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Did U know this......?

Hey to all of my b2a PEEPO & peace be unto ya! Once again, the Blak Smith is at it again & WE gonna talk about a few things today. Stuff that may just make ya press rewind if it don't blow ya mind the 1st time. Yeah, that's all WE tryin to do here & in that process, sometimes WE gonna piss ya off. Some of y'all don't like ya bubbles bein burst but in tellin the TRUTH, WE gotta get at ya. Lately, I've been postin movies but today I'll switch up the pace to let y'all know what it is. In other words, WE gonna let y'all know how REAL it is in the FIELD by takin newspaper articles & things that WE'VE heard from outside sources. Join US as WE go in. October of last year, a cdc panel ADVISED that boys should get the hpv vaccine. Y'all better not be doin vaccines as at this point, WE now KNOW that this is the #1 cause of AUTISM. No vaccines! I didn't really cover his death but PEACE, LUV & LIGHT to our dearly departed BROTHA, Don Cornelius. Soul Train lives on forever thru him & so Big Props retrospect, WE find that this GIANT died on the very 1st day of february as in tellin US that BHM was gonna be KRAZY! Then the superbowl right after & then OUR beloved Whitney. In Our Time Press newspaper dated 2/2 - 2/8, Whitney had this to say about Don, sayin that, "I grew up watching Soul Train & I was priveleged to perform on the show at the beginning of my career & on several more occasions. Don opened the door for many artists. He was a great pioneer." Little did WE know that others would soon be sayin the same about her. I think Don was killed & I say that bcuz 31 categories of music were removed from the grammy votin process & with Don dead, the Soul Train Awards SYMBOLICALLY died with him. Whitney was the queen of pop after ROCK & ROLL died. What do you think?

I was readin the Feb 9th 2012 version of Rollin Out Magazine & found an article entitled Keke Palmer to play Teen "SEX ENTHUSIAST." I was like WHOA! Not AGAIN y'all BUT............haven't WE seen this played out so many times already? In the article written by Kathleen Cross, she states what I also thought in that WE remembered OUR Lil Sis as Akeela & the Bee & now this? Check out what KC has to say. "In a career move that has become characteristic of maturing Disney & Nickleodeon roots, Keke Palmer joins the growing list of little celebrity girls who reach young womanhood & shed their "pure" personnas to portray so-called slutty on screen characters." This chick had just played in a movie named joyful noise that was nothin but a interacial teen lovefest as KP starts her climb in the devilish forces that control ENTERTAINMENT but there's more. OUR princess will be playin next in a movie called virgin mary where she is EXCITED to play a SLUT! In this same article, she states that, "People have always known me as Keke Palmer the good girl. In this movie, I'm not neccesarily a slut but my character, I'm a sex enthusiast. That's who I am but the reason why I chose this film was because it's different from what everybody knows me as. And this character spoke to me because she was funny, she was likeable." Huh?

Ms Cross finishes the article with her own commentary hopin that KP stays careful on that slippery slope but now I'm gonna HOLLA at y'all. As Chaka Khan said after Whitneys death, the industry is demoniKKK! Where are her parents? Is she CHOOSIN these movie roles or are THEY seein dollar signs? Do they even care? Whitney was about her age & from the sounds of what KP was sayin, sounds like some PR mumbo jumbo pre written for just such an occasion. She's gonna be the new it girl & as the pattern continues, WE have to recognize it for what it is. Unfortunately for her, if she rebels against THEM, she may wind up GONE but what keeps me goin is that there are only 296 days left! For further reference, look at how miley cyrus turned into hannah montana. REAL recognizes REAL!

Dr Ben is still in the hospital & if ya in the NY area, ya need to holla at him. He's at 801 Co-Op City Blvd in the Bronx. Bring basic toiletries & have time to just holla. On Feb 9th in the Journal News (page 10A), it was said that Russia was the 1st to reach a freshwater lake 2 miles underground in antartica. This was after 20 years of drillin. What are THEY lookin for? They said that this was akin to ameriKKKa puttin a man on the moon yo! Could oil be there & they ain't tellin US? Could aliens have an inpost? The Slave Theater had a lil drama at the beginnin of the month when a patio collapsed there. Because of the legacy this place held in hostin those who opposed injustices especially Alton Maddox, I think that THEY want to destroy the place. There was so much controversy surroundin the place but the final nail is in the coffin. OURSTORY in the makin.

