Wednesday, August 28, 2013

She's now GROWN & SEXY at 30 but she's 40 - Part VII

So it looks like the secret service of the usa government is gonna go in in the middle east where it ALL has to happen in Syria. As SHIT is all types of HECTIC & they gotta keep it CRAZY, this is just the latest distraKKKtion! Just so ya TRULY get it, ya gotta watch this: & the movie, WAG the DOG just to literally GET IT! I been tellin y'all for YEARS that they TIME is UP & I ain't talkin 50 years from now........nah yo, it's around the corner & as I always say, it's my MISSION to prepare the VANGUARD!!! Y'ALL can say what ya wanna but this is why I SURVIVED MALARIA from Ghana even though I didn't have IMMUNITY to it bcuz I never had it before. This message speaks to very few of y'all but SHIT is CRAZY RATCHET! Are you prepeared? I wanna BRIDGE the GAP between those in the know & those not bcuz the SOULJAHS come from the PEEPO! Y'all get ready for it bcuz it's nearly september & it seems to be ON & POPPING! Yea!!

Ok, I'm in my late 20's - early 30's & I'm kinda maturing & ready to BORNE CHILDREN as what LIVES must GROW or DIE! As I've already had PREMIE BABIES, I want more MATURITY but those behind the scenes INSIST that I remain the same! I now start seeking elders who show me movies like Sparkle, the 5 heartbeats & the new dispensation of all of this is a movie a few years old named CB4. Ya see the formula is to get the STAR of the GROUP isolated, signed & forget the rest sorta like the boss & the supremes or Mike & the Jacksons. Damn, must I go it alone? Who can help me? What can I do?

So the STREETS spoke & the DISCIPLE in the pic won that BATTLE of the CENTURY! In fact after that & bcuz he's so SPIRITUAL, it KILLED all battles & turned 'em into BEEF as THUG LIFERS & BAD BOYS had already set the template. From that point on, dudes on different sides would set it up so that when RIVALS met, situations like what happened at SHOT 97 a few times would happen. Damnnnnn......back to that TRIFLING niKKKa SHIT & I was so tired as everybody tried to topple Mr Material. After hussle simon left DEATH JAM, CAMEL would become the man there & HARNESS the energy of a young man who is NOW UNDER SO MUCH CONTROL, he would go NORTH! In producing the new c.e.o of Hip Hop, he would also become his RIVAL but he has more TALENT as he can produce, rap & design clothes & in fact introduced SKINNY JEANS into the game. Isn't this a SHAME?: could it be to CREATE HYSTERIA like niKKKa's waiting for the new jordan's at x-mas?

But what else is happening out there? That dude from MARCY went on to amass a team of lesser knowns & they were WARDS aka STATE PROPERTY but I bet some of 'em were working for the FEDS. But that Slim dude was titled the KING & pretty much, UPTOP wasn't mattering as much anymore. Big PUN was R.I.P! The fugees handler was getting major publicity & OUR SIS was going CRAZY! The CHRONIC out west bought s. lion back out but pretty much, GANGSTA RAP had played out........Xzibit went hollyweird & Ras Kass kept going in & out of prison. But the emergence of the SOUTH prevailed & was popping.......Luda led the way with Then came It was OFFICIAL & I was SEXY AGAIN! I'm loving it & ALLOW ME to EXPRESS MYSELF:

Then the BUILDINGS went DOWN signaling the END TIMES for them! In OUR depression, WE allowed them to CROWN that over 7 mile dude while Rakim was still ALIVE & in fact, signed to Dre's label. Fortunately, the GOD of Hip Hop refused to get sucked in by d'evilz but he knows that HE CAN'T TALK! I'm confused again! Ya see some dude from uptop is making BIG NOISE on the mix tape circuit & now it's niKKKa's pimpin the DEVIL & in turn, the DEVIL is pimpin anotha niKKKa bcuz if it didn't go that way, it would be WAY too OBVIOUS & peepo would make a big deal outta it! I had to find a way out & I did.

Ya see, while Y'ALL were still REELING from the commercialization of &, them dudes from the SOUTH was coming with it while also STRETCHING the BOUNDS of what would be considered ME with A BREATH of CREATIVITY AGAIN........soon after, that other MOBBED UP dude would come with But my dude mentioned earlier who gets an asterisk bcuz he was born in the A but raised in the Chi got it most bcuz of this MASTERPIECE: I would also go on to produce the BEST in the GAME! Who want it now?


                                                                - to be continued -

Monday, August 26, 2013

She's 40 years old & moving around - Part VI

Hey, how Y'ALL doing & welcome BLAK to OUR series wherein WE talkin bout that chick that turned 40 just 2 weeks ago. HOW are WE doing? WE SIRIUSLY wanna know what ya think & before WE go in today, WE want Y'ALL out there to know that this STORY could be written by anybody depending on where YOU are/were! As the Blak Smith is from the BPOHH & came about during those days, of course he would be BIASED but this is HER STORY & WE sticking to it! The 1st scene's outside of the BPOHH would be in CA & FL & that would be partly be bcuz those places had TRANSPLANTS who went there at the right time to get the scenes there popping. Get what I'm saying when I speak of (dude who freezes water & that Star Wars dude). Then WE had them BOYS from the GHETTO come out & REPRESENT & the lone star state was now on the MAP! As the saying goes, ALL NEWS is LOCAL & spreads ABROAD! IDK about Y'ALL but I am now that INTERNATIONAL ASSHOLE. Let's go in now.

WE last left off in the late 90's & in all reality, the scene was SHIFTING! I was now old enough to have been around & leave my impression wherever I went & in fact after a fashion, I didn't wanna hear shit from uptop. Ya know.....I had taken a BIZZARE RIDE to the PHARCYDE. Dudes were BREEDING that mentality that there was NO FUTURE in yo FRONTIN'. I went to party where all of the ALKOHOLIKS were 21 & OVER & where WE had eaten OUR SOUL FOOD. It was CRUCIAL to CONFLICT with all that HAY but when Rosa Parks got from the back of the BUS...........damnnnnn.

