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the b2a 2013 YEAR in REVUE

This ain't gonna be a long article today Y'ALL.......nahhh, what WE at b2a is gonna do is HIGHLIGHT what WE thought was the stories of the YEAR!!! Can ya believe that at this time last year, django was all what WE were talking about & then my dude (if it even happened) Chris Dorner soonafter went APE SHIT & started SUPPOSEDLY killing his PIG BRETHERN! But I digress as YOU can pick & choose what ya think was the STORY of the YEAR.........please offer feedback & see Y'ALL in 2014!!! It's always WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

from January 2013 WE have

February 2013, WE have 2 entries as in & as so much went down in that month last year, this:

March 2013 & OUR ASCENT is INEVITABLE as in…

Let's take it BLAK to the 2000's at b2a


The SHOT heard around the WORLD & for those of US who didn't OVER STAND the significance of it all or even REMEMBERED it, the link above signifies EXACTLY what WE here at b2a mean. I can't stand when BP talk SHIT about Kanye as at the time, he was still YOUNG, INNOCENT & just really starting to know the RAVAGES of the so called entertainment industry! He would soon discover the REAL!!! In my opinion, he more than DEFINED the ERA as he was RESPONSIBLE for most of the names who would eventually become BIG in HIP HOP but on an artistic level, Andre 3000 kept it ARTFUL! Check that link & check out how his co-hosts did DOUBLE TAKES as the illustrious Mr. West did possibly, the MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT of the the 10 year period between 2000 - 2010! As it's not even 2 minutes long, go review & it & check that RAW EMOTION & then get into some of OUR GREATNESS on the music tip! Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die soon …

Let's take it BLAK 2 the 90's at b2a

Ahh, to REMEMBER those days as if it were YESTERDAY!!! Even though Hip Hop's GOLDEN ERA was earleir than this, I think this PIC more than ANY, SYMBOLIZES the true GRIT & POWER of just what Hip Hop could & can be! With the Notorious B.I.G & Pac both dead, the genre needed a shot in the arm as both sides of the country were reeling in the ethers of TIME & SPACE! It's an ironic thing that at the time of this pic, I lived in Harlem & a lotta peepo were really disappointed that I wasn't there that day. In fact, I had just missed being there by a few hours but...........I'm STILL here bcuz like KRS-1 always saysWE will be HERE FOREVER!!!!! (  Today, instead of boring y'all with memories of yore, what I'm gonna do is put just a few songs that I feel defined the 90's & if ya feel a way, instead of HATING, add on & send 'em my way! What say Y'ALL? With that....................HERE WE …

Let's take it BLAK to the 80's at b2a


This goes out to my PEEPO out there who are older than the age of 40 who remember when Hip Hop was still INNOCENT & PURE before the days of COMMERCIALIZATION! As other cities as a whole hadn't developed a scene as of that time, WE here need to acknowledge that there are those out there

 who REMEMBER how it used to be & this goes out to Y'ALL! With that, something that I don't see mentioned too much is that my LATINO's especially PUERTO RICANS hardly ever get mentioned but at least in the BIRTHPLACE of Hip Hop aka the BOOGIE DOWN BROWN, WE ROCKED TOGETHER!! In order to BEST REPRESENT the very 1st MIX SHOWS on NY RADIO, I had to showcase the best of the LATIN RASCALS (Albert Cabrera & Tony Moran) as back in the early 80's, ANYBODY who was ANYBODY was walking around the NYC area with their cassette tapes in their BOOMBOX pumping these mixes. Y'all YOUNGSTA's can learn a thing fr…

The Boondocks & the REAL on Xmas

If ya wanna know the TRUTH & LAUGH.............



Can I do more? Of course I can & my BABA, Dr John Henrik Clarke did so MUCH for US after he went BLIND & spent his last days WORKING for US & so...........why can't I do more? Before I go in on this 1, big UP to all the CAPRICORNS out there as WE make up such a big part of what WE call the STRUGGLE! Allow Me to let US know that this includes the aforementioned Dr Clarke, Dr Ben, Dr Khalid Muhamad, the Most Honorable Noble Drew Ali, Baba Phil Valentine, Dr Leanord Jeffries, MLK, Muhamad Ali & so many many more who CARE about the PLIGHT of US! The Mayan Predictions started a series of EVENTS that see the WEATHER going CRAZY & all WE have to do is sit BLAK & let NATURE take its course! 70 degree weather up north on the 1st day of WINTER? As y'all have read in Parts I & II, the Blak Smith is going in on HIMSELF bcuz I gots to get this SCRILLA aka MOOLAH aka SCRATCH aka…



So WE'RE BLAK to Part II of the Blak Smith & what just some of my plans are. Right now I would like to thank all of ya out there especially my subscribers & in fact, as this is a COMMUNITY FORUM, I need some of y'all to tell US how WE can make b2a better for US! As the load is heavy, sometimes I post from articles I find in newspapers, online & from my cyber friends who have another opinion but it MUST ALWAYS be done with RESPECT!!! CONVO is EDUCATION! When ya put yaself out there, some feel that it's OK to diss but ya wouldn't do that to my face so WTF ya talking about! My answer to SHIT TALKING is to walk ya outta it but if ya follow up with the BS, I'mma get at ya til ya get sick of me! I'm very SIRIUS about what I do & I hope same for you. In doing that, when I'm wrong, I admit it so there ain't no need to get at Me as I am not a GLUTTON for PAIN! December 21st 2012 wasn't what I though…



