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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts VI from Chapter 6

Y'all still there? I thought that Irene blew y'all off the face of the map like it flooded them krakkas up in vermont. Y'all still bullshittin while this blog told y'all about ADVERSE WEATHER WHETHER YA LIKE it or NOT aka LIFE as WE KNOW WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST? Do y'all need to read the Final Countdown 2012 & the Final WARnin again? Them Blak Space Peepo is kickin these ALIENS asses as EVERYONE is EXHAUSTED from his rule. Even Job is TIRED but........WE still got 479 days left or........do WE? The way I hear it, it may be 27 days as 9-26-11 may be the day but WE are so TIRED that WE gettin impatient WAITIN for WHATEVER. This is what THEY want as ya get tired ya resign self not to care & here WE are. When ya don't care, ya get LAZY & won't be prepared! This ADVERSE WEATHER is supposed to be preparin US but...........as I always tell US, be ready for ANYTHING bcuz I really don't know what's gonna happen but if ya HEART & MIND are in the right place, you are gonna be alrite! If I had told told y'all that WE would have an earthquake & hurricane (with another possible storm on deck) in 1 week, y'all woulda said that I was crazy. I have info that says that the 5.9 quake was caused by NUKES underground http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe6BpV4-CLw but in tryin to implement the nwo, THEY gonna do whatever THEY got to to throw US OFF bcuz THEY LOSIN! This is why the FEAR GAME is on HIGH now! The japanese got hit with THEY tsunami when THEY were about to announce that THEY made a car that ran on WATER! On the low, THEY evacuated EVERYBODY outta that nuclear plant area. The oslo shit happened after the norwegians announced that THEY were pullin outta Libya. I don't make none of this up & I trust my sources. You are gonna hear so much in the comin days but as I said in a previous series, Lies Dis Info & Ms Info, any TRUTH mixed in with LIES is a LIE as it is meant to CONfuse you! I just got my book on paper in my hand at about 12:45 Eastern Time on August 30th & as said before, will provide a link to to y'all ASAP! This is the NET & a lot of y'all know that there are so many FAKERS & SCAMMERS but there will be MSC aka Mo SHIT Comin so STAY TUNED! For now tho, let's get into more of our excerpts from my book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me.

The days of working at a job for 20 years, retiring with a party & sent off with a gold watch are gone. I’ve been around enough to know.  Ayo I’ve done jobs as a mailroom worker to being a corporate trainer.  I’ve been in almost every type of work environment imaginable & some of the things I’ve seen in Kkkorporate AmeriKKKa rivals what goes on in the street’s minus the physical violence.  I’ve had so many jobs I’ve lost count.  Some lasted 1 day & some as long as 3 years, but I never stick around long. Why? I have spazzed out on people because as I said in earlier chapters, I have parents from a foreign country that probably would not have made a quarter of the money that they made in Honduras & so they ate a lot of abuse at the hands of employers to keep their jobs. This author here though was not afflikted with that dynamic & y’all know the rest. My mouth has the ability to get me in or out of trouble & as a younger man, it was usually trouble. I remember times where I would “rehearse my lines a thousand times until I had them memorized, but when I’d get up the nerves to tell you the words, it’d just never seem to come out right.”* Now I’m in hot water OR fired again. I don’t have a college degree (just a street one), so job security was never there.  By the time I knew my spot was blown, it was way too late & I could never figure it out. Fukk it, shit is done & I’m not gonna ask or beg for my job back either. When I’m done, I’m done!!! You see back then I didn’t know how to deal with those devils & something that I’ve never seen in print is that, “I never knew why but I always had a lot of nervous energy around them people.” A lot of people silently admit this but as exposure ensues, you get accustomed to being around them and….sometimes I would do stuff & right after I did it would ask myself, “why did I just do that?”  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had conversations with other people to hear the same thing.  I especially started learning that devil
when I became a foot messenger in NYC in the early 90’s when I was at rock bottom self
esteem-wise. I would walk into a reception area & have ugly situations some of which bordered on the confrontational! When I would see this, it would dawn on me that if a white person walked into the same reception area, the receptionist/secretaries demeanor would immediately change just like that. Even some of the sistas would act out of pocket, but rarely. Those experiences right there was the experiences that I needed to cut my teeth on & started my journey to want to answer the ultimate question that Malcom told us was “WHY?” These further questions would soon lead to a sista that I love forever who I call my spiritual mother who worked on the street selling incense, oils, beads & other items for the spirit & her name is Mama Ruth.  I didn’t start this quest right away but I know that she put the seed there for me to start on that path & here I am writing this book. I didn’t even realize the blessing I received by doing that depressing job until I wrote these words right here & now it’s time to thank the Creator. Thank you Creator for all of those dynamics & for the blessings in disguise.  But blak to the matter at hand; after I had gained a little knowledge of self, the inverse started happening. I knew the krakka too well & became an uppity nigga!  Before I would bend & fold to their whims knowing something wasn’t right & then I knew exactly what it was & became unbendable & unbreakable. I remember days when I would be called into an office & was told to sit down & I would never sit down.  I didn’t know at these times that I was already answering the warriors drum.  Sometimes my job would hang in the balance & I would be like “Fuck It,” knowing I don’t have a pot to piss in or even the pot to think about pissing in.  I couldn’t help myself  & I wasn’t having the bullshit.  This I would say was my angry point & when you learn this stuff, especially in its earlier stages, it can make one preachy, angry, conflikted, confused, discouraged, dismayed, sad, excited & I guess in one word volitaile.  I tried my best to teach every Blak that I came in contact with to hate whites, thinking that telling them this new found truth of mine would work wonders on them.  If they didn’t like what I said, I didn’t care because I knew the truth & wanted to show others how right I was. On jobs especially, I held audiences captive with my vitrol but had to learn the hard way that Blak Folk will hate each other before we hate anyone else.  I guess Blak people don’t like to feel that they hate devils because . . . . we feel that people can see it & not employ us.  I didn’t learn to love or hate so I learned through my own experiences, absorbed it & gave it back where it came from. HOW UNWISE! This is a paradox that I had to solve for myself & if you wish to make this journey, it’s a rough one.  Be more than sure that if you want to go this route that you apply thick skin that elephant guns can’t penetrate.  Make sure that your coat of arms is packed with Kevlar.  Do like the Wu Tang & Protect your Neck SON!
             AYO, NO YOUNG BLAKMAN FROM THIS POINT ON BETTER NEVER COME AROUND ME TALKING ABOUT JOINING THE MILITARY.  You ain’t defending “your country” if you can’t even protect your brothers & sisters from the pigs in your Hood!

                                                                - to be continued -

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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts V from Chapter 5

What up my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO out there in b2a land? This is the Blak Smith & before WE go in on Excerpt V from Chapter 5, just wanted to tell ALL in the northeast us to HOLD on for these next 483 days! WE stay on it for y'all & ya gotta see that so much has happened in the last 2 weeks & it's so FAST, WE FORGETTIN that it's happenin! Do WE know that Nick Ashford from Ashford & Simpson died? That Gil Noble is still recoverin from his stroke? That Neli Latson, an autistic young BLAK MAN is bein held in a VA prison despite the fact that he is known to be AUTISTIC & is in fact, REGRESSIN? Not to mention Libya & all the LYIN goin on but man it's so much so stay FOCUSED! Oh yeah, that IRENE BITCH.........tell her WE got way less than 483 days left! I ain't perfekt but take it from Me!