In a news story dated on Feb 9th in the Journal News as well, was a story that said that Tai Chi cuts risk of patient falls. This story written by Stephanie Nano for the AP stated that this ancient chinese excercise improves balance & lowered the risk of falls in a study of people with Parkinson's disease. This article further states that, " Tai Chi with it's slow graceful movements has been shown to improve strength & aid stability in OLDER PEOPLE & has been studied for a number of ailments." To finish, it also states that, " Tai Chi was safe, easy to learn & needs no special equipment." As I've known all of this for some time now, I urge any of YOU readin this to strongly suggest that ya elders take this ancient art on, especially if they are havin BLOOD CIRCULATION problems. Unfortunately, too many of OUR elders lament that WE don't listen to 'em but are they listenin to US? Jack LaLane used to always say that stillness was DEATH & aren't WAY TOO MANY of US dyin too young? If ya couple Tai Chi with juice fastin, 1 could come BLAK from heart attack, stroke, cancer & most other diseases that WE NEEDLESSLY die from. Oh yeah, while WE at it, drink as much alkaline water as ya can bcuz WE here at b2a just luv BLAK PEEPO. It also TATSES GREAT!

As of today, that KraKKa got 296 days left & let me tell ya why I can say that he ain't long for this world. The Haitian Prime Minister, Gary Conille abruptly resigned last week & this was on page 9a of the Journal News on Feb 25th. As corrupt as these so called 3rd world countries have become, some of US still know that WE have to help OUR PEEPO! As this is a very recent development, I'l stay on it & report BLAK later but anyone concerned with OUR PEEPO is supposed to know this. Also, India dumped the dollar as it CRASHES & hardly any of y'all is talkin about it bcuz ya keep thinkin that ECONOMICS is based on MONEY! For those of you who do know what it is, These type of stories let me know that his time is up as India has over a BILLION PEEPO & plenty of THEM send dollars home only for it to be absorbed, converted & never to be seen as dollars again. Before the Blak Smith closes out though, I leave Y'ALL with WISE WORDS from 2 of our BEST EVER : Stay alive y'all & keep ya heart & ya mind RIGHT! All things WILL & DO change around. Did ya know this? Well if ya didn't, ya do NOW! Peace.

Damn man, the Blak Smith did it AGAIN! I'll soon be in the Dirty South again doin lectures while promotin my book so y'all gotta support the BROTHA as he do his thing Y'ALL. The link is here but I can't autograph every copy!: As always stated, ya can reach me at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Keep on readin & much thanks to Sharon Smith, Linda Rochon & Meester Sheriee for all the LUV & SUPPORT. Hit me up & let's get FREE!

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Eddie Griffin - Voodoo Child [FULL]

I mess with this dude here bcuz he be sayin some REAL SHIT whether ya like him or not! Get with it or don't & I'll be sho nuff, comin with an article soon. Peace to all of my peepo & STAY BLAK whatever ya do. Oh........& laugh a lil!

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The Brother From Another Planet/Another MUST SEE CLASSIC!!!

Ya gotta see this 1 as it says so MUCH! Enjoy.

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The Spook Who Sat by the Door/ 1 of the GREATEST MOVIES EVER!!


Go here as jewtube takes 'em down:
Yeah, I'm BLAK on POST Y'ALL! It's been a long time, I shouldn't left you.........without a STRONG MOVIE to step to. This is in HONOR of BLAK HISTORY & don't think it gotta come 1 way. Our REVOLUTIONARY BROTHA, Samuel Greenlee who wrote this BOOK & SUFFERED azza result of it all, made this movie to offset the BLAKSPLOITATION era & look where WE are today. Check out this whole movie AGAIN & when possible, show this to the young G's ya know to know that NEVER see this type of SHIT. Besides, even though this izza movie, ain't it GREAT to see US winnin? WE used to SUN these KraKKa's long ago & as Y'ALL gotta know, HE'S payin US BLAK for all of that! Ya job now is to STAY ALIVE & see his time GO! Blak History is ALWAYS celebrated where WE at so go in yo! Have this type of MENtality when that day comes & let's LIVE y'all. Peace.

