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POLYGAMY 501 - the Rebuttal of Rebuttals Part II

Whatup my PEEPO? My BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO? How y'all doin with 539 to go? Hope that y'all hangin tough & today, I plan on killin this POLYGAMY Series unless someone out there wishes to continue rebuttin me. Just a few days ago, I rebutted Joyce Allen & you guys responded in large numbers....THANKS Y'ALL! As I keep sayin, I don't expect for the BW to change her mind overnite in regards to how she will live her life. Life is what ya make it. Those of you over the age of 35 already have lived the majority of ya life BELIEVIN that there is somethin WRONG with a POLYGAMOUS SETTING but nothin could be further from the truth. What I want, is for US to have the CONVERSATIONS so that IF you need to implement it, you won't do so from a vacuum especially if you believe that LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST. I KNOW that it will. WHEN such is the case, who will lead? Will ya still allow willy lynch to run shit? I think not! Inaz Brown proved to be a great writer but I'm goin in on her NEXT! Scroll down & continue readin.

First off, thanks for acknowledgin my BEAUTY my SISTAR! As above so below. As I AM, so ARE YOU! Were you confused when ya wrote ya piece? You said that I IMPLIED EMPHATICALLY. I read those words as a SAME DIFFERENCE type wording situation. I don't IMPLY anythin when it comes to SIRIUSNES & I want OUR readin audience to once & for all know that POLYGAMY ain't for EVERYBODY. Most marriages long ago were arranged. I'm STILL askin the LADIES HOW WE can MATCH UP if y'all strictly INSIST on 1 on 1 RELATIONSHIPS & the weaselin out continues unabated. Talkin about what I said does NOTHIN for your point..........If a BW can't OR won't adjust/adapt, what are those of US who think this way to do? We'll just wait you out so that the BW WE are already with will know what's on deck & thus the REASONIN for this convo. I actually WANT shit to change bcuz too many of US aren't HAPPY as things are NOW & NEVER mention that. WE always need each other & as I said before, if things stay the same, will you be any more successful than you are now? As far as households are concerned, I try not to look at POLYGAMY with the hindsight of books of the past. In certain systems, ALL WIVES had to have the same stuff & today as things are, the BW has more than the BM with the KraKKa usin the willy lynch syndrome. Men LEAD & Women FOLLOW & right now, WE all runnin around CONFUSED bcuz the WOMEN are LEADIN! This is not the NATURAL ORDER! As in Reconstruction, Blak Peepo are the architects of ALL & can figure out how to pro-seed without any interference. WE will be held accountable to WISE ELDERS who speak first thru action & then words. WE don't know how to do much bcuz WE think that stuff is bad but........wait til ya out there with the elements.........SURVIVE or DIE! The FEASIBILITY of it all is that though POLYGAMY was EVERYWHERE, it NEVER TOTALLY WENT AWAY & with that, WE have GREAT EXAMPLES to learn from. If the numerical issues swung the other way & there were more MEN, we would need to revue these premises.

Polygamy actually STRENGTHENS FAMILIES in that a loss of 1 income doesn't have to destroy that family. EVERYONE has a JOB inside of this dynamic & the talents that 1 has can emerge in the case of that income loss, makin those engaged even HAPPIER! The income from a fulfilled person makes for SUCCESS which builds CONFIDENCE which is INFECTIOUS!  Of course, most who are like me know that POLYGAMY never stopped & in the societies where it is permissible, look at monogamy as strange. In times of strife, what needs to be done will be & WE all need EACH OTHER! Not even DEATH stops progress! As far as abuses are concerned, very few of US don't abuse each other one way or another & real healin will take effect when all of the reasons as to why we are DYSFUNCTIONAL disappear. Everyone will be held accountable & the models have already been provided by some of our revered elders. The BW will NOT HAVE to get with the program but you will mate when WHATEVER NEW SYSTEM takes place & y'all need to be AWARE NOW that LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST if ya believe that. What of the brothers askin questions when you already know what time it is? Ya know the ones that didn't have time for that blak 2 Afrika/Mother Ship bullshit. WE know that WE need each other but in this dispensation of time when the BM is under the LAWS of babylon, there is no justice but JUST US! Can U Change? Could ya CHANGE ya idea of what marriage is in another space & time? In order to move forward, WE must even get rid of our concept of what SEX is & OVERSTAND that ya time may be better spent TALKIN until all is figured out. No one is sayin that you will be beaten into submission or else! My dear frend, ya need to read  the Goddess Blakwoman - Mother of Civilization by Akil. I say this bcuz you YOURSELF went & convicted every WOMAN of bein JEALOUS, COMPETITIVE & TERRITORIAL. In the annals of characterization, which of those 3 words are GOOD? Could you aspire to be BETTER than that? Can U Change bcuz that AIN'T what WE are gonna need if an extinction level event occurs. Could you even imagine that?

