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b2a is in the HOUSE! How do ya do with ya bad self? WE now have 113 days left & by now, I think that EVERYONE is waitin for that BIG THING to happen but THEY may not do anything big as a lotta lil shit is happenin. Ya know, sayin that a cuffed young man went this way: Ya know, Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo & much too many more to mention. As I've always maintained, FREEDOM ain't FREE & the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE must sometimes be shed in the BLOOD of US! For that WE blame RWS & if ya don't know what it means, it stands for racist white supremacy!

So let's ask why? Who are you? Who would ya be if ya ANCESTORS were NEVER dragged here kickin & screamin to go thru the atrocities seen in just some of the movies that I post here on b2a? If YOU agree that WE were PHAROA's & EMPRESSES in OUR ANTIQUITY then WHY in the HELL YOU ain't actin like it now? How come most Blak Peepo still can't see how the KraKka changed up ya constitution? How do WE get to where WE come from as the song above asks & ain't it quite ironic that that seal nigga was married to perhaps the last BLONDE on earth, heidi krum? What the fuKKK is wrong with ME tryin to get y'all to OVERSTAND that them NIGGA's is what WE have now become as the void of KNOWLEDGE of SELF has been replaced by SHAMELESS IGNORANCE/ARROGANCE? What do WE do?

The 1st thing is to simply not want what THEY want! Think of EVERYTHING that ya take for GRANTED & when ya do, you would find that all ya need in LIFE is & has ALWAYS been provided for by NATURE! Yea, I'm talkin about the 3 neccessities, FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER in it's most NATURAL STATE as provided by GOD = NATURE in the NATURAL ORDER. I've said all of this before & as the KraKKa KNOWS his time is up & there's not much that he can do, as he has done before, he's tryin really hard to once again, SALT the EARTH! Just about everything is now genetically modified, bio-engineered, processed, preserved & unnatural as it gets. WE need an UPHEAVEL to get it BLAK to where it needs to be!

I ain't no GURU but what I am doin is speakin to those enlightened FEW who OVERTSAND what I'm sayin here. As I know nothin, if ya don't feel it in ya bones that this NIGGA has 1 last HURRAH up his sleeve, then go on & live ya life as if nothin is happenin now. Have ya ever heard of an october suprise? Will the elections be suspended? Will another event happen on 9-11? WHo knows but when ya wanna place BLAME on who makes PLASTIC & all things HARMFUL to BILLIONS of peepo the world over, whom else can ya BLAME?

So, who did the trans-Atlantic slave trade? jim crow? Lynchings? Rapes? Brutal beatings & mutilations of all kinds of body parts. Torture. The KILLIN of too many of OUR YOUTH which is the WORST CRIME  EVER: The reason why the BM cannot enjoy polygyny is bcuz most BW have been CONDITIONED into this judeo-christian shit, sayin that there's only 1 man for 1 woman but when I talk about the NUMERICAL DISPARITY, y'all gonna tell me that ya don't BELIEVE that & never show me a stat that says I'm wrong. Please don't write me on how WRONG it is while ya crave dick for yet another year & settle, yet again, for a LAME ASS NIGGA with a lil BREAD who lies about his wife not understandin him. Does he know how to bake some of that bread? Ya diet is fuKKKed & the few veggies ya do eat are FROZEN aka DEPLETED NUTRIENTS! Come on SON, who's makin all this possible?

To all of YOU KraKKa luvvers, stay the fuKKK away from me. Look, I know ya gotta PAY the RENT, keep FOOD on the TABLE & maintain ya car note but the very beast ya feed is literally EATIN YOU ALIVE. Think of a machine that needs fuel & the fuel ya give it is ya BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS as almost every BM I see WORKIN today is workin in SERVICE RELATED INDUSTRIES! This means that ya gotta SWEAT doin the real work while them NIGGA's sit in AC chillin hard & wonderin about the next series of cuts. I'm way past that SHIT & though I don't have much, I got ME & ALL of my TIME for ME which is way more valuable than a car that ya don't go NOWHERE in while I've been ALL OVER the WORLD! Yes BM & BW, you are the engines that keep this shit goin & ya need to watch this OVER & OVER again til ya get it: I've been tryin to get Y'ALL to OVERSTAND that if WE ALL stopped WORKIN, this machine couldn't run & WE ain't gotta ORGANIZE shit but US but Y'ALL ain't gonna do nothin but get BLAK to work tomorrow & so..........................who do ya BLAME for that?

