Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Whacky Weather We've been Havin!

 You can't paint a pretty picture but you can't PREDICT the WEATHER - Outkast on Ms Jackson from Stankonia.

Hey to alla my b2a FAMILY & welcome BLAK to another article. As usual, things are crazy & you know I do crazy. As the sayin goes, the SANE man in an INSANE world is INSANE. I think that I'm INSANE! If you read me alla the time, you must be too. I must apologize for bein late as I try to post as much as possible & I'm late this week. Thanks for ya patience & I hope that those of you who read me religiously DONATE some money like I ask y'all to. WE take this site very SERIOUSLY & when I say that ANYBODY with an interest in BLAK RIGHTEOUSNESS who wants to submit an article here with US, HOLLA BLAK at my contact info that I put at the bottom of each post. Ok, what of my dude Dominique Strauss - Khan, the head man at the imf who wanted to see Third World Nations aka US, come up from POVERTY & told these nations how not to sign bad loans. Every other day now, they twistin this story into somethin else & now THEY are sayin that he is tryin to bribe the FAMILY. The ny post even had the accuser's FAMILY on the front page to elicit sympathy from those of you too STUPID to believe that this is true. Check the link here at As in the wikileaks case, when julian assange was brought in for justice, he was also accused of a rape charges so that these nwo NIGGAS could just continually keep US on Operation DISTRACT NIGGAS & just bcuz THEY put an AFRIKAN WOMAN on this, alot of US wanna believe this SHIT! Believe what ya wanna but you can find the link at Morse Donaldsons FB page, about a NUCLEAR FACILITY  destroyed by the superior WEAPONRY of the Pleidians aka Blak Peepo from Outta Space aka US! I just watched my favorite will smith move again entitled, enemy of the state & WE all need to stay VIGILANT. As I said before, THEY ain't got SHIT on US.........fuKKK maria shriver & the governator! Distraction after distraction all comin ya way just like osama been DEAD & sotero havin a code name, smart alec. isNOTreal & the us is bitchin about him sayin that THEY should respect the lines drawn in 1967 when all it is, is a hegelian dialectic thing all over again. Stay up & do you as these next 575 go by. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS & always remember, THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WEARY!  Let's go OUT on the weather now & see what it do.

This WEATHER has been quite WHACKY lately! I don't know where you are but here in the northeast, this past may has looked like late march or early april. This means cloudy days, cool winds, rainy days & wearin heavy clothes. In all of my days, I have never remembered such a may & when it isn't rainin, it's overcast, makin it hard to know what time it is when ya wake in the mornin. I'm still usin a space heater & I don't ever remeber usin that at this late stage of the game. In my last article, I told y'all that may usually is the official - unofficial summer jump off month & damn, WE ain't have enough beautiful days to enjoy. I must admit though, the last 2 days were very nice tho cloud formations eventually formed. With all that WE goin thru, WE need to see the SUN as my peepo are TIRED & the SUN contrary to popular belief, is an ENERGIZER. You think it ain't bcuz you got used to air conditionin & fans aka white convenience devices that enabled 'em to live in enviorment's that THEY could have never lived in before. All of the FREON & COOLANT stuff is killin OUR MELANIN just like those florescent lights y'all so luv but you don't hear me though. They hidin the SUN from US & WE need it for.............the PINEAL GLAND to be activated to give US INNER VISIONS like Stevie Wonder when he made his BEST MUSIC! That gland holds the keys to who WE are & it is activated by the SUN as WE rise up in the DIMENSIONS. If WE can't get it, WE won't RISE up as high as the KraKKa knows that he is surrounded by the Pleidians & that his TIME IS UP! You also get vitamin D & don't believe that this pasteurized (processed) milk is the only source of this essential vitamin. You can check for that info. WE need that sun to grow vegetation. OUR MELANIN is like CHLOROPHYLL & the abundant vegetation that grows all is set off by  the SUN, OUR FATHER, who art in HEAVEN. As WE know it, no SUN, no LIFE but wait.......that SUN is gonna kill these KraKKa's & more on that later. Get out there & get in that SUN as he is OUR FRIEND. He gave you that BEAUTIFUL Chocolate Skin WE luv so much! Well at least, some of US like me.
Rain! Clouds! Overcast skies! Tsunamis! Hurricanes! Earthquakes! Sinkholes! How about those volcanoes eruptin again in iceland? How about these tornadoes in the ameriKKKan mid-west? This weather is whacky yo! The reason why is bcuz the EARTH is a body & if ya read this blog religiously, you know that I always say that the BLAK MAN is GOD aka the CREATOR & our bodies contain every element known to the Un I Verse. Ya body suffers as a result  as it mimics the earth & it will soon stop. YOU came from the EARTH! I have also said that this constant rain makes 1 lethargic & ya don't wanna do anything as ya body responds to the cycle of the SUN & by may, it should be HOT most of the time. That same SUN is gonna FRY these Krakka's as they RECESSIVE aka WEAK skin cannot keep out the UV rays that literally cooks 'em! Now how UNNATURAL is that? OUR ANCESTORS live accordin to the day/nite life cycle & all of this FALSE LIGHT aka LUCIFER is killin US! The moon only lights the night bcuz of the SUN aka the orange moon reflectin light like Erykah Badu says. THEY playin that HAARP & even the Japanese had to pay a whole lotta money to not get HAARPED again by the us & I leave it to you to believe...or NOT! For that info, check this link out at I've also been tellin y'all about GEOPOLITICS & that the us is tryin to police the world & are responsible for pretty much......100% of all the WARS goin on in the world. If it ain't oil, it's drugs or natural RESOURCES. As well, the Japanese were about to put out a car that ran on WATER & WE can NEVER underestimate what that would do to the big oil interests. All of the worlds peepos who know they history know that the BLAK FAMILY is GODLY & therefor GOD & like US, waitin for that clock to tick & THEY ain't gonna have no mercy on 'em either. They doin this SHIT & ya have to read these articles slowly & absorb what is bein said here. LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT WILL SOON CEASE TO EXIST & dependin on who you are, this type of statement will excite or scare you, just like the weather. Do you know that the bp spill has changed the WEATHER PATTERNS of the world? The chilean earthquake sped up time! Why don't ya hear about it anymore? More tornadoes hit joplin missouri directly & pretty much destroyed it. Them rulin KraKKa's don't give a care about them HILLBILLIES either! The more that THEY try to use them nukes, the more them Blaks from the Galactic Federation is gonna fukkk 'em up & so.......have FAITH in you! Keep ya spirit & mind up so that ASS can follow.

