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This goes out to the MAN who WE MUST give ALL the CREDIT to for making it into 1 CULTRE and his name is Clive Campbell or as WE in HIP HOP lovingly refer to him as Kool DJ Herc! Big shout out to EZ AD who got at Me and Chris Garay but.........I am the Blak Smith and if ya don't know who this MAN is and make MONEY in what WE now call HIP HOP, SHAME on YOU! As a matter of fact, a few years ago, Herc needed surgery and ya BOY hussle simmons had to step in and assist and though WE KNOW what he's about, WE give BIG PROPS for that as this was way SIRIUS! WE just saw the verdict dropped on the sterling fiasco but any BP who's SHOCKED and AWED by all this better be below the age of 30! Anyhoo..........today, WE are here to speak on these NEGRO APOLOGISTS and their MINIONS who want to lead OUR CHILDREN down the path of PERDITION but the 2014 BM AIN'T HAVING it NO MO'! Let's get into just how WE wanna get into that all the while being that beacon of light for those too young to know what this is all really about. 


So.............WHO KILLED IT? In all earnestness, racist white supremacy did and like WE'RE supposed to know by now,  they USED  US just like they did BLAK in the day when they dragged  US from those tropical SHORES of Afrika! With that, WE have to refer to MA'AT and speak to those who were there in those beginning HIP HOP DAYS so as to design an alternative INDUSTRY as SOMEBODY has to DEFEND the LOVE of OUR LIVES! To those of ya who say "give it up"............I say a big NEVA!!!!!!!!!! Where were YOU the day HIP HOP DIED Jimmy Spicer/Donald D/DJ Charlie Chase/Kool Moe Dee/Busy B/Grandwizard Theodore/CrazyLegs/PeeWeeDance/Presweet/DJ Hollywood/Gramdmaster Caz/Rockmaster Scott/the Jaz and so many OTHERS?; are ya READY to DEFEND OUR BELOVED HIP HOP? Are WE READY to be FEARLESS in CHALLENGING rws for what is OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? OUR PEEPO? Aren't WE yet TIRED of being TIRED? Can't WE  use this donald sterling SHIT as evidence that WE ARE THE determining factor in what happens to OUR SONS and YOUNG 1's? Have ya GIVEN UP? Can WE finally show OUR YOUTH that WE don't have to SELL OUR TALENTS to SUPREMACISTS and that WE can build 'em up slowly aka DEVELOPMENT? As this evil empire crumbles too slowly but surely, who's watching the BLAK DOOR?


When ya think that HIP HOP is WILDING OUT, WE have REFERENCES;

And what about YOU yo? Where do you fit in in this equation and how are ya gonna assist US in OUR endeavors? In case ya didn't know, HIP HOP needs DEFENDING and if a handful of sports players can get a result that they got, who's ready to go head up with another  bunch of BILLIONAIRES? If ya think these nba niKKKa's are bad, what do ya think musiKKK execs say about non-educated nigga's off the street looking for just a percentage of his CAKE? He's gonna make ya work for EVERY PENNY bcuz.......why should he hand YOU that CAKE when he has a conveyor belt of nigga's doing same? Those who will bend over get that cake yo! The college ranks is about to get theirs; http://espn.go.com/chicago/college-football/story/_/id/10837584/northwestern-wildcats-players-vote-whether-form-first-union-college-athletes. So what about HIP HOP? Why can't dudes who were 15 in 1980 MANAGE his SONS and DAUGHTERS now? My loyal readers now know that those making these wild and crazy assertions (NA's) are nothing more than CONTROLLED SLAVES & so do not look for 'em to aid in this! MONEY ain't EVERYTHING Y'ALL! So to my peepo out there, please contact any CONCERNED PIONEERS ya may know bcuz the Blak Smith has a PLAN to once and for all get HOP HOP BLAK on TRACK thru MA'AT aka UNITY! Not everybody is interested in sports but EVERYBODY partakes in CULTRE and for the most part, EVERY PEEPO in the WORLD has some type of HIP HOP SCENE going on! So again, before WE go, where ya at? Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die..........but the NEGRO APOLOGIST in YOU will soon!


Do not get distraKKKted! WE NEED a UNION!!!!

The reason why the NA is so DANGEROUS is bcuz they allow rws to go UNCHECKED while throwing  US UNDER the BUS constantly giving those DEVILS another foot up outta that barrel that they already winning in. They CREATED this AGE of PLASTIKKK! Their systems are INSIDUOUS, LAYERED and MANY! As a REACTIONARY PEEPO, WE forget that those who sell out are HIGH TECH SLAVES and then, BLAME THEM when in essence, MOST didn't KNOW bcuz they were TOO YOUNG when they got in and when the CHOICE is RICHES or DEATH, MOST will opt for the 1st but if ya had to do what they do to get in.....................know that katrina was 1 form of GENTRIFIKKKATION! The fda controls thr FOOD and DRUGS simlutaneously! Chemtrails! Manufacturing WEAPONS of ALL SORTS!!!! Ain't NOBODY BLAK doing this yo! Whenever WE get it TOGETHER, they bring in the DRUGS, WARS, STARVATION, POVERTY, PROSTITUTION, CHEMICALS etc etc etc  NO AMOUNT of DENIALS on yo part will CHANGE ANYTHING I JUST TYPED! I just spoke WORDS of TRUTH like how sterling feels he did. What part ain't ya yet getting?  HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The ONSLAUGHT is now on FULL THROTTLE! I was looking for the whole episode of the cleveland show but.........couldn't find it & as I have enough respect for vlogger mark dice, I said what the HEYYYYYYYYYYYY.......yeah Man, I BELIEVE that something BIG is just around the corner bcuz of these rappers/hip hoppers are on some SHIT yo! The above pic has been viral for about a week now & it's being said that Chamillionaire tried to take a pic with mj & was told, "I ain't taking no pics with no nigga's!" When Michael Jackson was talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FbkTX2bnis, I don't think that he meant it that way but as he is no longer here............