From this point on, the WORK ya gotta do is NOT at ya J.O.B! Ya job is to get BLAK to where WE come from on a 1. SPIRITUAL,  2. MENTAL & then 3. PHYSICAL plane to become a METAPHYSICIAN. After that, WE go to a Let these young dudes BANG on each other bcuz as long as ya RIGHTEOUS & RESPECTFUL, THEY won't TOUCH YOU! THEY gonna know to listen to ya when the time comes bcuz of ya FREQUENCY! So before ya BLAME anybody includin SELF, BLAME rws! FuKKK blaKKK's & the KKK! This here is a DECLARATION of WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Yea, gotta put it down for REAL for ya as TIME get's REALER! As said previously, I ain't writin for ya ENTERTAINMENT! I want for YOU to be READY & if ya diggin the info, like payin for a newspaper or a computer, I provide info FREELY but have things I gotta pay for! By askin for contributions, if you can help, it means ya KNOW that NOTHIN in LIFE is FREE & if ya have it, why not HELP ya BRO go to Afrika by buyin my book: AND ya can buy the e-book for only $10 INSTANTLY! Or, y'all could DONATE to ya HOLLA BLAK dude as MONEY is still neccessary before this SHIT ALL FALL's DOWN. WE ain't tryin to BREAK NOBODY so if ya can help, WE appreciate it. Get with me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). DO NOT GIVE UP as WE now have 113 short days. Put a :-) on ya FACE when ya THINK of US at b2a.

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Confirm or Deny?


Watup b2a peepo? This is a pic of jeffrey johnson, the dude who shot his x-boss at the empire state buildin a few days ago. Things have been quite crazy lately eh? Yea, WE got less than 120 days left and it seems like the mid to late 80's again with all of these SHOOTINS in the news. As THEY try EVERYTHING in THEY power to set off that WAR of all WARS, THEY are just WONDERIN on just how to SET it OFF like a latifah movie. Yea, it's crazy and too many of US have gotten used to NIGGA's killin NIGGA's and Blak folk. This economy breakin down is even affectin these KraKKa's too and as time goes on, WE see the effects and as this didn't happen in south central la, the west side of the chi or the south bronx, this news story was INTERNATIONAL in scope. Let's go in a lil and see what it do.

Some of y'all remember the mid 80's and the KraKK epidemic. Ayo, the HOOD was on FIYAH: As well, aids was a lil disease that was COINCIDENTALLY killin peepo who had to sell their bodies to get more of that most insatiable high. They used to call the big KraKK a JUMBO and each 1 went for $20. Also, trucks loaded with GUNS would be left on city streets and before ya knew it, almost all the youth had 9 mm's and 380's. As well, at least in nyc, was an influx of jamaiKKKan rudeboys from the showers and spangler's posses. These dudes did not TALK about beef - THEY just shot into and outta beefs. At least in the Blak Community, this was the beginnin of rampant gun use by youth in the ny area. Before that time, most regular around the way dudes just fought for RESPECT!

As quiet as it's kept, the reason why KraKKa's was able to take over Afrika was bcuz THEY were able to engage in WARS remotely by employin guns after marco polo combined the firin stick with gun powder. A gun ain't nothin but a phallus symbol and as the KraKKa's penis is inadequate, in order to even the score with his sworn enemy (US), he has to DESTROY US ANYWAY he could! When WE were WHO WE were, WE always defeated 'em as THEY had to come to US bcuz WE overstood that the only thing worth fightin for was FAMILY and LAND! There has never been a case of Afrikans anywhere takin over euro lands that were already occupied. Relatively speakin, there are not many RESOURCES in cold ass europe anyway.

So what's my point? The Maafa. Most of the wars in the world started since the early 1900's. Goin postal. All of the skool shootins in the 90's. All of the many serial killa's. The racist white supremacy system, the law, jim crow, the drug wars and almost everything that KraKKa's have made possible
includin breivik (norway assassin) and holmes who shot up the aurora theatre a few weeks ago. Why? I'm gonna try to tackle that 1 here.

For all WE know, this could be as bad as it gets. WE are now on CONSTANT WATCH for ANYTHING! Look at how ill shit is happenin in Detroit, Chicago, NY, Baltimore and Philly. Look at the stories comin in like: This is a REGULAR THING in the city of chi now and the noi ain't gonna do much there to stop it. In NY, there have been several recent reports of random shootins where young children got hit. WE all know the stories but WE must THINK before WE just start judgin the YOUTH! For those of US old enuff to remember, the Atlanta Child Murders (which by the way has never been solved) started when the 1st reverse migration to the south was beginnin. This was when ATLANTA became the BLAK MECCA as US northeners brought a whole nother attitude with US to the DIRTY for better or worse! If ya notice, ya hardly even hear the GENTRIFICATION word anymore bcuz it's just taken for granted that that's how things are. WE at b2a can conclusively say that a lot of these shootins (not all) are STAGED to get the POLICE to NATIONALIZE STOP and FRISK policies* like THEY been doin in Harlem non fuKKKin stop! If ya live in ny, ya know what I mean.

It seems like a lotta US have forgotten that just a few short months ago, that soetero and KKKlinton was tryin to do all they could do to get GUNS outta peepo in the hoods hands. Now before y'all get y'all panties inna bunch, know that they can justify these movements INTERNATIONALLY as the norway massacre and  what happened there the same day THEY were to declare removin their assistance in attckin Libya. They do this shit thru the u.n. WE are ALL UNDER MARITIME LAW which is some complicated BS translatin into NIGGA's won't get JUSTICE so all of these appeals, petitions and the like just AIN'T gonna WORK! They are TRYIN the fuKKK outta US with NO TIME LEFT and not many will make it thru. Will YOU? If ya look like me, I hope ya do! 

