Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How It Really Works

The only TRUTH that I will tell y'all today is that the world is still FAXED up! Haiti is still a mess. Blak people are still gettin it ruff & don't know what real LIBERTY is. I'm almost at a point where I don't even wanna speak to y'all no more bcuz y'all still believin in CRAP but U know.....I still luv y'all & that's why I'm still writin. Watitdo? Anyhoo, do y'all know how things really work? Do y'all even have the power to ENGINEER POSSIBLE scenarios as would a physicist or a lawyer? Do y'all take the time to CRITICALLY ANALYZE outside of the box, the things that happen in life & do comparisons? Do you know HOW IT REALLY WORKS?

OK y'all, time to put on those thinking caps. Get all preconceived NOTIONS about GOD, RELIGION, MYSTICISM & anything else that may be described as BELIEF outta ya mind just for a moment or stop readin this NOW! Let's just deal with LIFE as we know it on this earth, that for now we know as home. Let's even not use the word CONSPIRACY in this article as all it means is a premise that cannot be proven. Let's just call it POSSIBLE SCENARIOS. Y'all with me? Ok then, here we go. Take any situation in life such as the Vietnam War, the Moon Landing, the assasinations of anybody famous, 911, the Tsunami, Chernobyl, Katrina & the Grandaddy of em all, the Gulf Oil Spill. Is it any coincidence that 2 of the worst disasters ever, were in the Louisiana Gulf Area, within 5 years of each other? I don't think so! Malcolm always said that the most important question was WHY? Though that man died over 40 years ago, this premise still holds true. A few articles ago, I spoke to y'all about the Hegelian Dialectic which states that a person or entity can provide a thesis(problem), anthesis(possible cure) & synthesis(an already predetermined solution). As the situation unfolds, as in any equation, that same individual or entity in control, can add or subtract to solve or further confuse the targetted audience, until the intended imperative is met. Let's get into some specifics to see what we mean here. Y'all ready?

We are now in a different world since George W Bush II was (p)resident. He stole both elections & people who still believe in voting kill me. Well, unless you are runnin a candidate to LEVERAGE for POSITION & to bring up the ISSUES WE as a people face. Did y'all know that Alton Maddox & Charles Barron is makin a 3rd POLITICAL PARTY in NY? Y'all need to check on that! But anyhoo, Bush won the 2000 & 2004 elections by stealin 'em as that family had FL locked up, with Jeb Bush as the governor at the time. Anybody who knows anything already knows that the politicians in the US are SELECTED & not ELECTED as the NWO cannot leave anything to chance. If you do manage to slip thru the cracks, they discredit you, jail you or kill you. So what happened to relate this to what I speak of is, Votes in question + Gore conceding without a fight + a Supreme Court Mandate = The fucking stupidest Commander in Chief ever! One can toss in thousands of other factors but I hope my point is clear. We can take 911 & now see that Bin-Laden was made a scapegoat & is dragged out every so often to DISTRACT you from the fact that THEY(USA) did it. That equation might go like, the Taliban + Stoppage of Poppy Growth + the Breakdown of a pipeline thru Afghanistan + the USA hating Saadam who traded oil in Euro's = 911 or an AmeriKKKan Emergency Number. Ok, how about the BP Oil Spill? Like Michael Jackson's death, a distraction of epic proportions is goin on. Peep this one out. An ailing economy + the continuation of Bush policies by the Obama Administration + the internet(alternative info) + 12/21/2012 = BP Oil Spill! Why, because the Rothschild's & the Rockerfeller's are infighting at the top & in order for them to have control, somebody gotta come out as the BIG DOG. You see, the Rockerfeller's own 51% in over 40,000 CORPORATIONS & the Rothschilds control all of the world's Central Banks. At the end of the day, they are all one & the same but y'all still wanna be on Obama's DICK because he a blak(half white still) guy & y'all just so in luv with him because he's so articulate & handsome. Like all the rest of us & I'm including rich whites who ain't in this club either, THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK about HIM & y'all need to stop with all this adulation using this formula that I'm tellin y'all about. They knew he would be there long ago as STRATEGY! THEY ARE PURPOSELY DESTROYING ALL THAT IS FAMILIAR & AMERIKKKAN! This Oil Spill is only the LATEST BIG THING & look for more of 'em like a 9.2 earthquake in NYC or something to that effect in the near future. I already told y'all that weather manipulation is at an all time high & it ain't perfect but while you sleep, they got THINK TANKS that go hard body, 26 hours, 9 days a week. This is how it really works!

