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I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts VI from Chapter 6

Y'all still there? I thought that Irene blew y'all off the face of the map like it flooded them krakkas up in vermont. Y'all still bullshittin while this blog told y'all about ADVERSE WEATHER WHETHER YA LIKE it or NOT aka LIFE as WE KNOW WILL SOON CEASE to EXIST? Do y'all need to read the Final Countdown 2012 & the Final WARnin again? Them Blak Space Peepo is kickin these ALIENS asses as EVERYONE is EXHAUSTED from his rule. Even Job is TIRED but........WE still got 479 days left WE? The way I hear it, it may be 27 days as 9-26-11 may be the day but WE are so TIRED that WE gettin impatient WAITIN for WHATEVER. This is what THEY want as ya get tired ya resign self not to care & here WE are. When ya don't care, ya get LAZY & won't be prepared! This ADVERSE WEATHER is supposed to be preparin US I always tell US, be ready for ANYTHING bcuz I really don't know what's gonna happen but if ya HEART & MIND are in …

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts V from Chapter 5

What up my BEAUTIFUL BLAK PEEPO out there in b2a land? This is the Blak Smith & before WE go in on Excerpt V from Chapter 5, just wanted to tell ALL in the northeast us to HOLD on for these next 483 days! WE stay on it for y'all & ya gotta see that so much has happened in the last 2 weeks & it's so FAST, WE FORGETTIN that it's happenin! Do WE know that Nick Ashford from Ashford & Simpson died? That Gil Noble is still recoverin from his stroke? That Neli Latson, an autistic young BLAK MAN is bein held in a VA prison despite the fact that he is known to be AUTISTIC & is in fact, REGRESSIN? Not to mention Libya & all the LYIN goin on but man it's so much so stay FOCUSED! Oh yeah, that IRENE BITCH.........tell her WE got way less than 483 days left! I ain't perfekt but take it from Me!
Melanin gives Blaks who have the highest concentration of it, acidation oxidation allowing us to move …

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts IV from Chapter 5

Once again, the Blak Smith is goin in! Today WE are takin more excerpts outta Chapter 5 - Is it Entertainment or Propaganda of our book, I ain't perfekt but take it from Me. But before WE do that, as just about all of Y'ALL know by now, the east coast of the us had an earthquake yesterday with the epicenter in Mineral Virginia near Richmond. Peepo from new england to atlanta felt it & is a sign of things to come. Look for more of that but as I wrote the Final Countdown 2012 & the Revisited Edition as well as the Final WARnin, my newer readers should refer to those articles as I knew these times were coming. Just type the titles into the search box on the top right of the screen of this sites homepage & read about what MAY or MAY NOT happen. WE got WAY LESS than 485 days left so I want y'all to start THINKIN about what Y'ALL gonna do when the KraKKa's time is OFFICIALLY UP! That time is near so see these signs & what's to come how ya wanna but DO…

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpts III from Chapter 4.

This is the Blak Smith checkin in to see how y'all doin. In Part III taken from Chapter 4, WE go in on sports & entertainment & how it affects US even though too many of US don't OVERSTAND how. All the media does is PROPAGANDIZE you & WE show & prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how not to be a victim of this. Go in & see how:

Check out this piece of information that I got from the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, a legendary piece of work from Albert Pike, which depending on what they say, may ormay have not been written.Like willy lynchism, I deal with what’s happening so deal with it, chek it:
In order to distract people who may be too troublesome                         from discussions of questions of the political, we are now
                        putting forward what weallege to benew of the political, namely
                        questions of industry.In this sphere, let them discuss themselves silly.
                        The masses are a cree…

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me! Excerpts II from Chapter 2

Hey y'all, these are excerpts from Chapter II of my book titled above in the subject box. By now y'all know that this book is semi-autobiographical & about my life as a young dude who grew up during the 1st days of Hip Hop. In today's segment, WE get into WHY the HOOD acts the way the HOOD acts. Take a look inside & se how I saw it. To all my NY heads particularly the BX, STAND UP & REP THIS! Peace.