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Dr John Henrik Clarke's A Great Mighty Walk

I had to replace as the link went down! Thanx jootoob:

As the film speaks for itself, if ya wanna see a TRUE REVOLUTIONARY, this is HIM! Most of y'all don't probably know that Dr John Henrik Clarke was a scholar that taught SO MANY! As well, most of US don't know that Wesley Snipes made this movie thru his Amen-Ra Film Productions. Part of his imprisonment was bcuz of his teachings that he got from this man who never attended college but devised the 1st Afrikan Studies  Dept in Hunter College in NYC. He is also a contemporary of the beloved Dr Ben & ya need to know about both of 'em as they were BEST FRIENDS. I strive to be like my Baba & he has left so much to follow. In fact, most of the REAL WARRIOR SCHOLARS includin Malcolm, got their info from him. Please watch this film in its entirety & HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

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WE gotta talk about the DEVIL in the MUSIC (industry)! My LIVICATION 2 WH

Ayo! Today, I'm callin all of y'all to attention! Strap up bcuz this is gonna be a HOT ONE that's gonna piss a lot of y'all off but y'all already know that IDGAF! WE gonna be puttin up mad links so on this one, ya might as well call me HONEST abe LINK(on). I wrote a few months BLAK, these DEVILS are ASS NAKED & puttin too many of US to sleep as THEY show US who THEY really are & I ain't talkin about yo RACIST ASS supervisors at work. I'm talkin about those bosses who are 7 bosses ahead of yo boss who meets with the politicians & bankers. Ya boss works just like you & takes orders to hopefully climb up to be 1 of 'em one day & for all of you still think that workin, votin, gettin an education from THEM & just plain overall CONFORMIN to this system is the way to go, keep on readin as I'm about to piss you the fuKKK off. If ya don't like it, you can fuKKK off!

If ya gettin educated without a foundation as to who you are in this SHYTSTEM, then ya education is for the purpose of servin racist white supremacy point period, point blank. If ya think not, then ya need to read or watch the Spook who sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee. Entertainment today as defined by the DEVIL is the EVIL that men do! The DEVIL is a DEVOLution of US. If ya think not then check this:* Chaka has had her share of issues & is a VET of the industry so why not take it from her? To boot, this is just a PIECE of that intervue as in another part, she says that the industry is DEMONIC & had a manager tell her that,"ya worth more DEAD than ALIVE!" To all of you naysayers who don't know SHIT about the music industry, hold this 1 before ya go to the next paragraph:

Now that ya saw that, why was MJ intervued by a rabbi? Why are WE still enthralled by this SHIT? WE are the TALENT but think that WE need adulation. That need for this adulation is KILLIN OUR very BEST & it needs to stop. As stated before, in the 90's, I was valiantly pursuin a record deal & never got one & boy am I glad that it didn't happen but I chalk it off as the EXPERIENCE that enabled me to write: Ayo, do y'all remember this?: This is the attitude that Blak Peepo need to adopt as WE need to turn inward, bcuz like Onyx, I'm just gettin started.

How many of y'all remember this song?: That my friends is possibly, 1 of rocks all time classics by the eagles. Did any of y'all know that the hotel california was a real place that was renamed the where OUR BELOVED SISTA died? Did y'all know that the song they made was about the excesses of a gettin high lifetsyle hollyWEIRD style? Word to my Ma Dukes who is still alive yo, I can't make this shit up so look here NON BELIEVIN ASSES: Or check out anton lavey who founded the satanist church at.....OMG, this place: on 6/6/66. That's 4 sixes for y'all that think numerology is a joke. Y'all still thinkin that I'm BULLSHITTIN? I'm gonna start my own CATTLE FARM so I could have that BULL SHIT in yo eyes til they OPENED!

I've been tellin y'all for a minute that all of the top dudes in this music shit are undercover ZIONISTS who are charismatic on camera. They are ACTORS like the pope & wield MORE POWER than him as THEIR music reaches EVERYONE who likes the tunes & melodies makin US into Blak music is the most popular worldwide & with this new batch of musicians, THEY are destroyin US with the vibrations & frequencies. tommy motolla & clive davis can be said to be the ones to have killed Mike & Whitney but if I say that THEY did it, y'all would say that I'm a conspiracist. The 1st grammy party was held in this hotel so how much fuKKKin coincidences do ya need yo? Some of y'all want the video, the fingerprints, the motive & all of the evidence of what THEY been doin for a long time as if ya didn't have enuff of HIS STORY to go on. Don'y y'all remember Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Minnie Ripperton & Donny Hathaway? Let me tell y'all once AGAIN that these DEVILS luv to let y'all know that THEY did it but REVEL in ya SORROW as WE argue about "oh well, she was a DRUG ADDICT" or "that's how it goes when ya livin the life" or whatever type shit ya wanna say when things like this happen. Remember, these peepo were HUMANS & could have been ya brother/sista/mother/father/uncle/aunt/niece or nephew. Ya neighbor or employer. Think about that.

