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She's now GROWN & SEXY at 30 but she's 40 - Part VII


So it looks like the secret service of the usa government is gonna go in in the middle east where it ALL has to happen in Syria. As SHIT is all types of HECTIC & they gotta keep it CRAZY, this is just the latest distraKKKtion! Just so ya TRULY get it, ya gotta watch this: & the movie, WAG the DOG just to literally GET IT! I been tellin y'all for YEARS that they TIME is UP & I ain't talkin 50 years from now........nah yo, it's around the corner & as I always say, it's my MISSION to prepare the VANGUARD!!! Y'ALL can say what ya wanna but this is why I SURVIVED MALARIA from Ghana even though I didn't have IMMUNITY to it bcuz I never had it before. This message speaks to very few of y'all but SHIT is CRAZY RATCHET! Are you prepeared? I wanna BRIDGE the GAP between those in the know & those not bcuz the SOULJAHS come from the PEEPO! Y'all get ready for i…

She's 40 years old & moving around - Part VI


Hey, how Y'ALL doing & welcome BLAK to OUR series wherein WE talkin bout that chick that turned 40 just 2 weeks ago. HOW are WE doing? WE SIRIUSLY wanna know what ya think & before WE go in today, WE want Y'ALL out there to know that this STORY could be written by anybody depending on where YOU are/were! As the Blak Smith is from the BPOHH & came about during those days, of course he would be BIASED but this is HER STORY & WE sticking to it! The 1st scene's outside of the BPOHH would be in CA & FL & that would be partly be bcuz those places had TRANSPLANTS who went there at the right time to get the scenes there popping. Get what I'm saying when I speak of (dude who freezes water & that Star Wars dude). Then WE had them BOYS from the GHETTO come out & REPRESENT & the lone star state was now on the MAP! As the saying goes, ALL NEWS is LOCAL & spreads ABROAD! IDK about Y'ALL but I am n…

The 40 year Old is CONFLICTED & CONFUSED &..............Part V


Oh the ANGST!!!!! I'm now in my mid 20's & I wanna be where I was but the STREETS keep calling me. It's now the late 90's & I wanna be GOOD but..........which way do I go? My original area code doesn't even REPRESENT the CULTURE anymore as I got more GANGSTA! I was now a 11207 person speaking on ROBBERY, MURDER, MAYHEM, DISEASE & MADNESS! It is now about SURVIVAL of the FITTEST! Most are READY to DIE! Some dude who wasn't GUILTY said that ya couldn't prove anything beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT! The 2 dudes who rode with OPPOSITE COASTS were now gone & WE were in a TAILSPIN!!!! Who would LEAD me into the FUTURE? Dillemma dillemma!

This was about the time that WE saw changes coming along. The new & appointed K.O.N.Y NOT NAMED Kendrick Lamar would emerge in the wake of those 2 deaths sharing that TOP SPOT that was held by those with more talent. That dude with NO WAY OUT became the biggest star on his…

That 40 year old CHICK in TRANSFORMATION in the mid 90's - Part V

The SOLAR FLARES are COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Just thought that Y'ALL would like to know that WE gonna keep informing Y'ALL on what's going on out there & here on the EARTH aka the BW! How are WE lately? Are ya READY to TAKE OVER yet? I've said it before & I'll say it again, my purpose here is not to IMPRESS Y'ALL with my research but to prepare US for the eventual takeover after the DEVILS skin gets FRIED bcuz he can't take the SUN as he's an ARTIFICIAL BEING! Check what I got from a Bobby Hemmitt lecture a few days ago & why I keep telling Y'ALL that they DON'T come from US!: As to his condition, I haven't heard anything lately but WE HOPE that he's on the mend & ready to set FIRE on the circuit again sometime soon. Til then, keep yaselves safe & spiritual so that you can withstand what's to c…

That 40 year old GANGSTA BITCH loved THUG LIFE! Part IV


Y'all keep thinking that I'm crazy but before I continue, I need to say a big WHAT UP to all Y'ALL from the A! IDK what ya know or what ya heard but here in the A it was a balmy 60's & low 70's in mid August & to that, even the natives are saying WTF? As it can get HOTTER than HELL here, it was a welcomed relief but SIRIUSLY yo, WTF? Like closing the windows & having to get a winter BLANKET cool at nite SUN! WHERE THEY do THAT at? Why is this happening? WTH is going on? Is it h.a.a.r.p? Is it global warming? Is it even NATURAL? take is that this all happened during the Honorable Marcus Garvey's BORN DAY WEEKEND & I had noticed the day before (8/16) that the WINDS were quite LIVELY as if bringing his WHIRLWINDS to LIFE! It would have been his 126th earth day & big things are afoot. Do y'all see it yet or would Y'ALL rather talk about that 40 year old ya keep seein in ya dreams? …