So who's CONFUSED now? You could BELIEVE that YOU could RETURN as a G or just maybe you could just enjoy the ART of STORYTELLIN'. IDK but this perhaps along with the Score were the BEST albums I could come out with in the 90's along with Redman's, Whut the Album featuring; As I'm writing this, SLOW ya ROLL yo! In my humblest of OPINIONS, OUTKAST kinda bought US into the 2 G's & in actuality, a FRESH BREATH in me. WE were still in that TAILSPIN & the UNDERGROUND was competing with the COMMERCIAL SHIT & it was good bcuz there was BALANCE & again in my opinion, this album more than any bridged both dynamics so eloquently:

Things were OK & I could keep working as long as I stayed on my grind but it seemed like every time I TRIED to get out, they kept pulling me back in! DAMNNNN!!! The rituals HAD to be DONE & there was no getting around 'em. It's 1999 - 2000 & that lil g god in ny is tellin y'all to call him a nigga & his other name that rhymes with that word & some singing rapper dude is telling US to HOLLA HOLLA until he got BLOOD in his EYE. I hear he did a bid not payin taxes but........they started labelling ALL of US as GANGSTA's & RAPPERS & it was ON & POPPING! My lil SISTA got on that plane & was DAMNED as a QUEEN! Yesterday marked her 12th year & WE MISS YOU LIL SIS! Then 2 weeks later, the lil g rapper comes out with his album & did it happen to be a COINCIDENCE that it was released on 9-1-1? WE don't THINK SO!!!!!

Thanks to ALL of Y'ALL who have thus far SUPPORTED US & OUR EFFORTS. WE want to be that VANGUARD to BUILD OUR NATION when it Keep reading if that's where ya wanna be. WE now have a 2 for 1 SPECIAL where YOU can get both I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me & Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die til 8/31/13. This is to FUND RAISE to get the cover done for Boom bye bye & WE appreciate it greatly! Hit US up at & on fb, I'm at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Amid all of that, there was a BATTLE brewing & my BROTHER that is just a month younger than Me was born out there in the 11101. Man that dude was going thru it as his Mom was in chemo & he was getting SHITTED on by the soon coming K.O.N.Y who was MANUFACTURED & given that role bcuz he he figured it all out & told US on this: He went as far as even gettin his rivals BABY MAMA & then dissed him at a concert & this all happened bcuz that HOMIE was a NO CALL NO SHOW to a studio session to record perhaps the BEST SONG on that album that was REASONABLY DOUBTED! Dead Prez came to US at this time in that POLICE STATE! As a lesson to ALL of YOU out there, keep BUSINESS as BUSINESS bcuz to a BUSINESS MAN..................TIME is MONEY..........remember, IT AIN'T NEVA BUSINESS if it becomes PERSONAL! Anyway all BETS were SETTLED when this dropped:

What kept some of US going was the SOUL that would soon be labeled as NEO like the dude in the Matrix movies. Don't get it TWISTED as I was the PRIMARY INFLUENCE coupled with that OLD SOUL from the 70's. WE had Maxwell, Jill Scott, Tony Toni, Tone & so many more but in TRUTH, I was ALWAYS there & had to move to europe like I did in my other manifestations of BREAKING, DJ'ing & GRAFFITI. What I mean is, the graff, dancing & the turntableism went over & was RESPECTED as WE take just about EVERYTHING WE do for GRANTED! Unfortunately, WE so GREAT that by the time WE REAL EYES it, it's TOO LATE!!! Who remembers that WE Yea, my dude D'angelo attended a RALLY promising to HELP in NY & was NEVER the SAME again! My dude the Blak Smith knows bcuz I saw HIM there! If ya wanna REALLY do this, ya gotta stay SPIRITUALLY PROTECTED! Was it all COINCIDENCE? Hmmmmmm....

Friday, August 23, 2013

The 40 year Old is CONFLICTED & CONFUSED &..............Part V

Oh the ANGST!!!!! I'm now in my mid 20's & I wanna be where I was but the STREETS keep calling me. It's now the late 90's & I wanna be GOOD but..........which way do I go? My original area code doesn't even REPRESENT the CULTURE anymore as I got more GANGSTA! I was now a 11207 person speaking on ROBBERY, MURDER, MAYHEM, DISEASE & MADNESS! It is now about SURVIVAL of the FITTEST! Most are READY to DIE! Some dude who wasn't GUILTY said that ya couldn't prove anything beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT! The 2 dudes who rode with OPPOSITE COASTS were now gone & WE were in a TAILSPIN!!!! Who would LEAD me into the FUTURE? Dillemma dillemma!

This was about the time that WE saw changes coming along. The new & appointed K.O.N.Y NOT NAMED Kendrick Lamar would emerge in the wake of those 2 deaths sharing that TOP SPOT that was held by those with more talent. That dude with NO WAY OUT became the biggest star on his LABEL & made more money then ever as the saying "ya worth more DEAD than ALIVE" rang TRUE! The mid 90's was like WOW!!!! This time frame fostered the 1 hit wonder & now that I'm looking back, some of 'em became that bcuz they wasn't going for the RITUALS which were NEW at that time. Who remembers this dude?: Or how about this joint?: WE were spinning OUR WHEELS at that time without DIRECTION like a ship without oars. I am so confused. Will you help Me?

As the saying goes, I GOTTA MAKE a NAME for MYSELF! A new breed started emerging with some upstarts outta UP TOP! 1 of 'em was a HOT BOY not from new orleans & he wanted YOU to get AT HIM & his DOGS! He was in the FIELD hanging out with that lil dude pictured below. Now, he can't seem to dodge CONTROVERSY as they look to SET HIM UP ODB STYLE as in: WE think Katt got the message but, "HEY, he's in the FUTURE!" Like snoop lion before him, he got his FRIENDS from the DOG POUND! And then that dude named after MARIJUANA came out & WOW.................he was PHENOMENAL but it wasn't to last as the HANDLER of the fugees had a hold on his career & TANKED IT bcuz of the INFO something like: Man, WE NEVA had it quite like this but even when the subject matter was TERRIBLE, they LYRICISM was STILL THERE! These dudes MAY have saved Me from MYSELF but it wasn't to be. WE needed SAVING!