My mention sex as a terrible premise to use. When sex stops, LIFE itself stops! The KraKKa wishes to sterilize US outta existence & if you pay attention, you will see that his numbers are at a decline & sinkin more & more everyday, everywhere he is. Check out this report & look at the play on words.......even though the MAJORITY of babies bein born are now MINORITIES, the MAJORITY is STILL a MINORITY! POPULATION CONTROL is the ORDER of the day & THEY will stop at NOTHIN to keep our numbers low but WE LUV FUCKIN & don't wish to have ARTIFICIAL LIFE beins! As I already said, they made MONEY the very NECESSARY EVIL & base THEIR system on it as they keep it from US knowin that Y'ALL see relationships thru bein SECURE! Then they give Y'ALL the jobs, show all BW in their media as LOUD, BRASH & DISRESPECTFUL, release stats of the numerical disparity & when you EMOTE, say that there are no good men. If a man is a POLYGAMIST who tells the BITTER TRUTH, what is he? Moral decline or any other PROBLEM for that matter NEVER stops sex & prison is a true show of that! All that is in this world is natural as it had to exist in order for it to be made UNNATURAL! Polygamy is NATURAL! Did you know that cyanide is made from almonds & that you could eat only almonds for the rest of ya life as it has every essential ingredient? It's all NATURE! What is excessive? Is it true that there are an excess of peepo in these times who are alone for YEARS on end? Aren't there EXCESSIVELY more BW than BM? Do married couples have SEX every nite after the honeymoon? It is a FACT that MOST peepo married more than 2 years RARELY have SEX! A nursin woman shouldn't have sex with a man within 2 years of havin a child so as not to affect the hormonal balance in her milk! Havin children in this system makes 1 a slave to a job ya more than likely hate! As opposed to workin for OURSELVES, the work burden usually falls on the man & too many years of that type of negativity leads to sickness & death but the shame of bein called a DEADBEAT is worse. I provided a vid for those WOMEN who wanted EXAMPLES of multiple husbands so as to be FAIR & BALANCED like fox you women who want that.......go right ahead! The BEST of BOTH WORLDS can be enjoyed by all involved if ya MINDSET was in a place where you controlled ya own DESTINY inside a group of rules that allowed US to FLOURISH as we are. Imagine US, makin RITES of PASSAGES that recognized the virtues & talents of OUR CHILDREN so that THEY could do what HEAVEN sent them here to do. Of course WE would have to start with those already here as there would be so much work to do.......who would have time for bullshit? Now Inaz, you know damn well that WE would teach our PEEPO all that they need to know to EXCEL includin usin books such as Sexual Energy by Dr Jewel Pookrum. There are still a lot of groups of OUR PEEPS in Afrika who teach US how to PLEASURE each other & as the replenishment of US is necessary, this would be taught as just 1 subject of MANY. Why would WE takeover to further persecute each other again? No more BABY MAMA'S....we need husbands & wives! I wanna see those terms killed & have said that here in this blog before. WE will do what has already been done usin MAAT! With that bein said, POLYGAMY is the 1st Law of Nature aka WHOLESALE SELF PRESERVATION! I'm done so now..................AFRIKANS UNITE!

The Blak Smith is almost there with the book & much thanks to all of you who read OUR articles. My e-book, I ain't Perfect but take it from Me is comin along & I still need y'all SUPPORT maintainin the site here. Please help me by sendin DONATIONS & any bigger than $20 gets my book. If ya like the HEAT, move ya FEET & help a BRO out. To get at me, you can go to OR on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). I appreciate each & every one of you & drinks are on me at the Cosmic Party! Peace.

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Multiple Husbands....4 the LADIES who want this....

Polyandry: Part 1 REINFORCEMENT!

Polyandry: Part 2

Michael Jackson - Exposing the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry.....can U believe it's been 2 years?

As jootoob ALWAYS takes 'em DOWN, I gotta keep puttin 'em BLAK up!:

POLYGAMY 501 - the Rebuttal of Rebuttals

544 days OR WAY LESS to go! Don't y'all just luv my way of sayin WHAT UP? How y'all doin? I hope that this crazy ass RAINY ASS WEATHER on the east coast ain't gettin ya down but lately, it's just too much. WE are the PEOPLE of the SUN & WE shall remain VICTORIOUS & now that ya know that, sit on it! It looks like that mississippi valley shituation is ongoin with minot north dakota gettin it somethin SIRIUS. Y'all thought that shit was over eh? Notice how quiet that shituation is? They got time to talk about weiner but why did THEY stop talkin about old man river? Bet that Y'ALL didn't know that a massive 6.7 quake hit japan just yesterday. That one is quite quiet as well........why all the secrecy? Everybody is wonderin what's next & though the Blak Smith doesn't wanna be treated as a guru, I'm gonna give y'all some advice. A lot of y'all wanna know what you should do to prepare for the endgame of it all. What I tell those who ask is be MENTALLY prepared for ANYTHING as WE don't know what will happen! If you feel that it's neccessary, stock pile canned goods, get 6 months of spring water in LEACH PROOF BOTTLES & make sure that you have flashlights, batteries, can openers, rope, tents & plenty of knives. Most of this will not help you if you have to move SWIFTLY & so DETERMINE that you will do what you have to to STAY ALIVE! The obese, old & those that used to ridicule you askin questions when you spoke up are EXPENDABLE when real SURVIVAL MODE comes & it ain't bcuz I hate those ain't called SURVIVAL MODE for NOTHIN! Trust very few peepo & hopefully, enough of US have enough of US around US that WE know enough to get thru this crazy time. Right now though, my BEAUTIFUL SISTARS who I luv so much have to hear it from me on this POLYGAMY THING. Joyce Allen wrote the 1st rebuttal & Inaz Brown wrote the 2nd. What I'm about to do here is take JA's fine articles & address any & every discrepancy as to how/why this thing wouldn't work. I say to the Blak Smith...............................................TAKE IT AWAY!

JA thanks US for bein the most HANDSOME & SEXIEST & WE luv her too right FELLAS? Then she goes into HISTORY. I would like to know where OUR SISTAR got her FACTS from. Our SISTAR posits that too many BM are usin POLYGAMY as a way to be PLAYERS. In the first article of this series, I used & defined what a polygamist was along with a few other related words so JA wasn't addressin the right AUDIENCE. You FELLAS who are claimin polygamy & are really PIMPIN need to stop & study before you get into this! This ain't OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, ORGIES & SWINGIN! This is not for tyrones with 6 baby mama's & 1 more on the way. This is a SIRIUS SYSTEM of MARRIAGE that still exists in  the WORLD that NEVER stopped existin & in the next dispensation, those who think that they will get away with 3 DIMENSIONAL BEHAVIOR will see that adverse actions will not be tolerated. These so called players masqueradin as polygamists have to know that sexxxin young gals who have not yet met their rites of passage teachins will SUFFER so think about it. JA then mentioned about how in ancient Afrika, how WE thought of ourselves as NOTHIN without each other. Where did you get that from? All equations were taken into account & accounted for OR all whom were ready were found a mate. If there was a disparity, mates from friendly OUTSIDE groups were brought in. Polygamy was for the most part practiced EVERYWHERE includin in europe (differently) bcuz as men are darin, soldiers, explorers, courageous & died earlier, wives needed husbands. Peepo all over the world are still practicin POLYGAMY albeit with the LYIN & CHEATIN includin in Afrika & plenty of BW try to get at me knowin that I have a BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. If I was to participate in yo shenanigans & you know I have a QUEEN, wouldn't yo TWISTED ASS be SHARIN ME? So if ya sharin me, why not meet ya SISTAR WIFE as I don't lie? I you, the great white way is better as it feels NORMAL. Can U Change?