Before I go in though, what I must do is ADDRESS the O.G's of Hip Hop & so some shout outs are in order.....if ya know peepo who I don't think are in such as Kool DJ Herc, Grandmaster Caz, Luv Bug Starski, Bizzy Bee & others who prolly never took the oath, get 'em this message & tell 'em that a NEW INDUSTRY MUST be ESTABLISHED! The days of WANTING what them niKKKa's got has to be over for US to go where WE MUST!

Ok......as far as questlove of 1 of my favorite all time GROUPS, the ROOTS, he recently had this to say; "Hip Hop doesn’t just have its share of problems. It has failed the black community."* If ya know these niKKKa's saying the DUMBEST SHIT EVER, tell 'em to get at me but as I RESEARCH & learn more & more every day, I now know that they won't bcuz 5 MILLION peepo will see those transmissons & if I'm lucky, perhaps only 1,000 will see THIS! This is called the power of the MEDIA! This is why I called out my hopefully concerned elders who can get the message out bcuz somebody other than NAS & KRS-1 has to step in & DEFEND HIP HOP from her CONTROLLED & FORCED to SLAVES from throwing HER & US under the BUS!

the fuKKKery continues & catch the SYMBOLOGY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXXVMcyy_Ag

The reason why I had to give ql his own segment is bcuz the Roots SUPPOSEDLY REPRESENT ORGANIC LIVE & INTELLIGENT HIP HOP aka SOPHISTICATION & while pharell is sonically dope, he is not a RAPPER, he is a producer. So.......if ql wants to say that Hip Hop is ruining Blak ameriKKKa, what of racist white supremacy? What of jim crow, willy lynchism & well......all of the ISM SCHISMS that Bob Marley spoke of way BLAK when? What of the high crime rates of L.A in the 80's, Lil Rock in the 90's, ya own city of Philly in the 2000's & now, Chiraq? What of krakk? The non-existent a.i.d.s? Before y'all think that I hate these dudes, I don't unless..............they doing the DUMB SHIT VOLUNTARILY! Ya don't get a high paying gig on the tonight show without giving something BIG up! What did the Roots give up to get there? Would ya care to speak on that ql?

I gotta let y'all know that it's in EVERYTHING including RELIGION! This is some real UnKKKle ruKKKus shit here yo!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzqbsAAa-k0

To cover the cliKKKers basketball team, ain't gonna say much bcuz I've been saying this SHIT since I got KOS but........there will still be APOLOGISTS for that dude but check this........the owners of the teams are known as the billionaire BOYS CLUB regardless of what sport it is. That niKKKa saying all that he said DISRESPECTED 80% of the PLAYERS & in fact, ALL BP & a SIMPLE BOYCOTT of the cliKKKers ain't enough! I keep saying that ALL BP should STRIKE bcuz if this dude could diss perhaps 1 of the most FAVORITE of ALL TIME who himself is mega-rich, then what does that say for regular folk like YOU, ME & US? GENERAL STRIKING is the ONLY POWER WE REALLY HAVE bcuz that niKKKa absolutely HATES to lose MONEY but you don't hear Me though! WE make this BUSINESS called the u.s.a run! As this says it all, here ya go ya NA!; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjDK-N1A-wI.

What's gonna be ya EXCUSE NOW NA? WE actually need these things to happen so that YOU can look STUPID trying to PROTECT 'EM & as king james is the FACE of the nba, what he said is gonna be about as good as it gets! WE need to hear the REAL from the likes of Jim Brown on stuff like this! So.....as they get EXPOSED, know that just about all of them owners are SMALL HATS! The cliKKKers owners last name is STERLING & nba chairman is SILVER.................do the MATH as they SCURRY to protect him but just know that it is ILLEGAL to record a convo without the other persons permission. Besides, x-nba great, Elgin Baylor (http://larrybrownsports.com/basketball/elgin-baylor-drops-racial-discrimination-claim-against-clippers-donald-sterling/56940) sued sterling years ago & lost for lack of enough proof but now.........who remembers marge schott & al davis? MOVE ALONG PEEPO NOTHING NEW to SEE HERE! They gonna EXPOSE the girlfriend's ugliest secrets but he's the CHEATER in this as sterling's wife is SUING her!