So there ya have it! That KraKKa has a case of the sour grapes and he don't want ya to enjoy the fruits of inheritin what is and ALWAYS been RIGHTFULLY YOURS. THEY tryin to WEAR US out! Ya can't give up now bcuz of a story I saw on tv once. There was a guy who was the last guy on earth. He walked for miles and days on end and found rubble wherever he went. Finally, he came up on a lab with poisons and decided that LIFE was not worth livin all alone. He took the poison and as he lay there waitin to die..................the phone rang! 

Yea, I'm on my NY SHIT! Goin to Ghana in october and lookin for the REALEST to help me do so. Buy my book. Support my efforts and donate to US here at b2a  WE'LL continue OUR coverage of the news ya need to hear. Get with US over at or as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on FB. See y'all soon and know that it's WAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!

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Dr Amos Wilson - How White Society promotes Violence Afrikan Comm...

I like to call myself the middle ground between Dr Amos Wilson & Brother Dawud.  I'm EVERY BLAK MAN from A to Z! Though our BROTHER has been gone for some time, what he says here STILL APPLIES. This dude wrote the Ultimate Blueprint in That book is way better than mine! This dude says it all & so I won't say much but.......remember, I wanna go to Ghana in October & I need y'all help. Holla at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). With 118 days left, hold on, HOLLA BLAK & WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!

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Why ain't ya wonderin about.....?

soul thinking man

With just 4 months to go now (120 days), WE at b2a say a big shout to all KNOWIN BLAK RIGHTEOUS PEEPO! The rest of y'all can fuKKK off! Watup? The Cosmos are speakin bcuz I keep tellin y'all, them Solar Flares is gonna be somethin next year! Check this out; Bein that not many of US is talkin about some of these things, I gotta put ya on yo! Things that are LOCAL are actually, INTERNATIONAL & WE gonna make some sirius connections up in here. Those of US who are connected to that ALL MIGHTY SPIRIT need not worry as peepo are learnin how to step out on FAITH & are FAITH WALKIN. I'm gonna tell y'all for the last time, that if ya HEART & MIND is in the right place & ya lookin to do RIGHT by US, ya need not worry bcuz if ya die, ya gonna come BLAK when things are better to do it again inna NATURAL ORDER kinda way. IDK what's gonna happen but be RIGHTEOUS in all that ya do. Let's give y'all somethin to wonder about.

I really don't give a SHIT about electoral politriKKKs but really, WTF is goin on in ILLiNOISE? Ya got daddy messy jesse who is corrupt as they come. The x-governor is in prison for tryin to ahem..........FIX the chair that soetero used to sit in. In brief, this is how the story goes:

In 2008, Mr. Jackson was seen as one on a list of possible replacements in the Senate for Barack Obama, who vacated the seat when he was elected president. Mr. Jackson’s political prospects sank, though, after Rod R. Blagojevich – then the governor of Illinois, who was assigned to pick Mr. Obama’s Senate replacement – was arrested for trying to gain campaign donations in exchange for the Senate appointment.*

That's from a sanitized NYT article & that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot of chicanery goin on there as I believe that THEY know EXACTLY who soetero is & of course he's got the goods on 'em as well & remember when messy sr said that They made the x-governor the fall guy (like sandusky at State Penn) & messy jr is in BIG TIME too but he got his father & peepo high up runnin interference keepin him from goin on trial by sayin that he's DEEPLY DEPRESSED!: Is this a RUN UP to a SUICIDE? Who the fuKKK is supposedly runnin things in his district? Isn't his state of mind public info as he's a PUBLIC SERVANT? Why ain't y'all wonderin about that? 

Why ain't WE talkin about the fact that in the last month, 2 sittin presidents in somewhat stable Afrikan countries have died. Only those of y'all concerned with Afrikan affairs would know that President Zenawi of Ethiopia died a few days ago at the tender age of 57 & John Atta Mills, formerly of Ghana last month. Look at the strategic location of the former & think about those connections I spoke of in the 1st paragraph on the map below. Before both died, they were treated in western hospitals which begs the question; why are head of states from the east gettin treated in the west when their TRUE ADVISORS should be tellin 'em that so much is at stake? Are these hospital visits bein manipulated to get slow posions in 'em as these countries are KEY to the future? Ghana just started pumpin major oil 2 years ago! How come bush sr, cheney, kissinger & all them shapeshiftin devils live routinely live til  they 80's & 90's? As well, Kenya is on fire! Look at this: On a much much lighter note, WE have good news from the continent: Why ain't y'all wonderin about that? 

So......I hear tell that soetero has syria on blast! Just a few days ago, A few weeks ago, I told y'all all about it here; & even provided a map so y'all could see the proximity to what THEY really after & that's Iran but........faraKKKoon of the noi/scientiology camp, spoke of the SHIT goin down in what is now the middle east which ain't nothin but NORTH AFRIKA! That is the Holy Land & why it will always be dispute as EVERYTHING needed to sustain life is there in too much abundance. The TRUE DESTRUCTION though is gonna be wherever EVIL goes unchecked inside & outside of you so STAY the COURSE as time flies in yo face! Why ain't ya wonderin about that? 