JA then goes BLAK in ancient far BLAK are you talkin? How far BLAK were those so called WONDERFUL DAYS? You then go into how the BM uses polygamy as a smoke screen to bed many women as if wm don't do it too but we ain't talkin bout them. Where did we learn it from? Have you ever heard of the willy lynch syndrome? Speakin of overall respect & not givin it, what about the BW who disrespect good BM? What's the numbers on that? As far as FOOD on the TABLE or lack thereof, no BM worth his salt would allow his FAMILY to starve. So as to CLARIFY what WE speakin of, PLAYAS/NIGGAS cannot be POLYGAMISTS as they must LIE to PLAY. In this series, I wanna speak for the FEW BM who are accountable, responsible, virtuous & upstanding with their INTEGRITY. The PLAYA can ASPIRE to this as well! He can read the Goddess Blackwoman Mother of Civilization by Akil to learn her role. WE don't want no TYRONES bcuz they FUCKIN it UP for the very few who OVERSTAND that this is an OPTION! No PLAYAS ALLOWED!

JA then goes into takin about PLAYAS who have no RESPONSIBiLITIES & takes into account the court system. Real Peepo don't need a government seal, marriage licenses or state officials to recognize & respect their union. Before racist white supremacy took over, were all marriages that had none of that null & void? MONEY is the NECESSARY ROOT of ALL EVIL that is used as a weapon as this system gives you just enough to stay ahead but go ahead & lose that job you so desperately tryin to keep. WE COULD BRING THIS COUNTRY TO IT'S KNEES IF WE ALL TOOK OFF JUST 1 DAY FROM WORK AS THE BW IS RUNNIN CORPORATE AMERIKKKA! Blak Solidarity Day is just that day but do Y'ALL wanna talk about that? A woman's luv is tied in SECURITY & when you have the PRESSURES of RENT, MORTGAGES & BILLS, you workin to give just about all of your wealth to enrich THEM after THEY made you work for FREE while makin what you been doin since time immemorial WRONG & EVIL while his ass RAPED you after hours for 400 FUCKIN YEARS! They just changed the game & now you a WAGE SLAVE! NO WHITE MAN in what is known as the us has EVER been convicted of rapin a BW & the 1st person to prove me wrong can shut me the hell up! I'm talkin FACTS HERE so save ya emotions for him! Lil Wayne is an OOGLY DUDE & he could get about 90% of y'all talkin all that "it's just wrong shit" into "well, that nigga got money girl." Hey, it ain't that SIRIUS so LYAO & get BLAK to HATIN me now. Fellas, if ya want this, it ain't just about gotta deal with the TOTALITY of all of the women you got & so.............ya gotta know how to deal with all of those GODDESSES!

JA then readdresses the PLAYAS instead of goin into the FACT that there are WAY more BW than BM. EVERYTIME I ask the BW how WE are goin to BALANCE this dynamic, they SLICKLY weasel out of the answer with evasiveness. When I was livin in GA, a stat came out sayin that there was a 20-1 disparity & for arguments sake, I always ask, if it's just 3-1, how do WE BALANCE it? If the numbers are lyin, where are you ghettin ya info from other than ya EMOTIONS?

I am an AVOWED STAUNCH POLYGAMIST & any BW interested in me must know this. If WE speak on the phone or know each other personally, don't try to  make me BLAKSLIDE bcuz I will CHALLENGE you to see if you worthy of me! I was inna group on Face Book & I won't put them on BLAST, but THEY kicked me out for talkin my talk when I didn't even ask to be part of their group. What's wrong with y'all anyway? If it ain't for ya, don't get down but..............why get so upset that you would kick me out for discussin something that ain't for ya & then use a dude to do do it usin a FLIMSY ASS EXCUSE? It was fun while it lasted it y'all like goin to work everyday esp in the winter? You don't but you do it. Should I wife yo ass if ya man punk out in the face of adversity? Come on, stop beggin & let me see if I can put ya on the roster! If you think shit is haywire now, can you imagine lookin for vegetation to eat? Could you dig & find clean water in an aquifer while ya fake hair falls out? What you mad at me for? As an adult, you should be able to have a CONVO about anythin like when ya boss says, "WE HAVE TO TALK." Shit......oprah spoke about this on plenty of her shows & ain't nobody mad at her.......WTF? I'm gonna walk TALL & keep to what I do yo! WE got 544 days & when y'all get right, HOLLA BLAK!

I was gonna rebut Inaz Brown as well but some of Y'ALL be  complainin that this be too long. In Part II of POLYGAMY 501, I'll get at her but I wanna get at y'all out there in b2a world. I need y'all to help support me & my many wives......oops meant my endeavors. I'm in the final stages of editin my e-book, I ain't perfect but take it from ME & need ya assistance to keep this site goin. I don't do advertisments so I can stay sayin what the FUCK I wanna. For those that can, holla at me at or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace to all my peepo & THANX! HOLLA BLAK!

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POLYGAMY 401 - the Inaz Brown Rebuttal.......

