Can I do more? Of course I can & my BABA, Dr John Henrik Clarke did so MUCH for US after he went BLIND & spent his last days WORKING for US & so...........why can't I do more? Before I go in on this 1, big UP to all the CAPRICORNS out there as WE make up such a big part of what WE call the STRUGGLE! Allow Me to let US know that this includes the aforementioned Dr Clarke, Dr Ben, Dr Khalid Muhamad, the Most Honorable Noble Drew Ali, Baba Phil Valentine, Dr Leanord Jeffries, MLK, Muhamad Ali & so many many more who CARE about the PLIGHT of US! The Mayan Predictions started a series of EVENTS that see the WEATHER going CRAZY & all WE have to do is sit BLAK & let NATURE take its course! 70 degree weather up north on the 1st day of WINTER? As y'all have read in Parts I & II, the Blak Smith is going in on HIMSELF bcuz I gots to get this SCRILLA aka MOOLAH aka SCRATCH aka LOOT aka MONEY bcuz ain't NOBODY just gonna give it to Me! 2014 is the year that Elijah Muhamad said would end it for 'em! My WISHFUL THINKING will cause Me to be WRONG sometimes but y'all need to know that I say what I say based on my REVERED ELDERS!!! Let's get into who & what the Blak Smith is & what WE can do for EACH OTHER!


The Blak Smith CARES about US, the collective of Black Folk who want LIBERATION above all else! In saying that, I also care about ya GENERAL HEALTH (mental & spiritual) & as much as possible, write about it. As there is so much HEALTH INFO out there, instead of harping on something that can be found easily, I'll just put down BASICS of what WE SHOULD be doing in a few links about that as in;

1. (10 Part Series)



4. (3 Part Series)



There is so much more but HEALING comes in many ways & so I HOPE that what I find, write about & post from other sources is HELPING US so that when the time comes, ya ready for the many CHALLENGES ahead! What good are ya if ya wheezing, coughing & a BURDEN when WE who know better TEACH ya & ya refuse to learn? If ya still eating FAST FOOD..............OUR MINDS NEED to be RECONDITIONED so UNLEARN the BULLSHIT yo!!!!!!!!!


Well......if I do say so myself, I am a CREATOR of MUCH! I've already told y'all that I can do a lotta MUSIC including ghost writing for beginning MC's! I can produce music & not just Hip Hop either though I don't know how to ENGINEER! I can do IMAGE CONSULTING on a simple level as peepo usually come as advertised & just need tweaking! WE are WRITERS but as there is so much to writing in books & magazines, a beginner needs help. I've given peepo the TITLES of their books & as well, have laid out logo's for companies. When peepo need assistance with their creative projects, they usually come to Me for assistance as well as ways to handle thorny situations like problems with their children etc etc. Just so ya know, OUR PEEPO are OUR most PRECIOUS CREATIONS!! Being that I read so much & have lived in different places, I've learned how to see a situation & considering the peepo seeking, base my answer of what they need on WHO & WHAT they are! WE are not cookie cutter peepo as most of US come from the ameriKKKa's, the caribean & Afrika! In all reality though, the way out has been designed for EONS & all WE need to do is decide if WE gonna do it the Claude Anderson way, the Amos WIlson way, The Elijah Muhamad way, the Dr Clark way, the Chancellor Williams way, the Marcus Garvey way..................


Am I? Who determines who is a revolutionary or not? How do ya measure that? All I can do in my limited capacity is continue to bring US that info that will PROPEL US FORWARD into the dimensions that WE need to be ASCENDING to. The 1st apartment that I remember living in was 5D but I'm trying to get to where the REAL SHIT is at! Some of US will get there faster & some slower as WE are all SPIRITS moving in different DIMENSIONS at differing times in differing ways. I liken it to Michael Jordan who started playing basketball late but was BORN to do it! There may have been others who started before him but never got better than him as it wasn't meant for 'em to get that type of blessing. I already broke down my journey which led Me to Knowledge of Self which I call KOS for short. The saying goes that the PEN is mightier than the SWORD & in the case of b2a, WE want to CHANGE MINDS to READY US when that TIME COMES!!!! My tagline for this blog is uptop but I will say it here again that,
Blak Peepo ARE the GODS & GODDESSES of the EARTH & WE will be VICTORIOUS! Some of US is gonna have to bear arms, some will write about it, some will speak it, some will do MAGIC & some will do ALL of it! Be who ya need to be when ya need to be it & let's


This is more of a personal segment but only a person can tell ya who they really are. It makes PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE that WE will be FREE 1 day & just how that's gonna happen......? IDK but WE will so the way I see it, instead of HATING Me for being wrong for WISHFUL THINKING, why not THINK of ways that WE can make that happen? Peepo all over the world get some of what they want bcuz when SHIT hits the FAN, they STRIKE TOGETHER to make the changes they want to happen! As I've been calling for that for years & y'all won't do it, I won't be doing that NO MO' but I do know 1 thing........when WE decide to ALL TAKE just 1 ACTION as a COLLECTIVE, that devil is done & it wouldn't require us firing 1 shot!!! I used to propose boycotting mcdonalds but AGAIN..........if ya still eating that...........look, that pendulum swings in both directions......the rain wets ALL.............WE all gotta EAT!!! IDK about YOU but I will be that ROYAL PHILOSOPHER & in fact, I already am! What about you?

the NAGA

I am BLAK ROYALTY & I declare that to my PEEPO as I walk in my DIVINITY!!!! For saying that, I expect to get knocks but I'm here to say that I'm about COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS with EXCELLENCE as the ONLY STANDARD!!! Like Onyx says; Of course I ain't perfeKt (but take it from Me) & I want it all for US as a PEEPO & have no qualms saying it! Why wouldn't I? While money is very necessary, too many of US just want that but for Me, plenty of money without FREEDOM is just softer SLAVERY! I don't wanna drive a benz & get pulled over every week aka DWB! I always say that ALL PEEPO should have SELF DETERMINATION but remember that I wrote a series earlier this year that went like WE are the BLAK GOLD of the SUN! So, the NAGA in Me already knows that the answer to the age old question is that ALL DEVILS must be eradicated & don't no 1 try & convince Me otherwise! All of you who know the REAL OURSTORY know that OUR ANCIENTS had names for 'em wherein they were known as less than DOGS bcuz DOGS have some level of redemption. So WE getting there & make up ya mind as to where ya fit into the equation as the BASIC NATURE of US is that of NATURE aka GOD. Let this message resonate with ya & get BLAK to US so that WE can offer OUR SERVICES bcuz pretty soon, my new motto is gonna be BUY BLAK & so............HOLLA BLAK!!! WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR


                                        - this concludes another great Blak Smith series - 

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