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Image Im not having it by Positive K feat MC Lyte Me the OFFICIAL 1st LADY of Hip Hop and that is no disrespect meant to Lauryn Hill! I remember first hearing of Lyte Craming to UnderstandSam. In all actuality and in my humble OPINION, most of Lytes better songs came a lot later in her career such as this...... (a Film called Pimp by Common feat MC Lyte). In my humblest opinion, this young lady embodied where a TRUE and INTELLIGENT Blak WOMAN from the HOOD was going with all the potemtial Hip Hop had in the late 80s. Cha cha cha by MC Lyte

Yall already know that when I post these CAotW that I do not write long articles but as said above, to Me, Lyte was the 1st young Lady of Hip Hop that was truly embraced by the streets of NYC when Hip Hop was still an Uptown thing! Peeps from Brooklyn NY had t…


Image Underneath a Red Moon by Ndea Davenport

The sight of a blood moon is considered a bad omen by doomsayers, who have previo........more at 

Ok yall, WE are pretty much at the point where WE need to be to see REAL CHANGES coming soon. Most of the world events happening recently are to cover that the DOLLAR is DEAD with no chance of RECOVERY! Almost everybody is signing LETTERS of INTENT if they have not signed on as of yet with the BRICS & the AIIB. Let US look in a little further........

As THEY say, SOMETHING BIG is coming to ameriKKKa at

The country is still in a state of emergency, which has now been extended by 90 da.....more at

Did yall know that Germany is also on HIG…


Image Love of my Life WorldwideErykah Badu feat Queen Latifah, Angie Stone and Bahamadia Au Natural by Bahamadia and Sweetback
So WE off in this place1 mo & agin! WE got the SMOOTH and LOVELY Bahamadia straight out of Philly and though WE do not really hear her name anymore, know that she is not forgotten! I saw her do a show in Orlando FL inna tiny place but it was packed and she absolutely ROCKED that FUNKY JOINT! I do not need to talk a lot and so............get into a lil WORDPLAY! I CONFESS that my Sis has got it on the Jawn! Philly STAND UP and let US get into OUR TRUE HONEY BUN! 

The Raw Uncut Truth On Dr. Sebi's Death from his Best Friend

Image The Raw Uncut Truth On Dr. Sebi's Death from his Best Friend

The above dude is NOT the late and great Dr Sebi but he addresses all that in this 35 minute video. To hear the Master himself, why not check this interview that he did some years ago at

Ok y├íll out there.........I said in my 1st post that I would try and get to La Ceiba where USHA VILLAGE was to INVESTIGATE the untimely demise of the GREAT DOCTOR but was not able to bcuz of FAMILY FUCKERY. Those who know can refer to Operation Save Tito but for now, WE gonna talk just a little about some of you other TEACHERS out there. Idk who was advising Doc but 1 CANNOT carry more than $10K on ones person especially while travelling across borders. WE all need to be aware of CIVIL FORFEITURE LAWS and for those who do not kn…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK #21 NAS - God's Son

Image What Goes Around by Nas

Yes, the ALBUM that can make 1 CRY! This was the album that I used to really listen to when I was a MERCHANT SEAMAN thinking about my Mom. What I would do to DANCE with my Mama again.I know now that she watches from HEAVEN. The way these niKKKas GET DOWN..........look ya Dad is still a BITCH ASS niKKKa! I & others like Me are God's Son! MADE YOU LOOK at all of the RIGHTEOUSNESS that I speak of. I CAN because I AM MASTERMIND! Enjoy this Nas ALBUM because it carried Me thru some CRAZY TIMES. Peace.

OPERATION SAVE TITO UPDATE # 4 the Art of the DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Get DEALT with by Mobb Deep is OFFICIAL! I havenow been in Honduras for 6 months and still have not spoken with tN but I bet that he still has excuses as to why he will NOT meet with Me and for Me, it is because he knows that he will LOSE. I asked his BITCH ASS CRONIES for his LAWYERS info to no avail. These niKKKas would rather commit SUICIDE than admit DEFEAT but this is how things go when 1 deals with BITCH ASS niKKKas! In todays segment, instead of ranting and raving, what I will do is reach out to that COWARD named tN and now that you know that I know the LAW that says that you are NOT SOLE OWNER of the HOUSE, when are WE going to meet?! Before I do that though, a few choice words for you and those who SUPPORT YOUR BULLSHIT.