The Blak Smith wants ya to see how this is all CONTROLLED! I explain it all in my new book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, an Expose of the Entertainment Industry with a Focus on Hip Hop so that you too can know the real! Get with our paypal account for ya copy at boombyebyebook@yahoo.com or on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). If ya want the book directly, go here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/boom-bye-bye-hip-hop-will-never-die/paperback/product-21482927.html. However & whatever ya do, WE need ya feedBLAK & so........HOLLA BLAK!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

So to conclude on the leader of the Roots, questlove, as I know he knows BETTER, like the title pic up above, I BELIEVE that mj wanted to really make a difference but how they talk when ya THINK that ya bigger than them is what I call the KILL the COMMODITY SYNDROME bcuz YOU make too much MONEY for 'em aka SLAVERY! I covered this all in my 1st book, I ain't perfeKt but take it from Me. A lotta y'all younger readers don't remember that mj lost his BEST FRIEND, his FATHER after he insisted on retiring from the nba over 20 years ago! Craig Hodges who was kicked outta the nba years ago by then (p)resident bush(it), tried to skool mj & scott pippen back then & that was his reward for teaching 'em how to help US! Them niKKKa's OWN YOU & will make ya PAY when they LOSE yo! I can give plenty of names & the most recent 1 was Andre 3000. 3 stacks is supposedly making a comeBLAK album & was supposed to be doing the Jimi Hendrix flick but IDK what's going on with that now..........it all remains to be seen. All I know now is that WE need to remain VIGILANT & STAY ALIVE bcuz CHANGE is INEVITABLE! WE gonna conclude this series in Part V with some SOLUTIONS & if ya got any, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!

* http://breakingbrown.com/2014/04/questlove-admits-the-obvious-hip-hop-failed-black-america

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For Part II, go down & read before ya see it! This is an all time CLASSIC & too bad Mcgruder is gone from HIS OWN SHOW. I keep telling US it ain't a GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here WE go with Part II of the SotNA or what I call SIMPS of TRAITORIOUS niKKKa ameriKKKans! Ayo, that link that I put up of Neely Fuller going in on what this is all about WENT IN EXTRA HARDBODY. As a matter of FACT, it's so IMPORTANT, WE at b2a think that ya should listen to it & as it's not even 9 minutes long, GIVE it a LISTEN so as to GET how these celebs are really HIGH TECH & CONTROLLED SLAVES! WE keep coming back to this premise but if ya not looking at this dynamic in an ANALYTICAL WAY, ya gonna keep asking, "WHY they don't SUPPORT US?" Ok, check the link now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hltz4KCKfns#t=26


So as to refresh, y'all who are NEW here (where ya been?), I will link to Part I here: http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/#!/2014/04/the-sophistication-of-negro-apologist.html. What WE wanna show Y'ALL is how SOPHISTICATED these now over 30 somethings are doing to my beloved Hip Hop who turned 40 last August. Basically speaking, ya boy pharrell williams was on okrah windbag last week crying & had this to say about race relations;

"The “new black” doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The “new black” dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on."

1st of all, other than the commentary, I didn't write either article but need to show y'all the IMPORTANCE of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING aka ANALYZATION! Big shout out to Forrest Palmer & Yvette Carnell from www.breakingbrown.com! As he said it all, I felt a need to go in just a lil further as to HOW they do it bcuz BLAK PEEPO have a difficult time OVERSTANDING that this all works in LAYERS! Before WE go in on pharell, we must 1st speak on windbag! As her PUB(l)iKKK life is very PUBIC, no need to go in too heavy but.........in the noted book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, yours truly got a lotta info from this article

There are many cops, doctors, lawyers and professional class people that are also tools of the Illuminati and they will carry out the Illuminati Contracts in Hollywood. Needless to say, Sonja Norwood never got that blood sacrifice and Brandy’s career dried up and of course Oprah was sent in to craft the narrative.*

Part II of the Boondocks is here to end Part I uptop! Ya really need to look after the 6 minute mark

To get on okrah's show, means the ULTIMATE in LEGITIMACY bcuz pharrell was already well acclaimed & with this HAPI song, pharell has reached the PINACLE! They are bringing a new wave of OLD & NEW bcuz for the very 1st time, there is an AGE SCHISM in Hip Hop & for US to be condemning the newer stuff is FOOLISH bcuz it causes SEPARATION! WE must also remember that there are 2 RITUALS when artists cross over from music into acting & vice versa! Isn't Andre 3000 an actor now? Check this; http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/andre-3000-mourning-fathers-death-months-after-mothers-death/. And BTW, I don't attribute EVERY DEATH to them but WE gotta ASK the QUESTIONS!!!!

Okay now.........pharell saying that BS just shows that these celebs are simply CONTROLLED SHILLS aka PUPPETS! Stop thinking that they are controlled by 2 big italian guys who work for the mob. WE all remember the mob movies of the 70's & 80's & before then, WE ALL THOUGHT that the mafia was the REAL POWER but al sharptone still being alive shows ya that I too can say, FUCK them W.O.P niKKKa's! For those who wish to climb up, like in reality shows, they VOLUNTEER, get CHIPPED REMOTELY or thru MK-ULTRA, get HYPNOTIZED by a HANDLER & from that, get to work! The more that they do, the larger the rewards! If ya TALK too much but not about any of the REAL POWERS, they Katt Williams ya! If ya talk too much, they ODB, Michael Jackson ya! If ya do all that they say, they jay-z, birdman, dr. dre & diddy ya........but, however ya SLICE IT, ya still gotta give up a BLOOD SACRIFICE & it ain't a GAME! Ya gal Lupita Nyongo is gonna have to lose someone soon..............this is not a JOKE!