Hey Y'all, sorry to make ya wait but my good SISTAR frend, Inaz Brown wanted in on this POLYGAMY Series & as I always tell ya, this is a COMMUNITY FORUM where only INTELLIGENT VOICES will be heard. Did she go in yo? I think she did & what she had to say was on point even though I don't agree with all of it. As this topic is VERY CONTROVERSIAL, I had to allow the SISTARS to say THEY piece & whether y'all pro or con, WE ain't goin NOWHERE without each other! The next 547 days is comin & as I always say, LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST! When my time to shine comes BLAK, I'm gonna be gettin at the FELLAS about OUR RESPONSIBILITIES & how this POLYGAMY THANG ain't just about SEX! In fact, very FEW of US are equipped for this at this PRESENT MOMENT but I BELIEVE that LIFE as WE KNOW it WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST! Despite what you believe in, EAT RIGHT & STAY ALIVE as all things will soon change. I had a 15 year old cousin of mine get a STROKE & I had to visit him in the HOSPITAL just this MORNING yo! WTF is that? Too many are STILL dyin TOO YOUNG & it has to stop & I'm gonna keep tellin Y'ALL that it doesn't have to be this way but Y'ALL gonna keep trustin them doctors instead of a dude who READS what the doctors READ. I can tell Y'ALL what to do & who to see but........Y'ALL DON'T HEAR ME! I need y'all & y'all need me. Ayo, my homegal put it down & she also needs ya luv so give it up to my fellow FB frend, Inaz Brown & how she feels about this POLYGAMY THANG!

Well BLAK and beautiful as always, I personally have no issues with what anyone does in terms of mutual relationships while also remembering a truth you emphatically imply… EVERYTHING AIN'T for EVERYBODY! However, this blog in my opinion, presents this as the only alternative or the lesser of two evils in regard to black women and their options for a mate (particularly a black mate), who’s “nature” it is to be with more than one woman. Her other option is to remain alone. For the women who cannot rapidly adapt/adjust to this idea, they will suffer in male (Black Male) companionship and provision in her most urgent time of need (considering the hypothetical dispensation of a time/place different than what we are experiencing now that you often speak of). The question that still begs to be answered is: can one realistically affirm that they will mentally, physically, and emotionally be capable of caring for other persons let alone several households of women and children? Even in a setting that you present in going back to the basics, how many of our brothers even know how to build a house with their hands? Care for livestock? Purify water? Defend their home with intelligence and courage against animals, brute humans and the elements? My primary question and concern with all the talk of polygamy/polygyny is feasibility. Feasibility in considering the unhealed psychological damage of many brothers even the “conscious,” who so easily fall victim to the same adversities of the “sleeping” or lost brothers who fail to adequately initiate, much less maintain, healthy strong black families.

In these arguments, much emphasis is placed upon the woman to “get out of her euro-mind” and abandon the “fantasies” of “romance” America has taught her and embrace the African polygynous family structure of old. I find it unrealistic to mentally transition from one culture to another in a years time much less overnight just as much as I find it unrealistic for black men to go from a culture of practically undefended physical and psychological abuse, degeneration, miseducation, self hatred, and most of all intemperance to being able to manage several homes of women and children having no experience, example or intuition as leaders who rightly discern and decide! The spirituality, the work ethic, the manhood training, the basic instinct of self preservation (inclusive of family and not individual) that the tribes of the motherland upheld has all been stripped from us just as the “ideals” of relationships have been stripped from the women. Without addressing the progression that NEEDS to take place with our brothers in regard to response-ability, too much emphasis is put upon the women to “get with the program” and trust that you will magically become endowed with the wherewithal to manage such a HUGE feat, impromptu at that, or be left alone in a time when a man is most needed…which by the way is NOW! Whether we hypothetically take a mental space trip into the future or deal with today, US WOMEN STILL NEED OUR MEN TO PROTECT AND PROVIDE FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN IN A NUMBER OF WAYS!! Just as unrealistic as you may think it is for us to believe we can have one man to ourself who will love just us and be faithful to one woman, I think it’s unrealistic for a black man of American upbringing to successfully think he can manage SEVERAL households, that he can emotionally care for SEVERAL women and EVEN, dare I say, sexually satisfy them all EQUALLY??? And even considering the “appointed madam”… den mother…first wife “helping” with management, this still has the high potential to be very messy and any man who thinks otherwise, better get real and understand the “nature” of a woman as we are JEALOUS, COMPETITIVE and TERRITORIAL!

Additionally, this whole “nature” of the sex argument is a horrible premise to base any of this off of; especially since we are in a time of moral decline like never before! It is very difficult for the MAJORITY to recognize the blurred line between what’s “natural” and just a flat out sinful proclivity be it a lack of sexual discipline and discretion in men or homosexuality which both sexes claim “resolve” by mass acceptance of it’s “natural” inclination. Black women in particular should just get over it and abandon their fantastic idealisms of love and emotional concern from her spouse when it comes to his excessive desire (primarily sexual), while she be vehemently challenged to maintain and check her sexual desire for another man (which may also be “natural” as many women are sexually attracted to more than one man), but it’s never seen as “unrealistic” for a man to EXPECT a woman to be with just him. What many men fail to realize is that a woman may want to be with as many different men as a man does a woman but is this wise? Is this clean?! These are questions that are not limited to people who have vaginas. It’s just silly to think that having a penis and producing more testosterone makes you so much more entitled to the best of both worlds and have it all than those who don’t. And for you “noble brothas” who want to rebuild a nation, why not drop a different kind of seed (knowledge) that gives life to those who are already here? Once male children are born what are we going to teach them? Just to acquire as many wives and children as possible and that’s it? Is this their sole purpose on earth? What are we going to teach that will encourage emotional wellness which is what sustains life and makes life worth living? I hear no other thoughts on this after the idea of acquisition of women and children from brothers…this has been going on since the production of slave studs! There needs to be more talking about practical knowledge and emotional wellness which is what is killing us off while the babies and baby mamas increase in number!

The Blak Smith sure loves INFORMING y'all on what goes on in the world. As long as WE are RESPECTFUL, I don't even mind bein REBUTTED! If ya feelin the HEAT WE bringin, again, this site costs me to run & the e-book, I ain't Perfect but take it from ME is soon comin. Any DOATION of $20 or more gets ya the book & a DONATION of $5 bein the minimum accepted by us postal m.o means that ya LUV US. For those who can help, hit me at or on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanx for all of the LUV & SUPPORT & HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

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Black Women We are MUCH Better Than This. I'm TRYIN 2 UNITE US.....another WOMAN goes in.