Who is the WEATHER? You are the WEATHER! Not just you but EVERY LIVIN THING is such as the animals, from the biggest whale to the tiniest plankton that they eat tons of every day! That upheaval that WE must go thru can be likened to LAVA spewin from a volcano. Don't you erupt when you bust that nut? Or when ya hungover from drinkin too much vodka like I used to do & THROW UP all over the place? Or when someone insults you & you unleash a bunch of HOT AIR or what WE know as AIRIN A NIGGA OUT? WE gotta talk like them streets do so get off that bull yo! Be a SAND STORM takin human form & read my MESSAGE like you read them skies before you go onna long walk. Eat your foods when they are in SEASON! The foods eaten in the proper time frame have frequencies that speak to ya vibe & psyche. When eaten outta the right season, it's like callin a wrong number. ALL BLAK PEEPO should be livin in the TROPICS but we have acidation oxidation which enables US to live ANYWHERE! A lot of US ain't gonna be in the wilds of ameriKKKa til our dyin days & the northern cities ae losin populations as PEEPO wanna be communal all year as BLAK PEEPO are. They are also hidin these SOFT METALS with these weather patterns via CHEMTRAILS. Don't think that bcuz ya don't see 'em that THEY ain't there. This weather is whacky & so are WE! Ya supposed to be that.

Alrite y'all, WE have given Y'ALL just some of the symptoms of what whacky weather can do. WE want y'all to know that all you need to do thru out this is remain BEAUTIFUL, PRO ACTIVE & BLAK! The KraKKa is shook & is on his last leg so he has to lie & say shit like Blak Women are not as ATTRACTIVE as Blak Men & that the worth of OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN is $5! WTF? As the propaganda machine ramps up, be CAUTIOUS as the are VERY DANGEROUS bcuz THEY know THEY time is up. He gonna tell you that the WORLD is over & not say that HIS world is over. He's gonna FLOOD the ms valley but WE been thru worse. He's gonna try & control the FOOD SUPPLY but WE always find OUR WAY to survive. WE are actually exhaustin him bcuz bein outta a job never hurt nobody & WE all eventually find OUR WAY. Not workin (at times) like prison can actually work to PRESERVE some of US. Their backs are up against the wall & THEY are shittin bricks. Ya can't get tired now bcuz TIRED PEEPO GIVE UP & I gotta party with ya at the Cosmic Party. Do somethin constructive. Already, Too many have DIED too YOUNG & I sent y'all a MESSAGE that was dead on serious as well as necessary. Get yo ASS UP & help me fight this BEAST however you know how bcuz he ain't goin lightly BUT TRUST, he will go! WE now at 575 days & if ya hear me, HOLLA BLAK! What Whacky Weather We've been Havin wants you to WEATHER the STORM that WE have been experiencin for over 2000 SEASONS! Peace.

The Blak Smith just went in PRETTY HARD! The harder WE go, the HARDER WE need y'all to come with those DONATIONS! WE still comin but it's hard out here onna Blak Man! A $5 DONATION is the least that WE accept & $20 or more, gets you my new book entitled I ain't perfect but Take it from Me. You know the drill & those SIRIUS should contact US at OR on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thank y'all & if ya think WE worth OUR weight in gold, spread the word to friends & fam alike! Peace.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can U Change?