Melanin gives Blaks who have the highest concentration of it, acidation oxidation allowing us to move through prisms as the beams of light that we are.  It accounts for the natural rhythm that we have.  Look at it this way; think of anything that requires grace in movement. Usually, if it doesn’t require movement on ice or in water, we glide through it in a rhythmy way. Smoothly, gracefully, whether it be sports, sex, dance, posing & even your color when healthy. To have color (hue) is to truly be hu (e) man & I hope you got that most important point. In case you didn’t get it, look up the word hue in the dictionary. You see these krakkas always need to be in air conditioning (artificial air) all of the time because the amount of melanin that they have is negligible & thus accounts for no BALANCE between left brain (dominance) & right brain (reason). THOSE ARE ARTIFICIAL PEOPLE!! Too much left brain thinking leads to – TROUBLE. For who you may ask? Not just us! Always remember that throughout history, slavery has existed & that the word comes from the Slavik Bloc Nations of Eastern Europe. A system of slavery was already in place in Europe before Europeans started coming into Afrika but Europeans could blend into a society, move on & could escape as he shared the same color & customs as his devil brethren. This is what Dr. Leanord Jeffries likes to call Accidents of History. Portugese sailors sailed off the coast of what is now known as Guinea & the conquering groups of Afrikans traded their slaves to these Europeans thinking that these Portugese would treat their new found property like the Afrikans would.  While there, they also taught the Portugese how to build ships that could withstand brutal sea storms. These same ships would later allow Columbus, DeGama & all of those other Europeans to get credit for “discovering” already occupied lands. Of course while there, they noted that we were “People of the Sun” & when the new world was “Discovered”, they knew that they needed LABOR & subjugated the Indigenous peoples of Amerikkka.  Of course that didn’t work & bingo – get Blaks with strong constitutions, high immunity to disease & who are already used to the hot sun (especially in the U.S South) & WORK THEM SUCKERS TO DEATH with no pay! Forever and why not?! They’re own people are selling them off for trinkets anyway. The Europeans killed more Indigenous people through disease than they did through war & had to replace that FREE LABOR pool with people who were different from themselves plain & simple! A people who could work from sun up to sun down on bended back on a basic starvation diet & we had to steal pigs & chickens just to survive. Nowadays y’all call it soul food (slave food) that you voluntarily eat & it’s killing you, but that’s my next book. Your reward for your years of hard labor was a lash to the back & the stigma that exists to this day as lazy bastard, SUN up to SUN down from THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE! A LOT OF Y’ALL HATE THIS KIND OF REALITY BUT IMAGINE THIS. Picture being 70 years old. Your grandma & grandfather were slaves & your grandchildren are slaves, traded away as babies to another plantation & slavery’s end is nowhere in sight.  What race of people has the strength to survive all of that?  Who under these circumstances wouldn’t ask “When will all of this end?”  This is the translation to this day & why a lot of youth today are so rebellious as their encoded genetic code kicks in what they know but can’t articulate turning inward. This is why the Hood is chaotic today. Today’s youth ain’t going to no job to work for no minimum wage & eat that bullshit that the overseer is trying to shovel in they mouth & though I don’t agree with them turning against their own people (Blak on Blak crime), I overstand it.  They can’t stand seeing you not telling your boss off when he/she is wrong & obviously racist in that way that Blak people know when someone is racist even when they try to act like they not. Remember the quote from Akil on page 41. Don’t blame the youth for not wanting to be like us. They have a path to make.  

                                                                        - to be continued -

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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts IV from Chapter 5

Once again, the Blak Smith is goin in! Today WE are takin more excerpts outta Chapter 5 - Is it Entertainment or Propaganda of our book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. But before WE do that, as just about all of Y'ALL know by now, the east coast of the us had an earthquake yesterday with the epicenter in Mineral Virginia near Richmond. Peepo from new england to atlanta felt it & is a sign of things to come. Look for more of that but as I wrote the Final Countdown 2012 & the Revisited Edition as well as the Final WARnin, my newer readers should refer to those articles as I knew these times were coming. Just type the titles into the search box on the top right of the screen of this sites homepage & read about what MAY or MAY NOT happen. WE got WAY LESS than 485 days left so I want y'all to start THINKIN about what Y'ALL gonna do when the KraKKa's time is OFFICIALLY UP! That time is near so see these signs & what's to come how ya wanna but DO YOU SUN! DAYS on end of BLAZIN SUNSHINE & anybody tryin to help them is TRAITORS who shall be DEALT with! FUKKK EMOTION & know OURSTORY contrasted with THEIRS & make ya CONCLUSION! Ya know why? Bcuz ya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWHj2SWGR0Y & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laTQHYyuXKc. Alright - y'all already know how I do. Let's see what WE got here in this edition of excerpts of my new book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me.

                                 Do you know who the so called Jew is?  He is a Khazar from what we now know as the Caucus Mountains in the Slavic Bloc nations.* This is where the word Caucasian comes from & these people are a cunning, manipulative, warmongering tribe of sub-human REPTILIANS who proved to be so difficult, they were kicked out of the region by the native inhabitants and dispersed throughout Europe & the Middle East aka Northern Afrika. They became a nomadic tribe as their reputation preceded them & no one wanted them around. To just know who they are as a people, the Mossad or Israeli Intellegence, is the CIA

* Slavic – eastern europeans who were enslaved by western Europeans. This makes the basis of the word, SLAVE. Them krakkas perfected slavery way before Afrika.

equivalent in the US. They have a motto which says, By way of deception, thou shalt do war.** This is who they are yo! You can check all of this out & a great book to check is a book with part of that motto entitled, By Way of Deception, written by Victor Ostrovky. Charles Lindbergh even once said that, “Their greatest danger to this country lies in Jewish ownership & influence in our Motion Pictures, our press, our radio & our government.” WHOA!!!  That’s coming from the mouth of one of they own & boy is he right.  This is why most countries don’t like Khazars; they get into a country & if they represent a fraction of the population, next thing you know, they stack the deck of the lions share of the economy. Again, Hitler found this out & SEEMINGLY did something most wouldn’t BUT we see today, that THEY planned this to (1) gain sympathy & (2) are trying to rewrite HIS STORY by lying about THEM being US! Modern day Isreal Is NOT REAL!  THEY ALL IN CAHOOTS! 6 million so called Jews were not killed as those numbers were greatly exaggerated! Whatever! How many died during the Maafa? The so called Israeli’s don’t influence the U.S, they control the US as utterered by their once fearless leader, Ariel Sharon.  The lobbying group with the most pull in the US Politikkkal Structure is known as AIPAC.  Check some of the names that were in the upper echelons in W’s Administration; Rove, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz & Schleshinger are just a few who if are not in control of a political entity, then they manipulate in the background using bribes, sex scandals & denouncing dissenters as racists or their favorite terminology, Anti Semite.  Do you know that no one of Jewish (Khazar) extrakkktion died during 911in the WTC?  How about Senator Paul Wellstone from MN dying in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances? Now before I end this segment, alot of you  