I got my 2 books ON DECK on a 2 for 1 special basis. Please OVERSTAND that this is ONLY til 8/31/13 to assist FUNDRAISING as I finish Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die my 2nd book. Ya get my 1st, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me RIGHT AWAY & Boom bye bye when the cover is done. The blog is FREE & each book is $5 each after 8/31. Get with US at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 

He was named the king of Hip Hop! He came straight outta after 7 mile & started a WHOLE NEW ERA of RAIN MAN! In my opinion, his ALTER EGO was his RENEGADE to MASK that the GAME had once & for all been TAKEN OVER! He signed with the church of satan's LEADER under his HENCHMAN & made OURSTORY as the ELVIS/JESUS & whoever else it is Y'ALL LUV! NiKKKa's CO-SIGNED him validating him as his lofty titles & DAMMMMNNNNNN!!! He distraKKKted US away from the deaths of those 2 iconic figures mentioned earlier. Chances were SLIM in the SHADE that anyone could surpass this new savior & over on the East Side, the K.O.N.Y was DISPUTED like a heavyweight bout featuring Tyson & WHOEVER! Supremacy would soon be WON by 1 of them dudes who married a MILKSHAKE! But WE had a STAR that was BLAK come out which was MOS DEF with KWALITY & WOW! Many were called but few could qualify at this: Our BEAUTIFUL SISTA pictured in my last article actually won out by DEFAULT but bcuz the album wasn't fully RAPPED, she had an asterisk. Those who could BUST a RHYME were too! What do you THINK? The scene would play out in the next CENTURY/MILLENNIA. Things were just about to heat up.

                                                             - to be continued -

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That 40 year old CHICK in TRANSFORMATION in the mid 90's - Part V

The SOLAR FLARES are COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Just thought that Y'ALL would like to know that WE gonna keep informing Y'ALL on what's going on out there & here on the EARTH aka the BW! How are WE lately? Are ya READY to TAKE OVER yet? I've said it before & I'll say it again, my purpose here is not to IMPRESS Y'ALL with my research but to prepare US for the eventual takeover after the DEVILS skin gets FRIED bcuz he can't take the SUN as he's an ARTIFICIAL BEING! Check what I got from a Bobby Hemmitt lecture a few days ago & why I keep telling Y'ALL that they DON'T come from US!: As to his condition, I haven't heard anything lately but WE HOPE that he's on the mend & ready to set FIRE on the circuit again sometime soon. Til then, keep yaselves safe & spiritual so that you can withstand what's to come HOWEVER it comes! For now, let's get BLAK to that chick who turned 40 last week.

If WE have to give her a name, why not her uptop? SHE came about in the mid-90's but before WE get into HER, WE gotta give it up to the DIRTY SOUTH who were coming up with the FUNK JAZZ CAFE in Jason Orr in the A featuring ALL of the PEEPO who were HOT in the early to late 90's. WE talking about the Brat, the Goodie Mobb, Dallas Austin, TLC, Outkast & too many more to mention. How about Miami Bass & Uncle Luke & even Magic Mike from Orlando who HARDLY ever gets any real credit for starting that MOVEMENT though it was deBASED. If his INTENTIONS were good, WE give him props & if not, WE still acknowledge the FACTS! Shout out to my BROTHA Tahir RBG in Orlando who made mention of all that in the comment section. If I'm remiss GET at ME as IDK it ALL yo! As a matter of fact: as WE cover it ALL! Now.....let's get into what was happening to ME & the OURSTORY that WE made!

The TAKE OVER was COMPLETE! I had been put in a SPELL & I was doing my best to get outta it! In order to get in, you HAD TO do those RITUALS thru those already INITIATED! Those names are still around. It got to the point that if ya wasn't on BAD BOY or DEATH ROW & talking about some smoothed out PIMP SHIT or that GANGSTA SHIT you weren't getting any play! This was about the time that those who were SUPPOSEDLY LEADING ME were saying KEEP it REAL & if it wasn't from the STREETS then ya wasn't HARD as if EVERYONE in yo FAMILY is a THUG or a HOOD! C'mon SON! Onyx had already made US BACdafucUP while they THREW they GUNS but every so often, something new & bouncy like this would hit yo sentiments:

Who could deny the QUALITY in that? Now that makes ya think doesn't it? The Lox were emerging only to soon be FREED! Hey, some of US were out for the MONEY, POWER & RESPECT but not necessarily in that order. That SHINING PATH dude from ny who made himself KNOWN by being a SON of a PANTHER, made the SAME SONG & was JUDGED by GOD ONLY! Damn, he was to LEAD ME & perished in las vegas. 6 months later, that N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S dude did SAME after he had asked WHO SHOT YA. Another 6 months later & STRETCH died the same way & if ya don't know who he is, ask SOMEBODY! I was exhausted from all of these DEATHS & now I was really SCARED! I need CHANGE! Who was doing all of this? Rumor was that it was the REAL head of DEF ROW who is also the head dude of the church of SATAN! GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!

Ya got til the 31st of this month to get ya 2 for 1 special for my 1st book: & my 2nd entitled Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! I'm doing this to RAISE FUNDS so that I can get it all done & send you my e-books. If ya order from the site, it will be $10 for the online link so get at me at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Help SUPPORT the Blak Man & HOLLA BLAK! 

But......the SPIRITUALITY kept coming! Whether WE were READY or NOT, SHE came like a THIEF in the NIGHT! In my HUMBLE OPINION, she embodied the HEART of an MC Lyte but could also act, sing & rhyme & so SHE was OUR 1st FEMALE triple THREAT! She was so BAD but wasn't a BAD BOY or WOMAN & WE received her with open arms bcuz she was able to articlulate that SHE wasn't perfeKt! Along with that what they labeled as neo-soul which ain't nothing but SOUL, she BREATHED a fresh BREATH with SMARTS, LOOKS, BEAUTY & LYRICS for days. Like Erykah, she was the! Man did I wanna go to jersey & get that THAT THING  & every once in a while, SHE had to throw in a MOTHERFUCKER so the IGNORANT could hear her. Even that pioneering West Side producing GANGSTA tried to steal her away but she was becoming SPIRITUAL to the point of going to ZION to the I can BREATHE bcuz now...........I'm BLACK to where I'm supposed to be. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

But I'm still CONFLICTED bcuz I got these RITUALS that I gotta do & I can't tell what I'm doing! Ya see, some dude named Rodney King who is now deceased got his ASS WAXED & the police got off! Some dude that USED to play football got off & then his BLAK ATTORNEY who got him off died MYSTERIOUSLY just a few years later! I didn't even know that he was sick........ya see, all of that TRUTH that had come out in the late 80's was coming to SURFACE but the YOUTH were targeted & ya know...........MONEY still gotta be made! They  had an AGENDA to make ME mislead my peepo but I was becoming AWARE & MATURE! That PRESSURE would make DIAMONDS & the GOLDEN ERA of the BEST of ME was now gone! Yea, I'll just make MONEY & help the peepo by talking about all of my past crimes & how I now became HOOD RICH aka GHETTO FABULOUS! While I'm at it, I'll change myself with PLASTIC SURGERY & do a BID for perjury! Now that I'm BROKE, I'll FIGHT in the streets every other day & accuse the coming c.e.o of Hip Hop of RAPING Me! Let's now go the the late 90's!