I THINK for now, that this is enough! I didn't plan on Part III but I see that it is necessary bcuz while pharell's thing was kinda obvious, Questlove is kinda different bcuz the way he put it was a bit more sophisticated! Quest KNOWS BETTER but are now under the RE-DEFINITION of late nite tv & jimmy fallon. I'm hoping by now that I don't have to explain the difference between RAP & HIP HOP bcuz I've been over that way too many times! Though I liked this, WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS to be the NEW FACE of what HIP HOP is: http://www.wimp.com/raphistory/. When ya want a grammy or their rewards, you are depending on 'em to LEGITIMIZE ya! COMPETITION is the DEVIL! This is an ongoing thing & why they started off with those who came of age during the last days of the GOLDEN ERA who were MULATTOES! Who knows the names of Carey, Justice, Jeter & Kravitz & Kidd? These peepo (cough soetero) play a very big role in what goes on & if ya new, check this: http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/#!/2013/05/mullatoes-other-half-breed-nikkkas_20.html. And 1 mo' thang........especially for y'all over 35; STOP INGESTING ENTERTAINMENT for the SAKE of ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! They are HIDING ALL while ya EYES are WIDE SHUT! Teach the YOUNG 1's that they don't need to SELL OUT when WE BUILD OUR OWN NATION!!!!

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

This classic explaining all this can be had by contacting US here, via e-mail/paypal at boombyebyebook@yahoo.com or contact US on fb as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff) for ya personally autographed copies. For  the instant downloadable e-book, go here; http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/i-aint-perfekt-but-take-it-from-me/ebook/product-18623167.html. We at WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* http://hollywoodilluminati.com/2012/06/26/whitney-houstons-death-southern-black-freemasons-in-hollywood-oprah-brandy-ray-j-tyler-perry-50-cent/


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"The “new black” doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The “new black” dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on." (Pharrel on Oprah)


I was flipping through the stations the other day and saw Pharrell crying with Oprah but didn’t stop to watch the entire interview or what was left of it…I have my human limitations…This is just more proof that nothing good can EVER come from being interviewed by Oprah…

It is also further proof concerning what I said about what I or anyone else must become to move up the corporate ladder…and this isn’t a new phenomenon …this is no different than a Booker T. Washington and his Atlanta Compromise being entryway into becoming the first Negro to sleep in the White House or Dr. Ralph Bunche becoming a U.N. official and helping to assassinate Patrice Lumumba. Or  Colin Powell becoming Joint Chief of Staff and listing every conservative white male leader from the 1960's to the 1980's as being his idols and also calling the Buffalo Soldiers, the group of Negro soldiers who went off into the Great Plains to kill natives for a pat on the head from the white establishment, the wind beneath his wings. If a system based upon white supremacy is going to let a Negro be successful in any way, they best align themselves with the continuance of white supremacy.

Now, this Negro Pharrell is just a songwriter. The only resource he has is the ability to write a song with a catchy phrase that mainstream world likes to listen to and this ability has provided him a certain wealth and standard of living which enables him to be “worthy” of being interviewed by Oprah but his wealth is totally dependent on POPULARITY…Bill Gates? As long as they are churning out Windows operating systems on pc's, he isn’t going anywhere…the Rockefeller's? As long as we have the current banking system, this family will be secure in the future, just off name recognition alone. Even the Hilton's, for all the current idiocy of the daughters, have wealth concentrated in their hands because they own choice real estate and provide a service to the wealthy. All these people make money because they own actual, tangible property or some type of ‘means of production’ (to steal a phrase from Marx) which sustains them whether they are popular or not.

Pharrell isn’t RCA, CBS or Warner Bros. Any recording company he has is just the incorporation of his name and a couple of artists he might find along the way of his career. All it will take for Pharrell to come back to Earth is a sudden case of writer’s block or some new up and coming songwriter who speaks to the youth better than him that supplants him.

But in order to stay in that ‘deluxe apartment in the sky’ for however long he is ALLOWED to be there, Pharrell and anyone else MUST say these things. A couple of years ago, the hot Negro saying this kind of stuff was will.i.am from ‘the Black Eyed Peas’. Once a Negro of some popularity has a little cache with the white mainstream, almost always through entertainment (athletics, singing, dance or acting), they stick a microphone in front of him and I don’t give a fuck in what kind of downtrodden existence this m'fer may have come from, they ALWAYS say silly shit like this to make white people love them and take the onus off the individual, systemic and institutional racism which has served them well for hundreds of years now…bullshit like this allows the average white person to say “Niggers need to get their shit together and stop blaming white people for their problems, like Pharrell is saying…and I can’t be racist for feeling the same way because Pharrell said it…also, I like Pharrell so how I can like him and still be racist?…anyone who says that I am racist is a ‘reverse racist’ (the new term du jour for white people nowadays)”…


And if you took any Negro entertainer of some prominence and put them in that seat, the same fucking words would be coming out of their mouths…or do you think Oprah has been going strong with white, middle class women for 30 years because of her ‘winning personality’. This is the same fucking woman who said that she couldn’t understand the anger of the Black Panther Party back in the 1960s. Once again, something the white masses LOVE to hear…and in that same vein, no matter how much ‘Happy’ is a nice song, Pharrell isn’t getting the CHANCE to write an Oscar nominated song like that for a mainstream (white) FRANCHISE movie without saying stuff like this…

What did Will Smith and Jamie Foxx say after Barry got elected in 2008? Those m'fers said we don’t have ANYMORE excuses….like black folks have just been making up shit to point to as far as our oppression and it has all only resided in our minds…Fuck them and fuck Pharrell.