WE gettin WAY down in the count now eh? Where WE at, like 582 or somethin? And anyhoo, how y'all doin? What's goin on to alla my AFRIKAN wherever ya may be from peepo? Do y'all still love this site? Are WE providin you & yours with REAL answers? Are WE just researchin, typin & wastin OUR time here or are WE hard hittin? Yeah, a lot is goin on & ain't it always somethin? As I type this, it's rainin hella tigers & wolves with no end in sight. When it ain't rainin, it's HEAVILY OVERCAST. This has got to be the RAINIEST SEASON that I've EVER seen & where I'm from, the unofficial kickoff of summer starts in this merry month of may. THEM NIGGAS may be doin the chemtrail thing, hidin the 2 SUNS & ME knows what else. In the meantime, they HAARPIN out the whole mississippi valley & plannin to flood EVERYONE outta there to the tune of 72MILLION PEEPO. You must remember that the bottom of that river is where new orleans is located, conveniently downstream from the bp oil spill & fema(katrina). Connect these dots NIGGA & stop thinkin that the place is CURSED bcuz of VOODOO practices. That area is MILITARILY STRATEGIC & if THEY choke there, EVERYONE in this country is locked down as the coast guard protects the waterways while THEY simultaneously make you come to them, as that area is the HEARTLAND where most u.s food comes from. The other aspect was that 70% of all FISH caught & eaten in this country was from the gulf of mexico & so THEY got almost TOTAL CONTROL of the food supply now. Check that S.510 law to see the rest. THEY WON'T BE SUCCESSFUL though so pushin along..........That imf dude seems to have got caught BUT..............check this link out & see what you would say about it now at I've been speakin with a lot of peepo lately who have told me that they are TIRED & when I say TIRED, they are not talkin about bein sleepy or needin relaxation. As time speeds up & more of US are enlightened, the upheaval in YOU INCREASES & that itself, manifests in CONFUSION bcuz these feelins are new. Whether ya  know it or not, ya body is risin in DIMENSIONS & if ya don't know what it is that you are feelin, ya can't explain it. Many will be called but the chosen will be few! If ya feelin that way, ya gotta HANG ON! Now some are sayin that may 21st is supposed to be the end day. Maybe that's the day the levies get NUKED & the country spits in half as predicted by Noble Drew Ali LONG AGO! edgar cayce did as well & it would serve y'all well to look these dudes up. Can you change? Well them laws of the police bein able to come into ya home without a warrant inna KraKKa ass state like indiana & ya CAN'T RESIST can! Oh man, the INHUMANITY! THEY not even tryin to hide anything & so again I ask, can you change? Let's find out if ya can.

Can you change? Do you know why you should change? Do ya think that you can change? Why would ya change? Why wouldn't you? Are you able to detect why ya might need to change before you are forced to? Given a choice, can you adjust to a change that would benefit you? Can you compartmentalize change? Is change comfortin or foreign to ya psyche? Do you like change in others? Do you know how to change? Do you real-eyes that persuadin others to ya version of events is changin others? Are religious peepo changed peepo? Do you change accordin to your settins? What would motivate you to change? What percentage of peepo do you think are REALLY ready for change? Have you ever changed someone? Would you like to change & if so, why would you? Is a mutation a changed bein? Would you acept change in a cup? Is change strange? What makes a change bad or good? If a rapper was a drug dealin thug & turned into someone who just rapped about it while sellin PRODUCT for the MAN & made lots of money doin so, would that be change? If a hustler turned preacher HUSTLED peepo the same way he hustled, would that be change? Did sotero give you the change that some of y'all are still lookin for? If you can't change the peepo around you would you change the peepo around you? Do you even know what change is? Do you need to change what your idea of change is? Would you agree that those who bcome GREAT are the ones who most want change? Is REVOLUTION change? Is stagnation the inverse of such change? Is it true that the more things change, the more they stay the same? Do you know how to change a tire? Is a change of mind temporary or permanent? Is it only a WOMAN'S PREROGATIVE to change her mind? Have you ever changed for somebodies love? Is change the only thing that's inevitable? When am I gonna change my......................................underwear? When WE get to know others closely, do WE change or do WE know each other better? Is ya DIET & SEX habits the 2 HARDEST things to change? How do you feel when someone says that you need to change? Do you think that Racist White White Supremacy changed after THEY allowed you to be a 14th amendment & a good NIGGA? When ya job changes supervisors, how long does it take for you to feel comfortable again? How far will you go to make change? Change is comin............can you change? Peace.

