Hey B2A & how the hell are WE? It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left US..........it's GREAT to be BLAK up in here & all that ya know? As stated in my last article, I thought that by now, WE would have seen some changes bcuz of space phenomena but I was WRONG & am never afraid to admit that & so have ya fun with Me if ya will. Hey, what's wrong with HOPING for the END of the BULL SHIT? I'm never AMAZED at the amount of BLAK FOLK who don't care to see things change or act like they could care less about OUR STRUGGLE! Ain't ya tired of peepo saying that this is the way things are & that they will NEVER CHANGE? What kinda SHIT are WE on anyway? How many of US go to work TIRED every day & the pay still ain't enough? Don't ya wanna eat REAL FRESH FOOD & drink CLEAN WATER? Don't ya want to have a limitless amount of CHILDREN who are the HUMAN RESOURCES that WE need to perpetuate LIFE? Haven't ya yet learned that it ain't all about MONEY? Well guess what motherfuKKKa's, the Blak Smith is BACK to remind US that there is no rest for the WEARY so get yo punk ass UP! WE got work to do & with that, let's discuss some HOROSCOPES & why this is very important. Let's get it.

For Me, when I speak of HOROSCOPES, I'm not approaching it from a place of VANITY........nah yo, what WE trying to speak on is how WE can best use it for COMPATIBILTY so that things go smoother for US! Just bcuz ya IGNORE or don't BELIEVE, don't THINK that this doesn't affect US! WE take it BLAK 2 AFRIKA, where when 2 peepo were about to be paired together in an ARRANGED MARRIAGE, the 1st thing discussed was TEMPERMENT! As DIVORCE was akin to DISGRACE, much was done BEFORE the marriage so that it was practically non-existent bcuz it meant that the parents FAILED to make a better match!


So, WE start with Aries bcuz the real beginning of the year starts about then (late March - early April) when the seasons SPRING forth like a baby emerging from the womb aka HEAVEN especially for a BM in TRIPLE STAGE DARKNESS! The heading pic up top describes the basic Aries & the qualities possessed by 'em & as they have a FIERY DISPOSITION, they need AIR to be their best.  There are 4 basic TYPES of signs & the FIRE signs are Aries, Leo's & Sagitarius'. These signs are generally good with each other as Fire + Fire = More Fire! However........for the Fire to gather strength, it must have Air as this is it's assistant. Air signs are Aquarius, Gemini & Libra which COUNTER the energy of that FIRE. Think of OUR AQUEMINI BUDDIES!!!!


The Blak Smith is hard at work learning from his mistakes from book # 1 to deliver a SMOKER in book #2, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die! As soon as all is complete, WE will be whetting y'all appetites with excerpts but WE can now say that it will be HOT! For ya pre-orders, hit my fb inbox for ya autographed copy at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). As it won't be long now, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!

The Air signs are a bit less intense but nevertheless, have ya ever been outside on a really WINDY DAY? Even when it's extremely hot but windy, it can make a hot day seem cool especially when the wind is blowing hard in the shade. Just think of a flame from a match or lighter in that strong wind or how about a forest fire raging in dry conditions.............ya see, it's all about perception & so a fire making ya tea or dinner is cool but WE wouldn't leave any loose paper around for that Air to flame it now would WE?

 So again, some & NOT ALL of OUR BASIC NATURE could be determined by when & what date WE were born on & this is where the study of it takes place. In the Blak Smith's humble opinion, MOST peepo are AVERAGE but ya unique ways & ingenuity make ya who ya are thru what WE call TRANSCENDENCE! Again, in my opinion, peepo can do what I do but the way I do it makes me who & what I am so can't NO 1 do ME better than anyone bcuz I could go right for 37 seconds & then go left at the drop of a hat! It's MY TIME! Ya may have been born in a sign but have fundamentally, different characteristics bcuz of ya RISING SIGNS being in different houses giving ya differing qualities from the NORM but then again, what is the NORM? WE MUST remember that I am a NUMEROLOGIST & the purpose of this article is NOT to make anyone here into an astrologist or whatever.......nah, the purpose is for US to know that ASPECTS of EVERYTHING under the SUN have some validity & if WE looked at some instead of invoking what's different as EVIL, WE might just start to get somewhere. Why are scorpios FREAKS & why do sagitarians SABOTAGE relationships? WE'LL get into it a lil more in Part II so stay tuned at b2a.

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