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THE FOUNDATION of it ALL is DJ KOOL HERC! This goes out to the MAN who WE MUST give ALL the CREDIT to for making it into 1 CULTRE and his name is Clive Campbell or as WE in HIP HOP lovingly refer to him as Kool DJ Herc! Big shout out to EZ AD who got at Me and Chris Garay but.........I am the Blak Smith and if ya don't know who this MAN is and make MONEY in what WE now call HIP HOP, SHAME on YOU! As a matter of fact, a few years ago, Herc needed surgery and ya BOY hussle simmons had to step in and assist and though WE KNOW what he's about, WE give BIG PROPS for that as this was way SIRIUS! WE just saw the verdict dropped on the sterling fiasco but any BP who's SHOCKED and AWED by all this better be below the age of 30!, WE are here to speak on these NEGRO APOLOGISTS and their MINIONS who want to lead OUR CHILDREN down the path of PERDITION but the 2014 BM AIN'T HAVING it NO MO'! Let's get into just how WE wanna get into that all the while…



The ONSLAUGHT is now on FULL THROTTLE! I was looking for the whole episode of the cleveland show but.........couldn't find it & as I have enough respect for vlogger mark dice, I said what the HEYYYYYYYYYYYY.......yeah Man, I BELIEVE that something BIG is just around the corner bcuz of these rappers/hip hoppers are on some SHIT yo! The above pic has been viral for about a week now & it's being said that Chamillionaire tried to take a pic with mj & was told, "I ain't taking no pics with no nigga's!" When Michael Jackson was talking about, I don't think that he meant it that way but as he is no longer here............

Before I go in though, what I must do is ADDRESS the O.G's of Hip Hop & so some shout outs are in order.....if ya know peepo who I don't think are in such as Kool DJ Herc, Grandmaster Caz, Luv Bug Starski, Bizzy Bee & others who p…


For Part II, go down & read before ya see it! This is an all time CLASSIC & too bad Mcgruder is gone from HIS OWN SHOW. I keep telling US it ain't a GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here WE go with Part II of the SotNA or what I call SIMPS of TRAITORIOUS niKKKa ameriKKKans! Ayo, that link that I put up of Neely Fuller going in on what this is all about WENT IN EXTRA HARDBODY. As a matter of FACT, it's so IMPORTANT, WE at b2a think that ya should listen to it & as it's not even 9 minutes long, GIVE it a LISTEN so as to GET how these celebs are really HIGH TECH & CONTROLLED SLAVES! WE keep coming back to this premise but if ya not looking at this dynamic in an ANALYTICAL WAY, ya gonna keep asking, "WHY they don't SUPPORT US?" Ok, check the link now at

AND NOW WE ANALAYZE OUR LAST ARTICLE So as to refresh, y'all who are NEW here (where ya been?), I will link to Pa…


"The “new black” doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The “new black” dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on." (Pharrel on Oprah)

I was flipping through the stations the other day and saw Pharrell crying with Oprah but didn’t stop to watch the entire interview or what was left of it…I have my human limitations…This is just more proof that nothing good can EVER come from being interviewed by Oprah…

It is also further proof concerning what I said about what I or anyone else must become to move up the corporate ladder…and this isn’t a new phenomenon …this is no different than a Booker T. Washington and his Atlanta Compromise being entryway into becoming the first Negro to sleep in the White House or Dr. Ralph Bunche becoming a U.N. official and helping to assassinate Patrice Lum…


Yea today................& so WHAT? Say what? Yea.......the Blak Smith more than EVER don't give a FOG about NOTHING bcuz ain't nothing happening but learning more & more to RELY on PURE ENERGY as best as can be done in 2014! Lateley, all I've felt to do is How about YOU? As far as this article is concerned, I don't even know where it's gonna end at but really, WHO CARES? I don't but know that I LUV ME some US & that ain't gonna change!

Before WE go anywhere other than where WE at, first off, gotta give some PROPS to a fallen SOULJAH named RUBINHURRICANE CARTER a boxer some of US may have to remember when Denzel Washington played him in a biopic some years ago;
But as anybody who is SIRIUS about being BLAK should know, WE SHOULD NEVA EVER look at MOVIES as an ACCURATE DEPICTION of BLAK LIFE! Those who write HIS-STORY DEFINE & SHAPE it so how can ya compete with that? Instead of Me referring ya …

The Carl Nelson Show (Delbert Blair and Dick Gregory)

As I STRIVE to be like these 2 GIANTS of OURSTORY, there won't be much for Me to say here. As I haven't been extra inspired to write lately, I implore any of ya to inbox Me ya ideas if ya got ANYTHING that can aid BLAK PEEPO in OUR QUEST for LIBERATION!!!! These 2 GIANTS drop it on a variety of topics & as WE at b2a BELIEVE, WE will be THERE loving each OTHER under the NATURAL ORDER aka MA'AT, just HANG ON! Til then, listen intently & hopefully, learn something. At b2a, know that WE absolutely LUV US/YOU & ALL Y'ALL that share that MELANIN & OUR EXPERTS!!!!

White Man's Burden

The story takes place in alterNATIVE ameriKKKa where the BLAKS are members of the social elite & whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. lou pinnock is a white worker in a chocolate factory, loving husband & father of 2 children. While delivering a package for a BLAK ceo, Thaddeus Thomas, he is mistaken for a voyeur & as a result, loses his job, gets beaten by BLAK cops & his family gets evicted from their home. Desperate, pinnock takes his guns & kidnaps Thomas demanding JUSTICE........

That was the description from youtube & yo to my PEEPO whom I really CARE ABOUT I got something to say! I don't reference my blog articles for Y'ALL to DOUBT! As I've said before, I wanna be LIBERATED with YOU & in forecasting the FUTURE, I will be WRONG at times! Sometimes, the more OPTIMISTIC, the message, the least chance that I wrote it bcuz the Blak Smith is a PESSIMIST but I know that the BEST is yet to COME & so........usher in the NEW ERA with…

Conspiracy or Truth? The REAL reason Black Rappers get killed


I don't want NONE of Y'ALL writing in bcuz ya don't like Tariq Elite. Get the point of it all & do YOU but get the LESSON!!!!!

As well, cop that HOT ISH that I wrote for ME/YOU/US at For ya personally autographed copy, get at US at or on fb INBOX ONLY as Blak Smith (Blak Smiff).


Nowhere 2 RUN!!!!!!


So......even though a lotta SHIT I said DID NOT happen DOES NOT mean that something WILL NOT happen! Seems like lateley, niKKKas is trying to SNEAK BLAK into absolute BLAKNESS but when left to will NOT happen yo! I will not bore ya today so here WE go!