I've covered the 9 Peepo Activities in my book. Peepo always call me askin for advice. Before I assist 'em, I always tell 'em that I know NOTHIN as in (check between 2:39 -2:50). The undercurrent of my book is about Hip Hop but I think that I covered it with a wide enough swath to keep y'all all interested. Everything from theology, psychology, history, education & entertainment. It can make ya cry, smile, LOL & love or HATE me but that just makes me think...........Why ain't ya wonderin about that? Why ain't ya wonderin about these next 120 days? Think about WARRRRRRRR bcuz I don't think y'all pissed off enough yet. 

Stay up with the Blak Smith at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). At b2a, WE LUV BLAK PEEPO!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

DRUM 1976

What was the the very 1st DRUM beat? The HEART beat! Man.........this flick here is...........WOW! Be careful when checkin this 1 bcuz lately, my INTENT is to PISS Y'ALL off bcuz pretyy soon, that KraKKa is gonna be appealin to ya HUE MAN ITY for YOU to SAVE his ASS & WE better know BETTER! There ain't savin NOBODY for the DESTINATION that awaits 'em bcuz as Nas said, It was WRITTEN! As of today, WE got 122 days left & for those of Y'ALL too cute to COUNT, WE close enough for Y'ALL to count these days down so get off yo lazy ass & get a clue before ya get a calendar!

Here at b2a, WE march to a different DRUMMER! When this movie came out in 76, it was DOGGED by the media & pretty much buried. The layers set forth in this 1 deals with pure CARNAL DESIRE & the fact that ya got so many CAVE BITCHES who just CRAVE that MANDINGO DICK & can't get enough of it. Yea, this is what WE need to see to know how it WAS & to a lesser degree, still is. An accusation by 1 of those BITCHES can spell DEATH sentence to a BROTHA so be extra CAREFUL Y'ALL! WE ain't got much time now.

After his boxin career, Ken Norton pretty much DISAPPEARED & to this day, I wonder why? Do any of Y'ALL who remember him know? Bein that he starred in Mandingo & this movie, could he have become aware as to the ATROCITIES heaped on US & fell back from what WE now know as HOLLYWEIRD? He was such a risin star & makin these kinda movies must have had some type of DEEP IMPACT on OUR BROTHA! Man.........

The Blak Smith has his OWN DRUM & it's called Hip Hop. Y'all know about my 1st book: On deck is my 2nd & ain't gotta firm title yet but workin on it. I need my subscribers to help me get to Ghana as in, DONATE some DOUGH to ya PEEPO! $20 will do the trick & that gets my e-book for I ain't perfeKt & as well, my 2nd after it's finished. Non-subscribers can get in also & for this purpose, y'all can get at me at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Let's get it & see y'all soon. I gotta go beat some DRUMS now. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marcus Garvey EXPLAINED!

This is over 2 hours long & will give Y'ALL just a GLIMPSE into the life of the MAN! Blak August continues!

Friday, August 17, 2012

the KraKKa's & the blaKKKa's WWGD?


Hey b2a! The title is self explanatory & the subtitle.......simply means WHAT WOULD GARVEY DO? KraKKa's & blaKKKa's are 1 & the same! As today is his BORNDAY, WE pay TRIBUTE to his LEGACY & Y'ALL gonna BUG OUT when ya check the SCIENCE on this 1! Today is his majesty's 125th anniversary. He started out doin his lectures when he came stateside from Jamaica WI in Harlem on 125th St. As of today from the official Final Countdown 2012, WE now have 125 days left! Could this all be coincidence? I think not but all Y'ALL doubters could see this as whatever OR as that WHIRLWIND comin BLAK to reclaim his BLAK CHILDREN who have not fallen to greed & the ways of the KraKKa. If Garvey were still here, what would he be doin with all of the TECHNOLOGY that he never had at his disposal?

What will ya legacy say about YOU after YOU die? If ya believe in an afterlife, will it be like after the 6 minute mark of this clip?: A lot of NIGGAS think that bcuz they don't PHYSICALLY KILL US or bcuz, it's their J.O.B, that THEY will not be judged but remember; WE usin Garvey as the JUDGE & JURY & the whirlwind that ya get tossed in will determine where yo slimy ass get's tossed to. Think of it in these terms:

So, what about police officers? Bcuz of the very FEW police officers who really care, most of Y'ALL will be judged as GUILTY UNLESS there was overwhelmin evidence that YOU were a MENACE to SOCIETY bcuz in reality, Y'ALL are only allowed to be a menace to US! The same would go to those who work in correctional facilities & as security guards who think like george zero-man. Peepo like ward connerly, clarence thomas, colin powell, condie rice & those like 'em will NOT be allowed in & will be CAST out as uptight, stick in the ass CONSERVATIVES who eat chicken with fork & knife instead of pickin up that leg & bitin down like REAL FOLK do! Yea, WE on it like that NIGGA!

