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Making Herbal MASTER TONIC " how to Cure Anything "cold cure


What Whacky Weather We've been Havin!

You can't paint a pretty picture but you can't PREDICT the WEATHER - Outkast on Ms Jackson from Stankonia.

Hey to alla my b2a FAMILY & welcome BLAK to another article. As usual, things are crazy & you know I do crazy. As the sayin goes, the SANE man in an INSANE world is INSANE. I think that I'm INSANE! If you read me alla the time, you must be too. I must apologize for bein late as I try to post as much as possible & I'm late this week. Thanks for ya patience & I hope that those of you who read me religiously DONATE some money like I ask y'all to. WE take this site very SERIOUSLY & when I say that ANYBODY with an interest in BLAK RIGHTEOUSNESS who wants to submit an article here with US, HOLLA BLAK at my contact info that I put at the bottom of each post. Ok, what of my dude Dominique Strauss - Khan, the head man at the imf who wanted to see Third World Nations aka US, come up from POVERTY & told these nations how not to sign bad loans. Ev…

james brown,say it loud i'm black and i'm proud


Styles-P I'm Black Feat. Marsha Ambrosius Of Floetry


Umi Says - Mos Def - Black On Both Sides


Can U Change?

WE gettin WAY down in the count now eh? Where WE at, like 582 or somethin? And anyhoo, how y'all doin? What's goin on to alla my AFRIKAN wherever ya may be from peepo? Do y'all still love this site? Are WE providin you & yours with REAL answers? Are WE just researchin, typin & wastin OUR time here or are WE hard hittin? Yeah, a lot is goin on & ain't it always somethin? As I type this, it's rainin hella tigers & wolves with no end in sight. When it ain't rainin, it's HEAVILY OVERCAST. This has got to be the RAINIEST SEASON that I've EVER seen & where I'm from, the unofficial kickoff of summer starts in this merry month of may. THEM NIGGAS may be doin the chemtrail thing, hidin the 2 SUNS & ME knows what else. In the meantime, they HAARPIN out the whole mississippi valley & plannin to flood EVERYONE outta there to the tune of 72MILLION PEEPO. You must remember that the bottom of that river is where new orleans is located, …

So much 2 Say

Greetins to alla my PEEPO! How y'all doin? What y'all up to? Do y'all still luv me? Y'all do know that this site is TOTALLY INTERACTIVE & that I will be soon hittin y'all off with video blogs of me talkin right? Y'all do know that ain't SHIT happen on May 11th in regards to those SOLAR FLARES that I spoke of so much right? Once again, I was WRONG! Now I hear that the day of world reckonin may be May 21st 2011. I'm lookin for anyone out there who needs an OUTLET, to get at me here OR on FaceBook & submit what ya have. I don't even have to like it but it must 1. MAKE a POINT & 2. be WELL WRITTEN. Those of you who read this blog onna regular basis who think that I'm playin around just typin, need to think about alternatives. I say that bcuz most of y'all know by now that this system is on it's last legs & for whatever reason, TOO MANY PEEPO are DYING NEEDLESSLY it's PATHETIC! By writin this blog, I come in contact with s…

Public Enemy-Rebel Without A Pause


INSIDE SECRETS OF THE WHITE MAN- How to rule the world


2 many dyin 2 YOUNG - a MESSAGE 2 my FAM! Part II

What up my good & hood folk? This is the Blak Smith comin BLAK attcha again with the HEAT! Things are crazy yo! Where my Haitian Peepo at? What y'all up to? Where alla my Afrikans at? Is Africom still comin on bcuz I haven't heard anything about that lately. Have y'all? Man things are crazy......what's on deck? Can y'all feel it comin soon? That change is in the air. I was down a few days ago but a GREAT FRIEND was like WE can make the winds of CHANGE happen by channeling OUR energy in the proper direction. Look at my main dude, RASHARD MENDENHALL speakin it in regards to DOUBTIN what happened in pakistan last week & askin peepo why THEY are celebratin DEATH. Doesn't the us consider itself a country of LAW? His endorsement deal witta company that I won't call by name has been rescinded & WE should ALL NEVER EVER buy THEIR product again. BIG him up at every instance & why would you DUMP the most wanted person in the world in the ocean citin i…

Ras Iba - No Apology


Bob Marley - War / No more Trouble! - with lyrics


2 many dyin 2 YOUNG - a MESSAGE 2 my FAM!

Man.....wait! I need to give US a big hug first bcuz just in the last few DAYS, SHIT GOT REALLY HAYWIRE! osama is now SUPPOSEDLY DEAD & WE supposed to BELIEVE that his body has been dumped? WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRR??? barry supposedly SHOWED an obviously FAKED birth certificate & too many BLAK PEEPO have yet to see the OBAMA DECEPTION though it's been around for a minute. Check it here at As the link is 2 hours, get into it when you have plenty of time. Some SUPPOSED royals got married & that's as much as I'm going to say about that! One that slipped in under the radar was pope john paul II will soon be a SAINT according to the catholiKKK church. I read YEARS AGO in Behold a Pale Horse, a book written by William Cooper, that this man was a NERVE GAS salesman for hitler & being that these links I provide here are SHORT & SWEET, I will let Y'ALL decide for yourselves. That link is here at: http://www.conspiracypla…