Well, maybe Pharrell is thinking about going into politics…With inane rhetoric like this I am sure he will have no problem getting into the White House like Barry, since he made the blueprint for all other Negroes that follow him…no easier path to getting into the good graces of white people, liberal or conservative, than throwing black people under the bus…Worked for Booker T. Washington a hundred years ago and 'successful’ Negroes are doing it today…Just showing that the more things change, the more they stay the same…*

Just in case ya DON'T SEE it, there's just a lil more below...

Once hip-hop culture is ubiquitous, it is also invisible. Once it’s everywhere, it is nowhere. What once offered resistance to mainstream culture (it was part of the larger tapestry, spooky-action style, but it pulled at the fabric) is now an integral part of the sullen dominant. Not to mention the obvious backlash conspiracy paranoia: Once all of black music is associated with hip-hop, then Those Who Wish to Squelch need only squelch one genre to effectively silence an entire cultural movement.


Mainstream hip-hop has become a sort of amalgamation of soft-core pornography and violent fantasy. Although moguls who’ve capitalized off the exploitation, like Russell Simmons, have continued to support the genre as a form of poetic story-telling, much of what passes for hip-hop nowadays is little more than nursery rhyme lyrics atop laptop generated beats. According to Questlove of The Roots, hip hop doesn’t just have its share of problems. It has failed the black community.

In an essay for Vulture, Questlove points out that hip-hop, once known for espousing counter-cultural views, has become just another cog in the American wheel.
Questlove observed that although hip-hip once held within the charge to tell an authentic story, those days are gone:

The music originally evolved to paint portraits of real people and handle real problems at close range — social contract, anyone? — but these days, hip-hop mainly rearranges symbolic freight on the black starliner. Containers on the container ship are taken from here to there — and never mind the fact that they may be empty containers.
What do you think? Is there anything salvageable in hip-hop?**
So.......ya may ask what does the Blak Smith think & if he thinks it, what does that have to do with ME? IDK but my book covers the FACT that these Negro Apologists are mere HIGH TECH SLAVES who MUST continue saying this type of shit & Neely Fuller more than broke it all down in the 2nd short link ending with 26 above! If ya really know just how these SLAVES are CONTROLLED, ya must cop my seminal classic, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die, an Expose on the Entertainment Industry with a Focus on Hip Hop. For ya personally autographed copy, check our paypal account at boombyebyebook@yahoo.com or on FB as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). To order the book directly, go here; http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/boom-bye-bye-hip-hop-will-never-die/paperback/product-21482927.html. Thanks for Y'ALL SUPPORT!

As these are very important topics, the next time ya grace these pages, the Blak Smith will ANALYZE both articles to put some clarity behind what this all really means. At b2a, WE wanna be that beacon of light to guide US thru the storm! Until it's PEACE, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

* http://breakingbrown.com/2014/04/pharrell-isnt-the-first-black-person-to-say-silly-sht-to-make-white-people-love-them/ written by Forrest Palmer

** http://breakingbrown.com/2014/04/questlove-admits-the-obvious-hip-hop-failed-black-america.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Yea today................& so WHAT? Say what? Yea.......the Blak Smith more than EVER don't give a FOG about NOTHING bcuz ain't nothing happening but learning more & more to RELY on PURE ENERGY as best as can be done in 2014! Lateley, all I've felt to do is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8omE8XPeYE. How about YOU? As far as this article is concerned, I don't even know where it's gonna end at but really, WHO CARES? I don't but know that I LUV ME some US & that ain't gonna change!

Before WE go anywhere other than where WE at, first off, gotta give some PROPS to a fallen SOULJAH named RUBIN HURRICANE CARTER a boxer some of US may have to remember when Denzel Washington played him in a biopic some years ago;
But as anybody who is SIRIUS about being BLAK should know, WE SHOULD NEVA EVER look at MOVIES as an ACCURATE DEPICTION of BLAK LIFE! Those who write HIS-STORY DEFINE & SHAPE it so how can ya compete with that? Instead of Me referring ya to the trailer of the flick, why not provide a link from someone who really cared? This dude went thru it somewhat like OUR UNCOMPROMISING TYPES as in Liston & Ali!;
It all began with the riots in Watts and Harlem in the early 1960s, which left 13 black children killed by police bullets. Rubin Carter, who until then had been marching non-violently with Martin Luther King, became a black Muslim and started to talk to the press about fighting back. That made him a public enemy in his home town of Paterson, where he had been arrested at the age of eleven for stabbing a man he said had indecently assaulted him. He was put away in a reformatory for seven years and was not forgiven – even as he began winning boxing titles.*
Check my dudes OURSTORY as the HURRICANE as he was affectionately known was made to suffer the same fates of the Central Park 7 who have been done so UNJUSTLY! Another BROTHA that WE MUST STAND UP for in this day & time is Attorney at WAR, ALTON MADDOX, who is still going STRONG for OUR SISTA, TAWANA BRAWLEY! It pains Me to no end to see peepo who still refer to the case as a HOAX! That young lady was RAPED & for those of YOU who still don't get it, I learned that NO KraKKa has EVER been convicted of RAPING BW from Maddox!!!!! I defy any who differ to cite Me the case & believe Me, I've looked! Besides, after the Jena 6 Fiasco, look at this; http://www.yourblackworld.net/2014/04/black-news/survey-al-sharptons-approval-rating-among-black-youth-plummets-after-fbi-scandal/. 1 mo' time my PEEPO, "if ya know their voice or pic ON SIGHT, they've SOUL OUT whether they wanted it OR NOT but some WANTED MORE than MOST if ya SMELL what WE cooking! Miss Me with that BULL yo!
What about ya MAN who recently got DUSTED or what Y'ALL now call, PCP'd up & tried to cut his own dick off? Was he ritualized & hating the fact that he went thru with it? What kinda mindset does that? Who WE are comes out in many manifestations! WOW.................they say that 1 should cut the mustard but dude was looking to sever the sausage & then jumped off of a building & http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2608455/Wu-Tang-affiliated-rapper-high-PCP-cut-penis-jumped-balcony-Los-Angeles-apartment-building.html. Isn't the RZA about to appear in perhaps the 1st BLOCKBUSTA movie coming out this year any day from now featuring a GREAT WHITE already SACRIFICED MEGA-STAR? Stay being BAD bcuz ONLY the GOOD die YOUNG! As far as that plane..............who the FOG knows? Them ALIENS got it with the still living branch davidians!