** By Way of Deception written by Victor Ostrovsky, page 53.

may be asking, “well what does all of this have to do with movies?” It’s your choice as all depends on perspective. It could mean nothing or everything. Most movies that pertain to the future show a world of doomsday (Armagedon Deep Impakt, 12 Monkeys) & use Alpha males such as the Governator (Schwartz a nigger) & Bruce Willis. Lately, Will Smith is the man & we’ll see where that goes. These movies prepared you for 9-11 but don’t worry, whatever is next, will make 9-11 look like a cake walk. THE NEW WORLD ODOR MUST HAPPEN! Bob Marley told y’all in Redemption Song that “they have to fulfill the Book.” “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!  If you scared, say you scared!  We are now in reel time.  Stop connecting Bin Laden to Saddam Hussain.  They couldn’t stand each other & besides, Osama been dead since 12/01, having been killed in Tora Bora. Benzair Bhutto said as much on the David Frost show & soonafter, was assassinated. Come on people, it’s called propaganda.  They should call it smoke & mirrors because some of y’all need to get your heads out of Steven Spielbergs ass & start studying Reel Blak History. Their movies are his story.  Like KRS - 1 said on Vocabulary, “Learn a little of your story, the real story.”

                                                               - to be continued -

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Monday, August 22, 2011

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts III from Chapter 4.

This is the Blak Smith checkin in to see how y'all doin. In Part III taken from Chapter 4, WE go in on sports & entertainment & how it affects US even though too many of US don't OVERSTAND how. All the media does is PROPAGANDIZE you & WE show & prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how not to be a victim of this. Go in & see how:

Check out this piece of information that I got from the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, a legendary piece of work from Albert Pike, which depending on what they say, may or  may have not been written.  Like willy lynchism, I deal with what’s happening so deal with it, chek it:

                        In order to distract people who may be too troublesome
                        from discussions of questions of the political, we are now
                        putting forward what we allege to be new of the political, namely
                        questions of industry. In this sphere, let them discuss themselves silly.
                        The masses are a creed to remain inactive to take a rest from what
                        they suppose to be political activity (which we trained them to in order to
                        use them as a means of combating the Goy* Governments)
                        only on condition of being found new employments, in which we
                        are prescribing them something that looks like the same
                        political object. In order that the masses themselves may not
                        guess  what  they are about, we further distract them with
                        Amusements, Games, Pastimes, Passions, Peoples Palaces,
                        . . . . . soon, we (Illuminati) shall begin, through the Press to
                        propose competitions in Art. In Sports of all kinds: These
                        interests will finally distract their minds from questions in
                        which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. 
                        Growing more & more disaccustomed to reflect & for many
                        opinion of their own, people will  begin to talk in the same tone
                        as we because we alone shall be offering them new di-
                        rections for  thought . . . . . of course through such  persons
                        as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.                       

            Now ain’t that some deep stuff?  Hey, I’ve been a sports fanatic at times myself.  I had my days when I went to the Supermarket, got 1000 wings, cases of beer, hot sauce, fired up the big screen & let the games begin. Doesn’t something so simple seem so sinister & complex now? Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about the Super Bowl, that big Heavyweight Championship Fight. How about the World Series?  Take your pick but you know what I speak of.  Hell to a degree, I can still watch sportscasts all day but always with liberation nearest in my mind. Oh, you say, “sports is harmless, the perfect activity (non-activity) to pass time.”  Well what is the biggest betting day?  The Super Bowl!  At what time does the Super Bowl usually kick off?  At 6:18 PM or 18 divided by 6 = 3, in other words 3 6’s or 666, the number of the AntiChrist or three sixes marking the beast.  Do you happen to think that this is a coincidence?  This author doesn’t think so.  Always know that at any given time that there are networks, internet, billboards, magazines & other sorts of media to remind you of what you are missing.  There are those who can spout off trivia about events (sports & other stuff) from long ago, but ask them about their child’s birthday or they own wedding anniversary.  What are trivial statistics doing for your self esteem that I & others like myself are trying to build up? Other than winning a sports trivia contest with financial rewards, where are you going to use this experience?  To have 2 hour arguments that gets violent? Why is it so important to know how many points per game Mike Jordan scored in the 91 Playoffs?  What is the logic in fighting in the stands at a game for your favorite team when you never played a game & don’t know anyone on the team?  This isn’t a proper environment for children as it is very expensive, a place of excessive drinking, cursing & the unhealthiest foods are served (hot dogs, soda, etc).  THIS IS AMERIKKKA’S PASSTIME!  Picnics are also Amerikkkas pastime as after slavery, whites would cook lots of food, put it in a basket, gather up they kin folk & Pick a Nig. All they did was remove the A, hardened the Nig & there you have it, a picnic. The highlight of the Picnic was usually when they castrated the Blak man or men.  This was usually a Blak man who was manly, unafraid & who was labelled uppity or a harmless youngster like Emmit Till. You must know who you are dealing with. Now I ain’t perfekt, but take it from Me - something is VERY WRONG with this picture!

* Goy is short for Goyim or SHEEP, a Jewish term meaning passive non thinker.

                                                                  - to be continued - 

The Protocols is a MUST READ as it is the illuminatis manifesto. As WE go along in this book, WE promise to get deeper & deeper in it, so stay tuned. If ya need my contact, get at me at bennyblacko@yahoo.com OR on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. Holla Blak!

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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me! Excerpts II from Chapter 2

Hey y'all, these are excerpts from Chapter II of my book titled above in the subject box. By now y'all know that this book is semi-autobiographical & about my life as a young dude who grew up during the 1st days of Hip Hop. In today's segment, WE get into WHY the HOOD acts the way the HOOD acts. Take a look inside & se how I saw it. To all my NY heads particularly the BX, STAND UP & REP THIS! Peace.

The Hood! Why is the Hood the Hood? Why do we as a people act this way? Why so much unnecessary business goin on?  Maybe I can provide you with some answers.  We (people of color) & more in particular BLAKS, are taught to strive for the Amerikkkan dream concocted by European ideals. As a concept, it can’t happen because European/Amerikkkan societies grip on the 9 people activities is in a stranglehold & as long as that is the case, 85% of our people are walking around deaf, dumb & blind.  Those 9 people activities are (1) Economics (2) Education (3) Entertainment (4) Labor (5) Law (6) Politics (7) Religion (8) Sex & (9) War. If you add up all of these activities, you form your own SPIRIT & what usually determines where you are or about to go to. The hardest part is the actual journey & given our circumstances, too many fall by the wayside. 

Let’s take a brief look into this dynamic to see what I mean:

(1)   ECONOMICS – We as Blacks have no economy.  We are for the most part dependent on white society to provide us with jobs at a time when it is hard for even them to employ themselves. They economy will fall apart & WE must be prepared for ANYTHING! You know the old saying, we are the last hired & the first fired.  Black people MUST create jobs for ourselves. You can’t pass down ya job at the Post Office to ya children.

