How Sugar is a Cancer Feeder

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You may not realize it, but you have cancer cells in your body. Everyone has them, but they will only show up on scans and tests after they have multiplied to a few billion. Even after a cancer patient goes into remission and the doctors say that there aren’t any more cancer cells, it just means that there aren’t enough cells to detect the cancer.

This can be very overwhelming news to those who have a family history of cancer or to those who have a loved one with the disease. Cancer is a scary reality to face, and there are many scientists and doctors trying to figure out a way we can reduce the number of people who develop different forms of cancer each year.

Form Healthy Habits

One effective way to battle cancer and keep the cells from growing and multiplying is to starve the cells, and you can do this by restricting the amount of sugar you consume. The down side of the fact that sugar is a cancer feeder is that sugar feeds your body as well as the cancer cells. If you do get cancer, you will want to control your blood glucose and insulin levels with a strict diet and exercise routine and control your stress in order to improve your chances of recovering. These healthy habits are also helpful in the battle to prevent cancer. This is, obviously, not going to guarantee that your cancer goes away or that you won’t get cancer if you eat right and exercise, but it is a place to start.

The “Cancer Feeding” Process

Malignant tumors use the glucose in the body to create lactic acid as a byproduct, and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. This large amount of acid is made by the fermentation of glucose, and then the acid travels to the liver. The conversion of glucose to lactic acid will produce less acid pH and will cause physical fatigue due to the lactic acid buildup in the body. This process could also cause the cancer patient to be malnourished.   To generalize, the cancer is wasting energy, which leaves a person who has cancer to feel tired and have less energy to do the things they normally are able to do.

All forms of sugar promote cancer, but they all affect the cancer cells in different ways and at different levels. The carbohydrates glucose and sucrose have the ability to keep neutrophils from doing their job. A neutrophil is a type of white blood cell that assists the cells surrounding cancer cells and other invaders in destroying the harmful cells.While glucose and sucrose are both very harmful for those with cancer, fructose seems to be the most destructive of all.

Stop Cancer Cells from Multiplying

If you want to try to stop your cancer cells from multiplying with your diet there are two things you need to consider cutting out of your diet: sugar and milk.

·         Sugar – When you cut sugar out of your diet, it will cut off one very important source of food to the cancer cells. It is also harmful to use sugar substitutes that are made with Aspartame, like NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful. It is best to find a natural substitute like Manuka honey, Stevia, or Agave nectar, but you should only use them in small amounts. Even table salt should be avoided because chemicals are used to dye the salt white. An alternative you can use is sea salt or Fort Braggs Amino Acids.

·         Milk – When you drink milk, your body produces mucus, which makes the body acidic. Cancer feeds on this mucus and the acid, so when you take milk out of your diet, you starve the cancer cells. You can substitute milk with unsweetened rice or almond milk.

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