectors to say that "at the Streamlined Inspection Cattle System aka SIS-C, slaughetrhouses where visibly diseased animals, cattle infected with measles & tapeworms, covered with abcesses - were bein slaughtered." Poorly trained inspectors were allowin shipments of beef contaminated with fecal material, hair, insects, metal shavins & vomit! This program was scrapped in 1993 bcuz of the jack in the box outbreak & if ya old enuff to remember that one, plenty of peepo died.

This outbreak made jack in the box step up & take safety measures to another level as far as fast food was concerned. Slaughterhouses that continued to ship bad meat were eliminated as suppliers & a new system was implemented, a system whereby they checked the meat every 15 minutes. Though these changes were neccessary, as the DEVIL is ONLY interested in MONEY, the ca resteraunts association resented that the new methods raised the price of ground beef by about a penny a pound.

Do y'all remember when wild bill KKKlinton was call a demo-publiKKKan? The republiKKKans at the time had him in check as they had the house majority representin big boy biz.  A study of campaign contributions between 1987 & 1996 revealed that newt gingrich received the most money of all reps from the resteraunt industry. Most of that list was of conservative repubs & some of ya favorites as in messe helms, orrin hatch & phill gramm were up in there. gramms wife, sat on the ibp board. Also, under the law, the usda CANNOT demand a meat recall. If a company decided to VOLUNTARILY recall contaminated meat, it was under NO legal obligation to inform the PUBLIC or state health officials. Federal inspectors are under extreme pressure to not slow down the production lines & don't take the company records they work in, seriously. Instead of focusin on the primary causes of meat contamination, the meatpackin industry & the usda advocate technology as in wantin to IRRIDATE all of the meat. Ya see, when microrganisms are zapped, they are NOT killed but their DNA is disrupted & don't reproduce. This is nuclear atomic technology bein used on ya SO CALLLED FOOD! This is already in effect but most peepo are resistant to havin ALL of their food irridated. The way around that for the industry is to get rid of the word & replace it with COLD PASTEURIZATION. Before we move on tho, take this into account; do you want illiterate illegal immigrants usin high tech machinery, radiatin LIVE SHIT already in the meat that doesn't die for ya supper? Get a GRIP but WE still AIN'T DONE!

This shit still gets more disturbin! For years, the most questionable ground beef was purchased by the usda & distributed to SCHOOL CAFETERIAS countrywide. I remembe azza kid lookin at meat in skool that we labelled as MYSTERY MEAT & I'm sure that alotta y'all do too. A 1983 investigation by nbc news said that cattle king packin company at that time, the largest supplier of meat to skools & wendy's (my favorite ff rest way before I knew better), routinely processed already DEAD cattle, hid diseased cattle from inspectors & mixed ROTTEN MEAT that made it back from the supermarkets & resteraunts into their HAMBURGER MEAT. Their facilities were ROACH & RAT INFESTED! The owner was tried & convicted twice for these crimes. Two years earlier, he had been convicted of same & that still didn't stop him from supplyin 25% of all of the meat to these skools yo! Ya gotta remeber that the biggest group of hamburger eaters are kids between the ages of 7-13. SMMFH!

In April 1988, an 11 year old in danielsville ga got seriously ill after eatin a burger from the bauer meat company. Days later, the owner of the company committed SUICIDE when usda workers left the plant effectively SHUTTIN IT DOWN! This was a rare & unusual move bcuz when they leave, even tho THEY don't have the power to shut these places down, it means that the meat is OUTRIGHT UNFIT. This meat was already in skools, prisons & MILITARY BASES! In late 1999, a ground beef plant in dallas failed a series of tests lookin for samonella. Though 50% of the meat there contained samonella & this was 5 times the industry rate, the usda CONTINUED to purchase thousands of tons of meat from them to distribute to skools. THEY DON'T EVEN GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE KIDS MAN!