                                                                -to be continued-

Monday, August 19, 2013

That 40 year old GANGSTA BITCH loved THUG LIFE! Part IV

Y'all keep thinking that I'm crazy but before I continue, I need to say a big WHAT UP to all Y'ALL from the A! IDK what ya know or what ya heard but here in the A it was a balmy 60's & low 70's in mid August & to that, even the natives are saying WTF? As it can get HOTTER than HELL here, it was a welcomed relief but SIRIUSLY yo, WTF? Like closing the windows & having to get a winter BLANKET cool at nite SUN! WHERE THEY do THAT at? Why is this happening? WTH is going on? Is it h.a.a.r.p? Is it global warming? Is it even NATURAL? take is that this all happened during the Honorable Marcus Garvey's BORN DAY WEEKEND & I had noticed the day before (8/16) that the WINDS were quite LIVELY as if bringing his WHIRLWINDS to LIFE! It would have been his 126th earth day & big things are afoot. Do y'all see it yet or would Y'ALL rather talk about that 40 year old ya keep seein in ya dreams? Well, let's get to her now & see how she do.

1989, another SUMMER, GET DOWN, sound of bad, WE are now in the 90's & I'm now that RIDE or DIE chick who will BLAST a FOOL just fo' the hell of it! I got my 9 mm aka my NINA & if a fool wanna get SMOKED for messin with my SCRILLA, I got that! I'm a NEW JACK, a MENACE to SOCIETY & I moved to SOUTH CENTRAL after my MIND PLAYED TRICKS on ME! Ya see, I'm from the EAST SIDE but there were still too many who just wanted to PARTY for the RIGHT to FIGHT or have FUN but I wanted to PEEL CAPS on 'em! I wanted to FLOSS out while hitting switches with the aim to be on DEATH ROW! If ya read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb who is now dead for telling the TRUTH, ya would have seen that I wanted to be like the REAL RICK ROSS aka the BOSS but...................

I'm CONFLICTED! Ya see when I started off, I wanted to party & all that & in college, I found myself but I'm here with all these LOCED OUT niKKKa's & in order to fit in, I gotta get with these dudes! They got the gold, the jerri curls & the 64 impalas on dubs! New coast & new style & I like it but.......I left my LUV behind back east & he misses me as much as I miss him. In between time & in the mean time, just north of where I'm now at, there's something new coming out & he's such an enigma & being that he's a GEMINI, he's hard to read but I can't help but notice that he's BEAUTIFUL & his name means the SHINING SERPENT who LIGHTS the PATH to the MOON! Damn that NIGGA is FINE & CONFLICTED like ME! If I could UNITE with him & his 2 sides & get MYSELF right, WE may just have something here! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm readin Me & I'm HOT DAMN! I'm doing a FUND RAISER & I need y'all who FEEL ME to HELP ME finish my book cover for Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! Please support the Blak Smith by pre-ordering ya e-book for $3 & you can get my 1st, & I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me for $5 if ya order before 8/31/13. That's 2 e-books for the price of 1 or $5 for BOTH!!! For those of ya who are SIRIUS, WE'RE at & on fb, WE at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLA BLAK to the WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR & the REALEST INFO ya ever got online!

Now that the DANCE part of me was eliminated outta mainstream & graffiti kinda got commercialized, the DJ had to become a PRODUCER! Those who couldn't make the cut managed or did the rigorous tour work & the MC became the main person. What was creeated to be interactive like the doo-wop era became STREAMLINED & now it was all about Yea, WE were still checking the VOCAB & checking for NAPPY HEADS but then when I thought that I would go on an AWARD TOUR, I said FUCK IT & started the PARTY & BULLSHIT again! Then after all of that DEATH & DEGRADATION, I went back home & was READY to DIE after I already had a PROJECT to FUNK the WORLD! But then, I waited til I was older than 12 & went to HELL for SNUFFING JESUS & then the GAME went into HALFTIME! Then RUMORS of Me being a LESBIAN began to SURFACE & so I set it OFF with Mr. Wright! What a ride in the JEEPS, LEX COUPES......well, ya know the rest! When I broke up with HER, I cried & cried & said this in my head OVER & OVER; Damnnnnnnn, what do I do now?

Friday, August 16, 2013

She became a GANGSTA BITCH in the late 80's Part III of She's 40 years old

Glock 23 - Click Image to Close

the 40 Glock

Here WE go again with some of the peepo Y'ALL out there admire so much & in this case, he gets NO LUV! Who I'm talking about this time is hussle simmons, who allowed a video of St Harriet Tubman getting hit up by a DEVIL in order to get the Underground Railroad in order on his youtube page. By now my regular readers KNOW that just about ALL of these HOUSEHOLD NAME niKKKa's are under complete CONTROL & if ya think not, check this:

  • In February 2005, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman called it hypocritical for hip-hop producer Russell Simmons to lead an ad campaign against anti-Semitism while also, according to Foxman's view, defending or excusing Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitic statements.[45] Later that year the ADL urged prominent black leaders including Simmons to reconsider their support for Farrakhan and Malik Zulu Shabazz organizing the Millions More Movement and to "stand up" against black anti-Semitism.[46] Simmons, responding to ADL Director Abraham Foxman, said "simply put, you are misguided, arrogant, and very disrespectful of African Americans and most importantly your statements will unintentionally or intentionally lead to a negative impression of Jews in the minds of millions of African Americans." [47] Foxman replied, "If there were a Jewish event which was led by an out-and-out racist, I would expect Black leaders to say to me that ADL should have nothing to do with it. And I would agree with them, rather than condemn them for their action."[48]*