From this point on, I want y'all to think about what Y'ALL are allowin you & ya children to INGEST into y'all systems! If ya don't know what that word means, here ya go: If you's a jesus/mohamed/abraham FREAK or just a HATER of Blak Nation Buildin, by now if ya don't see what this is about from peepo who are INSIDE & have NOTHIN to lie about, then DON'T write me to say that this is all conspiracy! Before THEY got to Kanye, he told US that bush didn't care about Blak Peepo. Chaka Khan can LOSE her life & was obviously in grief at the news of her dear SISTA dyin like that. taylor swift has a new video that's a ritual & if it don't creep ya out, I don't know what will: That after party was a RITUAL to ease Whitney's death out with all of the energy of Blak Folk yo! As she was no longer any good to 'em bcuz of losin her voice, her purpose was DONE! Check this last video out comin from a KraKka who's tellin the TRUTH about that & THEM gettin they strength from REPTILIAN BLOOD!: I cannot make this shit up but I can show ya better than I could tell ya! This has been a Blak Smith presentation & as I want for you what I want for myself, know that ya got 310 SYMBOLIC DAYS left before ya do the real work that WE need to BUILD a  new NATION. Whatever ya do, do NOT let THEM DISTRACT ya from ya MISSON! Stay well & peace.

Y'all need to revue these series that I wrote in 2010 detailin the insides of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Check 'em out here at & at As they are series, read 'em when ya have time.

*Y'all need to know that this link is too TRUE bcuz ya have to copy & paste it into the browser as it won't directly link up. Stay tuned as WE get more into this as the days go.

With the shit that I'm writin, how is it that ya don't have my book (link uptop) yet? Anyhoo, as I already said enuff, get at me when ya sirius at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Look for more BULLSHIT to come down the pike as the Krakka knows that he is so OVER & can't do SHIT about it. Ya job more than ever is to make sure that ya don't go down with him. HOLLA BLAK if ya hear me.
I LIVICATE this song to my BROTHERS Jay, Tito & Lee & to the rest of my b2a FAM:

Public Enemy - Terminator X to the Edge of Panic/ Who gives a fukkk about a goddamned grammy?

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It's 2012 & Blak Peepo are still.........

Hey there Blak Peepo & how Y'ALL doin? By now, unless ya sleepin under a rock, you know that Whitney Houston, OUR much troubled SISTA has passed on to the ANCESTRAL REALM. As Way to Many have already DIED too young & as I've covered this extensively, expect MORE to die as THEY cull OUR numbers. Now I don't know HOW or WHY this lady died but I expect it to be somewhat like when amy krakkhouse died. As stated in a previous article here in b2a, it seems like amy had shed all of her previous handlers & what happens when handlers get shed is........ya start rememberin stuff THEY wanted ya to forget such as the Multiple Personality Disorders given thru such projects like mk - ultra. Y'all need to look up Project Monarch & make a note that I'M NOT SAYIN FACTUALLY that she died at THEIR hands. This is why ya need to be really careful bcuz once it's known that you're an addict, like ODB& ak, it's easy to label ya death as an overdose even if ya shed the drugs & alcohol. Anyhoo, this is all comes on the heels of 1 of the GREATEST RITUALS in the SUPERBOWL, with the queen of all witches in madge, who represented the polar opposite of who & what Whitney was. Let's see how this all plays out in the comin days as WE are livin in the days of REVELATIONS where all will be REVEALED! Like a Chicago area code, WE got 312 days left!

Another thing happenin lately is jeremy lin, the new point guard sensation who plays for the ny knicks. Seeminly & out of NOWHERE, this guy is all over the place turnin other teams into mincemeat even bestin the lakers & kobe bryant. A young beautiful SISTA named Autumn Ashanti said the other day that HE may be the distraction the chinese need to disguise that THEY are takin Afrika! I think that the chinese are doin the dirty work of the europeans as THEY have a bloodline in the Li Family & before Y'ALL say that I'm readin into this too much, check this link out here: If yo lazy ass don't like readin, then scroll down slightly & read the part where it says UNDERSTANDING HOW CHINESE NAMES ARE JOINED & guess who's name is in there?