NIGGA's is EVERYWHERE & jesse, al, t..d snaKKKes, half a DOLLA & all them faith based idiots (FBI) is in on the game too. Look at who Adam Clayton Powell was replaced with in that idiot, rangel. After rangel proved INEFFECTIVE in gettin the DRAFT reinstated, his PUNISHMENT was to remove him as the rankin member of congress as the head of the WAYS & MEANS Committee! He was also censured & what he did was so INSIGNIFICANT, that if WE did a check, WE could easily find more memebers of congress doin way worse shit but at the end of the day, he's still a NIGGA. These boule ass NIGGA's is goin down with the KraKKa bcuz THEY BELIEVE that they have a STAKE in all this. Whateva!

Finally, what y'all been waitin for; THUG NIGGA's. Where all my THUG's at? In this case, WE excludin HOMO THUG's bcuz Y'ALL ain't tryin to reproduce & before y'all BITCHES who like 'em chime in, AIDS izza HOAX! I say AIDS izza HOAX bcuz it was made inna LAB to get rid of US & if ya still believe that it's REAL, I hope ya die from it so let me get BLAK to this now; y'all THUG NIGGA's got 125 days left to fight for the peepo ya come from. When this SHIT turns over, all of the guns in the WORLD won't help ya as WE gonna use the model of Mao & so who the fuKKK YOU gonna be sellin ya drugs to? Again, remember that I'm askin Y'ALL what Garvey would do & WE must do what is most effecient & BEST for the PEEPO!:

WE need that THUG ELEMENT which will form the BASE of the Peepo's Army but 1st, WE must all be POLITICIZED to the right framework of the mind! So it ain't about PEACE & LUV bcuz before that, out of CHAOS comes ORDER & ORDER from CHAOS accodin to that khazar & his KraKKa minions. The time to get yo MIND RIGHT is now as WE all suffer from lack & WE must be thinkin on how to defeat OUR common enemy bcuz whether ya in Accra or in Zimbabwe, in Atlanta or Zambia or from Atlantis to Zanzibar, ya feelin this! What I mean to say is, ya already had enuff practice brutalizin ya own peepo for not much & is the time to be watchin stuff like Roots, Mandingo, Ill Gotten Gains, & After ya acknowledge that WE Blaks have become ASSHOLES after THOUSANDS of YEARS of this SHIT, get good & MAD & know who the fuKKK ya TRUE ENEMY is bcuz all of the SHIT Y'ALL take for GRANTED now is almost over & if ya don't MOVE, ya gonna get RAN OVER with no remorse!

So.....HARSH ya say? For me HELL NAW! I say, "GET it how ya LIVE!" All of that FEMININE ENERGY savin these BOTTOM BITCHES gots to go as that "if WE kill 'em then WE just as bad as them" mentality is the fuKKK outta here! Ain't NOBODY around me gonna be savin no KraKKa's/blaKKKa's so if ya thinkin that, go be with 'em. When them KraKKa's time is up, like Trayvon was a SACRIFICE, as far as I'm concerned, THEY ALL EXPENDABLE! I wrote about y'all a few months BLAK & so if ya gotta mind to save THEY BABIES & the like, hold onto this 1 again: Y'all Kkkhristain NIGGA's take heed as my HERU was a REVOLUTIONARY who KILLED Set/Satan! If ya gotta problem with the word BITCH, I come from the Hip Hop Era & what I mean is: WE pinpoint what WE mean & with that, I don't give a fuKKK if ya mad! Get mad at that KraKKa & stop makin me yo enemy as ALL I want is: The true mark of a person (if Y'ALL TRUST ME that is) is someone who wants for YOU what THEY want for THEMSELVES & I wanna see Y'ALL ALL at that soon comin Cosmic Party! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need all of my subscribers to HELP me! If all of y'all would either BUY my BOOK, DONATE $20 or BOTH, I can go to Ghana & continue this blog from there. Stay in touch with me aka HOLLA BLAK at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE at b2a appreciate ya LUV & SUPPORT!

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Annunaki - Dont watch this film

Not everything here is IMO accurate but I BELIEVE that the info is 90% spot on! It explains a lot without bein over wordy & it ain't for BEGINNERS. This is for an exclusive set of Y'ALL out there so that ya know how far BLAK WE go as a peepo. Afrikan AmeriKKKans act like their existence started with slavery when in fact NONE of US can retrace OUR families more than 1,000 years, most Afrikans included. By readin Destruction of Black Civilization:, you should already know that. WE got 128 days left & so Y'ALL are only gonna get the BEST from ME so don't be expectin US to soft shoe OUR way thru this time. Get yo ASS ready or be eaten like FOOD!