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Our last b2a article can be found here featuring 2 GIANTS in Delbert Blair & Dick Gregory. Go here; http://black2afrika.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-carl-nelson-show-delbert-blair-and.html.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Carl Nelson Show (Delbert Blair and Dick Gregory)

As I STRIVE to be like these 2 GIANTS of OURSTORY, there won't be much for Me to say here. As I haven't been extra inspired to write lately, I implore any of ya to inbox Me ya ideas if ya got ANYTHING that can aid BLAK PEEPO in OUR QUEST for LIBERATION!!!! These 2 GIANTS drop it on a variety of topics & as WE at b2a BELIEVE, WE will be THERE loving each OTHER under the NATURAL ORDER aka MA'AT, just HANG ON! Til then, listen intently & hopefully, learn something. At b2a, know that WE absolutely LUV US/YOU & ALL Y'ALL that share that MELANIN & now..................to OUR EXPERTS!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

White Man's Burden

The story takes place in alterNATIVE ameriKKKa where the BLAKS are members of the social elite & whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. lou pinnock is a white worker in a chocolate factory, loving husband & father of 2 children. While delivering a package for a BLAK ceo, Thaddeus Thomas, he is mistaken for a voyeur & as a result, loses his job, gets beaten by BLAK cops & his family gets evicted from their home. Desperate, pinnock takes his guns & kidnaps Thomas demanding JUSTICE........

That was the description from youtube & yo to my PEEPO whom I really CARE ABOUT I got something to say! I don't reference my blog articles for Y'ALL to DOUBT! As I've said before, I wanna be LIBERATED with YOU & in forecasting the FUTURE, I will be WRONG at times! Sometimes, the more OPTIMISTIC, the message, the least chance that I wrote it bcuz the Blak Smith is a PESSIMIST but I know that the BEST is yet to COME & so........usher in the NEW ERA with LOVE!!! WE work HARD & the HIGHER POWER of my OVERSTANDING RULES ALL that I DO! I don't even want it to be like this flick when it switches bcuz the MEMORIES are MANY!

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Conspiracy or Truth? The REAL reason Black Rappers get killed


I don't want NONE of Y'ALL writing in bcuz ya don't like Tariq Elite. Get the point of it all & do YOU but get the LESSON!!!!!

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Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nowhere 2 RUN!!!!!!


So......even though a lotta SHIT I said DID NOT happen DOES NOT mean that something WILL NOT happen! Seems like lateley, niKKKas is trying to SNEAK BLAK into absolute BLAKNESS but when left to Me..........it will NOT happen yo! I will not bore ya today so here WE go!

Boy I tell ya..............YOUNG!


Jay-Z appears to have embraced the beliefs of the Five-Percent Nation, which is an American organization that holds to the thought that 5 percent of the Earth has the ability to enlighten the rest.

The rapper recently made an appearance at two New York radio stations to promote his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail wearing a chain that symbolizes the Nation of Gods and Earths which is another name for the organization.

Rumors and imagery in some of his music videos have tied Jay-Z to the occult and Satan worship in the past few years. The rapper addresses some of these issues on a song on his new album titled 'Heaven' while also speaking about some of the Five Percent doctrine.

"Arm leg leg arm head this is God Body," raps Jay in the opening lines of the track. This statement touches on the Five-Percent Nation's acronym for Allah who is not the traditional monotheistic God that is followed by orthodox Muslims. Instead, the Nation believes that the Asiatic Black Man is God.

Jay-Z also speaks about his view of organized religion.

"Question religion question it all, question existence until them questions are solved," he says. "I'm secular tell the hecklers settle down your religion creates division like my Maybach partition."

Jay-Z goes on to illustrate how he is like a God to the entertainment world and his fans are his congregation. "I confess, God in the flesh, live among the serpents turn arenas into churches."

Five-Percent members frequently refer to themselves as God according to their doctrine.

Rappers professing to be members of this Nation of Islam offshoot are nothing new in the hip-hop world. In the 1990s, popular rappers such as the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and Mobb Deep all used the group's terminology and taught the beliefs in some of their music.

