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BREAKING NEWS "The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The System"

Hey b2a peepo, how ya doin? I hope that Y'ALL out there are READY as BIG THINGS are HAPPENIN & NOTHIN is HIDDEN! WE must OVERTSAND that WE are livin in the days of REVELATIONS & EVERYTHANG is comin out. Them niKKKa's can't hide anymore & I was supposed to write my REBUTTAL to Mia Miata's Part II of Luv & Lust but what the fugg.....this here is more important & with that, WE had to come to this bcuz ya need to know! The POPE has been EXPOSED! When this happened a few weeks ago, I knew that SOME NEXT BIG THING was gonna happen. Do ya even remember this?:

I told y'all last July that the KraKKa has CONCEDED: THEY know that WE shall INHERIT the EARTH & are in straight PANIC MODE & til this day, THEY wonderin what THEY gonna do when it's APPARENT that THEY are no longer in con…

Black Love vs. the Ego: Part II Mama Said “Knock Yo

By Mia Miata “the Neo-Soul Nina Simone
If ya didn't check Part I of this series, read it here so that this all makes sense:

The Black Man is the most powerful man in the entire Universe. He is the most talented of all men on Earth, the most athletically gifted of all men, the most brilliant, posseses the brute strength of 10 men but is the most sexually promiscuous and the most arrogant of all of the Great Mother’s Suns. The EGO or Edging God Out throughout all of his-story has been his greatest asset and biggest downfall. He is admired and worshipped the world over and he is desired by women of every race and creed thus leaving his true match and authentic partner, the Black woman neglected, alone, and abandoned. The power has been shifted back to the Black Man after 6000 years from the hands of the beast. The Great Mother is now turning her attention to the children of the planet Earth and her divi…

CDango & OTHER SHIT WE coverin

(St Chris Dorner)

Hey St Chris, how ya doin? How have ya been? Sorry that I wasn't able to help ya since ya been SUPPOSEDLY GONE! The news & too many peepo had ya as a ROGUE police officer but THANK YOU for lettin racist white supremacy KNOW that every BM ain't afraid to die! WE hope that it really wasn't YOU in that log cabin up in big bear & if it was, may those racist pigs who didn't even TRY to apprehend ya DIE in abject PAIN over a long period of time! You alone made BHM EXCITIN! Wherever ya went is where WE wanna be! THEY may have gotten rid of ya but WE know that there's a place for ya somewhere at  If ya still ALIVE though, WE got that STICKY - ICKY on DECK! As ya ain't a cop anymore, ya could use some. HOLLA BLAK my BROTHA!

Though I've been readin TOO MANY articles about the economy collapsin for a LONG TIME now, when it finally happens, TOO MANY of US is gonna get caught off guard! FOOD is the O…



Is this it? Why did it ONLY hit where there were no PEEPO? 33,000 mph & NO ONE DIED? I'm SIRIUSLY in doubt about what allegedly happened last week in of all places, russia & Cuba but will reserve from sayin that it didn't happen. Since this happened, there have been reports that this space ROCK is more valuable than gold, platinum & even COCAINE!: Or is it just me bein PARANOID? Well check out what else I found while checkin on this story: Ya see, today, INFO is INSTANT! As cameras are now everywhere, it's like LIFE is like 1 great big TRUMAN SHOW! WE now KNOW that a lotta those who lost lil 1's in sandy hook were in fact, ACTORS! As in so many recent HOAXES, the lines between TRUTH & LIES has been so BLURRED that peepo a…

Hmm....what's under that SKIRT?

For more information contact ITCCS and Rev. Annett at and see

Copy of letter to President Napolitano

An Open Letter and Appeal to Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic of Italy

from Rev. Kevin D. Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

14 February, 2013

Al Presdente della Repubblica Italiana
Giorgio Napolitano

Presidenza della Repubblica
c/o Palazzo del Quirinale

00187 Roma

Dear President Napolitano,

On behalf of our Tribunal and people of conscience everywhere, and of the millions of victims of church abuse, I am making an appeal to you regarding your upcoming meeting with Joseph Ratzinger, who will retire soon as Pope Benedict, the Pontiff of the Church of Rome.

Our understanding is that, in the wake of pressure to have him resign his office because of his proven complicity in concealing child trafficking in his church and other crimes against humanity, Joseph Ratzinger is seeking th…

Shit be ILLIN!!!!!!!!!