Y'all know what time it is! The Blak Smith seeks CHANGE & ain't ashamed to take it from you & yours in the form of DONATIONS. We accept as little as $5 & goin up to $20 & above gets ya my e-book entitled, I ain't perfect but take it from Me. Hey, you can even buy that Postal Money Order with alla that CHANGE sittin in ya car seats.....WE DON'T CARE! When ya HOLLA BLAK, hit me at for forwardin info or at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on FB. I hope from this point on that any CHANGE you make is GOOD! Peace.

Friday, May 13, 2011

So much 2 Say

Greetins to alla my PEEPO! How y'all doin? What y'all up to? Do y'all still luv me? Y'all do know that this site is TOTALLY INTERACTIVE & that I will be soon hittin y'all off with video blogs of me talkin right? Y'all do know that ain't SHIT happen on May 11th in regards to those SOLAR FLARES that I spoke of so much right? Once again, I was WRONG! Now I hear that the day of world reckonin may be May 21st 2011. I'm lookin for anyone out there who needs an OUTLET, to get at me here OR on FaceBook & submit what ya have. I don't even have to like it but it must 1. MAKE a POINT & 2. be WELL WRITTEN. Those of you who read this blog onna regular basis who think that I'm playin around just typin, need to think about alternatives. I say that bcuz most of y'all know by now that this system is on it's last legs & for whatever reason, TOO MANY PEEPO are DYING NEEDLESSLY it's PATHETIC! By writin this blog, I come in contact with so many peepo & can refer Y'ALL to NATURAL HEALERS who can CURE you of what you have! If I write these articles & Y'ALL read 'em & go on & live ya lives as if this is just a big joke, I've FAILED & blame Y'ALL for allowin me to BORE you with useless drivel! Ayo, them NIGGAS call US USELESS EATERS as the infrastructure of this country is OVERDEVELOPED! THEY don't need US as we are EXPENDABLE! Are ya?

Now that I have your attention, what are ya gonna do? The same old SHIT? Eat pork, smoke cigarettes & drink a gallon of high end liquor again? Are ya gonna do what's easy or hard? Are you gonna ask yaself the hard questions OR allow yaself to get DISTRACTED again after ya have that talk with SELF? Are you gonna go to the DOCTOR/LAWYER/POLITICIAN & believe that THEY have your best interests while I provide y'all with the RAW UNADULTERATED PURE TRUTH that you hate to face bcuz it makes ya FEEL a certain way? In my opinion, that way is the TRUTH & that's all I'm after. You do know the TRUTH right? That TRUTH when you go onna job interview. Yeah, yeah......that TRUTH that you tell to the police after they stop you for speedin & you have lots of UNPAID tickets. That TRUTH! Yeah that TRUTH when you just KNOW that someones LYING to you but ya can't PROVE it. This is the level of TRUTH that I'm lookin for & I aim to give it to Y'ALL but most of US don't want it. I'll tell ya why.

As I stated previously in 2 many dyin 2 YOUNG, most of US got the world TWISTED! WE oversimplify simplicity & make the complex, more complex. WE question each other about CREDENTIALS as if peepo like myself & others have a stake in LYING to you. If I tell some of y'all that diabetes sufferers lack MANGANESE in your diets, YOU WON'T EVEN CHECK IT OUT! If I tell y'all to stop takin MEDICATION for high blood pressure & TRY & change ya MENTAL DISPOSITION, you go off the handle. If I tell y'all to reduce ya alcohol consumption, you THINK that ya can't do it. If I warn y'all about heavy red meat consumption, you would say that you don't eat much of it & hide when you see me comin around the bend. You see, you are not goin to get this info from the doctors in the hospitals bcuz if THEY don't keep you inna revolvin door cycle, how are they gonna eat? They need you comin BLAK all of the time & simply, cover ya symptoms. Fibroids are a WARNING that you are inna TOXIC STATE! Quite simply, it is an overload of ESTROGEN & if you over consume SOY, watch out! Autopsies have been done on Blak Women & after removin they SCALPS, a substantial amount of OUTSIDE RESIDUE from YEARS of BYPRODUCTS have worn out the organs & left too many DEAD! Connect ya INGESTION with ya HEALTH & you CAN make the CHANGES you need to stay HEALTHY!

Mia Amber Davis, an actress, model & personality died just days ago in LA. Though I don't know how old she was at death, she was again, MUCH TOO YOUNG to go at such a young age. Mo'nique, (even tho I don't like her), used to tell Blak Women to revel in bein HEAVY but after havin children, saw the error in that & is now on some, be HEALTHY stuff. This is NOT about how you should LOOK or how you should impress others. WE need to be fit in MIND, BODY & SOUL so as to MAXIMIZE all of our POTENTIAL! I also ain't talkin about bein a muscle bound freak with tendons poopin outta ya neck. Female BODY BUILDERS turn most men off as women are supposed to be TONED & not muscular. As time goes on, at the rate WE goin at, time is speedin & so are the amount of deaths. In the grand scheme of things, where you at?