I said it earlier & I'm gonna say it again, we have all been played & because of how formidable the MEDIA is, we've been had, shooken & BAMBOOZLED. I constantly tell people with degrees that they are worse off & congratulate my people who are not educated by supposed higher learnings of institutions. In order to re-learn, one must first UN-LEARN! The only exception to that is if it's in the technical realm as math is the ONLY IRREFUTABLE SCIENCE! A true scientist is a mathematician & doesn't want to hear about religious dogmas, esoteric philosophies & psychological psychobabble. I want to hear DATA, gather my own EXPERIENCES & come out with a CONCLUSION or more simply said, DATA + EXPERIENCES= CONCLUSIONS & I am allowed to do just that as I have a great mind & can interpret what I see without a book or deity to tell me what is right from wrong. The only way to come out with FLAWED DATA is if flawed data went into the equation to begin with & don't we know how THEY lie! The foundation of HISTORY in this country is a BIG LIE as in Christopher Columbus finding land with million on it & we all know that if ANY part of something(language, history etc) is a lie, then the whole thing is a BIG LIE. My experiences may not match with yours & so how are we supposed to come up with the same output? Turn of cnn & bbc! Turn off the radio! Sometimes, get in your car & ride quietly & you would be surprised what would come to you when your distractions are minimal. Read publications that are written from your perspectives with a discerning eye too. You, my people have been given the greatest gift from the CREATOR ever, as you are what the CREATOR spoke into existence & if you don't believe that, you should stop readin my blog bcuz I'm gonna keep on sayin it! Most of us have twisted & contorted our minds to a point where we let OTHERS PUT their thoughts into US & we think that those thoughts are our own. You go to sleep early to get rest to work for somebody else. What time would you sleep if you could wake up when you wanted to? Ok, I think that I've said enough but what I hope you got was, when that NEXT BIG THING happens, I BEG that you look at the other factors leading up to that event & apply this formula to it & see what you get, without PREDUJICE. Those thoughts might scare you but........that's how it really works! PEACE!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Holding On

Just like that old group, Simply Red used to say, "I'll keep, holdin on." Do U remember that one? Late 80's & anyhoo, watitdo my peepo? This is the Blaksmith hittin U with Blak News, Blak 100% with no compromise & if U or ya mama don't like it, so wat? I'm grown & this is YOUR blog & if ya can't take the heat in the kitchen, U already know! Haiti is still a big mess. A US Senate Report said that only 2% of the money sent actually went to relief. Oh, did I mention that the oil spill will affect there too? Wow methane, benzene, corexit(they wish to exit the core people there) & all these other CHEMI-KILLS is makin it bad to be anywhere near the southeastern portion of the US & 2 dudes already died there. BP doesn't want anyone wearin respirators to make it look like it ain't all that bad. As I wrote here previously, this SHIT just started & y'all is witnessing the DISMANTILIZATION of the US in REAL time & that's REAL talk 4 that ass! Some of y'all is gonna get injected with poison gas & as U die, still be talkin about economic recovery, God & all that, while this HEAVEN & HELL on EARTH DEVIL poisons ya food, miseducates ya kids & all that other shit I been talkin about since I saw things for how they ARE. Whether U acknowledge it or not, U know wat I say is true & some good news 4 ya.