(2)   EDUCATION is the key to the future. When I speak of education, I’m not talking about going to college for 10 years to get a job serving white supremacy. Didn’t y’all listen to Kanye? I’m talking about reading books like these & getting vocational training or learning SELF so that you can go to academia with an iron clad identity that stands up to the many many lies promoted thru-out the educational system & the MEDIA.  Dr Henrik Clarke never studied in College but was the designer of the Afrikan Studies Dept at Hunter College.  With the proper identity & proper education we can achieve a proper economy.

    (3)   ENTERTAINMENT – Who disseminates most entertainment? The MEDIA. Who owns most    major media? The so called Jew. What kind of state is the media in? It is the primary tool of propaganda propogating the nonsense we now see as prevalent in our society.  Always remember that Hip Hop is Blak culture & we don’t write the rules.  The one who pays the piper calls the tune.

(4) LABOR – Che Guevera once said that all wealth comes from labor. Well we are a laboring people with hardly any wealth (wealth is not money) from the wealthiest continent on this earth. We GIVE our labor for money during our most productive time of the day from early morning to late afternoon.  Black people need to set up industries & arrest our own labor & arrest our own wealth. I’m tired of seeing Blak people at lunchtime upset & angry because of the stresses on the job.  Use that same energy to gain independence. 

(5) LAW - Every Black person in the Western world knows something about the Law.  The Law made it so that you could be enslaved.  The Law made it so that you could be lynched.  The Law made it so that BLAK WOMEN could be raped & no white man has ever been convicted of raping a sister. The Law is designed by those who are above it. The Law of the land (the Constitution) to this day declares that you are 3/5th’s of a man.  Are you fucking mad at that or are you upset that I used a curse word in this sentence?

(6)   POLITICS - The Latin term for People is Pol.  Politicians are Policy makers who Politic when enacting new laws.  Police enforce laws especially against the peepol & may I add not very politely.  Polls are taken that some how never take our story into account.  This is mental pollution.  Bushit was the RESIDENT so no P!     

(7)   RELIGION – For me the biggest problem of our people.  Some of y’all might stop reading this book now because you won’t like what I’m about to write. RELIGION has been tainted & corrupted by the Europeans to enslave you. Did you know that before European incursions into our beloved Afrika that there were no houses of worship? Did you know that the white man went first to the Shaman or Witch Doctor to learn how to twist your spirituality because he couldn’t take it from you? Do you know that the first Catholics were Coptics from Ethiopia, who still exist to this day?  Did you know that any country that has kept their orthodox religion has never been successfully invaded? Do you know that you were stripped of your culture & any real religion is cultural?  Did you ever do research on the origins of the Catholic Church & the Crusades? Did you know that religion is the opiate for the masses? Did you know that you could keep reading this book & save 10% of your salary & learn some heavy truths? Did y’all know that the holiday that y’all continue to celebrate was made up so that merchants could profit terrifically before the end of the New Year & have 1 week to count those profits? KRS asked y’all a long time ago, “On Christmas what’s the purpose of Santa Claus?”

(8)   SEX – just like food, gotta have it.  Some of us better realize that whether we know both of our parents or if we are the result of 1 nite stands, everyone has sex.  Again, being that the minds (especially of the young) are so impressionable, it’s everywhere. I hope that you’ve heard the song Pussy Galore by The Roots as they say that sex sells everything from “anti histamines to chicken wings.” Yes, yes, sex is a gift from the creator & too bad that gifts from above are being  abused. Too many Blak women who are beautifully endowed are stripping or video hoes. Basically speaking, because of the position that we as a people have been placed in, most of our (real)ationships have the looks of 1 big transaction.  Men, hold your sperm & stop depleting your chi.  To all my women, we live real life & of course you don’t want to be with a brokey-broke but learn to see potential in who you desire to be with.

(9)   War – “We’re at WAR!!!!!– That’s what I told you!”  That my friend is an old Sista-Souljah trak & if you think that we’re not then you are sadly mistaken.  Kanye described all this on the beginning of “Jesus Walks.”  I’m talking about that war with ourselves because in 2011, no matter how bad things are for us, we ain’t got it bad like those in 1711 & 1811.  Ayo, why aren’t Blak people just as upset at Ray-Ray murderin & mayhemmin in the street & then when he gets shot by a cop, the community is in an uproar?  Ray-Ray was the local terrorist! Blak people need organizing & most of all, ego lessening because most of the time, individuals & groupings differ on policy issues instead of the bigger picture.  Unless White Supremacy folds, packs up and quits voluntarily, the same crab in the barrel syndrome will continue.  Self analyzation is war on yourself!  Are we ready?

Yes, the 9 People Activities. I have more information than this, but I’ll save it for chapter 11 after we have a little more information to go on.  I gotta get at y’all with some real lyrics before I lose y’all. I’m glad that y’all still here.

                                       - to be continued -

To contact the Blak Smith, send a message to bennyblacko@yahoo.com OR leave word on Face Book at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). In the meantime, WE thank you for ya luv & support & urge you to HOLLA BLAK! Peace.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpt I from the Intro Chapter

The book is a semi auto-biography on how I see the world using Hip Hop as my lenses. As I was still a little

one when it started in the South Bronx, little did I know that Hip Hop would go GLOBAL in the span of a

few years & I know some of the creators that will never be famous or rich off of this! These words are

from the 1st chapter & introduce y'all to just some of my POSITIVE INFLUENCES in life. Hope y'all

enjoy & support as well:

Who are my heroes?  Too many but allow me to list some names that come to mind. Dr John Henrike Clarke, Harriet Tubman, El Haj Malik Shabazz aka Malcom X, Dr Josef Ben Jo Hachonon, Dr Ivan Van Sertima, Imhotep, Kwame Ture, Carlos Cooks, Marcus Garvey, Mumia Abu Jamal, Assatta Shakur, Bob Marley, James Smalls, Del Jones, Nanny, Alton Maddox, the Concious Rasta, Tupac, Steve Cokely, Kwame Nkrumah, Steven Biko, Ken Saro Wiwa, Winnie Mandela, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Sekou Toure, Queen Nzinga, Chuck D, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Robinson, Paul Robenson, Nas, Phil Valentine, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Immortal Technique, Erykah Badu, Gil Noble, George Jackson, DJ Kool Herc, Queen Tiye, Dick Gregory, Nat Turner  Omar Thornton & Colin Ferguson.  There are way too many to list here, but I am more than sure that you know some of these names.  Your interest or curiosity will propel you & with tools like the internet, research is simple.