I don't profess to be a doctor or any health care pro! All I am is simply a dude that cares about his PEEPO & wishes to see MOST of US win bcuz WE been collectively gettin our ASSES handed to US for much too long now. Wouldn't it be a SHAME to get to the PROMISED LAND inna wheelchair? Inna coma?Inna cell that's gotta code that WE can't find to get ya out? On prozac, ritalin, coke or dope? Yo, if ya gotta ailment or issue, I'm here providin info for FREE & y'all makin me think that I need to start chargin y'all so that y'all can appreciate what I got on deck! Is that what I gotta do? I can do that yo! Or you can contact me if ya SIRIUS & I can REFER you to someone but ya must be SIRIUS as HEALIN izza very SIRIUS THING! Get on board & let's do these last 588 days the right way yo! Who's with me? My contact info is below. Peace & HOLLA BLAK!

Yeah, y'all know that I'm tryin to put out my book, I ain't Perfect but Take it from Me. Y'all also know that WE here at b2a accept DONATIONS without twistin arms. We take 'em with the least amount being $5 & anything over $20 gets my book. Y'all can get at me at or on Facebook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) for any serious inquiries. Thanks for ya time & holla at ya soon. Peace.

Public Enemy-Rebel Without A Pause

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 many dyin 2 YOUNG - a MESSAGE 2 my FAM! Part II

What up my good & hood folk? This is the Blak Smith comin BLAK attcha again with the HEAT! Things are crazy yo! Where my Haitian Peepo at? What y'all up to? Where alla my Afrikans at? Is Africom still comin on bcuz I haven't heard anything about that lately. Have y'all? Man things are crazy......what's on deck? Can y'all feel it comin soon? That change is in the air. I was down a few days ago but a GREAT FRIEND was like WE can make the winds of CHANGE happen by channeling OUR energy in the proper direction. Look at my main dude, RASHARD MENDENHALL speakin it in regards to DOUBTIN what happened in pakistan last week & askin peepo why THEY are celebratin DEATH. Doesn't the us consider itself a country of LAW? His endorsement deal witta company that I won't call by name has been rescinded & WE should ALL NEVER EVER buy THEIR product again. BIG him up at every instance & why would you DUMP the most wanted person in the world in the ocean citin islamic law? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? This stupidity came on the heels of the BIRTHER fiasco, wherein that certificate of LIVE BIRTH was easily proven to be FRAUDULENT! Sotero has gone WILD! Too many of Y'ALL gonna know the flavor of the KOOL AID soon! All of these events, especially the tsunami in japan, are the DISTRACTIONS that he needs to jumpstart this NWO SHIT that some of y'all don't wanna own up to. I put in a earlier post soon after the tsunami, that it may have happened bcuz them japanese was gonna announce that they had made a CAR that ran on WATER which would have KILLED BIG OIL in it's last days! THEY not havin that SHIT YO! Look at how the mississippi river is backin up into the other tributaries on the madrid fault lines where it's been rainin cats & dogs for 40 days & 40 nites. That izza HAARP operation to DISTRACT y'all so that when an earthquake happens, this BITCH is gonna be SHUT DOWN! Y'all look out for this SHIT ANY DAY now & on top of that, the ECONOMY will go as well. Who's gonna work when that Paper In Your Pocket ain't worth what it's printed on? Note how Lybia & the economy are little spoken of since sotero went full on OPERATION DISTRACT AMERIKKKA! I love y'all that think that I be makin this SHIT up & for y'all, check this link at: As of late, for some reason, these links are not gettin you directly in & if not, copy & paste this into your browser as it is HARD HITTIN! Y'all know that I gotta Final Countdown & there are 590 days left until you know what BUT with me thinkin that May 11th MAY be the date where all HEAVEN breaks loose, watch yaself! It may be only 3 days left. Y'all stay up & keep readin bcuz if NOTHIN happens, it will SOON. Determine yourself to stay alive as the Pleiadians have heard US & won't let much happen. There will be NO NUKES goin off as THEY have said that THEY won't let that happen again. Be vigilant & ever careful bcuz the days of the DEVIL are soon over. Let's take care of these BABIES now.

Too many of US is dyin too YOUNG! Why is that? I can tell US why; bcuz WE were born into an UNNATURAL ORDER & know almost nothin of how things used to be. Let me start from the beginnin for alla you HATERS! Most BLAKS in this country USED to be PRISONERS/SLAVES. Like Kunta Kinte, WE had to adapt to that peculiar institution or PERISH. As the KraKKa is RELENTLESS, he forced US to adapt to his ways & here we are.