The Hood!Why is the Hood the Hood?Why do we as a people act this way?Why so much unnecessary business goin on?Maybe I can provide you with some answers.We (people of color) & more in particular BLAKS, are taught to strive for the Amerikkkan dream concocted by European ideals. As a concept, it can’t happen because European/Amerikkkan societies grip on the 9 people activities is in a stranglehold & as long as that is the case, 85% of our people are walking around deaf, dumb & blind.Those 9 people activities are (1) Economics (2) Education (3) Entertainment…

I ain't perfekt but take it from Me Excerpt I from the Intro Chapter

The book is a semi auto-biography on how I see the world using Hip Hop as my lenses. As I was still a little
one when it started in the South Bronx, little did I know that Hip Hop would go GLOBAL in the span of a
few years & I know some of the creators that will never be famous or rich off of this! These words are
from the 1st chapter & introduce y'all to just some of my POSITIVE INFLUENCES in life. Hope y'all
enjoy & support as well:
Who are my heroes?Too many but allow me to list some names that come to mind.Dr John Henrike Clarke, Harriet Tubman, El Haj Malik Shabazz aka Malcom X, Dr Josef Ben Jo Hachonon, Dr Ivan Van Sertima, Imhotep, Kwame Ture, Carlos Cooks, Marcus Garvey, Mumia Abu Jamal, Assatta Shakur, Bob Marley, James Smalls, Del Jones, Nanny, Alton Maddox, the Concious Rasta, Tupac, Steve Cokely, Kwame Nkrumah, Steven Biko, Ken Saro Wiwa, Winnie Mandela, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Sekou Toure, Queen Nzinga, Chuck D, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Robinson, Paul …

Malcolm X Speaks on Marcus Garvey.....OUR BABA LIVES 124 YEARS TODAY!


THEY WILL RAPE ANYTHING...U may not be able 2 FINISH this 1


2012 TRUTH about it ALL!


Proffessor Griff Exposes Michelle, Barak Obama & Secret Societies - DAMN!


* FREE ENERGY inventor mysteriously died! Why don't we have water power...Japan was supposed 2 do this & then the.....


No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded! Part III & the uk UPRISING

Ok & WOW! Y'all ain't even realize that the nwo was put into effect on Sept 17 2001. That's why on 9/11, 1991, exactly 10 years earlier, this speech was given & always know that there are no coincidences: So........we had ya favorite media mogul & dirty zio, rupert murdoch get caught inna HACKING SCANDAL & no 1 is even talkin about that anymore. If I say oslo, most of y'all THINK that I'm talkin about a dude name Ozzie but remember the disaster there just 2 weeks ago? As time is speedin up, we FORGOT about that shit! Then 31 soldiers die in afghanistan inna copter crash & as I've put the link in before, 20 of 'em, were on the FAKE KILL BIN DEAD BIN LADEN TEAM. Dead men tell no LIES or TRUTH! In MS, a lone BLAK MAN gets beat the fukkk up & ran over in a RANDOM BEATDOWN & I only heard about it on FB. This was after Kenneth Harding was shot in san fran & the POLICE lied about that sayi…

The Video below was taken off of JewTube & so.....

McDonald's Serving up Sacrificed Children!?!? Fast Food Info part 6K


K Rino Grand Deception


What NASA is hiding from the world!! I'm just showin it is all.! Real!!




London Riots. (The BBC will never replay this. But WE will!


No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded! Part II

Whatup & let's get right into it y'all! Burn that MOTHERFUKKKIN London down as that is the KraKKas Headquarters! NY is his financial HQ & Washington DC is his WAR CHESS! Tel Aviv is where this most UNHOLY ALLIANCE meets & boy oh boy it's gettin more interestin as it all goes along. Though I loathe quotin from the bible, there is a quote in there statin that in the LAST DAYS, empires would spread themselves too THIN & everywhere ya look now is a HOT SPOT! With that, I must apologize for bein late with this entry but I had to do extra research to catch up with this breakin news. Yeah, how long do THEY feel that THEY can keep US down for? The name of this article is in the title box & WHATEVER THEY do is gonna come BLAK on them SOMETHING FIERCE & y'all who don't like that better get the FUKKK outta the way or PERISH with 'em! They wanna go into Somalia & f…

Who messin with this?

No AFRICOM but Afrika is surrounded......DAMN!

Hey y'all! How y'all doin? Y'all ready to ReTHINK what WORK is? Did y'all heed the Final WARnin? Did y'all know that our beloved HAITI just avoided another hurricane named emily? Y'all seen that DEBT CEILING bill signed by the congress? Are y'all gonna buy my book? Do you see WORLD DESTABILIZATION as the way to go even in the us where those border us-mexico towns are literally on FIRE? Why are ya still ugly? Gotcha with that 1 eh? Did y'all see the dow fall 500 points in 1 day? WOW, 503 is TOO MANY DAYS! It's goin down & I'm HAPPY bcuz them krakkas is goin down! For the record, all krakkas are EXPENDABLE! Don't think that it's just US here in the us as this shit is GLOBAL as THEY lookin for what to do & where to go. WE havin fun yet? It's still HOT out there & to those of you who are UNEMPLOYED & makin it, I suggest that ya stay JOBless! You can …