POLYGAMY 301 - the Joyce Allen Rebuttal

Hotep to all of my REAL PEEPO out there & before I started this series of SOMETHING WE GOTTA TALK ABOUT, I just had to say that the WOMEN would LUV this SHIT & the MEN would HATE it! WE got the net buzzin as the BW KNOWS what time it is as if she could control DESTINY. She will continue to be NEUROTIC tryin to keep a MAN when she knows that he is OUTNUMBERED with plenty of young ladies turnin 21 EVERYDAY in COMPARISON which this article touches onna SURFACE LEVEL. Well, BW who LOVE PERSPECTIVE won't LUV this one but I tell y'all all the time that this izza COMMUNITY FORUM. So as to give my GREAT FRIEND Joyce Allen the floor, I won't GO too deep but I will REBUT her REBUTTAL inna few days to give y'all LADIES room to stew. Oh.......other REBUTTALS are comin & I welcome them. Whatever you feel about ME is gonna come out without FEAR as WE go into these next 556 days. Joyce....................................TAKE IT AWAY!

Before this discussion begins, let me just say this on the front end so NO one will misunderstand my feelings about our Black Men. I think they are the most Talented, Creative, Intelligence, Spiritual, Sexiest, Strong, Protective, Caring, Handsome, Loving, and Fearless men that were placed on this earth. With that being said……….

The question is Do Black Men use Polygamy as a form of being a so call Player (Playa)? Do they really understand or care about the history? Let me take you back for a quick review…..

In the old days of Africa’s glory, the women considered herself nothing without a man to defend her and a man was nothing without a woman and a family to defend. At this time polygamy was generally practiced throughout most of the world as a result of the Black Man’s cultural influence all around the globe. Polygamy was adopted by Black Women to ensure that every woman in the society had access to a man whose primary role was Protector, Guide, Provider and Keeper of the Realm.

In these ancient African societies women were held in the highest honor and respect, the female entity was revered and oft-times, she was worshipped as the Great Mother, Nourisher and Sustainer of life, the source of all terrestrial inspiration and the maintainer of revitalized life. This was the usual way of life in those wonderful days when the Black Man dominated the earth with widespread love, respect and affection. This was consistently demonstrated by the Black Man to the Black Woman.

TODAY Black men see this as a way to sleep with as many women as possible without any of the responsibility. What about the overall respect…. he gives you none. What about making sure there is food on the table or better yet making sure there is a table…he can’t because he has no job and waiting for you to come home from work to cook….Does this sound like Polygamy? NO, that sounds like a Playa to me…

If you understand the meaning you understand the true purpose behind Polygamy…but our Black men do not understand that you can’t just do what it takes to make a child but be able to step up to the plate and take on the responsibilities of raising that child like a Black man and not like a Playa. If you understood the true meaning, no one would have to take you to court to make you care for your child/children. More times than not, the woman is left alone to raise that child or children. Getting your jollies off has nothing to do with Polygamy.

The one and only argument I have heard for Polygamy is that there aren’t enough Black men to go around making sure that we don’t disappear from this earth….Yeah right. You aren’t looking out for our well-being as a People, but only your well-being as Playa. Stop using this for your own get over, stop trying to talk the talk and not being able to walk it as well.

How many Black men tell woman one about woman two and woman two about woman three….. If this was a true Polygamous relationship and not a Playa relationship these women would know about each other and understand about the male role as well as the role of the woman.

Black men stop using the word POLYGAMY as a way to use Black women. If you can’t do ALL aspects and understand fully what it takes to live that life style, then be Man enough to walk away from it……..

Submitted by:

Joyce Allen

Joyce Allen is a teacher, social activist & a contributing writer to this site here & don't think that if I disagree with her that I won't RESPECT her. As such, the Blak Smith humbly asks for you & yours to send in those DONATIONS as payment is due on this blog before July. Whether you hate it or love it, I wish EVERYONE happiness & that WE ALL reach the Cosmic Party. Please send a minimum of $5 & $20 gets my e-book, I ain't Perfect but take it from Me when it comes out SOON. Those who hear the call can contact me at or get at me on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & let's KILL this POISON that keeps US APART!

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Polygamy 201 - the Reasoning

Whatup PEEPO? As my homegal Joyce Allen is takin too long to get BLAK to me, I, the Blak Smith had to go BLAK in & do POLYGAMY 201 - the Reasoning! Before I get into that though, just a short preamble on how SHIT is really goin down! Yesterday, on june 8th, 2011, like last may, WE were experiencin solar flares & they were & will be messin up the communications systems. They gonna get heavier soon. I hope that all went well in ya neck of the woods but I was havin problems gettin thru & hearin peepo on the phone for a little while in the afternoon yesterday. I luv seein these KraKKa's FRY in this 100+ degree weather & this is why may was so rainy (haarp). WE gonna have a LONG HOT summer & don't make things easy on them NIGGAS! Take days offa WORK when it's really HOT! WE got 561 left & WE gotta see it thru! This will continue to happen & them KraKKa's is on THEY last legs so as WE near the Final Countdown, do not TRUST THEM bcuz THEY wish to lead ya down the path of destruction. That e-coli outbreak in europe is a man made strain as THEY gotta get rid of BILLIONS but THEY runnin into problems every time THEY turn around. For that info, you can go into this sites archives & look up Fast Food Info. That 10 Part Series was off the chain yo! Put the title into the search box & READ IT MAN! I overstand that st louis which is on the new madrid fault line hadda small earthquake as these NIGGAS try to figure out how THEY gonna do what THEY wanna but can't bcuz them BLAK SPACE PEEPO is kickin they ASSES. No NUKES will go off. Don't worry, WE gonna be aiight but ya gotta hang on! WE gettin there & goin in!