Jay-Z seems to be searching for some kind of faith to hold onto. In 2009 it appeared that he was dabbling in the occult, and now he has moved on to a more accepted religion in hip-hop. His influence expands beyond the reach of most other rappers so the choices he makes are crucial to those who listen to his music.

He has also confessed to believing in one God in the past and refused to mock Jesus while he was a guest on atheist Bill Maher's talk show. His spiritual convictions still seem cloudy, however, those who profess Christ should be praying for him to find the right path instead of pointing the finger at him screaming Illuminati. Especially since his search for truth is far from over, according to his lyrics.*

From there WE go here

On the 5th of April, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, all eyes seem to have been with Kevin Garnett earning 10 points after his absence in 19 games due to an injury and Deron Williams who garnered 19 points as both brought the Nets to triumph over the Sixers. But rapper and businessman, Jay-Z also gathered attention that evening, not only because he came with his charming wife, famed singer and actress, Beyonce, but because he wore a medallion with a very pronounced engraving of the ‘Five Percent Nation’ symbol.

The Five Percent Nation is also called the Nation of Gods and Earths. The Five Percenters are an organization founded by Clarence Ernest Smith (a former student of Malcolm X) in 1963 in Harem, NY.

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The use of the term five percent, stems from their belief that the world is divided into three groups: the 85% who are the people who are blind to the truth; the 10% who know the truth but choose to teach lies to benefit from it and the 5% who are the ones who know and teach the truth that the Black Man is God (Black women are only subordinates but are considered higher than White men).

Interestingly, some members of the organization have designated certain locations as Islamic Cities. In New York City, they call Harlem, “Mecca” and Brooklyn, “Medina”. They also have names for other localities such as “D-Mecca” for Detroit, “New Jerusalem” for  New Jersey, “C-Medina” for  Chicago, “The Desert” for Queens, “New Heaven” for  Connecticut, “Saudi” for St. Louis,“Morocco for  Seattle, and “the Sudan” for Dallas. It is said that among its tenets is the belief that “white men are wicked, weak and inferior.”

Because of the racially controversial implication borne by the medallion, Jay-Z wearing it led to outrage. But this outrage did not come from non-members of the organization only. Saladin Allah, a Five Percent Nation representative, said, “Jay Z is not an active member — no one has vouched for him. It was always understood that you don’t wear the ­regalia if you don’t totally subscribe to the life.”

When a question was posted to him by a reporter about whether the medallion was meaningful to him, Jay-Z shrugged and only replied, “A little bit.”**

For a pretty good response from Saladin Allah, check this short blog post at http://www.atlantisschool.blogspot.com/. (Open letter to the ny post).

Now.....a bigger FISH to FRY with SHARP TONES........as nothing more needs to be said, WE go STRAIGHT into it

Is Rev. Al a Rat? ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

            Rev. Sharpton now claims that he is a "cat".  He fraudulently led UAM to believe that he was a "pit bull". A "cat" is no match for most dogs. Rev. Sharpton is confusing an "alley cat" with a lion. Of course, Curtis Sliwa did tell me that Sharpton had "nine lives".This was in reference to my successful defense of him in 1990 in a 67-count indictment.

            New York had thrown everything at Sharpton except the kitchen sink. It was his own greed and jealously that led to his demise as a "political maverick". He is now a “political pawn" but "armed and dangerous". Only the Black community is being endangered by his "paralysis of analysis".

            Instead of denying that he is still a "foot soldier" in organized crime, he is now arguing that the allegation of his being a "snitch” is a "distraction". Any judge would tell a jury that credibility is always an issue at trial. Distraction is a "red herring".  It is not a "legal defense". Thus, Sharpton has to do some more explaining if he wants to continue having his cake and eating it also.

            Sharpton has three viable options. He may relinquish his title as "Head Negro-in-Charge". He may also rescind his offer to President Barack Obama to be the keynote speaker at the annual convention of the National Action Network. Finally, he may retire as the "greatest switch-hitter"since P.T. Barnum.


             Rev. Herbert Daughtry and his lieutenant, Charles Barron, in June 1987 at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, first claimed that Sharpton was a "snitch". This claim was made before an assembly of about one hundred high-profile activists including, but not limited to, Rev. Calvin Butts, former NYC Councilman Al Vann, the late Gil Noble, Les Payne, the late Sonny Carson, Elombe Brath, the late Jitu Weusi and Michael Greys. Everyone believed the claim of Daughtry and Barron, that Sharpton was the "problem".

            Although I had no working relationship with Sharpton in June 1987, I did have probable cause to believe that he was a "snitch". Since there was no law in the Black community against being a snitch, I had to decline any invitation to prosecute him. This gave Roy Innis a pass. Only Sharpton had been charged with being a "snitch".

Boom Bye-Bye Hip Hop Will Never Die

         I was the only person in House of the Lord Church to extend Sharpton the "presumption of innocence".  Everybody wanted his head.  Selective prosecution is unconstitutional.  An ex post facto law is also unconstitutional. Wittingly or unwittingly, this unlawful assembly was acting at the behest of Gov. Mario Cuomo, New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams and Newsday.  U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani was waiting in the wings.

