the b2a 2013 YEAR in REVUE

This ain't gonna be a long article today Y'ALL.......nahhh, what WE at b2a is gonna do is HIGHLIGHT what WE thought was the stories of the YEAR!!! Can ya believe that at this time last year, django was all what WE were talking about & then my dude (if it even happened) Chris Dorner soonafter went APE SHIT & started SUPPOSEDLY killing his PIG BRETHERN! But I digress as YOU can pick & choose what ya think was the STORY of the YEAR.........please offer feedback & see Y'ALL in 2014!!! It's always WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

from January 2013 WE have

February 2013, WE have 2 entries as in & as so much went down in that month last year, this:

March 2013 & OUR ASCENT is INEVITABLE as in

April 2013 & WE at b2a found a LOOPHOLE as to how the BM could still be with a BLAK amerikan woman but not how ya think & for that, check here at:

May 2013 & WE finally went in on the elephant in the room......ya know on what WE gonna do about the mulatto such as SOETERO & his ilk. Man, I gotta lotta HATE MAIL but being that Dr John Henrik Clarke was my INSPIRATION............. Please note that this was a series so enjoy!!!

June 2013 & by this time, all of the stuff I put here has been REALLY SIRIUS & so with that;

It's now July 2013 & zimmerman was acquited from supposedly killing Trayvon Martin & I already knew that this was gonna happen bcuz of this After that, I couldn't say much & felt this

As my beloved 1st WIFE had turned 40, in August 2013, I LIVICATED my FAVORITE SERIES of the year to her in celebration. As I NEVER told ya who she was, can ya guess her name?:

As far as I was concerned, the ONLY STORY of September 2013 was this 1 at

Again, as far as I was concerned, the ONLY STORY of October 2013 was & the follow up at DAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During November 2013, I wanted to go SUPER UNIVERSAL & give OUR RELATIONSHIPS a fair chance by telling Y'ALL how to match up zodiacally! As WE are the SEXXIEST PEEPO alive, Y'ALL ain't gonna listen anyway but WE got this for ya: As it's 3 Part series, see what ya get outta it.

Wait a of's still December 2013 &.............they said that MANdela died & whether he died awhile ago or on Dec 5th, it doesn't matter as I set 'em MF straight with As well.......the Blak Smith ain't BULLSHITTING no mo & will hit the road with my message & as YOU READING this NOW has access to Me before I really get going, read my articles on Me & what I do in my 3 Part Series at

I've been telling Y'ALL that the new year really starts in April & so HAPPY FAKE ASS NEW YEARS!!! My book is currently in production & as said previously, I will be producing a CROWD FUNDING VIDEO to amass funds so get in on the ground floor! E-mail US at or at fb as Blak Smith!!! For the last time in this FAKE YEAR, from all of US at b2a, HOLLA BLAK!!!!!!!!!!

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