During wwII, the us needed workers. As the 2 world wars were BRUTAL & millions of lives were lost, something had to be done. KraKKa biatches were called in to work at the factories that made war toys & the accesory equipment. As heavy liftin was also required, who better than former PRISONERS/SLAVES, that Big Blak Buck? He could be overworked, abused & underpaid. order to get the white woman to work, something had to be done. Baby food aka MILK had to be fed to children who weren't able to feed from a non-existent mother. The government then thought, "why not provide these children cows milk?" Incentive programs were then devised & voila; women could work & have a DAYCARE SYSTEM raise & FEED the children. This is the start of the SYSTEM havin a say in how you raise 'em as WIC & similar programs came to be. Make it up as it goes along. It's that simple!

Again, MILK is BABY FOOD & not a BEVERAGE! Babies who suffer colic are gettin COW HORMONES! A child that BREAST FEEDS is IMMUNE to any disease that the mother already has as only the mothers DNA has the perfect code suited for that child. Then WE are supposed to be WEANED after 2 years! Most of these babies are drinkin FORMULA so THINK about this word! What's in it?
We've been livin in a WHITE MAN'S country for too long & y'all bought into this system that like Stewie & Lois, wants to KILL US! Next come the VACCINATIONS that contain mercury which izza BIG REASON why most of OUR CHILDREN get AUTISM. These doctors are fuckin US up but y'all don't reach out to me to find the real & I'm a VERY SERIOUS DUDE who CARES about y'all! How did WE use to HEAL when WE were Afrikans? I have PERSONAL STORIES with autism & know that  mercury is for the most part, the problem. These babies are gettin shot after shot of unnecessary vaccines at YOUNGER & YOUNGER ages! bill fuKKKin gates is payin for this & I've written about that extensively before. Go here: When our children fall sick, WE continue takin them to the very source of their sickness, the DOCTOR! Damn!

Next up is RELIGION. If YOU believe some WHITE DUDE from 2000 years ago is gonna reappear & save you, you would believe ANYTHING! You call yourself a WHATEVER & believe in NONSENSE & if you get mad, IT'S MY BLOG & I SAY WHAT I WANT! That NIGGA ain't COMIN unless he havin SEX! Too many of US is still BELIEVIN in FANTASY & allowin that to be the very foundations of OUR beliefs. The cure to healin thyself is knowin thyself! I keep hearin about my peepo with CANCER & most of Y'ALL is goin to CHEMO & takin these overly TOXIC DRUGS that's killin you! I already told y'all that y'all need to start juicin & bcuz it's so simple, you won't even try it. Y'all think that a trip to the doctor is supposed to be complicated explanations & medical terminologies but that was designed to confuse you as the so called elite put that system in place to make it DIFFICULT for anyone to OVERSTAND while also makin it EXPENSIVE. Who wouldn't give up the keys to the kingdom for a few more years even if they are painful years? Most of y'all THINK that after 65 years of age that life stops but have you ever seen a healthy 85 year old? Some of them will hurt you with they HANDS yo! If you take care of yourself, barring an accident, you shouldn't have any CHRONIC ILLNESSES until after age 70! When I think of eldership, I think of those who still DRIVE, DANCE & PARTY! Some of them even SMOKE WEED everyday! Again, a lot is in your attitude! Get your mind right!

So you see, it's really kinda simple. These NIGGAS know that THEY time is UP & wanna make you believe that THEY got it ALL under control but these LATEST FIASCOS show you how really STUPID they are. They can spy on you, set you up, break your financial status & all, but THEY can't stop the WHIRLWIND with peepo like Marcus Garvey in it! As the Final Countdown continues, WE go HARDER, BOLDER & with much more FERVOR! The DEVIL izza LIAR & can no longer manipulate as HE created the means for US to know his every move as well so don't fret. To be pretty honest with you, most of US are killin OURSELVES prematurely thru DIET alone. HAARP & his war machine will kill VERY FEW in comparison. FAM, you will be FORCED to change ya diet once this is over as WE take it BLAK to the EARTH! Some of y'all ain't gonna like it but the choices are misery or death? 6 Million ways to die - choose 1! I'm tryin to stop this SHIT bcuz too many dyin too YOUNG! Y'all my FAM & so I had to leave y'all this MESSAGE! HEALTHY BLAKS should HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

The Blak Smith loves y'all as he loves hisself. He's also ASKIN that y'all assist in his endeavors as he wishes to release his book, I ain't perfect but take it from Me & keep this site going. We at this site ask for a minimum donation of $5 & donations of $20 or more, gets you the book. WE are also available for speakin engagements, advice giving & research projects. For those serious, holla at OR on FaceBook at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WE luv y'all & if you die, I'm gonna kill y'all so no dyin...........too YOUNG!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ras Iba - No Apology

Bob Marley - War / No more Trouble! - with lyrics

2 many dyin 2 YOUNG - a MESSAGE 2 my FAM!