For your information, you may already be there. As I sit here in the library with Turned Up & Bro Graham, we choppin it up about everything I write y'all about on FB & if U don't have a FB account, GET 1. If ya reasoning for not having an FB account is the FBI/CIA/NSA is tappin it & you already on Yahoo/AOL/earthlink, don't U think they already know what U doing? Anyhoo, as I said before, YOU may be already there. How, well let me tell you how. If you get sudden headaches that come from nowhere & then feel great soonafter, you may already be there. If you spontaneously cry & don't know why, you may already be there. Dreaming or thinking of things & a few minutes later, it comes up with people who don't know U or didn't know wat U were thinking of is a sign of this too. Straight up not giving a fax (apathy) & intense caring is definitley a telltale sign. How about waking up every morning at 3A without having to pee? Having visions of an uncertain future & breaking out in a smile is a great sign that you may already be there. Having a great conversation with a total & complete stranger without the need of getting into further contact is a sign that you may already be there. Cryin without a reason may mean you are there too.

Where is this? That place we wish to all get to that we just can't seem to get to now because of Obama POSSIBLY trying to shut down the internet in the face of a National Security Alert. The Oil Spill. These Earthquakes happening in places that haven't had 'em in EONS like Canada & the Chicago area. The Prime Minister of Japan RESIGNING as the Koreas are about to go to war AGAIN. You see, all of the military bases in Japan belong to the US & the new Govt wanted the US out. They had to bomb a South Korean ship to justify staying there as Korea is not very far from Japan. You see, all of these distractions are placed there to keep us in FEAR! Fear is the frequency that runs this earth & all of the distractions placed in front of us keep us away from thinking wat U supposed to be thinkin so that U could get wat U supposed to get. The place I wish to be that I hope U want to get to is beyond that frequency of FEAR or whatever U call it. As I've heard previously, FEAR CANNOT LIVE WHEREVER GOD IS & I'm GOD disguised as a Blak Man & if U don't like that, reverse it! Get past your fears & live bcuz our time is coming. Get past all of that & U can't do it being FEARFUL. Can U hold on until then? If U can, I'll invite U to that COSMIC PARTY that I keep speakin of. I've transcended EARTH so meet me in galacti-CITY. Over here, we wear gold,diamonds & platinum & ain't nobody scared bcuz there's no fear. Tupac & Nas might call it Thug Mansion. Hold on tho bcuz before it gets better, it's gonna get much worse. Do good, God(me) bless U & see you THERE where you may already be. As stated before, some of us is already there so do like EnVogue & HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACE!!!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Now What?

The 2 Biggest Goin on's in the world now are not being talked about by my people in the United SnaKKKEs of AmeriKKKA & by that, I mean the BP oil spill & the Freedom Floatilla Ship thing in INTERNATIONAL WATERS. We ALSO ain't talkin about Haiti OR how the US is still trying to put Africom somewhere in Afrika & it just boggles my mind. Revelations is happening so slow/fast right in your face & most can't see it. I try not to write too much about things that are in the news that are over covered but I have questions & maybe y'all can enlighten me because even though I know all, I know that I know nothing. Let's get into it & see what it do!