            My family lineage?  Well my people are from Honduras, Centro Amerikkka.  My parents live there along with a brother who is older than me & who happens to be handicapped.  My oldest brother is a family man & my little brother lives just outside of NYC.  My crazy ass has been everywhere & ain't stop yet. It’s all love. I have no sisters, but I have a big family because Moms had 9 sisters & 6 brothers. My Fathers family was  much smaller (4 brothers, 2 sisters), but still we all love up in here. I gotta alotta COUSINS! Most are in the States, but some stayed BLAK in Honduras.  Like myself, a lot of my fam served in the US military & in the Merchant Marines & so I got mad fam all over the world, some who I’ll never meet. I believe that family is one of the most central parts of Afrikan psychology. By hook or crook, your family shapes & molds who you are.  If you look at nature you can look at it as the Sun (Blak man), the Moon (Blak woman) & the infinite potential of the Stars, (Blak children). This is the never ending cycle of man, woman & child as represented by the Ankh which we will get into in depth much later.  Though we as a people are all of EQUAL IMPORTANCE & because our women (womb-men) hold our precious creations for 9 months, we must prop them up, love, respect & protect them. We, as men deserve that same adulation from EACH OTHER! To luv ya BRO is to luv YASELF! The time to do exactly that nears us as we are not in our proper environment & things are totally out of wack. The Mothers of civilization will be respected!  AYO IT’S TIME TO SAVE THE BLAK FAM SO ALL PUNKS STEP OFF.  If you a punk, then keep reading.  I don’t need to preach to the choir. We pull no punches because this is serious business.  Seek not to be right but to be RIGHTEOUS in whatever mission that you take on.  At all times & on some real!
For me this book is a labor of love.  Regardless of how y’all act or what y’all do, I’ll always love Blak Peepo. Come on y’all, ain’t there too many niggers out there & not enough BLAK Peepo? I differentiate the term nigger from Blak folk because as I read in C C Blackman’s book, Towards the Destruction of Nigger Mentality that, “A Nigger is a hater of self & kind & Black People are the opposite of that.” From this point on, when the word NIGGA/NIGGER is used, it is used as a disparaging term. So don’t get it TWISTED, I luv BLAK PEEPO! Unequivocally! I’ll go to the death with that!  Knowing that I can be killed for that, I’d do it all again.  Oh, don’t think because one of us went to Harvard, Yale, MIT or Stanford that there ain’t no niggers there.They spittin out the likes of Jesse Jaxxxon, Colin Powell, Armstrong Williams & your Clarence Thomases. Well guess what? I’m Conservative as well. CONSERVATIVELY BLAK, because if we conserve our true & proper legacy, it can sustain us for millennia. It already has & it will continue to do so. I didn’t go to an institution of higher learning in order to learn how to write this book. We as Blak people are multi-geniuses who don’t know that we are ALL multi-geniuses. The first multi-genius that we had on earth, at least as far as recorded history was a BLAK MAN named Imhotep. He is an ancient Egyptian known as the Father of Medicine. He also was an Architect, a Statesman and a Poet amongst other things.  I don’t need no degree from no College or University other than to get a high paying job. Don't y'all just luv my PROPER ENGLISH?

                                                              - to be continued -

To order this book, holla at the Blak Smith & the place to do that would be at my e-mail address, bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Either way ya hit me, I will supply ya with all of the info to get at me so that you could secure ya copy. Thanks for ya luv & support & enjoy readin. HOLLA BLAK!

Malcolm X Speaks on Marcus Garvey.....OUR BABA LIVES 124 YEARS TODAY!

THEY WILL RAPE ANYTHING...U may not be able 2 FINISH this 1

2012 TRUTH about it ALL!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded! Part III & the uk UPRISING

Ok & WOW! Y'all ain't even realize that the nwo was put into effect on Sept 17 2001. That's why on 9/11, 1991, exactly 10 years earlier, this speech was given & always know that there are no coincidences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqRCdfUUrPc. So........we had ya favorite media mogul & dirty zio, rupert murdoch get caught inna HACKING SCANDAL & no 1 is even talkin about that anymore. If I say oslo, most of y'all THINK that I'm talkin about a dude name Ozzie but remember the disaster there just 2 weeks ago? As time is speedin up, we FORGOT about that shit! Then 31 soldiers die in afghanistan inna copter crash & as I've put the link in before, 20 of 'em, were on the FAKE KILL BIN DEAD BIN LADEN TEAM. Dead men tell no LIES or TRUTH! In MS, a lone BLAK MAN gets beat the fukkk up & ran over in a RANDOM BEATDOWN & I only heard about it on FB. This was after Kenneth Harding was shot in san fran & the POLICE lied about that sayin that he was shootin back at 'em. Flash Mobs have been happenin all over the WORLD but of course as WE put a lil paint where it ain't, WE turn that into TAX FREE SHOPPIN aka DUTY FREE! The DEBT CEILING DEAL was signed & soon after, the us lost it's aaa bond ratin with the dow droppin into a TAILSPIN of UNCERTAINTY as WE all wait for this FIAT CURRENCY to FALL the FUCK offa the map bringin ANARCHY along with it. Survivalists are at the ready & are you?

This all has led to the uk SHITUATION & Mark Duggan, the london VICTIM of a POLICE SHOOTIN that got the youth over there HOT & BOTHERED & they went off for 5 days before ORDER to THEY LIKING could be restored. There are those who say that, once again, that BLAK YOUTH destroyed THEY HOODS but on 2nd THOUGHT, is this really THEY HOODS when THEY DREAMS have been SHATTERED? No jobs = no money = no FUTURE so what the FUCK do THEY have to look forward to?  Look, enuff has been said already & inquiries will take place as to what can be done & FUCK THAT......with 495 left, THEY ain't got TIME as time speeds up & THEY nwo has FLIES (US) still in they OINTMENT!  farakhan even once said that todays YOUTH are the generation that had to come bcuz THEY JUST AIN'T HAVIN IT MAN! So if that's the case then what? The case is that the GAME must change & let the YOUTH be the SOULJAHS that THEY were meant to be. Too many of US have been so whiteWASHED that WE wanna keep these CHILDREN alive bcuz the krakka told US that that is what WE should want. Most peepo send they CHILDREN to the military without a thought in the world after hi skkkool. 21 is adult in the west but let me tell y'all that AFRIKANS don't consider ya an adult until ya 40 & the Natives here in amerikkka say it's 54! So basically, if I was a Blak Foot or an Apache, I would still be a YOUNG DUDE & I am! As I said in Part II, WE need to CHANNEL the ENERGY & ain't too many 45 year old dudes willin to do what THEY will & THEY supposed to be doin it! Marchin, protestin, petiotionin & all that other MASSA APPROVED SHIT is OVER yo! In these comin days which will prove DIFFICULT, TAKE BLAK what's YOURS! THEY took it from you so if a BULLY took yo SHIT, how do you get it blak? You get others to help you OR decide it's worth gettin killed for & fight for it. This is why I tend not to deal with RELIGIOUS TYPES unless it's NAT TURNER or ARISTIDE, the last true elected president of Haiti. I'm tellin ya now, if the krakka approves of it, I'm against it. They ain't got much time.