Man.....wait! I need to give US a big hug first bcuz just in the last few DAYS, SHIT GOT REALLY HAYWIRE! osama is now SUPPOSEDLY DEAD & WE supposed to BELIEVE that his body has been dumped? WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRR??? barry supposedly SHOWED an obviously FAKED birth certificate & too many BLAK PEEPO have yet to see the OBAMA DECEPTION though it's been around for a minute. Check it here at As the link is 2 hours, get into it when you have plenty of time. Some SUPPOSED royals got married & that's as much as I'm going to say about that! One that slipped in under the radar was pope john paul II will soon be a SAINT according to the catholiKKK church. I read YEARS AGO in Behold a Pale Horse, a book written by William Cooper, that this man was a NERVE GAS salesman for hitler & being that these links I provide here are SHORT & SWEET, I will let Y'ALL decide for yourselves. That link is here at: In other news, Ghadaffi's family suffered more casualties as one of his sons & 3 of his grandchildren were hit in an airstrike by nato forces. Haters of the colonel are saying that he is faking for sympathy but time will tell.

So tell me; what are you feeling? There are still lots of US who don't believe that a nwo agenda is COUNTING DOWN the days as I am. WE still are going to have to live past May 11th which is now only 7 days away! TIMING is EVERYTHING & don't think that all of these recent developments are seperated. THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS CEASING TO EXIST IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES & if you can't see it by now, you are HOPELESS. Go ahead & talk about some SPOOK GOD or some mystical figure who died long ago. Born to live, live to die is my motto & WE got 594 days or WAY LESS left! Some of y'all think that that blip on your computer screen that converts to paper in your pocket is going to save you BUT what will you do when the blip doesn't come up? You have to SURVIVE & this is how WE get into the mix of things. I went to ANOTHER funeral on saturday & my cousin was only 43 years old. Upon opening my email just yesterday, I saw that another dear friend of mine had died in Ghana & though I didn't know her age, she too was much too young to die. Let's get into all of this NOW & I'm going to try HARD AS HELL to tug on your heart strings. Sadly, the last 5 or 6 persons that I've known who have died recently, have all been WOMEN! I need y'all with me & I AIN'T PLAYING! Let's go in!

First of all, shout out to all of my GARIFUNA PEEPO! I wanna shout out the Arzus, the Bernandez, the Caballeros, the Calizes, the Cayetanos, the Fernandezes, the Garcias, the Guity's, the Hills, the Johnsons, the Lamberts, the Martinez, the Norales, the Ramoses, the Reyes, the Sambulas, the Thomases, the Vasqueses, the Velasqueses & the Zunigas. If I didn't put ya FAMILY NAME in here, please forgive me. I love my FAM unequivocally & I have to let you all know that before anymore of y'all even get sick. Being that Garifuna peepo are spread so wide all over Central AmeriKKKa & the 50 states, I have to do this here on the blog where most of y'all can see it without US all gathered in one place. Too many in my FAM didn't want to hear what I had to say when I started sayin that "I AM AFRIKAN" with no hyphen & because this subject matter is going to be very serious, I will write properly so that all of you who won't understand me if I write how I speak, can now understand all. I'm getting tired of going to funerals for peepo who are too young & full of life dying NEEDLESSLY. WE need our HEALTH & it's up to US to protect OURSELVES from premature death! Thanks for reading this far.

Okay, are WE ready? Here I go: I want to talk about PREVENTION! This is prevention of HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, DIABETES & CANCER. They are all PREVENTABLE in that DISEASE is an ACCUMULATION of all the TOXINS that we take in that don't get CLEARED OUT because most of US don't know how to. Prevention because if you prevent OBESITY, you have half of your job, DONE! Being overweight means being UNHEALTHY. When one is overweight, it's easy to develop HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE as the HEART needs to pump so much blood to all of your cells. An overweight person has low energy from eating poisoned animals, chemicals & food with additives, especially in the usa. This means that your blood has little oxygen & you may feel tired a lot of the time. You can change that by JUICE FASTING like one of my aunts who had three strokes back in the day & is still to this day, going strong. She juices & is still smiling & I love her so much! Juice Fasting places oxygen back in the blood which gives ENERGY which puts AIR into the lungs which makes you want to EXCERCISE! MOVEMENT is LIFE which makes one ACTIVE & HEALTHY!

I could write about this all day but I don't want to bore you or make you think that all of this is difficult when it isn't. What has to CHANGE is the way you think about FOOD in connection with your HEALTH. Suppose you fall ill with the flu? Soon after, an emergency occurs & you are 75 pounds overweight. You have a stroke but an earthquake or hurricane hits your area & you have to move now or perish. Don't say it can't happen y'all. Do y'all remember 911 or katrina? If you do make it through that situation, will you be better off? Who will take care of you? How about your young children? This is the part of PREVENTION that I'm talking about. If you are overweight, you need to find a way to lose the  weight. If you aren't, you need to maintain a healthy weight & excercise for a half an hour at least 4 times a week. You need to CIRCULATE your blood. You need to think! You need to move!