Ok, that Oil spill. 4/20/10. We still don't have a reason as to why this DISASTER happened, yet not 1 hour after the first plane hit during 9-1-1, the US intelligence agencies just knew that it was Bin-Laden & his crew of Merrymen that pulled it off FROM CAVES with walkie talkies. First question is, why don't we know the cause of this? As far as the eye can see, they only talking about stopping it, but not why it blew in the first place. Secondly, why are THEY using chemical dispersants that will kill all of the fauna & animals? The US govt just released the ingredients to the chemicals & boy is this one chemical cocktail. Third question: Why is Governor Bobby Jindal about to deploy the National Guard to EVACUATE the affected coasts? During Hurricane FEMA, there was no effort to send anyone away & the letter sent even references the New Orleans NSA & military installations as possibly affected by this all. But check this, the reason given for the dismal response to Hurricane FEMA was that THERE WAS A SHORTAGE OF NATIONAL GUARD because most of the soldiers were in Iraq or Afghanistan!!!! This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!! Your country is basically tellin you that THEY don't want you here & what was once, one of the the Blackest Cities in the US is NOW majority white & y'all still don't get it. Read the letter for yourself at Y'all still don't get that Hurricane FEMA was done purposely with the intent of clearing BLAK folks outta that area as the Gulf Coast of Amerikkka is VERY MILITARILY STRATEGIC & must be cleared as they TRY hard as hell to implement this NWO shit. When this sinks into your head for real, you could never approach me with what God is gonna do, prayer & all that psychobabble BULLSHIT about life after death & such! These same Christians y'all so revere, fought wars for HUNDREDS of years in the name of God & y'all still barking up that tree. Hurricane FEMA was the pretext & let me quote from an article originally posted in the NY Amsterdam News on 09/08/2005 written by the Honorable Alton Maddox. "Before Hurricane Katrina, FEMA had already asserted that New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen but refused to take any action to minimize the human hazards & economic risks." A little later in the article it says that, "Congress made sure that FEMA's prediction would become real by subtracting $71M from the Army Corps of Engineers budget for New Orleans this year 2005. Congress obviously intended that unprecedented flooding would accompany a future hurricane in New Orleans." Here is the kicker now, "the initial federal project to modify hurricanes was called Storm Fury. In 1963, Hurricane Beulah was seeded & the wind speed in Beulah's eye was affected. Hurricane Debbie in 1969 was also seeded. Hurricane Modification strategy is a work in progress." "HURRICANE KATRINA WAS ONLY A LIMITED SCIENTIFIC FEAT. KATRINA'S WRATH MISSED NEW ORLEANS WHICH WAS DESTINED FOR COMPLETE DEVESTATION." (capititalization mine) Now, if Katrina was a partial victory as New Orleans, a city that was previously 67% BLAK is now more white & this BP shit happened with no reason as to why, what are they doing there with Hurricane season upon us now? For all we know, this could be the ruse of all ruses as Hugo Chavez told us on youtube that US Navy Ships using H.A.A.R.P technology are causing earthquakes off of the coasts of countries. These Hurricanes were seeded & what happens if a Category 3,4 or 5 hits now? Keep in mind that you can't eat the seafood. Good because crabs, shrimp & lobster are all bottom feeders. Oil is still pumping outta all of the other working rigs with no end in sight. They need to seize the land, implement the NWO & this area of the Gulf is the staging area for them to do it from. If you live in that area, I hope that you can get out of there before 2012 as they are now planning to use water from the Mississipi River in another foolish plan to do I don't know. The future dismantling of the continental US has begun!

The Floatilla- First of all, the so called Jew is not a true Jew as they are Khazars from a kingdom called Khazaria in the Caucus Mountains. They are the reason that the Great Wall of China was built & they've been kicked out of just about every country in Europe before coming to Germany which also kicked them out & then coming to AmeriKKKa where they now determine US Foreign Policy. The banks & ALL media are run thru the Rothschilds & PEACE will not be seen until THEY are gone but we not talkin about THEM now. We talking about the Floatilla & this 5 minute period of history. OK, in brief, a ship from Turkey, attempted to supply aid to the Palestinians who are suffering GENOCIDE at the hands of ZIONISTS who are TRYING to lay ancestral claim to the very center of the earth. Some of you would call it the Middle East but.... by erasing this history, they can claim theirselves as the CHOSEN but we know how foolish of a claim that is. As the floatilla neared Palestinian Waters, the Zionist Military Apparatus ATTACKED this floatilla & shot the ship up like niggas do on any Saturday Nite in the hood. Though I don't care that he was an AmeriKKKan, the US is supposed to BY LAW, protect anyone in international waters who did not pose a threat to that Zionist State. This wasn't an armed military ship. Though I don't care about most Arabs because I know who they are after reading Destruction of Black Civilization, I do care that they are being killed & not to care for their destruction can lead to my own & so.....quite the quagmire. Arabs were the first to enslave Blaks based on color but....where was everybody else when Blaks suffered thru the MAAFA, Jim Crow & the never ending Systematic Racist White Supremacy that we still suffer today? Everybody won when we fought for so called rights that are slowly being dismantled one by one. But anyway, it is WRONG & an act of PIRACY to ATTACK, much less KILL innocents just trying to provide a starving people a little food & comfort. To not know this means that you are complicit because the US GIVES Israel approximately 1/3 of the AmeriKKKan forein aid budget, even though Israel comprises .001% of the world's population. WE FINANCE THEM TO do this GENOCIDE SHIT & you don't even know it. The US taxpayer has given this Zionist State 135 BILLION Dollars from 1949 to 1997 not adjusting this money to inflation.( Most of the top so called Jewish politicians in the US Govt are dual citizens of this Devilish State, an Unconstitutional Act!!!! The Israeli Cabinet is going to INVESTIGATE this travesty & it's just like when the police dept investigates one of their own shooting a Blak suspect. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP? If that can happen to an AmeriKKKan in international waters, imagine what that means for any Blak outside of Obama, Powell, Rice or Thomas. The US is on the side of the Zionists & if that don't surprise you by now, you still don't know what this is about. I already told y'all before that Obama gettin mad at BP talkin about kicking ass & all that is mere LIP SERVICE! Same deal with this Floatilla Shit! WAKE the FUCK UP!