Durin the 1990's, the fed govt (which is supposed to ensure food safety) applied standards to the meat it purchased for skools that were LESS stringent than the standards applied by the fast food industry (which is responsible for much of the current threats to food safety). The fast food chains now get the best ground beef while the meat packin industry sells the general public the BULLSHIT(my pun intended)! When the author, eric schlosser gets really serious, again I have to quote him VERBATIM. On page 221 of his great book, Fast Food Nation, he says that, "anyone who brings raw ground beef into his or her kitchen today must regard it as a POTENTIAL BIOHAZARD, one that can carry an extremely dangerous microbe, infectious at an extremely low dose.** The current high levels of ground beef contamination combined with the even higher levels of poultry contaminants have led to some bizarre findings. A series of tests conducted by charles gerba, a microbiologist at the univ of az discovered far more fecal bacteria in the average kitchen sink than the average ameriKKKan toilet. He also said, "you'd be better off eating a carrot stick that fell in your toilet than one that fell in your sink." To finish this segment, to my peeps, especially my youngsters, watch those young, poor, disgruntled employees who are mad at the ff companies & taint the food just bcuz they're BORED! If the food ain't killin ya, what they puttin in there just might. As it is virtually impossible not to eat out in this day & age, kiss ya health up to the CREATOR & allow him/her to bless you bcuz you are what ya EAT! Does ya butt have a biohazard sign on it? I hope not & I hope ya live long - on to the next.

*chamber pots were used as toilets when europeans were in the peak of SAVAGERY. The RAGIN EPIDEMICS the official spoke of were the many plagues that THEY suffered thru THOUSANDS of years.

 ** biohazard - 1.a pathogen, especially one used or produced by biological research  2. the health risk posed by the possible release of such pathogens into the enviorment.                                             

The Blak Smith luvs y'all & wishes to maintain this blog. As WE aim to continue givin Y'ALL what ya want how ya want it, WE would also luv to release our new book, I ain't Perfect but Take it from Me. We ask that those of you who are able to, to send US a us postal money order donation witta minimum of $5 & any over $20, gets my e-book. Serious offerings can contact US at or on FB at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).We look forward to FRYIN ya KITCHEN with this HEAT WE bringin ya. HOLLA BLAK!

                                                - to be continued - 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fast Food Ino Part VI

Hey & a big wattup to all of my readers who come in here LOYALLY & really wanna see change! I really give it up to Y'ALL for checkin on us & seein how we do up in here. The Blak Smith luvs & appreciates Y'ALL & asks that ya keep comin BLAK to see what WE got to say. Hmmm.....Haiti is not even bein spoken of so things are a happenin! Aristide will go back as he ain't afraid. Earthquakes in the heartland gettin BIGGER huh? Any of my loyal readers will know that Vietnam Vet, John Wheeler was KILLED bcuz he blew the whistle on phosgene gas bein buried near an ammo depot in AR just last December. When he was KILLED, AR already had about 500 earthquakes & they gettin larger on the ritcher scale. This was also the reason why birds just started dyin spontaneously fallin outta the sky & no one knew why. He knew what that gas would do & swore that he would not let it happen again (an outbreak) at least on his watch. tripoli's native war hasn't stopped yet but funny how it started just days after ghadaffi said that what happened to mubarFART should happen in isNOTreal. WE still waitin on that & them cheeseheads in wisconsin look like they may GO IN with these so far peaceful protests. The governor there ain't flinchin an inch & with 660 days left, do what ya can where ya can when ya can to the BEST of your abilities. That's my only advice. I'll see y'all at the fast food resteraunt & I'll be DISSIN you when ya order. Stop eatin it!

Ok.....we in the high plains, one of the largest slaughterhouses in the us. 5000 cattle a day enter & leave packaged for YOUR consumption. Workers on the LINE wear 8 pounds of chain mail beneath their white lab coats & armor covers their hands, wrists, stomachs & backs. The chain mail is designed to protect workers from cuttin theirselves & from bein cut by others but still get cut, usually by themselves. WE start in the FAB or in the FABRICATING ROOM goin backwards from the end to the beginnin. From where WE lookin from right here, this looks no different than ya supermarket shelves.