She became a GANGSTA BITCH in the late 80's Part III of She's 40 years old

the 40 Glock

Here WE go again with some of the peepo Y'ALL out there admire so much & in this case, he gets NO LUV! Who I'm talking about this time is hussle simmons, who allowed a video of St Harriet Tubman getting hit up by a DEVIL in order to get the Underground Railroad in order on his youtube page. By now my regular readers KNOW that just about ALL of these HOUSEHOLD NAME niKKKa's are under complete CONTROL & if ya think not, check this:

In February 2005, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman called it hypocritical for hip-hop producer Russell Simmons to lead an ad campaign against anti-Semitism while also, according to Foxman's view, defending or excusing Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitic statements.[45] Later that year the ADL urged prominent black leaders including Simmons to reconsider their support for Farrakhan and Malik Zulu Shabazz organizing the Millions More Movement and to "stand up" against b…

SHE was a TEENAGER hanging out with BAD BOYS!!!! She's 40 years old Part II


Hey b2a, a big WHAT UP & shout out to all of my SUPPORTERS out there! How y'all doing? WE gonna get into Part II in just a sec but before WE do, just gotta mention that those of Y'ALL who can't get enough of peepo like oprah better be CAREFUL! A few years back, SUPPOSEDLY she was dissed at hermes & just a few days ago, the same shit at an unmentioned place in switzerland. While I don't really give a fugg about harpo, I'm speaking out to those of Y'ALL who do bcuz she APOLOGIZED for getting racist treatment as if she's speaking for ALL of US & WTF yo?: Didn't she also just basically say that that BIA, Paula Deen was JUSTIFIED?: Y'all peepo who luv this BIT…

The 1st 40 YEARS.......the INNOCENCE of the 70's - Part I


She was born EXACTLY 40 years ago YESTERDAY (8/11/73) & I wish her a HAPPY but BELATED BIRTHDAY! Though she was born 40 years ago, like the PEEPO who borne her, she's really always been here since FOREVER and in reality, ain't going NOWHERE! Yes yes Y'ALL, she was born amid all of the DRUDGERY, MUCK & MIRE in the 10456 area code back in the day when gangs abounded & power from the street lites made the place DARK! IDK but some dude from Jamaica kinda made me into 1 form & here I was all young & wrapped up not knowing that I would become the FREQUENCY necessary to effect the WORLD like a young Ali taking the title from a champ like sonny liston. This is the beginning of my story.

Of course there was a time when I was PURE & INNOCENT & only for the truly INITIATED & at first, I was confined to the hoods UPTOWN in the biggest & craziest city in the whole u.s. Like most great things, I was born unde…



This goes out to all of my MIGHTY MIGHTY PEEPO of the EARTH! WIND, FIRE & WATER is gonna get THEM so no need to be worried by those NECKS that turn colors from the SUN aka OUR FATHER! The MOON is gonna REFLECT that LIGHT but let's talk EARTHLY for now so as NOT to spook some of y'all out. As an aside, another of OUR GREATEST in George Duke passed just a few days ago & WE HONOR & LOVE what he left behind!:* As this is the WRAP UP to OUR SERIES, what I wanna do here is bring all of the parts together to show Y'ALL exactly what WE'VE been meaning for the past 2 weeks. As well, WE will round off what WE THINK WE can do NOW so that WE are READY when that day comes like a thief in the night. Ya see WE at b2a want to take US thru the whole range of MADNESS so that ya know what it is when ya see it. With that, let's get into it & what WE looking forward to.

Though I hadn&#…



Hey b2a peepo! How ya doing? I hope that all is well when ya receive this & that ya thinking about what I've written along with whatever SOLUTIONS that ya have in ya OWN MIND! As I know NOTHING, I do KNOW that when WE went to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR that WE traveled with OUR theme MUSIC somewhat like jack spade told the characters in I'm gonna get ya sucka. WE need the REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR in US when that END TIME comes & what I wanna do is give US some songs that will help US THINK for then. Even if ya not into that BLAK SHIT like Me & a whole bunch of others, I hope that ya agree that at least WE can ENJOY some GREAT MUSIC together. Let's get it.

If I were YOU, I would be feeling this WAY!:

After that above FEELING, do this with OUR PEEPO here at:

WE ar…


So yea.........WE start it off with the GRANDADDY of 'em all in Chancellor Williams & his all time classic, Destruction of Blak Civilization, just 1 of the GREATEST BOOKS of ALL TIMES that is a MUST READ! This here is Part III of OUR NATION BUILDING series & today, WE gonna show y'all that the necessary BLUE PRINTS have already been written long ago that needs just a lil updated tweaking ! As that DEVILS days are numbered, I'm like a SHARK with BLOOD coming out the gills & with stories like this,, the proverbial writing is ON the WALL! With so many staged events lately, WE won't know if these THREATS are REAL or NOT but WE at b2a will remain VIGILANT til that DEVIL cries for his very LIFE! WE have job to do & it ain't about making money as it has NEVER freed US & in fact, has done MORE to ENSLAVE US than most know. Let's get into some books n…