Today's article ain't gonna be too long but I'm gonna change the topic to Hip Hop & my dude, Canibus. He's been takin a beatin in the media lately for doin some agreed upon sucka shit but I still luv my dude. He has 1 of the best voices, lyrical dexterity & vocabulary for days! Though he isn't perfect, I tend to think that his career was derailed for puttin out a song like this years ago: . Too many point to a lot of other disappointin moves he made years ago but it started here & culminated with him SEEMINGLY makin the bad moves I speak of. Tie this song in with the movie & see what ya get from it. Remember, as of today WE got 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 days left! Please do what ya must & don't end up like this dude: or like

The BS will continue & know that this is the time of REVELATIONS! Stay alive as all things will change around! This is my job to all of Y'ALL! Gotta favor to ask of all my subscribers now. I wanna go to Ghana in october & if all 94 of y'all donate just $20, I can get my airfare to get there. You don't have to be a subscriber to donate & so...........if ya feelin like givin more that is always welcome  as I wish to continue servin US with the news WE need. What say Y'ALL? Holla at the Blak Smith at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Boondocks: The Fried Chicken Flu

My BAD Y'ALL! Lil Blak Smith is a FREE MAN & he's represented by the AFRO & the subject in this particular episode. As this speaks for itself, I don't have much to say other than apologize for bein gone so long but I just completed my 2nd book that is a MUST BUY! Details on that will be comin in the next few weeks so just expect that! In the meantime, let Lil Blak Smith, his lil bro & GRANDAD make ya laff a lil. WE at 130 days & with that.............

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Yea, pictures in BLACK & white capture an essence not available in color! Watup my BLAK FOLK & fuKKK ya if ya don't like my greetin! Watitdo? 134 days left & the WEATHER is KRAZY everywhere in the us. WE got a drought in the majority of the country wherein crops should be even more expensive in light of the ever weakenin dolla. BURN baby BURN & as Brotha Dawud told Y'ALL, money won't matter MUCH in the comin days as it is not a NECCESSITY! WTF is that Blak Smith talkin about now? Yea, I said it; nowhere in the ESSENTIALS of LIFE is money mentioned as in FOOD, CLOTHIN & SHELTER. Money is actualy for things that ya don't need & I dare anyone to challenge that premise. All of y'all tryin to make ways to make yet more money will OVERSTAND but when ya money is WORTHLESS, what evil can ya reosrt to as then, WE will all be equal! Look at yo ass FRETTIN the FUTURE as ya run outta options. Yes y'all, the NATURAL ORDER is slowly but SURELY restorin itself & not many of US is gonna make it. Damnin all to hell for me is what I call my own personal FAITH WALK! You should try it.

So EVERYBODY is ANTSY! The word antsy means:  ants·y

1. unable to sit or stand still; fidgety: The children were bored and antsy.

2. apprehensive, uneasy, or nervous: I'm a little antsy since hearing those storm warnings.*
Isn't it quite ironic that the 2nd definition went along with exactly where I started off? This weather is showin US that WE are not the ULTIMATE POWER & that somethin GREATER than all of US is in US & collectively, WE can do as WE wish. This right here got plenty of peepo nervous: As well, this right here can't be helpin much: That ring of FIRE is ACTIVE & WE are now in the constellation of Leo! Do y'all remember that arkansas was havin record numbers of earthquakes late last year & earlier this year? It has been suspected that that was the case bcuz of THEM sendin down nerve gas that THEY were supposed to destroy & when the ruskies were to inspect, THEY got rid of it by buryin it. Almost a year ago, do those of Y'ALL in the northeast us remember that WE had an earthquake & hurricane in the same week? A snowstorm in late october? More snow on that 1 day than all winter? Am I fuKKKin krazy or are you?
Now.......let's get a lil controversial with it. By now, WE all know that December 21st 2012 means nothin to me but the culmination of the Mayan Calendar & that planetary alignment. This completion of this cycle to me does not mean DESTRUCTION & DOOMSDAY! If ya wanna discontinue readin, let a MASTER teach ya: For those of ya who will continue HOWEVER, I do BELIEVE that things will be DIFFERENT aka the NATURAL ORDER will be BLAK in effect wherein BLAK PEEPO of both sexes will be like my MISSION STATEMENT, the victorious GODS that WE are. No......WE ain't gonna wake up on 12/22/12 & everythin will be perfeKt but as I've previously said, WE will be in a different dispensation & so difference will MAN I FEST as those who are aware of this are ALREADY THERE! ( WHERE that is is a DIFFERENT DIMENSION! Are YOU there yet?
Also.......for some time, I've been writin about 9/25 - 9/28 which is a 3 day period wherein there will be an eclipse & the grids will shut down meanin no ELECTRICITY. I cannot say with certainty that this will happen but my advice to Y'ALL is to keep it in mind as I heard of it YEARS AGO & WE now sit on the precipe of that time. The KraKKa is NOTHIN without ELECTRICITY especially in the TROPICS where WE THRIVE! This was the purpose of this series by VERY CONNECTED tom hanks that I had posted a few weeks ago: WE entered a whole new TIME FRAME after VENUS (MATRIARCHAL ENERGY) eclipsed the Sun a few months back! WE ALREADY in that TIME wherein that KraKKa has conceded but ya still gotta JOB to DO! The Mayan Calendar is nothin but the NATURAL ORDER restorin itself & there will be ISSUES but if ya spirit & mind in a good place, ya gonna make it. Ya spirit will tell ya where to be. Things will be ruff but now is the time to BELIEVE in SELF! You are ELECTROMAGNETIC with a SOUL! After WHATEVER happens happens & ya make it out, YOU will be the TRUE ILLUMINATION!:
So, here I go again talkin to Y'ALL about what my purpose is on this earth. After almost perishin in Ghana from malaria in 2004, I reemerged with a vengeance to advise Y'ALL! I always say that I wanna see Y'ALL at the Cosmic Party 2012 & as that all of YOU are invited, it's on Y'ALL to make it & guess what.......YOU ain't gotta bring NOTHIN but NATION BUILDIN SKILLS! No tools needed as ya BRAIN is what WE WANT! So let's get it Y'ALL! 134 left!!!!! If ya not thinkin WAR, leave me the fuKKK alone. PEACE.........................................after REVOLUTION!!!!!!
* taken from  