Tho it's FREEZIN COLD in here, the women in here are sweatin. Movin more in, we see slabs of meat whizzin on conveyor belts. Now on to the KILL FLOOR: workers there are slicin cattle in half as if they were 2 by 4's & in they go, into a cooler. Cattle stripped of skin dangle overhead. We have moved from the cold & now it's HELLA HOT with the smell of manure EVERYWHERE! One guys job is pullin KIDNEYS outta these just killed animals. WATCH YA HEAD! Blood is EVERYWHERE pourin in vats beneath us! Further in WE go.....WE hear a pop....pop.....pop....pop. This is the POPPER & live animals are bein stunned in the head by a bolt. After the stunnin, they are chained & hoisted, hangin with their last breaths. Some are still twitchin as the life leaks slowly outta them. Then the STICKER sticks 'em in the neck, slittin the carotid artery in the process. Now on to the PRODUCTION LINE: The guy there has his FACE splattered in blood & grey matter aka meet the KNOCKER. This is the SETUP guy welcomin the cattle into the buildin. He shoots 'em in the head with a captive bolt stunner, a steel bolt knockin the animal unconcious aka a paid ASSASIN. After bein shot, a worker grabs it's hind legs, shackles it to a chain & away it goes. This in brief, is the way most of ya beef gets to ya plate.

Meatpackin is the most DANGEROUS job in the US. Every year, about 43,000 men & women suffer an injury that goes beyond 1st Aid. Bcuz of illegal immigration, alot more go unrecorded. Lacerations are most common. Cumulative traumas play a close 2nd with tendinitis & carpal tunnel syndrome leadin the way. Back problems, shoulder problems & trigger finger also figure into the equation. Dull knives make workers cut harder makin for injuries as well.

One of the reasons for so many injuries at the slaughterhouses is bcuz of the speed that the work must done in the disassembly line. The faster it goes, the more peepo get hurt. Again, y'all need to read the Jungle by Upton Sinclair. He wrote all about this in his time & in that book, they called this process, SPEEDIN UP. This unrelentin pressure has encouraged methamphetamine aka CRYSTAL METH with workers who have to keep us & SUPERVISORS were sellin it to the workers. Y'all must also know that the speed of the line at ibp's non union plants set the standard as injured workers are a drag on profit especially when there are so many new workers. Injured workers are actually encouraged to quit.

The Danger: some of the most dangerous jobs are performed by late nite cleaners not employed by the meatpackin firms but by independent contractors. Only the dedicated & DESPERATE need apply. Upon arrival, the crews have a monumental task; the place must be clean by sunrise. Water resistant clothes MUST be worn but most don't have it. The most important cleanin tool is a hi-pressure hose that shoots a mix of water & chlorine at 180 degrees. As this concoction is sprayed, a heavy fog fills the plant. Visibility is nil. Blood & guts must be cleaned. Temps soon exceed 100 degrees. Peepo are sickened by the fumes & can't see or hear much. They spray each other. They experience headaches, nausea & severe vomitin. The stench stays with ya long after ya leave, a sad reminder of the workplace.

Injuries are rife here. One nite a worker lost 2 fingers & the ambulance came for him. Everyone continued to clean & he was back 1 week later. When another lost his arm, he later folded towels. Altho official stats are not kept, the death rate here is high. Sometimes, the workers are grounded up & reduced to NOTHIN! This isn't always by gettin cut or from machinery either. This comes from the top; durin the same years when workin conditions at ameriKKKa's plants became more dangerous, the FEDS greatly reduced the enforcement of health & safety laws. The number of osha inspectors were cut by 20% in the reagan years & he first started by bustin up the air traffic contollers union. Injury logs were kept & maintained by the companies & y'all know how that go. As the injuries rose, oversight fell. Durin a 3 month period in 1985, an ibp 1st log recorded 1800 injuries & illnesses at its dakota city facility. osha had only 160, a discrepancy of more than 1000%! congressional investigations later got hold of both logs & found that the injury rates at that facility was as much as 1/3rd higher than the avg meatpackin rate. The investigation also concluded that they had failed to report "serious injuries such as fractures, concussions, major cuts, hernias some requirin hospitalization, surgery & even amputations!" Injured workers who proved uncooperative were assigned to more HAZARDOUS WORK! The nurses were even in on it, labellin injured workers as IDIOTS & JERKS, only to recant when court cases ensued. The motive was of course, financial bonuses the court labelled as the "safetey award system." Mike D Ferrel, a former ibp vp who was in charge of health & safety programs & who started in 1991 when he thought that ibp was SERIOUS about changin, found out soonafter that they were up to the same tricks. Records were falsified as routinely as one changes his clothes. The company only cared about PROFITS! He was FIRED after rightfully findin a plant in palestine tx totally unfit for business & shut it down, somethin NEVER DONE BEFORE. As the book did not give a disposition of the case, I will surmise that that case was still active at the time of publication or kept hushed. Nevertheless, the plant opened a month later & was then shut down a year later, again for bein unfit by the usda.