I want every WORD to CUT thru your VEINS til your HEART STOPS! I want every BREATH to bore a HOLE in your BRAIN! I want every THOUGHT to SUFFOCATE you as a BOA CONSTRICTOR would do you! With every BREATH I …

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 20 ATCQ - Midnight Marauders

Image  Find a Way by ATCQ

Let US take a BREAK from Operation Save Tito and get BLAK to LIFE with 1 of the BEST HIP HOP ALBUMS of ALL TIME by ATCQ. They all went on a WORLD TOUR for a little ELECTRIC RELAXTION. While out there they had LYRICS to GO! While listening to this, I am more than sure that you will CLAP your HANDS. I know that you cannot wait and so.............listen to these dudes from the Boulevard of Linden as they get into their 8 Million Stories. The NATIVE TONGUES LIVE so allow that to include Phife Dawg. Peace.


Operation Save Tito Update 3 - Move Bitch Get Out Da Way

In case you missed Update 2............

Yea niKKKa, it is like this..........your LADY came to see Me yesterday talking about DO NOT SEND ME TEXT MESSAGES bcuz my MAN got Me in YOUR HOUSE. You see you all are comical to Me because yall keep telling Me that tN is the OWNER of that HOUSE but HONDURANLAW says that when someone dies, that ANY PROPERTY left BEHIND is to be SHARED by the HEIRS meaning the SPOUSE & any CHILDREN of both PARENTS. As yall are of Honduran descent, I am more than sure that you already know this but.........if yall wanna claim IGNORANCE then check the Code of Families & Civil Article 25 & in case you did not get it, in Spanish, its called Codigo de Familia y Civil Articulo 25. I like to MOVE it by Real 2 Real

So to my little niKKKa, as I was saying when I EXPLAINED the LAW to your LADY, she looked at Me as if I was a LAWYER and then di…


tN giving INSTRUCTIONS to his MINIONS  Over like a Fat Rat by Fonda Rae

I am really trying to stop writing these articles but that fuKKKing tN is something else boy! tN came back from the u.s a few weeks ago to get Tito his SSI BENEFITS using his same niKKKas so that he can continually BYPASS his SONS and BROTHERS to maintain CONTROL of any MONEY Tito gets while still NEGLECTING him! While doing Operation Save Tito the series, I already told yall that tN is all about MONEY and SELF and when it comes to his OWN FAMILY...............fuKKK US and so now, I am officially declaring that I absolutely HATE him! He is not a good person and if you did not like what I just said, SUCK a bag of DICKS because you should be more concerned on what he is doing! Since my Mom has died, that niKKKa has done nothing but disrespectful shit but WE not here for that today. Just watch as I am really going to turn it up. This update is actually an official DECLARATIO…

Dr. Sebi- The Truth about AIDS, Black Leaders, and Healthy


As WE have LOST so many ICONIC MASTER TEACHERS just this year alone, instead of listening to someone giving a TRIBUTE, what I will do is let the MAN speak for himself. He was born as Alfredo Bowman in Ilanga Honduras on November 26th 1933 & passed on August 6th 2016 at the age of 82. This Dude is 1 of OUR GREATEST yo. Doctor Love by 1st Choice

As I am in Honduras now, I will look into HOW OUR MASTER TEACHER died. To those of you out there who know what I have been thru, if you could send Me $20, I would appreciate it so that I can get to his funeral as it is far away from where I am at. When I was there with him last year, my best memory was sitting with him in his room smoking that WEED he had &..............Man....…

CLASSIC ALBUM of the WEEK # 19 'Donny Hathaway: Greatest Hits Full Album -

Aint a little Donny Hathaway GREAT for the SOUL at times? Who remembers when Mr H got BACK TOGETHER AGAIN with his long time singing partner, Roberta Flack? Whats going on? Like too many who went before him, Mr H died of an apparent SUICIDE soon after James Mtume said that he came to him and said that atlantiKKK records was stealing his music with a MACHINE that could read his MIND! I addressed that in my classic book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA Die. 

The link for the book is at

So yea, WE GOTTA hit and hip you to the CLASSICS and in this 1, you get 2 hours of pure Donny Hathaway. To finish this off, WE leave you with his daughter Lala Hathaway and 1 of my FAVORITE SONGS EVER,

For now, enjoy the GREAT MUSIC and WE will be getting BLAK to US with the Kkkrime Family series ASAP. Thanks for checking into b2a and some day soon, WE will A…