Classic Album of the Week 47 Best of Shalamar, 48 Ultra Nate Blue Notes in the Basement and 49 Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Road to the Riches

Resultado de imagen para pic of shalamar Best of Shalamar

Though a great ENSEMBLE, the only REAL SINGER on here was Howard Hewitt and unfortunately, he does NOT get the PROPS his VOICE deserves but aint thats what WE do here? Well at least WE try! These aint always gonna be puff pieces but only azza GROUP were they HOT! The testament to that is this volume of almost 4 hours of their music! Most of US LOVED US some SHALAMAR! Im probably gonna get raked over the coals but before I do I LOVE EM MAN! The Pop Along Kid had the CRAZY DANCE MOVES from SOUL TRAIN and Jody had that EVERY YOUNG DUDE WANTED HER VIBE! This is all early 80s yall & so.........just get into it as it has something to offer!  

Resultado de imagen para pic of ultra nate Notes In the Basement by Ultra Nate

Ya see, with these CLASSIC ALBUMS of the WEEK, Im trying to EXPAND the MIND bcuz everything in NATURE has a SIGNATURE! Whats yours and how does it look? This LADY of HOUSE was big in the NYC HOUSE MUSIC CIRCLES back in the early 90s! To Me this album was DOPE bcuz that was the WORD WE used back then to describe this type of SHIT! Idk much about Ultra Nate but what, yall thought that this BLOG was only gonna feature HIP HOP? They must not know Me very well................give a listen especially if ya like GOOD LYRICS over FAST TRACKS! 

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Wanted: Dead Or Alive Road to the Riches by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G Rap by himself is 1 of the NASTIEST to ever do it & he had Me simce the SYMPHONY when he said ya metaphors suck more than a WHORE! What kinda mess? Anyhoo, for Me, this dude was a mix of Kool Moe Dee & Rakim 2 other GODS of RAP if ya ask Me. Or how about how G Rap freaks the styles on Poison? Or how about this all time classic here at, I saw the Juice Crew finish off a Big Daddy Kane concert & all of the members showed up! Just 1 of my FAVORITE HIP HOP EVENTS EVER! A great moment in my LIFE as it was the 1st time I ever saw Kool G actually RAP. Ayo, as Marley Marl did the production, ya already know. I hope yall young uns learn something from all this. ENJOY the MUSIC YALL and lets close out 2016 the right way..........................................ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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