b2aradio presents Aaliyah (self titled album)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeV2OtjWkOY Back & Forth

Who did not just luv AALIYAH? She was born in NYC but made it in the MIDWEST after marrying R. Kelly which is an ONION that is still peeling! Can yall beLIEve that she has been gone for 18 years but left US this GEM before it was over! This 1 here was produced by Timbaland though. WE NEED A RESOLUTION to all of this FIRE & WATER on EARTH so look to SELF for HELP! Instead of looking for a SAVIOR ya need to go INSIDE! After ya do that, unplug & listen to GREATNESS! Aaliyah lives in YOU & you are gonna keep on living & so...................ENJOY! 

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