What is AFRICOM? Since it's HIS, let him define it: http://www.africom.mil/. Of course like the BE ALL YOU CAN BE campaign recruitin new soldiers for the military, they show pictures of assistance & benevolence instead of shootins & WAR! Afrika doesn't belong to any Afrikans as long as 1 Afrikan isn't LIBERATED to seek his own destiny. That base in stugart is not very far as those scrambler jets can reach top speed at 1875 mph. With Afrika either controlled or surrounded, even comin from germany, planes could be in Afrika within hours of any shituation that puts us interests in jeopardy http://911research.wtc7.net/planes/analysis/norad/. For years now, the us has been tryin to gain a foothold but even the corruptest leaders of these nations won't allow AFRICOM to move in as anyone knows that what's happenenin in Haiti now could happen there. Again, Haiti has plenty of oil & big oil feels like whatever is anywhere is THEIRS! WE can't let that happen even if WE don't wanna live there. Those are OUR BROTHAS & SISTARS!

The au aka the afrikan union was 1st led by Kwame Nkrumah when it was known as the oau. The last president was wa Mutharika, the president of Malawi til Nguema of Equitorial Guinea took over from him. This dude has been called the worst DICTATOR in the world but of course that is a label from the krakka. Anyhoo, this organization is really controlled by the un aka the west & is therefore INNEFECTIVE! As Afrika, with the exception of denel & denel dynamics in SA bein the only manufacturers of weapons, AFRIKANS cannot get weapons without europeans! Fans are flamed between rivals such as what happened in rwanda & KKKlinton coukd have stopped it but remember, they want as many of US as possible OFF of the EARTH bcuz THEY ain't tryin to have US here. It's only right that sa has the only weapons manufacturer as THEY are controlled & prolly need extra FIREPOWER in case them kafirs want the land that THEY TOOK not so long ago! The Kenyans went ape shit & that was quelled INTERNALLY. Ivory Coast au soldiers were again, INEFFFECTIVE. Those juntas are led by Afrikans who learned from krakkas.  Look, all the au does is run interference for western interests while THEY steal all of the resources in the land & refine to sell it BLAK to them with a 10,000% markup. Sad but true!

More important than freein Afrika is freein the Afrikan BRAIN so that the Afrikan can free Afrika! No 1 can kill all Afrikans as WE are the OFFICIAL STEWARDS of the lands of the earth so stop worryin so much! This krakka knows that his time is up & so kkkrazy things will continue to happen til he's gone. Speak yo mind & start excorcisin him from ya psyche. This doesn't mean to ignore him but study him as he will soon be INSIGNIFICANT & you can get to know him then in RETROSPECT. He is the EVIL SCIENTIST, the CONQUEROR, the LIAR & the DEVIL all wrapped in 1 & he made you the same. There were plenty krakkas LOOTIN & STEALIN in the uk as well so what of that?

A little message to you OTHERS; I'm talkin about non-white peepo who as a whole are disrespectful to Blaks. I'm talkin about y'all mexicans, phillipinos, dominicans, chinese, japanese, indians from india & so many more. Us Blak peepo are watchin you & like the european, if y'all think that y'all gonna take Afrika after THEY gone, get that SHIT OUTTA ya MIND! When the SUN does his job as BLAKS are incapable of enmasse KILLIN of our enemies, go easy & allow NATURE to take its course. All of you I mentioned here have ya beefs with these krakkas & if ya think ya don't, read THEYSTORY! WE ain't the WORLD as most (NOT ALL) of y'all come here not knowin the whole truth but WE were here & WE will be respected. Most of y'all get away with it bcuz HE allows it as y'all serve as the BUFFER between THEM & US. WE were EVERYWHERE first & there is enuff land in Afrika to feed the WORLD so when those of US who follow the the title of my BLOG do just that, STEP OUTTA the WAY or get SQUASHED. Like AIDS, this too many peepo on the earth shit is a FARCE so when 1Million peepo die, you would say, "they're too many peepo anyway!" Be respectful as all that condescending shit is over! Can ya lands SUSTAIN ya populations & feed 'em? Some of y'all - NOT! You have been WARNED as I already did the Final WARnin. 495 days to go! Peace.

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me is FINISHED! As WE speak, the web designer & publisher is hard at work makin it HOT for Y'ALL! I still need y'all DONATIONS & if y'all been readin me for all this time, put a lil something extra in that envelope when ya holla at me. For those interested, friend me at Face Book & the name is Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) & lemme know how ya want it. As I don't mess with THEY STUFF, us postal mo is how we doin it. Peace & excerpts of the book comin next week before the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE. 

The Video below was taken off of JewTube & so.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded! Part II

Whatup & let's get right into it y'all! Burn that MOTHERFUKKKIN London down as that is the KraKKas Headquarters! NY is his financial HQ & Washington DC is his WAR CHESS! Tel Aviv is where this most UNHOLY ALLIANCE meets & boy oh boy it's gettin more interestin as it all goes along. http://news.yahoo.com/uk-pm-recalls-parliament-london-riot-crisis-122431993.html. Though I loathe quotin from the bible, there is a quote in there statin that in the LAST DAYS, empires would spread themselves too THIN & everywhere ya look now is a HOT SPOT! With that, I must apologize for bein late with this entry but I had to do extra research to catch up with this breakin news. Yeah, how long do THEY feel that THEY can keep US down for? The name of this article is in the title box & WHATEVER THEY do is gonna come BLAK on them SOMETHING FIERCE & y'all who don't like that better get the FUKKK outta the way or PERISH with 'em! They wanna go into Somalia & finish up what they started. The uk & us set up isNOTreal which forms up this unholy trifecta alliance after stealin yo legacy & THEY still doin it TIL THIS VERY DAY! Most of y'all don't even know what I'm talkin about but as LIFE as WE KNOW WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST, you are now witnessin the FALL of the EMPIRE! Don't ask me which as it's in the LANGUAGE that I'm writin in. 500 days & THEY time is up! The markets are plungin all over the place & this london story is runnin neck & neck for the media attention so don't think that it's over yet. As of this writin so far, over 500 arrested. At this rate, the us is ripe for this type of display & if that were to happen, NY or LA would lead the way as there haven't been mass riotin on that level here since the 60's. Police Brutality here is gettin worse & by now, I'm more than sure that most of y'all heard about how some white dude said, "I ran that nigger over!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5SRoPAhIo. Look out as FLASH MOB situations are occurin all over the place. Before I go though, let me just tell y'all that a SISTA on Face Book put a post up sayin that these young peepo today don't give a FISH & that WE who are older need to CHANNEL THEY ENERGY! I told her that FINALLY, somebody get's it. WE here at b2a have NEVER been accused of blamin YOUNG PEEPO for how THEY are without callin on those who are OLDER on THEY BULLSHIT either. Stop doin that as it's WACK! SISTA, I hope ya read this so that I can give ya the credit but that's about where WE headed y'all! No amount of CHURCH, SPIRITUALITY, PRAYIN & all that other dumb shit is gonna get ya thru & I already told y'all to be READY for ANYTHING! Anything can start the WAR of all WARS but if ya BLAK, you'll still be here! Be BRAVE & embrace DEATH so that you can LIVE! Where you see youth, direct that energy & do YOU! Let's tie this all up in Afrika. See ya there.