So......what was this dude doin on his 2 previous teams? Y'all do know that he got cut from the warriors & the rockets right? He came here & sat on the bench & out the blue now, he's this AMAZIN WIZARD of basketball ALL of a SUDDEN? The Blak Smith doesn't believe in coincidence & for him to come up this way sounds like a movie & if WE use the proverbial hegelian dialectic, WE can find all of the variables jumbled into a neat ball of PURE fuKKKery! Every so often, THEY gotta DISTRACT ya with all of these SIDE ISSUES so that ya stop concentratin on bein FREE bcuz THEY time is UP & by DISTRACTIN ya, ya won't PREPARE for the position ya supposed to have! To all of my Blak Peepo, STOP gettin DISTRACTED as ya time is now & DEATH is the ultimate SACRIFICE! You may have to sacrifice SELF for ya CHILDREN so get ready to see peepo around ya DYIN all the time! Concentrate on EVERYTHING you INGEST & let's get outta life what WE supposed to. For now though, let's get into......................

the fact that Blak Peepo are still BUGGIN! It's now 2012 & Blak Peepo are still denyin that LIFE as WE KNOW it will SOON CEASE to EXIST! As this winter has been better than last summer, it may be through ADVERSE WEATHER whether Y'ALL LIKE it or NOT! It snowed an inch a few days ago & that didn't even last the whole day as it was warm & melted before noon. Blak Peepo still eatin pork....smmfh! Blak Peepo in 2012 are still lookin at J.O.B.S as the ONLY way to make money & when ya try & show 'em how to come up will STILL make excuses as to why it CAN'T work. It's 2012 & Blak Peepo still come late to everything if they feel it ain't important & make BULLSHIT ASS excuses when ya hold 'em accountable but then wanna complain when SHIT just ain't right. I ain't tryin to hear that! What a shame!

It's 2012 & Blak Peepo still lookin at peepo who apologize as WEAK! Let me tell y'all how surprised peepo are after I've been nice to 'em for a while & then when I rip they monkey asses to shreds airin 'em the fuKKK out how THEY never wanna be on my bad side again. Y'all just don't know! Don't get on my bad side yo! 2012 & peepo still laughin & jokin when ya tell 'em about shit like the Reptilian Agenda & the relation with the cosmos to US. 98% of the universe is BLAK! It's 2012 & Blak Peepo still think that the only intelligent beins are everybody besides US. It's 2012 & some of y'all still believe that columbus discovered ameriKKKa & that ya history started with THEM findin US wherever WE were as WE are everybody & everything & already been everywhere. Hold that!

Yeah, I'm goin in's 2012 & NIGGAS is still invitin me to CHURCH! What the fuKKK type shit you on YO? I'm an AVOWED HATER of all RELIGIONS & if ya don't like that then don't read my shit & if ya feel that this is pointin at YOU, then take it as such! I used to be on some real disrespectful shit when it came to this & if ya want me to go there, go ahead & test me but I ain't fuKKKin with no religious deities as I'm a Garveyite/Dr Clark/Dr Ben type dude! BTW, Dr Ben is still in the hospital in the Bronx & if ya need the address, look on my page on FB. That is my rule 100,000% so if ya feel the need to ask me to go to church, I'm gonna tell ya to SICK my DUCK as I'm tired of sayin it & ain't gonna say it no more. You on some SUCKER ASS BUSTA SHIT & it ain't funny yo. If ya invite me, I'mma invite you!

All of you should have a blog so you could smack the SHIT outta peepo anonymously! Those who violate need to respect as when I'm corrected on somethin, I apologize. Ayo, it's 2012 & alot of y'all ain't bought my book yet & the name of it is, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. That book is 321 pages of FIRE packed with info that could free you into that Faith Walk ya need to be takin! Special shout out to all of my supporters especially Sharon Smith & Sybil Gaia. I will be shoutin some of y'all out in subsequent articles & if ya need to holla at me, GET at ME! I'm at or on FB, I'm at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 312 left so STOP invitin me to BULLSHIT & stay alive. Peace.

