that Obama BABY MAMA DRAMA - an Analysis

So I've heard that the Blak Smith has MOVED UP in what WE call the WORLD of BLOGGING with a re-posted article on so much INFO about POTUS & FLOTUS. It's been quite a year during these 7 years of REVELATIONS eh? Ain't it crazy how peepo who have NEVA met them, Me or most peepo that they know from the MEDIA seem to KNOW so much about peepo that they've NEVER met & how VEHEMENT they get about 'em as if they have a stake in the grand chessboard? Every so often I have to remind y'all that 1st & foremost, I write for ME & in doing that, if ya don't like what I put out, stop reading bcuz I ain't gonna stop writing &..............anyhoo, what got so many riled up was that I posted an article explaining what happened to Miriam Carey who was killed in DC last week under some starnge circumstances. I didn't put any commentary in that article other than to introduce it so as to not have to answer to the FLAK that I knew would come as REVELATIONS happen in front of yo face! I have no interest in proving or disproving that artcile bcuz whether ya BELIEVE it or not, like Me, ya still getting fucked but don't like to hear about it bcuz it takes ya out of that COMFORT ZONE ya adapted to. Even if the story is false, there's plenty that I've learned & if ya remain patient you just might too. Let's get into it now.

If ya wanna critique what I post ont this blog, ya gonna learn a lil bit. The article I speak of is posted here so that ya LAZY ASS can go directly to it: As I posted this from Dr Phil Valentine's page just know that he got it from here: RESEARCHING that site & finding that they are REPUTABLE, I felt safe using INFO many of Y'ALL refuse to BELIEVE but...........even if the story is false, ain't the TIMING interesting all in the middle of the financial RESTRUCTURING of the ECONOMY of the WORLD & the CENTER of ALL THAT collapsed 12 years ago! I've stopped talking about that FIASCO for the longest time as it's all FALLING APART & as his TIME is UP, I've already warned y'all that SHIT would be HECTIC as WE get nearer to OUR MOTHER/FATHERS coming for his RIGHTEOUS ONES BANGING on the SYSTEM aka his R.O.B.O.T.S. What you talking about?

Before I pick this article apart, let's talk about SOETERO & the FACT that NOBODY knows who the FUCK he is! His Mama worked for the c.i.a & if ya didn't know that, then the SHIT! Damn yo! Like jesus, who can prove his life for a number of years? When barry first came on the scene, I often wondered as to why they always showed him to be the IDEAL HUSBAND & now I know was to show the LOVE STARVED older BW who could RELATE to her what the ideal BM could be in a visible RELATIONSHIP! As BW are not FREE, for the most part, ya wanna FANTASIZE & when a real nigga like Me TOTALLY DISPELS who these virtual UNKNOWNS are, ya HATE Me as if I killed ya 1st born! Them niKKKa's set the BW up but too many of y'all are still in DENIAL & only TIME will TELL! IDGAF about the ELITE anyway!

flotus with masoniKKK hands set

To all of you out there, the RUMORS of flotus being a man are OLD! Psychology says that the mind doesn't retain what it hears unless it's PROVEN beyond a SHADOW of a DOUBT!!!!! The article doesn't PROVE anything as it makes "CLAIMS" in the 1st sentence. I NEVER TOLD ANYONE that I BELIVED the article so get that outta ya mouth! Before the story was blasted on tv news, it was said that a MAN was shooting a gun from a car in that area & then it turned out to be our VICTIM later on! This makes me BELIEVE that it was all STAGED!  Last year in this article,, I wrote about how conservative blogger, andrew breitbart dropped DEAD on his way to release smokin gun info in an interview on soetero. He was in his early 40's & dropped dead of a heart attack on that day? C'mon Son!  MAN, I keep telling Y'ALL that these highly PLACED politicians all have HIT SQUADS & if ya don't believe Me, watch the manchurian candidate, no way out aka the n.w.o & enemy of the state AGAIN! The easiest thing for me to BELIEVE is that the CHILD is HIS!! Look at how many children KKKlinton has outside of hilary yo!