Ok, before I go, let me just say it. We could talk about the immigration laws in AZ. We could talk about TX changing textbooks to eliminate buzzwords. We could talk about Blak Men not working but.......Those who are in power ain't saying it but I'mma put it here plain & simple. The powers who THINK they run EVERYTHING know that the RACE against time is catchin up to 'em. As Bill Gates, Oprah, Jay-Z, Obama, Bush & all these Bildebergers, Bohemian Grovers & Trilaterilists see, they gotta do it NOW(NWO). The internet allows for instant access to almost any info for those seeking that realm of collective conciousness. They WISH to kill 350,000 people a DAY using your DIET as the #1 VOLUNTARY way of getting YOU to kill yourself. From most people's diet comes DISEASE. Most people think that most Native Amerikans died thru war but it was from Smallpox & diseases like gonherea & syphilis that killed 'em. War, alcohol, maltreatment, disrespect & greed is DEMONIC & this the force that runs the world but those of us in the know, know that that time frame has passed ALREADY & that something new is in the offing. THEY wish to have 500,000 people on the earth & run it like 1 big game preserve with those not to their liking as ABJECT SLAVES & no one else. This tanking economy was done on PURPOSE because they trying to shut this world down to a point of CONTROLLING IT ALL. I ain't worried about it though as they cannot shut NATURE down! My creator is NATURE & I know my nature! I used to make doomsday predictions but no one worth his grain of salt will deny that the planets will soon align & I won't even say it will be 12/21/2012 but it will be soon & until then, TOTAL MOTHERFUCKING CHAOS will ensue so watch ya nuggets my NIGGA! That's the Cosmic Party that I'm talkin about. Will you be there? So again I ask, Now What?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who WE Are

WE are the first & for sure, WE shall be the ONLY! We are Haitians, Jamaicans, Papua New Guineans, Negritos, Panamanians & anything new THEY been calling us since THEY dispersed MOST of us. WE are lovers of NATURE as in not making ANYTHING that would harm the enviorment we know as HOME but don't WE just luv or gas emitting cars? We are original in that WE started MATH & ALL is MATHEMTICAL EQUATIONS. We were the irrigators of the planet as we are the first to cultivate AGRICULTURE. WE are the soul controllers of the UNIVERSE who forgot who WE are. We are the Doctors that heal THYSELF! We are the lawyers who are the just. We are the simplest complexest forms ever in existence. We are the fighters of wars where NO ONE died. The embarrassment alone was mortifying. We are the lovers & the loved. We are the Gods that the Greeks spoke of when referring to the GODS in their books that somehow got suppressed & then THEY stole our legacy & you believe THEM. We are not pygmies, mau mau or colored folks. We are a proud people who were taught not to be proud as we didn't look at accomplishment as something to laud over others. We simply taught it & moved on as something already learned is pedestrian & mundane to a knowing mind. We are CLEAN. We used NATURE as a fine honed weapon & realized that we shouldn't try to control it. We realized EVERYTHING is NATURE & we simply looked to manipulate this toward our ends. We are moving toward the collective conciousness. WE are of it & act accordingly. We realize that what is seen by the naked eye is not neccessarily so & that the unseen can be. We are not confused & seek to further enlighten those who may very well be. We realize that the body mimics the planets & is just as a planet inside of all of these galaxies. We are failing as INDIVIDUALS because we fail to be OBEDIENT to something greater than what we THINK is the greatest. Your #1 KILLER is the DIE(T) you so fell in luv with & REFUSE to give up because, "oh, it tastes so good!" We are too complacent & we shall pay for that. We are new & we are old. We are 99% of the known UNIVERSE. THEY don't come from WE but it's too late in the game & quite complicated to tell it to the uninitiated. I find out more about WE by the day! We are our BIGGEST ENEMY & those of us wishing to save THEY when the time comes, GOTTA GO FIRST as WE put ourselves in this position long ago with all this peace luvvin shit. What got WE in so much trouble is our level of compassion! It's so great, WE didn't see it coming as in Things Fall Apart & 2000 Seasons, books that should REPLACE the BIBLE & I don't care what WE think! We wrote that rag! We are MAAT as the law of RECIPROCITY manifests itself from this most HEAVENLY BODY! We shall make the planets ALIGN! We's a ghetto hot mess. I luv me some WE but not all of us is WE. We are not all US but we are all we. Again, WE were the 1st & we shall be the ONLY! 1