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Yeah watup my peepo? How y'all doin? The air is pricklin & the vibrations lately have been GREAT! I can feel that something & man am I feelin HOOD! It's as if NOTHIN can hold me back anymore & I ain't even where I need to be but like sex, it's COMIN! These KraKKas is Krazy man & THEY ain't gon stop so to ALL of my REAL BLAK PEEPO, KEEP GOIN & that's an ORDER! WE got the momentum & despite the police killins happennin around US, know that WE will see OUR day so HOLD ON! Keep yo emotions in check & STAY ALIVE! The cycle of LIFE starts with the SCIENCE of LIFE & know that in the GRAND SCHEME of THINGS that you've already WON (1). I feel my VIBRATIONS heightenin & some of y'all already know what I mean. If ya don't, maybe this article won't resonate for ya. It's all about US!

Lately, I don't even have time or the wherewithal to talk about all of the negativity goin on. Tellin y'all about WARS, more WARS & rumors of WARS ain't gonna stop 'em & in fact, every stressful shituation ya go thru can be likened to that battle that ya go thru everyday. Man, on 3 or 4 hours sleep, I can now get up MOTIVATED as there's ALWAYS somethin to do. I sleep so lil now & my diet is not perfeKt but a lot better. I don't know about you but I'm aiight! The vibes that I got from the JB's show the other nite put me on a new HIGH & boy does it feel GREAT! Let's talk about it!

First of all, good looks to the PROMOTION TEAM that goes by Lo-Key. Shout out to the GOD Ezact & the Lo-Key FAM who did it all in GRAND STYLE! Big UPS to Zulu Jeff & to all the peepo who REPRESENTED Golden Era Classic Hip Hop. This reunion tour was a smash yo & so many cats from the recent past represented it right! The GODS & the EARTHS were there. Zulu Nation was in there DEEP! Righteousness was in the piece. Afrikans was in the place. The 5 Boro's REPRESENTED! The NY Metro was in the HOUSE STRONG & peepo lined up all nite despite the show bein sold out way before it jumped off. The Native Tongues REPRESENTED! Hip Hop REPRESENTED!

Big shout to Math who showed up in the piece who represents Burkina Fasao. While there I met, Grouchy Greg who runs A special shout goes to A.A Rashid who was up in there. Shout out goes to Hakim Green who did a great set. Shout out goes out to Dres of Black Sheep, Jarobi from the Tribe, Geechie from Camp Lo, Sadat X & Grand Puba, (who will be in the next Lo - Key show along with X-Clan & Jersey's finest in the Poor Righteous Teachers), John Robinson formerly known as Lil Sci from the former Science of Life & now the A-Alikes, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Kid Capri, Kool Kim who now goes by NY Oil the Ideal, DJ Red Alert, Lakim Shabazz Allah, LONS w/o Busta, the JB's & of course, so many more others. Of course the nite wouldn't have been complete without havin DJ Kool Herc aka the Grand Daddy of Hip Hop there. The nite was BEAUTIFUL, HISTORIC & will go down in the annals of time. Mark February 8th 2012 as the REEMERGENCE of the REALEST comin thru to you!

Most of all, YOU REPRESENTED! As I said in the previous article, I am the Golden Era! To boot, I am the Glitch in the Matrix. I am the Alpha & the Omega & ain't goin nowhere no time soon.!
And don't ever FORGET that I am Ya see, sometimes WE gotta remind y'all of the GENIUS that is US without any interference or interruption. Don't y'all ever forget that Hip Hop dyin is like Blak Peepo dyin. Let me post up 1 more so y'all know what it is: Ok, I think I made my point & so Hip Hop - TAKE it AWAY! Peace.

P.S - What I MOST loved about this show was that almost the whole audience was BLAK!

Yeah, the Blak Smith is a Hip Hop Microphone Fiend! He is also a lover of Afrika & anything that comes from the GENIUS of who & what WE are. As that is the case, I look to preserve the BEST of ALL that WE have to offer. WE feel the same way for y'all. You know WHAT & HOW WE do! If ya have anything to contribute, WE will give y'all a chance to promote ya thoughts, products or services here on this site. To get at me, holla at or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Like a Detroit area code, WE now have 313 days left so keep on with the KEEPIN ON! Peace.

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The Golden Era is ME!/ Keep youtube OPEN!