Y'all know the Blak Smith gotta book on sale. You can get it here: I can get ya the e-book for $10 & if ya want that, holla at me. You can get at me at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). My next one is on deck so look for that & them DEVILS just as vigilantly. WE outta HERE!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty [Explicit]

The Mighty Infamous - Mos Def!!!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lupe Fiasco In Tears When Sway Shows Him Old Footage Of His Hood


This dude's whole albulm provided in the link. If ya never heard, give it a listen. I luv Lupe Fiasco & though I really FEEL him, I hope y'all catch somethin in here! I'm not gonna tell y'all what it is as it's only for the informed. Yea, today is gonna be a freestyle session as WE count down these next 137 days. Ayo, IT'S GOIN DOWN! How y'all doin today? It's MF HOT again in the nyc area & I'm more than sure that it is in ya hood as well! Where ya at? What ya doin? I hope ya ain't even readin this until the nite time as ya should be out there somewhere enjoyin FAMILY, eatin good food & just plain old havin a good time! Yea, WE at b2a will tell y'all to continue the good life til it's time to get to WORK!

So, in Afrikan News today, WE see the fuKKKery continuin. I like many, used to think that the chinese were gonna be the wedge that could & would break western influence by bein diplomatic peepo who are DIFFERENT & bein a new world power, things like this will continue to happen there: This sort of stuff sickens me but remember, I used to live in Ghana & thus the name of this very blog. I heard about this a few weeks ago but: WE as Afrikan Peepo better soon real-eyes that ALL WE got is US & in the us, ANY PEEPO can come into OUR hoods & by the virtue that WE shop there, WE SUPPORT 'EM but don't SUPPORT each other! BUSINESS is WAR! Get it right as the Afrikan Amerikan ain't makin this possible!: Long live Ken Saro Wiwa & the Ogoni 8!

So as WE stay distraKKKted with the olympiKKKs & lil Gabby, WAR rages on in Syria as these amerizio's chomp at the bit to finally go into iran. Ya see, even though I don't like farraKKKoon, he did say years ago that the destruction would happen in what is now known as the middle east & will come here azza result of chiKKKens comin home to roost. I'm more than sure that he got that from the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad but nevertheless, KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE! Goin into the fall, this is gonna be the next big distraKKKtion:* which happens to be spreadin from all places, the MIDDLE of the country in indiana. To boot, just today, I saw former nba player chris mullin advertisin VACCINES & once & for all, I'm tellin y'all before sKKKool starts, do not get ya kids vaccinated if ya really luv 'em as there are exemptions & all ya gotta do is ask the sKKKool nurse for the forms. I learn that from Dr Umar Johnson. WE in the Final Countdown so ya MUST stay ALIVE! In my last piece,, I had to allow someone else to be the BAD GUY so y'all can know that nothin I'm sayin is new & in fact, is DESTINED to happen! IDK what will but just wait Y'ALL!

So as WE go on, look out for my as yet, untitled book about all of the fuKKKery in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. I wanted to keep the FOCUS on Hip Hop but as I did my research, I kept goin down rabbit holes that wound up in all kinda places. What's Sinead O'Connor up to lately? What's the deal with Lauryn Hill? Where's DMX? Whatever happened with Chris Stokes & b2k? I answer to a lotta that & then some so make sure & cop that when it comes out sometime late this year/early next year when the 137 days will have been done! For now, I would appreciate if y'all would cop or DONATE to my site as I am self published & receive nothin but the kindness of ya hearts. I LUV my peepo & hope to 1 day meet all of ya! With that, I leave ya with a GREAT SONG to ride out to: Will YOU?

As somebody who had a series named ReTHINK what WORK is, I refuse to WORK for the devil & so hope that those of ya who can, help me out. If ya OVERSTAND what I mean, hit me up on my email at or hit me on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). What WE do here at b2a is inform Y'ALL what to look for so that ya don't get trapped off makin dumb decisions between LIFE & DEATH when it COMES. Let's ride this out together & HOLLA BLAK!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I need to see who's readin til the end. If ya look in the Lupe clip, at :22, he throws up the Baphomet sign though everything he appears to be is against that. Ya can't be linked in with jay-z & not be down with that so let's see how this all pans out. Now come on, ya didn't think I was gonna leave ya hangin right?

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Great Brother Dawud UNCUT.