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who THEY are

They are everywhere! They are in your mind pretty much putting thoughts in your head. You probably love them even though you act like you don't unless they specifically piss you off. They have you thinking that this how life is supposed to be. They have you thinking that English is the only language worth speaking. They trick you every time you turn around especially with religion & their devilish financial system. They got you in their schools & you voluntarily give them children up. They got you working 2 jobs trying to keep up with the Jonses, the Johnsons & the Jacksons. Then you don't understand THEM when they come home from school because they can't be disciplined. They got you thinking that they know it all. One diagnosis from their scientists send you straight to the insurance man & to they funeral homes. They got you thinking that I'm crazy. They got you thinking that the meat you eating ain't rotten because they spray it with nitrates. They got you drinking milk as grown people because it does a body good. They got you thinking that they are civilized because they now wear suits & shave everyday. They are haters in every sense of the word. They love to see us fighting to remove the focus from themselves. They teach you lies & put you away when you expose them for lying. They don't steal pettily, they steal PEOPLE, COUNTRIES & as Henry Kissinger said "if you want to control a country, control the resources & if you want to control the people, you control FOOD." They got you thinking that EVERYTHING costs something. They say YOU'RE fired & you go & hang your head out of a window. They stay alive thru you as they take back the wealth from our biggest & best like they did OJ Simpson, Michael Strahan, Barry Bonds & that half nigger half Cablasian, Tiger Woods. Some things change so slowly. They laugh as stuff in the hood costs more than it does in the better hoods. I know because I only shop in your better stores. They got you thinking that $150 sneakers cost $140 to make. They love taking all of they money back when you win a settlement or hit the lotto. Blacks in the US drink 60-70% of all the Cognac consumed in this great country of ours. SMDH! They got you thinking that there are no good men/women when we are all good BUT we can't have good realationships because.....marriages are no longer arranged AND we usually meet randomly drunk in a club somewhere. Or in church. What becomes of that type of setup if the people ain't right? As Lauren Hill would say, "how you gonna win if you ain't right within?" They got us thinking that we FREE. There is no such thing as freedom as we are always bound to NATURAL LAW but the NATURAL ORDER is being run by sociopaths known as THEY! They taught you false history & you bought it. You don't surpass your parents who didn't know better who also bought it & repeat the cycle & here we are. How long y'all niggers gonna tell me that I'll be struck down for being blasphemous & not praying when there were some of us who was born knowing they grandaddy was a slave & his grandsons were slaves & saw no end in sight to this quite peculiar institution? What prayer do for you lately as the price of your house plummets? Let me invade your home & have my way with your fam for 1 nite & see what you do to me. They MADE you to have a personality to be forgiving to them. They luv you..........when they hating you! You all nervous & scared just reading this thinking they watching you. Oh, you best believe that they are because they know you on they side as they buy you out of pocket. Ain't it just simpler that way? Don't ask me how I know but they time is up! In 942 days, you will not have to worry about THEY SHIT! They are the anunnaki.