Let me get y'all in the mood first:

Hey! I'm quite excited about tonite! Later tonite, I will be attendin a show & sellin my book which contains info on my early life, Hip Hop, health, OURSTORY, psychology, sex, war, CULTURE & my recent life. The name of my book is I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. For those of ya so interested, here's the link: Yeah, I'm that Golden Era dude & in case y'all don't know, the Jungle Brothers was the very 1st group to talk about Afrikan Culture bridgin that Old Skool Sound from Afrika Bambatta to the start of the commercialization of the genre. They are reunitin after all of these years & in case ya haven't seen me floodin FB with the flyer, here it is: BTW, the show is SOLD OUT so if ya didn't cop a ticket thinkin you was gonna buy one today, FUGETABOUT IT!

Yeah, the GOLDEN ERA! I was a young dude at that time & I would say that this time was ushered in at about 198six til about 1991. I wanna say that it started with my Brothers in the Jungle, Rakim, KRS1 & Public Enemy & ended with Bran Nubian & Black Sheep. Who doesn't remember this?: Or do ya remember this 1?: Yeah, when I think of Hip Hop, this is what I think of & WE who are a lil YOUNGER (ahem) wish to bring this type of quality BLAK! Now is the TIME. You can FIGHT 'em such as Fela did with ya CULTURE!

I never HATE on what young peepo are doin as THEY have to express themselves in the era THEY come up in. As Chuck D said on this song over & over, every generation generates a new attitude: But when ya do as much research as I do & ya find stuff like this:, ya gotta OVERSTAND the type shit that madge aka madonna did at the super bowl is NOTHIN NEW! Stop HATIN the music of the YOUTH & OVERSTAND that just like BLAK in the day, this shit is rigged inna way that most of US have no idea about! WE have WAY LESS than 315 days left & THEY DESPERATE & the THEY in this case is them KraKKa's. This is OUR TIME!

I am the Golden Era & the Golden Era is Me! If ya don't see that this is OUR TIME, it's bcuz ya don't know how to see it. Most of y'all out there is OVERWORKED & UNDERPAID & hurtin azza result of not bein able to see what's to happen. I been tellin y'all to ReTHINK what WORK is as these jobs BARELY keep ya goin while all the while, DISTRACTIN ya! These DRACONIAN laws that THEY are passin have been placed there to keep up THEY SYSTEM of FEAR/CONTROL so as to keep US imbalanced. Ya job Blak Peepo, is to STAY ALIVE & see the NEW DAY. This is why so many have died so much so recently. The reemergence of the Native Tongues durin Blak History Month 2012 is a sign that those who are now in a position of active leadership (40-50's) are HERE, ain't SCARED & will reclaim what WE saw created. How are peepo in their early 20's leadin US? THEY makin money & are CONTROLLED just like soetero & blu ivy's dad. The REAL has to go in usherin the FAKE OUT! I'm gettin to a point where I don't even wanna say certain names anymore as it validates 'em.

Too many peepo think that my book is just about Hip Hop CULTURE's really about how WE can use Hip Hop as the FREQUENCY to propel US forward! The music of today has been chopped, screwed & the frequencies from these MACHINES is the MACHINE WE must RAGE AGAINST! Y'all need to be R.O.B.O.TS aka Righteous Ones Bangin On The SYSTEM! There are peepo today over 40 who will never dis Hip Hop & will still attend concerts at 70 when the Natural Order is restored & I'll be on stage doin it! Listen to this & see what ya think:

Anyhoo, this goes out to 1 of my favorite groups of all time, the Jungle Brothers & if ya got nothin from this article, just remember again, that THEY were the 1's who bought the CULTURE to Hip Hop Music on a grand commercial level before it turned to RAP. 8six was that instrumental year. Yo JB's, I see that Y'ALL I hope that Y'ALL get plenty of As Y'ALL will be, I look forward to seein Y'ALL again. Ayo, as far as I'm concerned if Y'ALL don't do this, I'm UPSET!: Ayo, Y'ALL went away & now Y'ALL BLAK; why?: The NATIVE TONGUES have been REINSTATED & the ESSENCE like always is BLAK! Peace.

Ayo, the Blak Smith is tryin to tell y'all what ya gotta know! That book is FIRE yo & the link is HERE! I hope to meet some of y'all in the NY area there so get at me! Keep in touch at or on FB at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). 315 to go!

Native Tongues Last Dude: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar

Native Tongues Music: Common - They Say feat. John Legend & Kanye West

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's the FOOD Dummy!