I think that this was all some hegelian fuKKKery with the desired result that can be read here: So............why are niKKka's APOLOGISTS for the 1%? Can ya see it yet? In my new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, I expose hussle & jay-z's HANDLER & as some of y'all KNOW who that is already, I just wanna show those who don't what it is bcuz that's what I'm here for! WATCH who speaks for YOU!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY ain't EVERYTHING!!!!!! Let's now get into that GANGSTA BITCH who came of age in those late 80's - early 90's. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

So now WE'RE at 1986 & those PHAT BOYS were DISORDERLY! As much as possible, that ink art is in galleries & keith haring is KILLING IT as he was that DEVIL for 'em in that genre then somewhat like the 1st elvis. He would die in 1990. Some BEASTIE dudes were making FUN of RAP with their outlandish antics & WE know that they weren't really drinking brass monkey. Slowly but surely, the sound guy was being phased out & the dancers were just featured in the background but lo & behold, the art would go to europe of all places along with Soul Music. Who remembers the Brand New Heavies? Most of US aren't recognized at home leaving the guys with the mic to hold it down. He said it's Me Myself & I! Some BAD dude from Hollis Queens needed LOVE but them dudes from Long Island told y'all that it TAKES a NATION of BILLIONS to hold US back. They would later say that there was FEAR of a BLAK PLANET! Man, this was a time of STRICTLY BUSINESS & like eddie murphy, the times was RAW! However, around the corner would be a change coming & that change would SHIFT the TIDE. After all, IT TAKES 2 (coasts). 

This all started with the PANIC ZONE in 1987 but the true rumblings would really happen in 1988 with Straight outta Compton which SHOOK up the WORLD with it's disrespect for ME & US with it's rampant drinking, getting high, drug sales & killings. What was this? Then that easy dude went to the KraKK house meeting with then (p)resident bush & was soon after, DEAD! I still wonder why but this would be when I got TURNED the fuKKK out! Damn............the krakk epidemic was peaking & easy died of aids & I'm scared WITLESS bcuz I did that BOY in the HOOD! To show how EVIL (spell that backwards) I was really was, I had (skull) BONE, THUGS & (dis) HARMONY singing that INFECTIOUS DEVIL CHANT MUSIC that even that NOTORIOUSLY B.I.G dude got down with before he went. Was I imagining all of this or were there now DEVILISH SPIRITS possessing me? WOW! 

To order my 2 e-books for just $5, e-mail US at & on fb, I am Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). For 1 book, send $3 but TRUST ME, ya want BOTH! On fb, INBOX ONLY please. WE got y'all BLAK & WE gonna make sure that WE continue that HOT TRUTH regardless of who's toes get stepped on. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

I wanna do the balancing act thing but with the krakk & the G's all up in me, it's so DIFFICULT! The P is FREE but that KraKK cost MONEY! It seems like everything in the world is as my own government gets the DRUGS IN by trading for GUNS in a WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that congress will no longer fund while THOUSANDS die lusting for this most addictive substance. That dude that rhymed with capone told US all about it in their WAR REPORT. Where is the HOPE? Who stole the SOUL? WE were still having FUN but where is my son/daughter/mother/father? Things for me are so confusing but I wanna be a BOSS so BAD that I started FAKING my whole IMAGE even though I was BORN in the u.s.a. as BORN GANGSTAZ . Which way do I go? For a hint, let's go here:

                                                                                         - to be continued in the 90's - 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SHE was a TEENAGER hanging out with BAD BOYS!!!! She's 40 years old Part II

Hey b2a, a big WHAT UP & shout out to all of my SUPPORTERS out there! How y'all doing? WE gonna get into Part II in just a sec but before WE do, just gotta mention that those of Y'ALL who can't get enough of peepo like oprah better be CAREFUL! A few years back, SUPPOSEDLY she was dissed at hermes & just a few days ago, the same shit at an unmentioned place in switzerland. While I don't really give a fugg about harpo, I'm speaking out to those of Y'ALL who do bcuz she APOLOGIZED for getting racist treatment as if she's speaking for ALL of US & WTF yo?: Didn't she also just basically say that that BIA, Paula Deen was JUSTIFIED?: Y'all peepo who luv this BITCH better watch it! When THEY need to use her to speak for US........................................let's get into that 40 year old chick now.

My years of INNOCENCE were soon coming to a close. I went from the STREETS to the offices of mid-town & the village & was welcomed there after they first rejected me as a FAD but I'm still here like those diagnosed with a terminal disease who outlives the doctor who gave said prognosis. Yea, I was young, in my pre-teen days & all I wanted to do was DANCE to that JUNGLE MUSIC while watching the trains with those pieces of ART ride by while somebody told Me to "throw my hands in the air & wave 'em like I just don't care!" I was saying OW while the fellas were saying HO without calling Me that. Even though WE were poor WE didn't realize it bcuz what was around urged US to FORGET about it for a minute & just cool out. Despite the URBAN RUIN & decadence, I was at the JAM doing the latest DANCE, meeting my friends & even getting my DRINK on but I couldn't get caught slipping going back home. My Mom didn't like my new DISCOVERY & decried it's pull on Me but I had to be out there. I'm HOOKED!!!

Then it happened............... WOW, I NEVER heard it said so plainly before! The conditions of what I was going thru were put to an infectious track & it made Me THINK while on my feet bouncing my head! Some dude behind turntables provided the SOCIAL COMMENTARY which was here to stay as this bought Me outta the age of INNOCENCE into a politicized gumbo. What should I do now? I know all of this but I still wanna party, have sex & get high even though THEY said that these were the ills WE should avoid. But hey..........I still wanna drink that bottle up top & I wanna get that $3 bag of weed tonite though these issues remain on my mind. What's a young chick to do? Ya see I'm digging them BAD BOYS bcuz they so cool! They got the MONEY, the CARS & if I can get 1, I too can be a ghetto superstar aka a FLY GIRL! I don't have to walk everywhere & get picked up. The whole east coast is now listening but I was about to go INTERNATIONAL!

