the Blak Smith does his thing at a Lecture


Hey b2a, it's ya FAVORITE HOLLA BLAK dude getting BLAK to ya after a great but cold weekend. How Y'ALL doing out there? For the most part, most of Y'ALL out there are preparing for the HELLIDAZE & the looming new year (even though it really starts in April) & that's cool bcuz TIME waits for no ONE! Most of US I kick it with see nothing but despair coming but I'm actually looking forward for the fuckery to end & so bring on what ever come what may! Now that the supposed body of MANdela is in the ground, WE can get on with it & watch his movie but I would rather suggest ya watch this: which is on all over the place. Last year WE ended the year with django & Hidden Colors & it looks like just in time for jesus' bornday, WE gotta nother flick for Y'ALL to focus ya ENERGY on. WATEVA!!!!! But, I'm keeping the FOCUS on Me, that SHORT, LIGHT-SKINNED dude with BRAIDS down to my back. Ain't I UGLY? Help my self esteem a little & please lie to Me. Soooooooooo, here WE go!!!!

the MC

What I wanna do with this 1 here is INSPIRE any & all of US to be who & what WE were sent here to be! Who are ya before I get into the self? Well as far as I'm known to cyber world, I'm a writer but that's so limiting & as WE soon approach 2014, Y'ALL gotta know that my 1st claim to fame was as an MC in NY as a young dude 3 years ago. I was in the Bronx, a young dude when Hip Hop started & my BROTHA, Kool Jay SKi was in High School bringing these INFECTIOUS CASSETTE TAPES back to the crib & I was HOOKED from day 1 though I'm a day 2 dude! In the summer, he would be requested to rock the HOUSE with the dudes around my way who got down. Though he never got FAMOUS, he knows most of the TRUE SCHOOLERS & after he entered the military, I took up the MANTLE! Today I still spit & even though peepo tell Me I'm too YOUNG to continue doing it, I will be puting out a MIX TAPE on my blog next year so if ya wanna, submit some tracks to my e-mail & allow Me to grace 'em, I will! I'll only do a show if the PEEPO request it!!


As a result of being an MC who couldn't FREESTYLE worth a damn BLAK in the DAY, I became a WRITER of rhymes & to be quite honest, when I was young I SUCKED but.........I could write well & wrote for other peepo though never on a profession level. I've given pals of mine plenty of ideas that they ran with as I make duller VIVID & colors VIVID like that! Lil did I know that this practice would make Me the great WRITER that I am today & as I'm nice, I'm allowed to be all on mine! Most of Y'ALL out there who follow Me know Me thru this blogsite or from my 1st book here at Y'all should cop that bcuz Shorty is NICE with the PEN yo!!!! But anyhoo.......I was always at an advantage bcuz I could always write & if ya FREESTYLE wasn't all that BLAK in the day.......I'd EAT ya with a WRITTEN 1! I do this blog & got my next book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die coming out with a CROWD FUNDING page that I expect my 200 subscribers to contribute to!!! 2014 will mark 5 years of consistency of Me doing this & with Y'ALL HELP, I'll see US thru ALL of the BULLSHIT so how about it? I write til WE VICTORIOUS so get used to it!!!

the DJ

The GREATEST DJ that I've ever known personally was my dude Jimmy T who eventually became Segue Masta Jungle Jim who was actually my BEST FRIEND in high school. WE actually went from being BOYZ2MEN in NY BLAK in those halcyon days of the late 2000's he he. As a result of being around 1 of the greatest ever (who never achieved fame), he rubbed off on Me. As he is of Jamaican parentage, he didn't like spinning REGGAE & let Me do it bcuz it BORED him & that started my dj'ing career. As I wasn't a natural, I didn't have to cut, scratch & transform but I could stop the record, spin it backwards & play the songs that had yo ASS jamming bcuz I knew the MUSIC........hell naw, I am the MUSIC!!! If ya wanna indication of how I was, I was like James Harden on the Thunder; though he was the 6th man, he ALWAYS finished the GAME!! I know how to read a crowd & absolutely ROCKED PARTIES!!! I can play all POPULAR BLAK MUSIC from the 60's til today so get at Me if ya between Boston & Miami!!!! (the next article I will post will feature my eclectic tastes in Hip Hop)


As I was never given an ambition, I never took myself seriously enough. After making some wack ass demos back in them days, I learned the fundamentals of putting a track together though I never learned how to engineer. In reality, I never learned how bcuz I never got really close to any producers in any hood I lived in but I know how to put Music together bcuz I am RHYTHM!!! Well, after I went on & grew up, I had a J.O.B in nyc & met a young man who could sing ok but had 1 of those exotic looks that ya couldn't figure out. Well, WE hooked up & I wound up producing a demo that got him a deal & as I didn't know SHIT about CONTRACTS & BUSINESS back then, I didn't get SHIT but it let me know that I could produce tracks that could compete with the Big Boys! After I caught wind that that niKKKa was fulla SHIT, I severed ties with him & dude went on to produce an album that the label HATED & as far as I know, he NEVER gotta another chance! When I was directing dude, his light was shining but y'all know the deal - the (GOD in ME) don't like UGLY bcuz I'm already UGLY enough! With computers today, anybody can send anything over a line & see if they like. Get with the Blak Smith as he is MULTI-FACETED & TALENTED!!! 

As Hip Hop is the COMMON THREAD in my LIFE, I feel that all songs that truly reflect where I'm coming from should be from that genre in this article. As there is more to come from the Blak Smith, get to know Me & all that I do as I do it for US!!! As well, WE gotta know that this is a COMMUNITY FORUM & that any of you out there with anything WORTHY to say can splash ya message here. Get with US as 2014 is gonna be OUR YEAR to SHINE!!! 

                                                                - to be continued - 

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