Aight, this article is MORE or LESS goin out to those LADIES out there that HATE on an OPTION that I wrote about here just a few days ago. WE talkin about a little article entitled POLYGAMY 101. Did ya read it? If ya didn't read it, do NOT CRITIQUE it bcuz I ain't comin from a DOGMATIC PERSPECTIVE! I hope ya read it bcuz in there, I wrote just SOME of the REASONS why many BW MAY have to CONSIDER it & did NOT tell y'all that this should be MANDATORY! Stop actin like I'm makin blanket statements sayin that every single BW has to engage in this as Y'ALL all have OPTIONS. A lot of my FB friends have been throwin blind shots, ill subliminals, innuendoish statements & outright HATE & I'm DARIN any of Y'ALL to rebut me. Y'all know how to get at me! Some of Y'ALL is too damn EMOTIONAL especially with a dude who ain't got NOTHIN to HIDE & wants to let Y'ALL know the TRUE NATURE of a BM. Most DUDES is COWARDS & they ain't gonna chime in as they SECRETLY agree with what I say behind CLOSED DOORS so that THEY can tell Y'ALL what ya wanna hear. I ain't gotta do that. As a WRITER who takes this VERY SIRIUSLY, sometimes, I have to spark Y'ALL into THINKIN as THE WORLD  as WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST. If you don't believe that, you need to stop readin me & go to or the enquirer. Where will you be in that equation?

Ok LADIES, where Y'ALL at? My beautiful CONCIOUS LADIES who say ase, uhuru, liberation, freedom, free the land, peace & my favorite, BLAK POWER! My beautiful SISTARS who say that they are SPIRITUAL, DOWN for WHATEVER & SOUL JAH's. The ones that go to lectures, churches, mosques, temples, claim rasta, go to 5% rallies & CLAIM that they are anything other than part of the 85 & 10%'ers. This is mainly for those BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who SUPPOSEDLY have KNOWLEDGE of SELF or KOS. I saw a video on POLYGAMY a few years BLAK & by gum, I wish I knew the dudes name but throughout that video he had 1 thing that he kept sayin. Allow me to paraphrase but he asked, "why are you concious if you are goin to react the same way everybody else does to something with a recorded traceable history that never stopped?" He had a captive audience & every so often, BW in the audience would REACT to statements that he made & he had an answer to all of their concerns while statin that it ain't for everybody. Just bcuz it ain't for ya doesn't mean ya have to hate it! Hell, in my life before I got KOS, there were plenty of things that I didn't think that I was capable of but slowly saw why I had to change & some things are still a struggle. It ain't easy. Like BW's hair in the 90's, POLYGAMY is 1 of the HARDEST THINGS to talk about with a BW. Why is that? Can WE have civil convo?

Allow me to use me as an example. Over the years, I've met PLENTY of WOMEN  that I could have gotten sexual with if only I rescinded my policy. I absolutely REFUSE to LIE about that & though it has lost me those moments of pleasure, I can walk away with HER RESPECT & she knows that my INTEGRITY is INTACT! Let me just let Y'ALL know that I don't think that the PROPER time for POLYGAMY (unless you are physically, emotionally & FINANCIALLY ready) is NOW! It will be the right time in 561 days, after the COSMIC PARTY when WOMEN will have a NUCLEAR SEXUAL EXPLOSION when Y'ALL collectively breath a SIGH of RELIEF. Who will you do that with?

Will you do it with a dude lustin after ya SISTAR? Will you be with a closeted GAY GUY? Will you be with a COMPULSIVE LIAR? Will you be with a THUG? Will you be with a great lookin guy who has 7 children but NEVER took CARE of 'em? Will you be witta DRUG ADDICT/ALCOHOLIC? Will you be with a guy who doesn't really luv you? A guy who STEALS from you? Will you get tired & start datin WOMEN? I speak for BLAK PEEPO so I don't need to mention INTERRACIAL DATING/MARRIAGE but that too is an OPTION. Will you be with someone that you just SETTLED with bcuz he's NICE? Or will you meet the MAN of your DREAMS & DAMN, he's MARRIED & be inna POLYGAMOUS situation with all the LYING & CHEATING involved? This is what I call CHEATING & this causes BAD BREAKUPS/DIVORCES. Will you be with a guy named DILDO? How about Mr Vibrator? Will you be alone?

I often ask Y'ALL BW for OPTIONS. Y'all could swear up & down that CHEATING is WRONG & alla that but like ME, most of Y'ALL done CHEATED on ya S/O & have dealt with this in a euro way which is deceitful. Y'all ain't gonna be with no dude ya don't FEEL IT from or that ya can't RESPECT & y'all know it! Too many of Y'ALL luv bein LIED TO & JUSTIFY ya CHICANERY for a NIGHT of PLEASURE that you feel is owed to you, especially when you ain't had none inna while. I already told y'all that MOST of Y'ALL who are over 25 ain't gonna be able to ADJUST until SHIT hits the FAN & you ain't got no choice bcuz again, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST & Y'ALL ain't takin this SIRIUS! I wrote Can U Change a few weeks ago to set Y'ALL up for this POLYGAMY STUFF. If you are with any MAN who is a COWARD & another MAN who don't know you steps up & DEFENDS you & your childrens HONOR, are you gonna still respect ya S/O? HELL to the NAW! Y'all THINK that I'm bein SELFISH sayin this BUT mine eyes have seen the comin of the PROMISED LAND & in it is a GLORIOUS FUTURE for those that overstand what the Final Countdown 2012 is all about. As jay-z said onna hit song years ago, "who you with?"

This is POLYGAMY 201 & my HOMEGAL, Joyce Allen was supposed to write this as a rebuttal but in keepin things INTEGRAL, I had to keep in the SPIRIT of givin Y'ALL an article at least once a week. I'm startin to see that a lot of WOMEN really know what time it is but don't want to give in & make it easy for BM.  Then Y'ALL make up alla these excuses but Y'ALL know what time it REALLY is as WE STRATEGIZE what WE gonna do next. WE already doin the POLYGAMY THANG but WE gonna SOON get it right! I always tell Y'ALL that WOMEN luv COOL DUDES & COOL DUDES luv WOMEN & that will never change. Numbers don't lie & RACIST WHITE SUPREMACY makes it so that Y'ALL OUTNUMBER US & so............if ya wanna keep it BLAK.................what are ya gonna do when the SUN FRIES THEM KraKKa's?