So I moved to QUEENS among KINGS from QUEENS & there I was! I was now on that coveted stage & it was on & POPPING! I was a HOOD STAR & RICH at the same time travelling in 1st class. I opened the doors wide open or in other words, some BUM RUSHED the SHOW! I was young & having FUN but SOMETHING was MISSING but I don't know what! My peepo were still in the GHETTO but all of my friends were now peepo that I just met last nite who all seem to always have DRUGS! I don't wanna do other DRUGS but after all of that travelling over different time zones & fast food, I need the ENERGY! These peepo are weird expecting me to hit the casting couch but I'm a young chick from the hood & I don't SNIFF anything but good food! What do I do? I'm a fatherless child with no guidance or direction. I do need that money though. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

But what is this......? Blak Peepo are making money with good jobs but...........a BIG DISEASE with a lil name is affecting US in the hood. Some of my friends are getting it bcuz they are smoking a new form of COCAINE that's so addictive, they are forsaking work & leaving their babies in the hospital to get more. What used to be FUN is now turning SPIRITUAL & that SPIRIT is embodying itself into REVOLUTION. Some dudes said that WE should FIGHT the POWER especially after so many ILLEGAL SEARCHES! Out in jersey, that FORMER QUEEN said it was LADIES FIRST! Brothers from the JUNGLE told US that BLACK is BLACK & up in that place that started it ALL, WE heard that the BRIDGE was OVER! Rhymes rough enough to break NY from long island started the EARTHQUAKE out west but that would have to wait til the NEXT UP, yo I believe that's me, that 40 year old chick reaching maturity. Yo east coast, I gotta SPREAD my WINGS & fly away.

                                                         -to be continued-

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The 1st 40 YEARS.......the INNOCENCE of the 70's - Part I

She was born EXACTLY 40 years ago YESTERDAY (8/11/73) & I wish her a HAPPY but BELATED BIRTHDAY! Though she was born 40 years ago, like the PEEPO who borne her, she's really always been here since FOREVER and in reality, ain't going NOWHERE! Yes yes Y'ALL, she was born amid all of the DRUDGERY, MUCK & MIRE in the 10456 area code back in the day when gangs abounded & power from the street lites made the place DARK! IDK but some dude from Jamaica kinda made me into 1 form & here I was all young & wrapped up not knowing that I would become the FREQUENCY necessary to effect the WORLD like a young Ali taking the title from a champ like sonny liston. This is the beginning of my story.

Of course there was a time when I was PURE & INNOCENT & only for the truly INITIATED & at first, I was confined to the hoods UPTOWN in the biggest & craziest city in the whole u.s. Like most great things, I was born under the PRESSURE that makes DIAMONDS. My PARENTS who are still alive though their RELATIONSHIP is troubled are urging me to continue but don't like the route that I'm currently taking. Ya see in the 70's when THEY created me, they didn't know that I would move to other hoods & CHANGE the GAME of how things went but like how PROPHETS aren't recognized while alive, that's just what WE do! WE don't know that EVERYTHING that I/WE/US do is OUR STORY though those OTHERS seem to be WHORING my SONS & DAUGHTERS out NOW! Damn, WE still don't know the GAME!

Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die will be out soon. The Blak Smith needs all of my supporters to send me $2 so that I can complete it & for that, ya get an e-book. If ya feeling US, please assist US in OUR endeavors & if ya want my 1st e-book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me along with Boom bye bye, you can get both for just $5 for a limited time only.* For further info OUR contact info is below. 

When I was a PHENOM in the STREETS of that northeastern city, I was a STAR bar none! You would hear me pumping out from the flyest cars with cassette tape capabilities. You would see peepo MOBBED UP in the park trying to catch a glimpse. You would check my peepo DANCING in them streets & there was always somebody expressing that with some INK that dripped like BLOOD as WE invoked OUR ANCESTORS to hear OUR PLEAS even though WE didn't know that WE were doing all that. I UNITED a whole CITY with what I was doing as those not privy to what I was came uptown via those iron horses that were covered with those same expressions I just mentioned. Man those were the days but then I was growing up. I'm just reminiscing a bit here so stay with US.

The 70's.......WOW.......King had just been assassinated....the WAR in Nam was still raging & some dude named nixon was LYING to the ameriKKKan public. Urban blight was the word & though I was CREATED by US, in all reality, the school system not allowing US to express US made me who I was. I am just as much a creation of US as racist white supremacy is & who knows what I would have been if not for that BITCH? Though most of my participants are MALE, the PRINCIPLE of my essence was created in the WOMB & that's why I'm a her for I am CREATIVITY! Who dares challenge my LEGACY as I am the way most YOUTH the WORLD over expresses themselves? Even those who previously shunned me acknowledge me now but not in the way I wanted it to be.........but those streets were too confining & I had to go DOWNTOWN & next thing ya know, some exec gotta hold of what it was & commodified me. It was all good but ya see, my peepo gotta eat &......................the 70's was my TRUEST times. Then came the 80's. Let's continue my bio in the next part ok!

 * offer expires 8/31/13. For those who are SIRIUS, contact US at & on FB, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks for y'all SUPPORT & PEACE! The paper books will be out SOON!!!!!!!

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This goes out to all of my MIGHTY MIGHTY PEEPO of the EARTH! WIND, FIRE & WATER is gonna get THEM so no need to be worried by those NECKS that turn colors from the SUN aka OUR FATHER! The MOON is gonna REFLECT that LIGHT but let's talk EARTHLY for now so as NOT to spook some of y'all out. As an aside, another of OUR GREATEST in George Duke passed just a few days ago & WE HONOR & LOVE what he left behind!:* As this is the WRAP UP to OUR SERIES, what I wanna do here is bring all of the parts together to show Y'ALL exactly what WE'VE been meaning for the past 2 weeks. As well, WE will round off what WE THINK WE can do NOW so that WE are READY when that day comes like a thief in the night. Ya see WE at b2a want to take US thru the whole range of MADNESS so that ya know what it is when ya see it. With that, let's get into it & what WE looking forward to.