            This proof of probable cause consisted of conversations that I had with the late attorney Louis Clayton Jones who was a very credible person. Sharpton is being disingenuous when he claims that he was afraid of mobsters.Therefore, according to him, he had to become an "FBI snitch". He voluntarily consorted with white mobsters. This voluntary relationship is subject to judicial notice. Throughout the years, he had acquired a history of double-crossing the Mafia.

            Sharpton has no respect for the Mafia's code of ethics. He knows that the Black community is a "mobocracy" and any cost-benefit analysis favors him. As long as he continues to "run with the hares" and "hunt with the hounds", he is safe. This explains his ability to be a "switch-hitter"

            Over a period of nearly ten years, I have never acquired sufficient, unprivileged information, absent hearsay, to prove that Sharpton is a "snitch". I have found substantial evidence, however, that he is a xenophile. He enjoys master-slave relationships.

             I am aware that Sharpton will do anything to express his loyalty to white supremacists. "Actions speak louder than words".  See, for example, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell-Sharpton connection. Falwell publicly expressed hatred for Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

            Sharpton has reason to claim that this charge is being made on the eve of NAN's 2014 annual convention. It is well-founded. There is a precedent for his charge. President Theodore Roosevelt, in 1901 invited noted educator, Booker T. Washington, to dinner at the Executive Mansion. White supremacists hit the ceiling. The Memphis Scimitar, for example, castigated him for allowing a "nigger" to dine with him at the White House".

             Roosevelt had to give the Executive Mansion a change of name to put Negroes on notice. Only a Negro who had been given the title of "honorary white" could enjoy social rights in the White House under the Commerce Clause. This rule is still in effect in 2014. The Tea Party is enforcing it.

            By no stretch of the imagination does Sharpton bear any resemblance to Booker T. Washington. Nonetheless, white supremacists are opposed to any president consorting with a mobster. Even among the "Negro bourgeoisie", Sharpton lacks credentials. It is of no moment that he is a "disc jockey" on MSNBC-TV and on Sirius Satellite Radio. Unlike Rev. Jesse Jackson, the BoulĂ© would never accept him into its fold.

            It would take more than "Borax" and a "twenty mule team" to clean him up. The United African Movement should be given credit for cleaning up some of his "funk".  This "second chance" allowed him to beat multiple, state felony charges and carve out a new career for himself in politics. But for the United African Movement giving him some credibility, no one would be talking about him in 2014.

            We must learn to give credit where credit is due especially when the recipient is a descendant of enslaved Africans. Rev. Sharpton will give thanks to the Ku Klux Klan or the John Birch Society even though he received all of these benefits from UAM free of charge. His "bad character" outweighs his "rap sheet".

            In 1983, I filed a major lawsuit against the Mafia in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. It also involved Black selected officials. The mob represents the Black community politically and economically.  They feared my legal ability to prove the charges. This is the real story. The Brooklyn Federal Court illegally removed me from this litigation. Read the court records and the transcripts.

            If six white men had raped a fifteen year-old Black girl or if a white man had murdered a Black teen-ager, the perpetrators would not be walking around today. In Tawana Brawley, the only Black man who has demonstrated a knowledge of ethics is the only Black man who is standing alone in defending her. Others have "run for the tall grass". Ethics is about accountability to each other and not to the white man. Like in slavery, no Black person can marry or defend a Black female.

            Any Black person who is too busy to sit down and draft a "code of ethics" is no better than Sharpton, Daughtry and Barron. These men are "social parasites". Twenty-six years later, they have still refused to draft a "code of ethics". The military, business and legal communities all have "codes of ethics". These codes mandate accountability. A "slave" only wants to be accountable to his or her master.

            I would be very happy to discuss Sharpton's status with him and Mayor William de Blasio over cable television and satellite radio. Mayor de Blasio is not an innocent bystander. Don't hold your breath, however. Rev. Sharpton would prefer to "run though hell with gasoline drawers" than to debate me. What are they hiding? In the meantime, I have to "eavesdrop" on his lies in ex parte communications.

            Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. coupled with Rev. Al Sharpton and Jacqueline Jackson was arrested for protesting the U.S.  Navy using Vieques in Puerto Rico as a bombing range.  He kept a journal and on July 5 he made this entry:

"The Revs. Jackson and Sharpton "give me the creeps".  [He continues to write]: "Al Sharpton has done more damage to the black cause than George Wallace.  He has suffocated the decent black leaders in New York. His transparent venal blackmail and extortion schemes taint all black leadership."***

Here is the link again to Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die at http://www.lulu.com/shop/blak-smith/boom-bye-bye-hip-hop-will-never-die/paperback/product-21482927.html.

So before WE go my peepo.......are ya gonna let supposed FAME & FORTUNE cloud ya vision when that TIME comes? I hope not as at that time, money will mean NOTHING! Though they DON'T wear SNEAKERS, do NOT allow them to SNEAK in thru the BLAK DOOR!!!!!! Read, discern & make up ya own mind. This is the Blak Smith & WE OUT! As usual, it's WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


Is Michelle Obama REALLY Michael OBAMA?..........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVAXqKugXkg.

* http://www.christianpost.com/news/jay-z-embraces-five-percent-nation-addresses-illuminati-and-questions-other-religions-99848/

** http://www.reason4rhymes.com/2014/04/hip-hop-news/five-percenters-leader-says-jay-z-doesnt-need-wearing-medallions/

*** Is Rev. Al a Rat? from my yahoo e-mail page.