Hey b2a, it's ya FAVORITE HOLLA BLAK dude getting BLAK to ya after a great but cold weekend. How Y'ALL doing out there? For the most part, most of Y'ALL out there are preparing for the HELLIDAZE & the looming new year (even though it really starts in April) & that's cool bcuz TIME waits for no ONE! Most of US I kick it with see nothing but despair coming but I'm actually looking forward for the fuckery to end & so bring on what ever come what may! Now that the supposed body of MANdela is in the ground, WE can get on with it & watch his movie but I would rather suggest ya watch this: which is on all over the place. Last year WE ended the year with django & Hidden Colors & it looks like just in time for jesus' bornday, WE gotta nother flick for Y'ALL to focus ya ENERGY on. WATEVA!!!!! But, I'm keep…

the Boondocks - The Realest BITCHES!!!!!!!!

What up again b2a peepo? The Blak Smith is about to start crowd funding soon bcuz I need Y'ALL HELP in order to get my books printed. I wanna depend on all of my subscribers & those of you who are LOYAL bcuz Y'ALL been getting that REAL SHIT for years now!  Like I've said before, I'll do an article on that ASAP but if ya wanna support US, as I always say, INBOX Me on fb or send an e-mail to Since my last article covering MANdela was so CONTROVERSIAL, I just wanna get into that a lil & say that I don't care what ya think of ME! If ya still wanna get at ME for my OBSERVATIONS, OPINIONS & EXPERIENCE, fine but...........remember, I research & come to CONCLUSIONS! As well I know a lotta peepo ALL OVER bcuz I've lived in a lotta places & don't have to PROVE SHIT bcuz my INTUITIVE INSTINCTS lead ME! If ya still got beef with that, what if some niKKKa's came to you after 27 years in HELL & said if ya do this &…


Hey & WELCOME to another article at YOURS & OUR favorite BLAK SITE, b2a. Fair warning before WE go in that this will be a LONG ARTICLE & not for the FAINT of HEART & so if ya don't have patience or the stomach ro take what I'm about to say, GTFO DODGE now! After that, ya could meet me at apartment 4Q but let's talk a lil bit first. How y'all doing? Are Y'ALL yet ready for NESARA & all of the CHANGES that this agenda will bring? Are WE ready to play on an even playing field? Are ya SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED? Could ya be LIBERATED? To those who ain't yet READY, come on in & see how that DEVIL is LOSING & the tactics that he's using that just won't work no mo'! But............before WE get into it all I'm gonna step on some toes! See how I do that & as I warned ya that I would, I made sure to HIDE ya steel toe boots ya PUNK ASS!!!

Ok so 1st......WE start wi…


As I've been telling US for the last few YEARS, REDEMPTION is coming & ya better be READY for it! Again, I got this from John Hutchins & though I cannot PROVE that this will happen, WE can HOPE that some of the things that WE don't hear about take place SOON!!! This & other reasons cause governments to SHUT down as they use MACHINATIONS to distraKKKt US away from the INEVITABLE aka CHANGE!!! Peepo are TIRED, HURTING & FED UP which WE could also take to mean, WE are SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED!! In the northeast area, 3 bedroom apartaments are over $2000 & peepo SHACKING UP are causing them to fall out as WE all try to save on OUR cost of living! Almost everyone is DROWNING in DEBT with no end in sight & I ain't just talking about US! Why not take a look as the playing field gets evened out? Hey......I'm not ALWAYS CYNICAL as OUR FUTURE looks UP!

My Country by Nas:…

Neo Soul 2013 Mix + Playlist Songs BY ERIC THE TUTOR - .

I wanna be that 1 STOP SHOP 4 all yo BLAK NEEDS!!!! Guarantee that U will at least LIKE it or..........ya money back! Just a lil note that the dude who crashed the train in the Bronx, the BIRTHPLACE of HIP HOP a few days ago happens to have the last name of rockerfeller..........hmmmmmm.....could that have been a sign of the times to come that this country is DONE???? Of all names, why that 1? Don't accept the obvious & look at the signs! If not, kick back & ENJOY these PROFOUND SOUNDS!!! WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, yt took the link down so hope ya read this far & so here goes:


(DON'T get at Me bcuz I ain't the 1 saying it!) What a RESPONSE for the 1st 1 aka & if ya ain't read that, this 1 won't make sense & so......I advise ya to read that before ya go in on this 1. For years now I've been telling US that the dude up there is OUTTA TIME & WE getting to that! His own peepo know it too & WE should be looking forward to many of 'em acting nice BCUZ SOME OF 'EM know WHAT TIME IT IS! Do you? I told y'all about all of the time missing in the last installation of HOROSCOPES & all is coming to a head. Ya don't have to believe Me but look at all of the phenomena happening in front of ya & then, there's so much happening that WE ain't really hearing about. Well in this article, I will report on how I see Part 1 of DEVILS speaking on them KILLING theyselves bcuz of what they have done the WORLD OVER! Check out how WE…