Ya might wanna check this before ya go in:

Ayo! Whatup my peepo & whatitdo? This is the Blak Smith again & WE goin in with these 3 deaths of celebrities lately namely Don Cornelius, David Peaston & angelo dundee. Some of y'all may not know the last 2 but David Peaston sung this song BLAK in the day: dundee was most popularly known as Muhammad Ali's trainer durin his peak years. I salute 'em as THEY have all made an IMPACT on Blak Society. With Ali bein illl as of late, dundee's death takes on a certain type of significance. I don't know what it is but lately, TOO MANY are DYIN too YOUNG & though with the exception of Peaston, those other dudes were older & plus, dundee was a KraKKa so y'all know I ain't givin a F about that. BTW, how y'all KraKKa's doin? No luv so let's go in on how this year so far is shapin up!

This food shit is krazy right about now y'all. In late 2010, a law named S.510 dropped & the very 1st test case for this was in decatur ga just outside of atlanta when I was still livin there. For those of y'all not familiar with the case, I provide the link: Don't know if y'all heard but the company that used to be known as black water, now known as xe was bought by some of ya favorite peepo in monsanto:, who practically run the fda aka the FuKKKin DiKKK Authority who thereby run the food chain & how MOST of US get food on OUR table. Are some of US at least THINKIN about OUR OWN food supply? Rememba, last year, I wrote a 10 Part Series in february named Fast Food Info & I'll provide the link here for all of y'all to see: If ya still eatin Fast Food, GTFO my page yo! Sorry to link y'all to death but as I posted on this very site yesterday, YOU MUST LEARN!

I gave y'all enuff to go on & as FOOD to EAT is something that WE MUST all do, WE gotta go in on it some of the time. If ya eatin FAST FOOD other than bein FAMISHED after not eatin for 3 days inna row & ya gotta physically commandin job, GTFOH! WE ain't talkin to those of y'all who can't change & if ya see the quote in the beginnin, kissinger said that to control the FOOD is to control the PEEPO! As these KraKKas LOSE CONTROL bcuz there are VERY FEW of  'EM, THEY are the TRUE MINORITY who's time is up! The last bastion of THEY SHYSTEM of CONTROL is in the FOOD SUPPLY & y'all need to know this. Afterall, WE ALL GOTTA EAT!

WE gonna go in just a lil bit about who the monsanto family is. Though you may think of 'em as italians as the name kinda implies that, they are khazars! khazars are the so called jews who y'all now call hebrews but as I already linked y'all all to death already, I'm hopin that y'all 1. either know who they are OR 2. RESEARCH & find out who they are. I found about about this family in the late 90's after I achieved KOS BUT........I came across this name a few short years ago in a book entitled the Secret Relationships between Blacks & Jews. At the time of readin that book, I THOUGHT that THEY were newcomers to the game of white supremacy but THEY probably related to all of the presidents & such. Though it's a book written by the noi, I luv the book as y'all have to OVERSTAND that whether compromised or not, every so often, even compromised entities have to give up REAL INFO so as to keep the faithful, FAITHFUL. Like the bank bailouts of the late 80's - early 90's & more recently in the last few years, all the nwo is doin now is CONSOLIDATIN! Recognize THEIR hegelian ways & actions.

As these white NIGGA DEVILS know that THEY time is up & all, THEY don't give a fish about what ya think! Simply put, just bcuz ya just heard of the monsanto family recently doesn't mean SHIT! Check out this last link & see just what WE mean: Ya see, as I said in my last report, TOO MANY of Y'ALL NIGGAS is too damn EMOTIONAL for me as when I put FACTS up in here, y'all ain't got much to say but these FAMILIES, some that y'all NEVER EVER heard of get a pass as y'all say NOTHIN about 'em & wanna get at me for tellin y'all that IDGAF about yo emotions. Save that ire & anger for these NIGGAS & start knowin who the fuKKK ya up against. If I were YOU, I would HELP dudes like ME to expose THEM so y'all can know what the hell to look for! Rememba, THEY don't CARE about what ya know - THEY only care about what YOU can DO about it. At the end of the day, this particular article ain't even about FOOD. It's about what are YOU gonna do. By now, I hope that y'all at least know where I'm comin from. After this, HOLLA BLAK!

 Damn! When I go BLAK & read my articles sometimes, I be like DAMN! The BLAK SMITH (if I do say so myself is 1 bad mother s.y.m) but I'm talkin about Blak! Bein that no 1 understands me but my woman (always iffy), I need y'all to feel me flow. Check for me at or on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Peace & Luv to all of my PEEPO!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012