That's as COMPASSIONATE as I can be. It is what it is & if ya gonna rebut me, please make it make SENSE & not be some EMOTIONAL RANT! Ya PUSSY ain't all that to the point that you can't be steeped out on yo! You can't know the NATURE of a MAN if you ain't one so if you find yaself cheated on & you breakup with an otherwise GOOD BM, how many are you gonna break up with before you learn that 95% of US is gonna do it after lyin that WE never would? Didn't ya Mama teach you that "ALL MEN ARE DOGS?" Dogs sex.......? Give him a bone & he'll find his way home! The reason why is bcuz you have no GUILT to HANG over OUR HEADS if you agree to allow US to be the DEFINITION of POLYGAMISTS & not runnin around LYIN to you. The average BW needs DRAMA for makeup SEX yo! Why not be with a guy who tells you the EMPHATIC TRUTH? I know why; bcuz it doesn't feel normal bcuz UNDYIN EUROPEAN LUV sounds so ROMANTIC doesn't it? What WOMAN doesn't want to believe that HER MAN luvs HER & only HER? That shit started in them CAVE MOUNTAINS with them KraKKa BIATCHES & the BW has picked it up & gotten so INDOCTRINATED in this SYSTEM, that she don't know where she got that from. LACK makes POLYGAMY HARD & WE would be better off if WE COLLECTIVELY POOLED OUR RESOURCES. If 3 peepo are winnin BREAD, 1 layoff doesn't have to mean eminent DISASTER! WE ain't in ROME & if WE were, WE ain't ROMANS! Get a GRIP yo! Good luck to alla y'all single BW & just know that years of singleness which makes you IMBALANCED (CRAZY) as you need testosterone & WE need estrogen, could be solved if you gotta SISTAR witta good man who could use ya skills & talents in Y'ALL RELATIONSHIP. You should want for OTHERS what you want for SELF. Oh & 1 more thing LADIES; really break yaself down & if you know that you could never do the POLYGAMY THANG, don't tell a BRO that you can & then when the REALITY of it all hits you in the face, SABOTAGE it for those who were SIRIUS about it. That's worse than arguin against it as another OPTION! That's FRAUD & a GIANT WASTE of TIME. I'm done. Peace.

Yeah, the Blak Smith is receivin another bill for this very blog & needs ya help. As such, please appreciate the HONESTY that WE bring with these CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS that WE MUST TALK about. I'm also still tryin to release my e-book entitled I ain't perfect but Take it from Me & WE humbly ask that you donate a minimum of $5. $20 or more gets you my book & my contact info is on the top of the screen or contact me on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE look forward to your comments, good or bad & WE thank you for any support. May PEACE be with you.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Polygamy 101

Awww SHIT! The Blak Smith doesn't care that you didn't like that I started this article with a such a nice word. Time is goin on & that whacky weather WE spoke of a week ago wound up turnin into HEAT like a MOFO but yesterday, it cooled down! My Haitians are SURVIVIN & the move is to grab the lands of all of the Blak & Brown Peepos. I already told y'all them Pleidians ain't allowin anymore nukes to go off. Another dude from Egypt, abdel salam omar got arrested in NY for gettin atta hotel maid. Is that a coinkydink? Ya guess is as good as mine. Ayo, I'mma just come out & say it but......that maria schriver BIA is ugly like a MOTHERFUKKA........ahhhh......I said it. The rumor floatin around was that the new madrid fault line was supposed to be blown with nukes but it's quiet down there again. Anybody know what's goin on? Also, on FaceBook, I posted that scotland will soon secede from the uk & that the queen is so shook that she had a meetin about her POSSIBLY abdicatin the throne. That's a big one there & I always leave my contact info on how y'all can friend me at the bottom of each article so that y'all can see just some of my references. Where y'all DONATIONS at? I've heard that the economy CRASHED & no one told me......DAMN........I ain't got no money anyway & so.........did y'all hear about that e-coli outbreak in europe? As of this article, THEY have admitted that 16 have died & over 1600 infected BUT WE know that he's lyin. We'll NEVER know the TRUTH bcuz that's how THEY want it. Scientists have recently just came out & said that CELL PHONES CAUSE CANCER! To any of you who call me, I will be speakin less on mine so don't trip when I can't talk long! Tornado DEVESTATES Springfield MA which is only 2.5 hours away from NYC! When did that start happenin? THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST! With 566 days left, do YOU! WE now are goin to talk about somethin VERY CONTROVERSIAL & that my friend is POLYGAMY! Y'all DUDES is gonna luv me & a lot of  my LADY FRIENDS are goin to hate me for goin in so HARD but ain't this WAR WE fightin HARD? Read & judge for yaself!

Before WE here at b2a do anything, WE must DEFINE this word as it means just SEX to a lot of DETRACTORS. POLYGAMY (noun) 1. - the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp wife, at one time. Compare bigamy (def 1) Compare monogamy (def 1).
2. Zoology . the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively.
So as not to get it confused, WE also define polyandry which is the practice or condition of having more than one husband at one time. Polygyny is exclusively for MEN & polyandry for WOMEN. *
This practice has been in place since time immemorial & will NEVER CEASE as it looks to restore NATURE to a certain equilibrium. Let's go in a lil deeper

On an OUR STORIAN level, WE are still practicin POLYGAMY albeit, under european stewardship & inside of a dyin DECREPIT system. What does the Blak Smith mean by this? He means that WE ain't gonna stop sexxin as pretty much, that's all WE got. Blak Peepo have been in the western WILDERNESS for so long that WE have adapted to ways FOREIGN to OUR existence but bein BORN into it & FORCED into it SUBLIMINALLY! Blak Peepo are now doin things that are COMMON that wasn't so COMMON to US just 50-75 years ago! THE NATURAL ORDER is outta CONTROL & most don't see it that way bcuz the SANE MAN in an INSANE WORLD is INSANE & that goes to WOMEN too! Murder, mayhem, homosexuality, pedophilia, incest & all sorts of debauched behavior can now be considered the norm from woods to the hoods of the west. Let me explain.