*******SAFETY ADVISORY as Brotha Dawud will hurt ya feelings so be FOREWARNED*****

Ya think ya READY for this? Only the realest can stomach this for the duration. Brotha dawud goes in BETTER than me & though I feel him 100%, I don't agree 100% but still RESPEKT his GANGSTA! The interviewer is Sa Neter & these dudes GO IN HARDBODY! My elder BROTHA doesn't keep a countdown but he knows that the KraKKa's days is numbered & as of this moment, that number is 139! This goes out to the boule & all of those blaKKK assholes who don't wanna learn from me! As this presentation is almost 2 hours long, I'll allow my BROTHER to take it over. You have been WARNED!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What SHOULD I do?

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Hey b2a! Sorry about not gettin BLAK to Y'ALL for 3 days but Y'ALL know how it goes. Been very busy & there's a lot goin on lately. First of all, a big shout goes out to Marcus & Elijah, my BRO's from the Bronx & Mount Vernon respectively. Every so often, I get with those BROTHA's & WE just straight chop it up about the issues affectin US as a peepo. As a peepo, WE neeed to OVERSTAND that it ain't all about money as WE all need someone to listen to & someone to hear US out. Yea, for me, b2a is my soundboard & as YOU listen to the words YOU are readin in yo head as I convey 'em, ya OVERSTAND that WE are livin in the most interestin times. WE have 141 days to go so let's discuss a few scenarios as DOOMSDAY PREDICTIONS abound. WE don't want y'all afraid BUT........if somethin goes down, WE want Y'ALL prepared to start over in the aftermath to BUILD a NATION. Who's with it?

Hurricanes- imagine gale force winds hittin ya seaside home at 80 mph. Imagine boats, trucks & small houses gettin ripped open miles away from where they were. Imagine gettin caught in the wind that howls like a hungry empty stomach of an unknown BEAST. Imagine livin in a 20 story buildin on the 20th floor with no buffer zone between you & the seashore. Imagine not havin the foresight to go to inland higher ground when this all happens. Imagine bein inna nor'easter (winter hurricane) with no power! In the comin days, when ya hear of a hurricane watch, use ya intellect & intuition to STAY or GET outta town. Ya life depends on it as ya don't wanna be like them fema peepo (katrina). Imagine that!

Tornadoes-  on a visual level, probably the most scary but in all actuality, the least likely to kill. It's amazin how when they do occur that they may cover hundreds of miles but kill only 100 peepo & for the most part, KraKKa's. Bobby Hemmitt always says that ADVERSE WEATHER affects THEM as these SYSTEMS are US returnin in the WHIRLWIND. The aftermath of most of these tornadoes are KRAZY! Most tornadoes happen in the middle of the country & usually in the summer months. If 1 gets enough notice, move outta the way of 'em!

Sinkholes - find out before ya go somewhere what areas are prone to this such as central florida & certain countries in south amerika.

Mudslides - why the hell would ya live in  house with a sheer drop in unstable land overlookin the ocean? These places are for the rich & foolish.

Volcanoes - rare but deadly as the ash from 1 is deadlier than the lava spewed from it. They are very active in HI & not so active in the usa but nevertheless, 1 should be prepared as the ancient city of pompeii was DESTOYED in minutes & this! For those of US in the us, do ya remember Mt St Helens?:

Earthquakes - possibly, the hardest thing to guard against. Seismic activity increases when the cosmos are not stable & with the aligning of the planets, look for more turbulence in the next few days & weeks. Did y'all know that arkansas had over 500 quakes inna year bcuz of enviormental fuKKKery courtesy of the us govt? I've heard that the west coast of the usa up til the rocky mountains formerly belonged to the island group of Hawaii & this is why the plates under the earth there is constantly shiftin. And by the way, tsunami's ain't nothin but underwater earthquakes with water bein pushed to the shore of some unfortunate land. With the comin of 2012, that land is supposed to break away & go back from where it came from. As much as possible, try to be off BOTH COASTS when things culminate. WE'LL see what happens!

Those were just some of the things that COULD happen. WE must also consider that a lot of this stuff could be INDUCED with methods like haarp like Haiti & japan: My peepo, ya don't have to BELIEVE me but I am not the 1 sayin this stuff. As well, the bp oil spill & the radiation from japan also affects the Gulf Stream & thus, weather patterns & this is why it's been very HOT in the us & rainin non-stop almost everyday in the uk. As well, all of these WARS & the depleted uranium in the earth is makin for 1 toXXXic soup of fuKKKery. You better watch yo nuggets & while ya holdin 'em, check this: The moon affects the flow of the oceans.

So what should YOU do? How the fuKKK am I supposed to know? I ain't gettin all scared (no more) of KraKKa sayin "terrorism will happen at the olympiKKKs" or "syria is about to blow" or whatever. What I will say is that whatever YOU are doin, YOU better be MENTALLY PREPARED for anything as I have previously written about the events goin on & with each passin day, WE should be lookin for somethin. IDK if 9/25/26 & 27th is gonna be it but if the earth stops spinnin & WE have 3 days of's gonna be ON & POPPIN! If ya, get ready bcuz THEY say THEY ready to take 'em from ya by FORCE! My peepo, & let's BUILD a NATION! WARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On my word, Y'ALL need to cop my book at or DONATE to the cause. Yea, it's goin down & I can't wait til money backed by arms is done! Stay in touch with the Blak Smith & in order to do so, get at me at or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLLLAAAAAA!!!!!