What up & let's get into it! The dude that I recently CANONIZED as a SAINT as in Nat Turner ahem, let me get it straight as it was Larry Davis but no........oh yea, St Chris Dorner & DAMN I HATE that as far as WE know, he's gone! DAMN & fuKKK all of Y'ALL who still BELIVE that the old red, KraKKa & blue gives a SHIT about YOU bcuz YOU were in an elite unit in THEIR MILITARY! That's like lookin at a BLAK PERSON in Afrika! I keep tryin to tell Y'ALL that THEY ain't NO GOOD but THEY DON'T HEAR ME THOUGH! Ayo, WE had a dude who thru DYING showed what niKKKa's can do as in a christ like way bcuz as a GOD, I've already CANNONIZED him! He DIED for THEIR SINS bcuz THEY took EVERYTHING that he had! In my estimation of what LIFE really is, is that WORTH that to YOU? I think of SONGS such as this in such a case:

So WE hear tell that there was a meteorite landi…

The Legend of Nigger Charley

I DARE any of YOU out there to find a PROBLEM that BP have that WASN'T started by

To my peepo up north, glad ya dug outta the snow & ice. WE'RE BLAK after a lil pause & 6 days later, THEY have founds signs of St Chris Dorden aka that BLAK dude who is exactin REVENGE on the lapd for his mistreatment. He SHOT it OUT with 'em & has wounded 2 officers.: How y'all doin on the eve of valentine's day? I wish that CD had waited so that he could have done a valentines day massacre like the move from the 60's. Yea yo, a lot is goin on & ain't ya glad that ya LIVED to see it? Ok, a lotta y'all don't wanna hear about comparisons with django & Dornen & so I'm gonna call my dude, CDango. What ya think?

Drones have been deployed overseas for YEARS but just maybe, there is more to all of this than WE know. THEY are SHOWIN their weaponr…

Anti - Hero Freedom Fighters 101!

Since the BEGINNIN of what WE now know as ameriKKKa, WE'VE had plenty AFRIKANS in the ameriKKKa's who have HAD IT UP to HERE & WASN'T TAKIN it NO MORE! In actuality, WE'VE ALWAYS had 'em & in todays article, WE are gonna talk about just a few of 'em & probably the more FAMOUS for what they did culminatin to the HERE & NOW with St. Chris Dorner out there somewhere in southern Kali killin up some ROGUE COPS!: Could it be that BM are just sicked & tired of bein SICK & TIRED? Could the COSMOS be callin?: Could it be the 5th Dimension that WE are in with the INEVITABLE WINDS of CHANGE that carry the SPIRIT of the most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey? Can ya feel it in the air? My advice to ALL of YA is to keep on bein BLAK

So where do W…

STEP IN 2moro/ Donald Byrd, Whitney Anniversary

Much RESPECT to OUR DUDE, Donald Byrd who was born in Detroit & was pretty much BORN to play the music that he did for US for his 80 years. When I hear DB, I equate the SOUL ESSENCE to another late & GREAT, Donny Hathaway with Byrd's MUSIC & Hathaway's VOICE! I was so hurt when I heard of his passing that for just a minute, I had that type of headache as a result of ONLY LOVIN YA thru ya MUSIC & bein perfeKtly OK with it bcuz thru ya GENIUS, I know that ya LOVED US so MUCH! I don't ever recall DB doin an interview anywhere or ever seein ANY COMPROMISE in his business & quite honestly, I just don't know what his life was like & I wonder what it means to live in a world where ya not at anymore. Yea DB, what made ya special in other ways.......well at least to me, ya MUSIC was just SO GOOD! Ya music had the right VIBRATION! Ya music is the BOMB! Ya MUSIC is..............................let's get into it witcha my GONE but ALWAYS with US BROTHA…

The bullet proof Rabbit & More!


Ayo, I DARE ya to watch the last post I put on this blog & the name (for ya LAZY ASSES) is Rabbit Proof Fence! The movie is about 3 half caste (bi-racial) children taken away from their homes in the far reaches of colonial Australia. The reason that THEY were taken was bcuz THEY had white-blood & could thus be CHRISTIANIZED & CIVILIZED in the process. Anyway, I DARE anyone readin this to tell me that WE are SUPPOSED to UNITE in BROTHERHOOD with krakka's blah blah blah! After that, also note that the setting is 1931, when KraKKa's decided that THEY would stop bombin each other between world war's I & II. Right now, with EVERYTHING goin on with rumors, wars. more rumors, more war & more rumors of more wars, WE SURVIVIN in a ROGUE STATE & hope ya vibratory rate has gone up to match the INTENSITY of it all. Right now, my LIFE is 1 big FLASH POINT! Let's get it!

Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)

I can't BELIEVE that this movie is over 10 years old now! As it says so much, I'm not gonna write but to say that when ya feel ya need to EASE UP on that KraKKa SHIT, he always rears his UGLY HEAD back with SHIT like this! Go see what happened in another place where the brits did what THEY do BEST & that's HATE! WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the e-mail & I'm Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) on fb.