Though I hadn't made it a series in my mind & thus it didn't become Part I at the time, this article really jumped it off: If ya missed it, what I did in that 1 was to ADVISE US who are not children into a way of LAYERED THINKING that the DEVIL swears WE ALL can't do. WE have to LEARN how to THINK bcuz the education system is churning out PRISONERS who find knowledge of self too damn late! If WE can get 'em young before THEY hit them streets,WE can ARREST a lotta that AGGRESSION & CHANNEL it so that WE can use it to OUR ADVANTAGE! Imagine HOME SCHOOLING thru CHESS only after OUR CHILDREN know how to READ & do basic MAATH! Thru that, ya see how WE THINK & direct the energy to something POSITIVE that primarily BENEFITS US! I advise ANYONE reading this who doesn't already know how, to learn CHESS ASAP as you will need it!

In Part II aka, WE used Mao of China ONLY as an EXAMPLE & bcuz he was a KILLER EXTRAORDINAIRE, I was JUMPED ON by those who can't do that LAYERED THINKING I spoke of in the LAST SEGMENT! Peepo thought that I was saying that I wanted to get my THINKING from an Asian, that I wanted to KILL to solve problems etc etc. blah blah blah. For y'all I have a few questions though; what to do with those PIMPS, WHORES, PEDOPHILES, DRUG USERS, ALCOHOLICS & those who just WON'T STOP? Should WE BAN 'EM & send YOU with 'em? I ain't having NO DEGENERACY around me as WE already know about that LIFE & the purpose of using Mao was to SHOW that when TOO MANY BLAK PEEPO are given SOLUTIONS, instead of offering ALTERNATIVES, they wanna POKE HOLES in that POSSIBLE SOLUTION leaving US exactly where WE fucking started from! No NIGGERS, WE expound from Mao & others who already did their NATION BUILDING knowing that along the way, WE will make OUR errors as well but as the saying goes, 'somebodies gotta do it!" WTF YOU doing besides running ya mouth yet AGAIN?

In Part III aka, I said exactly what I said in the last segment to let those NIGGERS know where WE were coming from. Too many of US can't see that day when LIBERATION will be upon US & so Y'ALL naysay everything akin to a chick seeing ya make it & being the 1st BITCH on her KNEES! She FRONTED on ya for YEARS & now all of a sudden she wanna be ya SEX SLAVE but WE digress! NATION BUILDING ain't for the weak at heart, it's dirty & it requires a multi-facted approach. In this dynamic, WE need SOULJAH's, WARRIORS, CHEFS, MILITARY SCIENTISTS, ARTISTS, NURSES, DOCTORS, NEGOTIATORS, BUSINESS PEEPO, ENGINEERS, SCIENTISTS, BLAK SMITHS & every conceivable component that makes for a viable society. WE will need a JUSTICE SYSTEM! While WE go thru this TRANSFORMATION, WE still gonna have to SURVIVE & have OUR FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER at hand. WE gonna still have to LAUGH, CRY & DANCE! WE BLAK PEEPO & WE gonna have to go on as WE gonna be VICTORIOUS & this ain't something I'm HOPING for, it's the ONLY THING I KNOW! What about you?

Part IV was a BEAST & check that here;! In that Part, I showed that some of US from OUR recent past have already laid down a blueprint for US to follow & still are. Our pre-eminent ANCESTOR scholar in Dr John Henrik Clarke hasn't even been gone 20 years yet. Dr. Ben like Mandela despite ill health are still ticking. Steve Cokely passed on last year but WE got dudes like the Concious Rasta, Bomani Tyehimba, Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, Umar Johnson, Professor Griff, Chike Akua & so many many more that have taken that torch & lit the way for US to continue. Do I have to bring up Dr. Amos Wilson, Chancellor Williams & Alton Maddox? Read those BOOKS yo & my own, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die will be out shortly shameless plugs & all! For my very 1st book, check this link but for a personnaly signed copy, get at me at my e-mail or fb inbox provided below. If ya don't like reading books, you can always BUILD BUILDINGS with those BOOKS ok?

What about OUR GENIUSES like Bob Marley & Marvin Gaye? Stevie Wonder & Donny Hathaway? Kool Herc & Afrika Bambatta? Who doesn't like Nas & KRS-1? Hip Hop is gonna be the FREQUENCY to FREE US as it was said that this would be the generation of Indigo & Crystal children that would come forth & not have this 3 dimensional shit NO MO meaning, no more DOGMA & RHETORIC! WE wanna see REAL SHIT & not wait for the courts to decide blah blah, yaketty yak! Eddie Murphy sang KILL the WHITE PEEPO in there! Unkle Murda SHOT the SHERRIF & Immortal Technique is gonna Pay ya BACK! Organized Konfusion taught US about HATE & Nas said What goes around....................if ya wanna be real about it just go to the link provided here at As I type these words, WE in the Last Dayz like Onyx says!

So the WRAP UP is almost complete but before WE go ya gotta know something; there are 3 types of peepo! There are those who MAKE it HAPPEN! There are those who WATCH it HAPPEN & then there are those who ask, "WHAT HAPPENED?" At any given time, anyone could be any of those but by now, I hope that ya know where ya fit in in this equation. The whole purpose of b2a is to AWAKEN that MELANIN inside ya so that WE can have those with EYES that SEE & EARS that HEAR READY for that soon coming day & STOP ASKING Me WHEN bcuz IDK when that is. Evolution is not an event, it is a PROCESS so ya gotta be ready for that AUDITION & this is a SELF MISSION! As I know NOTHING, get with those in ya local area & devise ya strategies & methodologies for this NEW ERA WE have been in for almost 9 months now. The BABY has been INCUBATED & WE AIN'T going BACK no mo'! Being that Hip Hop is that FREEDOM FREQUENCY, I leave US with this: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

The Blak Smith can be reached at or at fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). If ya wanna do business, INBOX ONLY!

* I picked that song bcuz I still be on that TYPE SHIT!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey b2a peepo! How ya doing? I hope that all is well when ya receive this & that ya thinking about what I've written along with whatever SOLUTIONS that ya have in ya OWN MIND! As I know NOTHING, I do KNOW that when WE went to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR that WE traveled with OUR theme MUSIC somewhat like jack spade told the characters in I'm gonna get ya sucka. WE need the REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR in US when that END TIME comes & what I wanna do is give US some songs that will help US THINK for then. Even if ya not into that BLAK SHIT like Me & a whole bunch of others, I hope that ya agree that at least WE can ENJOY some GREAT MUSIC together. Let's get it.