A right that used to be pretty easy to get but is now litigous is workers comp. I liken it to pullin teeth outta an unsedated WILD ANIMAL. In the early 90's, enormous power over workers comp claims were handed over to company doctors. This is why the big 3 meat packin companies are SELF INSURED. This keeps workers comp payments low! Some of the injuries, especially cumulative ones are hard to prove but painful & debilitatin. Tho rare, it can take up to 2 years to receive payment. This very system leaves unskilled & uneducated workers poorly compensated for injuries that will hamper them for the rest of their workin years. Hardly anyone is set for life. At that time in co, for losin an arm, one could fetch a maximum of $36,000. At that time, congress man, joel hefley of co springs tried to enact a bill forbiddin osha from conductin inspections or imposin fines. Big biz runs ameriKKKa! Damn!

Now & WOW, the story of kenny dobbins. He hadda tough childhood & left where he lived at age 13. He never learned how to read & eventually wound up in the montfort slaughterhouse in grand island nb in 1979. As he was 6'5, what he lacked in intelligence was made up by his strength. Soonafter he started, he witnessed his first accident havin his back pierced by metal teeth of a machine. The company doctor told him that it was a pulled muscle but when the pain proved unbearable, he went to another doc for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd doc said SEVERELY HERNIATED DISKS that needed IMMEDIATE SURGERY! After the surgery didn't work, kenny had to go to a PAIN CLINIC. Amid alla the stress, his marriage broke up. 14 months later, after returnin to the slaughterhouse, he was lauded in a company newsletter which said, "GIVE UP AFTER BACK SURGERY? NOT KENNY DOBBINS! KEN HAS LEARNED HOW TO HANDLE THE RIGORS OF WORKING IN A PACKING PLANT & IS TRYING TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME. THANKS KEN & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK." He couldn't even read that shit but it gets better. This dude was super loyal to monfort. When they reopened another packin house in nearby greeley, kenny was like the owners, anti-union & goin as far as bein very vocal about it. While there & still on light duty from his previous injuries, his new supervisors advised him that in the new facility, his restrictions were NOT VALID. Transferred from one terrible job to another, a former supervisor there admitted that the company was tryin to get kenny to quit. Soonafter, kenny was called on a weekend as a samonella outbreak had happened & they needed the plant sanitized. Most of the sanitation crew REFUSED but here comes kenny to save the day. He worked in his street clothes with that chlorine mix spoken of earlier in this story. CHLORINE IS VERY TOXIC! He was given a paper dust mask which dissolved when he was supposed to be wearin FULL GEAR EQUIPMENT. After 8 hours, this dude fell ill, went home & when his condition worsened, was rushed to a hospital & placed inna OXYGEN TENT yo! His LUNGS were BURNED by that chlorine! His body was covered in blisters & he spent a month in the hospital.

Was kenny lucky? Only ya opinion serves in askin that question. The dude recovered & AGAIN, RETURNED to WORK at the greeley facility. Now remarried & still loyal to the company, he was reassigned azza truck driver in the slaughterhouse complex. One cold dark mornin in this DECREPIT TRUCK, kenny became disoriented while drivin, stopped the truck, opened the door to see where he was, got out & was STRUCK BY A SLOW movin TRAIN! He lived & 2 weeks later, BACK to WORK! While back at work, our mr kenny saved a fellow worker from stickin his head into a meat pulverizin machine that was still on. To honor him, he was given an award for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN CONCERN FOR FELLOW WORKERS. This was a PAPER CERTIFICATE & NOTHIN MORE yo! He then went on to break his legs, shatter an ankle & had to wear an elaborate brace. The coup de gras tho was when kenny hadda heart attack & was sent home by the company nurse with ANOTHER PULLED MUSCLE. He was summarily fired by montfort with his HEART permanently damaged & made him wait 2 years for $35,000. When they fired him, no one even notified him. He coughs up blood & his 2nd wife developed a kidney ailment & can't work either. She had to have a TRANSPLANT. kenny gets no pension & at the publishin of the book was only 45 years old. Don't let this happen to you!

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