The nature of a man is to PROVIDE & PROTECT! When a man PROVIDES, he PROTECTS the WOMAN as she doesn't have to go out & get what is already PROVIDED for & can stay near home to cultivate gardens & feed the children from her ample bosom. This will ALWAYS be the way but WE now have COWS for that purpose! The SEPERATION of LABOR aka GODS WORK will always be the way BUT WE livin in another's DREAM WORLD! The man PROTECTS in that, any threat to that SOCIETY, is soon neutralized. The WOMEN & CHILDREN must be placed first when eminent danger is behind chasin you! Imagine a rival group of peepo chasin group B who are outnumbered by group A. The men of Group B must cover the front, rear & sides so as to protect the WOMEN & CHILDREN inside the formation. Group B gets ambushed & bcuz they are outnumbered, many of their VALIANT SOULJAHS are slaughtered. As Group A had an overpopulation & fought to SUBJUGATE & not make group B extinct, there is now a shortage of men to the RATIO of women to the tune of 4 to 1 when they finally settle. None of the young boys were killed BUT they are not yet ready for their RITES OF PASSAGE aka, OUR RITUALS to prove READINESS for adulthood. What to do?

Group B walks & walks for a thousand miles before they get to an area where they feel safe from Group A. They lick their wounds & go about the task of resettlin inna land far far away from whence they came. THEY are now in SURVIVAL MODE! They treat the elderly & ill & go about gatherin what any nation needs & a nation most definitley needs more SOULJAHS to ward off any future attacks especially in unfamiliar territories. Out of 500 women of childbearin age, 200 of them were married  & the other 300 are single but ready for marriage. 100 of the married womens husbands died in battle. Out of the 350 men, 50 are too old, 75 are maimed & 100 were killed in that last battle leavin 125 eligible healthy men for all of these WOMEN. In an already uneven equation this nation must continue to come up  & come up it will.

Picture Group A & what color would they be? Picture Group B & who are they? Group A wishes to keep Group B's numbers low & so they enslave 'em thru Lies, Dis Info & Ms Info. They make them work sun up to sun down. They raid their peaceful villages, rapin the women & killin whoever resists. They give you your religion reconstituted & regurgitated. They allow you to run & use you as target practice. They take a certain pleasure in torturin the MEN & terrify the WOMEN into complacency usin willy lynch tactics. They FREED you only to reconfigure SLAVERY! They underpay & overwork you labellin you as a USELESS EATER! You have also been labelled as an animal like a HORSE or a BULL which is good as that is the symbolism of Ausar! Blak Man, you are a STUD & unlike ya RIVAL, have no problems reproducin with ya mate even when not in the best of health. I am YOU & YOU are ME!

WE are STUDS but MOST of US have it all WRONG! Goin BLAK to the beginnin of this convo, WE have adapted to that KraKKa's lyin ass ways! Ya see, in them caves, THEY had to sleep body to body & when a warm hole was found witta hard dick in the mornin, it got FUCKED! Assholes, earholes, noseholes, womanholes, mouthholes, manholes, dogholes & anything that could warm up the blood was FAIR GAME! As Bradley said in the Iceman Inheritance, "they reached their sexual maturity in the ice." Why is it that a MANS best friend izza DOG? You won't see animals in the house except in countries where euros dominate! Them NIGGAS ain't polygamous - THEY POLYAMOROUS which is defined as pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships.* Note that this definition doesn't speak of spouses or PEEPO! One could be fuckin a GERBIL like richard gere SUPPOSEDLY did years ago.....whatever!  

Yeah sure, some of US is doin that crazy overtly freaky shit too but I already said that. WE are now goin to speak on MEN & not MALES. A MALE is a guy witta DICK with no love for his peepo. dennis rodman & peepo like him come to mind. Yeah, I'm talkin about you now SOUL BROTHER! Those who are ADMITTED POLYGAMISTS & tell potential mates that upon meetin 'em. I'm talkin about dudes who wish to be responsible & not DOGMATIC as those holy books of old cannot possibly work in every instance today. This thing  like most things needs to be TWEAKED if it is to work. This goes out to all of the men who want to FATHER lots of children & are more than capable & keen to that task. This also means that you must take on any children that ya new wife already has. This goes out to all of my SISTARS who don't hate POLYGAMY but say without disdain that it ain't for them. This goes out to my SISTARS who don't say, "well if a MAN can do it, so can I!" This goes out to alla my SISTARS in the us who know that there are 8Million more of y'all than US! This goes out to all my SISTARS that decide that they are not MEN & therefor, cannot know the spirit of what manhood is & RESPECT it as such. This goes out to those of YOU who don't reduce POLYGAMY to just SEX & know that WE are at WAR & in order to REPLENISH US, know what needs to be done. This goes out to those of you who know that too many of US are spendin TOO MANY YEARS without MATES furtherin OUR PATHO(ill)LOGICAL BEHAVIORS. This goes out to alla y'all who OVERSTAND that POLYGAMY is an OPTION & a system of MARRIAGE! You should want for others what ya want for yaself. This goes out to those of you who read Can U Change as too many of y'all know that you will be FORCED to bcuz of CHANGIN CIRCUMSTANCES. Finally, this goes out to those who real-eyes, that soon, in order to keep the FAMILY BLAK, POLYGAMY MAY be VERY NECESSARY! What do you think? Let the CONTROVERSY BEGIN! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special shout out to my dude Hondo Solomon.

* all words as defined by

The Blak Smith luvs a GREAT DEBATE & looks forward to luv & hate! If ya don't like what I say here, please remain respectful! If you luv what I wrote, I may do a Part II. With that bein said, now is the time for y'all to send in those donations & WE ask that you send a minimum of $5 with more than $20 gettin you my e-book, I ain't Perfect but Take it from Me. My email address is at the top of the screen & you could always get me on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks for stoppin by & always know that ya need to HOLLA BLAK when WE go in. Peace.