WE don't need to cover the "CIRCUMSTANCES" behind how soetero met the chick as the SIMPLE QUESTION like arnold scwartz a NIGGA is, "is it yours?" Why did the s.s snatch the child & not give her back to Miriams family as on paper, they are RELIABE good peepo? Miriam REFUSED to kill her child citing RELIGIOUS REASONS & never had any violent episodes despite being from BrookNAM NY! Her boss is all tied up in the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES & ran inteference for potus AFTER her ASSASSINATION! Would any of Y'ALL like to see her job reviews before she started saying that she was being STALKED by her  BABY DADDY? What do Y'ALL know about INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES like the nsa, the mossad & mi-6? Do ya even know those terminologies? GTFOH with what ya believe if ya still believe in those super niKKKa's named abraham, jesus or mohammed!

My book, Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die is coming very soon. Pre-order ya autographed copy at or on fb INBOX only at Blak Smith (Blak Smiff). Thanks for ya support.

Critical to note, this report says, are that GRU signal intelligence analysts (SIGNIT) who were monitoring CIA-NSA-FBI encrypted electronic communication traffic in Washington D.C. on 3 October observed the exact same “encrypted electronic signature” used by the elite hit squad that attacked the US Navy Yard on 16 September, had assassinated the award winning American journalist Michael Hastings on 18 June, and on 25 June attacked the Los Angeles Police detectives investigation of Hastings assassination.

this report continues to suggest that she was “lured” to Washington D.C. under the pretext that Obama wanted to see for the first time, his new baby daughter. 

Obama’s concerns about Ms Carey, the GRU says, was related to her reporting to local Connecticut police authorities late last year her fears that she was being followed and secretly recorded by US intelligence agents and her belief that her life was in danger.

Upon Ms Carey arriving at the White House on 3 October this report says, she became “aware” of the trap she had driven into and in her attempting to flee to safety was viciously tracked by multiple US intelligence agencies and ultimately assassinated by a point-black gunshot to the left side of her head.

This all reminds me of a chick named Margie Schoedinger who was RAPED along with her HUSBAND by george W bush & cronies & SUICIDED after she had the nerve to SUE him in court. Y'all could find that info in my book bcuz I RESEARCH what I put out & if I didn't, I would say that! Going back to soetero, even MAINSTREAM MEDIA was saying that his certificate of live birth which isn't OFFICIAL was a BAD FAKE so WHO the FUCK are YOU to QUESTION Me when ya ain't did 1 lick of RESEARCH? That's ya PROBLEM right there BP........ya too REACTIONARY! Y'all niKKKa's REFUSE to study MILITARY SCIENCES! So if soetero's life is phony, why not his WIFE, who if a WOMAN is UGLY as a DUCKLING & IDGAF what ya think about that! Did ya at least look into it before ya didn't BELIEVE what I didn't write? How about this?: President Barack Obama looks amazingly like (Pharoah) Akhenaten the father of monotheism. Michelle Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye. Akhenaten had two daughters by Nefertiti They look amazingly like Malia and Sasha. The code names of Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud correlate well with the ancient depiction of the Royal Family.* Did ya check to see where & when the 2 lil girls were born? Do ya wanna believe it? Why not research & see who michelle's parents were? Why is chi-town on FIRE now? Maybe a lot of the peepo dying there KNEW SOMETHING about these peepo & needed to be quieted so that they could have ya thinking that soetero & now mayor emanuel HATED each other to cover their collective tracks! That reverend wright dude is in on it too as that was all staged to throw US OFF TRACK! I've already written all of that! Think PEEPO!

At the end of the day, IDGAF about soetero as I read in a Front Line magazine years ago that 1 of the top REPTILIANS of all times named zbignew brzenski was his BOSS & as I've written on him before, ya either wanna pass this off as idle gossip or this type of subject matter just ain't for ya & I totally OVERSTAND that but MISS ME with all of the BULLSHIT as I find this shit quite ENTERTAINING! If all of this is not true, ya still gonna get ya bubble burst or do ya want things to stay the way that they are? Are YOU STUPID? May OUR SISTA who bit off more than she could chew, R.I.P! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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