If I were YOU, I would be feeling this WAY!:

After that above FEELING, do this with OUR PEEPO here at:


WE are in the age of AQUARIUS! Where you at?:

No description necessary:

I just LUV KraKK(a) SMOKERS!:

See above:

100% Hip Hop LOVE!:

For those who just LOVE PRAYER!:

To all of my HATERS!:

REMEMBER this when it's OUR TURN!:





FUTURE SHIT!: more of this!:

But more of THIS!:

For THEM, it's the

Regardless of WHAT,



See ya HERE at

Remember my COUNTDOWN?:

So WE been on that FUTURE that already PASSED! Join US in their LAST DAZE & do not help 'em! WE gonna finish off the NATION BUILDING SERIES in a few days as there's not much YOU can do but stay alive! Here at b2a, WE luv US some Blak Folk & just know that the Blak Smith got some mo' SHIT on deck for US! If ya got somethin to say to US, get at Me & Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die will be out REAL SOON! I'm at & on fb, I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). With US, it's ALWAYS WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR until WE FREE! 

Monday, August 5, 2013


So yea.........WE start it off with the GRANDADDY of 'em all in Chancellor Williams & his all time classic, Destruction of Blak Civilization, just 1 of the GREATEST BOOKS of ALL TIMES that is a MUST READ! This here is Part III of OUR NATION BUILDING series & today, WE gonna show y'all that the necessary BLUE PRINTS have already been written long ago that needs just a lil updated tweaking ! As that DEVILS days are numbered, I'm like a SHARK with BLOOD coming out the gills & with stories like this,, the proverbial writing is ON the WALL! With so many staged events lately, WE won't know if these THREATS are REAL or NOT but WE at b2a will remain VIGILANT til that DEVIL cries for his very LIFE! WE have job to do & it ain't about making money as it has NEVER freed US & in fact, has done MORE to ENSLAVE US than most know. Let's get into some books now!

Front Cover

How WE got here:

This book in & of itself has taught Me the MOST about Afrika from as far back as possible. This is the book that 1 must read if ya wanna know the REAL as to just HOW WE got into this WRETCHED SHITUATION! It goes back 6,000 years & only tips the iceberg. Then from that, 1 could go to the GREAT Chikh Anta Diop & his hard to read Civilization or Barbarism. I bought this book & TRIED to read it but as it was translated & very scholastic, I couldn't finish it but to those who did, it's GREAT! Who said that NATION BUILDING was easy? To know who you truly are, READ STOLEN LEGACY by George GM James!  From there, WE can then travel on to How Europe underdeveloped Afrika as written by the late Walter Rodney & boy was that a smoker & though I haven't read it, YOU SHOULD! For pre-columbus history, WE have the great Dr. Ivan van Sertima & his They came before columbus! Note that these books are not for beginnners & CAUTION must be taken before ya BLOW ya BRAINS out with the info! WE have a GLORIOUS PAST & a soon better FUTURE! Get with US!

Where WE at now:

Let's start with perhaps the most GANGSTA BOOK ever written & it's by a Ghanian who goes by the name of Ayi Kwei Armah who wrote 2000 Seasons! The beginning of it alone will BLOW ya AWAY but ya need to cop that to find out. Big shout & props to another great who passed earlier this year & his name is Achebe & his book, Things Fall Apart. That book changed my life as I saw just 1 of the ways it all went down. Ya see, when WE talk about NOW, WE talkin about ALL of OUR PEEPO EVERYWHERE & as I always say, WE ain't going nowhere without Afrika bcuz Afrika is the WORLD! Yes.......WE gonna come a lil mo' recent & get into Kwame Nkrumah & his book, Neo-Colonialism, the Last stage of Imperialism & just how WE are gonna knock racist white supremacy DOWN!  So do ya see how WE can ground OURSELVES in WHO WE are & come full circle yet? Most of the peepo who left their legacy behind such as Tony Martin left US with RACE FIRST or the definitive works of His Highness, the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Let's git it git it!

Where WE wanna go:

Like that retard michael j foxx, WE wanna go BLAK to the FUTURE & as WE know that TIME is a CIRCLE, BLAK WE are going! What's in that future? Well for starters, WE have the Star of Deep Beginnings by my dude who studies with the Dogon named Charles Finch. WOWWWWWW!!!! Oh, ya want more FUTURE STUFF? Check out Ancient Future by Dr. Wayne Chandler & that's another SMOKER right there. Ya see, WE are speaking for OUR SIRIUS PEEPO here & by now, 75% of Y'ALL bowed outta this 1 but WE keep going. Bcuz WE are on the precipe of that NEAR FUTURE, I won't go in too much on 'em but....................round all of this out with Oba T'shaka & his great BOOKS that I've mentioned numerous times previously entitled, Return to the Afrikan Mother Principal of Male & Female Equality & the Art of Leadership. These books will show US how WE got bamboozled, how WE stayed there & how WE gonna get out & be that VANGUARD in the near FUTURE that I'm going to! How about you?

The Conclusion:

Lately, too many peepo out there have been telling me that the way outta this mess is thru ECONOMICS & though that plays a big part in society, for US, it really doesn't & here's why; most of US who are rich are nothing but HIGH-TECH SLAVES & when THEY can't control ya, they either kill YOU or SACRIFICE a family member as ya personal BLOOD SACRIFICE! HUMAN RESOURCES is what WE AFTER & WE gonna get that when every CHILD has a MOTHER & FATHER & no more BABY MOTHERS & FATHERS as WE'LL all be WIVES & MOTHERS & HUSBANDS & FATHERS! I could have used 1,000 books to make OUR point but as I'm from the Hip Hop Era & have written extensively about all of this & in my new book (Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die), I won't get into it much & do ya own archive search if ya new here. Peepo were dissing me for using Mao as an EXAMPLE but what to do with those who will still wanna SERVE up BIOLOGICAL WARFARE of the MIND aka DRUGS? Ya know what I mean, them CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP types who don't give a FUCK about any of this BLAK SHIT as they stay stuck in the 4th dimension aka purgatory! Nah, yo........ya won't be around Me with it so who's gonna say ENOUGH? Maybe ya gotta better way than this but WE moving FORWARD as that DEVIL slides BACK into his CAVE! J.O.B.S are SOFT SLAVERY & WE going on to the NEXT! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!