Ok, I last left y'all in South Afrika & as WE circle the continent, we get to West Side!!! As I said before, if geography is not ya strong point, grab a map so ya know where we at. http://www.africaguide.com/afmap.htm. We'll start in Angola, now the largest producer of oil in all of Afrika. This occured after so much unrest in Nigeria & rightfully so as shell has DESTROYED the Ogoni Lands & left the peepo there with NOTHING! I can't begin to tell y'all about what they have been doin there for YEARS but when a multi-national ADMITS themselves that THEY messed up, that says a lot. I'm tryin to give y'all short & sweet links so that y'all can see it straight from the horses mouth so check this out: http://saharareporters.com/news-page/ogoniland-oil-spills-shell-admits-nigeria-liability-bbc. Also, check out who 1 of my heroes is & his name was Ken Saro Wiwa. On up WE go to Benin, which though tiny, holds a SPECIAL PLACE in history when it was known as DAHOMEY & was a strong empire. Recently like in Somalia, PIRACY has spiked off its coast in the Gulf of Guinea. This year alone, 15 acts of PIRACY occured. Now remeber, there are no such things as coincidences so pay attention. For all intents & purposes, Togo which is even tinier than Benin occupy a thin sliver of land between Ghana & Nigeria. Ghana just REDISCOVERED oil & started pumpin it late last year. Hamet Maluna who resides in Ghana SUCKS DICK & is a charlatan so if ya run across him, AVOID him like the PLAGUE! For some of my newer readers, I lived in Ghana for a year & a half & though there is no AFRICOM there, the US has an embassy there that is a MILITARY BASE! I was told that there is a TUNNEL that connects directly from the airport to the base/embassy & what do they transport thru it? Who knows but WE can deduce right? Then WE have the Ivory Coast & boy was that a FUN PLACE to be just a few weeks ago. On the low, there are STILL KILLINGS goin on but WE'LL see how it all ends up. Guinea is havin coups left & right & Senegal seems stable for now but there are those who now want President Wade to step down. I like him as he recently ridded his nation of french military personnel but some want new leadership. Only time will tell what will happen. As Ghana & Nigeria are both STRTEGICALLY LOCATED in the middle of this vast region & have BIG OIL there, West Afrika is surrounded.

North Afrika - Home to MILLIONS of ARABS but still Afrika! I don't use the phrase ARAB too much bcuz most of US don't OVERSTAND that THEY are SEMITES aka HALF BREEDS! In order to know the REAL, 1 must read the Destruction of Black Civilization by our Master Teacher Chancellor Williams. If ya wanna know just enough of what actually transpired before the modern era, that 1 right there is a MUST READ! But blak to Northeren Afrika, home of the MOORS as in MOrocco, MAURITANIA & so many other places settled by US! Look at what happened earlier this year with small Tunisia takin it to the street & gettin that corrupt ass former government out. Ya see, Tunisia is a tiny country & what too many of US here in the us don't know is that durin the berlin conference of 1884-85, the krakka cut up Afrika & didn't care where the lines were drawn just as long as he was able to kick BROWN & BLAK ASS! Whole families of peepo were seperated as he had to keep the very SAME PEEPO away from each other under the banner of NATIONALISM! After Tunisia blew, here came egypt & none of those official egyptians will ever tell you that YOU are the ORIGINAL EGYPTIAN so fuck 'em all if ya ask me! Them originals would make me look LIGHTSKINNDEDED! As WE speak, there is still much unrest in egypt & mubarak is in prison sufferin as the west allowed him to get captured. He can't do a DAMN THING for 'em now but more REVOLTUTION is comin bcuz as said in the 1st paragraph of this article, the WORLDWIDE YOUTH don't give a FLYIN FUKKK about yo jesus, muhammad, moses, abraham or krishna if THEY ain't FREE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zALWHBkRhsk. (you NEVER gonna figure out what I'm up 2.) This brings US to Libya & why SHE goin thru it. Though I am not a ghadaffi lover, I RESPECT him bcuz what he is now goin thru SPEAKS VOLUMES! After 9-1-1, this dude gave up his weapons & got tired of waitin for an EMBARGO to get lifted. I'm providin references bcuz this is so SIRIUS so let this 1 tell ya what it is: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/02/world/middleeast/02arms.html. You hear very little of Libya as it a very big country with very few peepo in it which is rich in oil. In other words, the standard of livin is pretty high & there are plenty BLAK AFRIKANS livin there! It's pretty much open season on US there now though as WAR brings out the WORST in most. Though 1 of the driest countries in the world, LIBYA was FOUND to HAVE VAST RESEVOIRS of  HIGH QUALITY WATER DISCOVERED in the  FORM of AQUIFERS! http://atrueott.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/water-water-water-libyas-hidden-asset/. This dude din't need a red cent from the west or in other words, HE DON'T NEED 'EM 4 SHIT! Now hang with me for just anotha second. Afrika was payin for a lease of $500M a YEAR for a satellite that cost $400M to OUTRIGHT BUY. Khadafi bought it himself & UNITED the whole of Afrika. Do the math & see why he had to go especially after the SAME PEEPO in Tunisia kicked the old governments ass the FUKKK out! THEY had to GO in when all that REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR was in the air & make this dude who ruled the country for 40 YEARS a PARIAH! Unlike the west, Afrikan borders are porous & easy to breach. To finish this all up, Libya dominates the middle part of the North Afrika coast in the Mediterranean, the sea that has the most COMMERCE especially OIL goin thru all day every FLUKIN day! Libya is a LOOSE CANNON STATE that must be CONTROLLED & could get Afrika FREE inna heartbeat bu y'all know me.......WE gotta do that SHIT for US! The norway bombin that happened 3 weeks ago ( with SO MUCH happenin, bet y'all FORGOT ABOUT that 1) occurred as the norwegians were about to pull OUT of that nato strike force team. It's in this short & sweet article here: http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=94&contentid=8719. If ya think this is gonna end things, you are sadly mistaken. The krakkas time is up & he got WAY LESS than 500 days left. Like sotero told former ny governor paterson to quit, he's also a 1 & done. If those krakkas can control Libya (thye won't) & keep egypt inna state of flux, THEY could still rule thru CONFUSION. That frequency is DONE! Peace.

                                                            - to be continued -

The Blak Smith did it AGAIN! He explained exactly how Afrika is surrounded, penned & corralled. WE got 1 more part to go though & as time goes, the BOOK is FINISHED. The name is, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me & I'll announce when it comes out SOON. To know how to order, contact me at bennyblacko@yahoo.com or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). You can send me a GIFT of $20 OR MORE as I still need to maintain this site. Til WE meet again, PEACE & LUV.

Friday, August 5, 2011

No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded......DAMN!