When I say excercise, I know that alot of you are going to ask, what should I do? As the economy is bad & money is scarce, if you can afford to, get a gym membership. If not, I recommend things that 1 can do at home such as yoga or tai chi. These 2 excercises circulate the blood & anyone can do it as the beginners courses usually consist of stretches that involve little movement. I used to think that it was crazy to stretch but after doing it for a little while back in the day, I was surprised to be SWEATING after a 20 minute workout. If you really love it, it can get very involved but can take years to master. If you are a SWIMMER, that is also great in that swimming involves all of your muscles with WATER being the resistance. WALKING is also GREAT to do, especially after a big meal. WALK at a rate that makes you SWEAT as sweat is a way most of US need to release certain toxins. There are peepo who don't like to sweat. You shouldn't be eating anything big after 7 PM anyway. Do something!

It's all about KNOWLEDGE y'all. Anybody who is serious will find a way to PREVENT serious sickness by doing their own RESEARCH if you want to remain here healthy. You are going to need to be healthy to get thru whatever is about to come! Too many of us are doing good things but either work or live in a toxic enviorment. Your THOUGHTS can be toxic & EVERYTHING that is bad for you suppresses your immune system. Every disease known to man is in us & a LOWERED IMMUNE SYSTEM along with your thoughts can serve as a knock out blow to KILL YOU if you are not careful. In other words, if your health is pretty good, you can fight off most illnesses but depress your immune system and a common cold can turn into a trip to the HOSPITAL. If you ever noticed, most PEEPO fall ill after a major negative event in their life. I don't want to see ANY of you in hospitals, clinics, labs or anything like that! Look at the pharmaceutical companies & how THEY advertise on television. If you listen to the explanations of the side effects, some of what these medicines actually do can make you SICKER than before taking them. These HOSPITALS don't cure you, they make you a CUSTOMER! Another thing you could do is start drinking ALKALINE WATER which is GREAT! You see, most of what WE ingest including most BOTTLED WATERS are composed of ACID or URIC ACID which mutates into the very diseases that I spoke of which are ALL PREVENTABLE if you know what to look for. This breaks down & this is why most of US get ill WAY BEFORE OUR TIME! I want to see y'all at 80 with your wits INTACT! RELEARN how to eat & don't think that because you don't eat sugar or add more, that your food doesn't break down into it. Chew raw garlic on a regular basis to clean the intestines. Ginger & lemon are wonder foods & MEDECINE! I have a SISTAR who can cure you of CANCER NATURALLY & I'm SERIOUS! Y'all need to HOLLA at me as DOCTORS read this blog but it's up to YOU!

This is a message to my FAM! If you must drink alcohol, do so but not EVERY DAY! I wrote an expose named Fast Food Info & you can check my archives for that. NO MORE FAST FOOD as you must stop somewhere. Reduce your meat intake. Smoke a little bit of weed but not in blunts as it is chemicalized paper & not real tobacco. Cigarettes are TOXIC COCKTAILS with over 40,000 different chemicals. Drug usage is played out! Live & love those who do same for you. Keep on dancing & releasing that happiness to those you love & love you. Call peepo in your FAMILY & reminisce of those no longer here. Remember them when times were good & bad. Walk & really listen to the birds sing & to the reeds grow. Kiss someone you see everyday & have 20 good belly laughs before breakfast. Help peepo when you can & apologize when you are wrong. Most of all, STOP DYING & START LIVING after WE ALL SURVIVE these next 594 days. The hour is near & nearing more & more each day.

This is a message to my FAM! My FAM is your FAM & your FAM is my FAM! If I got on your nerves or this article was too long, I don't apologize. You are going to do what you want to anyway but if you need me, I'm around ONLY for those of US who are SERIOUS! If you want me next to you, be willing to listen & be ready to try something different. I've had my brush with death too. Again, this goes out to my GARIFUNA PEEPO, my Caribean Peepo, my Afrikan Amerikan Peepo, my Afrikans in Europe, my Afrikans in Afrika & all RIGHTEOUS PEEPOS WORLDWIDE! Y'all are my FAM & I want to see all of US at the Cosmic Party soon. Think about what I'm sayin here & LIVE LONG. I want for YOU what I want for ME! Peace, Health & Wealth to all of US!
Big apologies to Blaq Iron & I hope that she sees this. I wasn't thinking & I hope that you can forgive me. A very big shout out to Queen Elimesha who passed on in Ghana. You will be missed & see you on the other side.

Yeah, it's that time again! The Blak Smith is on course to release his HOT BOOK, I ain't perfect but take it from ME. As well, I wish to maintain the site & need your help & support to do so. I humbly ask for your financial support in the form of a donation with $5 being the least & anything more than $20, gets you my book. You can always reach me at OR on FaceBook as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks again & see Y'ALL here again soon! Peace.