Hey y'all! How y'all doin? Y'all ready to ReTHINK what WORK is? Did y'all heed the Final WARnin? Did y'all know that our beloved HAITI just avoided another hurricane named emily? Y'all seen that DEBT CEILING bill signed by the congress? Are y'all gonna buy my book? Do you see WORLD DESTABILIZATION as the way to go even in the us where those border us-mexico towns are literally on FIRE? Why are ya still ugly? Gotcha with that 1 eh? Did y'all see the dow fall 500 points in 1 day? WOW, 503 is TOO MANY DAYS! It's goin down & I'm HAPPY bcuz them krakkas is goin down! For the record, all krakkas are EXPENDABLE!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl-N__xMwds&feature=player_embedded. Don't think that it's just US here in the us as this shit is GLOBAL as THEY lookin for what to do & where to go. WE havin fun yet? It's still HOT out there & to those of you who are UNEMPLOYED & makin it, I suggest that ya stay JOBless! You can see why when ya go down in this blog & check out what pastor Jamal Bryant has to say. Remember me? I'm the one who told ya to ReTHINK what WORK is. I'm the one that told y'all to do a 1 DAY WORK STRIKE in honor of Kenneth Harding, the latest victim of POLICE TERRORISM in san francisco on 8/17. That is Marcus Garveys BORNDAY as well & who doesn't luv him? Spread the word yo! All of my articles are manifestin in actuality & y'all better wake up & smell that coffee.

Today though & true to form, WE gonna talk about Afrika, my beloved Afrika. She has the best shape of all the continents, the most resources & the best arable land. I suggest that Y'ALL who are geographically weak download a map of her so that you see where & what I'm talkin about. Afrika contrary to popular belief is UNDERPOPULATED & is the 2nd largest sized continent so how could the WORLD be OVERCROWDED? What I'm gonna do today is show how despite AFRICOM was NEVER approved, Afrika is still surrounded & controlled by her former colonizin nations in europe & here in the us. More than half of Afrika speaks FRENCH! Please note thru all this, that those who THINK that THEY are more powerful than US have a hand in & so that the endgame will be WAR after WAR after WAR. The us thru nato pretty much foments all of the major WARS in the WORLD includin between european nations. They got my MOTHER, WIFE & DAUGHTER surrounded & THEY need to let go of her! They got trawlers takin all the fish after they depleted they own stocks off the coasts of europe & asia. WE goin in as THEY try to LIVE while we all SURVIVE. They got 503 days left & won't make it far. Let's go!

We'll start with east Afrika & the recent going-ons. We'll start in djibouti, a country that I've been to workin as a merchant seaman. This country used to be named French Somaliland & has a us base named camp lemonier. This place is at the end of the suez canal, which feeds into the indian ocean comin from the mediterranean sea. When I last went thru the suez, the cost to go thru was $800,000 & this was some years ago. This place is HUGELY STRATEGIC to the so called world powers bcuz of the LOCATION! Do you know how much it would cost to go around the Horn of Afrika especially where the atlantic & indian oceans converge? Then we have Ethiopia who are also Somalis & who have been fightin against their BROTHERS for a while now but have NEVER proved successful. The us thru nato, armed the Ethiopians & they went into Somalia but couldn't finish the job. Then we have Kenya & the massive civil war that they had in December of 2007 & into 2008. WE also have Yemen on the other side of the suez & that's an outpost for CONVENIENCE. Look up the uss cole.These places are all heavily SOMALI populated! Thru all of this though, Somalia is the crown jewel as it has no GOVERNMENT & is rich in RESOURCES! The us/un/nato forces are runnin outta time as the resolve of the peepo there is unrelentin & the war lords are not negotiatin. For the most part, the STARVIN REFUGEES are a result of all the WARS that never stopped. Watch Black Hawk Down to get an INNACURATE ACCOUNT. I'd dare say that more than 90% of those refugees are WOMEN & CHILDREN aka NON-COMBATANTS. They gotta go in NOW bcuz if they don't, they gonna lose out on all those resources that they can't get to now before a government forms. Somalia is almost all muslims & can therefore be labelled as al-qaeda, taliban & all that shit THEY label you when you ain't playin ball with 'em. If they could just get that Somalia to listen..........them pirates are fishermen who resorted to piracy after their fish stocks were depleted & the rest of that DEEP story is here. Check it out:  http://www.playahata.com/?p=5506. East Afrika is surrounded.

From East Afrika, WE go down to South Afrika. South Afrika just went thru aparthied & dusted off Nelson Mandela when WE showed THEM that WE wasn't goin for it no more. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1256425/Nelson-Mandelas-ex-wife-accuses-President-betraying-blacks-South-Africa.html. UNFORTUNATELY though, like AIDS, it was all a HOAX as this article shows. botha & de klerk never relinquished anything but wait...........I am not a Mandela hater. Like Geronimo ji-jaga, Mr Mandela was on Robben Island for 27 years. That means that THEY had 27 years to FUCK with his MIND! Prison preserved him & y'all ALWAYS need to refer to movies like enemy of the state & the manchurian candidate. Remember, the dr in the movie, dr atticus noyle played by simon mcburney was from SA in that filck! They could have done ANYTHING to NM while he was in there & his ex-wife gets a pass bcuz she NEVER gave up the struggle. She's bitter as them krakkas was given immunity in the TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSION while she faced 10 years in prison. Now before y'all go HAM on me, I don't give a pass to desmond dodo, another nobel piss prize LOSER either! Some of y'all youngsters may not know that he won that in 1984. Now you know. But if ya really wanna know what's goin on in SA, like in the us, WE still goin thru it. THEY still goin thru it in this biatch! Instead of gettin all political & over explainin shit, let me show y'all this so y'all can see what it is. http://www.blackbottom.com/watch.php?v=b1d898fd1a6185ad1327814b1c0c69b6a1642977. Maybe just 3-5% of SA's came outta abject POVERTY since Mandela got out of prison & most of those peepo were already somehow connected. Included in the equation are Lesotho & Swaziland as the peepo are all the same & to a greater or lesser degree, Zimbabwe is as well. Mugabe don't play & though I don't like the fact that the Chinese are there, I think that he has things under control. Notice that ya NEVER hear that the peepo of Zim are STARVING. To get blak to SA though, Jacob Zumas administration is in TROUBLE & if he makes it out on his feet unlike Mbeki, remains to be seen. South Afrika is controlled & doesn't need to be surrounded.

This is nothin new & pretty much, has run its course. Afrika will UNITE & be LIBERATED as Kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lamumba, & Sekou Toure wanted it. Most of those men were alive 100 years ago & if ya know anything about anything, THEY time was up in 1914. They were given another 100 years & here WE are! They time is up yo! Don't despair & do not allow them to kill you for doin somethin STUPID in these next few days. THEY also feel the NEGATIVE effects & just look at the post I put up by comedian louis ck entitled being white. WE will be victorious! In Part II of this series, I will go in on West & North Afrika. Don't think that bcuz AFRICOM didn't set up that THEY gave up. IT JUST DON'T WORK LIKE THAT! THEY DESPERATE so FALL BLAK & wait. WE in there yo! Peace.

I know that y'all sayin, "damn Blak Smith - you said that Afrika was surrounded. What happened to the rest?" Keep ya shirt on as I didn't wanna bore y'all with too much. Part II is comin SOON! My e-book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me is almost here as well & I'm as busy as ever makin it PERFEKT for y'all! I need y'all to send me those DONATIONS & y'all already know to contact me at bennyblacko@yahoo.com & on Face Book as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). HOLLA BLAK & support this HEATED HOT SHIT WE keep bringin. Remember, my biggest fear is a DAY JOB. Peace.